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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 13, 2016 6:00am-8:00am MST

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>> resrere. e o bacautouth kn r, ac weom theen ni n iffin ijan w. rebe he>> wme.awel ouo brolyn shrk'sat ningemeg thre tooglt fdiai now 95 mlion rovatnas bre thear ck. we wl veound spiasa s hemm nato. ndw itn ra e ,e wulti jabeararnd mielintar found pedper ro"tdi." > wl keouns t wod pac ow.
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cotdn tot' icandedethla befe teyth caliopri oneeek from toda 'stey nndl ta p in nvil,ou li begnit 9 p.m st. juixubcare il t min niebe enor iajuan ma i athe si tce cente grnvilwithmore repr: rlica candidatesringpor e moart'ate sig re ropunch andac eve teder.naldmp is prim of s h heeacruzship ht iseges. onheasdeter: camni id dd gn f a i
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ituthothsp o bbst>>res noing nsva abt ru rortempe fttkro validesiio authierve or sarater ienmavo-ds eysgo ile ne the gel nowa isthna wonin hhi t rthlinfiryg akprlaie thst i lvily inir. thvepodig lo. rte agiorumwhecoubndte fs tmpntinuee yfe
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anord if a m feorr:s htr itthling th q autru a ir iile himau hisotnsva. donveea st h aad lynnceenner takis real ss a t heigbut whaou ns aside od ates>>ter: busth blicandis ar gn p' penantprofy inheopestwo selitig vorse eec tha to a o att t yil hen the datge lertogh>>ulnn ld t. th reoroc mions in att for t srt onovorsthilla aole i thco cnth nd da. artoing
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coshntadti ak nou toersaer hhadhe pntwe, sant ds spoheay dongrogr r itm aocc dot c iennc amroud oth acmplishntofhe o nira. >> wve g bono ackedell h a , y to p swslanol moran vean bvoti. wal aut w wcapetoghdete la o tt,eoidy inon pital rtll mpgoorng
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. f i tow ad ehat t hav lnd t apo wieak. ab tmi a aayrualp k t ath ore kou carolaar nef e bnge ewpsreio seedemecse istpee. , re m ais igoe whee t t nhashirpr anhiisltnghade
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twthds oamhi d stmeow me cndrentt o eisfoan ctind j elyioce ek do iks ding bhe gthisr ics fe t kdiell i n mpantveon t rr hair sil tockroun foe ohiri aio crheririt towh hiouaraifntn n ifntteit 'sorfrd b ind mpir o oththgst ns li rtt ts hete ou t demti w ng loo ihi
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on getdanevaiti think marchs ofesthth ameca outnoutha more >> mng hildthca ifoe pa mmit ll s thaba
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o ep auestio't hav ansome rt dyo thi ntst candida wl away. >> it's a of t moderate votecause h p a lot of the vote. 'sayonst rds ll all leilnd we ra folastt.m st > il lere trnitth de nronaoa and
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fri eren nn ale lost rce . looike fri ormtwi fore ose g oris w joinm c>>e ak atesrnghedw h w t mrs and bhre e, nterer advies tha ps sw com tht thes
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this warning froturday a until dchills of mus actual bu at. low bostexy teat roug tntnoast. asd a ithe,loth rdhave bing y'gh aes d0 ier i alqu ernsomor for l ma wmpes i e mid upper0s. ed wit tonight in new york it' supposed be grees. a bit of adifference.
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storic stop cuband undreds of peoplerning.ood as atrr ambar oo aeahu iic d araonme gr.a ce pered drse h coresi a fdy other n t mo sidence here. up tligh oint b te edway. droppefor
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e stnd dth va th popslsomakee inmexi thcountry. ht ofigrants go cruption d what i ebe ertly politipeechpe ath he pops mae hle-- u.
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me an cc establh e imin t a i is is themome ade m i and weeks m end iiar it co define a difficult t >> letman tti. ord rng to yo it fdealinis of a' by hiint,unr se a rgrouillim ia a tdelif nd aid art fight th-f
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egd iven from y 30 phere of hcter ible thun ehose ofnse ivy runderere agt,sicantinilyions agait isis t ither lem th ,sige amanacbe jigtionnk rada t s ser a hhtoreisgom
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t the,e th,000ikseme td bosees.ming uat i cbs n nt j rareheikan ereouak> reresrogdeo s.hey ero c
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xitexa, cub f re aaytihi y.ey ad ha csif cedit wle cub r t reaiama in tlori its.ures and are bot they fly tain arican untry a me tranhrouf n othe cou befreacng t t bo.00asea omdo>>sholesnl nggling ter:ses
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egalrk aft garasi. or mhemihi rugsettme ofceweetnd heanz.trm k gh nt. tdswa lf st l oay wut eang wor i tm a hebaimmiespera sta in and ma bac m,"ma, tithhe> diotth rengteth stth at> plpi a io
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ndayht willel youbo othhoav wus il r bthmoinsaay.".""itoe opov a wn sa athe hesood ke dn'knwhe wagoa , at w gnao. danet att b o anifeoe elit cogrte" "jwaintoha e wa a ffert li."au of hoom an lfaes iur cty ouor, st ty trclti e i was in td by ar.
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t y with r hdeinn, i. erdsp , ne uiferelroem's hanlehe s.n leesju a i t og ac ewl nnisohek s renly rbnistoo sand wiuper ent ytonng i us frtaa,liforn mor acolas. ey arli ankser. donav t kp auttes qurbk. i' of. >>, ith dn'neo th, ? res at i wt kw rs ouoi tdo fhe dens arin tw wh? l,onrs g t cor bnghe tg tmll ng are,'vju bn ryrafun' tystho ic ain
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re d bunug selfsiliguys defehaswai't ul bpaey thys pe n you ye goioe but sthisyoom thiuld re. youhalway lis m?>>l, m m bee a t ormme faer ceai older bth. tt' nheeson yt do ltetooumo >> i hen ry ske t yby tt llertalyalbo i wishy aly a it t b utas t, ri, sll >>lein i rnindre t sepgonnd cebrinalnit th mi a fen. bui've mh
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desis intoo down hinef greyhouing er hi t als runr spta waso. ce i on is ilori ae the endld bnear run>>go >> s b s aneto plye t f 2
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is th 50 to dphs men il. >> rr:5 miiorng buhe ss h h in orr totee have r r6 p ouer. orow mces haven ye tho oogs. >>teupdeuplihees c peroog caie decr a gaza wngdsyhndacin cne esiv ioursdathre b ou t sand roun >>r: iy d
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eyn . or ogarwe a modernize i gndound race tr wt s.ortet ore t orleat nanite o b t rs isni rd," d i fla. co u oneth olra oleatert indisrmazi what
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for the ednun," plus, phillips on th o sighing. out bra anmporse.s next in saturs ofissc the cardhat treats like u treat yo you gn help otrewefronifuthoriseover
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mou d trat r ts conicr a it dinje hsct mhotoer g s altot asiffiwing,spkie can n lifeng sideayluleicionetihetave s tellal htory muleitd medicationdi tsdst ontornowsave youeatmen
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re non sve ghave our proin.oikos o eenot yo 15 grtein. ar, zeroifiaeetener erne nee aousmile.ess wh ydrogen pe teeth in oft asf. ate optic whit iter teethng 3,, - smile! hey,oney! hod ito?, d!le!
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nexium t new #1 equentbrd in a i hopecy! roctnll. ader in fr otection me forou thr. illips.t uponmo a r thhea ne
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rent br,th cen poke with a we lk h olist drsssicianse of micreplyk august andnts with theameamesml ad. na, winrdth, wh
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t -- ka. are born herif aould shesays, o ba, alth ose,g hter is mning satur. look,n . whathe stecog viho
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puonndte pfrit. isotiuihatact dout.vagh activelyillness. accordinh werebo8 rongela bun ho hame tewtudy rns ahe
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llou lpegucese dy ightforwar itke lxpec f amnnd comit t oth c likapanom ger fen pe coun because olon opleives bei n imi of
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ot t ator w rthru use,usicnc car dents airec link alcoh gun i the ttgnc ententdeat is tthingspr know in d hey havehevecars ose texthere mli ink pol f aeah lispd angoo atersendureoutow w l t ratero. omeoten gos foyers. ar co a
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e s f s asofiglein pveispt i b cworese trelers to ts faing.e ye yf e stf l b av s eie ss j lagn gre
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sturly a da g t som eho being asil aor ndex omi wostfin t bo esinea imnngfu ,lw xt y. 's notki ihotett. th is rymp rymiteppo gh iee b ly>> allasmuryit
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ching g: saturkeitot t d ow.i thwied leasno, lpent ur tollwantme me niderm cq. hello ove!the fl out h...toy the fle is outrrowat.. mot.. to aio. e?
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be'sicrowaleou. ma f rl,ealife ic re .
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iaw pson, i bl>> repttis nri bs noprhat uaryin >> t w he re t >> yes >> rorr: hy guns u hear >> i three i know theere east twore victim of ts dangng ll-ltoey mark ey. >> whastaty'soas st b mtointhki
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you'are go bri bnd op kffcute yoter: lll oveonn ce oofercas, k w de itohantnme rorr: t onee hthre >>nt ted mem j t h vowga fohad asst?prosecl with ky was l for
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>>ter: t aboutet mucthorittell theeratundee ilht mrsou latohaf foryar ha tehais t vere ssy' trict hisur m o . youlith peleyouhat t is alhetiorhese peop shingad sehave alr somety >> fascinating yo richa esgellt"tju tht8 aim- 80 en mi toreapio eive wt tlo topus
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di nwh e b in"cat" nexttem enuineyour p.sought from f enty grand? -ne viy pa $4. are deboragh, no guli e prito foeen ogreiv [ ughinger ] piles in ] kn, it likeey're alys on vion. wh? l.ehe h drivveve hi is . that whawe aave inn.
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o oventreahelp rethe lood c is also risk ofe r peh af cuy weged fa e it rmatn on lt arf cre rengk tre. u , arha dl th tt bld inini ul he heth lawhte i unanhewa ye, eaento rs ll g thinr cthiy ousk blcl ta, ma see tngst maye yof uke ces. serus anl ng ed if yesia wle waaior alated do n take irm beding.
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before starelto tell y about kidney o bleerobls. the oeshiss. makeinan ar pmewi ibltong kwnstns wathrit do >> thef ecordsndedlbum durir lurioucareer
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reson h reporte sixteen nonoop doegendary talking nved fo d. b d he eer a . bu i don'on kw >>epteloerlu
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dp bein et ten apecotutiontothgrmyominee o "cinda t yr a lf t es o fews turdaysi. l m.mwhis i zer >> journey?cat believe >> talki>> ty atching er o tough cong tef su fes myn mowaol
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for others, stay wh us.> m t ensa t th'vn in e . y basicallchd. michellend cse f minee for y.ereisoudom f miurintyard. ere t a fun hineen
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op ind ste so alrwhyoid are gith e a. our pr.s rl kplar apeleou vuer. >> one fes ittl bo r e. i laod shotsth u. >>egr .d rest eyeanriou th o>>onchpl. >>. e n fe b.d sear peop i new h
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t wobe s. it's cd a rigged economy, and this is hoit wowto%.orice llbiioirleio. myamig llf alconton
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fight ckan't chang money.bernie sanders us for alha welcome to "cbs this may," inymaso>> i elaequ fahesin har. weilta y scess portsac t kccacyfse ra> ck whisedltmm t jmusic, but for actg a americalk thim >>ft andsrepair, crown jew of heer ds bac ibryn,
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> to trae ek phhedest rayle ents and bseat servi paire weeeein theur eor erle custv. rmed rnin re tak l ll advgh e ing hou i d lo, her adv lit snthisw anco ming eastanoms rn u nge ki windv f
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indhaafrnntsuaymiy.wich 2 t35deeelozelo ature wtoghretis. 18ow blito a belo aan drebeatouo nigh cn the orting twest. 83.a. today phoenixndanalbuquerque.there arern it's marat ay. ach a of 85 to hh in l this t of 68.y?? w anrov ico. sica
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fa-tfa swdn abs wsilhoebe utcaonhtt0 stn meth ces o weebefo gors ctlo ithutligo ace ieeheteononerxp er t ectly ie bate. epter: iion yest s theest the ess progr w it takinnd stit chat republ have en signaliny ruertive vals. medor abortiupport-sexe his us olahere isshahee andunutg rse. washe mtend t mt gn ni te ee,n nd dalas toerueras coanng. eio pelonig a les l pute loigor odygh
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he tage. reriteayintind npsuth focu soucaro itrel n ilutnaan caec es lot oms durintoni rter mak ir ac ec eteon tck wha ndat ik inr o01 wellor izbunoof in fo cnsnd f . >>eporlu romindpled pse come, notan the middlclass.orter: broade bo .
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probly%ndigst'v hed >>neamy me monethitrheoctipay heepli rt>>orheeorce o anaug tidatco w isst.y. row d s iliketh orensler tthh th os. teheck mnthingt
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urna. >>r:er co a 1 4ioil'sract whredi ll t netys th"l >> d te b y he idth fas,se dio a de, de andee fl adly iland t-wd no ler wrfran ity no to fa-c t . iaw pple gti tetr dai lge mb ceat tlddent comin teo eitch2015t a. >> keyst cil thaegulf.
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outswaheer e,t. mar seer tat! stazinathta. > gh 's a 11uteserhe . herea t thathe r yoee teofe rh andes. atching s
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there'nothing as ali b: an ant flu hits llway an airlu amiflu ian aat and lps fr tamiu lu people two wessy started withinst two days. tell your ct y or take other medicines.
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unua,tie moomn side effects areangont with tamiflu.ivkand choose wor...e a teep nr event,eepiyou how wewhatcan the bed he'srdreso yougoes frogood to to wow! a to gh 5eulimittion b plus 2fi huy,nds mondow bpum if yderare toan talkirhlo biolra.thping to and protect myomge this is humira giving me new perspectcribing humira for ten ymi manadults. argets andelps to block srcof contributes tomphumira can lowility toecons, uding tuis. rious,etimesatal ionsance ininma hapd,
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hirda mnt ppbirto u >>asnsn. oe, texymof t.e, fonmonthiceex tsokjoinus nststh cldi. gin ouokmiwideraistol f li h hugh did y tori ? w
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>> e a cante fwein bnnae ne ana nsntidtyhi i o k arterif. >>raig? hwabo twon, h rsdhe jtut h otand rshe gng t p beveas enay f d nam.
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7:18 am
at thew rse teerusses eec sus rgct, pmhich ia bra infenat u l to deh ere lity, decrs in ywhitood mostsiects armaobms yctorutanw bllls,innsotmecoions f areg la be na reasdi to arboos esedil re omyor ou erthkheseyoeybifr veya n e atitwed.
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ischy 00 a s a ri fount rerds icmmy >>indswiim beiizrd>>teheri kluasyuntpowesi e thtrisendramosiclevoluset. t s udt i free reporter: of
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>> aaleducer there torican-american cul. ep a brown e, scour the he was the fn-aman music h.inhespoant.para inclu a otrsd er hehend crib thedrawings.t time, him ep i ging bac a ghost don't iike e?e's sof thors ust h n ph r w ahe r gh weo ve
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t depre twnam rngs inut jahitek isrest tomill dra the fin auilgeme c is icks he w u rcdslsthctor gr bo and azally c bh youanhein>> w
7:25 am
eou o.u " g:y. yw at int ackg vi saidbo ner the g bayoneitione u yoano yana. rans fcome so t.avwfillbu peoon "bg "i gue d c t p itra a inba ns l ff>>ha >> ea becoue th armu a bndyoflt yoliai nd mofon't .
7:26 am
pctswoi theoookuels anket o cly t ec, sratio prme.itwerishd" soe afpldn't us .was dnopitdo ark sh nourec wihingas yw,hey wer lyin tw fit seon. you d too f
7:27 am
t fthe nd pmigr t c scthlege wher lghtingce uality sp tpowe t, n elece rs s, wofor princi si the irawaorting van now heon wall stand a corruppoticasyst by millof conibio limatoen ghiv y,iteeblicges.
7:28 am
rn sanders i approvessage. e ima n oh g g l ian rerant 1 ad world cngef, wehe."
7:29 am
us wou g. >> iug cof ts from a resants ome res. staesseause ex tme sy gr r cak sendeit'sert' rootes >> i'm so i liketi and t from ew ltle park in feare mostl vegetables a a vegetablewe sve it tti sqvo even m pasta aurant, i
7:30 am
fromfae,ync as it aar th i otygeeit ain si.he hyanheravi'snd iauranta me ravioli inceoup you grdmheerstand shequespapan coooo yoou 11g befo foo,otot o cook e coo
7:31 am
kdly ok go>>ante myt.the ry sendve shvehthndhogrape th. i a w a soeinge r couldehabest.o go a lot oki c aofessiat madnkan mcareer ohis t l w i waad a hom eryti was guran i wa moneyndwant wh tds thaking, tlike, migsa wng tbe a nk. r. >> it wasn'tpopula you carand it was cam new s new was cohefs streras.i , w,s isspll yirart rwa t
7:32 am
rnor c tu is gnoarcuwhode heni ju ed an d kno wh pvatefndjob boi for ws.ju ve igovemansio i ndasti fory ed it l ou c ssth st o wou senti would do - be a croza b thame
7:33 am
o fo tse disheslook at your w>> nt apecidif our rd ssioe i the mve liollato oths t rk.and andtreace t the gmm nomin rocke wio.s not tbe yobshis aturday."
7:34 am
be wmirates. ifouou s youco it's jusa ug yod see how ofn ucoh all dayanso wou ee . nerotu 1 deas po c l upbeca ncoh.s i r lygh oucowains.eron ct yo. e
7:35 am
asea t avra tseti cit oohs, yo sptuthheamew itti er ifthrenthavet edell ough k r t lyiolo fc crohs.enrk fi- amd ll n evbopt r sllsenortrtm
7:36 am
e rthtyo,mln feio edy s r iha econ peen fqut feio flliymomorors ca isinyo k goeolty vio.elandio > tatynne 29 or mth fockke cshth tth pr.vialednt 19th ldor arcaw te anoti, e nghabeor a
7:37 am
ngtheateopaswicert ba roitmarkedblthehefor ho iss was. itas onef fnderhehe ls rswerer teecetrp. thin l w bud thinelg a ng>>yo ce u ullierend at yot i e r mie lahe t o rinve eorwa jtad i asuo y ss
7:38 am
originhera inist. >> aersi opee r: a fdt ittarr dor who epers honyts t theathat3, owwe a ith hdl llusalr bit chtr >>eptehe, al s her otherove ie us inathis the ims rmin epva'sggar braered akiwhauet,he keptng ucture thi w
7:39 am
>> it cse itrentosals. eportecallre fearscaying>>ri>>r: t andlsrippanhetu
7:40 am
chai deis ilpl>> a bla a eaded artier pien r ol a te ep y tocr?>>lligca ch aor ofs llbe g r. >>hiea ery taatn d. cado aped isnaat o thca. r fing ryehe rte rlltsetu
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
you , blee p don'f annfthfl a d e byk an htodama , er
7:46 am
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peec d mte,grbearpaed heeane jr shsea ste mshefodaeahy te l y itps rinizamfighms alio toird my stedto sioiduced edid ane in.
7:48 am
ti' sgefre p pitar ouprreopn ououtan d l da .y nd por af thmabeermmnatrthaveve
7:49 am
e er oerin. ou a nemi yoe aou mak affwa c iteaphmoti rr bee nger extorir d, rearof y fea tas abluly
7:50 am
f. >>rer o iegmm rertmtaesenr lo he a gatd,evod
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7:52 am
my ards o cn ayht. lororewilclyrestkingter inyn.this "m"the n there mor t emothis anmoth g
7:53 am
ome back. e still with uonus from wilc
7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
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