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tv   Ten O Clock News  KICU  May 8, 2011 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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another authority assaulted. good evening i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne.. there's been another attack. this time leaving the membered
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on edge. >> reporter: there was another brutal attack on a staff member by a patient. >> at 2:15 p.m. a patient with a -- >> i've talked to staff earlier, they said she was okay. >> reporter: this is just another report of violence. >> we're constantly watching over our shoulders now every day. >> reporter: most workers leaving the property today told me they were very concerned about their safety. >> the fact that we're getting younger and younger, more
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sometimes more gangster like mentalities coming into the hospital. >> as we told you in a special report last month, since 1989, the hospital population has gone from 20% criminal element to 88%. and 16% are accused killers. >> we're talking about people who probably don't need to be there. >> reporter: this just seven months after donna gross was killed allegedly by a patient. two weeks ago state mental health officials announced police officers. but not soon enough to protect the people hurt today. john sasaki. investigators tonight are trying to determine why a woman lost control of her vehicle and plunged to her death. the accident happened on highway 1 in duncan cove that's
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north of bodega bay. bodega bay firefighters say the woman was the only person in the car. her identity has not been released. we learned that the gunman in the center of that murder side in solano county has been served court papers and made threats just before the violence. police have been called to the fairfield home many times. >> reporter: a clean up crew spent today working to erase what violently happened. a person went room for room guns. the gunman shot himself and died too after being air lifted. a neighbor remaining nameless describes him as bitter and angry. >> he's filled with hatred. first for the wife. mainly for the wife. and he's very paranoid. >> there has been a build up of tension, a build up of conflict
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over several months. >> reporter: police say the day before the rampage, the man had been served some sort of decree having to do with a tenant. that night he promised to kill 27-year-old ex, co-owner of the house. police talked to her but not him. >> a concern, that's what it was. a concern by the person calling. there was no request for further action. there was no request for an arrest. >> reporter: he says the gunman had a habit of blustery talk but had never been violent. at work had broken a dish in anger. even with an average of a call a month to this house, police say their hands were tied trying to quell the anger. where the former couple apparently selling and going their separate the ways was not possible. >> her interest was monetary. she wanted to take him for
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everything he was worth, and he snapped. president obama said tonight in a broadcast interview that the raid on osama bin laden's compound was the longest 40 minutes of his life. and he made no apologies for the killing of osama bin laden. the president admitted his decision to order the raid was very difficult. in part because the u.s. could not confirm osama bin laden was actually inside the compound. mr.obama added that osama bin laden had to have some sort of support in pakistan to be able to learn for years inside the capital. he says there needs to be an investigation to make sure government officials were aware of osama bin laden. >> there's no way he could have been there without some help from the pakistani officials. somebody in that government had to be allowing osama bin laden to stay there. >> reporter: so far the white house says there is no evidence that pakistani officials knew
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of osama bin laden's president. president obama has promised there will be little tolerance for those helping the al-qaida leader a week from now. >> we went through a lot of trouble to find out how much we could do, how far we could go, what was legal. out of that we came up with some intelligence information and it worked. >> reporter: it's believed the courier's name came from people detained. it can never be righted.
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it's a wrong that happened and it can never be right. >> reporter: cecilia silva is a member of the pit tribe, and she says that the mission was code named geronimo. she says her initial reaction was one of shock. >> it was how dare them? how dare them be so stupid and so illi t erat. >> when this comes out associating a hero with a terrorist, what does that say? you know it's, to me it's what they still think of us. >> reporter: silva says it would have been better to name
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the mission for another masked murder. >> hitler would have been a good name. because everybody can relate to that. >> reporter: elder native americans told me today they will accept apology for using the name, but also added they don't think they'll be getting one. well a threatening note found on board a california bound plane turned out to be a hoax. delta flight 7006 was diverted when a flight attendant found the note in a bathroom. tsa officials say no suspicious items were found and no one was detained.
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the plane was then cleared to continue on to san diego. eight suspects are connected with a shooting. the shooting happened just before 6:30 p.m. yesterday in the 2700 block of hines street. police say the victims shootings are life threatening. one person is being treated for serious burns and six others are displaced tonight after a fire at an oakland apartment building. it broke out about 10:00 last night on the building on 62nd street. the cause of this fire is under investigation. >> it is going to be a slow ride on part of highway 1 in western marin county. caltrans is repairs a stretch of highway 1 just west with panoramic highway reducing traffic to one lane in that area. the work may not be complete until august. a congressman is
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apologizing tonight for his arrest this weekend on suspicion of drunk driving. ash kala was arrested yesterday in downtown san jose. officials first stopped kalra for a routine stop but then noticed he had been drinking. kalra offered a statement today he said, i offer no excuses, i am deeply embarrassed. and san francisco police chief continues to make cuts from the top. chief greg suhr is giving up his predecessors large suv and its driver saying he knows his way around town. suhr will drive a ford focus hybrid. the chief has also slashed the pay of his command staff and refused his own cost of living increase. the cost comes ahead of talks about cutting compensation.
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at the tank, what fans told us after the game ended and the mother's day wishes that wednesday unfulfilled. things get heated in oakland, what sparked a confrontation outside a hospital this afternoon.
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it is on to game six for the san francisco sharks. maureen naylor is live outside where the sharks lost. >> reporter: despite the towels, the sharks did not clench. >> how sad. >> it's like terrible sounding. it didn't work out for anybody here. >> reporter: swarming of shark fans left the tank tonight deflated. >> i love the sharks. tough night. >> i can't even answer. i know we were so close, so sad. >> despite her sign, the sharks didn't make this woman's mothers day. >> it's my first year without my kids for mother's day, so i have the sharks.
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>> reporter: this couple drove down from roseville. >> it's great, i love mother's day at the tank. >> my husband has the kids, and he took me for mother's day. >> reporter: this is what you wanted for mother's day or what he wanted? >> it's what i wanted. we're both big fans. >> reporter: for red wings fans who made the trip, it was a different story. >> after we won game four, we decided to fly out here. >> san jose has a great team, great coach. and they'll probably prevail. but they haven't yet. >> reporter: shark fans are still hopeful this is their year. >> and the coach is finally gelling out. the players know each other. this year hopefully the sharks go all the way. >> go sharks. >> game six is now moved to detroit. joe fonzi will tell you how close this game was coming up
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in sports wrap. maureen naylor, ktvu news. california teachers say they want to educate the public this week about the state budget crisis. they've planned rallies all week as part of the state of emergency campaign. including a rally friday in san francisco. a sit in starts tomorrow at the capital in san francisco. 21,000 teachers have received pink slips indicating they may lose their jobs in the fall. vallejo may start charging for emergency calls if it's clear someone is at fall for causing the emergency. vallejo fire chiefs want those responsible to pay for a negligence fee. they estimate reimbursements could put up to $200,000 a year back in the city coffers. pg & e is facing new
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questions tonight about a series of underground explosions and fires. one of the most spectacular fires was this one in san francisco back in 2005. the california public utilities commission wants to know why such incidents and pg & e vaults continue. there was another one just last wednesday in the south bay. the mercury news reports there have been 78 incidents in the last six years. 31 involved explosions involving 14 in which manhole covers blew off. pg & e says it has spent $200 million upgrading their systems in oakland alone. the city of oakland may have an appeal for the oak lands zoo. according to the oak lands tribune, friends of nolan park and the plant society plan to file the appeal with the city to halt that project. last week, oakland's planning commission approved the plan for the zoo to use more than 50
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acres of nolan park. a picket line outside the children's hospital became the focal point of a surprise debate. as claudine wong tell us an angry father vented his frustration with a child in his arms. >> you're using sick kids as a bargain scheme. >> reporter: even before the father pulled into the parking lot, he was giving his frustration to the nurses. >> i understand his frustration, i get it. but i was really taken off by it. >> reporter: this is the third day. the dispute is over health care and whether nurses should start paying more. >> to have union leadership put their head in the sand and say no, no, no. we don't want any change, we want to keep what we have is not in sink with the times. >> reporter: but on this mother's day some nurses on the line brought their children to
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try to send a simple message. >> i wouldn't be able to afford it. >> reporter: for a moment it wasn't mothers but a father and his anger that became the focus. >> you don't care about the kids in there right now. >> reporter: nurses say this isn't about care it's about contracts. and when it comes to care the hospital today said this. >> everything inside the hospital is running beautifully. >> reporter: even this angry father didn't dispute that. >> i got better service any way because they double staffed. >> reporter: after that father drove away, police did take some statements but despite all that both sides seem to agree on two things. that first this is about setting a precedence and second care at this hospital during the strike isn't being compromised. >> reporter: in oakland, claudine wong. a new study from south korea is raising eyebrows after researchers found alarmingly high rates of children with traits of autism. the study suggests about one in
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38 children exhibit characteristics of autism. researchers say they don't think that south korea has more children with autism than the u.s. but that a parental questionnaire allowed them to better diagnose children. incredible joy and great sadness tonight for a canadian family. one of its missing loved ones was found alive at seven weeks stranded on the nevada-idaho border. but another family member remains missing. 57-year-old rita crowton survived on melted snow until she was rescued on friday. she is surviving tonight at the hospital. crews continue to search for her husband, seen right here on this video who left his vehicle to try to get them help. >> we're celebrating but we're praying for another miracle,
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that will bring the outcome we want, but we will also accept any. whatever it may be. >> reporter: the two were using a gps when their van became trapped in mud. crews crew-- why this day meant so much to these women. and disturbing reports about government horses assaulting rebels.
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completing an atm deposit in record time... that's a step forward. go! go! with deposit friendly atms, you can make ultra fast, secure deposits with no slips or envelopes. take a step forward and chase what matters. some bay area mothers who don't often get to be spoiled on mother's day got a little more than they dreamed of today. allie rasmus reports, it's a
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way to get them back on their feet. >> reporter: a few chairs and hair spray turned this room into a salon. today more than a dozen women from the shelter got a mother's day make over. >> i think it's important for these ladies to feel good about themselves and beautiful this mother's day. >> reporter: hamilton center helps the women with interviews. the goal today was part pampering, part preparation. >> this is helping them feel good about themselves and get out there. >> reporter: from the salon to the starlight room, this was the next step for the moms, they were treated to a mother's day brunch at the sir francis hotel. >> my favorite nightclub, i wonder why. >> they come in, they have a brunch and get treated to the
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drag show. it's very fun. >> i think this is wonderful. from where we are compared to being homeless this is a blessing. something we would never be able to do for ourselves. >> reporter: like other moms, kerry says she can't remember the last time she did something just for herself. >> it's been so long. honestly, it's been a long time. >> reporter: still she says she would not treat her full time job as a mom for anything else. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. in japan this weekend the board of directors of the nuclear power plant met to discuss a request by the government to shut down that plant. the government has expressed concern the plant south of tokyo is vulnerable in case of an active earthquake. it's estimated 19% of japan's manufacturing companies receive power from that nuclear plant. in other news of the world
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tonight from syria comes news of a military crack down following weeks of popular uprising. syrian state television blames the current violence on what it calls armed gangs. this scene is after gangs killed 10 people. human rights workers say syrian forces have killed 18 people and arrested hundreds more in the enbattled city. foreign journalists are banned from entering syria. in egypt today brought new clashes between christians and ultraconservative muslims in cairo. this weekends 12 people died and more than 180 were wounded after a church was bombed. and from -- this woman says
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she had been raped and beaten by gadhafi's forces has escaped. sean boward and josh fattal will be back in court. today on mornings on 2, sarah shourd's mother says there has not been recent contact with the two jailed hikers. >> we live in fear every minute about how they really are. you know we just hope that iran at this point will come to their senses and stop playing games with them.
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>> reporter: nora shourd says she is in frequent touch with the
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a new pesticide is about to hit california farms. while some says the a crucial tool for the agricultural community, others fear it comes with the high cost of applying the chemical. >> reporter: in fields across
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monterey county workers are picking the regions most profitable crop. a little red fruit that brings a lot of green. strawberries are being picked here. while being safe for strawberries, questions have been raised if it's safe for workers to apply the pesticide. >> it will definitely cause cancer. >> reporter: this ucsf doctor was part of the committee that reviewed the chemical. he says the chemical caused cancer in lab mice. it's illegal in six states. california farmers have not used it yet but are about to. >> the data that we generated in other data shows that it's
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not a cancer causing agent. >> reporter: the state department of pesticide generation says it approved the pesticides. treated fields must be half a mile from homes and schools and be covered with tarps until planted. >> you cannot assume that a plastic tarp put down on the soil in high winds near the ocean is going to stay in place and keep the chemical from dispersing into the air. >> reporter: michael marsh represents two migrant workers in the group. >> he is concerned when he's no longer employed when he doesn't have insurance he could come down with cancer and the company is not going to care
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about him anymore. >> so we wear gloves and all of us cover ourselves with our face. >> reporter: through a translater, this young lady tells us she covers up with gloves and long sleeves. >> yes of course i'm concerned, but we all have to work and we all have to take precautions. >> reporter: the state says the highest state's exposure level is 150 parts per billion. california's is much lower, 96ppb. but an independent group of scientists say that number should be much lower, .8 ppb. >> we agree with our scientists that this is an extremely hazardous material, unfortunately the bureaucrats above the scientists simply rewrote the numbers. >> reporter: because of the pending lawsuit, the department of pesticides regulations says it could not did determine
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whether a 96 was safe. >> used safely and used i according to the label and with the applications that are approved it should be a safe product. >> reporter: the lawsuit is set to move forward this summer but governor jerry brown has said that he could reconsider the state's approval of this controversial chemical. in salinas, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. you can final maureen' maureen's story as well as our other special reports. we are just getting word from texas about the death of a man suspected of shooting three people in san francisco last halloween. this was the scene last october when police say 20-year-old jesse brown fired at another 20- year-old. three people including a 3-year- old girl and her grandmother were shot, all survived. yesterday houston police say brown was involved in a shoot
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out at a greyhound bus terminal. officers there say brown shot two police officers before turning the gun on himself. brown died at the scene. the officers are expected to survive. about a year from now, san franciscans will have the option of buying renewable power. electricity would cost more than power from pg & e and it would still be transmitted over the utility's power lines. a similar program is already being used by 9,000 customers in marin county. >> google has announced plans to break grounds on the new building in mountain view. the current leased space just isn't big enough to handle internet giant's expansion plans. google has agreed to pay the
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city of bay view for land along the shoreline. construction could begin by next year. a 150 people were spending the night walking levies along the mississippi river near memphis tennessee looking for breeches in that city's last offense against the rising river. the corp. of engineers are confident that the levee will hold. that's the highest it's been since 1977. residents have been warned they may have to leave their homes in a moments notice. >> when they are told to evacway, please do so. >> reporter: heavy spring rains and fast melting snow have already caused flooding. flooding from the mississippi river may cause serious problems for those who fish for oysters in louisiana.
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the army corp. of engineers is set to divert fresh water. while the move is to help people, it may hurt fish. things looked pretty promising for the sharks tonight. reaction from the locker room on this stunning defeat in sports wrap. and it
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the highway patrol warned drivers to be extra careful on bay area bridges and offered a high wind advisory for the bay bridge. high profile vehicles such as truck and vans are of course most impacted by those gusty winds. >> seems like it's been pretty windy the last couple of days. let' the latest. >> a bit of a breeze expected for tomorrow morning, we have some variable conditions expected in the over all weather pattern over the next week. right now i can show you this. we do have lingering crowds primarily to the north, the east and focused on the south bay neighborhoods as well. most areas from around 10 to 15 miles, winds still gusting. we do have this, partly cloudy, cool and breezy tomorrow. off to a cold start tomorrow morning, clearing skies into the afternoon hours. the extended forecast, it'll be
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driving up a little bit by tuesday and wednesday. then major cooling expected for the weekend. partly cloudy and cool first thing tomorrow morning. the coolest locations you can see napa right around 39 degrees. santa rosa at 41, san francisco in the upper 40s and san jose in the mid-40s we could have patchy low clouds out there. the main action with the weather system moving in from the north. you can see the highs from today. the bulk of the action headed out to the east. but we could still catch a few clouds from this system. we had temperatures dropping off, today the coolest day of the period. as the system moves out for tuesday and wednesday high pressure returns. that will give us more sunshine and temperatures up a few degrees. tuesday will be the warmest day of the week and wednesday fairly nice out there. we're going to add a few extra high clouds and trim back a little bit with those temperatures by midweek. as far as the winds, here we go for tomorrow morning it's 7:00, winds outs of the west and northwest about 10 miles per
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hour. bumping up a bit into the afternoon hours. by 5:00 we could have winds approaching 20 to 25 miles per hour. primarily focused near the immediate coastline. tomorrow's forecast beginning at 7:00, patchy fog, low to mid- 40s, 42 to 52 degrees. by 12:00, partically cloudy. there's the eventual temperature range for most of the area. most areas coming up a few degrees from today's highs. that means the warmest locations just touching the 70- degree mark. san jose and the upper 60s and 67 and san francisco tops in the lower 60s right around 62 degrees. your five day forecast, not a lot happening for tuesday and wednesday. with a little bit of cooling by thursday and friday. but heather and ken, here's the big surprise by the upcoming weekend. we're still talking about rain chances, a slight chance by saturday. a significant cool down. cool enough that we can potentially have snow in the
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bay area hills. so winter is not going away just yet. >> you're not kidding. >> i'm not kidding. things have changed but that's the way it's shaping up right now. >> get ready. >> i guess. giants look for their first home sweep of the rockies in two years. >> and we heard a little earlier from thos
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good evening everyone welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. things all of a sudden a little too interested for the san jose sharks in their stanley cup
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series with the red wings. the sharks second chance to second the red wings home. sharks win the face off. puck tipped by kevin setaguchi. in the second it was 2-0. sharks in transition, ryan passes to joe pavelski no matter what the angle. looked like san jose had all the momentum but the red wings dug deep. danny heatley who get it is puck past howard. but again, detroit dug deep, the red wings scored three straight goals, nicholas conwell shot goes off the board then off to danny with too many bodies in front of niemi. then the wings put another crowd in front of niemi. this time squeezes the puck in, sharks down a goal with six
12:16 am
minutes to try and get even. they pulled niemi with a few minutes to go. sharks up 3-0. now see detroit come up with two wins to make the series a two game apair as they head to detroit. san jose now down to two chances. fred inglis saw two. >> detroit led for two minutes as san jose controlled just about every aspect of this game including outshooting the red wings 42-22. but detroit found a way to stave off elimination they used six shots to get two goals. >> they're such a good team, they're going to make us pay and they did that tonight.
12:17 am
>> we go up 3-1. and we usually finish things off when that happens, but you know they are a good club and they just came back. just a couple of careless plays. >> we got some momentum but we have to continue to play the way we did in the third period. we can't play the way we did in the first period. because they were taking the game to us early on. >> we didn't play a hard game, that's hard to swallow. i believe if we played that way again, reproduced that game and we gave ourselves a good opportunity to win but we have to do that. they will continue game six in detroit to find that elusive goal. and we had a few shots of it this year but the giants were not able to finish a
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sweep. lots of moms at the ballpark today hoping for a win on mother's day. game still scoreless when ross came to the plate, pat burrell at second. burrell gets the green light, beats the throw, the giants in the lead 1-0. ryan vogelson made that count. ross such a factor last year in the postseason hoping he is getting his timing back after starting the season on the dl. homer number one for him. he also got it done in the field, ranging into foul territory to retire jonathan herr era. and received a nice ovation from the crowd. javier lopez retrieved him for the return throw. the giants get move within a game of the rockies in the nl
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west. san francisco with an off day tomorrow before arizona comes to town for the first of three on tuesday. after two straight one run nail biters, the a's had to feel like today's game in kansas city was downright comfortable. one good thing about kc is you're never too far away from some good bar-b-q. ross helped his caught in the second. ellis knocked down the ball by eric holsmer. but the run to second is okay. ross is covering and tags out jeff francoeur. you can see how the 6'6", 200 pounds ross outmuscles the bag. and then after the royals put a
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couple of runs on the board, this time it's suzuki. the a's play the first of three in texas tomorrow night. more than just a season game came to an end for the lakers, we may have seen the end of an era. the mavs jumped on l.a. at the opening tip. jason terry was on fire. terry made six of eight atemps attempts in the first half. everyone when the lakers had something going they came up empty. ron artest can't get over the rim for a foul.
12:21 am
terry kept up the three barrage, he tied the record for 9-threes. reality starting to set in for phil jackson and for his players. andrew bynum elbows the mavs. bynum ejected decides to start disroping on his way to the showers. we get a look at what a cheap shot that was by bynum. he deserves to get more than the rest of the season off. the 11 time coach does not sound like he's leaving much to speculate for his future. >> this has been a wonderful run. i go out with a sour note after being fined $35,000 this morning by the league. so that's not fun, you know feeling like i've been chased down the freeway by them. but my companion and sweetheart is running the organization from the business end, so i
12:22 am
know i'll be involved some where along that line. >> the number one seat in the east with all it can handle. atlanta's josh smith gets things started here from chicago. jeff teag gets it going. more from down the stretch. this time teag goes in himself and the hawks are in front by 10. they win 100-88. headed back to chicago on tuesday night. 72 holes, not enough to decide things on the golf tour today. we'll show you
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we've come to associate the beard with a certain player and a certain sport in these parts.
12:26 am
today they feared the beard on the golf tour as well. it's all close to home for third round leader jonathan byrd who lost his father to brain cancer two years ago. that sets him up for an easy birdie. byrd had a three lead. glover looking for his first win since the 2009 u.s. open. glover would put together a final round. he then had to wait. globe needed to take a stroke with a birdie that earned him a tie. they headed back to the at&t for a play off. byrd had already taken birdie
12:27 am
which meant byrd simply had to make this putt. he figures he played about 100 rounds with in the past. in a world of tennis, rafael nedal has owned the name of the king of clay. nedal getting in trouble then getting very creative to win that point. yokevich won the first set. that's the first ever over nedal on clay. that will do it for this late sunday night edition of sports wrap. have a good week everybody. >> right-hand turn -- aren't we all so sad that the lakers are out of the play offs. >> yeah, that's always true for northern californians. >> our coverage continues online any time on thanks everyone for joining us
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tonight. have a great week and we'll see you back here next weekend. go sharks. p@
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