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tv   11 News at 6 AM  CBS  March 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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it is is moving... but we are starng see more e rs out on the road right now and its usinina slight buildp on carefree,e,ut notng majaj to r rort. its defitely a aarea to avoid.d. overnight, a car crashed into a poll at the e intersecti of powers and north carefree. police@eay the driver has ous injujues but is going to bayay this is video i gathered of crews with colorado springs utilities woing to fixit the issue. when i araiviv aund 3 two traffisignalalre do. rerently, those lights w we put bpck up.& po are on scene detouring
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update... they just blocked all lanes gog westbound on n carefre apl lanes onowers bl are shut d d expect powers toe closed ththugh shsh hour and reopen by 8 live in cs, , kktv 11 ne ififou use powers t# get to woro, we have a couple to g g around the me. lightete t ts map... if you need to gogoorth or southt youan usero blalao or petetete, maybybeven a ademy. if you're driving soh on powers, , rnesess your st stop to avoid t t mess. jfou're headadg north,ook
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you can st on n p of breaking g news as s happensns witi t t 1 1ne mobile,e,p. it's fto downld, j jt chebebthe app ore. let's things over to o ily for a look at today's reaking weather alt. happy wednesy! we are@starting out with tempereruresetween the0s to 40s s s st. a few 20s. clolos ararscactered across the regn. itl be a mild and winin day today... . we'll warmack to o e 60s and 70s on wednesday with winds picking up in the afternoon and
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will be a a&ncern... a red fla warning gogogonoeffefe at 11am throug7pwednesday. thsdayayilllbf a bit cr than wednesday, into the 50s and 6 for high tempmpatures a a mostly sunny ies. this is still very mild r this t te of the year. we'lllh ay mild and dry, beten the 50s to 70s through the weekend. slight chances for moisture and cooler temps arrive to start next weeee a look at your morning commute with jordan sherern. a signgnicant road closusu t t t morning at per blbl a a north carefree circle is goi to cause ysyshis momoing. nb & sb lanes are closed at this inteection a sidstreets e gegeg`busy as oista is at a stand stilil oro blanco will be a ttereretour west of popors and
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east of popors. for r ve traff contions 24 hours a day, gtototofficicat ononon web channel at ypur next traffifiupdate is coming uin 1 1minutes. traffic is movinalong smoothlyly thth morning, no major s sw downs on yououmajors early on your monday commute. to get from south academy to nth academy, it will take you about 12 minunus this morning...for live trafafc conditions 24 hohos a day,o to tffffffatchchn our web channel at r next traffic update is coming up 10 minutes. now thlatests on the 2016 presidential mpaign. . this morning, resu@ts are still coming in for super tuesday.y. 12 stas had d ther a caucus or primary yesterday. hillary clinton and donald trump esesnvolin super tuesday y tn take looatow clinton d d the states she won are in n ue. bern sananrs won here in lorado, vermont whicicis his home ste, minnesota and oklahoma. trump p n big inhetates with them all.&
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he's also e nner in n lahoho alka. mamao rubinnesotr repupuicansnsn jojo kasich, f fished a a ry close second to donald trump p vmont. a strong showininfor the ohioigovererr there. ts take a closer looooat whaha happened lasnight in colorado. rnie sanders w over hillary clinton in our s ste. sanders took 585poinin8 percent vo to clinn's 40-poi-4 percent. locally, there was a big turn out fr el pasoouy decrats. rooms for precincts 'corona ool' ovelololosome caucuev startrtate so organaner coululfi spa forllhoho showededp. wspoktotoeoe e cited dd seeeeo ny peop t tning out this early on in the process. tamara clark/ bernieuprter 36:33:00 i was very surprpsed, i'veeen ting in colorado sprprgs since 2004 and i saw some big turnoutsn 2008 and 2012 but never for a cacaus so this i awesome. ==butt to== kenneth h hauer/ denhairoror
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well in 2014 we onlyad one person there and that was me so i voted for r self and made self the prececct cjr so it's good tototo this s st t involvement mosw o othe caucuses1 wswsatatat in o oleaned heavily towards bernieieanrs.. whihi was reflective of elelaso county democrats who heavily favosas the choioi for the nomination.n. for republans,sjt was a a ry different actuauapresidenal candidada pollllwere taken. it was purelela selection of delegates. !p north middle hool, the prprincts selectedour delegas. they will represent votete at the county asmb. then, dellove on to the state asasmbly. those delegates willllelect other dedegates s om a a as the statat to represent colorado at t the rereblican nationana nvnvtion. one delete we taed d dsasa sheould like to see the coloradodoaucus process ange. jane morgan/precinct 1 delegate mospeople i have talked to would prefer to have me t te of primy ororome tytyf straw po ==tt==== i thit's just importanananat we h he anpptunity tvote
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other votere we talked to agreed ying they w uld d likekeo see colorados a prprary state,e,ut if thth is s the only waybe a part ofhe ocess, they're happypy to participate. remember, you can check all the rerereofofof super tuesday,z@nd t latest on e 2016 campaign online at kktv dot com. we'll be covering little mor ababt susur tuesday inut 30 minutes ght here on 11 nene thihihirninin thorning -- we're pipg to o len about a aeputy who di on the jo 46-yold s animntntnt deputy travissel killed ia crash. it happeneneyesterday morning inin trinidid. we are told his vehihie somehow veveve i io oncomini traffic, hit ananhe vehicle and rolleded we're told he wawaweweing g s seatbelt. right now... colorado is nfirming two cases of the zika virusus th people were infecd after traveling to a zika-affected couny and have recovered.the cases were reported last week, but the state health
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other details about them. it's important to remember, zika is most commonly spread ba type of mosquito thth doesn live e colorado t now-- - thththfice of the e e ctct o nationalntelligencs released whahaaps to be e osamn laden'llll onal letetrs they wererrerevered during the 2011 raid on b laden's compound in pakistan, where he wasas kikied. in the dococen....i n laden claimed to have 29-million dollars inin sudan. his tters include warninin to e u-u-and advice tal qaeda's affiates. more documents couldlde released latetethth yeaeaaftethey have been dececssified. u mimiwant to check your fridge... there's a recallououhoululow about. still ahead on 11 news this morning.. what you neeeeto know about the nationwide recall, at a pular grocery store e d a poible lieria contamination. . t first... a a n icted of killi a n years o, is appealing g r ca... . what we're learninghgbouthe e e case this morning. weant to get back to our 11
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alert. right nono pers is shut down atatorth carefree, after a bad wrecec here's a live lookight now, o& utilitie crews workikg to g g everything back to normal. police are asking pele to
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the meryryhakeare soich and creaea `knfinay aker an acio mf. it re sha acio? nono a( ake iciodo e iciona. hochuces) well, perhaps you coul be o o too. go a aad.. mm. there's a coolness. . co, i 's cold. ay. ice cream m cold? stop theheresses, guys. "i cream is cold,","says pete. print it. new slsl-churned creqmeryryrykekekee here in premium flavors like bourbon bwn sugar. and all shakes arealf-pre ter 8 pm (clicks) happy utday! we are starting out with temperatures b b ben the 30s to o 40s for most. a few 20 clouds ararscattered d ross t(e(eegeon. it'l a mildldnd windy day today... . we'll warm back up to the 60s and 70s edneneayayith windsd
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evening.g.ire e ngerer will b ba concern... a red f fg warning es into effect at 11am through 7pm wednesday. thursday will be a bit coo th wednesday, into the e0s and 60s forigh tempmpaturur and mostltlsunny skies. t x xis still very mild for this t te of the year. we'llll ay mililand dryt beteten the 50s to 70s through the waekend. slightht chans s r moisture andoolele tempsparrive to
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a lookokt your morningngommute wi jororn shn. a sisiificroadadlorerehis morning at powers vd and north carefrerecircle is going to cause delays this morning. nb & sb lanan are closed at this intersrstiononon sidstreets are e tting busysy
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still, oro b,bnco will be a beer d dour west o opowers a a tuttr peterson is your detetr east of powers. for liveveraffic conontis 2 2 urday, go to traffifiwatctcon our web chananl at your next traffic update is coming up in 10 minutes. traffic isisovovg alg smsmthly this morning, nono major slow d dns on your majors rlylon y ur momomo cmute. to get om soucademy to north academy, it wili take you about 12 minutes this morning...for r live traffic conditis 24 hours a day, go toraraic watch on our web channel at r next t affi update is coming up in 10 minute right now we're working to learn ifif woman'scocoictions wi stata. detra farrrrs was convicted of dragging a tow truck iver to hideath. farrs s peed her convictioio e years s ago, accororngngououpartrsrs at the gazetet. righw faies is servi a 20 year sentence for killing allen rose in n 11. a panel of ju couldldake a decisiononny timeow. wewel let t u knkn what theyey decide.@ a toxic spill, still conversaon for t coressssnal nel veveigatg thincident comi up onon1 ws this morng.. .
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spill was on purpose. but first... you ght nt to check your fridge..there'e'a call you should k&ow about. what youomeeto knonoout the nationwide rececl, a aa por r ocery store andn possible listericontntinatio we want to get bk to our 11 breaking newew alert. right now, powers is back open at north carereeeter a bad wrecec hehe's aive look right now. trafc lits a not working, , bubupo a a direreintraffic. expect delays in theherea. now let's send t tngs er to james brbrn for a look at your morning@driveve tis. james? if you're going to be e thehe tetetehis s rn ill tata youboutut4 nutetefr soutut north. 47
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throroh the tech center ar. it wide opop down to pueueo. 'll
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wee tracking an q1 call for acacon a art... if y y yhoat whole foodsds chececur fridge. the grocery stororis recalng maytagagaw milk blue cheese, over a possiblster ntaminio take a minute and look at your screen. the recall involves chcn s sd ininackaging in this video. maytag dairy farmsuspended bothth production and distribution while the causof the prororo is ed out. no illlesses have been portn ectctc with theec
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emily for more on today's 11 breaking weather apert.t. hahay wednesday! we are starti out t th teatures betweenenhehe0s to 40s for momonoa fe20s.s.s.uds are scattered acrosshe region. ititl bebe mildldnd winin day today... wewel warm bacup tht 6 6 6nd 70s o oweweda with winds pki up p the ternooooand evening. fire dang willlle e concern... a rededlag warng gogo intotoffect 11am throughd7pm wednesday. thursday will be a bit coole an wedsdayayinto the 50s aa 60s for high tempeturus
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e year. we'll stay md and dry, between t t 50so 70707070 througthe weekenen slight chancecefor moisre and cooler temps arrive to start xt wk. a look at your mning commute with jorn shern. we are still s sing g me delays at powers blbl and nortcarefree circle. nb b b sb lanes are now open but police are directing trfic. expect a slow down at is intersececononexpe a little bit t t volole on your sisisi stres thisisis morning as well fr folks reroutin around the sw down. for live traffic conditions 24 hours a day,y,o to traffic watch on our webhael at . your next traffic update is coming uin 10 minutes. traffic is moving along smoothlyhis morning, no major ow downs oyour majors earlrlrl your monday commu. to get from utacademy to nor academy, itill take youbout 1 1 minutes this morning...for live traffic condndioio4 hohos a day, %to trafficicatch on our web channel at kktv.....r xtxtraff upde isominup 1minunus. we want to get back to our 11 breaking news alert. right w, p pers is back open at north carefreeeeafter a bad wreck. here's$a livok rig now. but police are
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welclce aack to 11 n ns this morning. here'a look in canon city right now. it's
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i'm onof s sthern n lorado's most t wantnt gigiis behininbavincncte fernaez was wantefor pale viatioioand domestic violence. d w he's facing more charges. police say fernande wawain a atolen car in a aarkiki lot neararcademy and hancock i i colodo spring an oicer a a k-9 confronted hiand heas takekeintoustody. we have an uate e the gold d king mine spil the chairm o othe republican congressiona l panel ininstigating the spill l ys thehe mineneas breached on purpopo. the claim ntradicts fiings byhe oba admininition, , e cleanup teamam s doing onlylyrepararoro wk at the sititn email, aprentlylytates s e e-p-a team side the ne was rina ug, blockinge's enenan. the teri department sayshehe spill accident. we'll let you u ow if we learn re we want to g g back our 1 breaeang n n nalerer
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at north carefree, afdfr a a d wreck. here's a live look right now. traffic ghts are nototorkiki, but police a a directing traffic.
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welcome back to 11 news this morning. ppy dneseses we ararstarti t with tempmpates between the 30s to r r . a a @ 2020 cloe scatred acrossss the region. it'll be a mild a windy day totay... 'll warm back k to the 60snd 7 7 on wednesday y with wdsds piing up i iththafternoon and
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will be a concern..... red flag warningoeses totoect at 1m throug7pm esday. thursdayayill bebe bit cooler th wedsday, into the 50s andnd0s for high mperatures and mostly sunnynykies. th is still m m mfor ay mild and dry, between thth50s to 70s throughhe weekend. slioit chans for moisture and cooler temps s rive to stt ne weeee a look ayo morngommumu with jdashsh we ati seeing some dedays powers bl and north carefree circle. nb b sb lan are nout picicare didicting traffic. eect a slow downwnt t is i iersectioioio expect a littlbit more volume on your si streets this morning as well from folks rereututg around t slow down. r live traff condititis hours a day, g g g traffic watch cocong up in 10 minutes.ffic ovininalong smoothly this will takayou about 12 minutes this m mning.f livivtraffic conditions 24 hours a day, go to traffic watch on our web channel
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update is coming uin 10 minites. weweacki a11 brein wslert... are leaing g at a aajroro in rn rado i ickckn.n. a car crasforcrc an ininrsrstionono shut down n for hohos. 'sappepeng at powers bd annortrtcarefree i i colorado springs. thatat where we find1 ne reporter gina esposito. gina, are any roads still closed? just some mimir closures. police arereirectiraffic right now because e the e affic signals are not & woing. ovovnight, a car crashedednto a popo at the
6:32 am
carefrfr. police say t drir has serious injuri bututs g to be okay. th is videi gaththed o o crerwith colororo springngutilits working to f f it the issueue en i arrived around 3, two tpaffifisignals were d tn. recently, thlightstsere put back up. wewe back police areren scene touring traffic ararnd this. update... they just blocked all laneneing westbound n narefefe. all laneneon powers blvd are ututown. expect poporso be closed dhrough rususho and reop b8 live i, ge, kktv1 nene want to continue oucovege of the 2016 presidentiti campaign.n. there was a great turn out for caucuses all
6:33 am
voters in puebeb tus they even ran out of ses fosome of their r ecincts. democrats filled classrooms s heritage elementary to show support for nderor clintonnn voters from both harties agreed getting to vote is extrememe important. heres a look at one of the paedublica caucuses in pulo. we caught up wititone of our state representav v es a athrepublican caucucu she tells us s e hasn't seen this type of engagament in a long time. clarice navarro - ate e 30:4:405 "tonig was amazing. the turnout this eveningas a really gooturnut. not t t have enoseats for ou precinct caucuses is a good problem." romaekera - dem 30:01:29 "y need to vote. every vote e unts. i'i' always voted, i've wawa thoht it was a privilege" othehepeople say they could sense the high energy in eir precekcts. pefuls are back on t t campmp trarafollowing supur tuesday. donald trump and hillary clilion inchchloser to secing g eir party's s esidential nominatioio yesterday.
6:34 am
delegatete donaltrump is shifting his fococ to the gegeral l election andis republican party: p "i"i goingngo get along great with congrgrs. pl ryan, i don't t ow him well, b i'm sure i'm tget along great wiwi him. ananif i don't, he's goioi to ha to pay a big price." with wins in seven states democrat h hlary clinton widened d r lead over bernie sanders: clinton it's clear tonight tha the stak in this electiononave never been hig ==butt== nders the people, when will stand gether, will bebeicicrious the e esidential candates face@e r next major test mah h h . vote i ififi states will head to the pls to vo for tir rty'presidenenal n#nin. rememberyou can n eck all the results ofof@ super tuesda and t latt on the 2020 c cpaign n online at kktvtvot comom new from overnig...... two people are wakg in some ouble this morning, after being caught with stolen cars. it srted ghen officers sed
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hotel on aoplaza drive. they followed it to winesk circle. the drdrer pard, got out and into another car. that car was alsstolen. the drove to farngton street, near fountain a d wers icoloradodoprings. police made contact@with the iver, and another person. they were e restedor motor theft, a a possession. happening y.....he u-n is s planning to vote on a solution, , ughening sanctions onorth koreaea / u-s and china spenseven wewes negotiating e new sancncons... / whh include mandatory inspections of cargo leaving d enteringngorth korea sea or air. y yl recall, the sanctions s are a se to the north'h'lateststucucar tes and rockck launch. poli are looking for a m m, ey say is a repeat criminal( still ahead on 11 1 ws this rnin.. wh we know abouthe man you see on y yr screre. but first... e search is on for whoev ot a man, and reportedlyook his car. what pice think led d the
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breaking news alert. ght now, powers is b bk open at north carefree, a ter r bad wreck. here's a live lo rht now. traffifilighgh are not workiki, but police areirececng trafajc. expect dedays in the area. "ahead on cbs this morni-- we ve all the super esday sults. john dickersoso and bob schiefr join uwith how the raras are shaping up @ aftedonald trump andndilliry clintos g wins. and- we reveve u-s news d world report's list
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the morning.eeeyou at seveve" happy wednesday! we are artingout th tempepeturerebetwtwn the e s to0s for mt. a few 20s. clouds are e attered acacss e region. it'll be a ll and win day today... we'll warmrmrmup to the 6 s and 70s on wedneay w wh winds s pickckg g i ithe afafrnoon anan evenininire dang will be a concn.n. a red flala warning goes into effect at 11am ththugh 7pm wednesday. thuhsday will be a a cooler thth wednesdsdsd into the 50snd 6or high teteeratures and mostly sunn skies.his is still very mimi for r this time of the year. we'll
6:40 am
the 50s to 70s thrhrgh the weekenen slight chces s r isture a cler temps arrive to
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with jordasherma atowers blvd and north carefree circle. nb & are directing traffic. expect a slow down at this intersectiti. expect a little bit more volume on your side streets th morning as well from f fks rerouting arouou the`slow dodo. for live traffic conljtions 24 hours a day, to traffic wawah ononur web channel at next traffic update is congngp in 10 minutut. traffic is moving along smoothly thisorningno jor slow downs on your majors early on your monday commute. to get from south academy to north academy, it will take you ababt t minutes this rning...fofolive traffic cocoitioio 2 2 houra day, gto t tffic watch ononur w w whannel
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p inin0 0 0 tete moror. popoce a a still looking for whoever shot a man. itappened earlier thth weeininin wood, nene denver. licececenk a araigliststd relatetete d dgs l l lo the shshtingngininstigators s y a a n n n n on t t menenn n r r r r d ordered d em t tgegeououou the shototne o othththopopop a a a n n n g i i ind d dveveay. the shootingictim is expected to be okakaka this morning, we'r'r'rrkrkg tototo learn n rerebobobo f f f l l lmany o o ou could d e ththhugege plume e s ske f f fi-i-i-i- in n nununtntnt by a ae e poent us thi rereretete say an r-v v ughtht fire, , en the neneneied s srt it. 01:34:44 "there's sxme big pile of slash over behind the mobile hoho, had they caught on fire it could hahaeen a large incident thaha woul of tak a lotto wi." can see the afrmath ine e by s s ugueire e@e.e( about a nth of an acre burned. is is developi this pnin..
6:43 am
ran jan me dineheor mtakekeleleg d h heidt.$-$-an i itiwi f t t p p p saua]rs s gegrd er, , leadth i ianian territorial wars. amctheththey reedl\aid to conduct a standard operational iefeefofe s%teininins,ilols wereapd, reef blbndlded aaa intnrnoged dudininthei detainme. asausuott kekey@y@ bk`onn ea after more t t300 0 ys on@n@e @ inrnrnnaspace station. cong up on 11 news thi morning... how one colorado university is stping in to help nasasaith their r&sech, now w at the experiment is ov. but firs.. cecere looking for aan, they say is repeat criminin. wh we know abguwuwhe man you see on your screen. want to get b bk to our 11 breaking news alert. right now,owers is back open at norththarefree, after a bad here a live look right now. traffic lighgh are not working,
6:44 am
expect delays in the area. now let's send things over to jas brown njr a look ayour rning dre times. james? slowing around the fort caon area. main therinrowe to i i5 ll take 10 e e. downwnwn0 0 nutes. woodmen road from powers to downtown is 14 minutes. that's your drive times, we'll be right back. p the creamemekessare so ricicanancrcrmy. nally shake r aficionado o're ahafionad not akakafna shna handcrafafd, sw-churned
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this uimate chicken club really i iall. -totally, right? -kinda reminds me ofhen i had ititll.high-powered job, sports car. had to walk away from it all. ve known you since e ddle school. -when did d l this happen? -fourth grade. with all w wte meat chicken on a brioche b b, e timate chihien club has it a..
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lcombacko 11s thth in re's l lk in p pblo right nono it's andn . i'm haening now police are looking for a man. take a minute and turn to y/ur scscen. . . sernos accused ofaling ca fm several cal tels a fasfo rera licece js sueieiance vishowowm st recent crimeeek ago at hoteononoutheast sidedef lolodo s singsgspolice sasahe asked thehelele t tt t him a gl w w a wheleheped d e e e e e accoininto court papere s itllll ughtt summer...,r he so s olen to a pa santhe nuer w tra. as rortedltoldol he stetein pay fer "12:27:0"i'm ere's sobodyreho knwhwhhe's a t
6:48 am
you kw wherheall ( ripo. that numn creeee4-70. right w..... we're woing to lrn m me out a cafihiefho is rerering wetoololo springs fi chief ristr rilew)wl be fishededn friday. it was just announced yeststy afternoo the city says s ey werernotified yeerda a source tells 11 news chief rey will not even be worki thrhrgh the rest off thweek. dety chihi ted collas will@ serve as interim fir chf. we'll let you u owowf we learn more. is morning... astrtraut scott kelly y back on earth, aft40 days in space, aboa the international space station. he landed yesterday... now, colorado e ensitytytyearcrs are rkg onasudngng tmpact edspthe human bo. researcxers e coaring blbld d samplefrom scott kelly and histwtwrother, f/rmer astrout markrkelly. "i'm hopeful and i think wll
6:49 am
at will take us to mars soy" later today,cott kelly is heading toouston for a final eck k wor. looking ahead... local airpopo is getting a little extra money. / according to our partners at the gatte... is partf a t ot/ / colora ringaiwi reiv-tusan 5 dol to help pay foavins. he a apoilmamae t money to in otr 22,500 dollars for the interns. they're expeseed t tbegin work in late mmer. we want to get bk totour 11 breqkiki newew t. right no powereris back open at north carefreeafter a bad wreck. re's live look right nowowow traffic lights areototkingng but police are directing traffic.
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welclce baba.. is we'rstartiti wh an 11 breakingews erer a sy rin pikikeak region is ckpen afte ettyig c h hpeningt powewelvd anrtrefree lorado sings. thatat`treree nd anews rtina esposito na, whhaening gh poloirec tff t becaus the trarfic sials are not
6:53 am
ernight, a car crash into a ll@dt t e intersection of powers andorth carefree. lice say the dver has serious ines but is going toe okok. this is video i gaththed of crews witholorado springs utilities working to fix it the issue. en i arrived a mund two afc sialalwere wn. . this mororng, those lightstserer puback up. crs are still working on the wiring unknown whenhe lights will b b baba o o lili in n , ge, kkkk 11 ne npw l t's send things backver r
6:54 am
ea wthth alele. y y dnesesy!y!y!ararstarting out with temperatures beteten t03 to 40for most. a few 20s.s.s.s.s are sctered acss the region. it'lbe a a nd w wdy day todod.... we'll warmrmk totohe 60s and 70s on weweesday with windsds picking g n the e ternoon and evening. fire danger wille a concern... a red flag waing goes in effect atat1am through 7pm wednesday. ursdaz will be`e b coole than wednesday, to the 50s and 60s for high teeratures and mostunnynykies. this is stililveryild d r is time of t year. we'll stay mild and dry, between the 50s to 70s t tough the weekenen slight chces for moisture and cooler mps arrive t t
6:55 am
with jordana sherman. we are sll seeeeg some delays at powers s vd and north carefreeeeeeclcl nb & & @ sb lanes are n open but tolice are directing traffic. exct a slow down at this intersection. expect a aittle bit more volume ononr sidede ststetthis rning as well from folks reroututg around the s sw down. for liveraffic condidions on our web channel at t t .comom cocong uin 1 1minutes.s. traffic is ming alalg smoothly this morning, no major slow downs onour majors early on your monday commute. to get from south h ademy toorth academy, will take you about minutes thisisorning.for liviv trtrfic condions 24 hours a web channel update is s ming uin 10 minutes. now the tests on the 2016 6 prpridenti mpaign this morning, results ararstill coming in fosututuday. 12 states had either aaucuor primimy yesterday.
6:56 am
are the over- all wiwiers across the country. thth've won a mamari o othe ates involved in super tuesday ts. tata look atow clint did. thstatat she won are iblue bernie s sders won here in colo, vermont which is h h home state, minnesota and d oklaho. trump won n g in the states rked in redf buhe dn't with tm l. ted cruzon his home state of texas, that was expected. he's alsthe winner in oklahoma and alasas. marco o bio won m)nnesota for the republicans. john kasich, fished a veryose seco t tdonald trump inermont. a stroro showowg fofo happened last night in cocodo. bernie sanders won over hiary clinton in our state. nders took 58-8-int-8 percent t vote to clintonos 40-point-4 peent. thth is a significant main. t froml papa county democrats. roomomfor preccts s 'coconado high school' overflowed.
6:57 am
to move` p-opopo allolomorepace votete we spoke to were exted to see so o ny demomoats s rning oututhis earar n the process. tamarararark/ / rnieupuprter 37:23:3: even i have e probobm m th the whole mentality that demomrats stay hbut i i ink peoplere realizing thth with h e opposition and who they have as their front runner that we have to be more invovoed n more thahaever before. the fututu of oucountrtris a a risk. most wf ththcaucuses1 nene sat o oleananeavily totords s rnie sanders... which s reflective of paso o unty democrats who o os sanders by aarge majority. r republicwawaa ry fferenen night. no a#quapresesenti candiditi polls we t tenenit was purela seleleion of delegates. orth middlschool,lthe e precinctseleed four delegages. will represent tersrst the county assembly. then, two delegates will move on to the s ste assembly.y.y. those detes will select@ her delegagas fr across the statat to represent colodo at the republican national convention.
6:58 am
abououthe importance of the us. katharine deignan/n/ucus participanan wdoetetetvovo when we come rit downwno it butut isiis the presesection and i i you pick pele y y think have good judgmememehen i think k worksks well other r tere we talked to agreeded sayingnghehewould like to see cololodos a primary state, but if this is the ly w [ t tbebe pt of the process, they're happy to participate. membereryou can check all thth resus sur tuesday, and the latest e 16 cign n onlinenenenetv dot c c. wewel coverina a ttlelee abouosuper esday abobo 30 minutes right t re on 11 newthis morning. this morni -- we're hong t tlen more abo a d duty who died on the job. 46-year-olollas imas county deputy travis@russss was kilild in a crash it happened yesterdadamorning in trinida we are told his vehicle somememeveveed io coming traffict t other
6:59 am
we're told he was wearing his seatbtlt. here's a lk k what's coming captiong f fded by cbs good morning. it i iwednesday, marcr 2 2 2 2016
7:00 am
dodold trumpomtsinat h h super tuesdaybattle. donald tmpur his attention too hillaryryli hillary clinton afterrey victories s he key states. i i i collins readyo come out ofetetememem aftet calling music hisisny? a rare interview with the music a look atoygs "eye oper.r. your w wldeconds.. > steaddff buildin w wls we iers >> when we unify there iss bobo, nobody going to beat . mpnd clinton dominine super r tuesday. >> bernie sanders argues 35 states to gout gets more diffffult after tonight. >> we are in take our fight for aorldfpeace! i'llo anything takak to keep donaln trump from being o nominee. >> it will tear thearty apart


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