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tv   11 News at 5 AM  CBS  February 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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path he stabmothre oory will rw de 12 year old saremeing his e ed tud cee binfit t b's pbaonust awros haing - mharg f hi11th d-i and caw hciged hise w tia inaty merralnothveonhr two pele werouy huin the c the st n -- on cas aimad cuing otr woman'bo baror mb. l isxpectonu toda-- jorrimeom last marclaeg atanman lontdeive ed jure esned ut t
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's ae at.lo. i'cam cacent, you' alr 11 newsrearing e ou colothe l mm thldone up o rsrgthe area c they thonis pnd se, wn the arax s sa fehe dachey lsesrday. r a living anscam peo 27:54:oho idn't, iike no thisscam, l no
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their utnd vacs agnsessqs y deasethisee " eelea tcharatant woo cts ill ha a ing linked tnew morni fee ti wl yo thlyouoninhrltot geenghep intoer. th sdu 6 d shou s at n eafo h.thot t ee s,hiawth lo..yowod k ould bthotwa nd wee newreci y ntllnt--
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pre re ta ouotinninumbtherio s bla lant health professionals that areavaiil rncivis whh w y. muanald berg islr lal iate, but lawate whether they create a staard marijuana. would e certifn.s on the at cual depent ork t e ornic t gutis. rit w. p hesre erheere ng t rd ig pot-rotectio the 20-17 fusion v-six rberlly if whect a thole. tto kp the whl up insteadf nto thho
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sidemoh some long5 correst. high wind warngired 5:00 atoday. the th fingust td poly 60 mph w possible. wind gustspr alon peaks wil a cooler wi ind, i still b througy id ing lleezy afn. htempures op o in ths 70s. turd looreatth teerat in e 60and ant mu wind.erfe day etside. suay lksmary coole bter ch fe anow shs shs upmo oough esda s unceaiwi sys but n't ike . d noamesith okrtor proem rnume t souction
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ves go toatcom an traffian breaking newsaler learn mor fe puveral e n cof's ficet fires t is moing. itapned la nn nk ceerabanour f colopringse he f threatenrned abores on hrty. fansonnee in pcent7:19t was re criand crpy. carl trio put o ut bwas just too soo githsherfice sy n't hastarte re. as sooaslearreleyoow happintoy... raenatic ben


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