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tv   11 News at 9 AM  CBS  February 29, 2016 9:00am-9:30am MST

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olyma pool plunge was he0 norom your breaking nene leader, this is kktv 11 news at 9. a sneak peek of your morning ather. in n st a minutes we'll haha a look at youforecast with meteorororost e ely ehler. hellll i'm m m ncaow. i'm sarahwab it's n ne o'cloc od morning! we are seeg a nice start to o e day. plenty of sun in our r meras around the spris, pueblo con city and monument. temps are
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the 40s fofmost of s colodo a few spotup to the 50s. w wdsds are becocong b bezy y to the tns and 20s now. fire dang will beigigthis afteoon. a rer flag warning artstst 12pm. more on that
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p thlaten e an parenthood shootini. 11 newtalk with thaccused nm. f spokeke bert dear over the pne on ay.. and talked to him again la nig. we could not takaka cara intnt the sitation center. bubutked to him throroh videdefeed t wpat happed thth d. ar tls1 news he was at war wi the feds pipied the most evev spot hecould think k for a le he told he waarmed with an ak-47. he said quque "100 bults wewe by.end quote. thrhr people were kikied.. but dear offers no remorse. he's w(at he saion t t phone on friday.
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ey want me to ead innocent by reasoso of i ianity b shat th does is that diminishes my c cse."." dede told us decisioioto suender all came down to t flip of a coco bececsesie said he got tired of waiting. after that, he said he yelled ote 'm giving g " and walked outut dear w)ol bebeack in c crt n nt momoh where we'll fi oututf f 's comtento d ia we'll l knono at hpens. now the latest o othe 20-16 presidenal mpaign. ahead of tomororw's super esda.. mudslinging on the rublican sidedef ththrace forhe white house is at anllllime high. the w wkend, marco rubibi targeted donald trp.... even making some pepeonal attacks. sen. marco rubio/r- presidenal caidate "he's s always callili mlittlelearcoco anll admit he's tall thamemehe's likik6'2' which is why don't understd why his hanas are the size of someone who 5'2'2 he you seenenis hands? theikthis and you know what eyay abobo men
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nds" senanar tecruz is takingngim at trump f f n n condememem supportive co frfrfrormer klu klux klan leader david duke. sen. ted cruz/r- presidential candndate ere's always been ugly elements of pocs a a no candidate can control what outside groups do. bututn n ew racism d goy s no place in politics" " on the doctic side, hiy clto campaigned in ththsouth, hoping to capititize her big g n among black votersrs in south carolina. a cbs poll s sws hillary clinton isadadf bernie sande in georgia, virnia and xas. for evevhingou n nd d knonc about super esday in our state -- he to o r r bchahael, , , k-t-v dodocom. happppppnoononpresestiti candidata4is getting lot of financial pport in corado. florida senator marco rubi the be- fundedresidentl hopeful in el paso county. thatat according to o!r papaners at the gazette. el p po county repeplicans have nated more t82 thousandollars to thruruo o camaai. ben caon has raised re
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ree me than 52 ou dolrs. this morning... five ku klux klan members arerere afbeing g restst. it happened over teekend in n anahm, calalornia. police s thehfive were releedecause they actet%in self defense. seven pele still in il, were seen beating, stomping and attacking t klansmenith odenenosts. it all happened ng a arotest on saturdrd. sgt. d don wyatt/anaheim pd d hen the kkk mberarrived in vehicle, maybeb five in one`vehie. a groro of the coununrprpte sts imimdidiely tackck them as they eded vehicle. that resultedn a stbing rigig off to the ft h he by theheire hydrant." at lst three people were ststbed in the fight. thisorning -a woman is facing s sious charges...afte e a deadlyrash. year old athina mun i accused o croing into on cocing traffic anhitting two motoycles. it happeneneover the wkend, south franktown... which is east o ocastleleocrian and e lehner, from pker, were on one of tht motorcycles and
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joseph bartolelei, was on the otheh%torcyc. rortedldlhas no . ght no-- m moz i3 chargewiehicular homici and driving under the influence. state patrol saythe viims we nononeaeang helms. rinow... m me peoplele nfirird d ad a aer back to o ck scide bombibis. is the aftetuath of t bombinin in iraq yesteay. e terrorroupsis s claiming resesnsibility for the attacks.... people are confird dead. more than 100 pewple are in the hospitit. happening now... ak inin the i-r-s isorsesehan n iginallyl ouout. the agency says hahaers gomore an 700housand acacts. th mororthan dououe than prevevusly esmated. the information stolen includes information usable to fi a false tatareturnrnnd collect a refund. thi-r-s is mailing notifications affected tax payeye. right now- police are loono for whoev started shoong during a fight outside a local bar.. one ma was killed and two others were hurt.
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horse bar' ipueblo on north maib see police say 26 year old devev ark s kiedtwo other men were shot, andre in stle condndion at a n nrby spital. police say there isn't a susct dedeription atats time. you know anythingnghahacan n n help police, ime stoppers right ay. t t number is 542-stop, you don't ve to give your name. haening today y we're hopin to learn more about a man accused ofofausing a hash l explion. colora springsgsolice te us thomas chmimiewski i s maki hasoil l rihe explon d d d dneorkeke to sayayhey'lad nonone was rt. 20:19:34 just like anytytng now, there's always one to the exception. that house has been a problem spot foa a ile." nufacturg hash oil is againsthe lalafor eryone i i coloradoprings. pping w. key step
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funded can up. govern johhickenlooper is enenrsg a susurfunzone... that incs s the kinminiwhwhh released millions of gallons of toxic war into a colorado ver. the e p-a would ove the project but n't proceewithout the support of t t governor d local officicis.s. san ju county and the town o silvton
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that's why sanders said no to the keystone pipeline ner waled. hehe alslsthe only candate to oppe fracking because acaingan endger oudrdrking water and threat o climama. sands hass thmost far-reaeaing plan to fight clite cnge and build a cleaeaergy futute.e. bern san -- pepele before polluters.
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we may soon get ththansw bronns have been waiting for. willeytotomanning retire_ accordg to a r rort by the nver post the ananerers yes. they sanning will annoce hihiretiment cisiony e e week.
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o sources. sports director sa rnthedutut h bosou e e am's onlnlnlnlonse say "peytyn has not ma a decision n on his future. plan remainfor him m continue talks with the te thth week." the's still a lot of buzz going ononut ers still lot of buzz
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cars. host chr rock is getting praise for addressing hollywood's lacof divisityty througutut nig. after five nominatatns, leonardo caprio walked awayith a win, thanks to his performance a venful frontitian in "the revenant." the film "spotlit"on best picture... brie lalaon won best tresesfoher r performance in "room three cubs celebrated their
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zozoinustralia ovor e weekend. take a look. zu, makeba and baaaa, we the rscubs born at the zoo. there given frozen mk and blood for their special birthd. this video, the eute rican lionubcan be en play-ting with each other, aurling up tooy the yummy frozeh treatsts
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happy mond! we'll l e ld teteerates ctinunu totoy... highs will rarae througugthe 50s to upper 60s.s.e'ee very s ight chances r scatte shers s is afterno a a pening as aeries of weak disturbabaes push through....... palmer divive, untains, a e. plains he
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seeingight swers while the i-25 corriwi bebebini_ drdr this will bw pact event. these will kick up our winds and as a rusulte wiwi see high reanger. a red flag rning goesesnto effect at noon today r the springs, pueo and canonocity. cocoitions wilil clear mid mornini esesy and will alsopopinininth p a cdodo in tempatures
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backckp to the 50s and 60s on wedndny and remama dry through the rest of the work week with mild temperatutus. log for a bargain onon evevngrom work week withild tempererures. looking for a bargain onon everythim chocolates tfrozen foodsds money exexex stacy jnsononhows us some of the best and d rst thingsgso bubuin mbh. & ery y nth the are shping
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wsom and do a search for "deals." f f monoy talks newswswswsacy y hnn. 11 n ns at ne wi be back after a quick break. ne, i'm stacachnson.
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af@er ick. haening to.. president obama will award the nation's hight t litata honon. it's going to a navy seal who afghanisn. edward byers junioiotook pt in a sky missioto save a doctor kidnped byhe t tiban. th mission happened in 20202. : : he mission thahanight was a hostage rescue mission. soo us at m m it's s ail mission. our objti - our gogo -s bring back an american hostage alive byerwill be e e 11 ling rvice member tot
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righghnow -- we'rwaiting to find out wh caused thifire. it happened at a shedein eblo west. it d erday afternoon n d d asasououan see inheseseicturere thed wawa deroyeye we're a dog dieiein tht fire. several fireters helped put o t t tire. this mojng..a a a nder to papapaur prty tas. / this specific warning, coming from boulder county. the warningz youould lose your operty if you don'tay your tas. / at lea four ople in boulder county losos their homes, afterheir t liens were bought by a real estate agent.@. /# lns are placed against a property if taxes aren't paididn time. e last lootsbefore we e go for the morning. check baba in for an uade on youo`oecast during 11 nene at noonon
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>> i iay be new here, but this show has a lg history of changing people'r lives wiwi sev-figure chchks. will historyryepeat itlf
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werebobo to ndndut on "who wants toe a millionairer"[cheers and plausese [dramatic c]c] hello, erybo, i'm chs harrison. welcomomto the show. e yoguys ready to play "who wants`s`sbe a millionai"? ll cheering] hoe ya?? all right, let''s do i i totoy's fit contesesnt is a newlywed who has yet to go ononisoneymoon. why? heheeeds some moy! let'get him some. from somerville,assachusts, please welcome matt wellenbach. [cheers anapplause] >> hey >> matt. >> nicto meet you, chris. >> a bridedede grooo with no hohoymymym /w to o x that, mamama >> that's s e plan f/f today, yuah.. >> okay, so let't's s stay ney's no object, which hopefullyl it won't here inust a a ttle bit, ere uld you go where wod you u ke your ide? >ell,y wiwi has always really wanted go to h haii, so thinknkf f make some big money today, which hopefully wiwi happen, i thi we're gonna book the t tkets tomorrow, head to-- >> or just buy a place the.


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