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tv   11 News at 430 AM  CBS  February 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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corado. e e no troub stset foyourorning mmut wthlsloing go osi. ntuiurove da11inataler wee kea cle onndund ter do springs are weecng ist srman..venear rdan, are gs lng ght now?we srtinoff thew ofht sar thepipeioe toxpon tide ofsprings. fairly icy in spots n to monumentco. heav will ocr hw. temps chillyto 3 we ardealing th gnds. sttnow er
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eaalanwe25 st sw idin tuninescith utes pblo siift cumuti i exct for co sps anpu. hor,e adll b les morninar co spnortover ment hill worst road conons wi fav tell county and locations to the southwest of pulo areas ano anascounespecieare moins. e sclearsthh the ing.odaywiand
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ve/sarbao update tot ght at ten -- we amore abot led deadly a it hlast near ark anrray in codo spr. thatisbackn this mng. now one on is polire sayingf it's a man oa woman. lice s f-ex trwatrying to make a rn onto palmeren car. d that's wson g later . drivthe tru tickor astn viion re g. mbstn toall of o1 breangrtth t 11 ws mobi a. it'sre doa just eck e st avtrafc alt toell you out is mng--
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lorailve slaneclos tenint's hag at conn te on filleet,i-25n do spre on a o street will close to -dot tels are worknstall in pathwtohe er of thbrge ening to-- a local ho dtrt wie ba in sessio we fireposcho cloin eot yeday. e el pcohe's ce sthguret whde teat wa tha soedt si ed 'afscho "afschoolen gbrou tten say hool..." aji guns bottom pare monday mornem sl was cancelle t's just really scary wiot you know gst pe that thingsikthat wouldn't hpen here." theriff'
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this -- ry wy to r cisionut a wcc uttin unabotheman'mb. dynene iaccud ating chel inin lont wil spd csl fbabyloth. wilkinabdied, t she rved. nglongrgents precor to jors laneadeeking prnay r er aear...ven holdg a swe .goo saher yfenwas spioan abt kk heou thevidencen case, imony hicaros to you coveheor f a vis in i outt t a y lsivd ress ahereer any tentio lanese io r lane tempteer chargying the tackot pdita
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iuberver sed goin akillspreinaloo, mianapned ov the eken sixple re kd. n one fi t arceyeda ig ld wutl.inveigats sadalt may ke png ri sinspre 're nhe shter, a youhe sd 'n ani saide yo?' kin jusid 'i'ju tired bdrivg seve hour". osecsay appeallof t vtiere rg rando starl ure out a moti. hava sate f you nia 16olo volvn a er crst w hd.mireme, it hned in p har wao of fammembare ill he hoalbut ar stacondn. cauf ash ndnvesgati happing day- the whe hoe isecteto tutn
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cilin io exe,verr acrngtool clg giul fsomeetne beed to r unies.e ot woansfcin e u-ll lou know at haxt. later toy repuans ca in neva tor theipartentiee th woth caroli new hampshfrondona is lo rivaltecruzco rubice a cruz ig inoday's t wie top ar fiim over misl veo...s o sulted t. new this-- setor and icanpresidential cbiis gettingof his new je ristie, who oppeout of the g-o-p ra hi campaign. der
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go mni. s ofwi a f ars lht sw ou t kepeakegn.e slicartoexed n oe spngs.rlicy pots onumanelle. her wi occ of y tee lys 30d areeali wit gusty wi ser sno showers wi continu ely f ang
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llesidinthmoinesy thsoes lo. sigcaaccutis exed fo spr aueblwe somy ros bssibhirn ouo spris ov mum . rsro contis or erouancaonto sthst p wears ueanan asous, lyea motas.n srs roh thmo tay lle wianld f mof u temtu nd uhe 3nd 4 most...20smoun it wie a bi gradndther tak he rest ofe rday is look
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loinat t c " withisro.. enugh th aecd to stn e eren snd..he poteouth sin t gig of the mth. they e ed forhe sond be co ithmota wt. lcs eepl baetll. al aho. r tuvene xicoth ve w foustraht gam c anaand cordg oa... e on thearing in s be becausethre desngek.. reallye baffticeween'tt as lonplayed lt and thenofon esd thursdaye ced. so friday w doe didn't go e a. alrough, wlm, we shot. and i thoueay game against new m thwe think its le tear and tear on the body d rereon with and maybe walk through. less is more sometes and 's prettmu how wre going to he to try and finish this thing."
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oon anunng theingsght enrichrdon, spent seve the brs laeason...and ive lin philylor w a brot ck in . ve loooue in sn colothrouble spo r ng ute. wlsokingood we havlay l yo t-- d-lewis paers on a hour delay. haening -- a police ofceecovshe was shotburgct. nvere foun su at rtedho-in.
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portedhot hem. thsuspect cjaed a maand crase th mand in aot wioliche of ash. asiegl :224-2ust sound banand iwst l g hes s hohes shng the r wan the fo expectervive. crews wille n k at this vide ockslide mitigg on inanyon. part of the il on unl morning. thewill co crews more wa week a a hugslid 24esthe road aimpacted while cin their woening today -- rallies ned at app acrcountr thisd thy's ongo ypti itfbi. you'llecall pp fusi to ly wa urde givthe cehenea of sanerino teor. e coany'appe idue id wbrg thtes weearnore.
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a loue ou raso than words cou ever press. but what if you couldn't smile? fort today. but itto beis 1999, smilnbeenpildre
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therno tro spoetfor yo mor e. wth alslog osi rit w the a schorshi for snt anthne cinfrom rijuan it'she fst p sar it'spe r here ut coloro. pueblcoun, hop fund e marijutax wille matcheth state from tollege oorty fund. with the hofta matchingollastne million dollars over
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cois5:23 "putting money behind and helping advocate lable to them an financial barriers w ihink is ing to be a gr to o." thscholarshiorny studt attending p this morni -a ma tre ng his g. it h stage roa ass point, frheor othprings. aso countyce tells thmatted to ki before firing n...yesterda yn. sevel cles rush tthe call came in as an active shooter. when deputies got ere th hisun illegally. ere war threat to
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the -p-v seem dronce d-c red a vaccordia w study apillomaviruknown as h-p-v. s at four type- of which are sponsible for 66-percent of cerv ncers in theted states sixresearchw te octioamong age girlop f11-p-5perct tor-po thren#fomet the o a4, ratinion f18nt pnt12-p-1 peenthat ttigm so wth inau hs st cy spreadgh sex thsease contro isaising its estate ca fyde inome laorg.he c-d-uld resun six ancases ousand p expose floorin it hously mad two cas seeg nel
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pdate -- on th ssive stwa ilto tniri cialve v t superfgnation to dld minesingold kin source of the sp thrtners couy ers arasking fllions of dolls derafunds to c gold king ne acidr e e-a dly d a e migallll f e mi whioing th we so w e l s sogned a poticaand lel fior mning- cones signs stl up. r a rera bro usina headacheor drs iss wht ede st
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and rnn e sof iwhat iok l yeermoinolad sps its s t hyt th cauthk. ppening now- shipping" ju little hardee fazon'shopper you enough mthe web er, t frhippin ...bzo raid the m - yo hav spe9 dos bere an r shfor ee. 's a0-peinsefrom tviou miniof 35 it's notn amaz . apstronaedarin thinrangon the9- missn orthmoon ftyea aer t ssn hring aio captes frowh t
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"tus sndouter spey esit"youear ? th whing soun w" sa tian lieves ise merom teeren betwn di itwsera rtofhepacrt. loinahd a arckisveauts was ram. t gl upvie ecut. undethd prog mrs got ster vi-- anddidn'tatter much waspent. t, customers were askin p a series os sepa tration g the pcess thnew ogised
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ease rerain 1brng weheera sme. it c show we feel. an chathe coof oives. but what w lik wer smi
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callr goinw. ldea we a ting 11 brking atalerr this mog. snownd wet rds au head out.e plete team coverage forou- we've crew on the road -- emily is tr much snow can ct and jeepi ey tha moindr we he anpdate an 11 breakitherrt -- a dver adfter craing wi aedx truck iv. wh wre lrnabt vestatn thorng a afalhainda --ws wbesingamf a r intate i so col
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ahead of tdelay. now from your breaking news leader, this is kktv 11 news this llo...than f jni us isorngi'rasce.ani'dad nancarw.t's weave a to telu about- -2 on tway. po ntaiho ly hr la fcaon 2 hour day.
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areas ed on the dee ringrly in s n toonumand toler heaviesnow wilocr s y . temps archil, s s d ali thustyin. tesn shows wi connue ely tues..inly forasonwei-avie ow wsin e tas...ll thutesof pulo. no significaaccumuexpe r sprgs and pueo.
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ible this moing spngs northward onent ll worsro contis llav er cntand cationto theouth of pueo areas of hueano las asie escially neare in even clearsrough rning. e d coor mos ofigh mperaturill end upthe and 40r most a...20sn the mounins. iwill be big ange! grually wa and drieher hold f the rethe we. saturday looking qumi withighs in th a lo at ur with james brown. no mor problems for your morng comme.ght volumef afc.t


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