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tv   Up to the Minute  CBS  February 3, 2016 1:35am-4:00am MST

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moree eean lihi?o.veevt our im nyr is bo be lr b tbetabltinghis way in lawyd selypotent ar out g nt.ndns wrm abt enal uy ab other hand. -- pepose ndt atubcoue uable thpublic sees it yeah,y ab>>ondeia. neli not the lawy. wyneom becaus gundeprot iruheubli arner cotar thengy brsoccabily on atug aou in , gl tns clesn s incl llonf luiaitthf rns hn janeen responding to a t wnocompites ties o ittola a cava att wa thhid reagotpect t ths. im phea esiden
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y action is tawhe g t t pecest nd f in at the s.a.p. center.r thtimea ntmetifor fit-ht rorolde niar theer b the le determi mhingge pnn me a ina he beinisraa for re ,0ed supbbleionsfansmeet amwh thee.atr $3 a p anfa cldchei s to ro and norhis enofme >> thetain
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anverwin fto te stefobsatdtrsandeea neire 9 points docialisages we t attiou toure read voo hasme o hie adnte he im nringvet.intothe de tie t,t ehe stagome bacightea r a iowa. >> nancy coes, tnk taslt the iowa ucesepck aghe drlastnd opped ou ti >>onkedl
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electabity.look entrancls i has your ve? eyened.en ao y in c wnnomb,hear t mco goin mpe, crsa tcoisperfl rayo ligh marc sayineaar ioestean lity. mehisrom ar r d wel i io partsettexpectnsntoier, he i to cru andonery gh ou h t v ewamhihi a ologstatof new cth ibu,, and kasi. town ou theil t betwe t c a>>ohnson.
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ep uranstt motond speedftatiirth defect hardest hit isher. j l epr: i s ioovtf tors it okin t mitestcarr the zikvirus. pice o exp o ha, aladtirin toefectn. eac i a dtor u healtdepant.>>xpng ruc puln mowuiika anllleroaly caeron
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irus inited he s t hoteenrted yut tharday,ffre tcloserr.on ep f at thancf atbak of zika we put t quest to omfr rs t ntfoiscol.>>thee n't t t will b spreadakik .s. tng. rst,osqusot esatlltf cotr 'rse ih weumbers t a presense, be peopl h nditni, e si, giwd tn elace wheika i pidly, a chsikyo hav t spad tssnn i ps wrehe mouis r.siec.rning - was bang suddenly h
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al q cnk o anwa m.u.ligenc o ts m havebeen an. suncleafrucl fae. auptr par he countrys isndg sprt. anen u.five dayffldyin h 58 ean ons. fr20so to18 aerhe leea keelhi ksto i lng i is >>meeworiatyr dd o hock dinseyce i
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theyld hav allheeybackf cou hav m s ck y cpeatybyghorth i yti ty my ter:ss th playsathost f i tinroatenceotre.he bhetblestablet >>od dng ct a .etordi ts of zensse ner>> ola od,nupl nd,erim mage>> that to l nk a ole,stly.
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usan r lidnolorwed vereto en hr ya?i'm goke mucinexsinus- , we'rtake off.ssolas ey're new anwith me... yoold statuss-maliideashs were thern .weov50es mverom akory. bi lcom touth ou'rra thelore e. it'syou tooso ou src cnsur, swch t 'shat u
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oundofds wstli) music intrg nek-y h gemesse d evuceniniftt is tak uch.
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on.sardayahe undmued and d dlesol >>recoceammy triehe er dn't fin s hea can nicole tedople r: pro
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prelitermin the c o ng.orr ttoum hdlie tfr ll, s hahomeday.asisco g o ana. loveher a er tyedouchwitheeough s me w ced aborctivit sit e thamve meted aryo sivens?>>t thee ist tim wit e ddss d esen'o ough repr: sussre geldtlhout nd.
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the cdi o adould sti hebearepddlerio il peo fsn c a j urasehsg snowad wg sn'tance.lowssn c p teast 0rsli br wre a drli. a men wheac erpeopidn' h po yohave learn tdapt eportelsewhe
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t llion p from t gul coast to. ght,re isi righow t nna at sfac ir tsor e ounmiissianscot ppleherere beinht w. we'llou torr. thank yo ch
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sponrs.he's ma rg ehornget uie a littca tndyee t l a youel >> rorhein she ho to hav fooall f ocngthetr aov neitswot to nve hi tflknover eed by is year'sup'stopsiat tast hathe sl adves?
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as cdoj rr:laye subo ser ds, ados moofir bt aad ianoudi.>>orteny pr aelu. gn to b ouicat etta geras. rorr:hera gw33 ess,heha ws hesgehatsote d-ser.ndra tt sckor ome jtoodemaorg c ws at tvernnews thisday. for ts ntinue
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mning thig.fromhecaen york city, i'm scott er: cbst ne. > wheer news the zika avirus re
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tt'slympic. ter:erthhorke g h ousee inlaik intif ade mnd oc abti. alorrsprgthr wayghar sa.homi, zikdo b a spike nfants were y . >> r the whichts dr. been pedi d ous. geeniof es wms, romege cinoc prad s te has bas s lar ouakit esteli se ittihe a pli hlt nc wlt ti s iile conaernaonalrespo g c
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lers in. all thos c felt from imported infection from other ies.urop u hagver s mae le tougrceth nheands floed idetoaveps e kisla en borknm op oscong miges topayor the whe z dea h fr sll c arenhe h nothg .we ud hyt s ca,welr telt a ftqqa.nor c
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00opay her lyke t hba btues see ha bcksmrig e emdearor aea tnixo s d un making a thisd so evil. i don i don'tow you cano l rkruggliithflux o mnest heitn pe tianar ut tss teen ou cuty. v atise sydoha ety, espcalofter pho cohe ep tovents
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eitasfa cenn wre veo uas quifn sd i nt ne tfneekerksorthan peo a ymbolic way of sca pe atit.>> u t law have not scare her nhile, theritshio > btiotrho tk r gon wher t amta h en steedoea ija.
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t j cd l pi. s tol w ng 1--oon daur ita isya. e oledas cial tccngic enheadedie e ml on thshot cl avimagecovrom h sherposigu al s heryear t e t si wy,nringe. i n m i into he bic the lorasshveanriatweenerikll ill ts w qqhere shsep i aouwi s le tuap d unstd
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a medtahafromsh . isaidto the stop t, thr hi ppers and everything n, >> htate country are feelg the p4 sres la smallerwal-martress for munitiesome re d gnaud has ttoryxaheyretheyreut o wan osalkbout aom and nsta smato f
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t me?s.ey coming >> repor , mayor,en westcompfr walasodnow awtheillur fill iturthe cits om. >> ctire fingeg a aot o t fe w-mt cnt leav inktsw fo l o rtal s tho hav toive half t closesore. will br spit is's verkeep it? a sp , darlin' th mleanedby littlbit dawtr hashe canin ottles d.
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isd ols inst cl th r atso upan heancaave ensh2 s ansmli sprim opinasbors thre pouhere snt yl sar. ssin befe yoclher riou sceno wstop downyica's st t? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about iex dfomy
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cough! it works ougt's . > yeerday roug you theee wne launri w lyes uom ns are antsellte gas.
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eiestigafgoer. crtar o minryus." d tthe rcovto hhai t lawy theisse oia pio t clete mli ors eclmtfr f fm re coieand ov t meye itta bho ajend anng i ta wns.and , ngul
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taw t beltthmi'soneyas diy. duheme. of jed no expressednterest th mo oert so.this. we d say, e d nd , l themomawhev notendrgiz enrehing.wereap t takha sp.mptaot beovat itnef lawrsavshyoke inrt theerre we hdrf llolla andbal witn
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peod makee gauargul thedid. listen guy i tcednakeig night to s that. d t saying.wyer l in tail mia diff w b ina.orr:ehersedtakeheican minis ient wey. was pna endthats ingomsiastibout th >> me chat it isth. >> cellank c klic and al g renorobemson y wn. dino indiohengthlven slefees bsial. 000 to $100. >>plic sgestn h ationpicind wouent int tited
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i sa srt nd50milln. i could im >> ion.million.thingwr pafuiton't be actl jaal to goforward. i legal f ver . expre cabout sa. wan the ure,codoue ?o ayi nk dsth ayetoin o >> at ty lo fwa t ti oe noma pmber
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de tapeslf questions behavio od global witne wehetolaw e o tcoy's legals. >> i asact lay be n impole in lering mornnyinkehie? o. ve r. wt i you pron snit?>> anyawis to w stsoie way intery poen,yeheasinto aointth's oend teitems
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>> ery luab >>identiality.t la fmbecaustnr ids nibypu. ers eer accab it soheng auaris so accntilyoonct hto bunbl >> i o,lol tnden o leg eludill of lu s aneys mar koplohnffnd gee rin aue t w it pssna spsitier it t ays daca avavettto thicot e vagnd ct t lis.imonhensident
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nrent ded ce>> mim dre r >> wui cle hou tisllalnd he iicat o pnte c iheunheenagedgalnducsorlleldeio agree ennt.ter: on the h erted inthis clemsnt anastieporthinng ? fetbut a ss profeson onli auy, snt und ru l fuledealsherman. pitided bly lved iegaltivi ending. in formynd
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ounds ofir sic inoducg ney togecr r ssanti.evto gy teie litt t il . uc
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sirls a bk amouradonalanor. ca y b? s 'sersol te. ymocat t me'shat u . toefircore nsce sw tic it'syo. ere u?' a a mmunonf by eating healthy,
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de bakld nsaner s wl. the me c l way i vedes.and orek hi>>hegteam d. .and ahdown.rying toch ever nse.s b esmeed.>>orst>>it bee ffimab pls. >>esinton, pi! ncheecid ome.>> fe. lletand midfi kis lom
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orbo inuar67 hardnary forn.eam fromi, enflaming foot ylone andor erta fa b d dit yel fhise e pyet's hdjus t-g utynawsouarter ityhi i super bow1. there is a the super b on the sid >> reportest
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eey n. terts fst .t e dtow h iexpe p the tant >> f cos mu >>$1$1anam wasrs s in t mea halt fhearon rdins. >> mlanlayb inperom dntoii e 30. many >>ha ehe tperbhis isom. rorensivest, four super bobillen w w on fom, t aro
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u teetianctseingnndgay ct!uchds t ay ol ca sasheow replay. this year,re be70caosd arle adngdebuhe , ofnges sisti>>ma thoother.rst ar graphi from eon. e waohe.imelchefba oneaay>>heam sal
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pe, wouou cre e f rigw?llnup >>now, 5 yrs, sdi t. oesn wan tndcks be c toisne d. up r
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wsts t 5 vers themes dne i bay y hiabe doha t trixeisa syomohyosy m? ye.thre ns! mredbe , etju.y! l th risab d er h-- busyoms. erraysay. or t to m pran day.leepts r wly. >> rorter: tl ci where mfnongamy action tak wher gheotalfl ri
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sep. fed pmeti teveria n.>>ter:he sdennivef anthe dermine ear . annihemsrandcenreic t ge brgeplerse t bakll . g w me an2, jouisonrg t sowl bule a eg o f tt he w the a$3 pop. d fans frohecotoexag wad a streed le hefl netwk. his t o fe
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itof sdagatheadenish san ancio,aloe ugh 's h to on ter:disphe stylfoprte26 ti s co y rno f >>tepshe ue m rpe ead onin proou r n slcam'sti veno l ore w arriice >>hogee ase rr: an t4,n.
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r: ou g deinoom ofetyo that thiadioedfao ln o inie inon bland hethevt nesome tin otherck b l for ndbs ing.headcast er, i'niair.
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hand theit ibett ao te fin r> e i y,re snt> ttin rs are hoorbi spears be annnce cbs "> y hiy,noe y io'sralegishfar nsbe os d tnehampe ao red umlog for a singo ted cruz ang out marco rubents
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so whaa ctor nig. >> rep a mo ves in gohisty,asted fied t eryit ollercawin,ancez isng t goto bum tru. umorutsn umfe 600 srtundu coh.>> son t y s, d. ore itte haenent in tia d myshat firl p cructor splong, ng a
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is ming abattle atrp, o rubio. thida r saysis ettees nothz.>>s ineele iivusesan ufyhear. yocat n tty . orr:io mtucowi aksm ch , chiehod rohongs nam toab s i wilanerr ess, sp ta th i t ing woran>> y tt s ou >>omhepeledusst th wreetatchstind orhaoric owhold3 y ev a a man math,rumpct asy voper
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w rembe, reichat tnoe e . magaett usigyow he.nancco iatcongw wiinio epteheirom erwie csedid b >>atorders you edine raceio ast we werfour deletes tndd ere was rets w- gare oith ipof aecok e aoito. >>ilryli>>utevt,aule elnt ovo, r ag 3an.
2:55 am
d .enwh clkifo sts baound ows in e by 1pohis delist messaays well we's ndt >> ime like r lu ep srso ha thinofomeld advaagre hefr nbong.cltos e eps re
2:56 am
an cors, y. > suesf e , puic eeonigarrl t. oalonicd 2en dwasaite hawho vo r after new shir o ea ongaio, d a li go.johnrsour tidiorndhor thna."jot erans. me has ce ged? whhera e haeen tag abou ce is of ishmensus th oue shoe l iy, versus
2:57 am
lo a r d uzwhen ted who in novsharnt t going into new hamcruzs truisteate f t.o is si y n. ll mer ts m ? w mub didel waparte be texio now s ngis toers thivruz ump.y e wewhich ssogic coutorsin bh, do.s e roiling figh donald jerson. ay on "face th joso much.
2:58 am
bevea erzi ic y smbytoesus h hahirazie fi jon l>> i ron oven ers.y hekeneigorho c kill rrthzie icos orllbirth nke feacca oep thtynt
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mohsr-isreanth wo aedmil il sq l dif isci o toccs phos. wh pe cetti.bos thoes ay aha s zth insickaty ejudas a md give all ove, buabt
3:00 am
aiotpo, y, hh heosoo dr. rti f y. a thehaesa rg tb ozikan un pheioto omasho r centerr disease corying dot thwilla despad oea zinthu. hth gng u fit, mqus e t prt all in otr d e en s whey esnd, ople havitioning, ar legislation l the plac where at spread this
3:01 am
cdc.g overseere ba ay a errgar breas t tha>> repdeo sh on e e ig oskfw olse te ofhene benri ygas.onheune th ans clrlsi piec oe laur t od.seerd e d.avffiawo opred.thmawnirne w omad td pl wightsacehe angke
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eloffie aw rephere me beenexion.eaomucur d guponolheoury inds >>egrean dayd of bohe nudto are us om 1urth2014eato82n .erheeae re d oheeto . hn bcke lngth >>orr w gnt r dd a o27 cts reo heeriv se usuanin me shierrnet fo>> tul all m
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elseant co aen tf ntino deny >>or i"cwimilahewhed b asroti r ed f tahmav coiz nodyi cteng. the ctheof ceedflye>>owy tlars e wl will bsuinfrdage b t9010l plwi ff f
3:04 am
nitors hril. thet decaea anned eyinky wesoruriefrom bndneic ulitfr ncsis upi k imy cathof e la tsut,te thewis maioornifousthr.>> rorr:ess an c to d bouch l d tht ndreoundblr her: thehas datisear the be . scflg at
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seves news" w . marn):o k yong?mr. to , with's tesday. ng. took mo helpof c :]ciin no is out, brwhat tim?switchedot moremore o nc so m
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, to's allbrin s.ico s moyc iance ohatote. y i abomoosev ico.grngand lo (sous of bir whi c ining touccr r touch, gnsified.ttle tou i
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lintun ia s und ertwfresen uesandohl illin th.t prs y wecr daht shco'tin>>ad a p f as, med bng omeri nicochedy peopthrouger sife. i ca tha.tecutochard eiith degreer and chrident, -ydtalis wihecohe cmmon a m teerprelinoff tain nhera tcointooctse id
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, laeeck whesain ad na.'shevi st trytayeinwi t troh ci dibureoned tisitethe lyvee ma mccare shtelirtites>>kn thathwe somisesontiithe the te anweddss t aness, we di'to en. >>orr:hepes e inhet isl thbo eye not end a pl
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couldwn rn.hehtzz ddcaroo re13 marr nt fofhaeno e 24hos. ktoou bladty. birigs he cometrme sans di st er tea
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nare atin wh ng ndwiau se thrsrms d a omg attoad n llpe fthgu astoin ghe e inissiip and ghe atr ofaca rno ndsii. an pple e urakcot w. w cckh
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opiln pae of boxt >>e su is nday hon c bu a wfrhe
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each rning i r ofeet te a elf ter: tging o ootb kingthe a aler etr ar amal ve o weeotan tocveigbeea tbe knocd ataed b r'r adsit'sd tot eatotisers?heupl foadrtont forto p an of st eric >> c are ngn d spot. at's $160,00pe>> ore we tir
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3:43 am
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