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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  August 7, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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this is bay area news at 7. good evening it's wednesday august 7th. this is bay area news at 7. the bart labor dispute aired out in public before a board of inquiry. the 2 sides can't even agree on the basic numbers. it's our top story at 7. >> reporter: that's right, i did.
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and let me tell you the thing about this is it's the first time that the public is getting to see the documents that's involved in this labor dispute. they both presented their case before the 3 members of the board of inquiry. what came about today was how far apart they are. the union wants a 3 year contract and says that puts the gap closer to 52 to $64 million apart. about 20 people got up to speak. many urged the parties to avoid the strike that would avoid the impact on the commuters. >> there is a big gap between them, big gap can be closed. that's what we hoped would happen. but there is clear live a wide
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division of positions. >> reporter: the governor could ask the court to ask for a 60 day cooling off period. they're prepared to strike at 12 '01 sunday. reporting live in oakland. transit riders say they are relieved the agency reached a deal to keep the buss running. it came at about 11:00 o'clock last night. it calls for a 9 1/2% raise over 3 years. union members still need to ratify the contract later on this month. family and friends are getting ready to hold a canned light vigil for a man and his son who were killed this
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morning when the gunman went into the backyard and shot them through a window as they were sleeping. >> if somebody knows anything, please come forward and let the police know. because he was a baby, and he didn't deserve this. >> relatives say thomas grew up in oakland and had been living in fresno. oakland police did make an arrest. with the connection of killing of rivera. rivera was shot and killed saturday morning. police say he denied involvement in the weekend shooting. 50-year-old sandra disappeared sunday morning. police will not comment on
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their investigation. they're running down leads in the area of 30 second street in carr car. >> she is an investigator with office. they found her dog missing since their home was burglarized 2 years ago. oakland police are facing some tough questions about the mounting number of high-profile cases that remain you know solved. >> reporter: chief says new police academies are putting more officers on the street and even more on the way. the department announce it had did make an arrest in that homicide from last week, but
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-o-p-dhas not had a good record. >> a father anderson shot in their sleep in oakland. >> it is horrific and it needs to stop. >> daphne web has been missing for a month. alicia carried i know shot. oakland police have yet to make an arrest in any of those cases. >> do you have any leads. >> we do have leads in some of those cases. >> he's reducing internal affairs staffing and has put more officers on the street. while the department will not tell us how many of the homicides this year they have solved. san francisco police cleared 60% of homicides there. but that figure also includes some cold cases.
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>> in the flat land of oakland you are not safe. >> i think someone a friend of mine -- not a friend of mine he's just 1 of the cute ant constituents. we know that you don't have enough police officers. >> they pointed to a new budget, freeing up sworn officers to work the streets. for his part the chief is focusing his efforts on operation cease fire. viewers are expressing sadness and anger over the latest oakland killings. police in south lake tahoe are looking for a gunman after a store clerk was fatally-shot
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last night. photos don't show much but really that's all police haveing to on. police say they pallet shooter is local. police are hoping someone will come forward with information that will help them solve this case. tears candles in a vigil for a 16-year-old girl. father struggled with his emotions at the vigil. he talked about his estranged wife christina and their 2 children. >> hanna will come back and essential an and tina, i love you both. >> they felt the 40 year old suspect had a romantic
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infatuation with the teen. there's speculation it's the body of 8-year-old essential and. teslatesla shares are up 14% since the closing bell above $150. as to the broader market stocks slid for the 3rd straight day. concerns the fed is ready to taper back its stimulus efforts. nasdaq fell. powerball tickets and the chance to win the $400 million jackpot.
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>> reporter: well, we are at what's considered to be the luckiest store in the bay area, 4 lot owe winners have purchased tickets inside. and up until 7:00 o'clock, about 7 minutes ago, this place was mobbed. >> thank you. next, please. >> that's the winner. >> for a chance at winning big jackpot and estimated $425 million is the 4th largest lottery prize in u.s. history and is attracting folks that don't normally play. between. already long. by the time work gets out, you may not even be able to get
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through the door. >> there's also people that want to go to their favorite cashier for luck. next, pleads. >> reporter: a california lot 0 spokesperson says it sold a million powerball tickets between 4 and 5 this afternoon. >> reporter: and a powerball drawing is at 8:00 o'clock tonight. we will have the winning numbers. it will jump up to 600 million if there's no winner. santa clara county says it's stepping efforts to counter west entitle --
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-n-i-l-evirus santa clara county woman in her 30s came down with the virus last month. >> serious mosquitos are out there to get us. now i feel like going out and buying bug spray. according to an uc davis studies 9 species of fruit flies are permanently established in california. a big shark in san francisco bay. was it a great white or something perhaps even more interesting. and a look into bay area
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sewers something that should not be there. what's causing it and why it's causing millions of dollars to remove. >> we will have degrees will first thing in the morning for our morning commute.
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if you browse on yahoo today, you may have noticed a new look. website will feature 30 different designs. the purple color and the exclamation point will stay. they wanted to show off some of the other designs. lgis changing things up with the release of its newest smartphone.
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the power and volume buttons are on the back instead of the side. the screen is 5.2 inches diagonally, larger than other leading phones. it will be released within the next 2 months. according to research app market share slipped in the second quarter. it hasn't launched a new product since the debut of the iphone 5 nearly a year ago. we have pictures tonight of what might be a great white shark. >> reporter: just off the boats raced today and yesterday, a 4- foot juvenile shark, body dark on top, light underneath,
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possibly a great white. >> i'm really scared of sharks. >> like i'm telling my daughter there is no sharks but now telling me there is 1. >> reporter: >> the you know predictability and i think they like things that like wet suits. >> reporter: human bites are accidental. >> occasionally they may venture underneath the bridge, but it's not unknown. >> reporter: this may be the great white or the closely related salmon shark. less well known than the bigger cousins so many yoon sharks are
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popping off the coast right now. there's never been a recorded salmon attack on humans and great white attacks will rare. you're much more likely to get hurt on the beach. president obama is back in washington dc tonight following a 2 day southern california visit. >> as part of a package, you could see fannie and freddie reform that protects taxpayers puts home owners on a more stable footing. >> before returning to washington, president obama visited with marines and families at camp pend will continue. the white house is canceling plans to meet with putin in moscow next month.
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according to a white house official, president obama still plans to meet at an economic summit. usher is contractor was able to free the boy and was giving the child cp rwhen the paramedics arrived. step son last night died following a boating accident. authorities are issuing an alert tonight for a exam the caller claims to be from the clearing house telling you you've won a prize.
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he asked her for more money and that's when she called ktv uchannel 2 news. we were there when he called back today. >> why are you try to go exam her for more. >> i'm not try to go exam her. clearing house says they never call, they never ask for money, but you are doing that. >> the caller hung up. san francisco officials are warning people to think twice what they flush down the toilet. it's grease build up clumped together with wet wipes. they're trying to pop what they
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call that grease pimp. >> we spend $3 million to unclog sewers. >> turns out it's not just a problem in san francisco. london where last week sewer workers removed a 30,000-pound lump of ladder said to be as big as a bus. a wildfire continues to rage and spread in southern california. it started in banning in riverside county at 2:00 o'clock this afternoon. already burned about 5000- acres. it destroyed several homes including the 1 you're seeing right there. we have been watching the conditions down in southern california. of course very dry in that part of the state. as far as the latest on the maps you can see the location of this between riverside and
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palm springs to the south of banning. right around banning it's called the silver fire, temperature 70 degrees. the humid is the biggest concern. some very dry conditions. we'll be watching for that tomorrow and to the upcoming weekend. steady breeze kicking in those clouds in the bay area. windy here topping 30-miles and hour. san francisco last check reporting 61 degrees. forecast headlines tonight, patchy clouds a little business of breeze out there. we finally warm up those numbers this weekend. as far as over night los, it will be chilly out there. mostly cloudy skies and some
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spotty drizzle especially the immediate shore line and around the bay itself. once again some scattered clouds after lots of over cast and some drizzle to start out the morning hours tomorrow until friday. there is enough i know stability here we could have a few isolated thunderstorms across the state. we'll take this into friday. watching out for that thursday afternoon into friday. but lots of cloud cover and drizzle for today. tomorrow few lo 80s tomorrow. cobb a little cooler in some spots. san francisco forecast high 63. thursday friday scattered clouds. a little bit of a warm up.
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warm evident day will be sunday. the marriage proposal generating lots of attention and even controversy.
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a new ant hate board has popped up in san francisco. hate has no place in our city. san the sign was paid for through a crowd funding campaign. those aids were placed by activists from new york. a minor league baseball team is apologizing. this apologizing. the team apologized to anyone that may have been offended by the hoax. urine samples to pinpoint the exact day of deposition. after excluding premature birth the length of pregncy ranged
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from 35 to 40 weeks. researchers sayour coverage continued with the 10:00 o'clock news. the bay area average home price $1 million.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> yo, nicki minaj is a huge rap war. >> what do you think about ransom saying he ghost wrote some of your songs? >> is he crazy? >> rapper claims they roached the lyrics. they saying you sucker m.c. >> now i get it, sucking m.c. is bad. >> did you ever pee in any races? >> michael phelps pees out of a fire hose, by the way? >> what? >> michael phelps has a rudder out of the water. >> cooper and roster, they have a naked one.


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