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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  May 8, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman. we have the day's best videos and the stories behind them "right this minute." when an armed man confronts a woman and her child, surveillance video show she left the little girl behind. >> it's terrifying for any mother, any parent to see. but see why this mother had to make an agonizing choice. a crazy viral video. >> look at it carefully. oh, my -- >> why there may be more than meets the naked eye. it's test time in china. so if you're a student -- >> you're getting the i.v. >> why it could mean you're getting the needle. and she may be going up the
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escalator, but she's going down. >> i made it! >> oh! she didn't make it. we begin today's show with video of an attempted armed robbery in springfield, massachusetts. take a look at this surveillance video. >> ooh. >> i don't like that the little girl -- >> oh, my goodness. >> are you kidding me? where's your child? >> you see the mother and her 4-year-old daughter walk up to this store 8:30 friday night. the first time that you see it, you think, this mother just left her child there. but her thought according to reports was that the robber would chase her and leave the little girl alone. but instead, the attempted robber stays there with the little girl. so you see the mother run back toward the store. and she tries to get into the door. as she's trying to get into that door, he ended up nicking her in the neck with the knife.
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this guy is still on the loose, so police released the surveillance video hoping that someone might tell them some information about who he is. >> i can't believe he actually put his hands on that little girl. that just creeps me out. >> it's, like, sickening. >> it's certifying for any parent to see, but watch the video closely. as she comes -- as the mother am cos running back toward the store, you'll see the little girl's shadow right here at the very edge of your screen. the little girl is fine. and even though the mother was nicked with the knife, she is also doing okay. >> yeah, you can see him pull the knife right up to her neck as she's caught between the door. >> i can't believe he did that like in front of the store where anybody could easily have interrupted what he was doing. >> that's so scary. >> this area was well lit. and you can get a good shot of his face as he walks up to the woman and her child. so hopefully if enough people see that, they'll be able to find out who this guy is. another crazy russian dash
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cam to show you guys. that scott, youtubers commenting up a storm. got to warn you, a little tough to watch. the guy's driving along a four-lane highway and quickly comes upon what looks like an emergency stop. >> oh, my god! >> you see a guy, and this is here again in slow motion. you see a guy doing the wrong thing. if your car's broken down, you don't stand in the middle of the highway like this, right? >> there are no flares, nothing to tell oncoming drivers that there's an accident up ahead or a stalled car. >> the daily mail in the uk had an article about this incident. they say that the uploader of this video said that the man suffered only a broken leg from this incident. but here's the thing, nick. did anybody see this coming? >> no. >> because some people online are saying that this is fake. and i've got to be honest, look at it carefully. the guy is hit and the way that his body, he flips.
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and the way that his body reacts to being hit by that black car, there's something fishy about it. >> i noticed when i first saw that part, i thought it was really weird he was standing and all of a sudden he's flying in the air feet up. i was, like, how did standing straight up -- >> in a split second. >> you're right, it may be fake. >> i don't know why someone would want to fake this, but i hope it is. >> is this real? is this fake? head over to our facebook page. imagine driving down a highway in olathe, kansas, and you see this up ahead. >> i can't tell if that's doing rotation or not. there's something right there. it's pretty low to the ground. >> shindividuthis video was cap. he saw this and started rolling. >> there it is. i'm not quite sure what we've got going on here. >> according to the national weather service, they believe
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there were two possible tornadoes in olathe, kansas, over the weekend. >> see the dust behind you, sebastian? >> wow, that's amazing. >> but check this out. so here we see another tornado. this is japan. this is about 40 miles northeast of tokyo. they estimate that winds from the tornado or the storm were between 113 to 157 miles per hour. >> is it common to see tornadoes in japan? do they get them often? >> they do get them, but they're still very rare. and usually they're spawned by, like, cyclones. but they said this was just spawned by a serious storm. >> can't japan get a break? i mean, come on. enough already with the earthquakes, the tsunamis, the tornadoes. this is coming right at this guy. he doesn't seem too concerned either. he's holding his ground. >> he's not on the move. he's like oh, let me continue rolling. drive away! >> and he's directly under a giant power line.
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>> this is the aftermath of that tornado that touched down. just a big, big mess. imagine you're at your favorite bingo hall minding your own business playing bingo, and all of a sudden, this happens. >> no way. >> these ninjas in this video that we found on wf-tv, robbers storm into the bingo hall. and according to some of the patrons, they were swinging guns and saying, this is not a joke. get down. this is a robbery. and as you can see, they listened. >> but look at this man in the top left corner. >> he's like next number, please. >> i've almost got a bingo. >> as soon as you said bingo hall, i thought of senior citizens. >> what is the world coming to, you can't be safe at the local bingo hall. >> and the money was supposed to
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be used for charity. >> that's crazy. the whole video, she didn't move on. >> the guys were brought to the back office to get the money. and this lady is so focused on her game. she's, like, come on, just give me b-1. >> they're still looking for these guys. >> do you know if this happened b-4 or after somebody got bingo? >> how long did it take you to think of that, nick? >> all segment long. >> that's why you're so quiet. >> i'll give it to you. >> cramming for an exam is nothing new. but for these students, it means -- >> you get an i.v. >> what? >> the story behind the strange study method. and it's a different kind of street racing. >> they've each got a one-horsepower trotter cart. >> what do they think this is, ben-hur? >> see the race turned police chase later.
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on "right this minute."
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when it's time for exams, you generally encourage your students to get rest, eat healthy foods and try to get as much sleep as possible, right? >> healthy breakfast, too. >> healthy breakfast. well, if you're in china and you're a student there about to take the college entrance exams, you get an i.v. >> what? >> exactly. >> really? >> apparently this i.v. is amino acids that help the students feel better. and it's supposed to help the students keep their energy levels up. >> i mean, they take their studying pretty seriously in china. >> yes. some of the reports that i'm reading about this say exactly that. but the teachers there say the students are so overworked trying to prepare for these exams that happen in june that they will do this to help them feel better. in fact, one of the students in
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this video that i found on itn is explaining that with the i.v., he feels energized. and he feels just fine to continue studying. >> i want an environment that's not this environment. amino in my arm. like i wanto be in a i want everything sterile. >> it's straight creepy. china's test scores are always way better than ours. >> now, these students spend weeks and weeks preparing for these exams because this is the ma make-or-break exams for them. if they don't pass, they don't go to higher education. that's it. >> is it any different for our students to sit and drink all of these kind of energy drinks packed with sugar? >> it's probably getting those. >> at least they're not doing coke. the best spotter ever.
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♪ when you think of america's great rivers, the hudson river might not be the first one i think of. but adventure junkie james bothorpe plans to change your mind. he plans to show you the relationship between new york city and the hudson river by traveling its length from its source, 315 miles, to manhattan, on a boat that he sources from trash that he finds in new york city. he's going to build a boat out of junk he finds on the streets in new york city. the hudson river is what helped build new york city. >> he could have gotten some of the trash from the hudson. >> what did he make the boat out of? >> it's going to be a documentary and james hasn't built his boat yet.
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the project starts this fall, but this is sort of a trailer for the film, filmed on some of their scouting missions that they did on the hudson river. >> i can't believe the amount of waste that i'm seeing just in this trailer that they've put together. there are lots of things that he could use. >> you know what would be pretty lucky? if someone was throwing out a boat. >> you find a kayak on the side of the street. >> the hudson has 315 miles of navigable river that he can get through? >> you betcha. not only is it navigable, but he's going to have challenges in some rapids. did i mention he's going to take his boat up on the source on his bicycle? >> oh, wow. >> so his garbage boat has to fit on a bicycle but also have to be able to navigate rapids? >> you got it. he's not going to be completely alone. he's going to be ghosted by survival expert phil wrigley. there will be somebody off in the distance if james gets in trouble. tomorrow on "right this minute" -- all this dog wants is a sweet seaweed and sand kind of day. see what happens next time right
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here on "right this minute." this super mom puts all other moms to shame with her school lunches. >> oh! >> michelangelo, i think. >> meet the awesome mom behind lunch box awesome. and it's a recipe for disaster. when you mix this bloke, butane and a fire. >> he decides, i'm going to get as close as i can to this thing, and i'm going to maybe pull my pants down, too. >> see why the joke's on him next on "right this minute."
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a couple of dudes were racing down an open highway in northern ireland, and police are in hot pursuit. they've each got a one-horsepower cart that they're racing. the irish police are trying to get these guys to stop. you see the cop cars trying to pull in front and block them. >> what do they think this is, ben-hur? >> and this is also not pennsylvania dutch country either where you might be used to seeing a horse and buggy. the police were able to catch one of them, but one other guy got away. and you could see there's a few spots where the black and white horse almost has a head-on collision with oncoming traffic. >> you can't rely on the tires either. trying to figure out a way the cops can stop these guys.
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>> the funny thing about it, the guy in front, it looks like these are his legs. >> you've got to feel bad for the horse. here you see traffic making a break behind cause an accident. they're forming a vehicle barricade behind that one horse. >> they should have done the same thing in the front. obviously it's not these people's responsibility to stop them, but if they would have made a line in front and back, that would have stopped them. >> the guy in the black and white horse pulls over. >> i hope they gave the horse some water. >> one of the best police chases i've ever seen, weird either. >> definitely not something you see every day. back when you were in school, did your mom make your lunch for you? >> yeah, of course. >> i was mostly a buyer. >> well, for those of you whose moms made their lunch, i don't think she made them quite like this. this website is called lunch box awesome. it was started by a woman who decided last summer, hey, i'm
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going to do something fun for my son's lunch box every day. so she started making lunches that look like this. she wanted to have fresh veggies and fresh fruits for him to eat while also being fun. she thought, hey, he's more likely to eat it if it's fun, so it looks like tigger. >> and it's made out of food. that is awesome. >> that is awesome. look at this one. >> "x" marks the spot. a treasure map. >> look at this one. >> big bird. >> it is big bird. >> i bet everybody at school is so jealous of this kid, the kid who brings this to school. >> kids are probably like, that's so much better than this peanut butter and jelly. >> that is doc from disney. i thought of you when i saw it. >> michelangelo, i think. >> that would be a teenage mutant ninja turtle.
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we could spend all day going through all of her reposts. "right this minute," we have heather via skype. heather, do you do this every day monday through friday? >> for the most part i've done it every day. >> do you repeat, though? or is it a unique creation every day? >> no. once i do one, i'm done. moving on. got something else to try out. >> how did you come up with this idea? you've got to be some kind of artist, right? >> i am a graphic designer, an artist, yep. but for the most part, it doesn't matter what actually goes into the sandwich, just as long as you cut it to make it look like the character, then add the extra pieces on that work. >> how long does it take you to make a sandwich? moms are busy people. >> it depends, 15 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes. >> for third grade is it going to be cutting it in quarters and calling it a day? >> i'd like to think not. this has definitely been an experience. if he's for it, i'm going to go for it, too. >> thank you, thank you, thank
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you for watching "right this minute" today. now, if you missed a video or if you want to see something again, you can head over to our website, you can find all the videos that we find at all day every single day of the week. it's all at and thank you in advance for checking it out. she's going, she's going, she's -- >> oh! >> see what goes down had she tries to go up. honey...? [ mom ] yes.
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you guys want to see a video of a dude smoking pot? >> no. >> we have some interesting reaction to clay pots used as targets. we thought we'd do an entire video on pot smoking. ♪ >> here comes the best part. >> that's smoking pretty good. >> life is good. >> life is good. yeah. think about that. potter? is it a potter? pot maker? >> mm-hmm. >> pot handler? >> a potter. >> think about the potter who made these nice pots for people to plant their flowers in. these guys just blowing them up. >> there's nothing left of the pots. they really do turn to dust. >> there's like pot shrapnel that gets shot out everywhere. he could have easily gotten a
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pot tlap neshrapnel to the jugu. >> that's smoking pretty good. you know, sometimes when you see a down escalator, you just want to run up it. >> sometimes. wh you're, like, 6.n this case. this woman is not 6. her name is rachel paris, and she is in charlotte, north carolina. >> huh. >> and trying to run up the down escalator. >> we're going to go down. >> that's quite a workout. >> i'm going to get to the top. and she yells, i made it! >> i made it! >> oh, she didn't make it. no, no, no, no. that's good. >> how great is that? right as she gets to the top. and she's not wearing workout clothes. she's in a dress and it looks like some heels. >> i made it! >> she gracefully gets back up and keeps on coming up. as a matter of fact, i actually know rachel paris. funny girl and a coordinated
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girl. she was a cheerleader for the charlotte bobcats. the way i found out about it, rachel just got married over the weekend. congratulations to the happy couple. >> big congratulations. >> during the toast, this video was revealed. >> right. >> she does this, like, on the weekends and every time she gets to the top, she always falls. every time. >> every time. >> every time. every time. i always feel like people with accents seem really smart. >> [ bleep ]. >> except these guy s aren't th brightest bunch. here's why. >> we just put butane in it, and it's going to [ bleep ] soon. >> i don't know if they put like a canister, a lighter, something. there's some butane in the fire on purpose. >> a little close. >> one guy gets a heck of a lot
3:27 pm
closer. >> what? no. >> and he's only wearing shorts. >> he's got the crocodile dundee going. he decides, i'm going to get as close as i can to this thing and maybe pull my pant down, too, and pretend like i'm going to toot. >> oh, no! he walked away? >> sure. >> that was right on cue, too. >> right, right. it looks like after his little joke of yeah, i'm going to fart on the fire, he turns away, ha, ha, ha, the fire explodes. knocks him back. but it doesn't look like the guy really, he got injured. there's like a body waxing. they singe the hair off his entire body. >> he walks away so slowly. it's not like he's running. he's sauntering over to his friends after that. >> but it goes against my theory that people are really smart.
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>> that's it for our show, everybody. we're glad that you joined us. we have one more video for you. this is a couple of guys who figured out how to have fun after heavy rains in england. enjoy it. we'll see you next time.
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