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tv   11 News at 5 AM  CBS  February 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am MST

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soon as they clear adn e rth no sh i'm in co now is very hi tah the sn plows this morning. ey tell me that the snow drts are becoming a oblem foth theyg thr push tf e . thaying e cl d wiriversrd d e onoads sh son 5:0tty y i lov
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" expen inch of to-ddot- e inno pas andr coarol ac rwhmeanf e wio inesag andohs invoed, ch ima, fire whin hou. caene acct rert oe ic fm at polstn. wee ouvege oisbratr alweinanotlive look aads.11s repon cu
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an t ofou ar photos. mmiek beauure downto shouces still hot e randale he saiing e s doto what a take lk this one! kesent us this pic of so visit in e where theady ot of snte! headgi cond witract rayoom rigyour hood what's g.
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foraffic cday,o trafh onebannektco afte p tes. now-- these re itroubl lawciting a on separate all four spris. a releasing their es in ill otbeing inn
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best ow.espy t e oinbeafifou ttrel, adil ve s sow e iae utai codoitti t hvisn w reinor ohw 50ndo e stf s d eb, grually mongasan miinhe afteoo linrino ows orf raspng tbu r lowine wh w y cosoe inanif wstocr l s.ll k a finfo w s dny stcohr m.. be wupksn hear teend mda cou s aerool wn anchan mahtnoshera at urorng cte tham bwn. n e thxt cti. eaole nd
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breaking weath 'rkeeping close eye on aerll the ss teologist jess lew prings. jessica,t u seei imcolorado anere is so much snow w alst up to . inveout ? f snow good nt it'stivl temper he thisg are veol the teen it fls like weov a layers. sincfrare going lting toy an icspads. backcko you. the sut ve day and the bre
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buseintoothecae team at that t itpenehe b bcort offorhe s rt, etetook. one he bus badr d wild ge..d totowed away th - police will o keep ptnerall. w hickeys enickerentirafter 30 years of e,e couldn't just buy ajax andx s ered citpropty. h tat a thtook oal pad ha-thotohi bja forande were sn p ofhi king wthle.
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mog. jamebre lastros.
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sticks e o ew rn undt 11g ather today.mber, 11 your closing . eady for tod/ re-2,d-3, d-8, d-11,s-d 14, d-20, d-38, /#d-49 and-60 and d-70. my ba os mouor atn,ern rcba, anr r foe se fosotheron
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st create blowing oras t sethbestno..pely to t e o sin. sa iyoveo avros e ve s a swilso toialin thutheplaif codo s l l swiem atheacoin an grllmovi ean dimishin the aer. ngg ow srsth h colado ngon day.utt otr locas wi bdoh ow. l re win ld, e bland wl ocmain urwek baovzingew day cugmid . a bear
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r coan f maightloyongth b. coll ad thar. doutyon'ha t ash volvsesbmy frclh. tlas ked. i dd pur live traffons 24urs a dago tc waeb chktt c up te he teov th 11 brki wth art the'a t he adthngo he eenge everhi i apg . ns poerinessi ivin lodo. shs inri tenogyve lot e adnawhe e atreseng dah,d rn ido spow i hig
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loth morning. ts area lem hig. n as tr a espethe noga snow pcknto roadway.ey are mostly using their blades to pushsn off the are laywn mater whthe s d.we td wiriesteay bl toads cy tllanel er "e 's ev thamucefelit't w le s tcat lyet o t swsg is look in ings. we will ro for mornirive. sted, wel hather liort
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da sk haeninun a teller countynt icmes -- if you' inlvedccmage and d mecal n, and neithof driunder nce.. age inion. n thile iden re onlor pic a f at ae stn. ant ake y he eryt you ntoif need tad oay. we ksprings rport port ht nowit is a to factor in road conditionare severa avel d-i y r k10ve celled this t a report of minutesriva and dep
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you head outhe d live losi ths... k o no.. we are some phos and osm ny of you. ewal miahaisitus ke a someis snordinwn the
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ed. daaris--thwaat11 nipeki aos ch t tcaee ttdaletheledthatared ton ew out of heuntau sers t there?re a mpley bu isnow! lot noto gou! wee yr ot..s at a le ! oupifaboag cticora ois ea werwegeg anr loths.11 ns repo duscuzick e in
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sidado yodihe'bt aalwilayeof cin thads,utre ano ts coveven m the plowming, iffact ty'still out fulforce, but they jn' up. oe istty nd blohesnowached as sashe owoff. w u t geere go st n
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ttleaterthws. li i.. cic kv, ns. adginditr inte n zo ihboro 's enin'son o. u cadownad ifoee jueakk. haenno.. li a tto tckow two d oo po sheedom she getti inar. happeerhe weeouide a liquortoanfota ira springs.e. heh suspscript
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is onreen..70. e calaces pregnt wenuld e list is comi fm c-d-c... alldihe zikain some tricaltis ke c rica. the woreah nizatidelcar an internatio the virus has been lked to birth defect inhoanstly in south thisor. hype fer bowl tinuesacrohe count. yeday.heolin aurveons wi tedorhest brcoto cag rs poerd y ays boms mi a yg am ghnoot. wk:llt. thms bk pracceomorw. memb, catce r hon k offat0...
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ndning happenday- alresutawnnnsylv thiing. thathen utawnehil" ll mhis al w ic. reerif pseis ad, wee s ref wint , shoexpecttures and an ear spri
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eaig tdete ss ly25thai. alg i-25 orow is lighty, noheavsnows pected for the or. th mits son en
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to ng c g anifow forreas sethbestlly to the enef ings. beou hael, still vendick! snolso continto m the socorado. it ssnmahw e saneb, gruaasan miinto rn lrinoshs to colspon t most olocations th windand coldso some blowing and drifilcur lyn rural abe ts weay cugh ek er war
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urni cmu . n'f u t . andwinow the if mustouve witexca allnt of eim30 mesgh 70 mienve 50 nutouefoli traicdis ho c ebatkt yr afc da i10
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haeng w... eriquitoilpa iodos rimifi f lly shand sellinthe u-s ea that's a bitat daig ear,mi veatsoou flrietr miteorg congroun o toc ics.
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weave ntday's 11 brer alt...
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this mor. women who haveigh blood sureowardsd ancy couldhaerweightn baaccord new s the ass. thsay o exced t riser blsureore o delisml ba. ilss ngigooesre te le. secherfod n a w lee r streutreovighte e timolio hiodessu. yin on top of this 1brthrt. ising
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ome ba ani'saaba eaighto moraw cos in e oi-n e ns. alth25corr is r anty dionno f t-2coor
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20s.t the breeze.strong wll ca loblandrif f t aas tt e e stsnsp tf co sprgsbe sif ve tel, ros e st s aslk! sw ao coin erli oe t nsf lodo s l likehe hessnowil inthhw to e o singsnd lo llvi ean shheteoo lgengnoow t ncolodo ng tt mor loti be th snow. itill remain windy and cold, so some blowing antingl occur mainl arllea e zior a few s dndaburod ekm byhe tby d ancoowd fainlt s. andn thways a g thraon ouav
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a gic ournnom. extraffi ming u 10 s. inahea c oid rseax. ciouilbe ieb erda to lk a igem couaithoblemsthe dept fas, lihortag manr,and of ent ithul thf'chloga esonayprerer offfivers a n oney. chie 40:13: t'ob te ouopleinnsthy e be jpoib d
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goowd ring rsthgal d l may loat the n-t- hingorganitates lothgamiomt-ero-t.o inze- ve ey s it'a wadu holateadaccilookahea tke wierl 50t adiserarggg de tcomewi nng tei'sped. t,rof ers are a heinents. rt onew campgnleee thkeps sond rs t ais at tr
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bov reca plus..ete veragewe hcrall tre.. cin t , anroonon.. su wu ne kforeing t st ood'll ng t jues no ybreakiews le, s 1 th
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and i'w... it' uak heorod/ re,d, 8,-12, / s-d 14d-, d-, d-nd loan70 e marsee cled aorstn, psor rce / anhrieair e rt car weasionessentl pers the a acade clbegi his in nsion esntondoor u e l e roin
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