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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  October 28, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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a bay area marine is killed in action, his military job was one of the most dangerous in the world. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. he was trained to inspect and defuse improvised devices. that's what the marine was doing when he lost his job from afghanistan. the man's grieving father told us his son saved lives. >> reporter: this is the veteran's memorial at milpitas city hall. now the name of steven j. dunning will be added the first
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from milpitas to die from afghanistan. >> i'm glad i got to see him while he was here. >> reporter: friends are coming to the home of steven dunning tonight to pay their respects. the 31-year-old died yesterday on combat operations in afghanistan. >> he was interrogating an iud device, something went wrong. we don't know anything after that. >> reporter: on his second tour of duty in afghanistan, he worked in explosive ordnance disposal best depicted in the movie the war locker. >> it was important to him because he knew the iuds would kill a lot of marines, so by him taking them apart he was saving lives. >> reporter: he was the oldest of three children and besides
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his parents, leaves a sister joy and a brother david. his father says he loved playing video game, solving problems and fixing things. talents that served him well defusing explosives. his father showed me a sign he kept posted on his room, to live a self-less life. >> i could not have asked for a better son. and it was just devastating, so. >> reporter: marine staff sergeant steven j. dunning will be flown to dover tomorrow and brought home to milpitas. live in milpitas lloyd lacuesta. since the afghan war started 10 years ago, 1,707 u.s. men and women have died in afghanistan. more than 14,000 have been wounded in action. a state lawmakers from the bay area is facing felony
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charges tonight. assemblywoman mary hayashi is accused of stealing clothing from a high end department store in san francisco. hayashi respects the 18th district including hay ward and castro valley. >> reporter: union square it's the shopping mecca of the bay area. if you want high end, you come here. this is where hayashi spent the weekend shopping. the assemblywoman is accused of theft. hayashi is suspected of stealing thousands of the dollars including some leather pants. sam singer say it is
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assemblywoman went to neiman's to return something and got distracted. >> she sat at the cafe, after doing a lot of work she stepped outside the store and realized that she had made a mistake. before she had an opportunity to correct that, the security guard got her. >> reporter: hayashi has been in the state assembly since 2006, she is chair of the assembly's business prevention and consumer. not the most likely candidate for shoplifting. >> i see a lot of shoplifters out here. >> reporter: rebecca jackson says suspicious shoplifters don't always look the part. >> you would not expect someone with that good a job want to jeopardize their job and shoplift. >> reporter: the assemblywoman says she's looking forward to clearing her name of these charges when she's in court next week. california's finance director remains on the job
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tonight. despite being arrested this morning for drunk driving. 36-year-old ana matosantos was stopped after officers saw her car weaving. matosantos took responsibility and decided to resign today. her resignation was not accepted. today the occupiers received a moral boost from liberal lawmaker michael moore. more disputed charges that she's actually part of the 1%, eric. >> reporter: and he insists she's not although he is very well off. also michael moore told me he is not making a movie about the occupy movement or what happened here in oakland this week. but he did rally a huge crowd. there's a lot of people out here, they fired up a marching band and there is still no indication the city is going to
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make them leave any time soon. >> we are all with scottolson and we're all scott olson. >> reporter: michael moore's battle cry seriously injured during tuesday's profest. in the crush of people afterward, the millionaire film maker told us how he would offer up some of his fortune. >> first of all i want to make sure scott olson's bills are paid. >> that's how you're going to pay. >> absolutely, if he needs something, absolutely. >> thank you. moore's experience is nothing like what happened to major quan who was booed off the steps of city hall last night. everyone more suggested she should resign. >> i'm saying it's something she should think about. this is a huge mistake that she made. >> reporter: meanwhile dozens more tents have been set up
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again at frank ogawa plaza part of a reenergize movement more seem to take responsibility for. >> i called for this rebellion. and i am just thrilled and one of many rebellions. >> many. >> that's right. tonight we also heard more about plans for a general strike in oakland on wednesday. there is even talk about a march on the port of oakland. we're live here in oakland, eric rasmussen. and ktvu has extended clips of our interview with michael moore. find the occupy tab on the front page. oakland's interim police chief says he's concerned about the injured that happened friday night. howard jordan contends his officers used the least force possible. >> there were some people that were struck with what appeared
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to be bean bags and a rubber bullet. some of the thing that is were outlawed by our ruling. >> reporter: police had their own types of crowd control weapons. since oakland was in charge, oakland is responsible. oakland mayor quan offered an apology for what happened friday night. >> nobody wanted anybody to be hurt. this is a very progressive city. we've been doing everything we can to help to support the movement. >> reporter: quan said she did the right thing by apologizing and letting protesters return to city hall. but protesters say she is ruining her role as a progressive by not allowing protesters to return to city hall. we check with the alameda county district attorney and learned so far no charges have been filed against the people who were arrested when authorities cleared out the
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occupy oakland encampment. a total of 25 people were taken to an encampment. police are reviewing police reports and don't know when or if charges will be filed. martinez police say 36-year- old larry bantoia is charged with making 17 threats. bantola sent letters to schools. he used a former friend's name in an effort to damage the friend's reputation. bantoli is currently being held on $36,000 bail. we have a major milestone to tell you about tonight in the construction of the new eastern span of the bay bridge. here's a look at the span. today's milestone involves the bridge deck that's 67 feet long was carefully carried into
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place. it's the last of the segments placed on the bridge all designed to withstand an earthquake. >> it continues to be with the reminders we've seen with recent seismic activity just over the last few weeks. >> reporter: officials tell ktvu the work has been going faster than expected. they say the next phase will involve stringing one mile of cable to anchor the roadway to the tower. >> has a slide show of the work that's been made so far. the st. louis cardinals and the texas rangers played the seventh and decisive game of the world series tonight. it's the first time the fall classic has gone the distance since the giants played the angels back in 2002. we found a decent sized crowd watching tonight. every seat was taken as they
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watched the cardinals claim anti supremacy. how they won it and the postgame celebration coming up with sports director mark ibanez later on in sports. back here in 10 minutes, your bay area weekend is here. one of the days is going to be warmer than the others. i'll show you which one. a familiar ambulance service rolls to a stop. who's replacing it and why some say the timing is frightful. and pricey jewelry st
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new at 10:00, halloween night could be a bit more chaotic than usual. that's the same night that ambulance service will switch to a new provider. debra villalon is live now with what that means for folks who want a medical emergency, debra. >> reporter: this halloween a paramedics costume could add to the confusion. that's because one company is turning their uniforms in and a new outfit hits the streets monday night. replacing the familiar red stripe of amr american medical response are the teal rings of paramedics plus a texas based low bidder. >> the switch will get switched at midnight. it is literally a flip of the switch. >> walls are bare as employees turn in equipment and pick up
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final paychecks. >> we have done everything we can to bring these employees over. >> reporter: paramedic plus hired almost all of the medical technicians and paramedics. responders who already know the rope, know the county. >> that makes a lot of difference to the patients that need us. these are folks that are familiar with the system. and we're just very lucky to have these folks. >> i did not pick the night they chose to flip the switch. >> reporter: on halloween night, paramedics the new company will stage units early ready when midnight chimes. >> we're not sure if we work, if we have to work. is it a scheduled day, is it not? i think it was not the best evening to do it. >> i promise you that we will not let any patient go without care if they need it. no matter, we'll stay here
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until the wee hours of the morning. >> reporter: these ambulances will go to other amr counties, contra costa is the closest and amr will not disappear entirely from alameda county. they will still transport patients between hospitals and nursing homes. but paramedics plus will be the big player for 911. reporting live in san leandro, debra villalon, ktvu. wall street ended the day up. the nasdaq dropped a point. the dow closed up 22.5 points. during july through september, samsung sold more phones than apple. it might be a matter of time since the iphone was released after the poll was taken.
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the move was in response in the backlash created by bank of america when it announce add $5 a month fee. bank of america planned to start charging its customers next year but is now considering changing the rules. president obama is sidestepping congress issuing executive orders to boost private business. one executive order gets federal research grants out to small businesses and start ups more quickly. but critics say it won't create jobs. >> they're focusing on things that sound good. who's against research and development, who's against hiring but these are going to have almost no impact on the economy. new figures from congress shows california is still struggling on the job front. during the recession private-
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sector jobs fell 9.5% in the last 19 months the number of jobs has gone up but by just 2.6%. unemployment in september was nearly 12%. voters in san francisco have lest -- have less than two weeks to decide who they want for mayor and it's not just one person they have to choose. amber lee is here to explain how ranked choice works. >> reporter: voters will get to mark a first, second, and third choice on their ballots. it's been called confusing and controversial. some say the system has built in flaws. >> and in 2011 we're going to use it for these three very important offices. >> reporter: at the richmond recreation center election workers educated volters about rank voting.
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it's unlikely any one candidate will get the 50% plus one needed to avoid counting votes under the rank choice system. >> reporter: san francisco state university political science professor lee says ranked choice voting is a flawed system. he points to mayor quan who won her seat without having the most votes. >> i think a lot of people wonder if she really won the election. >> that's not right in a democracy. >> reporter: brown served for two terms. >> rank choice voting is a terrible system. it was put in place for those who knew they could not be the majority. but they knew they could create enough confusion among the voters. >> reporter: critics of ranked choice voting says there's already a movement underway to
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get rid of it. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on how ranked choice voting works. if no candidate receives the most votes. first the candidate with the fewest first choice votes is eliminated. in this case candidate b. then voters will have their votes transferred to the second choice candidate. if not the process continues of eliminating candidates and then redistributing votes. bay area weekend is here and one thing that's going to stick around are the very cold overnigh lows. this morning it was cold. tomorrow morning, saturday morning it'll be cold as well. look for frost in some of those isolated valleys. you will notice the cold as you get going. that's santa rosa 39-degree.
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you go north or east up toward rincon valley you're going to find temperatures in this area in the mid- and high 30s. same for the napa area. san helena into cawastoga. you get on the outer regions and you will find those mid- 30s. high pressure stays in control. the weekend looks great. as this high pressure tracks everything to the north we stay dry, we stick with the very cool overnight lows, temperatures begin to trend down. sunday will be the coolest day on your bay area weekend. when we come back i'll show you how much cooler it'll been than saturday. new york celebrated 125 years of its enduring symbol of freedom today the statute of liberty. 125 immigrants some of them serving in the u.s. armed forces were sworn in at liberty island. the statute was given to the united states by france. starting tomorrow the popular attraction will be closed for
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years. however the island there will remain open. sending supplies after a devastating earthquake. plus -- >> reporter: surveillance video shows possible
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we have surveillance visit you tonight that we want you to take a very close look at. david stevenson tell us police say it shows two men caught on camera. >> reporter: police say the theft wednesday happened in a matter of minutes. >> the most expensive items is all gone. >> reporter: this clerk declined to give her name but she told us that two men entered the store wednesday afternoon, when they exited she
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says a display case fill with the store's most expensive items was missing from this window. >> seven bangels, expensive white gold and all the big diamonds around the bangle. >> reporter: this surveillance tape show it is first suspect outside, followed moments later by the second suspect. he turned when he heard the clerk screaming at him. >> i fell, i sprained my foot. >> reporter: the video was caught by this camera outside of o' dulles. >> it's important because now we have a look at the suspect. >> reporter: the same camera caught this man stealing a sketch from a near by art
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gallery. >> even little thing, like bicycles and stuff. people come in here and say, hey see if your camera caught that guy. >> reporter: this comes after merchant talk about building a track of surveillance cameras to stop thefts. you may recall the big flak about $16 muffins and how it became a symbol of government spending run amuck. never mind, the inspector general now says he made a mistake. the $16 was actually for a full continental breakfast. originally the inspector general stood by the audit, but today the office apologized saying quote, we regret the error in our original report. military plans to begin air lifting supplies this weekend.
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it follows a request for aid by the turkish government. that earthquake had a magnitude of 7.2. officials now say it killed at least 575 people and left about 2,500 others injured. thousands more are now homeless. the center for national policy issued a report today about social media when it comes comes to disaster. websites like facebook and twitter offer a way to communicate. one suggestion is social media stations to help give out life saving information during emergencies. a chorus of discontent directed
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the occupy demonstration of san diego led to dozens of arrests today. police declared an unlawful assembly. 51 protesters were arrested. officers say they've heard a number of complaints about unsanitary conditions. they say the demonstrators will be able to come back without their tents after the clean up is complete. in oakland, this has been a rough week for mayor gene quan. started with a recall campaign and it's ending with calls for her to resign. ktvu's mike mibach takes us step by step through what's happened. >> reporter: the mayor of oakland gene quan. >> go home, go home. >> reporter: forced back inside
12:00 am
city hall by voicing of discontent. back peddling from cameras and questions. oh how the last few days have changed the thoughts of her leadership. police chief anthony batts tell ktvu there's no rush to remove the protester. two days later, more tents, more protesters but no word from mayor quan. friday october 14th, occupy oakland takes to the streets, police in riot gear direct traffic, no problems are reported. tuesday, the occupy camp now blankets frank ogawa plaza. then wednesday october 19th. >> we're here to try to get rid of this rat problem. >> reporter: the media gets a taste of resistance. >> i think there'll be a problem right now. >> reporter: about this time, mayor quan goes on camera,
12:01 am
seemingly in support of the encampment's goal saying quote democracy is messy. >> we're trying to make sure people have their free speech rights. it's obviously a balance. >> reporter: two days later. >> our goal is to encourage demonstrators leave cooperatively. >> reporter: the city issues an order for protesters the vacate the plaza between 10 10:00 at night and 6:00 in the morning. quan leaves to a scheduled meeting at the white house. the next morning, police clear the tents from the plaza. later in the day, police barricade the plaza and at 7:40 that night police fire tear gas to disperse a crowd they describe as being violent. police were firing a third round of tear gas canisters. mayor quan says she arrives back in oakland just 10 minutes later but she did not head to
12:02 am
the emergency command center and is not seen until 10:30 p.m. the next day saying she never knew when the camp would be closed. >> i don't do the tactical planning. i do know we made the decision if the conditions remain dangerous, and that the chief could close the camps. >> reporter: then today. can you describe what your leadership is today. she would not grade her leadership but she did say at a press conference she's not stepping down. >> i'm the mayor of city, the last thing i'm thinking of is my political career. whether i'm going to resign or not, i have a job to do and i'm going to do it. >> with a national spotlight shining down on city hall, more people are going to be watching how the mayor leaves in the days to come.
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the group of protesters is small but dedicated. news chopper 2 took pictures of this rally. and mayor chuck reed said he has no plans to meet with protesters. the defense in the conrad murray trial relied on an expert today. dr.paul white testified that the evidence and test results show that the entertainer injected himself. the prosecution claims doctor murray is at fault and a prosecution witness testified that dr. murray had to hook jackson up to an i.v. in order to administer the anesthetic. dr.white said no i.v. bags or lines were found in jackson's bedroom that showed traces of propophol. >> i do feel that the theory that we've proposed is just a lot more rational and would
12:04 am
represent a more appropriate clinical situation. prosecutors are expected to cross examine white on monday then rebuttal witnesses will be called. a man convicted of killing his girlfriend at their palo alto home was sentenced today to at least 33 years in prison. 29-year-old jennifer shipsey was strangled and her body set on fire on october of 2009. 38 yield paul semot was found guilty of first degree murder. he asked the judge to delay the sentencing today because he had fired his lawyer, mark garigos. thomas jerardi tells the la times a lawyer from the dodgers was wrong to make that remark. the stow family sued the dodgers after the attack that
12:05 am
left stow brain damaged. -- it will be towed to san pedro where it will become a museum. the iowa had been wasting away as part of the moth ball fleet in sassoon bay. a fishing boat that's been stranded at stinson beach for two weeks is gone tonight. crews finish hauling the boat today one day ahead of schedule. the boat ran aground at the mouth of the salinas lagoon. the owner said he was upset the coast guard did not offer help when he got in trouble. but the coast guard said they do not get involved unless someone's life is in danger. federal authorities will cover $40,000, marin county will pay $25,000, the boat's owner along with sea drift community residents will take care of the rest. we got a look at that red
12:06 am
tail hawk that was recovered after being shot in the head with a nail gun. today a worker at the center transferred the bird to a bigger caged area where she'll build up strength before she's released back into the wild. the hawk was found last saturday in golden gate park after a week of searching. is the fish you're buying really what you think it is. the study that shows labeling mistakes are widespread. i'm back here in 10 minutes, we're
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>> one, zero and lift off of
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the new delta 2. a new weather satellite blasted off. the satellite will help track hurricanes faster. the initial launch was set for back in 2006 but equipment problem caused a five year delay. a consumer group checked seafood in new york, new jersey and connecticut. 32% of the seafood was mislabeled or misidentified. people are being hurt several ways including their wallet when expensive fish is replaced by cheaper fish. a clean up took place in an estuary. crews spent several hours skimming plastic pellets from
12:10 am
along oyster bay. they are about the size of a rice kernel and are toxic. the pellets were spilled by a near by plastic manufacturers who have now been charged to pay for the clean up. one police officer was wounded but none of the embassy staff was hurt. after a half hour stand off police fired a single shot and wounded the gunman in the leg. officials say he belongs to an extremely conservative branch of islam. for centuries the first born male heir took the throne. queen elizabeth appeared to give her approval. she became queen because sher father had no sons. this means if prince william and kate have a daughter first she could become the new queen
12:11 am
of england. the work took six years, it brought back the theater's exterior splendor. 100 musicians and singers perform add russian song. the san francisco police gang task force has arrested four men wanted for a vicious attack on three people inside a city bar. the suspects arrested are raymond lu and melvin wa, michael ta and tony tang. police say the men severely beat the three victims inside a bar on the 400 block of third street. the attack happened back in august. the four are all now facing charges including mayhem. false imprisonment and conspiracy. what pg & e discovered today while inspects a gas pipeline. it's a one percenters against the rest of us the 99%. a debate over the tax bill that's already been paid.
12:12 am
why chevron wants a 1,600 refund from contra costa county. >> we are
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♪ [ male announcer ] write your story with the citi thankyou premier card, with no point caps, and points that don't expire. get started at pg & e said it discovered a dent in a pipeline in brent wood. it'll have to be fixed before what is called a pig can be used. pig is short for pipe inspection gauge. it's a small device with sensors. pg & e is inspecting its pipelines in the wake of the pipeline explosion. richmond's highest employee is asking for an eight figure tax refund. patti lee tell us what chevron
12:15 am
is contesting while chevron is posting a -- >> it's the 1 percenters against the rest of us the 99 percenters. >> reporter: emergency corporations said the company made almost $8 billion this quarter. it has the money to pay. >> cities like richmond are struggling and they continue to make millions of the dollars in profit. >> reporter: richmond's mayor warns of lay offs if chevron wins its case. but chevron says what's good for the company is good for the community and it's not smart to hurt the viability of the city's largest employer. >> it's what you're making as a corporate profit and what the
12:16 am
liability of a company is are different issues. >> reporter: they question how the company came to value it. chevron has questioned the county before and was awarded an $18 million refund for the years 2004 through 2006. but that process took more than two years. in richmond, patti lee. the fremont company received more than $500 million but shut down at the end of august. today's announcement comes amidst to suspect records. internal white house e-mails have shown concern among solyndra's development. and we've got a cool night in store for you tonight. just like the last couple of nights overnight lows are getting into the mid-30s. we have a little bit of wind
12:17 am
coming offshore. you can see that indicator representing a northwest wind. perhaps a little fog into the -- with a very cold start and highs slightly warmer than they were today. even right along the coast as you go into saturday and sunday but by sunday afternoon, those north westerly winds start to bring more moisture at the coast and have internal develop fog. these are forecast lows for the airport and downtown area near vallejo. when you get into the inland bay valleys you're going to find temperatures near freezing. not just for the next couple of days but for the next five or
12:18 am
six days. then things change around late next week. we will watch that for you. for the most part we're dry for the next five days. what we're looking at tomorrow when you look at the isotherm map look for yellows. a lot of yellows, some oranges up here. i don't know if this model is picking it up right. the forecast tomorrow then sunny and nice but sunday temperatures come down just a little bit. the winds tomorrow are slightly offshore. north-northwesterly. as we head into sunday, the winds shift. there's your cool down. there's your fog. so both days on the weekend, saturday your nicest especially coast side. you're going to notice temperatures, still really, really nice weekend for this time of year. forecast highs, touching on 80. i think we're going to see a couple of 80s popping up.
12:19 am
75 in vallejo. your forecast for saturday, pittsburgh and antioch as i mentioned north west tomorrow and as i mentioned southwesterly in those temperatures bring the fog back. there's your halloween forecast as well. next week late in the week it looks like we will see some rain. adel has been forced to cancel the remainder of her performances this year? adel has been battling vocal
12:20 am
surgery. 2011 has been a great year for adel, her cd has dominated both the american and british charts. hitting the slopes already. where anxious skiers and snow boarders are going to enjoy an early start to the season. plus a
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12:23 am
after just 96 days days it is ski season again in tahoe. making this the shortest span between ski seasons. borreal will be open again tomorrow and they expect to reopen again next weekend. tonight we're talking
12:24 am
baseball. unfortunately the game didn't live up to last night's game. >> not many have over the course of 130 years. but disappointing for ranger fans. can't help a little for them but in baseball like life, great opportunity comes around every so often and you have to snatch it. it just passes you by and really that's what happened to the texas rangers. last night was their chance and it is all the way gone because st. louis is now the mecca for major league baseball. they are the champs and they deserve it. the rangers get up to a lead, josh hamilton doubling in elvis andrus in the first. last night, pointed on david freese hometown kid. two double off harrison and just like that it is a 2-2 ball game. the kid out of the university
12:25 am
of california, alan craig. and in the fourth, bases loaded two out. scott feldman walked molina then a reliever hit a man. and carpenter gets help from that man craig again playing for matt holiday was injured up and over to take a run from nelson cruz. jason mott and that man craig in left field to catch the soft fly ball and there you have it. the final out pandemonium breaks lose in st. louis. tony to la russa is a champ and the 17th world championship. >> that's the pledge we made to ourselves as a team as we got closer and got into the play
12:26 am
offs. i said look let's not get distracted. however far we go we enjoy it. and now it's afterward and we're going to enjoy it. >> if there's one thing that happened in this world series that i will look back on is being so close just having one pitch to be made and one out to be gotten. and it could have been a different story. >> class act right there. two years in a row on the short end of the world series for texas. meantime sharks got a little something going. four straight wins on the road no less and it's never a skate in the park against the red wings in hockey town usa. but san jose looking stout right now after a rough beginning. they were down 1-0 but the defense for detroit a big lap at marlon beat past marlon white. scoring the break away right there. sharks in the lead for good. now on to the second period. patrick marlow a nice passing
12:27 am
here. joe pavelski, joe thornton all alone scoring. doing big damage out on the road which is never easy in the nhl. game of the week friday night lights. high school football looking for a close one because we featured a few blow outs later. milpitas looking to rump at saratoga high. and they go at it. senior night at saratoga high. good for 41 yards and the td24- 10 trojans. there were 11 turn overs in this game. this one costly for saratoga as milpitas strapped and hit. scooped 86 yards for the touchdown. milpitas wins it. th
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