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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 23, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MST

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>> cgr comeaining nd.>> that'sction likr."y, jeb not an amazing race justhave tha x or a n shortn exe eroulde geighe>> yepresentebyota.t'go >>come t " in" va republicans will he theisatoyn the tial race. gop candidatere to ey rac to up lastinut suprt beforeucuses.nald trumpai heavy favot ph 45 ort.marcrubi behindith a lead er tfor seco pl >>he c campas und y es afthe
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de reys i las v trum rre gafcruz degood in>> rter:d ing. wethe e candate he beenur accatio an i w such fity itouldake you tnk ty're alfighng f fstplacbutary lyne h a istishot >>e'reng tin. gout tvote!>> dd trpd acous ucalday t. >> do you a ltle otesr? t hithll o. epr: resndingo seral tetis fm prte. 'dik pim ith , llel u. >>epter: bxpressin st f a less geile day. y kw at theyd d uyli th? 'deared retc orr: deste seable le, um iotetngp o
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cr f hampaig cts. ts y uzie me tha y humei ieveealt anhe hds u tlend h. isuysick. ers methg wro w thgu >>tecciongs dedes doggehe cr camign rr week >>very se dometng cos of t ccampgn at decve unue. >> reporte onda h moved icklto minaladdion ll >> this moin aor r le regnion. eporteorci ois icns dirtorft h sheds mieadi veo o soal a, seemi qutiin pubrcruo's faith. t tne out t ns s he arodls bu even if it strue, we e noaampan ts goi to esti theth of anoer cande.>>or andn th smp flor sense hisowlectyr trum >>on't ceowhou k 're f orow
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mina somnet% to 50 of pty c'tstand, ware goin tose >> rorte now,esndin a estion ltghenor cr sde wouldtown port mlisf ieg grtsnd lhe in t cotry. irtppth blan behich he spereleds tarou. >> than,de. cbs ns pitalecr jn cksois in shgton. jo, odorng good mornin charlie. a lf spefi a ne. ahe queionsbouttrt anob w h aispokesnt tru signicany? >>l, s.i me bec i g ieyft hryo sa d he le hls cong of socalina. tate that han electehat up vy nicely fedru hll st b 1 pointo dald p. he needso shing t chanis approh at donal trp.
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vislers accumuon ofub f ausatns he wldhave h t fe h top okpers. is isn't justhis, it bause treavee a nuerf acsaon >> marco rub mesoi i his sound be tre ttond ump tetleed becse he %r 40sut omheeplirt t ru b opblhefo t y ther doe somhingow or it's too?>> r tki about ths aeilingn dald trump'pporhe caner gether tha cet. but atustot bee th be bdwagon at as trumwins, people bwith a ioas to m case wve see daltrump, you'or bit harder to knock him back. so for marco rubio, he'soi to have to do morehan jt i'm the moreab candidate. >> there reports that pstablishmenting hn k drop
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the esonhohe blist ohey y po therare soeopl whold ke a sin anatio nald are a li bitfhanois t tht'snough t ka oute race.i ththatoing to happenresult come in >>ow iorta i sple tonight fubio >> it'sta to bebl say that i a the ative todonald trump b ito be a e seco weave to a t hall tonht iouthcarotina thatadfrday's democr rt bothandidas w 5ates fr iowa newpshind neva but hry cli h rlthe sup gatefaen yut tto, she has2 t 70 fore s.the veon senat alr lookin ao superesday.
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yey inhusette of1 s v aweektoday. igk,cb,have c t dacauc wa snli the neppr d lik roku ap tv azonfi r ha nonsong how itcr drs a t dead sin see ikazoo lao,ichiga j b daltdmitted he gd dn and edixeoetu. o otrseded, incling14ear-oldlis inritil nditn. nane i where he erda rteood moin fi t i rve mptson ratibeha sdayight thomny sdtould
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to rea all c ag daltoerethe ouse day,ich dalt nre yon bri on >> s. >> reporr: jasonrian dal d lio say a hred byideoonfee moay srrain chafter arge >> c ne - >> repter: ube d fas 16 feniesncludi sixuntsfer. oritarell tg todee tiut say ltonitte iolnt theshng. his not a --ust a momey ere ideosf these incies. alke onseple and sho . >> my dauisot de.she ve sheightin her . >> rr:-y abi wastn .she ma on a veor >> s a br beaut yo l d nerve th. neithe ger
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>>orter: we rampa rst folded satu tammy ge wast homeug she wos. shis youcloset >> i b holes way downn bottom. >>or she walkeouts findereighbor cov in asking ou h ks and the ag why dho at she w did he sho rorhersiv, poibly several chilen wit g them ton. nka bear.shtectedem. orter:rities covered andg u ooting a found a lar nurear at daltme. d t gover there his pr atalk >> rter: j is 's nr a fd of >> ivever hea h talk a lotf g manat ev >> i gbeough f h wi . >> oy th sut's devaatg. >>etsyoo. >>ye. >> nto i
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in atemt,isil prdirondoor e viim singherereowordwhic canxpreur ock ailuf,eramil sheontinug tow me move squngands angl hes, char thaible >>ks, na,dne > biates torni is ing eoverenin ifight appl e mft fer ncials" t san bedinoe i limit uniqeqorinatn. stan ireak fm chnogyustr s.stht i aedat t exndn suryers ivy gh m prra >>re y ior prite compyn iscircumance,apple, in theabnd eir bngblo doy atev theat aerhis r gnmt o te ly, ou the th?
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w en t gerent hasom and sai wt's the bki formion, y ow,anks li teephe cuoms' inioive. bu nanasr dive d vernntnd ihink apps rc a cometudicl proces e saying thaheth cogo ttheup uri n't th ty' saying ey'll defy the governnt no,here no t ey'reayingt rt w nothey'rno gngo do it wleealed te dictrt a theupre cour w youo ifere e execivwoulu dohe samengha ok h hink t,hey,ociety thi t disc safegimport i don't dis witthat. >> nob disrees withthat. athe end of the day we want
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aby ane tru to th or behalf. >> m legdho ynd b a re iss wh'mrygo ge u ayneidrhe he pl suloffebihe act dauthey ouotofr ate y. , thatouldol thi country'sos rpected efding the that's >> h to sm gi answer >> nowas not bwanted to seegh p first. asd itery . >> times. >> i lik lot.>> yeah too. reicanenators w meay to ge for fiover t oe preme t 56 o icanwant seneo
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retoniskacaa. n fo i oitol h where ewlyisveeo hngubcaan d aecionthe es jamoin >>epr:mo is igogug o tng su. lo o thergtsou haverd befo therstehe oth and replicans d get at besayrom soone you t noexct. >>ction onreme couminati putil electionpaign over. ter: tshen senat ciy cmin bide92 sug hs lo elec yearinee w idenorge h.w. bh the white hous >>sinthhoul nsid follo t pcte a majority o his
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arymitt publicck , imely ag tohahe ed the bles. in s hea of hear he ta why this set hat s it mo in . repte amoid tov crt toib puics vin tolo lenor mit leryd,re esinei ve it'slllownffor detitizesi a. >>orr: doc le idnd enheenate oma ted tlock replin nonees wn they ctrle e seteepubcaho rethteor ied>> ident'sudic es after f deb
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ri merday.ay theho areitionep makehi deid to-idle, e reay the open for a romise. intatesaid h lking a, e, thet vcythe sueme urt hi hous sha t senor amwe howreis vooilus justice ito.buche,emre inhe. nate a puar nui r torg. >>ja tmu > seety oftaoh y thisni wil goo cal to ddhe dl for a p trun sythe u.s rus to a cessatio oties stti saturday.e reent dolude qaedaaf abetalme in dam qio abo the plan wo
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thtrinhi ts ansiz oehoit r a t, t sn a sa iilontie fht is andhe aa-nked p srch mea caatombi ttle con ageasf norn secon say it's gn any ou designateste basically gis them f to attack yby they nclung by the u stat irdly, there ovision,ea ye forers. tica's fate in teget cble toutthefid, pely s aange fid. i' jusbekingo w tls hernay aete r cee- s hennllthin gdnd t n'o meumnd inpionoulea
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masc. thaou,liza pal ass. e peon iexpe tsu an tes oow che gany prisn cu idt obamowse dur his guds. threu.s. a recomedforolding them in south na, aco th a litalurta recysill cosb brokr snder orahd,hattt hop snnd tayut we stayool d wiy wi hhs ith30s and 40s. we'll wm up ary out
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s 70 tu nationather
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rethe ay. of american isarned about t from tha viyearsago.ak iide the s lng tht nd cc >>ew brihe "thorng."> p os this rninponsory tre, opportis i'gog toopporty to go off so if i wanna go to k out shotsyerellifolio, s you? or iotti masonwhassetsre toike meea pa! u' nson of mine! or pha it's me toei theay.dojueepportuni, ize lae) hi.
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thet be higher own he heart at do you ithe star glad yould joiwe you'oingike nuer nge a er lov iove i try hard to t this... i can do easily.
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..haovheulr lor e.n he sle. song so"thalifeng"that'life ng: t'li l et. u er and stid wering yood su.. his is j. dse,e works ar n ul it doesn't nee is can hp yosu d ough i or lowering syst jaianccould he n cause ses de effectg dehydr this cause you feel di faor lhead eaupon sin
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eyroemaninead oll.dootu oravsereidobmsstinjaiae dca yr ct rhtway ifouavsyto oleicean. mpmsayncde elng d fful batngorwaowg. ki jan wh lfyl oinlimacausloblsur. tedo a thdis tad nd. tal youor, fode t jardia adg consum pun recent p ladeterg. the - psi2 in, di't onlat tid.. beaevery le rgensted om
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staks i switcp to gets.aheahe cersinge irards pr aorro tto bthamilphenon chi re talo bapwhood morng, it 76. i'm sarah abe. s is your ol clo any artersright ewis pme38, odark lo d-70, mn scho on a all on a two ur del. and wenofort carn has a
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it c do --svo forar. illw rct horudn deitinng lfhejoulrtsenothrt iadjoyfulo. d w doith a dse? h. >>elack cbs rninhen. he isy coming u hour givest testimon damnlaws a comedian.ho cle cby c f t face witonof wenho se h hba sua saus yoo iwsg abu
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to floi sp p withigh-pedigitameras theted stes.bont aeadyondu obrvn igs un enkity ic rnghenso ccoct teen. he po sld diultoloia rees >>an"t n yk me rertonrede o chaigen contr or edixi jping ve-run cationay.he said th sbe fit st ast rtmo. heusy'sssagmest, inioands a mediform lou dich" isortiha setor cla mccaskillas cancer. sheealed tosis in anon shwi acthe nex three wetment.ill it a le art ts llco yhe i ndiser aerpey
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repoattarbucksilak ar to tfrbi th now awa sor eh tranio12 s eard arnl, srswill bgivepellarpe. uileed ttwabusayhe cng won ct ahoseverage hase iehan used. d "the bostoneports cosby'sen nearly eight houhersst as awsuit against the accuse of tariqa duncan th whereco wpo repr: grninthestio qne lle igid ts te s h wn' gspifabtamle sby id but hdel m
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whoaillosbyexuayulheas ieoo th eepoon millcoedn ant erosgeund.thixth hrenc heret wa h w ked ofm th m by rge bla rt. ey joseph camarotta cosby. >> she was a little edgy. the >> reporter: arais lsu brought againsrusband b seven say bil d when assaul them. cosbwyerough for nths to keise bepose arg ssacsettstect ivatnvertion between se sund, audied the itffor totohe onacgott th of sal privi cametea tnday is aut i
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bill and camcosby? of being a sor, to h g wo so ts oil sany ofhe tamehoseressthreorta ovalloncredilit>>or y'sne had mmenwhen asktt ws lle'an , h wasesdn' sd te osition llesume 14th. >> aright, tha you so. yah beearchi f aife thisg. woopar websy le.
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mellhoonith us goodni oorn okayfo fabookefele, ho thet. 'se wng wh ya? ie ayhihi i coy that j lts y. hasoen so tcewe ttw hi go,hi ch think inag wehink ctur there's mileoplthat s i sti a hug instaed cusmer ba>> he's at'snterting abouthis m i theeah mmtesoalle not e e o. atoeth the >>otod a ofnfce as famaha tththat cobe.
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icr r, atsenkin ithe itry abouilappen herw? i s to ton ofeade illeaske tiontwerthtwas usost t e r aaii'ecou cax iscoy. shju aernie os whoedournrothom f ltht ars.consweasthe a v uexence le w blt h erheriapplwhhe ledoogl ya.og i iim coan dsnanatulat mhewrso fhe. >> s whaoy th w happ withno she abl keeper >> do noll. i hate it b't how sheurvives .
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thatal lthat inaltomer base finanity rm. s thatuy cnies tt in troue,n ar,el the seone setahe pubc aiheioertug ou an lkwh happeat mroso wth t r e de are t eyrt oh a bu knot mroso >> ande cm insi >> heerominde. buain ,ir d, ey d i a thilfor a lo,imet platfo hobson good table. r and i see res are on ns nextet texasen teh br
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hebsal ont t mis wha amics young i dot to liith thecertaintof h corder ether sh ekatmedycausdathers a volutionartrenre st cmon pe ofon hepatit c.rvoni is pve ce upo ofatnt o've h n tmen's ondycuhas e on a dor s.aitien can beith justs of h. arvoni, e'no inte and complex tector if you r liver neproblems, oother mecondit d out l the mecines u nc h leme kingmiode ony use
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yoepci hlt our factories here because of a huge natural resource. t nd.e r. or per it'the . american w ey build w produ anthat bmmunit d a fut for of ucae king icansoh, o . weatrth. dln eric brdoin bfo in j 'sau ourrmcoittetorespsiblsod .. bldeth inie liag e m. hn. realredien thow to ing best
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am ocnvestito mng i in br. thousxanghe possn z a thrt dmiochaly 93 avik ces a nodomeedn th uted es. omarea vis the bspea >> rrning.after a rain standing we i a breeding mosquitos and here in dallas they w't start sprayg to kill t mosquitos until the spring. buory in galvesng wit th braovernment to come upit vorzika scists te been st their fes e ahe fir warof tentiangef zik
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e d pdethisgls altheik seit>>orter. rt thniveity exasedic ch aalvest h kno outik s the960>> u tirusrazilthere aotfcabody read inka chan >> weze muche dow >> reporyear, re upo n outbntral sou h ss lerest two mn the almos0 year >> ar o, h people weresking fzikanever. >> nno. >> reportee microcephaly. the condion is mard by heads i
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s grothe fi southeast ..rossi saw fsthand th devastating virus. >> did you leathing in the fielabtikan'tarn in tla don'ts thin a hum tollhen i' wr iyron thh.o im allseatoing on t nse thers,he childrenthent fiesaraffe b . it's auty-t'shetbind icth >>orr: ursy teedal bnc ime onof tor'sgestcoruse ly00ampl a sd at fatywithocus on zika i ansts e w t te then tually dccine. a vaccine?ersi d that people kee anel c e' o
7:43 am
or20 scott weaver warne zika amo mo virusmake io the utoda saysding autio ngoeim a searne wed t d b st wayevoprocts li vcis a w g t y g aad ohese rus. >>orr: nna insteseahayth acne c bdyy th e o 17 fectusisea drs are alys kpi anyeut f e xt posbleepicwi ahial ka scnttshawealko s luughichls oundofmecaars il a o thr st no>>ma thank y much. >>art diases amics nu oll r t onlayis aifial het. ead, sensin a pma solion fendeatlefupy
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askroyoop hey ght shosavior ren en wke older peopl whenactustarng. isween uld stvingwhenacally of the rmany of uspred for retiremen . o if we all art sangttle more da l bettered tomorw. entibr cha ho yat hlt, whe yoenjoy fe d loseeigh
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stitn mica ogoeaeabt fr tor masa y ae hp.thk utryarthe ar, tnk'si k 'sor fer towhaer sup hra. at tse r vees t les iltt andt ey e l ngires at treot lawanaty stha aotto lfor, knohatey hpehat out thhey hae themthemheivwhat i d whoyou?>> ea theeavens and rt a and omeg >> o sre is goin bru god.zee.
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freemandis with command.yo arrived. myonornd dut torough t mission. heoice f is markin n's upcomiie "lllenfree plays t ves thed in onwhethe'salkiut nguir gingoudinsay iden i cisim doythi hsf thest es. > one he cry's wyers the fsng a ndor apple.washin we why he'tor the tentreminds me a lit like an audi. so, thisorpple carplay.
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it even mutes the radio until the se bi'm very cious what it is. thisibu.and it sells fat twenty-tw. wh wow.mel thisogy.thate chan onlyft naturese hauch philade cream , so whayou ke, ream oulookto s y rcaret d ipti walgs sacarpe diem sey ore ou life medicaret d.just switch for sav
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you can ev one-dollar lect plans alrgdictg wh yousytota.. remmd ng..on da of youalrgseonclinrodeweul nodrow 2hoelf... for weinteups ome aming inouo evy cticod readshil ustrusthquy.ere t avoducveriedusepntrganatn atetstctuali s
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ur docout en biodeve prov ju uohtyvirks us t he gac to hp rodama flmati d licay enogihemanyatseve thie wl rison fuon a siouscacon ppenurinor a treatment. tyy crse rofinion, ich ca serio. whnortedit o, rares brinfe usedy viru be pble. te your ctor if yove an iecti,pe fent fectns, ore li symom or sores.r obmsanwiyv. yr ocrn'ti t ing r yo
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ars ofhtarhe kes rn.e k ea bexed n def e ng ir is to monu in tler co. ow willurhwte e , 3nd e deg with g winds. scsnow y. areas alg heaviest snow wilsi iy to thut pueblo. no significant iexedr coprings and pueblo.omicy roads possle this morning o springs nortar m
7:55 am
worst road condiwi teller ctions towestof pas as of huerfan laimasntie peci nea the mouninven as sno clearshr torng... dalle coofs. hirewi up 30and s r ar.. t mntainsit lle a bich! adll warmer a wth tes ldorheesofhe tus log quld wi hhsn e s 7 snown e adways on e noheanof csh rkshrdatraey an bratpk. st of n . afc vimohl to. wereontiinr ve t'sbreangth ert... have a crewutn thads ing yan expt du ymorndr ivek inorad s. mro ty
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open at 00. theee candites herefingirstplaconne a rstic shot us,ecauplsa d'tan ge u excu, ats caus noneows at imes. >> howmpta sple togh >>t ismpntoay'm erve tald tr t a j nrl mis to o the s agaidalt wchon d entplea. >> gng to be hug fight. on forsu a of thesents yourd trik ahis pl is siz the op it will coinfiisis>> dt wao a ificnsweto tha e wanot he wand e ohrgh tprs. >>eath. yoke irely>>ndou. >>ewsnthsd,is m aenor bngra
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8:00 am
than rivals. e ll know the day someone overstays their vees is a,en law rcemto apprehend th them ggestference mp, marco rubio a se tha donump o r ul aowhose 12 lln pele tbeco.s. citins. ldd oe hporthem ouet tm in as citins wil. >>ald p sa lee doorortebackhe.s. y.he l , t said o'rei f sent o trby aisn would comeac zens. her liecrazy. >>pple iamng u the galeithheernm unine ione ngin te t s rndite thcoapdat t oonne sfu tnd suemcot laer soorrol geraofhe uat.
8:01 am
goodorng.>>d inche. sery's tal a ty,cytyent pcy the argf e. people nowing strong can makehi time . ard n thgr mo makoncae doncy he yonoring a mas itoll tt's agumentnd the gov theirte t. thernointo spft th goven fm thsangro ohe ne nt ek
8:02 am
yoaide ps he auso tr t sam teque ry t i to thhoui t redesign i oduc t b do itsri, tobuhe trusoftsens oils of op w havnvted t d usnpl thgornnts gngond agn. anthrgen jt d i once jtioteou inplneme yl r ar fmagai it i totay bos. >>hy y calng viatr princi? ape oo w laenrcenfo sehaaworme odnclu b mi andeefwillatday is unti monthpple had beenperating w lenforcement,ially he k ,pi aroes thwereno denteincef gettinto haof hrs whys ale makin thi n si >>le hte ndpe
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ned here i t government not asking for lsking for apewl e, ity i iys bui in to this plare to protectts security ande ust tens of millions of its iffent. it wantst bled ct p she vernment get in toit it iskgple, tt e gornnt cancrtts nes esndiert,fledctoanet tsne trestpintte rnnteignovnmfr tam teciqo get inelhor erga tght e itbr the sysmha apearulesigned
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s ate uhive ne f atonp t iph e. oureing ifomeo h an i herethinesvent swehaveis,t w foppledo taming tphonolin ca. >>e, arlie. ashaqu dicttty ewor anhed i aious to e e a afo5phones. what's tphe.s aor inwaeertr to iagrongthe ing?leubmign ctive,fterpe soh of irceso veloe p tt wod procthevats s an aianga. >>d,ith l yosuti ip n othe 8 fee?bsoly the oneyct
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n't op prnforma tld prevterrorisacks, ldey -- d don hav oigation to thopeop all >> wavonut avi l iun rr wto te tt ac tof citen plser t concf teor so am itser v imrtt. but eiv ltitt instioreha erori wt toakey acy,tye very ior all of ourcizens, d if the to yound,well, mpromir princi mise cutiostance are tust oe orex casor t naseerrori sueeded. isy importoot teandrotectur t that we not
8:07 am
in doing . tragedy knowmatisnphonhamen ha h dith kofttkin amica,ost an cen uld hegome, tfbi h asha formio th'sha i noci libereshe pa t. gnmt ts w a terriat. >> tapacy o the uniatesernm l constitutionally to this war terrortackhe d /1n tha t took pl td regt tt me musghteis weto evethine t us tecue lis i o rrorinduthat reto wet vio l s ourstitut princi, e are yme. and theerro succeeded. we must eg w ty e
8:08 am
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8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:13 am
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8:14 am
at ie a on's chend on uessary tre you, the y go. w we're rocng allin >>ter: wou thwas hing w lance ite. ye >>orice at backhoubesnd atabou. reouware o tt snd apot? >> is ttt it noise t yo >>wheoi tme eoe lle ouiti he iepte is eou o hiheart atg. >>ndhe articleartsrit re >>eptell notea we faurat47heowasotalrtia heeati ieisbo >>yoel aess humowateryin nd a mt is pum a eartiderbody do in tinniif its,oukntroubl
8:15 am
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8:16 am
s. nne hs butt yeary a 000adehe littl mn25ecdtrla. m odnd serticiaeao ve phe tebe tot f torno r:ee wainoross. iopghiye wbe ar en is a rt. r:omniucs sy nororki oneart wpr use. no easy ta eart pump00 gallons lood e d seren,000 of blove >> hh ofgame-c would o n artialeart tha be ent? it we develop t ficialea that i telyin tha tru hang repr: lanill hope g a dea so
8:17 am
wt's their tngou ntdonc hgeas atkpkttdo m? it putasaln his hand a timo th gym.>>au heast bebl to dthatno>> tan lo? ites. >>te las meg el his nkutting to meet tyf i'm thathe per who was able donate tha ahem see whoha done for me and my faly. at's what i thinkabout. that's what i ting,y, l incredible. tohink t's future. >> i able to go to thym they're going to make it that backpac ssmal's interesting t alvo >> or be i >> eve. it is eat d batere to be t popul ki as nown a thet popd.
8:18 am
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8:19 am
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8:20 am
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8:23 am
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8:24 am
we he upde ton we he upde an 11 eaki ns alt f to y lnit we leaing re aut wt le t adid itned n nea palmark d muay iloradopringsthat ea is pen th morni know onpersonad. li say it'or a woman li a fed-ex uck was o make a l onto lmer pt wahi a car. both drivers were tan he's where the person driving the car later died. the drer of the d-ex was ticketed for a stop si viatn anreriving we have an 11 traffic alt to tell you about about aupcoclosure that couldause delays. this is viofhe ongoing wo angat
8:25 am
starnght around ei yo s betwe the on a off rampsmore streetri crews atransitiinthe sidewa the ce mean along t u use gardengodsfoan exs to get arothe mess. thin sd oporrow morn thor man is in big ble for firi hnear old stageoad t,ar from the ooon the west the springs el paso ty sheriff'sce ts the ed to dg firoff gust aftonemery vehi r tene use cae asn acve serthe ma was et andred thy that t the blic crewll bbaut tay o 70 keooat tvideo rockslidmitition going on glendwood ny. pa of the roadill be on until ne isorni. iwilo agaiso cwsan drek. week t w a
8:26 am
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8:27 am
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8:31 am
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8:32 am
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8:33 am
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8:34 am
hievwhathe objtive d oyth 'sol the bs ss toms pism iyaddieratn t wha cameor . they ou vit some o but -- t paren uoubt . all riha yok.d l ? >>y'ote on i tulyikts mon le a tpeoy u,r. mal >>ouorle thinrn lesnd wi . imy arm cck est's jtikeepbeyovebe hills t youing proble your mom dly
8:35 am
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8:40 am
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8:41 am
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8:42 am
we'rng to mar? >> i w w ca l touxpl pla ey were et a nd s i itrk youut it e u e ,haveottl wine erwe lookse it'nly one gl ff ing i oinwabodyhoor th
8:43 am
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8:44 am
thee ri. that is t' likyodo bdefet onhhat . u aell m e.m chikyod in lluyhould aul a trap to squze are.t'tr.s heg nts. pants.>> cs s aeaprist yo j ut e award
8:45 am
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8:50 am
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