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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  February 7, 2016 8:30am-9:00am MST

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me money, hoyng isng t meur e>>ke dso s q senor er wraworug he fwon prids fint isn'ouin g ocpotidot y thm a t? donnoseande h mor tinlect os th i fihatg.hectedial n long i b great exhi bein is bigtf , i thi about solvems, welieve
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to cbecats niopohtn at hped hehinn r cmu. an comme h f i ,iees srtghei w anoceakg tesblhmt, o fity, ting o compans dha mpie tg he fiiasyem, ting on aofieke tlobb i ishthot aot oxpere ng tablint. i'm dfha iribl a bbl tlvle gpeop ickeseary n j uismorn tohthan: tors o ai ae"sdanilioplgrryvis ke lk.
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t to aonere fgncy ou'si iss ill con oy.oo d, arou'renta abo e aqualen gn polfi ul asesonues? jn, that'ia e atoesunndou. i n'acpt t miarrivagain, tosta tim, hilldhamonaswrong. isrg 2 assemble nch reign e excellent and strong foreign licy united now is t weave got theessoofra shahe unid ss meo awee tnoae rknti wh
8:40 am mnonce ierms othe ase cin t thitedte net lvnpeuarenyr anfgnian>>ic: u'ke t d iv.trtsmear. at is urnse t? it't. las riodve $25 a15 million c from w what is tsmr? dicrs say ct eot or o thange youob who huperpa nody w gseyhethit rlican or doctro
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frl re, ersev pitia inisry athamoy iluceme it just -- pple are towg lliovelahe gnbuhee'oso t tg mey cpaiginkouw, le br.i'reton'srity secretar c h c c finance doup w5onidualaging . >>ey e saisam fix as hilln?s a corrupt -- it a cocampaign fcem. let l you something john, the v t ofyt that tompli
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cee. onnd'miticiz becaumot stron enoand then rais mictee make sure tonf the sete. but no i goaisey focial ut>>ouerthnkreot t t by yrin tghhaome iluceveu? >>jo, teoe ng to a ctrutg lls.ifnydyo terceeten antbuti o o $ surac whi roflaromalltr flynoha oing iity.myette tha to pe donat low d dions. erent.
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shailmaex whe ys tiwhshhoree anscpts tspeshe ge tincial firms? el a o pn. he poite'iv the , merandinoherpays's n ing to reatrscpt th's herisn. thiosiv mecantoknow was shind clod ors wal stat thaser si>> dicon: nator be ndss foing wsl o on t>> than
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roh mebafoover5 ar clntveonto ies caen..r ri tcetipe or yr vi sewe c h ma t mt rtiment savings t.owe e.inve wh nfidence. ouma oo ofroeuve
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tle tte to tatin at wo i nsio couake esinthiflthre tioee att s oer te rkmpflatoeot a a urecve bingwhinarolht slia tigin caliia teur f, rs todd
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on gecutbr wh'st,ro?i it tge ant re reinsue? so m mos toe. cetathat allo-teke.
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's f aeat or ctunndere onkseeimut>> d: qio g what, i've always uyed and coacth ddy thwas aad acomp te insync wg icoat beeh su bo srost bo ae r ail i omrs: rty. u' the inusutt apia youeiit u l watchg an w bban [ul ]th wnk craya. don'wo ft. ouono e ntr wleai
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o visiy reine lineandle just onweek. euoga k lansday. it's therthen, wogone. i ow le i ju wish on tsepl ulhaveeemron ogar usmewe'rdeing thhi ielligence here thw 7 yo pto renclea but t. ro pcewe he 7 ie oisacinderyomecall t rerementpeal yvir .to see howe c helmakeos
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t. rowe ic inst wh nfidence. >>onatfodayniou dn cathe'ex e e nation."
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d more aer t game.o me "su y" ue. emmes bndboersi utrtneynn-t nfl.v.pd gdnn oth,y. oue
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