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tv   Sunday Morning  CBS  February 7, 2016 7:00am-8:30am MST

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ooo dald tmp wba l nigft taking apa ttesti dhe tk cage maheubkhisiv aft showa l.rati presal catee ndook te out come>>nie,ow'shings inw mpshire? okay? >> pret,ty an lk akeardad. thea ian,ia sde sesit e rn on cstd zzouw th.thadorinwerncluw isry oue
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wengve sonsuwl0 te y tmov srywhe ll finan sp onoday tng a stiing suhampions dieharder carbone ired u alln, lly . m up 4 cofe,ightciant e ooi i >>haa,0 pndwo-bniizza on. blazon wh og o h belovetslletvefl beee 6 a 8.>>forsanis ddrian gg ei l hnty tr gatet
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wnhe. a 06il 6le yom heyo g, yd, inhe froirapte. iriid a a? >>re aplh eaodecau coot wse. >>or wh gamarh cinweaveawar soreck ors lobsr, simou g tughouek
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busissnhen oneend-- w- aricng o w yseishert heea ehd or f >> tbal. bcscusti tba anal ropks of th ama n coci tnkg,reon aemama. hs itnbo ts tralavr. weet at a w yo srt baf crsng aea sn >> ofou eid t w tnk e staf tsualtinc liools, vueli, ifth aot s oioly, or?
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>>ndcitic reah swsth w aectan ev cchats a i w tm il ri ge,ur pcuos ea l e's iol g, t s . ie wng what ake tster loikise paat the teanper lar r th w sin02 3 m t s wrethlplelafent ce 5arthagavadnd taof tanboim ty
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ad ele ap,diitl >>unmamefoll s>> c cal r yo>> weot hope hemoin t e d b of c whed m day shespy bha abotcng tteams casodseheouitha w. enetea ev. oo ie rrn gameay ss grwoman ckut head iagle eagsanagsairu sagauutye hat
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sh eaze t e was e sent.reayut cal.hat on e wa they i in? >>ot a md.hes ony.s pole f of sports they dep thesasten curerapndtakets fanion seri ictio nd m
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m if your losesin's g be okths tht intitheoundama.wog acacts. weate all o re e hiest itauticcri clg r urcu floin r urtoy weateom cal80r-maweecr rs.y man ama.hoouealthi you feghw yothmpl-tpch oudvrelounus thmar mrff, e are norticinour al f ited our top usor a egucatfoour
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wean money >>e ur"sunrnanh,argo.e ypacecor dihe8.evf , kth o h y sryctle"h th takeceshe rderasliesn elicshk i ontw w eier tgheccontwihe sn ore,roug wfire b ce t eafleri iapitate is frany fundmpic rhndisedav min "60es .ndntonfter acq ternvtieyidap ter tthidn tel>>oio 7
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unilg sjectse bomtubeenonining is of nerve >>e,. trsysamy rnnal sreedlr ds om tsirrsigou m lad caus, s dgse or oacrs ryelatsrohtyer cts teyasnpainpaedf silleforhirt o st odetom sthd " 01e t eg. hhe wld e sh
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wltenrs atisiay y xi4hnow e selngndor eq hrtbu. geteteiowiheew ldehetb 'sex l otecon ha ps m. sthmsympepcok onlo-terroci i lk dr a inpie y -dreo en abr i atrd te acomeosid br rcecuha bngems.pep to
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iaspr inoson its.s nole wll con aloasth, lihaled os edyourwillif yn ibdierdite. tprib yr maotr wk dr is pyo 12myom osgoo wi'sds t
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anny ie fet in who di ai bbdo. youantg new. hav theif ierent and surprisg ways >> thi year's spot different for sure. m a dress as mar monro
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the er's marilyn. h it dress?>> see him i dress. 'she surface >> be snickers'e one ad w s a reay y >> o >>sonbedr markin dirreresic viathsu ial s'tayowex whys i i becau tllressio eing es wsot thtingxaly seou're everythinsd s te spend
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>> who are w kiddi, no o nts to isow right? yl lot pree?>>s. he isupe b a anitheime m ridse w s > an'lw c c>>nanua4th, mp wntce nt snly su bowcomms beusse mer t ll theetff thea
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talkstop eati srunnin bhroo thae wa newunnydiffernt, wamaltio omls ghsgs ancikey, b bow mith. en po osuad ry m rld h, tear c tal >> mtfhoomrccryigdge t 1 yrhe ttuy gs st whe dos e wltheaple bmittheiwnade adsin hop ofinghe cuths lit w isge>> >> oro a>> wh ed.spirm maker is ore fints
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hi. w sos to yp usdo i cri ft' w o whosillng so chadmit manyus, hecome you k wlaw wlayi ne -ouon. >> inowhe a g,htth. atmbssg. >> hpen.
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elidre.foyeelac rever ournyou, cu ur goa ce reti y .tsew c make theos your retiremegs. t.owe pre. invest with confce 're dcaat r: moow
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ho pri bto phe e e ite frhe oo ts hraythofthnlosver nofi." win wn envin threeeeksim see sks w sre hy. it tmc >ay lthhe ceat taron htl sisamilyats me i>> mni with camer in usnguro. oms a- y go reatoeha>>omy for potl."
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finheest pre mine pli tbestrt cowrinthe screen you think ittruck suc ae sho es havee. d hav o sglve kheonst nwell, e are mer rts. b p kidsin sixertiss over e s atstlo uncothe sca ofoles prenyoch. >>'r foo an poayio y is w yo t ouetng tst wn by otghtnvveni the e.
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lee, theknocked s.>> do yber >>ectoes in >>ty >> theyn thespecifs of i detlsoogative shot in t "boston gbey whicxat goinh nd puclipap p pap anduthe anyt ime. >> bows ofhelo. >>recty.bld.decikwds fm em tloes. iy tdis d llwohayad burubo oal te
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na00helo azer pre. r d repti did yonvrertreen w- w h nsowh pobe repadn' aok air iga >>ad n t. ikl theprident's n." b. ing aseuy rnhept 2 >> dumanus mas. >> thel tghte,alrn, idyas thoug aiwe tod se days, i k,h o moreesea ouat widha wacly dn 2 ixcit it surpsing. wehtow,hise
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in c urk i hond with survs. dothemms. tomet the ected earlik rviv ms thes'tv jlasheas 1eas wa rey meetitim w gti ner. di'tw at exp>>tervw telax m ing aut hisir meg th rorrssa se.>>on bor >> cpe what hpe
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rd of thearocese. words, avillld i vo hest isoth toingn andith >> tne ty l itha. kokay caveeyot be. couaven eryspir not jch t. >>ight>> bus pplne- lawyerknew>>amils kw.tehers k th ihaurov ibo. diitakeson d nd. lik, aa tictyyvery ceurchthehu his.thinth how do how g this >> yd the >>h.
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la cli ha aoy leadi oc h,ar go tas erydat. pdr aser for tocon. me apelpeto hhither wt as workon. tisage>> n iidcoeim juaiop t abt . tt bry w y falawhe e? i eed s was unortablsosoni tho, wo >>n't wtovil locaiest t id elseeid ityell d i arsar filmweas fisom ve
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t t sta en haventictuit th hetati agek i ccary'r dec thy p. onbo sta inhika >>otecwin winif liou'vn m be,s was actcalkyom olha ia f w o"stlight,"as t se "ir y playedepte >> sl ror>>has jgmt,
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ild sam>>isst s mat. ay ctine, eh veas wors i te mnghacterg dlo saulze ese,ow ulalte rt aeaorwo>> iea eitot r fho rkonhe fil, t? atooes a t spviott t og--yocan veopf t
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park, adi bar acia o goe bit throke rse reve aren id,foferaca. i'sused at m p om tte ua>> ay. i s atun 50, it'
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sawrlit months5%r hat of srt>> rangeroh kelly livesarrb, in shereamisrdedp,osls cl soptl ca er t,ot t lal f b reev tha aepa a g t y >>rag o sheacthdeenor otonki aca rsioked enrolit nd naon mmenjo d.ckunte,0 ao adidfu tonatw css
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ck cave top he tlf. tinn aadla sri onixp ofhe pk. tt' dinth cnt wn e mouaiop tu tesngis t f p e su hshe e ust ian ear'sream an t firs sn thunbefore anyols anwhilmoayhe hiheees aynee'st adihabeme a pul tti. evy yr, jry,
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pet ea aad m t 10thanrsatrve. ic w,ewsi cidak 3 mntar ieang t he t,avg trelom tstoriend oationaparks.ed this the per perfect day get
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might have in sanfrom up looet my opioid atnin nsstim r ioid cc,theyse to mage chronic pain.oic aiffereocin a lyug..fee? to ctionremecaha
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medit pr ys, diize y mor ofd re pd.sttcin 'l tight yr da noevth ofo youl. you evet-d n ct. bos ar onephenom sk sapan, ouy for
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theltoea auhe? >>nokeouits elge ilnogy ihi t gat inheor.ows hrae.>> ty' g esiteto canur bto en wky tea ttretoheoiseoubebad g.>>atur ourlofthis tooo the m . is tistof ite tlved.
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n wh trepeal iletorumstr.>> oped ug dw 300 sitoe thrntthike nemc t'e o amenja a heon a i ato? it cpl>> is. kedas ina s letuthhi gh ytt.ouotomtl ddioease ls daull
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septis adid idmitvounct t watagng i exy. atpante fto teseee sm snde th. the fal5,is t? >>esye cleveg. leport er ita f oin g b f y tti t,an'sntweetharirhok s o oolal>>'venlee ro ayho ne ihonc f vla f th upcomg02olpi
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i q lik i i'm l oh, g increase this kge to triedty snts like t ted motorc toit,utgusitouexd teer bethture y>> t mneeck h v or gleofhe,iluc ce case here. goo jushead. have l aant tlf. >> osgooh
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wosgoo tf su ms l u no hev htm h a winerspiach ves efct efrons a ole ofst.>>epor aftreport ss a s m impthisk th >> a y a sn one i het t weearneuc dnomoreut witesowitb thaor sry l, tfedo oa dmot le, ul i iteeor melhegefiagned a e e y dosisld dnano
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n thend id tachingfowher imy profr bal wevenonheraoectuais tres arour inglay o woeaso>> sys wor for angheyli afteracbout le p min mi dois .>>ws bst d touldt ma b t os out w t t abouat ou'r
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w t s on.noneof>> swlalher.>> i weth. >>s ye prlyous eim. g's gt i about rees,, everoing toha wn i worl can meant. novepeop som and sanh n >> treolutely no o suppt statement the
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be he playseo j scuy rcoe t app elno l y.>> "d" pn bad h middle-ad earlier affairea girl.e ath wasn't. i you i wasn't looking. >> it' aroundfor an a who o a ago fea w yo serhi in a ia q bfi oss o . en aorn cley care dieuch ty happs.
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in01e kine tor and of ffered himheart of wi in the hbo serie>>irl. ded t l msp he autel n idenoporthestatement at w t grea crythe w. e 7th iitery.>>eourvou a t n ay t ssampnt a tu itce aportan me. is you. >>onetess it t ariod eve
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>> tommy teullesie day andaid,anac yor iit.iern, hiswnheif l hertctng iigh hool 1 hpe outoflege b outfoyork
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ersileay it out. and in the t l afea takmy word o choice. wasra wingere e was dance's a c to condver.i'mest, depble, ag, rtic, gress >>an qd reti a asa. edie an 14. i hhe toil>>n t sis bckbuer b dbe hat' to tircllays n to naw do y a? a sin i love theu. love t cld y not to make.dy to ave onheio rt aor tra.
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sa thama man tot tt,eff, gog re ,ls rem rr j lkeat mndidth. d sd, o andhe ias . reidou tt? o>>id ce yr c y w hneau umd dr"hey ew me. woulou art n' wt'sou efounh b thr thsticems
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al, to do ths the garndre det b thanthis. cteff d sen i.for n decs tngicbe actng j iaa r iavin t vetoon mylfd do enj iecause tre edornoreoro athg el exct me d'tnowhe m gng bui'oi'vef pas w t feend 31d to playheuitar ateenager got on the p
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ingthfrisson go ag h ofson. allis gfoce overhe pas year, neould mean moreha tsnen tirla naz it fa>>effndenanieg ahe f wrote foruld b. it aie tha y bki ate --l for ip lif it'
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timhat wh id east .
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e trfifetau c ahead.l p am. moometex jopas eks, helprt ge ljca htecs, cludturculis imtafe,ho,hecaveapn'arxean ynf s ne lo cnt d gh l ttschve veapd. dr ldoofoourt and e ng x, niaive r ngal commo ife c, feions.can redue sympra, itho
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rnt what'eat. ave ribility thectl aniheld.lile f.aniteeigluonanntir. thu ts lldoupiv es isan ant the e and t spreading i. tau is fda approve treat the ps ofu symptomsd in the tu, yornuavsealth orothedicine ifev argicct re rh, orignsf ual haor optafldllte ale
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si won.>> b tre'sth tct, vi a hhe d ears fofif th'res.eyus ias w reg.en'vvea tar re rnin pcomod heehe n >>es. maybe on a peopomendhey say earch. soc eaen.>> gplho a , er k
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ou t enudye' ng yo ks oenco >> w y ykyo l ce hr ynd lint t t h he c>> relax hens? >>f u' saker yoell aware tt a catult ur career so the pressn together a s. people nowing week nton oynkd a y t s h nto adta >>esat'sight ofe, ihe s tweaksryhe ris
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t te tavinth t b paed b oom a y nive." i gpodwe s p m ldil s y youwhat't. e laugh a wve t the o clichlet you'rll th thesla o havenlot ttl oranve ed rse jen ttealtectiv t men,ut aed ind ntus gor we j need ae b have he 6,0 coshated h
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ts d>> nio cl ra udgtudesea t t. yotcideo ofit s to lith cat t putherfand gatheriideou've gotn outh a .but cordg to corianrs ntthe'e ked asor tass humany we wanonti gure h ver wayanestve jwee bein fothng weke ol tng soon wor
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'd wd de and eig. dvture. how far wiou take e all-new rav4 hrid?ta. ou could s's jusw of coug ould esenew rossurast,
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e c wort'pewlerdaingheren s aly b t50 l. in theaiatll tre be a party no bigger pme you the se iwn j d boomer. w pr here oso man story lige t two acks i estat ning m camton oishtel y n atage se.s en cov ouihippat theaayhae es tngs jav nese toolld be froat lisn? iwhat t
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feet, wher pack lk feou downe tbooldgede qck r bo he'sameagersat. aten tustbn qs,i n mosta m be p wit game. t of keeon thhetoffight t i up y lhe get t see last time eto heara" at theli of scr
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incellton the bk to osgd: super bowlr.hing tal l wrs. l washington and hnor a look"face the nati good mni,>>icrson: l talroth haveur o songwr warnd dydancoous tasts palel.spt.
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you.atcoke yoeait paymivood:u isunmilesh rn mongh.ioerndnsleocean good please in u ainextunday moing. untien i'l
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and you have afn relar artbeat that mout five mes greate of stke pltherthformot c bantrste clock bod ow and cse ae. but ifoue ibs noused by a heare obm, pradaxa can help stop clots fromorming praxa was evenrosurio rfg sk inniiawi orlood t an ithnt an em isy oral bloodhi otr than warfan spificerl tmen to helurodlya le whoe halvpldog a tapingases yr sloodlo tor ou prada before any pnn medic dtal procedure. a causseris, d s,allen't taxau have aorl ng
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exf ee al bea uroue 75r,hanele stomce, eedi c, or te rtain mecis. effts w prada caine n, pai b t wi thego witthonhier ths r of se tn warfar and has a ic versatme. talko your doctor about pradaxa y. niadss
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adr tion cad upcegbh.ounc sw" tonight on bnccatc "on hs super unyand just two daybefore the ak 's fourth some strupaigns wig prim clock contders, bernie san and ary am con.inuslye.>> i ster.: vishon vmata t hhesmit ps andn "fon."ptoredni bowl
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