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tv   11 News at 430PM  CBS  February 26, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm MST

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4:30. a fit in eastern epapa ountyty it burned dons oacres, and sentntut a a of smoke. what we know abo how it started. thanks for jning us i'm dianne derby. don ward is on assignment. . eakang news alert. high windsnd warm tempaturur helped spread buildings. 11 news rerertrr jessisi leicht joins us re fr the latigo subdivisisn in falc. jess, how did the fire start dianme fn re fers sa itas a aideny starard d a aalfunconin vehicle. this is what the sce lood like when i got here, thehflamesere e etty high due to the wind. 7 fferent fifi departments helped battle the firehat burned around 34 acres.
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on that mual aid ananhomeowners mitigatinin p robin dmararalcon fire dept 14:0:001 one e ing g g h hpe refighters trendouslslon this fire was the fact that any ople has momod d eir r stures andawnsns and grasses around house" coming up on1 news at 5:30 what area partrtnts are doing g prepare fof t ts ekends higfireanger. live in falcon jl kkkk 11 news first t recast with meterologist jessica lebel we a a uern 11 b bakg weather a ert fofofire danger weath. we are seeinin very low huhudityemperautres are
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@ into the upppp 50s and0s. there are breezy winds inhe teensnsor the i-2 corridororwill pick up m mtotorrrr wit
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right w. a wantnt f fitive is behind barsrsdamon brim w s srrrrrrd this morning followong a stand off in fountain early this morning. it happened on colonial drive. this is video from the scene. we'r'rtold swat ofcers eventually found brimememe hiding in a babament closet, vered in clothes. deputies were tebrimer for kidnapg ananassault with a deadly weapon. the warrants stem from an cide lt month at garararof thgogo park.k. springpolice said brer pistol whipped and kidnapped a woman. 16:58:00 "#"#"onononant to just rge in a home d d ke somebodydywewe want to do whawe can to make sure that it's a aeacecel resotion for us s and the sususut. thesehings can be very v/lalala andndo we ke a alo as i ineeds to have a safefetce." he's expected i&i&ouou o ofriday to hear ththchs against him. we have new informatn today aboua deadly shooti rampage. .
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kansasis bebeg credited witjtchasasg and fatallshoooong a man suspected of killing three people and wounding 14 others during a shting rpage a f f4f4f. kansas gogognor sam m ownback says the chief shot and killed cedrick ford, likely saving many lives in the proces at the excel industries ant. investatats say 2020to 300 people w we in the facto at t the e me. the vernor says the chief eized the e tuation," addidi: "god bless him fororoing it police say aenver area busus iver is s spspted of driving ghildrenomomfrom schoololhi drunk. michael bbwas reed for suspicicn of dui a aer dropopng off his sdents yesterday afternoon. 's aver fofothe cherry crcrk s#s#ololtrict. we got this cture from o sister station@nn denver. a schcol spokesperson saysys staff memb suspectehobos ofofaving alcohol on his brth, and notified the transporaration offifi was notifed, the b bas already on the road. hobbs allegedly failed
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blbld teteteare stililpepeing, the d)d)riririays hohos s ll n n nretutuing to rk. the cdc rlietls out infs everer pant womehere inhe u-s. the mosquito born rus isis spreadg g icklin latin america and t e cacabbean. marlrlrlrll has the latest. "sama mejia d just found she wasasregnant when s s sraveled to honduras around chrtmasaswes later, she had fever and flu like symp. shshtested pitive for zika virus. at 9 weeks she miscarried theyidn'n'find a hfarteat, that wasaseaeay hard. the virus was f/und the plac bututhere is no wayo know whatsed her -jscarriage. the cdc says i is confifmed 9 egnantntomen with the zika virus he us. all wererinfected while e elling to areaeawhere thvirur%is ciciulatatg. of those cas, o women had althy es,
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inat their pregncies. onchchd warn wsese micjoca nditiothat leav babies with abnormally small heads. the za virus has been ed tthousasas of c ces of microcephaly in @ azil. ( whe e oe wo-on whwh were i id within thest trester`, 2 had tanenes s miscries and at lelet 2 2 had d infantwho were severely affect by microcephaly. the cdc says doctors are cocoinuing to monitor r two us pregnancies which ar qppear e without complicatitis. earlrlr thiheek health officials saidhey're investigatitg more than a dozen reports of sexually smittetecases. this is morehanana a aicipatat the cdc reremmds m who par is prntntha, cbcb wsnew york." ththcdcdis investititingng0
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ppegnten with zika. w at 4:30. the colorado sprprgs police department needs help ndg a waed fugitive who has ique wawaofofistracng peoplplwhen he commits cres. this ialex sermeno. springs popoce say he has ne warrants out for his arrest. he's accus of distracting ththth staff of a lococ hotot, the crosslds economy studio, and stealing monez from the`cashsh draw. similalacrimes, including floooooo bathroomso @ ployeeeeee he's arod 6 feet tall, thin n build,d,ith brown eyes and blblk hair. you have any information for police, call crime stoppers right away. ththnumber is 634-st, you could earn a cash rererd. ththths more ahead on 11 n ns atat 4:30. comimimip. the fight at the state capitol over immunizatioio contins. why the ll to lp track immunization information faces a totottttor apppoval. t t rst. republican candidates are gearing up for a big political batttt on supetuesday. senators rubio and cz ar trying to catch up to
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we he the latest on eh campaign f fht. 25 busy ththugh tn. some sling around bijouou crashehe15th st. at coloradododo ave. and nb 26th st. colorado ave. 26 minites through town. an hour to denver. 42 m mes to pueblo. r r ve traffic conontionon4 urs a day, to trtrfic watch on our webchannel. i'm james n news traffic watch. yore w wchininkktv 11 news p with dianne debby,plon ward and chief meteorologist ian n
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ishthe economy riggegege well, the 15 riche amecans acac morwe in)tea than t t botmm0 llion peoplenid. beieders, d apprpre e m msa plan --make walalstreet banks d the tra-a-ch pay their fairhare of taxes, provididliving wages for working g ople,
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the middle clals will continue to disappear ununss we levevthe plpling eld. with your help, as president, we w wl. donald trump picked up a major rsement today, as new jers governor r chris chriie threw his support hind the g frontrunnnn. thisomes f fsh off last nit's fierce debate where
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from marcocoubiond t t cre todahose aacks ctinued. steve nannes has the story. " w rsey):):there is no betttt fightetethananonald d ump." the bibiionanae frontrunner received a major boost on friday inhe fo o&/an endorsememe f fm new jersey g gernor chris chririie... in what could be a pivotal moment this race. presidential canandate): this was an endorsement that really meant a lot. in christie, a former gop cocodedein the race... ump gets a readydyttack dog whwhsays he's preped t thit tht road. w jejeey): "turn away fron the ateur acac from washington, dc, and turno a professional strong leader. tt's who o is man isis christie's relentlessss attacks s mcocoubub are largely creditit as s s g the reasons for the florida senator's poor performance new hampshirene presidenti candidite): "i thoughghhe was going to die. good goi, chs." christie's endorse comesp just one dayfter trump butted heads wiwiub and senored cruz at t e cncndebete in hoton. presidentialalandidate) "anye who cared about illegal imimgration uldn't be hiring illel imimgrants" presidential candidate) "now
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presidenenalandidate) "no, i'm nonorepeating..." "`ck o othe campgn trail on friday... cruz triecegain to tie trump to democrats. presidential cdidatete"donald p, like e llary clintoto is a rich new yoyo liberal" while rubio got person... presidentnal candidate) "he asks for a full length mirror - i don't know why, cause the podium goes up to here - but he wanted a full-length mirror. maybe to make sure his pants weren'n' wet." trump fired back at the flotida senator. presidenal candida) "i watched a a a of s little act.`he's a desperate guy.nd he's a desperate guy. i've been wahing himimver thehpast couple of weekek-- his n n prpridentmal material" the republican candites not ncinwords... less than a week from from per tutuday. in n shinon, , m stevevnannes reporting." a massachusetttt teeeeger who rarararad killed hig th t tcher will servrveastst yeaean statprison. philip chi was conviviededn dececeer f f fhe 2013 death of danvers high school teacher con ritzer. family mememrs, eaeaes and fries of ritzer's spoke today at the sentencing hearing. "
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teachers grievevg the loss of a wonderful teacher and colleae,e, bualso we had torocess the fact that ititappeped atur school. the placacwhwhe we w%we supposededo feel safe eachay." the e dge impod ththmaxixim ntence of f with parole eligibility in 25 yearsor the murder and 40 years s us one d for the rape and armed robbery. the sentces are to be served ncrently. develolong today. a billo keepetter track of vaccination ras in colorado is moving a aad at the state capito the bill facesesough scrutin from republilin wmakers who oppose the chchges. jt would ctralize immunization data at the state heheth departqfnt, , stead of witit local scsc districts. it'sxpececd to pass s vovovo wi statagres but e gocontroll senate has members thk the bi is an invasion of privacy. t bill s ninid a debate abobo t state's w vaccination rates. cololadpares can claim any kind of personal
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munizations.s. how lo g gl this c itical firere weather lalalamore
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we are warmimi up today.y.phighg will rch f the mid 5050to upper0s this afternoon along with plenty osunshinene day rough the weekend look great if you've been waiting for some w wther to get
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saturday looks to be the warmrst day wiwi highs in the 6 6 and0s. it will be eezy to slightly windydy ap timimimoo... this will bring the concern for crirical fi weather so outdtdr burning on saturday not a gool idede a fire ather r watch h ll go
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momoing r parts of s colorado. as we saw from friday's grass fire in fcon, ththfuels available totourn are ry, very dry especi along t t plain our xthancfor some moiur maarrive monday night into o esday... that will alsoring with it a cool down fotuesy. righthtow it is not looking too widedpreadr significict.
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't en imagine. at's the job. and d e's s e one who'o'proven she can get it done. .securinina massive reductionnin nuclear weapopo... ....tanding up against thebuse of womom... ...protecting sosialalalurity... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...andndinning health care f f 8 million`children... the presidency is the toughest job in theorld and shshs the onwho'll make a rere difference for you.u.
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today hundreds of people, clududg spudenen, and staff shsh their heads for a od cause. itithe annual bald for bucksks event at rampart high school in colorado springs. raises money y thukemia and lymphoma societ local smetologisiss an stylistsonated their servrfesor the event. emilee fortu, student t :26:34 just shaved mymyead for my cousinin tommy. he has lymphoma, s4age iv cancer, so i just wanted to support`him cause he's goi threallyoughes."." last yeathey raise t tn n 33housd dollars.this yeaeye hohong to bpbpin more anan0 thousand. we'l'l'ltlyou know howuch money they raiai. re's what't'congngp for 11 ne at 30. we'll tell you why a man is in trouble for a message he ft at a government oice. plus what t rvieance pictures s caugh hidoing. plus, we have momo on a fire that burned dozenof acres in eastern colorado. how creware e eparing for th
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pected this weekend.
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xt. pelley: the camamignn dedeririates. >>onald trump is a cononrtisis >> pelley: and the front-runner gets an rst noneaw co alal tightzizi virus is coirmeme nininprnantomin the u.s onchild has a birtp defefe. thdeadly shootings in kansas.s what might have iggered thee rampage and the hero cop who stopd him. and ste haman with thestev specl boetwe childnd duck. >> i'm his mom. y're not r%ally his >> yup, i'm his s m. ptioning sponsored by cbss this is the "cbs eveng news" with scottelley. >> p pley: this may go dowowas the week t t party olincoln duvolvlvnto a cripplg cicil


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