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tv   11 News at 5 AM  CBS  February 26, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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coldease arerackg g 1 1eang newslert thi morning -- some falili in one e from their h hes. is after a man barriced himimlfnside house -- whae arning abavt ththinvestigation this morning. . happeninnow...rch pirates are at it again. what you c do o keep yourse protecd fr thi"all t co c cme." th m mning a m m topens fire a aa nufacturin fire at a manufacturinin pla killing four people. the latest on the alleged gunman. nofrom your breaking news leader, this ikktv 11 news thisorning. llo.o.o thanks for joining us
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) wewel get to your ather in just a second but first we wt t b bin wit is have an1 brking news alert. while you wererereeping... a suspect t% heading to jaiaftetean hours ng stand off wititlaw enforcement in souern colorado neighborhood. barrrred himself inside colonial drive. thats near untain mesa r ad and mesa fountain. thats wherwe f fd 11 news rerter gin posito. gina, what are you learning? yes, deputs arrested t t suspect, identified as vid brimer, just autututhoho o. werereold the swsw team entered the me and found brimer in a basement closet behind some clotots. thisll happpned justefore 2 o clock thth moing. the elaso unty sherifis offifiel
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locate bririr because he had 3 warrrrclududg kidnapping, ,&,& d assault a deadly y apon. deputiesonsidered him to b erous. swat, unin polici anan lolodo sings polole we called i i helelget e susuect he fome. talked with thsherfs ofce abobo how careful l enforcement inse situatis to make s se no one gets hurt. "jac!uelininkirby, pios epcso " these thinin can be very volatile anso we take as long as it needs to have a se outcome anhopefully th w wl he case day." d e tuatiodid end acacli. surrornding mes have b bn evacuated during tts s ococs... t t told sherifif fice notmilio theme theyan returnack t tir hes. liveven.... gi espito,o,ktv, 11 news. remember, u n st on p p totoy's 11 breakininnewswsith h the 11 news mobi ait's freeo load, just check
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w a ok atotoy's forecaca. y friday! mpatates are@ ch this s s ing in the tuen 20s a a ss the reon. we have inlnln and d ph. we are warming up today... highll reach r the mid 50s upper r s thih aernoonlo with pley of sunshe. t tay through the weekend look grere if you've been n iting g r some weafafr r r et outdoors! saturday looks to be the warmest 70 it t ll bbreezy to igigly windy at timis s o... this w w wbrbrg in the concern focrititalire ather so tdburnrng on turday is not t goododdede a fire wtherwatctcwill go into e et late saturday mni f papas of s colorado. our next chance sooisture arrive monony ght to tsday... that wil al bring wh aool down r tuesy.y.ight now it inot looking too widespread or signgngnt.
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next week. a look at yoyoorni comomte withthames brown. no majaj problemfor your morning c#mmute. light volumum ofraffff. . st a a west of the springs rraffic moving smthsououolowing t tough some of the constctareaea no problems to denv or eb for r ve traffic condions s urs a y, goo traffic watch on our web annel l your next affic das coming up in 1nutes. happing now-- popirates are ck at it in one locaneighborhood. . e thieves steal packes delivered to hohos. in t ts video, you c see car pulls and a wowon gets o o and takes the package. it happen wednesday near f vntain and powe in n colora springs. homener thinks t t thiev were watchinghe m ml uck. said he caught them on camera stealing the
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was delilired. cesar r rda, package stolen8:07:50 "it is frustrating becacae you expect to gee thinin you o oer online for your daughter and t tn suenly it's not there. somebodololit." wesked shipping carrrr how they combating this probm. p-s and fedex say you can sign up to getean a art your phonwith the`eelivery time. . u can instantly y routut yoackage if you willllot be home at that te. fedex so suggests that you deliveve. but they say mospeople do not do that. this morning-- investigators are still trying to fifyre w a man sta shting at people as they workeded four than a aozen otherare e rt. it hapapnenenevterererin kansas. 38-yold cedric ford opened fifi at an excel inrieseslantntn the of f hesston. ford, who rdly wo at the plt, w lar killedy lice. . "he yellededey, and ththoom,m,m,& boom, bo and proceeded to go inhe building."
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local orories e inininigating. the latest -- on an unbelievable storor police say a wowon took over anotheroman's identi...for fououyearar we firstold you u out t woman n lena winston. e'cing charges f entiti tft. in the past four years records show she was arrested and senthrough the urt system veratimes, all while using somee else's ne. we tracked down the vict, whwh says h%h wallet was st during a trip colorara riris.s. tiffany y rt/identit y yheft victim 14:167 pretty sure e's s re she's dononth ijuststaven't found " wipe: josh bliss/financial crime unititetectivespd 13:39:45 n 2012 when she came upothe victims wallll and found thehe victim had eryththg in that wallll to makeew life e r hehe winston isow ifederal custododand facing seveval charges incling ng fradulant taxes.
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a ke abnormality affecting the e ainsof people w th down s sdrome. doctors in bostotofound geneti anges inin whe mamaer that a,terebrain n devevepmpmt. t ty hope the findings mayayeld d rget new eatments. wewere working to find out just how effective thiseason's flu vaccine is rit w. the cdc sasa so fafa it's workinininetet wl. they sayayhis season's vcine cu the chance of getting the flu by nearlql 60-perce. that mes ione of the most effectiveveve vaccines in recent year by ct t on flushot onlreduced the risk by justst0-percenenhappening now-- puerto rico's fure mayaye up in the air.the treasury dararent says the isisould see a partial government stdn congress s& doesn't act soon e u-s territhas 72-milon dollars in public debt and has ked washinon for a bail-out, but s/ farthing is in the workrk also happpni nowiranians
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w parliame and asssmbly'she b bresponsie fo oosiheext sueme leer. wf'll let you know whax happens. w morning-- idenenobamamsays his fir job as a teenager scoopi ice ataskin roins s ught him valu lesso about hard rk and responsibility. thpridenposted about h rst mmer job on linked.. a busins- cuseal netwkiit a is now cngn buness to recrt,@ trn anmentor tnagege for their first jobs this suer. right now ininstigatorare looking into ahase a deadly gunfit. coming up on 1 1news this s morning we have detailon what led d` to aot-oul police in one colorado neighborhood. but first-- a former police officer is acsed of murder in a southern corado ln. we're looking ahead to what's happpping incoday as we get closer to o thof h h trial r the eaea..mily roehler is loo ahead everytngououeed to k kw
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happy fray! tempatures arere illy this mornrng ininhe teens to 20s across the region. we havmain cleaeaskies and windbetween 5 and mph. we a a warmrmg up todayay. highs wili reach fofothththd 50s to upper this afterno along ththlenty of
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weekend lo great if yove been ing fofosome@ weather to g odoors! sasarday looks to b% t wararst day win the 60s and iwill be eezy to slightly windy at times too... this will bring g t cononrn for criticalire weather so outvoor bubuing on sardrd is not t good idea. a fire weather watch will go into effect late saturday mornini f parts of s cococodo. our next chance for some moisture maarrive mony nighththtotouesd... that will l so bring with it a cool down for tueuday. right
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despread or significant. we'll warmrmrmk k and dry out for the middle of next wk. look a ayour morning commute
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things still loong g gd for your morning mmute. powers b vd. is thehe busiest roadway. things are picking up on the south d.5 minunus through t/t/6 47 minutes to denver. 3939inut to pulo. for ve ticicontis 24 hours a y, go to trficicatctcon our web channel your ne traffic update is coming up in 10 minutes. happing today-y- thisisormer poli oicer w w icourt. james ashby accused of second degree murder. he wasorking for the rocky ford police partrtnte time. ja jacacez had just tome h he from a nig of babyttinin october of 2014. investigators y ashby barged into cquez' home and shototimthe back. ththfoer officer says he thought jauez wawaa burglar.
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inouou. with a s%sden resignation, a lol hi-school sketetll team is looking r a new congngtaff comi uppon 11 news ts morning... what the fr head coach is sayiyi autut his departure only days befofo the teamtatataa off run.n. but t t t-- ght now investigators are looking into a ahasesend a deadly gunfight. we h he details on what led d to a shoototut
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neighbhbhood. branann thinks best foods is heaven in a jar. th's bau ourur ingrednts me from...
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blend th ingredient ke cage-free eggs. mmm. heaven. real ingredients. that's howowre working to brininout t e best. s w)w)wr, you havevehe power to o al. bebeuse your purchase ofof vaseline intensive care lotion, suts t vaseline aling prect. join us to helelmillions in crisis healalheirirmin. lcomback to o news this morning. here's livivlolo at...cacan cityty itit anan i'm ?? " right now -- suspectcts dead d another in n custody...a.tetea confrontation with police.e. it happened earlsterday morning.g. about two hours north
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police were call out to check on a sususcious vehicle.e.two men ran from the scene. onon thehewas quickly arrested. police say the second suspect wading for sevevalouou, re eing gunfire with li. the namef the suspspo ed, and thofficers involved have not beeneneleased. the d-d-s office@end o osidede police agencies are now w vestigg. let's se things ck o or to meteororogist emily roehler. happppfriday! temperatures are chil thihimoing g he teens to 20s across the rereon. we have mainin clear sksks and winds bebeben 5 apd 1010phwewere warming up today... highs will@ reach for thehmito upper 60s this afternoon along with plenty of sunshihi. today through the weekend d d great if you've been waing forosomeme weather totoet outdoorsrssaturday lookshuo bebe e warmest day with highs in the 60s and 70s. it wi be bree to
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this@will bring in the conrn r critical fire weather so outdoor g on satuay is noa good idea. a fire weather watch will l i io effect latsaturday mororng f f parts s colorado. our nexex chance foror some moisture may arve monony night into tuesday... that will also bring with it a cool down for tuesday. right now it is not looking too wiwispread or significant. we'll warm bac and dry out for the middle of next weeee a look at t ur m mning commute with j jes brown. incrcrsing traffic volume e ound wn. . no major delays so far. 21 minutes oncademy through town. 35 minutes on wers blvd.d.raic is moving smomohly y denenr and pueblb. r live traraic conontions 2424 ursra day, go to traffic watch on ourureb chnel at your next trc upupte is
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it's a new day for t t tral industry in soutrn lorado. coming up on 11 2 ws this morning... what a local airport is offering asast re-opens its doorsrsos avelers. still ead- at a fmer high schoo baskskball head cocch is saying about hisudden resignation asasis teaea starts a plaff run. you see breaking nene calal our tiplinanytime
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lcome back to 11 news thth morning.g. here's a live lookok at.monument. anan . i'm ?? " the latest now, about the susuen resignatioi/of an entire high school girl's basketball coaching staff.@ itit hapapning at pine c cek high s soooo jususas the
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thgirls' head coh nny van-doesn't t ink what's happened in the department i fair@ro the stutents or e other aches. he ss he's thankfufor the time he spent aching. . district 20 would not gi any details ubout e sudddd resignations. the he coach emailed us th statent, saying quote-- "//it's ve unfortunate timing but 's what e hool felt best to do it t e mont. as faf athe rumors about w w andeople attackininmy character, #i am extremely d of the wo i i i in e la c cpl monthshsith the kiki a a that something none can n keke awaw no er how h tr f athploff f me ysketbalal coacng sff wl be filli in. w thisorora cal airport is celebrating its grand re-opening. eat lakes airlinesess bringing back connecting flights fr pueblblto denver. cutting ceremony to kick off its service with the rline. thealal opepep%a restaura and modethe terminin 48:3:318 j jn gi
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we're trtrng to drive traffic in general just more use of the airport sosoe'llll be@lking fororntntand other ingsgshat might be coming." right now, they have one flight per r y but are e okokokto add more in n e future. . . take aook at t tstnew w deo of lion cub and mom at the pueblo zoo. is l ltlguy is just six ees old and loveveto play and snuggle withomom the zoo is havavg a a a ng contest fo hihi they are taking ideas through rch 1212....go t tpueblo z z doorg to senenin your suggestions. ght now... a two year o is reveri, afafr a hospital visit. she waadopd froq china)wh a adly liver condition. getet new l s`ead t t get to a hospitain chicago.. bua snow srm cauaud thth canclation of hundreds of flightsts john carroll - fily y ied e d, lititally, hundndds of memphians tryingngngfigu out how to help.p. fedex x ped in -- they put the toler on a car a dede that mamahave hd
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now, familand friends are anxiously y itinfor the little girl l o brought a big city r r. right now a california cple is celebrating 70 years together as husband wifefe ed shevick@is 93 and his wife florence is 91. they met in chicago in the '40s ... and love to tell the story about the first t mehey cocoected in a row bobo. they credit their longngity to thfact thahathey follothe e same rituaevery y ght: "we don't go tbed withouou kissssg ea other." the happcoupup says they've walked holding g nds nearar`r day for ththlastst0-years. ey have two kids, one grandchild -- and a recentlylyorn grea grandchild. new today... a uninirn is back home safe this morng. ta l lk at juliette... she's a 20 year old pony who ends a l of her ti posg anicoor pies in cafornshloosr r s, runni
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clososto traffff, still wein her icorhorn. eventually, highway y trol officers were ab to o tch her. juliette's owners say they are making some changeto make sure e dodo not get loose again we are staying on p of an 11 breaking news alert for you this mornini. neighbors s rced from their homeseaftea man barricades himself inside a aome. coming up-- the e tete on the investigatioio right t w.w. it's final friday! a cold start to the day. emily tells us if warms up this weekend. james brown
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weom t tis mo hda mpures ahith
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tetes toto0s across the giononon we h he mamaly clear skies and winds between 5 and 10 m m mwe are waing tay..hi h for thmis to uppes isereron a with plenty y sunshine. dadathrough the weweend look great if you'veveeen waiting fofosome weather to get tdoooo! saturday loo to be the warmest day with highs in vhe 60s and 70s. it will bbreezy to slightly w wdy a atimes too... this will bring in the concern for critical f fe weheheso outdooooburning on saturuay is not good idea. a fire weathth
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satu morning fartsf s lo. ounext ce fo so m msture may vey night into t t. thth will alsosoring with it a cool down for esday. right n it is not lookokg too wideread or significant. we' warm back up and d y out t r rhe middle of next week. a look at your morning comomtete wi jes brown. nononjor p pblbns for your mornrng g mmutut light volume e of traffic. eaststnd west of e e rings traffic moving smsmthly. some slowing throughsome of the cotruction areas. problems totoenver or pueblo.& for live traffic conditions 24 hours a da goo traffic tch on o web channel qt your next traffic update is coming up in 10 minutes. ave an 1eakis alt. we'rgeing our first at the suspect arrested after an hours long stand off with law frcement t southern lorado neighborod. we're told this man, dam brimir, barricaded mself inside a ho#on the 7 7 block of conial drive. tpats near fountaimesa boad and mesa rge parkway in fountain. thats ere e find 11 news reporter gina espoto. gina, what arereou learng?
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spspt, i entified as david brer, , stbout an hour ago. were told the swat team entered the home andndound brimer in a babamelosese nd se ots. this all happened ststefor o clock k is morningng e elelaso coco sheriffs s office tells me thewere attempting locate brimer because he had 3 warrants, including kidnapping, and asult t t a d ddly weapon. depupues c csidered him to be dangerous. swatatfountain polile and colorado sprinin polole wewe callele to help get the suspect t t of t t home.. i talklk wthe sheriffs ce a aut h h careful law enforcement in these situat to make sure no one tsur queline rb ps epcs dowanto st into hantakekeomod u u u to do wha to ma s s at iiteacefufusoluon r andndor s antuatn diend
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tedunghis prococs. told thsherfsice notiedhe fieto l l l th knoann back hees. li... eosit k11 news. w --oo ababt fifi dange the y weatheincreasesere dada sterday, arass fire in calhan was srt by me conn . it ed eurand mcmcy road. th's abo 45 s east o loradopr about 10bueded crs ll u uno buiings wer threate also right now -- we're working to fout whsed th grass fi. it staededesesrdayayn pepeos@,@ soutst of colorado springs. these arpictures from the e fremont coty sheriff's office. the sherf's o&fice says the fire is contained. the fire e stayed in a creeeebed and never ththatened any buiuiings. roads in the area alal reopen. ere o ocae.
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community continueueto mourn the loss o oone of their own. this afterer deadly shoot-out in park county..involving sever@ sheriff's deputies. . sterday, law enfcementnt agencies escorted corporal nate cacaiganan body inin procession. he was shot d killed wednesday while serving a "high-risk" eviction notice. two other deputies were also hurt. t t park county sherififsays at the time, his men were prefor r contation but e ea nfht. simy thtoo ou jobs schchtoaje t e f#s movo oulf t e dencef th's a ttttherth& forlrj a cdcbal operaonthey wsimply`yhere`e`eefffct aevictconnthss8-year mtin was shot as dutt%reede.@ auoritifs saheied he scsc presideneesays he believes the terrororroup& is inub. e e idensisas ed and rie last he also o ed a siaiatitial asyihe terrorohas s de emieofofalmoststveveveve. heheituauasisiiraqaq one of the mo complex the
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isil's entrenched, including in ururur eaea usisisisisienenenenlilili s s sdsdsevevevev whwhe e e e e e eeeedriven oututut it leaeas s hihihitttttt dedestation.n. obobobsasa isis is n n w w wngngngngng arts mindsdsdsththth obama says i is s not w wning hearts andinds in the middle east, and is under intense pressure. the president's comments c ce as "cessation of hostilities"s"oes inin effect in watorn syria this weekend. isis and o oer terrogroups are not t rt of thatatgreement. now to a story that is creating a heated debate in washington this week-- ththpresident is pushing to ut down guantany nouncing his plan to close the prison. our shington bureau corresponden t alex miller joins us live this morng. al what's thlatest response from congress to the president's plan?
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they've banned the administration from spending money to transfer prisoners to the u-s. and secretary of defense ash carter says the administration needs congressional approval to close guantanamo bay. what once had bi-ptisan support now has become an extremely partisan issue. and of course the president can use executive action on this as well. he says closing gitmo could lowecosts by 85 million dollars each year. the are only 91 prisoners left35 expeed tbe transferred overseas so that leaves 40-60 to head to the u-s. but what he pegs as the bigger issue than money is the way our allies feel about guantanamo. take a listen. when i tlak to other wld leaders they bring up e fact that guantanamo is not resolved
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a ecic site to move prisoners to. but many members of congress are frustrated especially those in south rolina, colorado and kansas because their states may possibly be forced take in these prisoners. thanks alex. happing now -- on the campaign trail -- publican presidentl candid turn eir cus back to super tuesday states. the candidates took part in a heated debate last night in texas. marco rubio and ted cruz took turns attacking frontrr, donald trump, on immigration, healthcare, and taxes. cruz: donald, you cbn get back on your meds now. trump: this is a lot of fun up here tonight, i have to tell you. donald relax i'm relaxed. you're the basket case close to six hundred delegates are up for grabs in ne week's contests...nea rly half the total needed to clincn the nomination. looking ahead-- to saturday's democratic primary. hillary clton and bernie
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to minority voters the two will face off in a south carolina primary this weekend. a recent poll shows clinton leing sanders among black and hispanic vo.u. nearly t to one. sandcaaigned in chicago last`tight.hitting the former cretary of sn her vote for the iraq war and campaign n nances. we'l$llet you know wt ppen on saturday. this morning -%- a universityrofessss caught @ trying to intimidateteournalisis during a campus protest is now out of a job. university of missouri's board of curators voted to fire melissssclick. click, w w seen on v veo last jourvrlili. . . the journalili wasasryininto film a protestver alleged cism at the university w w whe was coronted@b her. she hahahance b en charged with thirirdegr assault. we're taking a look at h t an n evererday y em is the e urce of b very scary situaua in a cal ighborhoho coming u uon 11 newswshis rninin it'sart ofn 1111all fo acti investigatiti.
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all learn from one family's trito t t ememgencncncnc. but fifit... fofoer cheadg ininruruor tas a a eal l l ourt what's next for a man who says he's guilty of assaulting a girl he once coached. the sun is just starting to co in southern colorado. emily is back with your complete frfrfr fececec jajabrn hahaan up tohe minute chehe o o o o momo drive. ahead on c this mornrne' talkith marco rvbibi about his lentlele attac on donaldltrump in last nightht ery bate. ananspikiklee in studio 57. we'll ask him about the la of didirsity atathe oscscs anhis new documenty onon mimiael l ckson. the news is
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seven. is the`economy rigged? well, the 15 richest americans acacired more wealth in two years than the bottom 100 million people combined. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. my plan -- make wall reet b bks and the ultra-rich pay their fair share of taxes, provide livingages for working people, ensure equ pay f f women. thehmidd clcsc will c c cnue toispepepe unlesse levelthehplayininfield.
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happy friday! temperatures are illy this s rning in t ens 20s a aoss ththregion. we have lyly cleaeaskies and wiwes betwee5 anananph. re warminup today... s wiwi reach r the mid 50s to upper 60s this afternoon along with plenty of sunshine. day y rouguguge weekenlook g gat if you've been waitinininsome weweher r r etet ououoors! saturday looks to be the warmest
5:43 am
slightly windy at times too. this will bring g the concernr& for critical fe weather so outdtdr burning onon saturday is not a good idea. a fififieather watctcwillo in effect late saturday m mningngor parts of s colororo. our n nt chance for some moisture may arve monday night into tsd... that will also briri with it a cool down for r esda right noit is not t oking too widespread or significant. 'll warm back up and dry out for the mimile of
5:44 am
a lo ayoyo morng commute wiwi james brown. thin still looking goofo yoyrorning coe. powers blvd. is the busiest roadway. things are picking up on the south end. 15 minutes throroh town. 47utes to denver. 39 minutes to pueblo. . r r rtraffic ction24 uru a a y,icatctc on our web channel at yoyo nextrafffc updade i#i i minutes.
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rleang cho sexually assaulted a teenager in pre lesson. this man is waiting to fd t t w w c time he'll sentntce mell greenstet hasled d eenstreet t s a coach at "colorado chchr academy lstars." we talklk to he victim's dad shortly after his arrest last summer. totorotect the victim we are hiding t father's identiti. "it's didiusting it furiates memehere's no words to desesib ." eetrtrwie sentend in may, hs lili in n is. thlast numbebebereut on & the unemployment outlook in colorado. comimi u uonon1 1fws t ts rnini we'll take looat w wt gugegedicatetebout an improvovg job market in n r ate. bst- an everyryay item is theource@ of a very scarsituatatn in a cal l i hborororort't'partrt 1 1call f f action investigigion. what health experts say we canan all learn from lylylyrip p the
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ouououououomomnmnmt t t t 57575700. wetemmmmo 11 ns this momoing. we don't just serve any fish sandwich at culver's.we sve wild-caught, north atlantic cod.
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full of flavorful nutrients, ana th c c c chr iv theheisis this y ythe e y y hipjpjooururesants. nodrerere. n w w we theeeghgpqualalalcod, wewewelld-battererit the o o-fashioned way. that's remarkrbl and wewewenk we get the best fish filet sandwiwi because othat.
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elcome to delicious!" here's's livivlo a a apueblo. it's and . i'm ?? " in this 11 call for action vestigatioa rng g g pares abt`the potentnt sks of everyday itemem thth a aer a nickel sized@d@ ct aost cost a o y yb b his \j\j\j\j spokekeith ththtny'y'mama t to adad
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that -- thininine`baererer ininin r ococs s to e ee ememgency rore xay r reqled ngngous prob thm m y y t lodgdg his esophagug% 28 hoursrsrser it waremovet the crisis was far from over. the battery acid had b hoho i ihis esopguand had akakhemicalsntnthis dy. s pares nonohave@an portant mesesee fofo othefafalies. "folloloyour. struwulewith thal all e time. wish co5odadadaulda. had i just fold my g g taken him in sooner." ildrdrdrhospit i iauauau sa they average 1 n n- intnioioio button batteryngestions r
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a3cidental swawa tptp a alewont leak k chemicals inheheody. brococdoes some lolo ter colicationcn h left vocal t rdparalyzed but doctors say itl won't fect his ability to spk. ening w-- //beijijg s replaced n york theitwiththld illionaiaiai the chinese e pital ed 32 billiaires lastststr, fotalalf 0. //.e.eyoyowhich h pped the list f years, is n in secondndplac witliojojs. moscow is third, with 66, llionanbes, followegegeghongd& h h h h h ( ##shshghahahs out the t/p five, with 50 residedes worth at lea one billioiodollars. ne m mning-- accordrdg to a watch wasasasas the popupar stococngngffer that apple had hoped for. apple doest publbllylyisosos s watctc bututhe repor shple shipd abt four-point- -ne million of its smartwatchch d ding the st thr monthof 201ack
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convinifd dhe wah uld be one of the top gifts of the holiday. applplplplno cnt on th port. ews e mamamamaehogogog on a majororountaiaicocococong up on 11 mews thirng at you c expect if you'r headadwest on i-7070 rough thththene of a massisi rode. but first. the late numbersreut o o the unemployment outlolo in cocorara wel ta[e[e l l l l whahathe f%gures s s teteteutut ng j j markein ourat wewee taking a le look osisi on this fridayay emily tes us what we cafa
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weome back. i'm dave nancarrow. sarararahwaba. happy iday! ! mpererurilly t ts moininin t teens s 2 acrososthe region. weweave mamaly clr skiks s d winds between 5 d d . we are warngngp today... highs will reach for the mid 50s to upr 606060isisftftnoon a ang with plenty of nenetoday throe weekekd` great i i you'u' beeeewaiting r someme weweher toet oorssasardayayks tb% the warmest day with highs in the 60s and 70s. it will b bbreezy to slig windy atbtbmes too... this will l l g in the concern cricic fire weweheso outdtdr bubug gn sasarday is not idea. a retherer
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saturday morning forrts of s cocoro. next chance for somemeoisture may y rive mdada night into tuesday.. that wilalso bring with it a a dowowfor tuesdad!ight now it@ts nolookokg w wispgnifififwarmrmack u ndnd out f f f mixt w w increang traff v vume around toto. no major delays so far. 21 minutes on ademy thrhh to35 mines on n powersd.d.d. is movivism to denvnv and pueblo. for r ve traffff conditions 24 urs a dada go to trtrfic wah on our web annel at your nextxt traffic update is coming up in10 minutes. the test news s t cocora ployment. thstate rates amamg e lowest in u-s- / / lorodo's 2015 unemployment te poioi ninin percent, / compared to a fivep point three percenrate for u-s
5:56 am
was the tenth west in the c cntry. . . / ththlabor rate fell from 9.4 percent inin014 4 / 7.9 pernt 2015.5. /# i iincludes people witiout job who have sought work in the past year but have stopped actioooong. happppg now..... for the t t ll dayi-70 ong glenwood cacaon has reopned to - two way trfic c c-dot opened the highwayayn both rections 10 ys a aer a huge rockslide. both lanes are on e eastund d de of the inrstatetepaars s both didi are stl inededed fifirothe e on. the ul piodiclosures er t t next montas repairs contmnue.(( new toda...a loc sururon i i i celebrating a successful surgery on his oest patitit ever. yesterday inindoctor david rry performea surgery on 102-yea old colodo springngresident jim downingngt t memorial hosostal inhe springs. he was havingini stkes
5:57 am
mr. . ings cararidrtery was 90 percent cloggewhich could haveveausese himiadditional strtres. neneis mornini... a a firefighr helps mily after re e mily hadheheower off,f,ichihin motherer lleded-1-1 to o lplpit o o so, , o o cula dydydyphy y d need to be on a ntilator. when the fire dement arrivedednd didiovered their high eleltric ll, officer r id t t r r t te bibi. . thpower was turned b bk on in timi f b bs
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11 news thisng r/tls on after r e break. it's comup on six o'clock on your friday. here's what 're e rkinonisororng. we arereracking an 11 breaeieiei
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bars for a ries of dangerous cres, , is after ing stand off with law enforcement. we'll h he e e teststn moments." us this morng... the campaigngnrailil aheaofofupereruesdayay this, aftea fourth g-o-o deba. ere lala night debebe e w some fireworks betefen publicanopefand. w wmimi back up! de p your weekend forecaca are on the wawanow from your breaking news leleer, is is kktv 1 1 1ws this morning. hello.... th for joing us tpisisorning. i'm m h schwabe. and i'i'dadad nancarrow... is s ) we start with an 11 breaki ws alert. we're ld this man, don brbrer, is behehd rsthis morning on some pretty s5s5s5s charges.s. while e u were sleeping, he


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