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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  March 1, 2016 1:35am-4:00am MST

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if you missed the academy awar the other night. alicia viklandnd, leo dicaprio won the oscars. the host, chris rock. jumped into the controversy over the lack of black nominees. kevin frasier report will i here at the acamy awards. ototrwise known asashe white people's ce e ards. >> r rorter: c c c rock wastst no time sunday night. jabs at academy's lack of racial diversity were expected fromomomom mome the nominations wer
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hosts i wowodn't even gegethisisis ckckept ththjojojocococo, , , ououofofofofofofrciaiabrbrk.k. e'e'lala. rororostststititalalal argegeatatsphehe incncdedemorererererere jususdidirsititisisis dim. caprio took home the oscar for best actor andndook the opportunity to deliver a message ouououe e e ronmnmt.t.t. papapan n n isisise e an a a a decacaca lililililililililililili itppeneng g ght t t itits thththththrgrgrgththat ciciieieie i i t t teaeaeaeaeaeaededed re tononht. ththk yoyoyo >ice prprprenenjoe e e n n n lkstste e e s s sininininininatatn n n n n n n n n n n n t agagagt sesealalbusese et'shange e culture. ohitdtngaga'sill it%yo itl it happens to you yo wpn'n'know how i feel >> reporter: as ththsongnded abububuled stage. thehowe motion -- themoonal sponse from the audience was clear. brie larson huhued each person as they came off stage. >> and the oscar goes -- "spototght." >> reporr:heop honor w w w to a a am with sgest potitil message. ght tellthe s
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catholic church's s r-up of molestation by the city's s priests. >> this fi gave a voice to suivs. and d isisscararmplies that voecwhicwee will becomth wl rete right y t vatican. >> reporter: the first tima directoror back toack oscars in 6 6years. biest a bridgesp n svester al w bessutingacr. best suppopoing actress, alicia nd mad max fury road, sixixscars. real star of the show was chris roro. felt he hit out of thth bapark^k > at m m mm m@m@ar newk , fi techcians raed aoscaof their own. they find and presesee cssic films some 100 years old. anthman res. >> r rorter: the film arives
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curars are tryg g restore sint fm clclsi >> if you look csely you can e now you can it iry sctche >eporte the 192fifi "rososa" srs marypipiford aricacacair film icons. >>s the onlsurvivg mp p oe lm y. kat tin man the coecti. his prt was scanne a lab. d w thth'r t pss gngout ke moma's f fm chche is the e world. >> o little guy. >> reporter: sflueueial. inin977, the academyonored the museum for pioneering work. this our oscar. >> nice. >> museum of modererart, deparbrbntntf film. ficacay y r our won film preservion. >> raj roy sayayas ma's
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museum's new york city location. this sprawling storage facility was t hamn,pelvania.. >> cold in he. >> v vy yjld, yeah, all the better to keep these. at ts temperature, 35 deees. relatively drd. we c keeeethesalmost 400 years. >> reportete this is just one ofof re50raau for 25,000 tits. erythingnfrom e perintal films to classs li "birth of a nanaon" and "grapes of wrath" anan"the third." >> a film cacaed c cizen kane on any nyeels. kekehem at. ..havinanag stagaa io thststng.lets me slp nig owg is oosrs? posters, epepme... rd from stributo,
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>> these are all from the lanta premiere of gogo with the wind. >> repter:e stio scscook of psssslippin fror "gone with thwind's" 1939 premiere which includes page on the blackckctcts in the film.awe moma's work of restoring osita" in all will te two yearar it will bring back a major mary ckilm sohe first am rector, nst t bi. head ofilm preseatn at ma how d ds th l l lthatat sappr?>>y rentook a persrs d dlike tit for reasons that are still not complely clear. ititeems she deliberately alald ththfilm to deteriorore. didn't renew the copopright n the film.>> m ueum m ovov ain t t st n in the 1970s. >> in hoibleonditionon justoo much for e technology
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>>eporr: now rosita's s filly come. and kerr wishes s re films couldld be restored tohe quality of s irbaba f movie, "t iron mask" made in 1929. >> this is a copy made dirirtly from the originanacamera negative.acal fm passed through t t camera onothe se. >> r even ing wiecomchngg. limeter ojrsre n@ longer manufacacred. anspare parts will keep projectors going only for anotr decade.>>t.wewee sdaigiginis maive collectiono a huge undetaki. make is my head explode. you feel like you are in a cucu >> it getting there. don't think the serioisness of thisisas settl in, even the
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sqez aextrdainto februa. expt we don'add an extra day every fourearsrsf atear is@s evenly divisible by 1000and also didisible byby00 ifhat und confusing,g,t is. we decided to into what leap years are e@l about. stard wiwine special l%lp dadabirthday girl. >> daisy bell ward appeared in sun dby's finest forer birthday party this weend. >> isn't she beautiful? >> she wasorn on fruarar29, 1919, making herermerica's deststiving leap baby. >> amazing. >> you made it. >>ea >> rtetehe@bash complete with an 80-p-p marching band was celebration of her 100 years. accocotohealdar r r th biririrdaisy se tembre the latter. why es d'sirdaly me ad once every four r years?s? do you k kw why we have a leap
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>> no. >> no. pbablblsomething g out the spsp >> t t seasonsns, global warming. >> i don't kno >> el nino.. reportete we decidemight be be to coultlan expert. theoreticalaphysicist. why do we e eded leap year? >> mother na has a sense of humor. did not make a calendar when you around the sun in 3465 days. at we e arn inchchl. no, mother nururmade it so every 365 dayspslus 5:49 andndew odd sesends.s. means thaevery year we have to compensate for one arr of a day. - after four years we have to ad one more day. so when did we figururout the
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was bay baca in 46 bc. juliusaesar realized t calendararn't workinuld wi an astrtrom. they realized what thehegyptians had already d dcored. we need an extra dayaivery four yeararto sta track. sonsnsnsted the julian calendar. even t tt wasnsn quite rig. the solar year is .242 longer, not even .25. when wadd a fullay ery urrs w ware ftftith surprps of 11 minus s s y yu. that can srt t tadd up. finally in 1582,ope gregory . initutedhegeri calearare followay.. hsw isisdifffffft? >> 11 1 nutudifference in one @ year, ilds up. the pope had to ininrvenenthe
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so f f example in the yearar600. visible by 400. a leapapear. in 1700. 18. 1919. no leap year year 2000 there was again a leap year. >> lot of tweaking t rs righgh >> ^uck we he have digital watches to keetrack. it turns out, accoununng for ap years is difficult r r tradititnal watches. ts wawahaa wheee!at rnone volution eour yearar aommodate txtra da >> se dy e eineeeea wheel. that turns once e&ery four years? many y u uhave to adjust the gauges, end of februy.ect the le, perpual cacacaaroes that for y y. >> to see how it works. we looked at one under a crosospe. >> it is a cycle o48onths r the ap year. weave a a . 48 lobes. each lobe e presents a month.
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maneer sandbags and side ed a bus w wn ititeentered it no o wasurt.t. damage wasinimal peter greenbnbg goa ok at the state the technology. >> reporter:r:o sewhere driver's cararare headg. went for a ride with professor raj j mara at carneg melon university. where the e chnology was created over 30 yes age for all the people telling us we are goin be drivivg, driverless car torrow, y y sa >> just waitit the magic alhaens inere. >> repr: righd. keepepting. because e spspe alalthe chnology and dececes o o search, , e driverless c has a long way to go. >> the biggest nightmare that people like me who work on the car that somebody deploys this technolprematureland
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>> repter: as disturbing as unlikely, scenararn the mind of rearchers andndlong momentum of tononous vehicle we asuman beings armuch less terananof an error a chche makes. gill pratt headadthsearch institute. global inititiive from the nucture e e driverless car. how do you program d cion toriveess >> wt u arreally talking abt in aificiaintelligigce is called plananng.anningor near i iitee number of ethical scenenios like this.. sppposososur car is apoaching a headn collision. totovoid the vehicleleyo car can moveveight because crossinin the yellow line on t left is illega wh i ithere is a aern. or groupurf peopleleo your ght? >> these machines have ability to understand what is happening in the world much better than a human can. >> eveim >> the lding tow y yta research at mit. >>hatever time it reasonable. lf driving canane used to da
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thththisatasophic collis >> bk on the road oooocarnrn melon, our driverless car takes s a dedeur. on the eve of supertuesday, um clalaes with black lives matters protesters. >et themout. get them ou
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out. out.t. >> also tonight, copsunneddd wn on hirst day o o t job. the big cpee a a foooobpanyny eadsuilt to selli parmesha h h no paesan. and davidartiwi an american ho. >> at's five bronze stars, two purple hets. thas correct. >> a now the highest militarar hononoof all. >> a aouncerthisiys the e bs overnight ws." no cdidate wilil clinch the nominationtodada but super tuesday may generate reversible mommm for hillary clinton and donald trump. they'rfavovod in most ofhe 12te priesndd causes. fordmocrcrs, a steowards rtrtnty.y. forrepuicics,notheroltn the party's identity isis.
2:01 am
least states. he is trailingnged cruz in cruz's hometate of texas. the republin race, petty, ofand unprecedted s prominene replica talkin an i iependent candidate if t tmp winin the nomination. race became the weapofhoice day. major garrett is with the republicans. >> repepter: fololwing the news that former kkk leader david dukekeas supporting donal trump, bck lives matters prottete intntrupt arump rally in viinia. a "time" magazine photographer tried totoeave there are to shoot the protesters a a escortedd fromhe venue. he w w thrown to the grorod a secret serer agagt. otogoger chrisis mors mitted to cucuing at t agentnt before the confrfrfbtion became ysic..rris said the agent grabbed m by the nec and put himimn a chokd. >> i am deali with someeal sleaze bags up here. belilie me. i think the press i worse, they're worse than the polilicians. trump mas s sport of criticizing portersnd makes lear protesters are welcome. >> out.. get ou
2:02 am
trump' momenm towards the gop nomation brought aharper edge tis a aea rauusus llll marcoo rubio complained that tter rri makesadlines. >> what an indictment on t state of polical debaten the country >> reporter: yesterday,, rubio himsf doechve intntthe mud. >> you know what they sasa a aut men with small hands. you u n t trusus em. you can'n'n' t tstthem. reporter: rubio iss hopopgor r0ng enough finishes torro to stay competitive in t delegate ct.t. ted cruz i bking on a victory his home state of texas. >> and we are i believe goingngo have a bighunk of delegates. i thinevyonenelse will be way,y,ay, wayay hind. atathat p p itlec abunntly clear thihis a two macece >> reporter: secre service intervied the agent invold inhe altercaca att thehe trump rally. agency policy to protect the $- candidate caid thphotographph inlved, cis
2:03 am
>> specicily not after t way he provod t t agent. major wrett repepting fs.marh mamar, tnk you. awful this all of this followow trump's responses to support he is getting wanted or notromhe ku klux klan no. day,itt romney said trump has been squauafied. he idean reynos. reporter: campaigninininn virgiaiaia toy, dalump s asting agai we have azingdoementslehat really mean wave hundref people now thatant to endoe.-->>te p pisrom david duke, fornd wizffff thth ku u ux klan m t t his followiwg morehan n er. >oting for thehepeop voting against donond ump is point isasaso your heta. >> reporter: last friday, trump seemedo say no thanks. >> i disavow. sunda heeeclid tooo renoce the k.k.k., dukeris support. >> i ion't't'twwnyththgh a aut dad duke, okay. i don't ow anythg a autut wyou areealking abouwithhhhite
2:04 am
i dodot know. trump tried to clear up any confusion. >> i disavowed david duke all week long facebook on twitter. he sai a bad epipie made it hardo h hr t t queststnt about ththkkkkk sunday thoh he usedd the same one foreveral interviewsws any case it i i car s se far right groups like wha they're hearing from him. he has won theacking of the e nenenazi website,aiai srmer for exampmp and american naonal super p is m ming cacas#inersdstat. >> we donon need muslims. wewed srt, well educated whiteeople to a aim to ou lture. vote trump. >> reporter:r:ouththn poverty w c ctete whichracks hatee groupss the sup was starafd by white supremacist americ freedom party trp's rhetoric i i a c ced appeal to rarastst >he idea tt any mildly educated person in this cououry could not know what theu klux
2:05 am
ststudicicusustatetents we have hrdn maitream popo in many ars. >> repeptete t t super pac backckg marcococo@ubio putt@ this wawa >> trumpmp refuses to dennce the kkk. think about ththth foprest.t >onald trum h been heavily criticed fore scott,t, a soo far, hisuprt for the mition amono voter in t rty of abramincoln has held firm. > d dn reynolds reporting for night. thank you. >> thehe polls a aointing for a very gd s s tuesday foror llary clinton. hehes n n cordrd. >hank you. >epter:r:lintonond thehe repupupuan candidatesere bebeving like grade schoers. >> remember the ltle box that edo ben n ur kids' report cas. play w wl with othe. i-woulul have t p p aigno. >eporter: s isd to t t deasp lis torrrr...
2:06 am
trtrkrr r ow clinton leading sanders by 2s in virgia, points in texas and popots in gegeother polls have her u i tennese, ama,a, andd massss and she t fmer fstadyd ofof arkansas. that leave san hopingg for a strong swing in oklama. nnesota. and his hometatef vermont. >> we can win. no question here in minnesota.a. e have a turnrnt. th two have found common cause in tirdistaste foronald trumum when sanders called tmpmp hatax mongor onlile, clinton retweeted@ itbut otherwisis sas begun to focus l ss on him andoree on republicans. >> onene advantage i he is ty haveeeeeee after m m for 2 2 yeaea and i'm still standing. >> reporter:hete department ispp releasing its finanabah o oclinton's 3000 e-mails tonight. but, scott, that doe n n m mn theag i i i over.
2:07 am
r u e o a private server andn aa federal judge wants som of hetoto aide to testify about it. >>ancycordes with the mocrats.
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lical rector a atop of thee broadcast we talke about republican i intity cris. goingn w whin t rty?y? >> well if theheas w wl between the reblican party and donaldrump it is 10 feet tataer. conversrsns witepublica strategistand staffersnhe hill lhey'reret wit's e e about what iwoulul be lk to have donald trump as the party nominee. what they pnt out in inteieieie thaha he s s sd to be tryizg so carefully not t t fendndyoyo and call anyone a bigot askut t tkkk anite suemacists. suddenly he got politicalal c-rrecec what`they think,epublins i tititi to, he was ting to not offend any sthern voters. so i i super tuesday,morr. what h and senate leaders areorried abou what i i it going to look liki in the fl en theyynd collelelesave to respd to every in sendcendiary thing he says. they were thihi how they cou take the nomination &
2:11 am
in if h h bame nononoe. sl third p pty c cdidate inn therer@ t ttell if they' more unsettttd about being taintnt by trtrtrr the fac therere not tyan do to stoim from the ninatio >> thank you very mumu, john. in ohiotoday, a 14-yr-old boy open fire o c cssmates in a school cafetereb north of cincinnatiti two students we shot. two otherssp were hit by shrarael.. none of the i iuries is life reatening. the suect ran,n,h, but was caugh nearby. ththe isiso wordet@ln thth motive. >>in virginiala the@uneral is morrow for the prince willi coolice officer w w was gunned dn on hirst day o the b. totoy erosecutor saidee may ek the dea ltlt here is justice correspondent jeff pegues. reporter: 28-yeaeaold ashley gult tn@ guindoju beginng a new career as aaolice offffer her fifit dayyn u uform would be
2:12 am
>> hold your traffic. shhave been fired. >> reporter: saturday night she and two other officers were sponding to a domesesc violence call l l hisme. as o oicerapproached t t froro door they we@ shot. indon ruedo the hpital.. pronedead aew hours late the twother officersre expected tsurvive. police say 32-year-old ronald miltlnpened fire on the ofofcers with a rifle. hamilton a sta sergeant in the s. army i ao aused of lling wife, crystal milton in the homene e uple's 11-year-old son managed toun to sasaty. cording d ddddhe army,,amilton wo in at the ptagon chfs sta a served i i iq two years. osecutors say hamilton had a prev r r-in with the law but uld not release details. prince william county prosecutor, pa ebert.
2:13 am
anxaxaxa of ann officer'r' worst nighdhare. >> oicgugultndinn iner high schoolearbook wrote, live f something ther than dying f thing.g. gugun, the 14tholice officerer killed i ithe line ofuty so far this ye. scott,t,t,11 of4 w%we killed gunfire. nber that has risen dramicalal comomomd to the me time lastyear. ff pegues. thtnk you,jeff. turning overseas --sis has beenosing ground onhe battlefield but sikinink with a ss o o bombingsandound bhdad p pt t t days. mo than 10 wehilledmoststtthihihiarkkt plalan iiii neighborhood.. isis i nn thotr main faction ofislam. the u.n. sai todayhe cease-firi in syriasololng for r e mos part. a hotlinin set upy the u.
2:14 am
ririing g@ thehook. the civivi wareft many of sya's citiesn ruinin and e ezabeth p p ppr got ree acacss ho,@a city thaha once had as many residentn as phadphia. now juju a frtion. >> repororftererour years, and mega tons of plosives, tht syrian army finally took back the citof homs fro oosition fighters.. but severaraebelts escaped ey triedoake alast stand. t end though the vionce soo mumu. under siege and outgunned, the rebels in andgreed talk.. ey'r'rjust out o o sightt thehe en that road. theyrian army wououn'ttllow us in. but t y do allowhe womom out to g g mededal carend to sho for food what's changed? now there are forma
2:15 am
life h improved. the siegeeas ended. and our electricity and water are back.0 suppliesrere flowi in o, though every singl boxoxs checd by the miliry. and every cter o o gasasine probed for hididn weons. but n what december, s busloadff rebelsnd filieie suck a deal foror safe passage out of alwar to opposititn area farther north. thateaves about 1,0000 left stuck. still trying to hammer out the terms of their defeat. there haveveeen several of ththe, c cl thth alemateses cpll thehemini-trucess across coununy i ithe lasd cououou of years, scotot they d d d alwayss g g smsmthlyly some are more s ccessfulhan hers. but in the d, they all most certainly saveveiveses >> elizabethalmer inhe sysy capital d dascus for us s toght. liz, thank you. >ff theabelaid 1010 parmesan chee.
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ifou love cheese, this news was pretty unappetizing. soso parmesan contains wood pu. thenenas fririy an ecutive a a penylvania food cpany plead guiltyellili cheese that had no relation to what was on the label. we aed jim axelrod to take a a lo. reporter: you would t tnk when fda investigators found st\fheesekeng es ceses y was a aually 0%arsa thehe company hadad prsbm.m. >> t troduct thathey were mamaeting which wawa on n e label was not what ty y selling. >>epororr: the u.s. attorney y broughghthe case against the cocoanaftete a fdanspection in 12 f fndhearmen w w a a mixtur cheaperse
2:20 am
anin o, an knn ingredientntnt aertising it asarsan anromano and pti something elel soo supplier couldld makeoreee&'s carar fraud othe @ consumer.. view? >> ye >>eportete w found f fud ghnoe t worst ofit. these fda recd show finished cheese was stored in the unreigerated room whihi could cause backckea"ertetete to rive.. the company`youndnd lisria in its production area ten mes. but castle continued to p pduce and sell its chee to s sres li target and wal-mart without sting it.that migig be troublienghgh eidn't alsls findd record from theenyla depent of agricultutu which insnscted castrounun the samime as ththfda. e cord tell a very ffent story. in juje o of 12, state inspector davi trotter wote-e-the plant contues to be in excellelele condition.
2:21 am
management andnd the quality work they do. his glong revivis continued until augu 2013 when he lt the department of agriculture r n ctorf@ quauaty control a cacale cheese. >'m witith cbsne asked trotteo explain reviews of castle but he declcled. castle cheese is n n longer on ththmarketet the company fil for bankruptcy in 2014. the fda will be rolli out newfw fofofoafety relations, t atells usigne t g s aed fal is o oth sasage. >> m, thankouery chch well, chriskethth
2:22 am
2:23 am
him? >> if theyomininin a st.& i wouldn't#eget this job. soou would be watching ililil patricic h pris right w.w. >> cishrock roasteded the oscars last night on the issue of dirsity. all of the ag nomee were white. ck pointedut that's happened many t tes in t t past 88yes.
2:24 am
eit yeyes. > geoeo kennene won an oscar in 1968 for his role i i hand luke"" and f fts shur r xturen all foururirane movies and showewewe fisomeded sidid i t naked n. george kenendy died sterday.he was91. the fda isseshh ugh t ststest warniutassurere implaktable permama coceceive devi usedy 750,000womeme soso comelalad offhronicicain an bleedi. the a ordededhehe manufacturer, yerrroductct
2:25 am
2:26 am
of removingg the d marie,ouave predbetes.prpriabetes?!! i n't have tme teaorxerce. a sy mom! oh, you're a bu mom issreatatews! busyoms neve get prpriabetes. , what?t?tlete st...yeah s alalthe pele at risk or pdiabetes, and way overerere-- busy moms. no? ew. > tod president obamama prented theedal of hon to a 36-year-old navy seal from ohik.
2:27 am
to call edward berss a combat teraradoesn't come close. reading your uniform cocotly. five broroe star two p%pple arts. >> coecec how many combat tours hav you done? >> i havav none ninebat tour >n 1212 membebe o o o seal team he was sent to rescucu a man kidnapped by the tataban. asheyypprohehe tuilding the pot aw t h been detected. >>e s s a a guard c ce out ofo the door. shot him. d srted sprintinw td the dooror nicholas c cch went in first. he was st andied >>econd pson in.. enred into t room. i saw a atherer enemy stag where with a weapon. i shot him. i saw a person moving across the floor. didn't know whether or not that personas the americanosge orif h has an sosoonedededn n n n n im. d i i able to g on top of him. whenene heaear. josep call
2:28 am
that's whehehigh shot person was on top of. mpededff him. and d the doctor,@thr o o fifi feeee away. >> 7hy d d youup on fhe e ct? >>e d that.t we are in body arm e. want t t proteteim from a other potentialal thths. when i did thth. i r rlized thereas an enene within m's rerere of where we are laying. and so i was ableo - hold him ainst the ll, byrabbing him around the ththat.. and thatwas,ave enough time for our teammates to o t thererand to tate care of that reat.. >> whenou say te carar of thehe threatat w w d work? ourur teammates came around and, they shot him. ortete you were holding him by t t throatt against t t wall? >> correct. yes. >> reporter: wheit was over. five taliban. one nav sese, nicholasaschchquee laid d dd or dying.
2:29 am
how long did this >> tooa minute to go inn and take care of all we talkeded ababt. >> reporte a lot action gog on in a very c cfined e.4>4>that's theheatate of thi b. ose quaers mbat. >> reportet: takes l/lr t t tell ithan itt dido happe yes, it doe repepter: now medal o nor to go with fivronznz stars and two p pplee araryouu he to wr hanan herrutes oflose quarters combat e e ed b ber saw in h p p nine combat thing for sure he will never tell. david martin, cbs news, washington. that's the "cbs overnigh news" for thisistuesdada r some of you,u,he news $% ntntues. r others, check b bk withslittle bitaterer for the mning news. d,d,bs t morning. from t brorost center i new yoyo city. m scott pelley. >> announcerthis is s e e bs overert news." >>hi.
2:30 am
i'mrco morgan. supertuesesy, thehe biggestay of the nominating season. a dozen stass hol pmaries or causes thtt willo a long wayetermining who heads the major party` tickeken noveveer. cbs news battleground tracker ththe hillary clinton and donald umolding commamainggeads in mosuper tueay states. forruhe news isvenp better. new national poll shows he isp the choic ofalfhe voters who saiai they're likely to vote republican. ted cruz a a marco rubio are way backck scrambling to st the trump steamrmrler. major garrett ports. reporter: bter o o worse, rco rubio disvered h h inner donald trump. the instinct to hurl sus. attentionee wha is a s ccessfufumode for trump o potentmal downside it obscures more importata conversatioj about trump. lerance and the futute ofhe rerereican party.
2:31 am
are cloloed frompray marco r rio got more personal in s tacks s nst donald trtrp. he i icalling me little rco.o. he is taller.. 2", which is why i d't rstand his hand ara theize of some one, 5'2." haveou seeeeis hands? you know what they say abobo menenen th sllnds? you can't usthem you t trus @m.. >> reporter: thi weekend t gop front-runner continued his own aacks on rubio pointing to his performn the february 6th debate. >> so i amooking atittle marco.. i say manathere is something happeng th m. hes likik melting. >> r r#rter: truru campaigned andace nunud nestns aut makipa for white supracacts. he pasas tru retwted messag from white supupmacistss dd from woror war ii, fascist dictator benito mussin
2:32 am
whsked about d didid ke's endorsement hate groupsps genellll inow not abutut d duke or wtesupremacists talking about. u wouldn't want me too condemn the groupp knownotot about. >> i didn't know hee endorsed me. dad d%ke endorseddme. okay. all right. idisavaw.okay. rivals were e k to pouncefe marco rubio called trump's wawalingananrouso t tgop. >> h h arere we gng to gw ourururrty with a nomim - - >> j jn kasich sai@t must plai >> donald ump refefef t t gissiate himseon epracis. everdait is another ing. ted cruz too tootwitter.& >> wetuld all ag racism is wrong. kkk abhorrent. trump also picked u u the endorsement o o alabama senator jeffessionssn whatt can b%b interpt to a a a blow to cruz.
2:33 am
the fig against rubio andn comphensivivimgrationn refofo6 as for t t docrara hlary clton n arargerio mentnt i i/i today's vte. the l lest t s new battltlroundd trackeke shows clinton has a a aig lead in t t t key supertuesday states. georgia, virginia, and texas. and she still r r theave fr decisive e n ove bere sanderin sarday's south carolina prprary.nancycordesesn thehe cran trl in fairfafa virgia. poll numbe help expxpin why increasinglynton istur attion away from bernie nders, training here instead on the republican candidatatat i want to date who ever they put up. beususheret t t t t saying. they'reling the samee s ske l. trickluldo economics. >> clinton chahaed focus after her south carolina blowt. >v tomorrow thisampaign g gs natititi. e wonnhe afran-arican te by 72 points.
2:34 am
dn't sugarcoat it. we didi really, really badly with older a aican-aricanvovors. mean w g g mated. >> reportete he st ompe i i sevenemore souer statat. testbs news bategun tracr showowhim trailingng clton by 244oiois in tex d 28 points in gegegi voter ther sd clinton is mo quified. butptheyeyiewed sderere as more prinpled and honenene >> secretary clinton doesitit a littlt bitit@ difjerently. >> a dtititionhe tried to inklahoma city. >>you are gng t get paid $200,000 for a eech. mus bee a ptty damnood speech. it is a such a good spspch, you got to relebse the transnriptptleeverybody see . >> repororr: clcnton campaignene inin nashville wititcand act tonynygoldwyn.amera caughthe candidatete reretion when n tolololrl about
2:35 am
>kkk, he d dn't know who david dukes was? >> oh,that's p pa thetick. >> sanders sred that sentiment.@. twewewng,,erica's firstck prpridt canttndl not b b succeeded by hate monger who refuses to condemn the kkk. clininn retweetedit. som supporters say we like mr. trumbecausuu t tls it like itttis.. bigotry y not telelng itilike it is. evenens clion pulls ahead inn e delegat count,es poised to notch his best fund-raising month ever pulling in $3 milliononn fefeuary. >the irir says a massive dat breaea m m mave c cpromomed the tax formatio andnd sococ secucucu numum too more than 700,0000 filers. thieves hacacd into the get transfer program which letss you check your tax information online. jan`awrd rerts. >> somedy was tg to cim a refundd using my social l securiri number i knew somhi w wrong.
2:36 am
waynpll was protected fro hamms who he says stole his identity. >> i got a for earlier this week,tatangnghat somebodydy had rerevered e-file personal identification number. i don't have ann e-file personal ididtificatititi number. >> repororr: t irsata dump the latest in a series of disclosures. may 2015, the agency reported cybercrcminalsbccesesd some 114,000 taxpa accountnt three months later,he numbe grew to333300 is month the irs says as mana as 724,000viviimim >> the irir is frankly not doing enough to protect us. eve issman is an experer identititht. >> the ft it takeshem so mama m mths s even analyze the deptptof theroblem shows you that t tre probably are even more identityheftft that i going on >> r%rortete the irs says hackers used personal inrmrmionathereddrommther
2:37 am
unts to answer personall identy questions onnet anscscpt formrm a ave prepararers. one audit found 6 of1323 irs approved compani failed at ovidinin a aat s surito stomers. >> we are often o own worst enemies. ththe are times@s that we don't e p pperrasas words.s. we don usu proror security. reporter: t irs is notifying e hacaedpars by mail as well as offering free identity protection for a year. in a astatement, the agency says, it isommitted to p vtecting taxpayersss m mtiple fronts painst tax rela departmenen tee e eft. we are ming q qcklyo help these taers.s. >> the "cbs overnight newswill p right bacacdidounow the'cougliqthat las for twe hou trdelslve hour cou id. nced f f reasess erful cine that t ts fast
2:38 am
degree gave wowon tion-activatededristband to understand how much they mov... crcatetedegree wi motionsense the wod's rsrstitirspira tivated bybyent, nique crocaps that break with fction to release bursrs of f eshness dada gngn ththvery mov motionsense.( otection to keep%u m m mg. ee. it w't let dow it's nototlwayayasasy for me as it is f f h... it's easy fofome causeseook her. aw.... e use k-y ultragel.` it enhances my body's s turara istutu
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and when`n know shfeelingli that,it makes me feel likikwe're` th... when s s enjoys , enj it evev more. and d enjoy it. el theifrewith k-y ultrel if y yissed the acadede
2:40 am
ia vjklander, leo dicaprio the cars.s the st, chris ro. jumpedednto the controversysy over the ck oflacknominees kevin asier ports.s. >>ill i am here at thecadede awardsds ototrwisisknown as the w wte ople's choice awards. >> repter:is rock w wted no tsunday night. jabst academy'sack of racia versrsy were expectedd from the moment the nominationsnser announwhen itasrevead that a 20 nominatedctctct were whitit >> you realili iff they nomomateded hosts i wouldn't even get this job. ck kep thehehe jokes coming,, even out of the commercrclbreak. , we' black. >> the badcast p piticly chard a aosphere incdedd more than just diversity issue. dim.prio took homeehe oscsc for best actor and took the opportunity to deliver a message
2:41 am
a passion of h hore than a dede. >>limate change is real is hapapningigig now.w. itits thehe most u u ut thre facing ourti spspies. >> the leastst qualified man retonight. thank you. >> vice president joe biden walked on stage to a sndinin ovation and talked o speaking out agast sexual abus >> let's change theultutu. papapaf his introlductionoady 's s s s s "tlltappensto you." till it happens to you you wowot k kw h h feel >> reporte asss s s eed ctims of abuse filledhe ste. eat moonalal response froro the audiencm was car. briearson hugged each person they c ce off stage. >> and thear goes too -- >>"spotlight." >> reporter: the honor wen to a filmith the strongests
2:42 am
of journaliststst the "boston globob who investitited thehe catholic chch's cover-up of molestation by the ty's priestst >> thisilme a voice t susuoror and thtptpscarmplififi that e whe h h willecomom choir thaha witl resonate all right w to t vican >> reporter: the first t te a direreororon back to back oscars in 66 years. e biggest upset. bridge ofspies, not sylvester stloneneon best suppopoingg supportrtg actrs, alicia vikander. mad max fury road, sixoscsrs. al sr of the shohoas chrisis ro. feltltlthit it out o o the ballpark. at the m meum o o modern art in new york city,ilmm theit own. th finand preserve classic films some 0 years old. anthy masonrerts.
2:43 am
the museum of modern a a curatoto are trying t t restore lent filmm classic. >> iffou look closele y can't see it w.w. bubuyou c c see it iss ver scratched. >> reporter: the 1923 film, osa" srs marybigforo* one ofofamericics@irstst film icon >> this i ihe only s sviving lete pri of the film. >> yes. >> katieie trbiner manages the collection. >> t print was 4 kcanned at a lab. and now ey're in the process of goinghrough i like,,, ng fmeme b fram momo fmhiveveve is the oldest in the world. >> our litite guy. >> reporter: soo@ influential. 1977, the acade h hedhe museum for pioneering work. >> this is o oscar. >> nice.
2:44 am
department offi. specificall f f our work in lm preservation. >> raj royoy says asmoma's library expanded it tgrew the museum's new york city location. this sprawawng storage facacity s built in hamlin, pennsylvia. >> cold inhere. >> very coldld, yeah, all lhe lter tobelt better to ep these. thihi mperature, 35 degrees. rplatively dry. wean kp these a aost t 400 years. eporter:r:his is justtne of more than 50 storagevaultsts fofo25,000 titles. everhihi from experimenl fifis classics like "b"bth of a nationon andnd "grapes o owrath" d "the third man." > film called citizenen kanee on any many reelel keep them flat. dry. ld havivi the ananastorore version. eee b bt thing. lets me e eep p night. owing we havehi >> opopo >>ostersheme
2:45 am
>> thesesere all fmmm the lanta premierf gone with the wi >ororr: l le the s udio scpbookkf press cliingsgs from e w wh twind's" 193939 premiere whichnclus apage on the black actors in the film. e mama work of resring "ros in all will takwo year it will bring bacac a m mor mary pickrd film als the first am can movieie by lenenr edagerman director, ernst lubich head of film patio at momo. h h does the film like thahaa sappear? >> maryr apptly@ took a personal dislike@o it. reasons t ttre still n n completely ear. it sms she diberately wed d e film to deteriorate. didn't renew the copy right on thththfilm. >> the museum discovered a copy in the soviet union in the 1970s. >> i ihorrible condition..
2:46 am
of theime to handlele 2> reporter: now rosita's time hathe nall come. and kerr wishes moror filil@ld be restored tghe quality of douglas fabank's fal movie, "the iron msk" made in 19 ts i a copy made directly from the original camera negative. actual f fm assedhrough the on n e setsts >> r rorte eshshinhe lms be chchchnging. 35 millime projectors s e no longer manufactured. d spare parar will kee tors goingnlor another r cadede >> but after that. we have too s srt dgitizingnghis masaivivcollection, auge derstaking. make is my head explode. >>veel like you are in a ?
2:47 am
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2:50 am
sqsqeze e extra day int februaua excxcx wdon't add annxtra day every four years if thateaeas evenly divisisley 100 and also divisible by 400.0. if that sosod confusing, it is. we ded to d int whaha l lp years are allutu ststted with one spucieap y` bday girl. >>aisyell w wd aeared in sun day's finestor herer rphday partys weekend. sn'thebel? >> shehe w bornnebjbary1919, h amera's . st living leap baby.>> azazg. >> you m... >>h. repter: the bh complete with a a 80-piece march band was celebraraon of her 100 years. according t/ the calendar her th birthday. daisy seemed to mbrace the latter. why does daisy's bthdada only
2:51 am
years? dodo know w w we havee lfafafa year??? >> . >> no. >> probablblethingng abo the n. >> thens and,lobal waing. >> i don't'tno >p e nino. >> reporter: w wdecided might be st t t consu an exexrt. theoretitil ysicist. why do we need a leap year? >> mototrature h h a a sense of humor.r. didnot makaka calendarhen you go around theson. 365 days. whwhwhe learn in scscol. nomother nature mee it evevy 5 d ds plusp 5:49 and few opd second that mns that every yeaea we have to comomnsate fofone quarof a y. one more da so when did we figureut t need for this extra day it? was bay bac in 4 bc.
2:52 am
lendnd wasn't workinin nsultewi a asasonomer.. theyey realid wha thepegynn scovov. weweeed an extrap dry four years to stay on tracac he i to thd j jian calend. evenhada wasn't quite right. the solar years .242 longer,, notven .25. when we add a full dayvery four years we areeft withh surplus of 11 minutes every yeye. that can start to adddd .. ufinay in 1582, popep gregory 17th. ininituted the regorian calendar we f flow today. how w itt dierenen will l l michihi kaku plain. >> 11inutut difffrence in one year, builds up.
2:53 am
so foror e emple in t t year 1600.. divisisiby 400. a a ap @ar. in 1700. 1800. 1919. no lope . year 2000 there wasgain a lp year >> lot of eaki. >> that's righ >> l we he have digitalalal watcs keep track. itit turns out, accoug for yrs isifficult for traditional watches. this watch has a a whe that turns s eevolion evyt fouou years to accommodatete t t ext day. >> some bodyeeheel. > manyff ushave to adjust the gagaes, end of feuary protott thele, ptual calendaroes thth fororyou. >> toeeow it wo we loo one u microspe. >> it is a cycle@of 48 monthth for the leap ar. weweave a. s.s.
2:54 am
and a half to cococruct onene watch. itilset you back aund $85,000. you have four years to save up for the next t apyear arnd the world,eap year traditions vary. in greece, iti bad lucuc to get rrieany day of theeap yeye. up no february 29th. the own day a womom can p ppose marrge to a man. r dais her b by trtrn s always b bnice dierhhamily and. but th year was different. all, 's n n everyry you tu5. one laststng thi aut is lyear morning.
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2:56 am
if you are a s you could have seen this one coming a mile away google s ss it is partially respsible for therash of one
2:57 am
last mth inountainn view. adriverleses lexuxu trtedo neuvuvandbagss a a sidid swiped a bushennt entered lanene no one was hurt mageas mininil. peter greenberg ototot a a look at the state of the technology. >> reporter: to seetherere driver's cars are heading. we went for a ride wh profeses ofessor raj kumara at carnegie unynersisi, where the technology was c cateded overr 30 y yrs age r alhe people telng us we areoing to be driving, driverss c tomorrow,ouou say? >> jt wait.the m micll hpens in herere >> r rorter:right. keep waiting. becacae despite all the technology andades of researchchhe driverlesssar h aong way to . >> the biggest nightmare that
2:58 am
r tha somebobo d d d ploiz ishnology preturely a a aus scauaesn accided and some child dies. >> reportete as disturbing a a unlikely a scenario on the mind of rearcrcrs and slowing momentnt of auaenomomo vehiclesfs we as human bngs a a much less tolerant of a error a a machine makes. >> gill pratttt heads thehe resesrch stitute. global initiative from the manufacture t t dririess r.r.r. >owo you proro disioio into theveess car? >> w woueay tkl abgbin artificial intelligence isisalledpananng >> pnning for nr in fii that number ofthical scenarios like this. suose your car is approaching a a head-on cololsion. to avoid the vehicle, your cararar n mo rht bse cssing the yellow line othe left is ilgal.l. what is theres aperson. or group of peopleo your right?
2:59 am
to understand what is happeni in the world much betetr thth a human can. >> everyrytimi? >> the leading towowowoa rerearch at.@.@. >> whahaverim it iss reasonable. self drivivian be used to y. and used at low speeds perhaps where weweon'tbout whether there ispatastrophi collision. back on the roa care melolo our driverlesssar tak a detoto. >> decided to take over. >> yes, the system has be sitting quit some time. >> professor raj kumar takeshe whwhwh evidenenf@ the autonom vee hamiles to go.thatat the "cbs s erght news." for me the newcontinues. for hers check back with mornrng ns. d krscbismorning. frhe b badcastenter in new york city. i'm demarco moore. on t eve of super r esy, trump clasheth b bck lives matttts prottersrs
3:00 am
t t ememut. t. out. t. t. >>lso toghgh a cop is gunned down on her r rstsday ononhe e bi a aa fo company pluilt selling paesan tno parn. >and david martin with an amican h ho.% t tt't'vbvbvbe stars,wopurpleleearts. that'corrrrrr andndowhe hhehe mililary honoof all. >> announcer: this is the "cbs overnight news."." no candidateteill clinch the nonation today, but super tuesday mamagenerate irreversrsle momentum for hiarararinton and dodgld trump. theye vored d most the 12 stata primaes and caucucus. fofodeats, step p wards certnty. for republicans,noer jolt in the party's identi crisisn lls showruru leafingn
3:01 am
cruz's home state of texas. the republan r re, pty, profane anunprecedend nono has prominenenrepublicans s ndndate e trump wins the race became the e apononf chchce day. jor garrett is with the publicans. at former kkk ad david duke was supporting donald trtrp, black liviv matters protesters interrupted a trump rally in virgini a "time" magazine phographer trled to leave the pressto shoooothe protesters as escort from the venue. he was thrown to theround by a secret servicegent. photograraea chris morris admdttedeto cursing the antbefore the confrontataoname ysicalal is said the agengrabbed him by the nececand put him in a chokehold. >> i am dealingnwith some real sleaze bags herer lievme thinthpresesis wse, i'm telling alu. they're worse than the politicians. trtrp makes a sport
3:02 am
it cle proteers are welcom >> out. get out.t. out. >> truru's momentum towards the gop nomination broroht a shaer edge to his already raucouo1 rallies. rco rubio o o lained that gutter rhetoric makes headnes. >> w wt an indictmenthon t t statatof political debate in the country today. >> reporter: yesterday, rubio himself ve into o e mud. you know what they say about men wi small hands. you can'trt thth. you can't trust them. >> repororr: rubio i ihohong for strong enough finishes tomonrow@ to stay competitive in the delegate count. ted cruz is banking on a victory in his home e ate of texas. >> and ware i bebeevetetinto have a big chunk o odeleletes.s. i think everyoyo elslswill be wawa wayway y hind. at t tt poininit will become abundantlylear this is a two man ra. >> reporte secret service inrvrvwed the agagt involvlv in the alterertiont the trump rally. agency policy to protect the candide.
3:03 am
chargege >>pely notfter tay` he provokeththagen r garretrepopoing r usjor, t tnkou. all of this owedrump's spons to support he is geinnted o onot fr thehe kukulululuan to. daromneyaitrumumums been disqualified.d. here is dean reynolds. >> reporter: campaigigng in virginia today, donald trump was asting agaga. >> we have amazingngndororornts,s, peoplelehat real mean, we haha hundreds of people now that want to endor. >> reporter: praise from david duke, formerrandizard of e ku klux klan m mhis following more than ever. voting forhese pele, voting ainstststald trump at point is s easososo youou ritage. >> reporter: lasfriday, trump seemed to say thanks. >> i disavow >> sunday declined to renounce t k.k.k.,.,uke or his support.
3:04 am
david du, , ay. i don'n'know anything g t t at u e lklklkabout with suprpracy or supremacists. i don't know. trump trd to clear up any confusion. >> i disavowedavid duke all week l l lon facebook on twter. he s sd a bad earpieie me it ha to o ar the q q qioioabout the k sunuay though he used thsame one f several interviews.%% in anynyase itclear me ghoups likwhat they're hearininfrom him. he has won the backing of the neo-nazi websisi, day stormer for exame and american national super is making calls in ser tuesday states. >> we don't need muslims. we neesmarar w wl ededateded whihe people to asssmilate to our cue. voterump ororr: sthern verty law center which tracks hate grouou says the s%per pac c s started by white supremacist american freedom party, trump's rhetoror is s coded appeal to racists.
3:05 am
educated person in this country could t know what the ku k kx klan wasass s rhaps one of theh most ludicus statements we haverd in mainstream politics imany years. epter: the sup pac inrco rubipu this way. >> trump refusus to denounce the kkk. think abououthat? for president. >onald trump haenvilyly iciced b bore, scoto, anso r, hrt for t t naonmongs qn t pay of abraham lincoln has held firm. >> dean reynolds reporting for us tonight. ththk youo >> the pollsre pointing for a very good super tuday for hillary clintoto here is nancy cordes. >> thank you. >> r rorter: c cnton said d e publan candidates were behaving like grade schooler >> r rember thehhat ed to ben yo k re
3:06 am
pl well withthers. woululhave to put a big no.. >epepterf shes pois to ke t deas list tomorw. the latest cbs news battlegrnd tracker shows clinleadg nders by 2 points in virgrgia, 24 pointin texas and 2 points in georgia. otr polls have her up in tennessee, alabama, and ssachuhutttt and dhdhis the former firsrslady ofrkansas. that leas s nders hoping for a strong swing ioklama. colorado. minnesota. and his home state of vermt. >> we e win. nouestion remiota. ifife haveve turnout. the t o have found common cacae in their distastfor donald trumum wh srs called truma h te mongorine, clinton retweet it.t otherwisisshe has s gun to cus s ssn hiand mo on her kely r re against t e republicans.
3:07 am
ve been after me foror5 years avd i'm still standing >> rorter:r:r:tate pant is releasits s@ final batch ofoflinton 30,000 0 0 t,t,cottttttat does not an the fbi is stiti loongo r r e of a pri server and her r to o stify about t itit nancys with t demoatat thank yoyo
3:08 am
3:09 am
3:10 am
political director at ththtop ofofof the oadcdct we talked abazt the republican i intity isis. what'soing on within t party?y? >> well lf there was a wall between threpupuican party and donald t tmp it is 10 feet tataer in crsations with reblican stratetests ananstaffers on e hill t t tre at wit's d ababt what it t uld be l lk to have donald trump as ththparty minee. what thepointed out in his ininrvrvw is t tt he seemed to be tryryrysosoarefef not to offend anyone anancallnye a bigot when asked about thekk and whwhe suprpracists. suddenlylygot politically rrt.what theheththk, r rubcans i talked to,e was trying to notl offend any southern voters. so in supetuesday, tomorrow. what hou andenate aders e wowoieout, w wt is it going g look like in the fall when they and collgues have
3:11 am
thing he says. they w w wthu t eyou takehe n natioaway. ut third pardidateheama ne ipip third c cdidan ere. t/ttell if they're more seseled a beg tainted by tror the fact ththe is not mumuhey cacaca to op h om the`eominatio >> thqnk y vy much, john hio today,y, 1year-old boy ed firon clates in a ol cafetia north of ciinnati. two stududts were shot. two others were hit by shrhrnel. none of the e jues is life threateng. the e spect ran, but was caught nearby. there is no word yet on e move. in vginia, the funeral is tomorrrr for the pnce iam co police e ficer whwas gunned dowowon her firir day on the job. today e prosecutor said he may seek t t deathenalal. he ijustice corresndent jeff pegues. >> repororr: 28-year-old ashlele guindon, a aecoratedededine corps reservist, was just beginning a new
3:12 am
first day in uniformouldlde r last. >> holyo traffic. shots haveeeeefired. >v reporter5 saturdadanight she e and two other ofcers were responng to a domest violen call at this home... as officers approaed t t front doororhey y re s st. guindon ruruedo thhospital. pronounced dead a few urs later. tho otheofcersrsre pected to rvive. po s s2-2-ar-old ronald hamilton oned fire on the officers wita rifle. mimion a staff s s sant in the s. ay islsosacd of kiing s wiwi, crys (amilton ithhome. the couple 11-ar-old s managed to run to safety. accocoing to the a ay,amil rked in t the peonint chiefs staff center and served in irir two years. prosecutots say hamimion nad a a previous run-in with the law butut would not relededeils. prince willili cy prosecutor, paul ebe. >> sad, sad,ad.
3:13 am
nighare.>> o oer guind ihihi school y arbook ototivepfo somemeing ratherererdyininfor thing. guindon, the 14th h lice officer kied in ththline of dudu so far this year. scott, 11 of 14 were kilild by gunfire. a number t tt has risen dramatical comomred to the same time last y yr. jeff pegues. thanyou, jeff. tutug overseas -isis has been losing ground@on the battlefielbut striking back with a series of bbis in and around baghdad the past two days morerehan 10were kled. most at ts marketpce ia te n nghborhood. isis i isunni. the other main faction of islala >> ththu.n. said todathe cease-fire in sysya is holding for the most part. a hotline set up by the u.s.
3:14 am
reportiolaons has been nging off the h ok. the civiwar left many syria's cities iinin and izabetetpalmer gotare access homs, a city that once had many resisints as philadelphia. now just a fraction. >> reporter: after four years, and mega tons s p xploves, the syrian ay filly okokack the city of homs from oppopotion fiters. but severararebel uns escaped into the suburb of alwlw where theyeyriededo make a last t and.d. in the end though the viencece was too mu. undedesiege d ououunnene the rebe cavav i iand agreed to talk. ey're just out of sit at the end of that road. the syrian army wouldn't allow us i i but nay do a aowhe w w w wut to get medicalare and d hofofofood. what's cnged
3:15 am
negotiations going on with the vernment they telllle. li ived. e siege has d. and r ectricity y d wawa are e ckck suppliwiwin thouou eveve sinine box is checked by the military. and every canister of gasoline probedor hidden weapons. but now wh? in decembebe sixuslo of rebend families struck a deal for safe passage ououof alwato opposion area far rt(( atdbveveabout 1,000 left. stuck.stiltryi t thammer out the terms of their defeat. ththe have been several of these, cl them stalemates, call t tminininices s ross the country in the last uple o o o years, scott.. they don't alwlws@go s sothly. so are more successfulhan others. t in end, they a a most t certainlnlsave lives. >> elizabeth palmer in the syrian capal damascus for us tonit. liz, thankou >> off the l lel said 100% parmesan cheese.
3:16 am
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if youououe cheese, this news was pretty unpetiting. me parsan contains`scs pulp. then last friday an ecutive at a pennsysysyia food company` plplded gu to llinincheese that hado relationo what was on the label. sked jxelrod to ke a look. >> reporte you would think when fda investitors found cale chehee maeting 100% parmesanese it w actctlly y 0% parmesan the company had a probm. >> theroroct that they we marketing which was on the label wanowhathey were selling. reporter: the u u. . torney brought the caca agaststhe company after an@fda inspection
3:20 am
mymyure of cheaper che.. like swiss a a cheddar. ananin onenee, aunknown ingredient. >> advertisisi it t pararsan and romano and putting somethini else so susulier could makakmore money. at's clelely f on the consumer. this w fraraulent youje view? >> yes. >> reporter: we found fraud might nonobebehe worst of f . esesesa recordhow finied cheese waw stotod inhe unreigerated r r rwhich could cause babaer to thri. e mpany und lister i its producti area ten times. but castle continued to pruce and sell itsheese to stotos like target t d wamart withoutteststg g g that m be trououingh. e dn't also find record from theheennsylvania department of agricultutu which insnscted cast a a ad d e same t te as the fda.those e cordell a a ry didierent storor in june of 2012, state inspector dpvid trotter wrote-- t e plant continueto be inxcellele condition. i apapeciatehe p pnt mamagegent and theuality work
3:21 am
his glowing rereees continued until august 2013 when he left the departmeme of f ricultlte for a new@job. director of ality controroat stle cheese. i'm witcbs news. we asked trotter to explain revis of castle but he declined. cale chehee iso longer on tht@market. the company filed for bankruptcy in 2 24.the fda a ll be rolling out new od safetregutionon the fda tells us desned to g sta and federal inspececrs of e me page. >> jim, thk you veryryh.h.
3:22 am
3:23 am
cars last nighgh nexexexow many peopleaw him? f they zominedost. i wowodn't even get is job you w wld b bwahing neil papaicharrisisight now >> chris rock r/asted thcars st nightn thsue of diveity.@ all ofhe actminees were e whitit and rock pointed out that's ened many t)mes s the past 88 years. neilsays the 3 3million n
3:24 am
eight years. george knedy won an osca in96r his role in "c hand luke"tu in all l ur airplane movi a a showed off his comedic side in the nanad gun. george kenne dieieyesterday. he waw 91. today, ,he fda sai iis issuing its strongestarning about essure anmplantable permanentt radevi used by 750,0000n. someav comomd o f chronic pain bleeding. the e a deded d e manufacturer, bayer onduct a safety stutu and stoed short of rovininththdevicecethe e market.
3:25 am
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3:27 am
right back. today prpridt oba ented e mel hor to o -yeaold na sl from ohio. davivimamain has his story. to c cl ward buyers a cocoat veteran dodsn'n'melose. readinurniform coror five bronze stars, two purple e hearts. >> correct. h mmbmb tou hav you done? >> iave none nine combatad tours. >> in 2012,2,2mbmb of seal team 6 he wasasent to rescue a man kidndnped by the taliban. asashey approached the buiing the point man saw they had been detected. >> he e w a guard comemeut of the door. he shohim. and we startededprinting towar the do. >> repepter:r:he pointman, nichchas checque, w s in f fstst shot and died. >> second person in. enenred d to the room. i saanother enemanding there with a w wpon. i shot him. i saw a person moving across the floor. didndn know whether or not that persononas the americahostage , if he was an enemy. so i med down toward him. and i was ableleo get on top o hi when he heard d . joseph call
3:28 am
ro. that's when i sho the pso s otop. jumped o him. ananonononthe doctor, three e f ft away. >> why dou jump the doctor? >> w%wdid that. wewere in bobo arm o. want to protect t m from any ototpotential threats.s. i did that. i realaled there w aenemy within a reach. of where we are lang. and d i ias able to -- hold him againsthe wa, bybybbing m ar t tt.t. and that w, , ve enougti for r tftfmato get in thererand to takcareref f at threat. >> when you u y tata care of the threatat did that work? >> ourureammates came aroundnd and, they shot him. >> reporter: you were hold him m the t toat agnst the wall? >>orrect. yes. >> reporter: when itas over. five t tiban. one navy sl, nicholalachchque laid dead ororying. e ctororas shahan b t alive.
3:29 am
ke ce of all we tataed about. >> r rorter: a lot oaction ing ononn a very confined space.e. >>hat's the nature of this job. close quarters comt. >> reporter: takes longer to tell it than it did to happen?0 >> yes, it d ds. >> reporter: a aedal of nor to g/gwith five bronze stars and two purprp hearts. you have to w/nder how many her minutes of clo quarters combat edward buyerc s s in his nencomomt tos. one thing for sure, heill never tellll david mamain, cbs news, shgton. that's the "cbs overnight ws" for th tuesdayay for some o oyou, theews continues. for hers, checjcck with us a little bit ler forlthe m mnino news and, c this rning. fr t broadcast center in nrk city. i'm scott pelley. >> announums: this is the "cbs overght nene." . wetee e he overnight new
3:30 am
its susur r y, the bigst of the nominating season a a a n statesololrimaries or caucusesethat will l aon way determing who heads the major party tickets in november. cbs news battltlround tracker shows front-r5nners,illary clinton andonond trump holding commanding leads in most t per r esdastates.. for trump the news is even betttt. a w national poll shows he is the choice of f theheoters who said t ty're likiky to votot republican. tetecruz and marco rubio are way back. scrambmbng t tstopophe trumppp steamroller. mamar garretetreports. >> r`portete betr or wor_e, rco rubio discover his innerernald trump.e inincto huhlhlnsns grababononee whapps. s a ecsfulodel. for trumone pontial doside it o ocures a a re i iortant conversatibo trump. tolerancncand the future of the repupuican party.. he doesn't sweat his pores
3:31 am
marco rubio gomore psonal in his attacks against donald trump. is caing me, little marcoco he is ller. 6'6', whwhh is w w i d d d derstand h hand e the s)ze of somemone,e,'2." have y y seen his hands? you know what they say about men with smallands? you cat trust them. yoyocan't trust them. >>epepepr:his s ekend the gop p ont-runner continued own tackon rubio pointing to his s rformance in theheebruary 6t6tdeba. >>o i am lookingt little rco.oo i man there is somethihi happening with h. he is like melting. reporter:r:ruru camig and fafad new questions about making space forororte suprists. in the pasump retweete ssages froite emacists reeetid qte o o the ekenen fromorld war ii, fascist dictator benititmussolini. sunday, trump hesitatat whenn
3:32 am
klan david d ds dorsemt and hate groups generally. now nothing ut d d duke or ite susuemacists. ipdqn't know whahagrouyou are lkinababt. you u uldn wt me to cocoemn thehgroup p know nothing aut. >> reporte trumpneenough about dvke t t s s this friday in fort worthth >> didt know he endoed me. david duke endorsed me. ay. all rit. i disavow. ay. vals were quicto pounce.mao ruruo cacaed trump's waffling dananrous to the gop. >> how a we going to g gw ou party with a nomomee - - - that refus to condemnhe ku kluxuxlan. >> i massashuseses, john kash said trump must elain. >> >#nald d ump refutoto disasste h andonde white supremacts. ery day it is anotr thg. ted crutook to twitter. wshould all agree, racism is wrong. kkk is abhorrent. trump also picked up the endorsemenoflabababaenator jeff sessionsnin what can be inteteret t bloloto c c cruz inved s ssiononname in the fight against rubio an mprehensivivimiigrn
3:33 am
as fof theheememrats hillary clclton is carrying serious ment into todavote.e latest c c news battttgrgrnd acker shows clinn has a bibi lead in three kesupertueay stst. georgigi vginia, andexas and she still j@dingng w we from decisive win over bernie sanders inaturday's south carolinanimary. nanc cordes is on campaigig trtrl fairfax, rginia. >> poll l l ers help expxpin why inineasisily cnton is turnrng attitiway from bernie sanders,s,raining her fire ipeadbon repepcaca candidites.. >> i want to debate o ever ey p p up. because here's what they'r saying they're sellinthe same snake oil. trice down economicscs >>linton changed focus after her south caro blowout. >omorrow thth campaigiggoes national. she n the african-american vote by 72 points.
3:34 am
di't'tutarcoco it. e d ally, reallyly wi oldld aicicmerican voters i mean we got decimated. >> repr: he must comte i i i sesen more southern statat. lalala cbs@ns s ttlegr acker shows him m aili ininjnby 2 2poinin in tetete and 28 pois in georgia. vote there sd clclton is qlified. but they viewesands asase prininpled and honest. >> sectary clili d ds it, a a a little bit diffently. dtinction he tried to draw i ioklahoho c cy.y. if f&f&arargogog get pai $2$2,00000or a speech. be a prerty damn good spee. ifift is a such a goodech, you got to release the anscript t everyby see it. >> reportete clinton c cpaigned d d in nashvhv witscandal actoto tony gdwyn. a cacaraauauauthe candidate reactiti when hed her ababt
3:35 am
dukewas? >> ook, that'pathetic. >>dede shared that sentiment. twtwtiti, amica's fifit b b k k prpridcannot and w w whot be succccded by hatatnger whoho refuses to condemn thehekk. clinn retwted it. some supportete saylikeke . trump becaushe tellst li i iis. bigitry is nelli it t ke it is.even a a ainton pus ahahd in the gate count, he is poised to notch his best nd-raising month ever. pulling inin36ilil in februa. thirs ys a massive data ch mayayavavcompromised e x information a d social securiri numumrs to more than 700,0,0 lersrs thieves hacked into ohe get transfsf programhich lets u check your tax information online. jan n awford reports >> somebody was trying to claim refund u ung my social securi n nber. i knew something was wrong.
3:36 am
wayne ze was protectedefrom hahaers who heays stole his entity. >> i got a f fearlrlr this @ weekekststininthat sy haha recorere e-file personon identification number. n't have an e-file p psonal idintififition number. >> r%rortetehe irs data dump the tete ia series of disclosures. may 2015, thagencycyepepted d cybercriminals accessed soso 114,0000taxpayer accnts. three m/nths l ler, the number grew to 334,000. this month the irs says asasany as 7242400 victims. >> the i i i iankly not doing g enouou to protect us. eve weissman ip anxpxpt in identity theft. >> t facacit takes them s many months toven analyze the pth of the p pblem shows you th thehe probably are even more identity y eft th is
3:37 am
>> rortete the irs says ckers used persosol information gather from other onlineources le bank accocots, to a awer rsonon identititiueueio on ththge transcript for. one popoiblculprpr. irs apapaped t prepasers. one audifound 6 of3 irs appredompapaes failed at providing adeqte secity to stomerer >> we are often our n rst emies. ere are titis that we don't use proper pass s rds. d't u u proper r curi >> reptehe i i is nofyinthhackpapapa ail as well as offerinfree identitir a yeye. a statememe, the e ency sayayit is committed protectin taxpayers ononululple fronts againstax-related identity theft. wewere ming qu degree gave e mem%a motion-actived wristband to understand how much they m me,... d created degree with motions thworld's rst antiperspirant activated by mement,
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bvrsts of freresall day.y. keinfrrr with ery move. motionsense. protection to keep you moving.
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> you missed the academy arar thehetherenigigig alicia vivlander, ledicapr won thoscars. the hoho, chririrock.k jumped intthe e ntroversy over e lack of black nominemememe kevin frasier repos. >> will i am nere e thehecadedi awards. otherwise known as the white people's cice awards. >> r rorter: cis rock wasted noime sunday night. bs at adady's ckckf raal diversity y re expected om the momeme the nominations wererer announced whenent t s reveveed at allll0 nominad actors were white. >> you rze if f ey nominat sts i wouldn'tven get this
3:41 am
rock k kt the jokes ming, even out of the commercial break. >>h, black. trostitly charard atmosphere inclulud more an jususdiversity issuev dim. capr toooohome t oscsrsror best a aorornd took t t oprty to deler a messagege about ththenviroroent. a a ssion n his m/me a deca. >>limate cnge is real. it is happening right t t it is the mostrgent threat & cingngur entire spececs. >> i'm leaea quafied m here tonht ank you. >> vice esident jobiden walkedstagagto a atanding g ation and talklu of speaking out against seseal abu. let's change the culture. part o ohis qntroductiwn to dy gaga's song "till it happens to u."" t tl itappens tyoyoyou n't know how ieel >> reporter: as the songngnded victims abuseseillethe stage.the owe motion ---hemotitial response from thth audience was clear. br larson huhued e eh rson as they me off stage. and the o oar goes to -- >> "spsplight. reporte honor went to a film wi the s songest politil message. otlight tetes the tr story of journalts at the "b"b
3:42 am
catholic churcrcs cover-up of lestation by \ city's priests. >> thjfilmlmave a vovoe doto rviv and this oscar alifies that voice which we hope will become choir that will resonate all right way to the vatatan. >> reptete tir time a directct bacacac back os 66 6 ars. the biggggt upset. a bridge o ospies,plot sylvester stallone won best supporting actor. ststupporting actress, alicia vikand. mad max fu road, six oars. al star w the show was chchs ck. felt he hit out of the ballpark.. >>at the museum m odn art in nework city, film technicians earned an oscar of their own. they find and presererlassic films s me 1 1 years old. avthononmason ports. >> reportrr: t t film chives
3:43 am
curarars are trying to resesre a sisint film classic. iyou look csely you c'n'h see ow.. but you u n see it is very scratcd. >> reporter: the 1 13 film, osita"ta mar pickfofo america'sirststililicon >>his is the onlsurviving colete print o oe lm >> y y. atie trainerageshe collectcon. his s s t was 4 k scanneneat a noeye inhero going thrghlike moma's film arare the oldest in thworld. ururittle guy. rorter: so infliaia in 1977, the acadeonored the musese for pioneering work >> this@is our o. >>ice.e. >> musususof mern artt depa of film. scififilly for our work i fi preservation.>> roy says as moma's
3:44 am
museum's new york cici locion. this s sawling storage facilily was built in h hlin, pennsylvlvia >> cold in here. >> very ldah, alalale bett to keep these at this temperature, 35 degree latively dry. we can keep these almost 4 years.s. >> reporr: this is just one of re than 50 storqge vaults.& for 25,000 titles.s. fifito c cssiclike " "rtof a nation" and "grapes ofrath" and "the third m m." >> a fililcallededen kane on any many reelsls ep t tm flat. dry. cold.having the analog storage version. the best thing. lets me sleep at night. ing we havthth. >> old posters? >> posters, ephemera. record from distritors,
3:45 am
>> moma so araves the. these arerell from the atlaa premiere of gone wit the wind. >> reporter: likthe studio scrapbof pss cligs omomne w)wh ththwind's" 1939 prprie which includes a pa on the black actors in the film. awe moma's work of restsring "rosita" in all l ll take two years. itililbring back a m mororary pickford film also the first am direreor, ernst lubich. huad of film preservatn atat momo.. >> how does the filmike that diear? >> mary apparently tooa peal disis. fores areretill n mpletelylcar. it seemsmsheelelery y alalwed e film totdeteteorate. didi't renew the copoprighgh the film >> the museum discovered a copy in the siet unn inhe 1970s. >> in horrible contion. juju too mh for t e technology
3:46 am
reperter: now@wosita's time has the finally coco and rr whes more eilms could be r rtoreto the quality of douglafairbank's final movie hen n sk" madeden 29. >> this is a copopma dirirtly fromomhe originil camera negative. actual film passed t tough the mera on the sets. >> repter:r:ven showing thehs wie e aling.g. 35illimer projectoto areo loer manuftured. and d are rts will keep prectoto going o oy fo ananhehedecaca.. >> but after thaha havavto s s digitg g is massive collection, huge understaking. ma i head explode. >> yououeel like youre i ia race? >> it is gting tre. dot think thseriousness of this has settled in, even in t f
3:47 am
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clclk itn tooy clean fness withth flush. lyso stararhealthg. y click yesterday was ap day. if you missed it you areot one. febrbrry 29th cocos aroundndne evevy`fofofo. most of f e time. jamie wahas thconfusin storof t extraay
3:50 am
februaryry except we dot add an e eraay every fofo yeaeaf that yr r evenly disible b b100 and also didisible by00 ip tt sound confusinin it is. we decid to dig into what leap years are all about. started with one special leap day birtay girl. >aisy bell ward appeared in sun dadas finest forer birthday party thiweekend. isn't s s beautiful? >he was born on f fruary 29, 1919, making her america's oldest livivg leap babyb >>zizi >>ou m me it. >> y ah. >> reporter: the bascomplelele with an 80-p-pce marchininband was celebration of her 100 years.according to tendadahe th birthday. daisy seemed to embracththth@ latter. whdoes daisy's birthday onlyly corounun every four ars? do you know why we have a leap
3:51 am
n n >> no. probably somemeing about the sun. >> the seasons andglobal warming. >> i don't knono >> el nino. >> rortee dededemighbe bestcoululul expt. theoretical phphicis why do wneed a leap year? >> mothehehetu has a sense of f huhur. did not make a calendar r en you go around thehe sun in 3465 days. what we learn n #choo , mother natate made`et so every 3 5 days plus 5:49 and few d seconds. that means that every y ar we ve to compsate for one ququter of a day. after foururears we have to add one mo day. so whehedid we figige out the need for thiexexexday it? was bay ck in 46 bc. julius c!esasarealized thehe calendnd wasast working.
3:52 am
theyealized athe egyptians had alrea d dcovered. we nd anxtra d d ery four yeyes to stay on trqrq. so he instituted the juliaia calendar.. even that wawa't quite right.@ the sor ar is 42 longer, not even .25. whwh we add a full day ery four years we ere left wh susululuofminutes every yeara at ctata to add up. nananain 1582,ope gregy 17 institedhe g ggoriancalear we follow tay. how is it different? i willllethio kaku explain. >> 11 minutes differen in one ye, buil up.p.
3:53 am
lendar morortime soso exaxa in nhe year 16060 divivible by 400. a leap year. in 1700. 18. 1900. no leap year. year 2000 0 ere was again a leap yearar lot of tweaki. >> tt's t. luck wee have dal watctcs to k kp track. it t tns outaccounting for leap yrs is difficult for tratitionil watches.s. >his watch has a wheel that turns s e e@lutiti every four years to accomte the extra day. >ome ina l. that tur oncm everyour years?s? mananof u uhave to adjust the gauges, end of february. protececthe leap, peetual caleiu does th forou. >> tsesehow it works. we lookod atatne under croscoco >t isyclelele48 mths for the leap year.r. we have a 48. 48 lobeb.
3:54 am
and d half to constrt one watch. it will set you back around $8$8000. u haveour ars save e for the xt leaeaye. arnd t t torld, leap y yr traditions vary. greece, it's bad luck to get marrd any day of the leap ye. up north. february 29th. e own day a woman capropop marriage to a man. for daisy, her birthday trition has always been a nice dinner with family andndend.d. but this year was different. ter all, is not everday yorn 2 one lahi to think out is leap year mororng. ouhahan' for work.
3:55 am
3:56 am
if y are a salaried employee of its driverless cars..
3:57 am
mamauver sandbags and sisi swipip bus when it reentered its la. nonone was hurt. damage was minimal. peter nbg golo a e stat the thnogy. >p reporter: to see e ere driver's cars are e ading. we w wt foride wit professor r j kumara at carnrnie uelon university. where e e technology s created ovov 30 years age for alththpeopop telling u uwe are going toe iving, driverss car tomorw,w,ou sa jt waitit the magic c l happens in here. >> reporlr right. keepaiting. because despite all the chnology a des of rerearch, the driverlessssar has a lo wayo go. the bigge n nhtmare that people likikme w work k t cacaishatomebody deployo this t thnololy prematureland
3:58 am
peporte as sturbing as unlikelyscenario on thmind earcrcrsrsnd slowing momentumf autonomomo vehlele =p we as humum beings e mu ss tolert ofn erroa inmamas. gl pratads s e sear inststutut global iniativfrom the manucturiverless car. >> how d dyoprograradecisions to therizerlescar? >> what you are rely talking about in artificial inteigenenis c cled planning. planng f f near infinite er of etl scenarios like this suppose your car is approaching to avoidhe v vle, your car whats there a p pson. right? >> t tse mhines ve tonderand what is haenininin human can. >> e ery time? reasablele self driving can be used to day.
3:59 am
wherwe d d'tboututhether tpere isatastrophicollision. >> back ononhe roaoot carnegie
4:00 am
a detour. itit tuesday, march@1st, 2016. this iss the "cbs morning news".". >> >uper tuesday. a cros roads innhe path to thepwhitexhousus mimiions of americs s ll votot dad determine thfuture ofofhe presidential racece >> he thought that i wasasas doing it for publjcitytynd atntion, and that ripped mee apart. >> tearful testiny romrin drews.the sporlscasasas trjes t/ win a a $75 milonawawit o orr nude vivio secretly shott while she was in a hotel room. fender b bder. for the first time, one of google's self-f-ivg cars causes an n cident. why the tech giant says 's only partly to blame. and storm surviviv.v fedededriver liviv to tell how she made it through a tornado


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