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tv   11 News at 6 AM  CBS  February 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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bars for a ries of dangerous cres, , is after ing stand off with law enforcement. we'll h he e e teststn moments." us this morng... the campaigngnrailil aheaofofupereruesdayay this, aftea fourth g-o-o deba. ere lala night debebe e w some fireworks betefen publicanopefand. w wmimi back up! de p your weekend forecaca are on the wawanow from your breaking news leleer, is is kktv 1 1 1ws this morning. hello.... th for joing us tpisisorning. i'm m h schwabe. and i'i'dadad nancarrow... is s ) we start with an 11 breaki ws alert. we're ld this man, don brbrer, is behehd rsthis morning on some pretty s5s5s5s charges.s. while e u were sleeping, he
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a home on colonial drive ats ne fmesa anme paray i& foununinjn atstwhere d d ews reporter ga esposito ginau sai alld this morning... what are u learningow? ththel p po o unty sheriffs s office tells me swat eveveually found brimer hiding in a basementloset, covered in clothes. at was first called to tt scene just a aund 2 this morng. the elo o untyheriri office tell us ey w we attempting to locate dadan brimer beuse heas wd on kidnaping and assasat with a deadlypochargege e wawaanan s sfrom an nt tast moh atden of the go p p p spngs police said brimer pistol whipped knaed a womamama morerehan a montnt l enenrcememt agcies have been tryto find m. this iwhat el paso county y sherififoffice said about`the stand off thisisorning tt led totorimers arreses is scy but we are here to
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what we're going to do and that washe rere for ecuatthe homeme brimer was_idered d be damgerououand d d time of the stand off, it was unknown weapons. me homes were e acuated this morning but its now safe to tunr home. portin iun, posi, tvnews. rememberyou can stay otop p mobole a a. itit free to downlnlnl jusus chece apapore. let's go to meteorologist emily for a look at what's happeni rightpnow with souern coloraraweatr. hahahahaidid! temperaturur are chilly this rning in tht teens to0s across the e gion.
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warmqmg up tidayay. ghg g ll acacacr ththmid 50s to upper 60s this aftftnoon along withlelesunsnsnenetoday y rough the weekend look great if yoyove been waitinfor r me weather to get ououoorsrsrday looks to the rmest day with highsn the 60s an 70s. it t be breezy to slightly windydyt times too... this@sl bring ininhe concern for critical fire weweher so outdr burning on saturday is not a good idea. a re weather watch wili go o to effect late satututu morning f f papas of s colorado. oururextx chance for somemeoisture may arrive m mday y y night into tueay... that will also b bng with it a cooo down n r tuesdada right w is not looking toto widespread or siicanan we'll warm b bk upnd dryryut for the e ddlef nene and d w t/ j jesit at today'affic re. no major pblemfor your morning commute. light volume otraffic. east and westf ththspritraffifi moving smoothl some e owing
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ofofhehestruction arars.o problems to denver or pueb. for r ttafficiconditions 24 houra day, go to o o web b anbnl atatatv v dot cod ick ono traffic. happeninininwnwnwn porcrcpirates are back at in one local neighborhood. the ththvevesteaeapackcgeseliviviviv to homes. in t ts vio,o,ou t t t& pulls up and a woman geut and takeshe package. it hpened wednesday near uvtain and powowowin colorado springs. the homener thinks thieies were tctcng the mail truck. he said he caught thememn came steaeang&the ckagagju minines aftft it t was delivere cesacardona, package stolenen8:09:2:2"i checkededy tracking number and it said was delired to his front porch. so i went o and checkck andndt wasn't't'trere ==buttttototot@8:06:40 "i wt back tot security csystemnd thehehe they ,." we asked sppinincarriers how@ they are
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u-p-s anfededasasasau u n n n up%to o o a on y yr p one withthth delivery time. you can instantly reroute your packcke if you w wl nonono home at t tt time. . . x alsouggeststststing a atatatbtbtbtbtert0ni.g. repusidedeia cacaes arereur thehe fobabao thcampgndn trail... ahead of super tuesday. last night, the top five candesac off in n deban texas. dold trump was theart... nynwor, comi om marco r bio( t t t t ththbigiest t t g we got ananthe reon we ha n n nmpetn isisecsup we h he s s ound t t sta. sohat'the e e ? jujujuhe lines? the fact that we ha interstate competition? the attas between trumand ted cruzuzot personal. . i'having a aotf fufuup here tonighgh dona relax i'm rerexed. you're e e basket onon dococc siilry clton and bernie sanrs make a lastst mi pitcho minority voters
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south calina. hahaenininno a n camamign of cyberer atatcks... a a at ththterrrr group p is. thththththl goal is to lesue the group's ababity y seiaa, and the internet to recruit fighters. / sue of cybacac ted d st month. / t ey're fofosed at disrupting ththgroup's ne vivies, /#ikikputtttg ou praganda and videde the e test o o o onbelievable story.police say a woman tk o&or anotofwomamas identnty... for forsrs we first told you about this man lena w wston. . e' fa c a@s for intititit eft.t.t.t.e e four r ar rerd she w restedednd s s sththuguguge cot systemseseratiti all whihi usi someon'se.we tracked down ththviciimimwho sa her wallet sten duriri a arip coloradodo ryryr- tiffany porter/identit y theft victim 14:15:26 "i wasl mamama dn'n'asasnd i'm allhe w w a aansas, s ssisier s ththg i uldo aboutut it." bubu to== shshliss/financi c cs detecve cspd 1:02 s fafaasatat v f f f f f
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bebeususkakaka win/hadadakak her identity." nstois now i ifederal l l && custoty and d seveval chargegeinusing filili fradalant t xes. ananpdpde on one sta's'swrt t t to cra dowow on marijuananadibles. havingototdiblbl woulde a misdememroro bilpushsng its s through the legislature. thth is hahaeneng ininming. / wou have be felony... but tanguage was s angede day. omg g s se a s s marijuimedibs ananbeveve since colorado legalized recreational pot in 2014. ththlhowabout the e en resignation of aentire high school girl's basketball hihi@staffff 's'sappening apine creek sool, just as the team gears up for their fifit playayf game. e girls' head coacackenny van-ryn doesn't think whatatpened tt dededement is to o e studenenenr r r ototr coaches. he s ss he's t tnkfufur r e time he spent coaching.
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statemen saying q qtq "qt'very unfnfnfnfnfnfimimimim 's whahathe e hool felelel do at the me. arthe pruru u u u u u peoeoe` !ptatag my character, #i am extremely proud of the work i put in the last couple monohs w wh those kidsnds somemeinin`n@ none can take away no o l`er w wbtry.y.y.y. as f as the e boys baskuall coacngtaff will be filling in. toda a ala's deadlininto apapalalrt rulin..ll surrounding an ongoing data encryption batlle with the f-b-i. still ahead on 11 news thisi morning.. what company is stepping in on apple's behalf. but first... "the sho was aivy yj o. any tart thth came acaoss s sights" a dede shooting ininde production plant ends with the gunman deaea what investigators are trying to figure out this) moing. plus aook outsisthis morng. are we in for a nice d d? ? ily has your forecast anab
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm counting the cars on the n jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to lk for america all come to look for america
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happy friday! temperatures are chilly this morning in the teens to 20s across the region. we have mainly clear skies and winds between 5 and 10 mph. we are warming up today... highs will reach for the mid 50s to upper 60s this afternoon along with plenty of sunshine. today through the weekend look g gat if f f you've been waiting for someme weather to get outdoors! sarday looks to be the warmest day with highs in the 60s and s.s.t wiwi b b bee to o o slightly windy at times too..... thththililililg g g g c c c c c c crcriciciciriririririrsososo
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saturdays not a gode a fieaerchl o ct latsaturd mng for parts s colado. nexanceor moistste e ri monday nighin tuesday. thatatil alsoriith itoodownwn es r now s t lookg too widespread or signific we'll warm bacacup and dry out for the mimilenext week. and now to james b bwn with a
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port. things s sll looking good for yoorning commmm per. eiad rougwn. mes to deer. utes to eb. for live traffic contions 242 urs a day, go to our web channel at kktv dot com and click on
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happening nowo.. investigators e e ying to fifire out the motive fofoa deadly shooting.g. three peopleleied... 14 people were hurt... aer police say a man n ened fire insisi a lawn mower products plala. this ivideo of the scene in kansas. . td yoabout isis asasn rereieg alert yeery.from aospital be one survivor releled the terrible momene he was shot. sus fierros/victit people we justststning s sinininbobo w w shooting and nexe thing you know i feleli got hit in the leg and th's when i turn and started runninin ththshooter, 38-year-oldldedric ford was kild in a g gfigh with t tst officerern scene. at least five peopop are still in critil condition. a deputy is s s vering... after being shot after stepping out of
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moing.. what we know@gbout the suspectct this morning. but first... today isle's deadline appeal a c crtrtuling.g. all surrounding an ongoing data enenyption batate with the f-b-i. what compy is stepping
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herere look in pueblo right now. it's s s and . i'm happening today-- is fmer policefficic wil be in nlurt. james asasy is accused of secoco degr murder. he w w worki for the rocky pololol partment at the time.
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from a night of babysittttg in octer of 2014. investigators say ashby barged into jacquez' home ananshot h)h)hn the e the fofoer officer says he ought t cqz was a bu we'll behehe, and you can count on u uwe'll lelelo wt hahaens inininrt. haenenenw. applis askska a dge to versa cot o der asng any toelthe fbi i lock an i\hon belongetone of f e san rnararno shooters. ple sasa it's a dangmrous request and violatat the company's constitutuona a righ. to show support google is exed@do file a friend of the coururbrief on applele behalal toy isishe deadline for apple's appeal to the court. t's sese things backver to memeorolist emily roehler. happy v iday! temperatures are chilly this morning in t t teens to 20s acrcrs the region. we have ebinly clear skies ananwindn between 5
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ach r r e mid 50s to upper 60s this afternoon alolo th plenty of sunsnsne. today through ththth weend okf you'veveeen wawainininr someme weweher to get outdoors!ssaturdayayooks to bee the warmest day with highshsn the 60s and 70s. it will be breeeieio @ slight windydyt times too... this will bring in t ccern for criticire e atr so tdoor burning on saturday is notoa good idede a fire weather watctctcll go into effect late turday mhing f f papas of s cololado. oururext chanan for some moioiure mamarivevmonday night into tuesdadb.. that will also bring with it coco down for tuesday. right now it is not loloing too spre osignificant. we'll rm bk up andry o o r the mimile of next weeee and now to james brown with a look at todadas traffi report increasino traffic volumumarouou
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majaj delayayso farar21 tes ademy througugtowo. 3535inut on powers blvd. traffic is moving oothly to ofnver and pueblo. for live trafficiconditions 2424 urs go to ourpweb channel at k kv dot com and click raffic. . a deputy i irecocoring... !@ter being shsh after s spping out t hecar. still ahead... what we know about the suspect this morning. if you breakg ne cal our r@wsom ytime at78-00000
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here's a looooin canon city rit now. it's
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right now -- a ad reminder out t re danger... the dry weather increases fire daer. yestststst a grass fire in calhan was started by ye constrtctctc work. it happened off eurich a a mc-clasas road.d. that's about 4 4minutes east o colorado springs. ababt 100 acres burned crewtell us no buildings w we threatene also right now -- we'r'rworkg tot wh caed thihigrgrs re. tartrt yesterday ip nrnre, south west of colorado springs. thesesare pictures from the emononcounty shiff's office. the eriff's office says s e fire is contained. the fire stayed in a a aek bed and never threreened any buildin. . ros s hehererearal reopen. there is no wordn a . cause. new this m ]nino... a suspect is de, after reportedly shooting a sherifffs deputy. this ivideo of the scene i south cacalina. investigigororory the deputytyas shot after steppin t t her vehihle. the susuect lead depies to a hoho, where they barriced themself inside investigators say thsuspect
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insi hours l ler. the deputy is in stable condition thorning. wewel be sure totoet y know when wleararmo. new informion into the wsom this moing... a century-old piano o vandalized. accordininto our partners at t gazette... it's the piano tside of seeds community caca on pikepeak avenue, near nevada avenue in colorado springs. the piano'o'donotor r ys w wever damaged it, brock the lockckand put rette bus on nt. melting a tabover the pian afr ngngmwthe pio o s paf a prect to encouge e ar in lolodo sings. ananesgati ctini int deadad ofofcfr involved shooting. ming up 11 news this morning... what w l lrning about thth ments leading g to the e shting. us anothereroooooutstse thismognre we inor a ae weekend? emily has your forecast and james is sfeping an
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even agine. thth's the job.. d e one who's pren she can n t itone. ...securinina mamaive rerection leleleeepons... .standing g againsthe abuse of,women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for r e national guard... ...and wnini heaeah caca for 8 mimimin n ildren.... e presidency is the toughest job in the woror and she's the one who'll make a real dference for you. i'm hillary clinton and approved this message. wulcome back t t11 news this morning. happy friday! teteeratures a a
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teens s 20s0scross s e reon. . . we have mainly cleaskies and d nds s tween 5 5 and 10 mph. we a a warmrmg up today....h.ghs s ll reach for the mid d s to upper 60this aernoon alongng th p rnty of susshineneday througe weekend look great if you've b bn wawaing for some weatr toetoutdoors! sard looks to be the warmest t day y y highs i ithe e s and 703. it will be e eezy t slightly windy a atimemetoo... this will bring in theoncernrn fofoital fe w%ather outdooburning saturday inot a good ide a fire weatherwatcwilllgo effect satuayayorning for part s corado. our next chance for some moisture e y arrive monday nighghintouesday. that will sosoring with it a ol down n r tuesesy. right it is not looking g o widespread or signift. we'll warm back up and dry out for e middle o o next weeee
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report no major problems for your morninincommute. ght lume of f fic. e et anst of the spris s traffic moving smoothly. sosos owing througugme of theheonststction areas. no proble to denver or pueblolo for live traffic conditions 24 urs s day,y, go to our r b channel l kktv dot t m and click onon traffic. we srt with an 11 1 1 king ws a we're ld this man, damon brer, is in cust for crimes that reporteded ppened a month ago. . while you were sleeping,e barricaded himlf inside a home on t t 700 b bck of colonial drive. thats near fountain mesa road and meme ridge parkway
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thatstwhererwe find 11 newcw report gina esposito gina, whwh areou findi out? enenhis alststted, im told families membe werer insidedehe home e he safely. e suspwas the on o still side t hoho during e stand off. swat was first called to the scene just around 2 this morning. the pascounty sheriff office tell us they were e tempting to locate damonobrim beuse he was wanted on kiaping and d sault with a dedely weapon charges. the warrarts stem frfr an incident last moh at gden e gods park. springs police said d imer pistol whippednd kidnapped woman. for@more tn a month,h, enforcement agencies havav been trying to f fd him. is iw at e eso c cnty sherifffoffice said about the stand off this morning that led to brimers arrest. ....the are ve aggssiviv
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wod consider himangerous." duringhr sdd offi he so flashangs, t g wasead inhis ci t tould a armfali. reporting live en@n@, gina espopototokktvt21 ne. membereryou can stay o /top p today's 11 brbrking news with the1 1 ws mobile app. itit free to download, just chchk the app store. new w tails into the newsrsrm thth morning... nuclclr missile test woes off wiwiout a hitch. the unarmed misslauncned from thehe california coastline yesterday. it's a aoutine test to confirm the missililworks right. it ao o a remindetoorth korea and other potential adversaries of u-s powow. yesterday's s comes on the heelelof north korea's announcement it had d sted its first hyogog bobo. a u-s rritory coululsee e partial vernment shut down, , according to the treasury deparment. we'rlkg t puto ro.
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territory has 72-mililon dollala in public debt and has asked washington for a il-out. so farnoththg is in the rks. an update e w... o oa deaddd ofcer involved shooting. it hahpened yesterday in evans, north ofr. th i i&ide s. jnvestigats y the n killed reportly shohoed "shoot , , ( lle" at offirs, d pointed a gun t tm. a spokesperson with h county lked to the medea about th shooti, d how they handle situations like these. joe tymkowych weld county sheriff spspespeon we hope that anyone, that one is injured, that is primary,y,n th ototr hand thehe's times where we don't havava choice as we told you yesterday, this alalstard as a trespassing g ll... and lead to the shooting. a second p pson was s rested happening now-- a smaml colorado commmmity y ntinues s mourn the lo of one of thehe own this aer a aeashoot-out in park
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sheriff's deputies. yesterday, laenforceeent t encies escsed corporal nate carrigan's body in a procession. he was shot and killed wednesdayayay whililserving h-risk" evictionote. two other dedetiti were also hurt. the county eriff says at thehtimemehis men were epared for a confrontationon , but they did not expect a gunfight. "w"wre simply thertoour jobs which is to have the folks move out of the residence. that's all that they were e ere for, it t sn't a tactical operation, they were simp there to effect an h eviction." the shoooor, 58-year-o mqin n wirth,h,as shoas deputies retururd fifififi thitiesay he died athe scene.e. right nono.o.o.oorado's unployment rate ranks ong wen the country. / lala year, it fell belowour perct of the national ere. w jusdedefoerce p colado. / natnally, unemployment i i iout five-point-three pepeent. /# that puts us around t t0t lowest rate in the cocotry. this morning -- a university professor caught trying to timidate journalists
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out of a job university of f ssouri's board of curator voted to fire melissa click. clicic wasaseen on vidid last fall aing g g "muscle" to o ririof a video journast. the journalist was tryi to film a protest over alleged cism at thuniversity whehehe s confronted by hehe she has since been charged with third-degree assasat. happenininnow... one auto makeke iseplacing robots,pwiwiwiumana. as it tturns oututhe r rots can't keepepp with all the customomptionsercedes offers. r ampl..n its clasas dans there are four r types of t tcaps, and even a chchceceor cup-holdede. . rcedes saysyshe varie is too chchor e mamaines. new w is mning, a local l airpororis celebrarang its grand re-opening. great lakes airlines is bringing back connecting flights from puebo deer. the pueblolo airport hele a ribbon cutting cecemomo to ck off its svice with the airline.e.hey also opened a restaurant and remodeleletee terminal.
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"pblo has an assetnd it's the pueblo aportrto we're ying to drive traffic in ral just m#ue e of t airport so we'll be looking for events and other tngs that might be comomg." ririw, they have one fligjt per day but are looking to adde ininhe future. take a look at ts new video o lion cub and m at e pueblo zoo. this ltle y is just six wes s s and loves to play y and snuggle with momom the zozois having a ming contest for him. they areakakakideaeathrough march 12th... go to pueblo zoo dot org toxsend your suggesti a nickel-sized@dhreat could be in your home this mo.. now, a warning from a local family after their son ended upupn the hospital stsll aheaeaon 11 news this morning... how bad the one year o , afr swallowing a baery.y. but rst..... a former cheheleing ach chchged with sexual assasat on a child is waiting for another cocot appearance... whwh k kre learning ababt thth case this morning. plus another look outside this morning. are we for a nice
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forecastnd j jes is keeping an eyeyon your morning drdre. "ahead ocbs this morning, wel talk with marcrubio out s relentntss a aacks onlnl donald trump lasnit's sjery deba. anspike lee is iudio 5 5 we'l'lask abthe of f vey he oscs ans s w w mentary y
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newswsck in the ing. see yoyoat sev."hahay frtempatures are bernrn sanders -- the courage to standhdp p p igil because he wonon tak their noy. th@h's why sanders said to the keystonline and nevevewaffled.d. hehs also e only candite to oppose fracngngng cause e acki can endange our drinng water and thaten our clite. sanders has the most far-reaching plan fight climate c cnge e d build d cleaenergy futur bernie eande- people before pollers. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. tetes to 20s across the region.
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and 10 mph. . are warmininup today... highs reach for the mid 50s to upper 60s this afterer along with pley weweend lo great if you'u' beeeewaiting for soso ather to get outdtdrs! saturday looks t tbe the warmest day with highs in thep60s and 70s. it wiwi be breezy to slightly windy at times too... this will ing in the concern r crical fire weatr so outdoor burning on turday is not a goododdea.a. fire weather wah will go into effect te saturday morning for partrtof colorado.ur nextx chch f some moisture may arrive monday night intotouesday... thatatill also bring gith it a coolown fotuesday. rht noit is t looking toto widespread or significant. 'll warm back u and dry out for the midd of
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and now to james brownwnith a look at today's trtrfic report. things s sll looking goooofor your morning coutututowers blvd. ishe busiest roadway. inin are picking up on the south end. 15 minutes through minuteto pueb. for live traffic conditions 24 hours a go to our`web channel at kkt dot com and clicon t tffic. the latest-- on a rmer cheeeeeang c cch who sexuallyl asulted a teeeagern a private e lesson. this man is waiting to find out sentenced. mitchell greenstreet h plele iltytyty according to a aest papers,
6:44 am
lstars." we talked to he viviim's dadhortly aft his arrest last summer. torotect the victim we arenghe fatheheiden "it'dikgkgting it ininriries me there n nwordrdtototocribe ititit grnstrtrt wi be sentced d y, he faces life iprison. also happenini now -- iranians arvotiti for a w paiament and assemblblof experts. that's thboby rereonsible for chchsingng the ne^tupreme leader. we' leleyou know what t ppens. a suspect barricades himself inside aocal home sparng hours long stand off coming uon 11 ws this morning.... what we'e' leaeaing from t t suspects criminal past. but firsr3.. a nickel-sizedeaeacould be in your r me this s mornrng... now, a warnrng g g a cal family after their son ended upupn the hospital. how bad the one ye d was hurt, after swallowing a batatry. if you see breaking news call our newsroom
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th 4gs of inrnet speed from cturynk a family of fo cananll bee online athe same time, ststing, gaming,g, or dowoa movies.s. yeye, the internet's great, but i thinir and makeup nt a little too far.r. yeye, that's not wororng. i much prefer e two-dadabear hoho-rimmed glasses,s, just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing. ye, i miss the rumpled crazy uncle lookoo okayay be "paul giamai." that's the essencecef this role. feel like a hollywood d sider
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morning. here's a look in pueblo right now. it's anan i' in this 1111all for action investigation a warnrnto pareres about the potentia risks of everyday items. this after a aickekesized object almost cost one year hisis lifefe wewepopopoitthe boy's s mily who says t ty want to spread ars ababt everyday ite you may not think could pose a threat -- thingnglikekear remotes. brock's was rushed to the
6:48 am
an x-ray r%realed a dangers problem. a liliium battery sat lodged an his esephagus. 28 houou latat it waremoved, but the e isis was r from over. 51:15:12 c cing "it was t at time thth they cace out and the nurse a bottle with a a a corroded black coilookokg itit d i said it leaked didt it? d d saiaiyes.nd i saiaiho bad ist? and h hsaidit's acand ititurnt andnd've never seef anynying like it." e battery acididurned a hole in his esophphus a a leaked checals into his body. . childrene hospital in rora ys they see an average 18 non- inteteional butttt bte ingenspsps yr.brbrk ome lo t tm complilions, s voc c cisisaraleded bubudoctctccy it won't t fect his ability to speak. update totonef e biggest auto recalls across the world. lawme2are accusing takata faking test resultltto c cer up the exploding airbag i iue. report looked takaka document
6:49 am
ondocucunt a aanager telling the senior v-p proped limitations might b b"a violatn of our moral obligation to protect the bl happppg now..... for thfirsrsfullay, i-70 along glenwood canyon has reopned to - two way t tffic cmdot opeped the highway in th dictions 10 days after huge rockide. both lanes are on n e eastbod side of the interstate. pace cars in bobh directions, are still being usededo lead traffic c rough the canyon. there could be p pipdidiclosures over the next nth as repeprs continue. new t/day....a lococ surgeon is s celebratini a successful surgeryry hisisldpatit)er. sterdayayarning doctor david corry rformed a a rgereron 102-year olcolora ngs resi jim downgngt morial hospitatain the springs. he was having mini stroke beforereheherocedure . downings carotid artery was 90 percent clogged which cocod have caused him addial
6:50 am
a suspect barricades himself insidede local hom ki h lonst cop onnes morning.g.. th we'reearnrng frfr the suspts criminal past.....( is ianother good day foror weather, emily will let us know and james brown pin tingngroblem s for youou
6:51 am
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i'm dave nancarrow. and i'i'sararaschwabe. happy friday! mperatures are@e chillyhimorning in t t teens to 2 aoss s e region. we have mainly clear skies and nds between 5 anana.phphwewe ararrming up todod... highs will reaea for the mid0so @ upper r s this aftetnoononng with plenty of s sshine. today
6:53 am
if you've beewaiting for so weather to get outdoors! saturdayayooooooo be the e rmest dai with hhs in n the 60s and 70s. it will be breezy to slightly windydyt times too... isisill ing in the concern for r itical fire weathehehe ouooburnininon surday is not good idea. a birererather r watch will go into effect late saturday morning for parts of s clorado.o.ur next chcncece some moisture may arri monday night to tuesda.. that will also bring with it a coolown for tuesday. right now it is not looking g o despread or sisiificant. we'lltl rm back up andry out fororhe ddle o next week. and now to james brown with a a look at today's traffic repopo. crcrcrng traic volume ar town. . no major delay far. 21 minutes oncademy powers blvd. traffic is moving smoothly to denver and pueblo.
6:54 am
hours a day, goour web b anneatktv dodocom and click onon traffic.our r xt traffic updates coming up at 7:2626 we're e ayininon top of this1 breaking news alert.$& this man, damon brimer, isis behind bars this morning, accused of some dangerous crimes. if youre just waking up with is, barricaded hihielf f side a home on the 700 blk ofolonial ive. thats near fountaiaiaisa road and d sa ridge parkwayay in fountntn. ths whwhe wewewewewe n repoererina a esposito. gina, what arererereinding out? sevevel law enfoement agencies has this entire neighborhood blocked off for hos. as you can see now, an arrest t hahabeen made and e area is ear.
6:55 am
scene just around 2 thmorning. the el pasasasunty sheriffs s office tell us damon brimim was wanted on dnaping and assault with a deadly weapon charge e rrants stem frfj an incident last montntnt rden of the gods park. springs police eaid brimer piol whippededndidnanaed a womana for moren n montnt law enforcememt agencies have beenenryryg toind him. swaw found brimer this mning a basement after they obtained a search warran i asked dpe sherfs offffe if anyone else was side the home at the time.. "the famililmembers had exed ththhome and t t te e fefe righw so we e belieie it's ju the spect in a ho rightht now." ththfamilies who were evacuated d isnini can retunr ttheir r mes rerereing g ve in foeotain, gina espositokktv1 news. remember, you can stay on top of todadas 11& breaking newewwwththhe 11 news mobile app. itit free to
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store. happeneng now-- porch pirates are back at it in one locaneighbhbhood. the thieves steal ckages lileled to homeme in this s deo,ou can see t t car pulls up and a wowon gets out anda[hehe ckage. i ihappened wednesday near fountain d popors in colorado springs. thehhomeowowr ththks the thieves wereatching the ma tckck said he caught them on camera stealing the paage st minutfter it t was red. cesacarda, p pkage stolen: 8::3"ike thep w the pae being delilered d d then they came b bk for it." 10-20 mins aer it was delivered we askededhihiing carbieow they areombangnghiproblem. u-p-s ananfedededey you u n sisi up to get an alert your phone with the delivery time. yoyoyon instany route your package if you wl not be home at that time. dealal sges s quirin siurfor ur delivery. this morningng. repuican presidentntl 0
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cus s ck to the campgn trl... ahe of super esdada ndidates facededff in a debateten texaxadonananarump was target... many words, coming from marco rubio. if he hadn't inhnhited 200 million dollars you know where donald trump wouou be right now w sellg wawahes s manhattan.... the attacks between trump and ted cruz even n t a littlelpersosol at times. on t docratic sidilary clinand bernie sanders make a last minute pitch to minoty voters ahead ofof tomorrow's'sma in south carolina. an updade on one sta's effort t to crack down on marijuana edibles. / havini pot edibles w wld be a misdemeanor ininhe bill pushing is i ihappenininin wyoming. / / iginally... wouave been a felony... /# but the language wasasnged yesteay. wyoming has en a spike i marijuana edibibs and beverages since colorado legalized rereeational pot in 2014 happening now... a new campaign of cyber attacks... aiaid at the teteor groupsis. the overall goal is s lessen the group's ability to use
6:58 am
to recruit fighters. . / the surge of cyber attacks starard lala monon. they'r'rfocused at disrupti^g the grp's lini activities, like putting out t aganan and de. the lateststn an unbelievabbe story. police say a woman ok over another woman's's identity.z. for four years. we first told you out this woman kalena winston. she's facici chargesor identity tft. in the pasasfour years, records s sw she was s restednd sent through the e court system seseral l mes, allllhile usingng somemee else's name. we trtrked down the vtim, who says he wallet was stolen nuringng trip colorado springs. tiffany porter/identit y theft stim 115:2:2 "i was rl mad, i didn't knowow whwhit was and i allllhe w arkansas, so basically there was nothing i could dobout itit ==tt to== shua bliss/financmal c cmes unit detective cspd 13:41:02 "as fa t victim, was unable to get her life together becausu# kalenainston had tak oveve her identity."winston is now in fedel custody and facing severet chargeg clusfiling
6:59 am
xes. herere ak atata`a`mimi exexon c t`i momoing. "c"cing g accucutiand susu a ae e p 3 go candidates a a ak eachcher last nht's'pate. we'lta with rcrcrubio out his n pepeormance.& plus, a closer lk atatonald trump's charable donations.ore e al news coming uon cbs this morning, ne
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cacaioning funund by cbs > od morni. it is friday, , bruary 26th, 2016. welcome to " "s thisning." arco rubio and ted cruz tear i io donald trump in the nal debate before s ser tuesday. could thisise a turning int? a gunman storms a kansas cty,y,illing coworkerer victims desc the cha as they tried to run from mh 57. will l lk about the oscars backlash and creatinghange in hollywood. look at t day'"e"e opener." yourorld in 90econds. seen euy p pl upp and hoppededut with ak-4-4 and fired


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