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tv   11 News at 430 AM  CBS  February 12, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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lora e arle spor morning commute. weaer also lookg od outside. looking ahd -- a sheriff he line of duilon deret in grand juon.. is w as tffpplatene gh nxpectovi bu wepfepoo hs d d wareditdr. peoncc is7 ld stin hzecto c a andu. is mni -- bi cby wi wl t veo sty agnshi mie cosbisti sje to dositn. ut u dt maachutt tsh llote esti ast he sb biostty cahe
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sionn spou d proteconven to tdis.t now --tanley has agreeto pay 3-point-2 billion dollars r ron t 2008 thde ltn nt50- ars e stof newyorkis ie wof io s aer osorow t-mrkp. t tais n wl re t fg ma th mni -th -hos ol rem jl.ou den se yte sthn o on queio t kilngthe ctorf pament a hof ar ee. e persy the t aske
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break-in, six weekce got to the house nearadand asradoringrtedly got showith p e alley trieaway in befoshing st p not say rk-s lahe sho he srin t years ago. uate -- massive w spniri e ly knew the gold king ll wasssibore e-afficl cha th, stn ema"perlly plcoulcontams thaifrcoioles,inspthpeouee miofte he as ri ing wa in stat. a is b ch mield pressuri a lo dtment sa moree are car . sitheyabout ght se in er of cayear.
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eraturthe 50s 6070s utheasplns arctic may glces n the en our east. butf aresu 0smodsnd iunta and wer rsisrl whereweatr erocinsoit ahiberea angeeny e inr meal ne tdatr!yo mnimu wi jesro. morrofoyo moincout
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