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tv   60 Minutes  CBS  February 21, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm MST

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>> bilwhak: e toriou nao echha aced ohiea ratis.hee moamdrug of all te. is ouurth " minutes stout el-ose al ijon guzm oufirsory camehen ureder 1yes on ru old u that c- spfoor'-s rb lt bliais d rn an outsed retati for his wwideugglre, hiless most of all, f his dariu abt last year-e vani m securiican p ugh onis trark esunne thre intervi actorpenn, an aa hi.'stunnin brght t cain.
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yore autsewhe tantheoofg ficks, dg lo del chfa >>nt c resiat vtop thierch hiker:etin a ni oanle adseofotthjuic pamendomcu riheernaalhunt foguzman se e sumr, eapbecameusnal. whatted his vient: hme dru on his n wine hetartedeve th thats spect he was st a demigod, hwathing truly magiand ame sodibly
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cigio wof o skor tt eo 24.innshenehohe s ptedti.ansoe d e pe, gh headllhear in hiha too f to ssean lefr h mta but jt codnelp f,e edepu >>ftirm prison i guzman virtually dispe from sightor3 ye but nothe.kins: here he tsf prand he's oroad g spotteat- plac, you ce, you know--itannnand the tr delcaillo in toim.>> dnsye >>take mex law rcknhaese
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ktherse gog o,n as g eyw ghay>>tar: dhebecae th werliinin on the ctel'communications, d wang xin and u. ece med taha el e ime. theykingus gueveryone i le, includ cook.anevyo hisut ntted, i ome sloppy?ns: deniwas mogs o t six mo in theyears b was captu 20 whitakeere pe time, you that hehitaker: cpo hadco a smaminal. overmate h
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thinouw he goio reitivr threst ofis l hitaexicffic toldthenty capes picked uuz >> vincent: creen smallef mexicasearch b and tfocuse on trizeha at w crio anve tlud. eioprty rlto jt erenvi nes uai e dwa am actghhe os a s apofe whilother group ndos fle heli. sot weroth octor io >> vce: as uerd , deall ofl cho zm's avo bng, ry porfanhe w rng
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hiker: aan sd. a bas a ld? vincent's the aynally see it. sonelaway in dr,li d thritohoin sl coaal tofmoch in heinal.wip terc tkeab sianne "a - l and tenant- as "ctc for nters nsdnte g ofrsdaarfish uanssaultce qcklyed to pitionearby th eveone heusllut f larordeofacnd tarmo legoup t fo.apo wahang a p incent incre savvy, clever, almost a criminal genius tt cpouzman s, imats done irye ta.
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vinnt: cos,eq, anchic. >> wke at 40in t proufrid nuy ghthe ribebainwnof o' hou.'ve ncthe identi he commando lefothr >> bravo( translated ): so when first k othe door o this housethshoong whitar: ae batt te e fit ma t t wast . tchevi ernse. le inside re
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thicly tou t h. o'heenedp e strs stidorongulade do t h fr t pronernd comndos ickly k a wan clvered with rruphe sheindtwmene oem corin e bathro flo. tse e housorcoans ug iout th gunmen w fd ssheoo to. iwas ererre cmberad six inusto but onchapo-hauple othemariokheouse locinarmeconv. , st insidthga, po obld erthmane wa sang. oo
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e maskiddenor.ecredoor, theentrancee of el'snecto a twork m ns ss. was5 tebe t und apes rtend at mnihearinese che. aha( slat):e ifd e ins e tuel openingholevers, anrtg people in- - in those sewers. raining, har voan er 2 mite r wouth chma- owin ee ) t sers beusheigh l . soppeuputhean rhtth mi oa ee bsl):t wa
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hot t road ther cefully at sity meraoo fthga ation acrossheee 85 fr urte the fishotwe eng-- t e,ou cho climbinou r. anth iiselphe deo,ouanee tm carja tanded . e fuveonee kstha br . so a sec red miles oubroke thines, ral gencnter got rep ofked vees.on the higut otothe mathe ford alr f trk. but no sign of o lieute hadn ckedby t fepo and tnear mot e eyoingn th
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>>lp anat t wetain we xe but ld used>> wtakeo knwh thfedepo tchtothe testeaof tja bupetehathry. >>in: cpo und , "o, u t gno i me u thie beyoour wi iginatioud tdein mynerous oeram not oingll you bming rd killfe and your i'm goiturer sons >>hita hth ipa? cent: he has hiscreer. whi bs anres. >> vcentbribndhrea, bres blets and cky e xin ris shedlized at
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>>hiker: w fwn xi city okheasede rertsanrern talplo,he merifr w esla>> vcentis h rotad om cell cl to . guards are circulad ever15 minute whateve to onthat pr day.>> w thestice dementmaextrbrou arhin separadins diego, all want chapo .an pils a la on o cli e o.hensxtditiane aleocs.hongo yothk thole
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perhaps.uld one or two years. >> vinnt: cha g , if he uimately exit to state itentiame teo' re, ths.-mo skfoe caurnoer d sinalocart m vcentitendsn crediblyowl messagto currt pinsto fe o-ficks thatou mru mbute multional fceill trac fm the hightainor the dee darkest juleugh the stnsndcities anywhere inhe world
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g gd ine unl ayo spd fer j's ortounlonphngg ne s bear in hasepce its t setiegat flowi
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tome ay fasoan efeen fifelp ovch m lonremee. o fincl virtourutefie. bees ees? . xespital eleccosoorized c t ca r. x that's s yote
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roreimalske s n sotrng it ssntesngsptaonan rketer. (!tx#6^0 tt0w!tx#ed (0\0w!tx#higc@ tt0wz,< !t0 >> lesleahl: t days befomericawoer warreinstein was suled to rurn fropakistanhewaduct andd age r thne thr a af yes,inwh a deca notonoople toece s rele nce 9/11the haveat ast 80 arins takenosge trost gup ma othfamilies r eireasnd the
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molyepseet "6tes"asbtd re of ll vids chess heeinsin cahat al teson hostaily unat of stinstein tan asractor with thment working thelpmilies impro theiratns for his r werementnstein'sher- fe, who thousand miles ay in rolle, ma arweinn: ln, los en i n cuod tse ppl inta: 0- kna gwadrleg,e, l
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ne eng, sha callkidnpersey put warn on >> elaine weinstein: the first thing he said to me was, "i'm sorry did this to you.">> warren weinein: i am sorr did this >>e weinst't sayng.n't say th warren wen: oka >> einsteiweiss e'll do to getu safell them ouch ytake care . on thfirsthg heget me theelhere," but"i'morryid tho you. anatve. >>tath'drrd forsd o ugertwgrdc enoa thouelom vepmenwork in places lik
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n for he was shoc that? >>in no. suld you come close?>>stei n if ieeded $4 million, would've come up with it. it'sans tahl: aine f.ich sent aea negoatat advised h r the ki' $4 millraom deman startiow. e sahey sute$2. lainn: wdo ow a niatiit ese le n't ae.d ts ist yo sh do. i gh wul stahlnsteadher firstcor as $21 bac chs notssibles very it loo you dont to
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alkiineline randemaat c sed d te opers a fedeoffense. tually again t to ve monen: right. >> stahl: and the f.b.i. w ting elaine wein y >> stahlw - how do that >> einstein:.b.i. sao me ibeginn "it ainstaw f to a ransor youand.but nodyas eenprosecut t : elai a experiage nego firmg with t f.o vi >> elaine weinstein: as far as i was concerned, give th ney.kept, "wel'te just ve them thy? >>all of >> elainstein: y i'm--"hey, givemo t thwith vemonetahl wasat mple.
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shed aail en k wk ro glisquinwa: lk rwd a sr meom therelneado ideat emesse ant. eine inein:ndnthagony si s " memem m!" i id, h my, 's wa." swe'rnna ve dim e sundathe wa , wet m metimeturday sunda >>: chesod. elainstein: yeat wathe prof life.cause noboulde known these lile >> seders, s'dke t:"can a talk tim anil y hgo i ed t wre oy.
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"indif sng, enim the atden. netepl d nort."e kidnpeheupth esrey wren hiel andrge hetoay thmoy. >>arn instei ein athetold malg unsshey get l the y,the gotoive.>>hl msure kipersn'ep ug ransomanoof.b.i. adve howo answer enhada elainweinst it'ry daerouto gthemhe mo war on't have ything lef weilha to giveheou entireifsang eyl epskg r neunl he nothinle to gihe d don't thth'lt go.>> wn steihe'm wis saf yove h ney, theringo bad. >> erion: she vered
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i t kn tt i d that. sta: erson obnaal cuffspli . tethwhe d vunp ai dine gotiio. eb t an de wowh nowivinhersf, dngh th st, kingnels :00 t morningrom h hus. : lo fste amheal oig, e ap cne titween x inmorn elaine wen mind all th w, ou keep it togeer.e is in your hands." this went on for alyears. >> elaine weinstea
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>>lan: tahl: the kidnappers inkistan fd to,000buth thpress s w m e colictg ceb. herriva gotiors dieed d she had ecide who do. elaein:y word i image? word isast i o dedet tahlre youred fo ? ee st hou yobe ppafois? sta: yocan' >>lae inn:ev ldifd atiny ndi'teg iels femy hds. : the tmares. >> elaine weinstn: yeah. shl: evy decision. did i make theight decision? >> e.again, youutblicity. >> stahl: ye>> elaininstein: wl, some id, "st from roof." anme psaid, hh, t nybo
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eam. is also phing in, me. "well, why diddidn't youatyou kn, me selaiecidllowhe f.'s remmendaon aay omstpl thast ofee ps wadelive inthis mos ld be delivered to ny sgasout mu man inblk a. buafr e moy was ve warr w notd.>>ine stnd neyted >>: sogot >> en: a the money go warren.n weinstein: m i
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ch>>merewaadsfto ffergr mohene lerom pakii s. t e govnmhaa li of t gotiatinwi terris, h s ft mhoe ling neheensecrety ofaterryeputnaalsor sa mo tasfolp >>laine inei d mein yore son cnt in thenre world sething.anthot >>elneegouanthenu. d ses. use kierecallr ubonesf.b.ieved ren ld in a prime targ
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shsa monaco her fearuary ta: d thresit w tthe mbincoul fecter hband >> lso ocour. shid, "wbelie rr i nth wirn. see sure youon't cily kl him. anxactlyt ppen oma: i want expresour grvend nds to t famies two stamericgiovannito, who tragicalle u.s unteopio s: e pridsa as rsf llcevethco wasneth it us onrost
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thhereizn d e her stn stage re sohe.tohnnn onacnt ttofaeensed until now. laine weinstt was like"iold yoso." i was rrabouitthfirsda stahl: d you articulate th? ee ineiye, di toheplth wsa on dth." thckedthhey diitndhetheyfed. >>tahl: didisa co re elaine we bacastted to cry.she grabbed a and she "i know tathe idcall elne, olized tk fu siliorhe dthhud. a ikipe fon rr bodhichveef perst anng
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n weinstei o>> stathe of wn's voe onudioapes. wreweinei eine, i waedo t u owhai' ay sta: 3 nthsfteriss ng f aine s ing he veos. warweinn:asve love idand themt matr at haen ith vy ch aaybe pro of them analys wl belo you >> shl: u di't en lo-- theeo of rren thaty out.laininstei saw t . >> s: that w ssing?>> elaine very ybe someday i'll and say, "thisi have lef >> einweinstei ting wiy life ngo-- i'l marriehim.>> stahlite ho
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reesr commt. twnthsfter warre instn's ath s ma publ, e f.i.reat an interay it tworkn hoe at aha rmn theilof hehis is as updatet to you boln l companhe northen in les, bubba w a final-ro the for the second t adam scott scin a thr dayna in t theacen otsh
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cotrcl. leasa 20 llnkx r $399 ath only at yo lco dear. t' journtore i a't get her therened the le who gave me optns. m t anthrougit my retiremen r got leftd. todaym preparfor hi we mantomo tbe.
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wihe mmo tnabj sinmp.ngngyo vieda orlporenti aou ra ea maenciessyms.'s ednt nak otr icine sonou etsccfe. s yma bn 'rpre av openrois
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urfere isimin a he went to plic schools, then col rk e n -- ti ice eqty spruthwer.
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anprincipl iraq war, orting veters. nog on walsta corrupt polil conibut ng clie creatn-enerobs,ti lg wa ual y, d ion-puicolges.pele sk d re eablishmeolic anth wre c a appus ieanrshuan ergrdfat anont ad aovenwi y iv a fe elve in. i'rnie s d approv mes >> steveft: acady awar aret su nig, bu possinow e edictiast ll lt about three hours and
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's bse aovies llabio in h ma peopleesverediveif eyre notomat. thbe example thiye m besteve bs," cpl and utnary chact sdyf e applcond tt gerad crical ala, sappointg reipt box ced two theest ormancthe miaender and kate wiboth up fo justause tare becse thed very demainrolein aerual movith alledhem sw ju h good th real are. and thatou navhaened without reenwr aaron rkinnd direcr nny yle. >>teobor giv cck tepowepc chip is twi fasasen thi >>ft wasy evy mee ue a aus prt abe inr rkings of a recentlceased genius. soone who saw the future, and buit by breathing li into
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ni howwoul u ansellthe ideao th amicanub j seeow trends u of friy fa, but e dit a goo grin? 's w a it'ayful,nditeeds to y hello. >> kroft: unkeany hollywood lms, "steve jobs" wa't buind a star. it wlt arossiv icalt frdemyarinenwitero rkn the ghhen aced in t h of adaw ctan ble le.>>an b: erod ro's.e' aunofinese'a ge aunt of tehayogo da t lea legeitac toinithe ree an o, lyceizaverscama incts that place backstage thr different prt laanningin steve job life. itwo hours
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conver a adversarialroatn. >> jhr weeks. e reeda thirof that time.>>zfd: wl,omeday you'llave to tell us how y : can i stou? kroas tectojob ng actanmont he sn scwhich ad likehef ste jo nd. obry evee, evne, eryones ing the c. >> boyleit's this-- istormted andt'svolvedn the press,- it, hangine wo u knd cthe rlckth an- and how ou do th and that fevered mind. >> jobs:e're the hfeld: i ore time >>s: youanave it feld: twentyut ftwhen it came to cag the waonlymb people who could pl off complicated andemainle. he was less in landinsteve jobs than finding a coted actor determin to
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>> jost sievents of tieth ntthe li w the this. kroft decn milfassbeere riristar wthgean sme a rkice heas cko ay>>oy: vy nd bs, k. 'so cud cod ing u' er ne michaelassbende it's the esthg ve ever ne >> kftssnd had bee aifor hipa in quenn taino's nglori sterds." lt. ahie hix: iss old b, ho n't mi ii go out speaking kis.>>ftaneid an d nona h orng re inea a e.hingrocbet th: ou a n ftnetovillhe act fre. ve joboing to bediffer>> fsbent wa acti in s. ( )you kn>> kro: no sbende n ( la
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fdemm laht) . waik " tgr(la) us- w su pceit >>oycae s orusitasiktali a --f e shs,ikarr- >>asender: yh. ble: --haet oryoknow, it's like mota to im >>roftkainet fst hed at theteobs vie s frer a produr scotrudi frerair up while oo a film austra>> kat i jus that itoe elece in a room m fassbender astlyro yso >> kroft: wilehoaly th six nominations,bout y role in hoywe s. jnna ffn: we're out of eye t to mop the floor. : but o smeto be think one, the part of app marketing oahoffman, who wne of theo couldhand ste
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femyvis an- leit kno thashou thebe intestedn incompte aityndnghe bl engsh wanplayhe da-hd sh aenia (laughs be dht. >>ft: wi somwit d an ne, shmanato g their ation. >>inslgam a lile t of a nudge.i-i -haired on md some glaesma myself look areal jibfi i tt, and-- it do th ancame tostralia anad meetid he askedthe. kroft: byhe te kate wit rived ncisco tooting,nd thcastend realiere fae allenge: a fas paced drama th hallways, ontas and dr rooms winsleho's chacter w a composite the song won in jolifefounit a a rrng. ft: y teifyi? >> winsl: terryise
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anitws a hmo . ths pace to thato feel entely acdeal a fld e lyayalon th and respe tseors know them and tnot forget's hardestart. hfmanstar15utes sie rpile. julegivea fitingchan >>s: jhrist, han ti we d conver?>> hfm! >> not s not ever slate. >> wuse ou veone word, onne se foro long wh o to re omes nhe whingunra roft: nny ylho s dict roy cot thtr ldone extlwh h aorwe u t gothe ud age toossix s arsae cald lne act time, inence. ble: i see aother wa actors
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this huge t of this aordindial thahe'd ten ay iis m's .anthght the onlyay t getn oft and own whh is ki think,s by breg and ttinusehrse. >>inweearsedhe fit scwe, t,ir sce. weot it-- --got . th we nt fild . d miouto o ck wt-weldeheae e co wwod i sht that d then filmingou agn. ansore ts ewn hiushilee ul o and resegainornoth 1 ys d th we'go bin sh y timee goto theset, wlready performae sewe two weeks strafassbender, far w steve jobs as a man a flawed hun a vainglorious control freak. >> js: what size shirt do you wear? >>anme obs: does anyone know what
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does anyze i ar hes anyone knwhe the closesrist is>> jobs: tisfits in pocket >> hoffmdoes to bewhitt, is k? jobo. e ma beigem be thskue shirs wh ro: illit motivar and recruiteof talent. jobs:hawas cool kft: whulben reonleos an diffenfaerndn re frid. steve wni: you know wn ople usetosk mwhhe ffen w beten man e bswod y ste s the big cture gud lithsoliworkch.whene whae dierence say eep >> krohe's not a verycharacter. >> fassbou say tt. ( ughs) i-ah't-- id to be. i y kw, wu sutronnviconand
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cruelty perhap y it canacrossas e a t harsfor ople kenboardi ink wn trinary rs an chang t wlis. i veloedt or prch h uy te?ci?>>asde yh,bl wod y. ye upseapchg ato unpast ist ly shihai wanto t to p yw.caly play unpl.but sebod, "plabody g a lencery--very str is lenting si, youa oblepe emotl nnection where. now start putttogethermethin >>ft: fabender believes jo' antial tnciemay
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d hepeople, wa mananghegemes d peatnsf m. htzld: ant op to slikyo >>obs: don't wt leo diike . i'indierto wheth the die me >> kroftall of this lile diffenc j wowwhs ppersbl. rese cpete w thojt.e.o.imoocaedt oprtc. thmoarhet daboylruggt of leimpoced noh an ignohave tucabguys ste ny ot-gure tng the wary overnight.kentte a story. there isteve thapl lyr, sve,d they wtory
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nd not jpant to tell. >>nny s alwahavehafpower.a woincly wio dierble he ined nks bri's t dirtors tenninan ademy ard for "sluoglionre," a amti herr ctine ele engcere for 2012 pics don. en he me very famog down a kfrom zath. >> kroft: you reighthood. boylas buth, it's ny the-- not mp of, re. feer d--eevery al a- i nd ffulou b cle b,"hi ai age crsinglyalle ndha eug awa, y-- ytngls dn bcotae th >>ftdiu kn this wa torks did u knowhis s co? or d youme jt appear on lis boyno, you get a phonll. ( ughterroyou old 'e fl o >>: yeahi-- ananothee call tou'd ge your mi ug) >> kro: noeg b: -- n no. not-- not-nono
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absolutely not. >>ft: ifitr michael fass an oscexsund. boyle ne of e file tha wit . he nomed this ar. theyllre s sant tt mo peoe haven't seensteve jo,"ut th all sayt'geinharder an tt op o o thr us a away fromheir s,reumab a oncewhh t maac"sob i vi io pio fi a and w audience wslitas an ing rice hostlyouldn't vear ssf nonevew this fi, beusit was such an aming perienceo aart of.i metherare any reasas ar th ian-- i marcrd in e, stake und, "i proud >>annocer: n e stjobs
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fiction? before ithe oo g, pi-aeedl of dc in, fe sved myntry, rre htfa, d dtedo tis coeadiet nveaianloer i tald mdoor hererid lyca e ro et causes diac rvin lyca ifda proved to treathis pain mto even sereiati nee in lyri m cse serio leicl r ct y hth wniepion, nusu cha i behr. wellroubhing, ves, b muscevred feeling orluins, wehthas,s, and fee don't dr taking lyr use machiic
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d myst rto wme gra.asocr ou 4me of rnpe rynk,a mif ur ae net sa tim reamin gamorowoangovs. yeah, thinrnet's g, but think ha andak atlo r. , notor. muchfee twdad,-rgls,-slen-s-carthah, ss rum crazcle lo.. " gtt at'she e of thise. fe le hod de heed inrnfrtu is emyd? , th15 rhest airedore wealin yea th the b 100 le cbi
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providving wesfowoing peop re eal for wen.the laonnuunlessthe playinwith your he prede andern coernow an updan r sty er quator" t w th leadg wo retle the untrsold cneseade lamite floing did not u.shealth and safety standas and releas tehafuleve o rmaldehyde. ter ory airelast rch,he cmer od ciorkwithces r secoro launed sdyf that teloing. isthe nt
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bymaun afthrertasubsh,minutes" wleedo poibily gernmt scnt ma ma mathematicistaken their rt. we sen sever universities and scov the governmonvert f meters in soons. that errll the predicd elumber quats flring are s higher than metist calced, whcan ount t moreha times hhelevels of formaehe than tsen a rmom a tplecaer rk,o a ats coidernaepbltind ina th age ers for e control s ad mista issuedorreion.nsumer produ set commisoncontinngts vestioan us ing ro morspec swerfomersbohe saty cces. i'anders cpe
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anher edition of "60inesght,t th?we co oume t .. hut, eh eird my yng/skingnowe'rt,re hgrbec. et] causyore on ls, t..d m ivg. th's why[d wne] sui i
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theraumeshitn eaystto sw em w to use it...i'd llhat geinthe mostang youc mo hosng aonfence this week fturing noura al-bii ink ouldll n't that girwhacttked?aura wleardthal-shi isarngilyofoural-kibiw reelli mat tt's the meroup at tryinto the uriu thcoeren-- shutt downw.(b ma'a etut. al . (sirwail linineleth: me on. pl pic up. n, com pi pick upse. hey,s stevie n leage, but yoly sh be text. oht. evie, lias soon et thised you t me bababyreallyne ycallck let noat yous ar, ok (b ali. d youhave t tal sti lee a sse at teewhcan t in mmily y alee)
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whturod.e' gna tne iviinia.vemam.e' der strictrocotoet yotohehi hseker. nonoi n'. ju tn arnd, noi'soy,am. not your cal ercod a sendy ta dollthin th mig hpeitidn 9/.(pne rin) wh, oa., nadine. yoke tryg,ka yeah on) naats ?what dyoha?, wee gettg port ofozs ofevri., but detls yet.wepug l our forgn tp ohighle. no, rgethi ales, oy? ntry d nsonockdn. m. hey, hdogo aer ayre, sthe i to ll youk. jasojan. y weust hrghe. the sayiomb radiove. you fckousi , wed ve.
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