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tv   11 News at 430PM  CBS  March 7, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm MST

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boys and their mother ter r ey we found dbfe. llo. i'm diannnndebey. dododord is on assignment. we'll get to that story in just a a ment, but first... we begin with h` 11 breaking news alert... ththlockdown at a local l& ementary s sool has s en lifted. a person with a weapap was reportedly spott n%nr explorer e ementntntin dtric 20. thaterson has been ehend and the lockdown has been n fted. w to another 11 breaeang nens ert... police arerenvtigating a& stabbing in colorado sprin. one rsononas ta[a[ to t hospital, another pepeas arrested. thth a hpened at a car wash near jetetininand eddington way in the springs. this is nene sierra high school.l. we a a working to get more information and will update you as sooooas do. policen pueblo arrested a man accused abusing twoear old twinin bohildren have serious injuries. . ey had to be ten to denr children's
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hind bars. we wililupupte y as on as we gegeany y w ininrmatioio rerender a11 breaking g weweher alalt for highire danger a aoss southern coloradad there is a rededg warninin place rough h m. winds arsty along high in the 30s6s hudityalues are low on the se plains and in
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are cooler & thaneste. nenenein are e@ngngome shers. an etional reunion for a moth anderwo&boys lo moins. only1 news washehe w wthey wereeunited thftnono. 11 ns portrt dusn cuck ere e eny wewe reununun. dustin, w are the bo doioi? they're a little s#saped and th've got some blisters and bruises, but not
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througugthe woods for two nighgh, with nc ll serfice, no foododand serisly underdreed. the 7-yearld mt adled hihi10-yr-r- brotheire gogoeiepstk in the mountis s st olora springs whth wert fishinin saturdada they susuiviv fststht b b kingngo i cabibibibibibiy unun b bhey hanoell ice or fd, so eyeyept going eastp theyptsiy y ght ile lunteeromn off rd clubcall stand tall colorado 4 4y 4 saarched and found the bobo jeep this morning. the boys eventually got cell service and were able e call 9-9- were pickck up by an el paso countntsheriff's deputyty my adler/m: i ouout they were dead, i hontly y dndn think i uld d see theh agaga. tt adler/lt inin mountains:atatday,unday, we got t red so we had totop, slept t xto a rock. @ maguire ererost inhe mountitis: terrie, cololol was shivering the e time" the boys and their mom couldn't
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enough... . pecily t folol at stand t tl colorado 4 by 4 4thth were out all night sesechininr the boys ks dtin cocong up on 1news at 530 we'l'lhave the crazy storyry howow boys were tckeded down ithe momotains using social media. we know know why a local neigigorhood was s ut dowr r urs st nit. a man reportedly found small rpedo. the canon citytyaily rececd shar this picture th us. is happenenenene noror raolds a aund 8:30 last nigh a man rerted he foununthe torpedo in the arkrnsasasiverersubmergrd in feet of water. he apparently putuit i ihis truck antookokthhomeme he didn't report it t polole until later nighgh police evacuated 19 mes t t area, then ststfter midnight it wasasaken r detonation. a semi truck rollover in frerent county sent one person to the hospital. the fremont county sheriff's
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e westbound on-ramp om hwy 115 to hwy 50 in peprosesese to g g around it you c c t te way 115 to f frence e coty roa123 toanon statpatrol tellslslsthe iverer theruru wasasaken to the hospital and hazmamaisisleaning up some fuel on the road. there's no word yet on wha ca ts wrk.k. one tflll-te e ts hung up h)s jejeey da peon manning ireringngm footbaba just a h r winning supe 50. made it official eaelier todayn denver anmotional manning tald abououwalking away from foototll after 18 yeaea andndsing the little inin. 1:00 "when someonenehoroughl exhausts a a experience, they can help bubu revere it. i revere otball. i lo thehe game. so you don't have to wonder if i misssst. a aolutely. solutuly i iil we'll hear from broooo silvlvbraga now,w,ho has re o omanning's legeary y p re.
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st 2 decades in th nfl--strgledo st composed asahe said goodbye to otbaba. peyton manning/former denver brons quararrback i foughtht goooofit. i nishededy fofoball r re and d afte18 yrs it ti. mamag retires asne o othe nfl's greatest playersrsit's only five-timimmvp-- and the all-time lear ssg rdantoucucowns. there were other players who wereore talented but no one ulout- prepare me and because of at i@ have no regrets.s. the first pipi in the 1998 drdrt, manning spent 14 years with the indianapolis ctsand won a super bowl theret thenoved toenver, leading theheroncos ththugh a impmpbable finana acpped by wiwisuper r r 50t mont& th wasro sbrag repoininanning b bomes elelible for the football hall of me in five y%yrs. tom brady y ngraralatete mng teteing m he changed the me forer and
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aroundndim better.r. the e nver broos t teted this adorable video of mamaing walklkg in the news conference lding his sosos hand. his n has on a prerey snazzy it. as they wawa in manning is greeted with applae. the race for president tightens. cong up on1 nene at 4:30.... ththrepublicanidisispipi up to be a two man racece who is forgigi ahead and who is tting left hind. . also ahead, , oncocodo cnty isooki at fining peopleleho smoke outdoo. p deils on thether sididof t t brea crshn nb i-25 at n nvada ave. on n e right shshlder sliwg around n. nevada ave.
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wing dr and colorao ave at 8th st. 35 minutes thugtown. an hour to dver. 4minutes to pblo. for li tffic cditis, 24 hohos a day, go ttraffic watcon our webchannmn. i'i'jamebrown 11 newswsraffic wat. you're watchchg kktv 11 1 ws withianne dedey, don ward andn chief meteorolist brian blede,nd james brown with traffic. this is kktv 11 news at 4:30 get toge inn f f theinn-credle vib oose 4 frok over 30 favo you create it. we make it. it's brjakowowou want it, when you want it. the inn-edible vibatatn inediblece,
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mama the mosof your all-day brkfasat village inn th tnn-c.cdidie vib. choo 4rom over 300 fafate you create ie e i i
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the inn-crededle v, at anncredible price, w at vililge innnn runnerercall forubio to ox downwnwhthe democrs go on the e ck. . plus a le a ain isis in i iq.we report f fm e frfrtlines comingngp thehebs evening news with ott pelley. today weearned n ncy reagan ti be`buried at the ananibrary in simi vley,y, lifornia right nexto her sband. toda flagsgst the white house wet half staff in hononoof the former first lady. nancy reagan will be bied d is friday after a privava funeral. e didi of congestive heart failure at her california home sund athe age of 9 the e rmer first lady will lie in r rose for blic visitationontwo days before her r
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friday. "we are estimated d thousand peopleleill l he for the ce. that ip what we ning f f. it will be outdtdrs -rain or shine. the funeral is closed to the public, but wille telelesed. ter r per saturday, e rara for the g-o-p presidenal nomination is looking more like a twman field. ted cruz and donalaltrump arar withtn aundrdr delegatesf ch oth leaving marco rubio d john kasich farehind. meanwhile, hlary clinton and bernie nders faced off in a heated deba ahead of tomorrow's keprimary in micicgan. markererreports s om the ite e. "i"i"i"iyourelp tomo miigan t te's cent stage in pridenenal race a dada befofo tuesdaprprary... with hillary clininn hoping tgainin the per hand against bernie sands inheheome e america's auaumakers. presesential candidate) "w"wn e chchs were dowowanan e vote was calald,d* ved f f the to bailout, he voted agaiait it, because it also helped some other groups like the banks. bubusanders, who'srailing in chigan's pololstruck back.
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candidate) "ththonly problem with her asssson i ithat it cacagorically yntrtr. on december 11th, 2 28, there s s e e te. the only vote we hain the senate on whetr r r ot we suppt thth auaomo industry i of cose, voted d yes." both p pties vote tuesday chigan and mississippi.. with reblicans also casting balalts in hawaii and idaho. donald trump anan ted uz hopit wililbe the stsrt of a knono-out bloto marcrubibi prpridential candidada "little marco rubio." "he couldn't be elected dog g tcher in florida." rubi feeli confident from his dominant win sununy in puto rico vs not goi anywhehe. prential candidada) "we n't have to be more moderate to win ththe epeptions, we hahahao be auauentically conservative." actuallllwon e mostst dulegagas this weekend.and now trqrls trump just . mama albfor cbs newsthe white housus boulder coty is looking g fining people o smsme outdoors. commmmioners pn toeet t rrow to talk abo fining
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rulele similar ordinances are alreadin place in boulder, but not boulr cocoty. the e w lewod also prphibit ople from consnsing foododr drdrk with mariana in public. fines range from 75 dollars 3030dollars. ll t firirdangnd w wh the incoming moisisrei'llllave detain fuororororor
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now, f fm the 11reakg weathecenter, chief meteorologogt brian n edsoe. monday wl bearty cloududwith highs in the 50s a
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esciallyn the selains wherere will be hi fire ngerera red flag warning is in ace from 1m - 6p6 for r eblo cnty and arars tohe and se. ller county and areas we of i-25 will have theest chance for a light spottytywer ininhe a aernoon, best chance for in stays n of f paso co and the denver area cod e some t-storms. tuesday will l bring
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withhs in n e 50s. skies will bebe rtly cudy d d ililsee beer c ces for some light otty showers in the afternoon and evening. wednesday will be s)milalato tuday wiwi showeancecean cooler temperatures. by thsday, conditions dry out allowing sunuhine and mild weathehehe return for t t end of the woro week. untiwe get some appreceable moisture, e eh
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windndwill be a high fire e nger day. please pay attention to the fororasand not burn anything ononhe w wdy orvebrzyzyzys & dodoors rformed fifit of its kind transnsant the u. thegrgrndreaking nine hr surgery hahaened last month a thcleleland clinic. the ocede involved removg healthy uterus fm a dor and implting`ot into another woman. when theecipient lindsds was@a teenager, ctcts ld h she would not be able toave chdren.. from thahamomeme on i have
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the opportunity to experie pregnay and w wartoda at theegininng o othatjourury." e hospspal screened m re than
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for this researcstudud this is one story wegee working
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5:30... tails on a lawsuit settled involving g florencececeermaison. ypype e ison payd thmother of one inmate e e hundreds of ththsands of dollars. plus, two do were found wandering alone police are now okininfor their owner.etetls on the cditi the dogs were fofod in and how you can help. todiy gogole v vited a local elelentary school. google t tthkids at ipetet emenryry scol in district 11 on a virtual fid trip. the students ud 3-d devices to ur the worldland beyond. students g to sit everywherere fr,historic phililphia , mount evest, the e on and mamc. they went t low the surface to visit great babaier ef. d throroh h gradergot to partate i his very cool
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ael bloomberg says h h h not n for presiden while elsewhere in thehehepaig ercursing -- >> they're rheheblblped] out m m>> pel and s sararar >> i swear i'm gngo vote for donaldldrumpext weeki swea younonono exeuse me..m talklk >> pelley:y:lso toninit, laopopomb blblblupupt [ maliort. hohohorroror a a c cng r tataicic a jury awards erin andrews $55 milllln ininerererlkelaw..isric utererraraant gigis s s n new w . and remeinininncncrean...ptioning sored bs i i$- is i ie jevengng th scottely.y. ,pelle thihieveneng lle formro neweykth michcel bloomrmrm ananunheililjltlni.l.petmcmndate


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