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tv   11 News at 6 AM  CBS  March 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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c#d doto dududuour rrking n n leaeisisiskktvtv1 nenene is rninininth for u u th mningngigm mamamama nancw. anananm sah abe... it's lelelele t t tteteteogist emy for a look at what'spppping g ght w w w soutoradad weathe we areretartrtg he 20s low 30s ts morning winds beeen 5-10 miles per hour and m mtl clclieuesdsdsdith start ou mostly sunny
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ternoon t tpepeperell be abouou 10eges erhan momo into the 50s for the lower elevations and the 40s in the high cououry. 'll breezy f the aftererer. we'lwa back up to o e e 50s anan60s on w way with winds picking up i i the afternrnn and evening.irir danger will be concerer.. a fire weathehewatch goes i ieffect late morning dnesday. sououern colorara will remain dry through the st of the work week with mild temperatures. the weekend also looks dry anmild. a a a at your m m m c cmute th j jda sherman. for liveverarara c cditions 24 hours a a y, to traffic waon our web channel at your next traffic update is coming up in 10 m mutes trfic c c c ing along smoothly this mor, no major slolo dodos s s our majojojoarar on n your mononononmmute. to get frfr south academy to north academyit wililtake u about 12 minutes t ts
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traffic watch on our web channel at r next traffic upda is coming up inin0 minutes. hahaening totoy... southern colorado party meers will have the power today to pick whicicic presididtial candidate thehe support in the electn. this evening, many will participate in theaucus. 11 news reporter gina esposito is live in colorado springs this morning. she's been talking with cal l experts about wh we can expect. gina, whiccandidates need to do well today? ve, sarah, candidates want to win colorado since it is a battle ground state. on the democratic side, bern sanderneeds to do well. and on the republican side, candidates that are behind donald trump need t more progress.
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raau the big different dais tt demoats wi pick ecic canandates s andnrepublicans`will not. s especial importantor bernanders totwiw)overtr hiary clinton in the state caucus. as for t republicans, candidates wont be selected until theational convtion. pay members will still meet tonight. overall, candidates like ted crer and mabco ruo have to do welllin super tuesday*f they want t catchc& up to donald tru. a local expert ss it's poss that coloradonn republan delegates will have a lot of power down the road. josh dn, associate ofof3f politital scienc "if we get to thnational convention and no one had d e the nomination and it waa very close race. if it was ju few deles here or there could give the nomination to one candidate or another. colorado cod play a decisive le on the republican side." ( the hern coloradadpeople participating in e caucus this evening will moslplikeky the most dedicated party members. that can sometis have skew results, and
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a ole. we will talk mo about a possibeasowe may n sa lot of republicandidate ma t wo uthe lolo. live icolorado springs, i'm gina eosito,v,1 news. rerember, u can get more information about everything youlmeed to know aboutighf's'saus online at tv dot com. and ming up inust a little bi we'em be checkiki ind th c news for moren susususuesday.ythat't' happening right around:10. happening now. the president will meet face tface with senateepublicans. you'll recall, some are vowing to block his nomie tohe supme court.. rerdress of whwhitits. reblblbls thindhdhnext president t ouldake the ch it will be theheirst time ththth ers pbpb met s sce juiwtntnn scalia's ununpected death last month. neititr side has indicated@it is expectinany shift in the anffffff happening today... the u-n is expected to te on her sanctions agagnsn3on
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t stroer sanns on n@rth h korea / in reponse to q nuclear r st d et launch. /#heote bebe held up f , , r%ra. we hanpdate to a11 cl r tionrt bn tracking f month a rerellf all tata air bs ll n make vevecles safer. th, cording to top f feral au regulars. e stementncomes after a sh to oet the natatnana highway traffic safety admiraraonono o all takatammonium nitratai bags regulators say recalling all takata airbagsld st splieie andndreate more uncertainty. w report is sevealing more about a laslide e @ stern colora. still ahead on 11 ws this morning.. . atatatreearning about thth @ use e the dealaide. but first... today is super tuesday... and naidesesre a a%ady geaeang upupononheer@r@de e he bak, 'reckingn with c-b-s-sor@theheatest oneaeas presidentialalal cacaaaaa.a plus a look outside... wn we expect weatherwise this wee
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ving us an idea ofow your
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shaping up. now lend this ba or emi`y`yer for anothererer ay's s recacaily? we a a s srtinint t 2 to low 30s thimorng windndnd betwn 10 milelelebour and mostst cleaeas.ueay witititart t out t th mosy y skies and winds will calm down. afternoon ghempepatures willlbe a 10 d d descoererhan monday's ibte e e fothe lowe evetia dhehe in n e e ghountry. we'l'l'l brzy fororororfrnononowe'll b bk e s and d d onednesday with winds picking up i rng.g.iririr dangerbecocon.n. fife&e&e&hfhfhftc
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cocororol prema d d thrgv the rest the work week
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ppenini&today... it's supereruesday...,!nmorepdededetes arar up forofrararaodod t ty y y other day in tpe& prtial n n n nion est. cbs rerorr w wiang hasasas latest... weija? it's super tsday and more delegates are up for graodayay an a a ather d d in the esidential nomination est.testst polls shtrump and hillary clintotolead states. for the democrats, 8
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on the eve of super tuesy, dodo t t prerectededed super tuesday victory during a rararain geoia.. 'ring ith our @tata, 're going t/ winininin n ststollshow w e e publicicicic presidtial front runnnn leangnboth h nationally and in several key states. marco rubio has trd to hal llionanauauaua momeut........ring h forr ysys. most recenororirlingngo mediatatsavow fofoeo-k-k leaeaeaeavid d ke.whohonnounsedededed supporr r umum ererir nom ithe conservative movement for the kkk or david duke or anyone o w condemn em. s-xas senator r d cruz is banking g a whis ho state to keep his campai alive. wh we'llllee, i i lieve is, donald trump a de e th comint wi a signififift chk of dpdpgas and everioio elsfa behind. in the democratic)ra, ,
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"america i and always hah en,`,`eahat t neeee dodoogetetr is m me americ whole agaiai" sands u his finalalitchn maachuhutt s- - ere e e an 100 deoes an n n ne "i"ihinknke are e inintotoin here in massachusett s tomorrow!" e vermont senator says he intends to take his campaign all e way to the demtiti convenon. weijiaiangngbsbs washingn. the e ggest prize of the day is xathth55 republican delegates and 252 total democratic deleletesf
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jorerer for/ffic conontiurs a a o traffic wah on our web p l l k yr nene trafajc updatetes coming up p 10 m mes. trafficiisisovininalong smthlyly this mng, nomajor r r r owns our mor early ononououou commute. t fr sdede to o h acacacy,y,t will t tyou abt 12 m mutes t t t trnin.... ve traff cdition24 h a da go toraraic watn n r wechannel r rexextrafafc dade i i imiin0 nutesfwaim at t local v-a ic..major concererfor local leaders. coming up on 11 news this morning... atatne county commmissioneis doing to geteto ththttom of the whole e tutuion.n.n. but f#t... port ivealg g rere out a ndesrn cora atreeaing t thth
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s own r look ayorninondrive e e s.s.a. trtrfic volume pic up on t t major adways. i-i- i ia friendly place to be so far. 'll take you 14 minutes to get through & town, 47 m mutes to denver. already slowugh the tec center arerereide to pupulo, abouou 38 mines. that's yououdriv titis. we'lle right back. . . trafajc ill moving smoototy on
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ese`e`eery s ricicancreaea..bfiy shshsh &afnado yoke afifiadtt shakice shakafnado hohochklesesyeahah weperhs yoyobe ooo. a. mm.
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(c(c welcomomback tewthth momoing.g. here's a look@in p p po righ now. it's anan .
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're gettg update on adad l ldslidedede itappened almost t years ago in the western colorado town of colllla a a repopopohows t t ide begaas a sers earth movevent set off b. . . s video ofoflide.e rara d dpeelng igigriseoveueuts opied s. in octersecherund ths l epble anototr disasterf compable magnitud weweteteteououinhe 20s to low ts morning winds betweeee5e10 miler hour and d stlyly clear skies. tsday with start t t with mostly nny skies and wis willalm down 0 afteoon highemperares will be about 1degrees
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50s r/the wer evations and the 40s in the ghountry. we'll bre for r r a a a n. we'll wararrbackp the on wedneneit wis pig in rnn and evening. fire danger will be concernnn. . re w wther watatoes fe te m mningngededededsohehe lolodo wil remain dry through the rest of the work week with mild temperaturesesthe weekalso lookd . look kt xmxmomtm ordashn.n. rafficonons 24hour go to affitc our web chanl yr neaffifificongv in trtrtrisis ong thlys morning,g,g,g,mamaslowow ourors eay ou mmnd cmuteteto get from south ademy to north acamy, it will l ke y aboutut nutetethis m m mng...foriviv
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web channel l kktv.v.v.r r r r r r 0 t tfflupdatomomg up in0 minutes. c/lololois preriri fowo morqes aftebeing bab%rnrn co u1 ne thimoing. athe teen hopothers willearnm akbubufirit...wait times at a lov-a a & clin... . r ncern r caleaders wh one county commmmssioner is doing get to o e bottom othwhe s!tuation. if y y s s sreinwsall
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hmmmm hmmmm-h-hmm cnting the e rs on the newerturnpike t a a cometo l lr erira
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i'bebe sande,,i ovthessa lcome baba to 11 news spis rning. here's a look i inon ci rig now. it's's an. . righnow cal leads are as ansrs ouououe wawaimisist a local l clclicicic we've told youbout thehehe accusatiofaleded record k k. sterdat a meetincololodoinin, veveve se probobm th the s ng i commissioner.
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an 90 ys tgean appoininent. jay bobon/n/icann colorado:o: 07 re's a lot our veterans that t t pretet happy once they y`t ctuauau see somebo ==butut= itit gettingn thatathey'y' having problems, andndhdy'rerrr havivi some v vy serious probobms."." commissioner peggy littleton wato get counble forlthprprlems this mornini....a 14 yeaold d fafang a apted mdede in a schoolafeteria. . iss vididi fheheool i i i iisoutesternhio.. two students were ot... twtw othersrwere hurt tinintotoeo aw. appearsthis point tha the imimarall in s sble e wepeakthecem stststcolll s rgeded.. hegs a male ... arged with`oount !pteted d th14 yeaold rarafrom t t hool, anwas rested nearby. ththinjujustentsre expected to oy.
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some water mains a gettiti an gre in a loc neighborhood. it m mhththtw down your r ive through pueblo. all e a eas s u see in r%j where crews a a replaci some w wererainsnsojec expeseed t tstt t t he n nt t upup o and w wl la ugh the enuly. expectcte tempmpa2dne closm ti to time. suay is susung itsoftflolo subsbsil acale ot long. thft a classssctio w 2023, tner postetetepicture of hissasach tha only 11 es l l p pofettlememt t e st f fd n n n wi instetmsureto makak re- s brbrd d d be 12 inches ng a corado tnaisparingng foat lea t t mo surgeriesesfter bng badadadadad burnedeh mi 1ws ts s morning.. whhe tis hoping g gfrs wi l f fm his miste. plus anothererook outside this morning. what's in store for your
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restndndordadaisiseepingng n th condnsnsef
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id you find everythi all right today?-i did, thank you. when y y g g t t newewrwwas rd fro& goyou'l$l$covevevefaststthe rds adddddddwawatoarpoins u u y ou g we ofofhat ve
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youser m & go&rewarheheoreryoyot. to gour r r owe ! ! rewaselfth mory. w & me. welcomback to news s morning. we atat inhehe l t0s t t t t rninw)nds be mpe my
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t wi my sunny a willalwnaften high temperatures will be t egrees cootn nday inte e s for the e e r evations and thththt t the high k@ununy. we'll be brzy for the aernoon. . . l warmrmack k k o the 50s and 60s on wednesdaya_ith windpickckg upthe afafrnoon n d d ening. fireanger r ll b ba a cocoern.n. a fire weatatr watch es into fect te morning weday. sououern colodowillemain dry rough xhxhxhst theheorweekewh mi teteeretes. . e efekekd also lookokdry and mild. a look at your morngngomtewith j jdan n man.n.n. fofo tffic cditions 24 hours a a y, go to t tff watchch on our web channel at your next traffic update is coming up in 1 1m1mutes.raffic is moving along smoothly this morning, no` r slow downs on yooror eaeay on your monday commute. to g g from soutacadady
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about 12 s m m l l l find 2 s a a go rara w on our w channel at r nene t bffic ups comi uin 1mimimis. eninnoa mais w wting find ouhow lolo h h h serve in prison. that's according to our pa at t t gazette. this is jacob rahricht. yeerday, he eaded gutyo sedudung his u4 y%y% old babysitter. he f fes up lififin nrison. hps wifes alsosoccususn theh crime anancoupup ofoered dhe girl a rololasas q qte--"sister wi". cortney hrht eventuay grew jealous of theelationship. she lllle inou in n ek no "a enag i irecoveringpttinbarnrntois legnd hand.
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hospitit, wiwiwiwiond thd gr b rns. rcorni/burctct "the ole lefty y igh al the wadownwnwnabououhawa do mcalf." marcusaseady undererne o surgery, andill need alet more. the teen says hiory may be a warning for folks. this morning... a man n ctct t in the @ hscollst ipppp vir jesshew juoraccusese t killg 18d d grgram 2 2ar o oorn n hagtgt tht t e c!rrenenplpl agreemt, he could have faced the death penalty. he's already serving life in& ison f s sual asult.t. looooog ahead... governor chris chririie says hehu not ruling t another presesential run i future. sterdadathe w jersrs gogorn said he dsn'tresee anotheaign, but loves serving and coulnosay he would never se t t p psidincy ain.n. chstie a ao defendis endorsement of republi front-runn dond trump. chririieieays trump h`s e be chance oy rereing candidate to beat democrat front-rr hihiarar clintoto
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pp pe colorthink t tpe s4atolol tween anveer, codo state tr condudueded insuicwas ymou more than 21 hundred people t#ok / here are somomhighligh. 90 ent of pple believe thth state papaol i i effectivin eornghe l faialyly p p of f o`leleelieie our ghways are ser or e same as they we within the past two years. /# 94 percent p pple e atat ntact withth member of c-s-p s ty wewerereed with respect. rit nono.. a bill surrwund maria edibs i i ate hahafailed. oming was trying to clarify pelties for poeseson oediblbs and pot-lalad drinin. / usleaders said they wodn'tear it beforl%g%slive efadline. stk, s ste'sen ed aililcaca tesmo an teeces s fd d drink conobinin marijua. /#asek, hohoho mmittestriri o the lenye.e. ind ur
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it wililalso he e me new se featurere ththt diffffffou'll see is theicic. .& it'slacacacacate.e counteteeit. ere araronly a aew oicis usinw w licensnsanne are i iuthern colorado right now. other d-m-v's will start issuing them w en the pilot program m ovev. looking ahahd... microsoft wl l art shippinw.& its long a h ho- lenenxtxt moh. take a look: witb thnde tads pros hohoapc images into ur fieldf view, witht acking out the real world. next month is out the same me facebook's oculus will begin ipng a headsds thah! creates a 0 deee ficonal universe. nasasas s vesting in the popential revival ofsupersonic jet travel. e space agency yas g gnted a 20-million dlar contract to loheed martin n develop a ger t that can fly und.d.
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grr anter. sporster erians li c lsu...&.& r r ndint sosoon coed nak, shs aoteloom. ill ahd 1 news this morning... 'sappening today i ithisisis case. but firit... ououofofajor c coradhealth in a teaeang up... w the mo isupped to ings easier for famimies across our s ste. us another look outside this momning... ar in for a nice weeee emily hat e aner your fforecaca. . d we'lbe ecking bac ir with jordan for a ak k ur mororngrive headcbcbthng, whwh xptctcdps m k%+or-k imim& he campa get more vicio. and-nly on c c t ts rnrng- e man n o ed h oerti gn to fi ay r.r.r.
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spe you uxuxeven lemme get a mcpick thers a hot new deal on mcdonald's mcpick 2 men lemme get a pick 2.. nopipi any two of your favorite c c cics for st 5 5ucks.
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oose a 2 inic stes a g w100%eef, a flakakfilet-sh arar quarter pouer with cheese or crispy 10-piece chicken mcnuggets fofojuju $5 buckhurry in for an aming 2 f/$5 !p on the mcnald's tastes s love.
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atag the t t t morning winds between 5-10iles r hour and mostly r skies. tuesday with s art out with mostly sunny skieieand winds will caldown. afrnoon hiemperatures ll babt 1010egrees cooler t tn monday's ioxthe 50s for r e lower ations t t in the
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wiwis pipiing n the afafooooand dal ncn. a ae wehehehetcgoesnto effe orngngeday. lorail remama dryryhrough theheese# thwork week withild tempmpatures. the weekend also looks dry mild. a ok at morning cmu& a lookyo morningomte
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for li traic condidions 24 hours day,goo trafc waon o web chl atv. ur nt trafc upte coming uin0 nu fi movovonooy m mngno major slowns on yoururajs early onour ndndmute. .& fro ut to n ncacamyit will tata you about nutes this morni...for l le traffic conditions 24 hos a day, go to traraicch ononur web channel
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is coming up in 10 minutes. looking ahahd... s health insurers, and colorado medicaid signing onto an ininiatititi aime t tforming colorado healthcarere according tototoartners at t gazette.. it also t tge howealth careres delivered roro the states. / it cald the loraro s stu invataon model / imto usesesemin dollar fedal to er tegrgre imcare and behavioralealth care. / the companies i&volvlvre anth blue cross s ue shield, cigna, / rocky mounin al plans and unedhealthcare. wel let you known wewern more dails. rit noa cal distri attoto is s pipi t tt a stop to the violence in his commity. pueblo-a jeff chostner i i propha cent sasatax fothe vember ot. it wou gir30 to o
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pueblolor the eken r r deviclk k k . . o otheere hurt. chostnerererl us thehmhme officers oe streets, mean shorter respotimes snd less cri. 05:22:04 ltimatelelthis is in the people's han. theyay f f the ve safety that they wt in ts commity. ithey're satisfied wihat they're getting, wh h what theyere payayg right now then thaha what t gonna get but that's n my read on the public." he ipected to ing the propos to city councilhis month. esidentialandidas are gearing up for their biggest chance to grab degates so this arlen. ngonne t moig wh youououd to kw t s ti cau right heren colorado. . t fit... sporcastst eans is battling a c cil lawsuit. after fig`out someone e rerorded herakedwhile she was in a hotel room. what'sappeningoday in is case. now let's send things over to jamesebrown for lo at youror drive time james? it's getetususononheheajor
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powers blvd. from miononby to wdmdmdmoa willake you 2 miunutes.s. falcono o 25 aut 22 nuteteparko downtown about 22utesesthat'[ yr time;ll beig bk. affic still moving son e majoroways. if you're
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wntown a welcome e to news thts morninin he's aook pueblo ght now.t's an. m ppinw 're expeing to ndut what
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it happened happened over the weekend nearar walmart by the chapel hills ma in colorado o springs. the e mane society tells us theheh dog's owner is ng chahaes after it attacaeded a chilil witnsey the gi was ma andndndas bl from heface owwaticked fownershi drous dog whic aold se so pi bl mi of the dog a say the ner s s n n to o pay finene otherse it will likely,be put down. pppvghtodada..sportsster en drews wi take the snd agaga iher civilawsuit agait a hotete and a mamawho admitted t t stalking herer the trial resusud`yeday in shville, tssee. it a ces from 08 incident, in w m secret recorded nudeideos of andrews. yesterday, her mother testifd
6:47 am
fel prisonor rececng t t videos. . h hn't t own up in coururto fight the lawsuit battle between a a andhe the i. federal e e invmstcannotor e nlan ione owned d aft ddealer. goveme requestedpple p to bak the phone's security de sit couldccescontact info of otr suspected drug deals.the mputer company is currently in presesd byedal investigators to breaeaento the iphone belonging to one of the aring upor their bigge chance to grab deleges s sfar mornign... what you neeto know about @ day's esidentiti caucus, righhere in corado. we for icweat emily h your forect. a a jordan is keeping g eye on your
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bernie sanders -e coag to standp to b oil caus w t te r y. at wan saiai the keyone pe d ner waffffd. he's alst t only candidate totoppose fracking use frkingngan ege r kikiat and threaten our climama sanders hasb st fbrchpl to fight climate change and build a ean energy future. bernie c c p.op before polluters.
6:50 am
welcomombackckck m da nancaow. ani'm sah schwabe. are startininout in the 20s to low 30s this mog winds between 5-10 miles per hour a mostly
6:51 am
out withthosy sunny skiei%and windwill calm wn oo high temperatures will be abab 10 degrees cooler than monday's into e s fofothe r elevationsnsndndnd 4 in the high country. we'll be brzizior the afton. wel rmack up to e 50s and 6060on wednesdayit wickupn the afrnoon d in f f f danger will be a coccern.n. a fire weather watch go into effe te mninesd. soutrn colorado wilil rere dry throuou thees the work week with mild d mperatur. the ekend also looks dry anmild with jordan
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traffic moving ong smoothly th morning, no major slow downs oyour majors on your mond cto get from sou academy to nth academy, it will take u abt 12 minutes this morning.for live traffic nditions 24 hours a day, go to ticicatch on oureb c cnn at kktv.coyor n%xt traffff updatecomip in 10 minutes. for liveveffic condititis 24 hoa go at oururebhannt kktv. next traffic updada is ming up in 10 minute ppening today... people in uthern corado o ll ve their say in th prential election. many people in our local areaeaill ice heaucus. ns reporter g ga esposito is live in cololodo sings this mornrng. she's beenalking with local l experts about why we havent seen as many republican caates c giatre yeaing? ve, h,al eec saysmit have
6:53 am
los s . . toti rlit poll a certain candate. theyillljust t tk about them with other members of the caucus. i t down with a a cs political science professor to talk about lolo cs.heloraubli mayay have a br le ithe e tionown thad athe national convention. asor t caddemoat, caucus members will most likely choose e either bernie sanders or hillary clintonon ni i ked a local expert what bernie sders should hoho for in theauaus today. jo dunn,ssociatete professor of political sce e to win`nn stesesike colora bececse he'sot going tdo well in otstes thahave a hh ul. llar clto a mort,paiculrican an vors" todaisisig forllhe candndad. thucus in southe colorad wi s7 is
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ackig l new velopemnts& ththghtout t t day. lililin lorado springs, i'm ginanasposo, kk, 11 news. t day oe presidedal race so far! super tuesd packs one day fullf voting acrossss cry find ouwashshgton bureau chief jacqueline policastro in boulder, colorado this morning to break it down. ni on s tues voters in 12 states will chooseirandith wiresideial ra. ld tru and,ionhentntthday nangng r mpioio trp p p e ll takhome victories atl h wr up thminanaon. maueueruo, cruz, jn kasich and benarn are still ttli - most arguing thahaa trtrp nominanaon would kill the gop's chchces in thll. hillary to wki to ck out bernie erho has sted in thcegethan origigally expected. he also continues to r rse s snificant campaign cash.
6:55 am
presidential candite we wiwi m/me clarity m me nfion. reportrng iboder, co i'm jacqueline policastroro thanks jacqueline. meeru n re at about everything you need to know abo toghs caucus online k kv dodom. the flu vaine working better this seasonhan inears past. the cdc says it t nearly y perceneffective. even with h wer chances of racting e virus,hihiren ha d yfromin thi11 ctionlert we'll tell you what to lk for ifour child gets syck. // there are warning signs to wah r -- difficult brehing is a huge red flag. . urhild'shest shod move smoothly
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they're not getting enoughdngen. //worry abt a stiff neck that could be meningigis... mplication of ththflu. your chilfeels better and then feels sk again -- thould spell t tuble. . th's becauau aonda fen mit ve sn. ## your ild just isn't acting like his or herlf... ta that riy. t g aetour chilmel l . th morning we're learning g re about the e man accucud driving under the influee... killing two people. state troopers say athina munoz was drunk, smoked weed and was textinwhen she ossed the ceererine in an oncoco motorcle. nt hapned satuayternoon, ianow near stle rock. i iestigars say kied arioue. wel let yoknow w wn we more a aut this.w th mororng... arary shel ie "mi ocee it's h hpe nthtuish border in syria. no deas s beerepopoed. ssia saythe elel is minggr exlucded fm the russia/u-s brokeredease-fire..
6:57 am
now in its fourth day, also does not cover islic state group. we'll let you kn if weearn more. we have an update toton 11 call fofoaction alert we've been n tracking f months. ca of all takata airags ototake ve. thacinto feral -relators. stemencos aftea sh gheatl ghway`yrafafc safety administration to recall all takata ammonium nitrate air bags. regulatoto say recalli all takata ababs would strainuppliejs and creatmore uncertai oking ead..... soater mains a get a upgrade in a aocal neighboood. it might slow down your dre through pupvlo. l the areas you e e redma whererereepatai the prt xpted tort inheexexle the projecxpected to start in the next couple odays and will last through the end july. expect some temporary lane closes from time t tme. ppening now.^. the p psident
6:58 am
you'llllecal somomare vowi to blockis nomimee to the eme urt... regararess of who it is. republicans think the xt esidt ou mak chce. it will heirst timthe les va met sincece justste ton sc'sunexpected death last m/mth. neither de has indicated it t expecting any sht e stando here a look at what's cong upupt on cbs this mornin in, ca gear for campaiai 2s sur tuesdahat to expanwhatake.e.s, she lncd a campaign tfind a kidney. cod this generous stranger he savher life? more reaeanews cing up on cbs
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begegh a lk at today's eye opener. your world in 90 seconds. >>thereoe elt t thiasm. >he ndidatesoar tsuper daenia. t ote, vot vote. >> the cdidasin supeesday.


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