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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  February 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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xt. pelley: the camamignn dedeririates. >>onald trump is a cononrtisis >> pelley: and the front-runner gets an rst noneaw co alal tightzizi virus is coirmeme nininprnantomin the u.s onchild has a birtp defefe. thdeadly shootings in kansas.s what might have iggered thee rampage and the hero cop who stopd him. and ste haman with thestev specl boetwe childnd duck. >> i'm his mom. y're not r%ally his >> yup, i'm his s m. ptioning sponsored by cbss this is the "cbs eveng news" with scottelley. >> p pley: this may go dowowas the week t t party olincoln duvolvlvnto a cripplg cicil
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there was nothg grand in the old pay's dedete last night--ht name calngmockg, aempts atumililtion reachch l ls th mamzepepli wld sayre beneath the gnof t t fice that the ndidatre d seekinin maybe it refed desperation, as timimimnsrt b bore nextxt week's super tueueay,ywhich iswe likeku t f lasaschanceceo tch donald t2tmp. today, the race was jolted by an impeccably tim bombshell when trump'p'campaign was validated by _ne of the last peoplyou might havexpected. here's major@rarartttt >> there is no one who is bettttter prepared to prove america withth the ststng leadership that it eds, both at home e d around e world,han dodold trump. >>eporter:hris chrise said donald trump is the best d idate to take on hillaryhi clinton ananpraised his exexutive experience. >> he'll provide strong,de he wildo what need bne to pct the american people. >> reporr: but when he was a candidate, christi questioned
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house. >> we are e t electing an entertainer-in-chiefefma showmanship is fun, t it's n e kind o&oleadershipipt will truly change america. >p reporter: theh-profile endorsement ed attention away flast night's debate when, for the first time, marco ruo,o,railing trump in his hometate oflorida, pummeled the billionaire front-runnnn with pernal and policy attacks. here's a guy that inherered $200 mililon. if hdn't inhited $2000 million, you know whnald ump would be riwht n? selling tches in manhattan. you hired some worke from pola. >> i'm thenlylyly onhe stage at'sired peoeo u haven't t anan letetetfishhehemememe >> yaven't hired one pern. hihed works fromolanfrd he hado pa$1 mlion ino a judgment. >> wrongtally wrong. >> reporter: after the debate,s trump told us this about rurio. the guyuy a choke artist.t. i wahed him melt fr wewms ago ththhr christie. i never saanytng likit.hi he meld. >> reporter:r:rump continuedhe themon twitter with this
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makeup and at his press conference. >> but i saw him b b btagegend he was puttiti it ononith a trel. >> reporter: on cbs this morningh h- ruo trotteout t s n new at line. >> dald trp is a aon artist. a coartist is abouto takehe overhe republililiparty.y. bubunot a con artist likikdonald trtrp. >> repter: at t rally in dallasrubio turned up the heatas even mor mocked trump's tweets by trump's s sspelling. let'wyatt chocker marco@rubio looks like little y on age,ot p psidential marial. he m to say lightweight, bubub he spelled it l-e-i-g-h.t gotott wrong. >> reporter: he thendresorord to ilet humor. >> thehf asked f a full- length mirror. i dot know why, because ebe podoum g gs upupo o@re. but heheafted d fullength mirror. maybe to make sure his pants weren't wet.
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imitating rubio's 2013 s off the unioioresponsesehen he terrupted his speech to take a ink of fatererer >> it'bio! ( ( ee ) >> reporter: the aac have t lelemany in the repeblican establishment throw u u ueir ppnds in dismay,y,y,formrm ndidide lindndydgrahahahid laststsththt >v my party has gone bat ( bleep ) crazy. reporter: maini's governorr le endorses trump, arguinnaruou ononofri gat presidentshe p x xogether a odeaea scott, trumumleft open putting christi on atteerernnininmatetete%% a cabinetembebe pelley: majajtt thankshi b schieffefehas been watchinin all of thiay o o tod, d. 's joining us right no >> reporte well, scott, i must wellllou, i thght ings couldn't g lower than they'd ready reached in t caaign. i mean, the politicacadiscoursrs t t st night it wentven bebew where i thought could possibly go. i mean, isssion of the isises, but peoplerguing,
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it was like kids out behind d e barn rher than a political debate. and then, asase always does, donald trump has this tremendous ability to change the subject. he rollslsut c c cisti today and suddenen, thth date sud seems like it was yearago. we're talking about chris christieje >> pel after 2 22, bob, the publican parar realized it needed to ach out to a much broader electorate, including hispanics and d can americans. wh hapned to that effort? t >> well,l,'ll tell you, that is what is b thering a lot ofot traditional republicans. donarump gets big applause when he talks abououbuilding that wall alonone boer wh mexico, but wh som republicananare bebenning to wonders, is he really ilding wawa around d e repupuican party, making it impossible for@ the rty nonoto reach o o and to try to broaden its base. hispanics are e e e rgest growing segment of our socie, and trump seememto be trtrng to
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tata. he says thatatispapacs l le him, buthe pos don't back thisck upup and i ththk-- i think thisiiss the probobm that is really ering republicans now.e i'i'otottell youscott.ififheun a cpa th appnlto peoe wholook like me, , ats goin a vy y y l c cmb >>ellele bob schieer, on the caaign traililit for 2016, nss so mucuc >> t y, scott.o pleie n te demoerats n the eve of eir southh carolinanarimary. here's nancy cordes. >> hey, guys! repter: the republicannr:frfr-forll overshadote evererhing the democrats did toy, a a that t fineat wi theh% in statementthe dedocratic nationalttee sck, a superpac supporting clintoto rereasededhis picte of sl overcome by laughter. thisisas sanders in minnesota.a
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there, pple like trump a a others, who o nt tdivide usp up. they think t tytcan get votes by king bigoted and racist rks about latinononor teteing ushawe're supped to hatmusls. >>orter: b b dememrars ait ump p uld b an predtabl raeltionpponent.n new jerseny oker. how ou go upppgainin anent ndidate like trump? u enever you hit him, he hits ck twice a3 rdrd >> this is goi to be a chcice r us as s,erican people. do w wwant somomne w divides@sut or someonelw unines? h >> reporter: but as a clinn suppppter, he knowifhe and trump are ththnomine it will nobe pleasant. will go after@jer constantly, scott, over benghazi and her e- mails, another 1,500 pagesf hehee-mails are cocong out this eveneng.of >> pely: nancyordes for us totoght. nance, thank you. in another imporornttoryrywe learned today`what may have set f the gunmanho shot up that factory in kansasawhere he rk.
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hit and three of them died. renee benjamin, jojoua higbe and brian sadoky e rampmpmpyedadadaga ad t tthory,y,ndb nuelelojez is ininesston ns >> mststpe heasaslrez o of f e hathisig mneun > ededk%wof 38-rird'sed first taetet whasasaslili? >> angry.. >>orter:r:e ie carjack heheut shoand mimied. >> i c cld have been h h first victim. that died, becauseset wased directedht at my head.ig >> reporter: you ducked just in time. yeah, i did.% >> repr:usupuphe roaoa fordrdrdt anrjacked anher pepepe, then drove that car tot t s job, excel indndtrtrs, in hesston. sisi t ts building, arard witi an assault rifle and a pistol, he shot 14 cowkers, killing three of them, until police gunnnn him down. just 90 minutes beforerehe shooting, ford had been seed with protective order tan
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ote,,authorities eve e otective o oer triggerer ford's actct video fromis facebk accoeot appears tohow hih firing a gun. ford has a crimimil recordrd stste and federal i veveveatat are looking into whether he legally obtained t t weapons. t. walton is the harvecounty sheriff.t >> t ts man was not going to stst shooting. s the ly reaean he stoppeded shooting is becaususthat officic stopped the shooter. >>eporter: and it wasn't just j an officer. jt was the town's poli chief doug s sroeded. kansasovernor, samrownbackck >> rather than waiting onrn backuphe went right in and did heroic duty y d service. >> reportete w wn the police chief stopped the tack, theree were still 200 to o 0 peopop inside the buildinb hind us here.
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cici tulcharge a kansasanang rd the ap knowingnge was a nvd fe pellel9 mjojiz kans tonht. nu, t k u. we learned todod thathe govern's's'sice inichiga was concncned about the drng water in flint lononbefore the public was td of dangerouslo dean reynolds found the proof in the mails. r rorter: problems rfacedd onfter the city, under orders from a government- appointed emergency manager,r, switchedts w wer from lakent huron to the healy i iustriaia s flint river. it was cheap that y, but the water was didioloror and foul smelling, and p%ople got sick. jijiananich is a atate senator. >ime e d me ain, membmbs ofofof highest level of the gogornnt have clearly y en just lyingo the citizens of.flininandnto eryone else.>> reporter: and now e-mails om governor rick sdes n aides showed they knkn the waterer s bad early on. in october 2014, a aalf y%ar in thf pn,ntnyder's pocy adviser,r,alerie brader, wrotete
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coulcause ngererdamagefd t rereed. miaegadododothgoveveor's legagaasasstan respondeded e state's watequality experts insisted the river water was fine. but independndt researchers saidre the heavily treated ver r terr was s corrosive, lead from aging pipes was leeching intnt the wawar for homes. today, a contrite snsner h ld a press conference. >> there were red flags in this c in the eails if yoyololo at itit and bebeails. didt t ect t l e dots that i w wh h wouou have. r%rter: m mis mays was among the first to complain about the wawar hehe.. en you reqeqththe-mails toy, how did u feel?@?@ >> furious.. i keep t%tling myself, "nothing's going to shococyou anymore." all this time, the peoeoeott in t officgoininbackckndnd forth emailili about this tt nobody stoodp d helps.p >> rorter: govnor snyderny
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packe to help flflt sidedes pay at leapt poron waterills they' stillwag. as put it, "peopmj shououn't t vefor water they cannot drink." >> pelley: dean reynolds in flint. de, ththk you. tonight a partial ase-e-res supposed to take effect in sysya. if it does, it would bebthefirst ininhe five-e-ar-o-o civil war there, , no one's holding out pe.on we do know the guns will be qut in o o town south of damascususececse there is no o o le to ki. it's rare for stererreporterslmert% to get into sy but o elizabeth palmer traveled there totoy. reporter:he drive itoto sheikh miskeenens nonstop eckage, and when yououtop, there's silence. before thehear, 30,000 people ved here. now, no one is lef opposititi fighters, a wle
5:13 pm
together,rwere so entrenched here that the e rian armrmsimply couldn't advance into thto it was a stalematetehat lasted a whole year, until they cd inun the russian bombers. wawa after wave of iir strikes starting in december, folled by a syrian ar groundun ofofnsive, f fced threrels to rereeat. today, ,herere a few soldiers leftuarding the ruins as the batt has moved on. the two o iends whwhwe killed... r ololan is an infany soldier. how erce waw tighting?"ian't even scririt,he saysys "the rebs had the vante because thnew the rrain." st be rere yes hsays a so re viory has broughlulu these e and somo te togroup, b what if tir lull was s pled by a geinintnuce? put yoururd up if enu thk itr
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ye? >> y y y they are rey fofothis peace.thth a -- >>eporter: rdyororhe puace.bububue soldier adds, "if we see isisisal-nusra, we will kill thth all like his countnzsyria, hopg for peace but braced f a lotot more war. well, it's now a aer midnight here i isyria, sco, d so chnilly,y,his partial cease- fire is in effect,ut it's s r too early to kw where or even iv it's gog to take hold, , , of crse, how long it will last. >> p pley: elizabeththalmeme inside syria for us tonight. liz, thankou.r more pregegnt t ten ithe u.s. have caught the zika v vuu.. that sryryhehethe cbs evenin
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microcepha, a seveve birth defect. each year,r,boutalbla million pregnand womomomravel betwee thu.u. andhe cououries now affected by zika. and d . jolapook has me. >epopr: samantha mejia,a, newlpregnantntspent christmas in hondus with her husband,ri omar. back home in illinois, shehe became ell a a tested positive foththkakaus. at two montns of pgnancy, e nt in for her first ultrasound. >> the doctor let us know thatat we had miscarried. so we we in and they didn'tt find a aeartbeat. >>epepter:ika virus waswa founinhelacea, but t tre is no way to know w it t used ththmiscarriag todayl the c.d.c. said nine pregnant women, all u.s.s. avelels tototoa-a-fecteder areas, tested posititi fororhe vis. thc.d.c. is s vestigating th link between zika and newbor
5:18 pm
during the firststrimester.. one delivered a baby with micjocepha, twmiscared,o anantwo had elective terminions. one prprnancy is of three women who had z za after ththfirsrstrqmter, twowo d healthy babies and one is ilililna.the c.d.c. says there is no evidence that st zika infection n sea sk f f@ future >> wno lr havehe fefefofof whwh theheika virus g g to do to baby, soy thoughts and my hrt g g gouto all the women n o don't know right n n. >> report: the.c. ntntutto advise pregnant women to postpe travel tot zika-a-aected areas. in addion, because of reportss of sexual trarsmsmsion, any male m partner who hatraveled to one of thoho areas should use aa latex condom whehang sex. c >> pelley: remble inteteie n. anks vy much.ucuc
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a stronger countbt. elley: there's runn gasosone in southern c cififninin we countededlose to 70 cars lined upo pa$1.99 for gas. prices arexpected to go up, thgh, about 37 cents this weenenas stations switchrom winter to summer it w o y yr rfo that llamas kakata and ly wentn a natitially televised rompp throughgsun city, arizona.p today, we leard th aft the escapethe u.s.d.a. ordered that the llamas be licensed. they and their o oers have since retirereto a farm. wewe, call ithe littid eve hartman s a stororthey will love nextxt nex
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>> pelley: we end toninit witi the bestd children's(hild ory,y,heind that grown-u likeketoo. so`oere,el, , the story kylie and the duck tby steve rtman "o"othe road." >> reporter: a lot of f ds go to the park to see duck but five- yeye-old k k bro of o freeportrtmainin takes her ducuc to see the papk. snowflake comes here to swim around the pond and then returns when called becaususowflak truly believes that lie is h h motherd e duck is t alonins delusion. ( acacng i's s m.m. rte you're not realal himom. >> yup, m his mom.m. >> reporter: how did yirst find out?
5:27 pm
>>eporterf no, tt-- kylye is n unbebeably cute. sincnci neved rever to ask k atatuestion agagn-m let me just tell l u that kylie firstt noticed snowflake's attachnt the e y the ownsrought her home last >ook, loooo look! he follows here >> reporter: for whatever reasonthe duckmpnted on kylie ananjust had to be by her side, mattewhatathe hour. en s swflake refusus to stay in t t backyard, kylie's% parents, ashy and ke, say eyad no chce bututo give a diaper and make m a house duck. m >> he goes erywherthththucksdu are allowed ananalmost evererhere theheare not allowed. i don't know iyou had a tso- year-old o o o our-year-old who wouldn't'teave home withovt their blankie. >> anxiety't >> she wouldot leave home without her duck.. and tt popot, nothings negotiable. >> reporter:r:nowflake gs the beach in sumumr and slding in winter. he's been to soccer acce, gone on eep overs.
5:28 pm
as olaf, the swmwmroro roze" and ov tim bause they th sisierely bebeeve t ey belg totherersnakd kylie@ ha a bond d d mosof us w wl never know. >> it'spial. en at fifieaea oldi know athe pshe' be. >> r r s s realalaisisis aka a eat momomome d, mostly because s already is. you know, some day, he's goi totorow and go to col? >>hat! >> r rorter: sve hartman, "o"o the e ad," in freeport, mamae.>> pelley: he fitstshe bilil that's thehebs evening news fofofo night. for all of us at cbs ns all around the woror, go night.&& captioning spopoorededy cbs captioned d media accessssroupupt wgbh
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captioning is the economy rigged?well, th15iche americans quir more e alth in twteaea than the botto 100 llion peopleleomomned. i'm m&rnie sanrs, and i approve thisessage. my plan -- make walet b bks anthe ultrrich pay their fair share of xes, ovididlili wawes for wog pele, ensure equalay for wom. thmidddd class will c ctito d dappear less we level e playing field.
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now frfr your breaking news s leader this is kktv 11 news at 530 it started accideny, andt spread quickly. . . we'rin a a11 breaking weather alerernow. like theheideo shows,pfire nger is highgh heo. im dond hello. im dnne derby wewere starting with an breaking wther alert becae ofofigh fire danger. let's get to meteorologistt jessica lebel in for brian. a under an 11 breqmink k healert t r fire dather. . seeininvery lowow humidity and trautreare mild this afternoon toto u0s


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