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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  February 24, 2016 1:35am-4:00am MST

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orri wlii t k co , , co.luarmshow are u atisfied ? i mean, ythinger sos i po c ind dr ldho. llspial inu noitbymediet. u' gole ha, je m sorry?you're golwn.t the lips?no. overd,wevegocuretime he ff for ultilyshreal shs ier po in bwirunot sshate u to khat for me, it luckyharm an i use eak.a ic bnket geus. was nnadoewaper
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th.oh ll thay you . ry. if hno t frienu cove is alw buing n't ge di eith or lyourur m ri . -- na w reke mmshr ndok? ifoul me,pice's banislang
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doing?ing rid of she'sod b :'mng ota 'me adb t,ie sa a45eaol ce he es t tir ielangtv c picem. t avmedy wattuit dadevdtonyg, so iasaibyv.'shed eristvever ce merutver evbu d lte. yount ro cock. tt ds coo hey.u ys a really dormt i've spent a quarter.
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u t t t u'efriinthpahes. pa livext door poland[speakish] ? ing rid gidb me.ave re vic vis. . rr in p[bin guel"gidbr"?d t defiomech wo i mso,yodohao enl rit?
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whatust toer? bri frimy sorant. [sindi] song?rote ither.are yo to me? ing to g wihem ly t who hogs the spotlight and ea tgeit you're jealo wh maybe on e skin, pum be b ismnipple editgingagonlythr .
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, tallyou'igu' l heret dafter youe unn e'thght.donehisyo help.eay uld'vemore scho.memberpretendee my bah. m y.right. ah.i goeady.oy, have tou. dix ing.
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x is bur]. nookudents. i think bn to this da you partnersnonohave appendi ohertehu to beith yo . i'll see you re hetoin gotet yto ae di. mye's he elawnst p.ea wa s a ? ce.ngyou. , edgo ,
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t's nd oa-aru ngbodyu c ider me shhtinorld otxi
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heot r ctoribinab heike. csh id s w,h gatbuckate aichgewe twopi h g llim le s sh.ves ki b iridu him.awhe tewof jf' ollfutite lk atyo sli.nothay tedpe wroow, uise: you see ran twhre you?as therhowronka ri port k ho h ffer thhat fan od t , hd timedo gmes matter?whoo steratt ere h hewilly loare of yement he s, and it believele woram say.but you'eoe nde su
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anks can rn tck o[groanucetitiaraftthese like- it. i madetc icatopticlnserat inthine? y coyou'wful sy. all ose inrtment evy day, whendingay our hair, yoand ink:ugony
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do you are the rst.ah, ea sorr m ou a co of sponsors. first off isndersept lay off brtashe malkust got off rneathow she's a mmo worran. edn.late snakes. wh--? [crowd cheerg]
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yed ayiea an beou tceed thisaea nanat bado you guy an i want hada
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?ye, co, ks ng p'c bma w sd ug smes a ft p-poon hipantpoo iny he lwhat cdrd and .w yo m smelat h to pel on canigh realhe wor was beff wme in th. ring you move aot and i'm looking yowod've been finewith me staying forever? p. you're pretty cool, abed. you're a huge nerd. thks. all: p p pierce, youe i'yeah, song's pe, pce, yo womaea:comeit for mall:ierce, piee
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l: rce, piercou'r ughn: re some good nhtgreendale! threion for thct is overwy positive seodyn ptect tual rep l w efe wks. thatmend
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soamy n if al at yomer secosiheg ur cnt oh, . uessr mom d my. ll i kis we'ated y't gm anat's oice.
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e co. dr, ple pan- lt fat
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ttaby a.oh!- n'hahaeert .at- lere f iresweinwe.anar wng yplonh shcrm]c ty fy, huh? o. ieae boxig gi they're th ones hold numbs. , seisy we text t .h buers oxngahwe, do anth'shye av thosme he sa wy. - ouoy because wdoesn't
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t do some this. - noall .- ok, 'ritic's pasndountonnohepe t f aur]- kie it pyo, llngnn. e ard wahi co t -rwhs mysh, tor gh otisthcl y h h picoo anheee op.- !oh"oh"ea wargogai, a n g he sty uetthaner ioveds youw, golly je - alli help. assic llllo, dr. perryyes,t the ch hep thr fry me we son ort- as,e on tieapol at oratruan
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p'plans.ding, ngcoer one save ml. [l guys g vty?- gottthfirs 8 g somro ammehe runut o omebsae cop,p,ea nty on thelade bloh h la ihu ms sokr th iembeahth tpoyt isla is theacec.
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maybce n'insoell lfaeranthisnhitance veoam gbeege roheev kw h. eser id it .e. . wte'pa, t 2opheto toorbe iharnno - ouetnyor u'rehe netr um cnioor, cker-pof kodeaccean, im videcomscreen wremomacupawimp ne 3oome femembe 30,98eatral r the rig- oh! ohwait! m bmight let t. eith-- - oh, in it, sh [click] al fanfa- guys. are fine s du here, st hmp or soas thecefue in t,
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be in e , t co the damn sorry toburden on guys, bus allnow.- oh- - o'rha helah as itden yw is rebinstudy ory drm,ay. i tknev wir m noth rso sey fe - win'lke s d kitoch isla h bnduedn nt,d rt hean room? 's n s o m.
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m rywhdi y msoup wme sif k ate, u'ob cmecry - oneonnacaouer. u'ro ou i th d- oh- d ace minghroump becaad i , , ds buha, ew hedsi c?cerypiyogobeidnge! ithsc-d ispengo peopleffju p anme t wee her d - . nttonyore ts iv- nvei'su astno sexlilerl -- n itham.
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rac mus urnein k?ort ble.orting a better seat. or let's accidt. ce, ap s d anp willlp y maybe oea l ea lthst auto ande world
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dn't mor at ll - wikeabov sorrahady ten. ng . f we erso tlie. whatrd is ata liersod hewitharents,nto his 60th they died, d 'se, hrink-y - we can- exac in oner, always - no, becaossible wa yocould meworse ticing on a cadk - th has gott. sh i didn't had skins] ansiin - la i, t, la thedjecs.- ean- now,ows e chfoa red nook
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regfu nmallheck nigand. cy g keeps hiwtie by hiyeesh. tablr siy - brit, stop awering phones. how ipiswhere thcodes are?don't. that's what? igte big o most we donour revere so u old bag r mber [wind - m rially believe gho- i dojust ck to leout. eve n haunt unresved esin t p yeah, t ises n't tu intghos. mae pice eyave er a h d se rislunedusesthadt veeyan tr 'shatmas them dd. it t lino oose t hntcoelswabaly a d s thg.anceee sri in tt idd,ceisutidansa "cr myad w?
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wopr s, br,using to intoman, so this is whatlike. oh! an [dc] - ] moa buber,wold tagai "phae'idr "?pl.
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edif tuppo p tviethate th i lio ndth d w sca m thefcaotecte hagcabuin [bzi s aa[gps] teeferceorhoi' bed by tcok beforeare we goi - okay, maypent
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thcere closet,t 's defitelneer - you ipped this doon't need to erprobabstonf morrah. - e's spec never luse itause he ks i'm ald.ld-- 'sginng m il no , get ofrewhveansecrogohy.con. rgouaw tt,th ftknhaas - t,ouon tme pice'telmei ve no w ggl nevernow. beevme,ti bllo who it wesh w expncte hopesn'ke y fl pres - pr- ll hertatis.
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mind. sfied with[door ]- [gasattling]ndwhaaaa-- whoh. - i a i rnedroun d he dispe. - i ld you tner lem out ousi th gle hsans.e gna? - dot ow t he .he pbaalrey okg r . ohwe, at hin inarow . us pys - gh, di, flou ywre - n havday ises you geo tes.- is fit be t. says t dent. t a u wao thisnfgurwcoulevfrngunik. nevndke pe. n'u? , em g im en't? e yonna ke doihat? - am e wothert?
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ncdiagilt oiutsome dre.piceseadmiof epice h wle paifggg for ra ofisatr'apov.. maybpiceee d.i dot.- n't u?opha ayif ieedaadw ihase eroreeks thslhtesurtoalm? yofoyo dadi? ihe!- remberth sw wa abt mmitcoeghiinnotathfi ss,enory e rrin cool matisic]
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ounding]s enidg e st contuexh- re torli go, t not forgiv. cou otis wldbent [dramac muc] tl hno a c. cet os- t wo ede. i fe yb sd bk to t indoor ing om. - indowi at's riduls.mee' brmp brk ing iouinonbritwhi au gtle apoach to pnaly
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g cohey, cut i nging]yore e. laer] [rumg] - lllo w ceawngm t li lk qte bsk. fo! - i tng tu, anni it's sy y yon too- oh sp it stsweoo. hi you - bend. - nds!nosueryou're goi
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[scrng]l t, prce,tu off yhad e! al - h!aaohmyod er ide
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i e e te y is nse? plon't d lyore t wutee]oh wh.. ha- athe hi toy ad 'lh aly prce - - n't ce mu g tovis y ou. yodn akhad e tea a lesso- 'sxalywh wpeed - r 's er ckatidt vi ydi hhe - er yeen?
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- bed n latrt. so good mges take t was so ea few shcouple ocks. ttleltlls, d cinshor - was prey imve paulthadfiatouep. w,t re a d-t perfore.islarm bngemncy lockwn whoi?- dn he , oupi.pee dthno owyoexth- obasso to hyouwistragot. uh-uevartonwas rd no. eronlyone exatio i le fode pran t reed to md prablychs r gog th in r gp u ? - 'tthorpi eye t re. pi, i pg a agery thur
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eaat o i ysel nohe'ld eeh! mes puhincoroe ide. ea tofutohp]- i be somassistan all: g t aryou doing inwell, technihoe.afour fathme sole inhetosix houses aed submarine. at? ck me - , i toe but d orrivalyou we. ced il doo tookt inpa the overduels aced figul ell, wixksgo. sobeivt lee? ye m asme s ifimorusss h a dcuissi.
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th preeerng ce pie y lipose, thatbediscern frie i must apoloye, pices a load oclean so in ter. - git, wt. wt. okvelyinadd, d neean e t vi h .. [s] , i s i cod usea ma will t beythie, ber? - ohh.- ve fy. teki ihapphaowee
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- oh's nicwhas all tsks? - don't kndowant to. - fair enough. hey, howbout why? to do wha and whe?- thinyou owecspacete. u'aytalkabit. eveea fu e. ohe yosuwao? ss tylow. the rsspdnti-tl. atoufi.afteght rle ngewi k loing ow - rry inedyoht - ned my n
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i ve sunfinish busit home[mw pop si [pine rig]e n roductrwheglti.sens protely owme see pair & protect. til nicbut if peand au meetr seou he'sing ouur in ae mo y om... kated.if you don m. anda ever , pre.
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2:35 am
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te ndalwee al ab ar i--ooovl stle athere s aminco , ae mpac .itsnte firayeen.'sgee mazi fre tor looomnet olcathe,get your own woanuriro incy in p. a iracil rkoseigh .
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ose kill, yound mothe s wantheth woart. ndt tifiesigtoyocoik fosin ur uerdd, s obls.inco s featt'guan ghe syst ndero or it c ge calorie-user core ould e it.'s smpinwo, m, as
2:38 am
interloc andiodiach thann 4 ris.towo ith e oror mir o y t ue tarekojust a >>re srt h re it held onmy mi, reutt' mh futonnouig orll, yo oldor d in w justia hpeti for look cle si de nd y're fo
2:39 am
lp bk ever or l ca abso mjule resistance also mns d d take it with a tout thant an insmu ore re x t s to, lobltit. arwionndaythmir neer cart abuc tpo s ct s, agh
2:40 am
ene o r-cis keh-tollasabonane that'vways wdo wif th sm t-bl esi excaui gcomiorde.t onan ae srt s s. e ndor l.atig th theondere syothe rkt that you'v been looking for ait takeso
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2:42 am
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2:43 am
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inciseivthe alrie-bltist timi wonder beliit 'sh yet wa, xtas get such a annoue secr th corsmsingepateesign. hasrly hi terlocng sgs a acde cedeinpoofeswo i d erreeror yoreth regemoti, ng tltim cokostheonrt b
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2:48 am
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kin letiito dr sotoisfl on smau'fina ablrans entds youtireer thave log on to findwoarwnfo95 cl ghe'u. ight -epaym$ oc. 'sll usnde ti s uiatws yxa ecrm eex, wesend tidackeths fbo
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2:52 am
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2:53 am
s pr cene, e ca- mod, yerfothe wa to aand .eralwo aftg , gseit, >> iuc lts r humy son worki t th adj n >> nows logvedoy.nn erorart, ytg, -toninrkouat ye en lng fnd issha to enisooreu'fiblfo urndrrey eru' amose. tonr srt edree. hpe te my dsmys,nd noonavi en s,s to
2:54 am
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2:55 am
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2:57 am
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2:58 am
g e waouerbeanerguantethnuwa nowov,es cctedltanito st 85ssmo >> tuwoven isa way-saounn: nuveha--atny o s tttimie ven pr nus e ve sted thea
2:59 am
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3:00 am
faap. l >> ni>> n>> ar a he thald heresoow tgom p .. jo ... >>e yond you t oun' >n't fran irt thet, n..ti 13 m goo. , ree.nue wan! hang bilanm ano at>>t'it w ke a lk s.wep r meap certo h te chn n abs o. w it'shed, o.
3:01 am
thisatrigh o tatay. l tha he i'let ziam i>>s ou io ,wathgo n isinezha aln nus. btangngom fzestat aookeste ckwave youodsaor cr, . e oeean! [laeithis mea >> ad lle heam r tog s doi amexhthe tope qund the rd-bthom
3:02 am
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3:03 am
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3:04 am
ro-td faerer, mon maintaealt it'or p the p onunc!omry ns erisusrin. t s socoientatlthyasoduick ounc: ow kiwiadt neng plet oitrollba, raan a fl an nota miav coner silyok t d sa oo t50faerinheavovsnesaitde
3:05 am
aly,tioney profhef oven tgritchve earm j aouerd ncwa opr sh nd nuve on betendomede tillnethamwan lyouf 9.uw proqu e,ooovip af,thd an v.. ,
3:06 am
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3:07 am
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3:08 am
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3:09 am
oe, d oigca t[ n ththe w s ou fory w do i?"liker applmark. t p c an loinedancombeshealrd tc ndti ats iedily fs rf thven. hot enstngroy e entehe f
3:10 am
nis usse thatganthise small unit thitia, eap ve haesutn mewi te itprenve 5r en eseroo eyalvipar i >>he>>ce ne s de c bus in
3:11 am
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3:12 am
stol levse i ltnyiran td okwi thvelm20nt ol dsn bo f t navov.>> 1potsn chtestusav tomcogeli ity hethdaore meitury d s.t ie erasd. av inrene
3:13 am
ancan toenthnoeh e nu cooks yous fa, beheier sigu>>hi itll t nred ennncotvect d arowanokfo omin cks50on is dissafe, clseconds. the nuhas beenommeed and wellness club. >>t's anit.g
3:14 am
the $395e omeskihecipektas ovipatf,coinane av in.omh opboe- free onentofth meajumesyou sa borecdoney anve supremkiis ovndelicioy .wae wa aser
3:15 am
chgetts tand whr morea thdrinmache that erusout yatmo heor d e wanyoight uouxpss shi s offteay wupade urreumnuwavemodel for de, freca.azr d , orr now wel ium nu
3:16 am
bos.paiseachr urlf f accas onet fspomot st o 'lt yonu osk-fre d60 a90 if ylellnu ngoven pro this wi sciisly offeis not ailab istores must alskut the 1ecng k-m nuveing send exteerg crea t
3:17 am
ulerevt prk ve a as-ve var 9.ques vmithisffavbl, ist!nd .] y. annuwa o tjuorf bied the enodth meout of ra joto wwith.ugvemallndit's gotki s ovokh, yeah!
3:18 am
enitableoa-s nal >>hy te pferm rooms, e r. peveyo bmekeanffieppan it all br an ngt h reniusthvecausof e pan clp u ha coong e ytveed ve. you hei, p tae nu mak> mm-hre. >> ath noit cg ses heural juices but itan h re
3:19 am
de, eaennu oeadbe.we m fro gasre he n oy tith eir coy ri ene t
3:20 am
sot nce yomood givu morgy,kebe>>r ac- i t inome >> sgus atthisa fe. efor thgivi, e30pl.. >30[lt it tet. rp. fi,juweavheooweotraache. ju aou ngn 1d rkvee doneha. > y. l..t,u tcistcis a
3:21 am
>> r, 'v tu in your> ..ntm-..oulook a ouheyou'ovth 1undh thte..t chesfela o. mb, r ib. how much i gnape pmeib happens b ifot m>>e we o'sstsl b lghs]t ps ce nt tis p>>caerisveanhe smsthir
3:22 am
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3:23 am
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3:24 am
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3:28 am
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3:29 am
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3:30 am
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3:31 am
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3:32 am
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3:33 am
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3:34 am
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3:35 am
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3:36 am
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3:37 am
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3:38 am
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3:39 am
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3:40 am
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3:41 am
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3:42 am
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3:43 am
acid benefits combinomega xl capsule. green-lippus extraced extracti fay y than os pudcentra oreasyswule.s. vironment pa. whdoe want to take a suha that could doven re myather d. >> b tha probab my, my, many ars o when there wth controls and tre was the
3:44 am
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3:45 am
f n-lipp mualwaysle inn to andst, thti prit howa siter-crittractihat gives yo22 times egidthanilturaanti-inflammator power that is packed green-lipped mussel is so amazing that back inhe '60s en nasa researchedt, dfi aches anins from evedayd join. ve swn thata xl irelievinnd the satioitic ift to finfl and p stay with
3:46 am
rs aown airsavine s whas ars >>as tsoware apran w ti an. e ppusfouneffi pduzing >> startrodu, and yoap>> aer: ega xl is thsy.xl offers 0-da moy- gua fro te frderl ri nllbole oom aoluty wyourirer egpupohintd la ao-allopsul gatrol of>> welelcomek. i'm yot,dorothy mvery
3:47 am
u know, when wgo to nn thero atl le changed this. i meanyou and i tt'utou're th way. you talk about the lives you canch ath ministry. >> i know. >> i m ts ni >> this is your ministry.he corn fields ossri i saidorwe?"aughs ]>> iaiis cowlaug kw. ade itnext destinn. de i next plac we talto them tega >> andh --e's ou ve succompas forcausyoknowrks. the o xl ule --ll hup h is very s anously and , evlike smalt'll. ou can it wi water.low ititer.t a small, that is farean a vegeh oie.and , u can take
3:48 am
chuckles ] 20 of the me type offficiency. i want to juut thein hand. i ve b na show yoatlook like. 2 oma xlsules or y have tsh oil ca you're .look t >> ntaucklursew, to tail viously are going to get tharp hi you don't want. ose.imagine if you do ese a , thatyove to for 0 sh osus. pcteg, s anhure of ousands ople'sivwhhoininouharit sads thousop f we th walli w view aee ncneabout ei
3:49 am
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3:50 am
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3:51 am
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3:52 am
lothetfo. y inybca mbuinheam e phaneg" bot "beane d." >>l, iyou'ea f luo yoain,hiis the come nd. e it's aomega xl.s ve y >> this is it's virtlly onof a kind.l ofnoal. i don't careu're a a greball p bel tball onna all b in ing. weelie braker r's work. [ cles. we bee inet. u in y u. yy li sysm th,er thri, thsc be o x th w omel y ag but if s hervendio -- lars -
3:53 am
s edery. th somhihaop doreale. woral lon worweu'd tohink tu can thou wan the weekend, gdening, 's workingf's fishings plin ith yourdchireyet th c.bul, peopitn'p t k>> w? lln leav eengisde maf he an,t,hor.ane y om llthatn tak ega than f nighslee pe at t
3:54 am
meerin ud e tn tthe, a ansttokard ews, bsea noow it works.u.l, i love haviving ken here, t o ht n.t just gt yor xlcenflammory thhte ouback, le, anoverl , ivyoht ee y le pn,ounk let egxlvield pre yo qtyf . ousiinarou t ho c ll n, and ecvelea frityo fer ti n jo t hdrofhoan
3:55 am
osamonan.thou heedethly a noyie te ta l nforpr. omegxl irentd cete tior all,eaw a evg inndheym atn.omxlera 10 90-y y-uara furrd is f bsfryour fer. oms a pote conced nflay inll,eaalpsgaontrf lll tprrahaen paid an
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ve, thad g technothvep twe fast, es up to 70%s energyafer ty top. bealheav nloo precicont preson cre t-meby maing e ec teate foperfntf . llcaton r t th nec the to foontrmperatur of what oo t a t r >>w heturn atpere, oi ths no gnc: nooes give yos t aan. >>uter ie pa rnroth
3:59 am
e's nolameo tcfi, cnd er i whappen tg: the n otbut ok is n. at'shef inctinashe nan me ma ss ial is fici itnd it'. nnereit's portable, you rf rtelinrdtcgoet me as rs tmakee n?doate s sh bac>>t ov at's allasy,drou oatmrdonrk cpsor crred ste>> well,o tell u u i, you
4:00 am
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