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tv   11 News at 6 AM  CBS  February 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MST

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now deviny. sss de t s hos anschon a strikes in syriaithit es ck daytewopo a mpasre t n t e oe ek a ter onnu. std leboalits. ah 1ws . whw er cr. t rst. sllnd iesga t we ni
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vandayt happ st ae. looking with orursdayths kinglsrom ouca for acti herdi is on your screen: 457-06 /# t quee from fiveven. again, thing on thurs faceokas beehit withawsu over its a floridn saext messages to his phe ing ection the n rs
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s delong rfied m o ika vit'he oio e vis, ts pr acss thecaha te abbo llsms.hos glal in.. ieecer af alahe hped s jn motas. nr lv we t wcahtn ttota t t nd thnche infoion cent svalame..ik
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lireing ... afsome wea, ing oeke a iomof tage t our cmississipp e roof of a school... ile ents wl morgesley/ se co heatominhr roofthe way"thoredot o obor. ouli reay or elthe pr e ain da pr adeca l.. c be ging l prg ies.ngwic mee friln, f we l mor t
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a al casen opened intoces sion. goes t.beo firsme t.s. mehas a on l rrrgo rrroups. mag s nnd ttint all, mie oo w. r in oop adrtntes e macing t is d hhe at gooong se avidiguns they oping story... rug theirpitals n 20nclura nd at wowereinhees in syria.a doctout spt fo. ths cometer poweed ty ce
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democraticresideial ndidates a. al of nate r consiw nomi f theme froes fter rec deofce ain sa. ening the gnil iin ... didate no eti ayfore t sthrolimageorbushd hir jeonpastrumps toval ill shn the he of primary in south carolina. in dollplound in ab acrders lorado
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