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tv   11 News Special Edition  CBS  February 7, 2016 9:00pm-10:05pm MST

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ho doiwe s liv iv se livhtep? qoiph kay tds teea tat, beildo at. wini't w p ji s, .>> souoto c too trc gane t( t's weyeath g t tlz nm o ft."eame a
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s: lcsh. tnkav u sph: 'sicto yo >>ic t ph:eev t efanyog . t y f ha m sph y bkluteovtot. >> t yerh. sens y aleasubo rt>>hiss wt ir,herun snguon tionanit'ser n sarin wou a se? i ms y w. )asyo--nesp gav be s s, y>>te: ulin>> youlde ginul >>enotrowi aia, ue tosportyt? yea y o rwis>>en: allng te that
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ke "y,ano lrn nnnoboasic png tenn>>teph tg,hu>> l ag, rnni eo setoue.he woeke nr g m crosshoeike "okay, we'l try." playedportke it waasebal en: weone.llnee t aittlemmer womme now aing lim tere're enerercik.
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art n. neve ord[cryby thso s gha sod d-. ra?isbohehe nnhear about not righ isa owerfrne lesee
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outa rern grtherd sa on thsamsung galaxyrand prime.unlimited i45 a mon.nd oore at rahtlk.ccbay fe 1amth s adele back trom the otsi.
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myemas.we ohiotoenand iustat'sut od gd.teenyo cenla niu y t wou tur ct,lio t wyou'o toplonave a hahse guysi anl mean, w our case h in erseasom notrrths.anammateebthosuyee en.e how u wtr year, ande ent yere
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tire te. at--haswtoetet? mn, w cobeanigth mdebo ite ou sevy .>>ea cs a g ay 's mavit qba pax dinelha aar tngim othaces ozi ate aof h ino sr fhee itfloftz's>> there's mch
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'm joing >> scan you ickveeandlaus? tu th. mimntz,evau fu at fnow, the tin->>ou tov sphuavie enicaveeelet, in,ut is t fal esndtsn ghisn. 'somy. sdy afn,'mn? ea ughateotmoth oun ccoreit h drv tef okikakot id u cfick.>>phrrect
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sr oft rall,fahes hwhenlaceu'referddenly ti to rer p you'e, wheou,a yoou'r fou ag so tl tt aclooks shotinanista thdness, w te stes oricaf to. " in have eveeenne xico en a ap
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h. tephke wwh to do? i>>ou. :o,.n.( .'ve sivingple i'ingings. i tat now, s ateople 2. wanttaoos. there w cd wtea. sou?"at fst h to r, i klikeecam tpeop me t gene at wbe f enat auaorha ten n cr hai" ieoai is: av
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eroar y tephi'e f ot>> illedng.i wariti woriellero t per )>> stephenword?pes weicuideuatoo te w by yospsq o son,ista sta ts ec sim. th "ua tto tep i t at'.'snrm >>, >>owoueleas ior erynepein s-k-d.but strairo "to t
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( appla) y y>>phwhoav isan y, ey,.mu- wn' oooaaah youeaut w spshs so and cudt angrveand ce. leo enemteshikbukro kcat. s whoeahe a >>idn't kthere were anyio
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e.d kno 'rniolaug ) hopi gdooreeding>>ph lot out anihave athe's only one o ye well, w gaveos whi th c lve,r ib -- ( ugerin m bachiie >> >>te: "r?ennt. yak,ngugell
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( chrs and ala ste: we can s we cha ay a he' a, it. oingow e1 floanoi w swogoanig wngrn s rwae reinonl id.i pe i c o moto ieyou d i and nho m. teenca ymewhdoouav aun? thusap t dt'haan ithex: , sf, nly o,hi tohter ) sph -s d
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>> >>ame?late y garing? pttureteenthk you. are theyou t? >> theyral th wld wit >> steph is( la ) av yveen chn foreph? sen y ouavehi hh, fsketohe nig. ulseprph p o y. go fees
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ulesign' gecan watch,dennes wh havateliot we do ioanbut s tomorrow.
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is is as bad a get ne or stream it live whatld be er than motht t ngan lifs a messani havenothin hwur ( appl teeac exguhet "t f ofone nd mt-tcsh on cablneeaseel m kly! pl steen mm why fox trump?what do you ha whos toheh
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he lso w areotudthim he dav afhenot h a bou hedgsbo >>'mamhice he i talmenel a mbo,ecau tt wld n bey" tngik im ( rsppe yt? w,emou g h tse thing blha, secd-acos? o rllo k, uw, ren s tt h or a so dotimate d n 5veho a h ng.nsano him askoukime
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ievnyer>>ofha pces a cflct twnouru beme a ie ysec tto. leinto?ea writtndpapai. te: r we p fdto she, siztu whet,yotohat. y,'t that. k to ode wimy m o ha hat. senikyoer ston ll m onifa o te: a mes-'s wex mec h iasd abaueio hlyn' l ph: t. a i tugt w a vyfa qnd iost w phou b meratf te m 3
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i>> tephdoe rst tionim ngtellre'smmendation "mr. tmp >> i anything to start "apology accep f cong. i feelo-ound i' o thebate rundown and ing taveat likt allthnd s upnd inkt' goe roxcenksgotokyatemi
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eleed offhoeir livesg for our and doldump ise eigableructrihe asar hisplachece ghme w knodhe momeeo t debcause dhe t foerng goupt oe s up oki w w do? havngarned lace in who ist likrate one is it like contrespecial rhey're attac muc nou youthe mrepareyou'reot tethemget too che. now, yend at atrong wayeoundnd, trust il you
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gy. ( sefo y'teff urdiristhge avner,uit ri ha i tpr erth thi itu f ovek, wehoult frs ca ye! y! cane th aerns lthinoice a -d cre r dealzheimer's. if whddo heeieatment,it maympovonndti.d y worseningf symptoms whi naxroesnhae thdiase prhobyrg tmant h a rea itgrie retaing treaen
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macrffec stn ffac, ,esal'se. noi g ba k doctor out onailyen x anarn out a fr t ofr at namxr.c. nrusnginrdtu
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>> i ts ao the sh. a hom babes, haveidsven sohe e-thsefoafmeedou lo lteri hay,'r o a it s ha : stt'sheapar dayhic idv to teallht ay ( ) as was sayefor tcommreak i
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rnnkt i bd on'tthnl y s ceainom isthee t.i tangpr, iak the mdiviveues t taneeen wnfem s,otlkt. sto lhe stin motto so g the c ign"i war liputsboffic genunve e'aann oter waused theyt e. b sf tofoun won tre nt t gad i woou.rkha er ee,r, h>>teatbohi
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rkthar fsskehete ss t wrnou tteshaaidatea belshe ll tp. ok tpy gasernilelledket.and hadoave aheart-eat notvacaere cethings can a aeei it masead wav patty e bytr l o oponav t a y n hos betwn b y j. >>tepn: tal aee
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teen thaor sh goybody. ti 1matr aal inwhat w t ble. onuspher 9d ome. teos docom lewnweng.>>'tno t c o intiono bof w a w eve celphonril wanor a peer parce forh
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waito ny as c uwi t heras aro yer tig,onann st aeeea o tou w angrd ethha tc preti mfthion oo. inoendtasawom ptt >>h.le aratecsee aatha d reoxc stin e we cheend d thiit. ang
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