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tv   11 News at 430 AM  CBS  February 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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teas a oucoradothe no ergosi. catv sal t'emeee lar laxual exploitio a child. the sukoaa channage his fe wa a st tont ho was backmd wiudino.
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edne g prnamploptof drinomthakthuns ct b thvid ofg atesai h bki e er ntanlo f hao thworlatsas ma ou c bfeh is mormpany ki a 62 thenyneths baeg t sta mthyeo.20 rnetcupl
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00 ke ton outy reds.u t t i'r. pabi hag.thanst o th ng for to th missing caled.veonesloraitolsk t hour wait befor repor f th r ello
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t hope w o n ghng o aar bb ta aook ts ei mt in aritiy cam aey pened as inu cavet go to mapointing the g at his ck. dehe vkly . s loeasupewlndayar are uy y ar ciscting gas ta carolntherscoldperfme along w benother mystery gut. he banwain, ch stifo ." ifouerg o
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td deicatotryquiuora., wah e ga re caga-0 and coure' bringbrco an 11 ng wth t mngowy,et s maor a t jessis g s. s n ayonop
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