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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  July 15, 2010 10:30pm-11:30pm PST

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86 days after oil started flowing, the leak is capped tonight. but it's still undergoing tests, so will it hold? >> a deal is in place, the warriors are getting new owners next season, and oracle ceo isn't happy about it. five horses dead, we're learning if their owners will
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be facing charges. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the gusher has been capped. it took longer than anyone wanted bud tonight for the first time in almost three months, bp is saying it has stopped the flow of oil from its well. video from an underwater camera shows the oil has stopped flowing. allie rasmus in our news tonight. >> reporter: from bp to the president, the reaction to the room was one of cautious optimism. while pp was successful in capping the well for now. they emphasize that this is only a temporary fix. large spots of oil continue to flow, but under the water, these cameras were a common
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sight. >> i can't say it's not an exciting day, because it's been a long time, it's been 86 day i think since since we've had oil flowing in the ocean. >> reporter: bp successfully stopped flowing crude. bp had been testing a cap on the well and had in the last few days gradually stopped the oil. >> we've been slowing using mechanisms to try and close the flow. >> reporter: over the next few days, bp will test the well to see if it can with stand. president obama stopped short of calling this latest
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development a success. >> i think it's positive results. >> i think it's fantastic. probably the best news we've had on the gulf coast in these areas since back in katrina. >> i think it's time they get it capped and hopefully it wont take too long to get it cleaned up. hopefully in a year or two everything will be forgotten. >> reporter: but closer to home, beachgoers were not ready to congratulate bp. >> it's a little too late, if it capped and it worked, that's great. but look what's happened so far, it's a disaster. >> seems like an impossible task, i doubt that they are ever going to really wipe out all the effects that they've caused. >> reporter: and bp says it plans to reopen the containment cap on saturday after it reviews data from it tests. it'll have two ships standing by this weekend to siphon oil from the leak. bp says it is still working on
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its long term effort to build two underwater relief well to plug the gusher permenantly. word that bp had managed to cap the well sent the stocks soring today with most of the gain coming in the last half hour of trading. protesters turned out in berkeley this evening to denounce a project that the university of california funded in half of bp. three years ago, be, p awarded $550 million to fund alternative fuel research at berkeley. protesters approve of the research but do not think bp should be involved. >> trouble is these industry partnerships are not necessarily the way to go, it's about a brainwashing and cover up, it worked for the oil industry for 30 years. a spokesperson from the university told us it's scientists are independent and
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that bp will not make decisions. uc says the bp money representing only a fraction of the funding it received for research. stay tuned to ktvu for the latest developments from bp. a venture capitalist and movie producer won the warriors bid. >> reporter: his company name is on the coliseum, but he's not the new new owner ofthh that plays there. nonetheless, wish the warriors and their fans nothing but
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success under the new ownership. >> frankly i think it's a little bit of sour grapes. even lebron james does not get to take a shot when the shot clock expires. >> reporter: that's what's been said, those new owners joe lacob and peter guber. >> i was very surprised that the warriors sold for what they did. >> reporter: sports labor analyst said forbes valued the team at $315 million last december. >> let's see what kind of an
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athlete he is. >> reporter: chris cohen paid $1 million. but there's some things you can't put a price on. most think the odds are good the team will stay, co-owner lacob says this is his dream come true. >> you take the warriors out of oakland and i think you take the heart out of that team. >> i am just excited that there's new ownership. some winning seasons that would be fun. >> reporter: the sale of the golden state warriors is not a
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done deal just yet. it's still subject to closing, most likely within the next few months. solano county firefighters say they will be watching for flair ups. the fire started on the 1400 block of goodyear road. the fire burned about 7 acres and was put out in about an hour. no injuries or damages were reported. firefighters evacuated about 20 homes along with hotels and several businesses. they largely stopped the fire within 30 minutes but then it flaired up again about an hour later. the fire burned about 6 acres, no damage or injuries reported. park rangers today recovered the body of one of
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the four men that capsized. the fourth man is still missing and presumed drowned. 67-year-old melvin cox jr. has been pronounced yesterday. their 23-foot boat capsized when it moved into the surf line which the coast guard said is hazardous for any vessel. demonstrators are organizing a rally in walnut creek next week in support of the former bart police officer mehserle. he's been convicted of involuntary manslaughter. there's word tonight activists who support grant's family also plan to attend. amber lee is live now with details. >> reporter: julie, tonight the police chief of walnut creek tells us their department is
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preparing for the rally that's expected to take place here on ignacio road. to make sure his officers are prepared for a rally that has been announced on facebook, organizers say they want to show support for former bart police officer mehserle, his family and other law enforcement officers. and some who support the family of slain bart passenger oscar grant say they also plan to show up. >> if there are two conflicting sides on a very emotional issue, which this certainly is, we understand the volatility that could occur. and we want to make sure that having the personnel out there to keep the peace. >> reporter: the walnut creek man shows us the comments on facebook. he asked us not to release his name, but he wants to participate in the rally. >> it's supposed to be
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nonviolent. it's a forum for people on the other side can have a discussion, talk, you know because not everybody there is saying that he should have been free. >> i'm glad the rally will occur. >> reporter: he says he doesn't plan to attend monday's rally but supports the idea. >> i want to support our peace officers and all agencies. and i grieve for the grant family and their loved ones and kin. it's a complicated situation, and there'll be a lot of hard feelings on many sides for a long time. at a ceramic's class held tonight, we found a woman who says a rally on behalf of mehserle is complicated. >> reporter: so you would rather not see one.
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>> i would rather not see one. i love police officers, but a rally is often detrimental. >> reporter: the officers will be working with contra costa police officers to keep the rally peaceful. reports live in walnut creek, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. in washington, d.c. congress today passed the long awaited wall street bill. it now goes to president obama for his signature. the bill aimed at preventing a repeat of the 2008 financial downturn. mr.obama said the new law demands accountability. >> it provides certainty to everyone from bankers to farmers to business owners to
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consumers. and unless your business model depends on bilking models, then there's nothing to be concerned about. seven horses were found in a field and most did not make it. the question tonight, is this a case of animal neglect. this is meg whitman's house, and
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maureen naylor reports, investigators want to know if the horses were victims of severe neglects. >> reporter: it was a disturbing sight here as
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investigators photographed one after the other. two were found alive but very dehydrated. >> one had to go on iv fluids. the other we just gave small amounts of water in a bucket. there's still touch and go. >> reporter: the weak surviving horses were loaded on to a trailer. the owner said he couldn't be interviewed because he had to get the horses to the hospital. >> if people were aware of this, they have to tell somebody before it gets this bad. how can you have horse bodies laying around and nobody know about it. >> reporter: this trough on the property was bone dry. estimated to have been empty between three and four days during which the temperature climbed into the high 90s. >> they were well nourished, it wasn't that they were without food. but the water, lack of water is what killed them. >> reporter: authorities say this horse died this morning shortly after they arrived. one of two found in a limited
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shade on the property. the san joaquin are investigating. investigators spoke with the horse's owner this afternoon who told them it was believed the horses had access to another trough on a neighboring piece of property. but apparently the gate to that property was locked. near tracy, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. in antioch, police have charged a mother with felony child abuse for shaking her 9 -month-old baby. 27-year-old georgette duprival has been charged. the girl suffered bleeding in her brain and retina from being shaken. police say they do not believe she suffered any perm negligent
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damage. -- permanent damage. the group targeted younger victims to steal cell phones, ipods and other mobile electronic devices. authorities say they recovered all of the stolen items earlier this year at the home of a 17- year-old clayton junior high players. they were caught in the act, now oakland police are releasing pictures hoping the public will help identify them. they are looter who smashed windows and stole merchandise after the mehserle verdict was announced. jana katsuyama has the report tonight. >> reporter: many people here are still suffering from the rally, and they are wondering
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when they will get justice. >> reporter: at the jc jewelry store, the cases have been fixed, but they are still empty. it's been a hard week for the owner. >> they were 20 or 30 people thug of warring at the gate. i was standing right there yelling and screaming to stop, and they wouldn't stop. >> reporter: looters tore down his security gate and he says they stole more than $250,000 in merchandise. looters also hit the foot locker down the street, running in and they know out with pairs of new shoes. the sears department store was also looted along with other small businesses. today oakland police released these photos of suspected looters, calling for the community to help stop them. >> these were photographs september to the police department, we are very thankful to the community for
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coming forward with these photographs. >> reporter: today community members said, while theydisagreed with the mehserle verdict, they hoped these photos would help catch the alleged vandals and thieves. >> it's real cold, i couldn't know why -- i don't know why they did that. >> they just used the incident to rob the place. >> reporter: they hope people call in tips but it shouldn't stop there. many people in the crowd had cameras thursday night, and they hope those people will turn their pictures in too. >> whoever got the video, whoever got the pictures, you can identify the person who did it. thanks a lot, you can help us out a lot. basically you are helping the business out. >> reporter: if you recognize
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any of the suspects, call oakland police. and you can get another look at those photos at we have posted them on the oakland riot tab. san jose police have voted to approve a contract they say will avoid lay offs and they didn't give off as much as the city has asked for in savings. other unions have agreed to 10% cuts. the contract only runs through next june and the city council must still approve it. nurses take on meg whitman on her own turf. coming up next, a loud protest
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i care about your fiber too. i have for a while. ok, carl. why don't you care about her fiber? hey carl. [ male announcer fiber one. cardboard no. delicious yes. people in the exclusive town of aferton saw something they had never seen there. a protest at the home of meg whitman. >> reporter: san m ateo's county aferton is one of the most wealthy communities in the u.s. today its quiet streets were anything but. according to the cna the california nurses association, more than 1,100 nurses protested outside the home of the billionaire republican candidate for governor meg
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whitman. this is what the long line of protesters looked from the air. this is whitman's house. yelling on the streets outside her front fence, a cna actress dressed at queen mega. >> i wish they would stop chattering. >> reporter: and the heavy police presence to keep the streets riot free. >> she didn't bother to vote in 28 years. >> reporter: whitman's announced plans to lay off 40,000 state workers and streamline business and labor rules would undoubtedly hurt nurses. >> the nurses, nurses take care of the most vulnerable. >> reporter: whitman wasn't home today, she was campaigning in southern california. but her campaign put us in
11:56 pm
touch with two nurses who say whitman would be good for rn's. >> reporter: you support whitman? >> yes, from the beginning. >> she means a whole state, she's not cutting nurses. our state has to cut back spending. >> reporter: whitman has been fighting back against the cea. it's common for republican candidates to attack public employee unions. but analysts say her focus on the nurses could backfire. attacking a prison guard's union or teamsters, that's one thing, but analysts say most people have a soft spot for nurses. don't think as part of big labor.
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randy shandobil, ktvu news. in california's race for the u.s. senate, barbara boxer has a big lead over her republican candidate fiorina in cash. boxer reports she has more than a million dollars at hand. much of that came by fundraisers by president obama and vice president biden. >> it's a free for all. it's the wild west. coming up, ktvu investigates a little known loophole about electronic medical records and why they can be bought and
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very warm to hot inland today. the fog is returned to ocean beach, it's returned to mere beach. look at the inland heat. these temperatures are going to start to move back toward the coast tomorrow. it's going to be another hot one, triple digits possible, i'll see you back here. the federal government is pushing doctors and other health care providers to put your medical records on electronic data bases. in tonight's special report, health and science editor john fowler investigating a loophole in the law that allows for others to get your medical records. >> reporter: david chang switching from those familiar but cumbersome paper records.
12:01 am
he's going digital. as the federal government will require all physicians to do. >> not only was it free which was fantastic but it saved me time. >> reporter: it's service is free to $30,000 and it's growing. >> i'm just going to send me an e-mail. >> reporter: free because it legally sells the medical information. >> see if new diagnoses or conditions are popping up within that patient. it's strictly identified and >> this is nothing that we've seen before in medicine. >> reporter: many patients and
12:02 am
doctors don't know the federal government quietly eliminated patient's medical privacy act. >> there's companies that can see and use our medical words without permission and we can be the refuse. >> reporter: with paper records you must give permission to pass information. >> the data cannot be rendered safe or private through these poll sees they claim make it safe. >> reporter: with so much of our medical details stored electronically, some worry about hackers. >> kids can break in. it scares me that anybody can
12:03 am
break in to get the information. >> reporter: kaiser permanente in san francisco lost information on 9,000 patients. and the anthem blue website exposed 2,900 insurance applications. >> this suspect suspect a data that is on the doctor's laptop or hand held device that can be stolen, these are medical records. >> reporter: the new system cut heart attacks and cut trips to
12:04 am
the doctor. >> everyone should have that choice. to opt in or to opt out. because that way if they really have concern, they can opt out. >> reporter: but you do not have that choice today. >> anything that's in there, any information that's in there can and will be used against you in the future. and it's very important to know that in the electronic health world. >> reporter: dr. peel says, new technology can better protect patient privacy. with regulators considering options rote now. privacy options -- options right now. >> for more information, go to we've posted links to patient privacy rights and patient fusion. an excollusive ktvu field poll shows californians are
12:05 am
divided about arizona's new immigration law. a total of 45% said they disapprove with 34% strongly against it. when asked whether they thought undocumented immigrants were taken away jobs from californians, 58% said they are doing jobs others don't want. the company won't -- the move is expected to be completed within two years. hp is based in palo alto and it says the move will make the company more efficient. right now only about 60% of the work spaces are in use at both locations. the move is a blow to cupertino. new figures released today
12:06 am
indicate hope sales in the area rose by 1.3% with almost 8,400 homes closing escrow. the median home price this june was $410,000. that's 16.5% more than the year before. wall street giant goldman sachs has agreed to pay $555 million to settle fraud charges. goldman sachs was accused of defrauding investors. the penalty is the largest ever against a wall street fund and it's equal to 14 days worth of goldman sachs earnings. that settlement helped wall street overcome a slump but not
12:07 am
enough to help the stocks downturn. we are learning more about a deadly incident at a san jose apartment complex. details on a suspect and an update on the condition of ♪ keep feeling fascination ♪ passion burning ♪ love is so strong ♪ saving money. and like baseball people love their stats. i started bringing my lunch to work -- 50 bucks a week in my pocket. here's a good one: state farm insures 40 million drivers. more than geico and progressive combined. i saved because i'm accident-free.
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we're learning more about a deadly incident. the suspect is bobby turner. investigators say he could face charges as early as tomorrow. the incident unfolded last night at the complex. witnesses say turner stabbed
12:10 am
one woman and then shot and kill another, 48-year-old verna lisa collins who came to the aid of the first victim. prosecutors today charged a san jose man with murder in the death of a 15-year-old girl. bernadino cubas is being held without bail. his arrangement is now scheduled for two weeks from today. a highway patrol officer attempted to stop cuevas on tuesday. investigators say cuevas then led police on a chase. the chase stopped when cuevas ran into a vehicle. a 15-year-old girl was killed in the accident. bart's police chief defended one of the officers who used a taser on someone who didn't pay their fare last night at a bart station.
12:11 am
an officer followed the fare evader. the man resisted arrest and that's when the officer used his taser. the chief also has stated the man had a criminal record. u.s. officials held a ceremony marking an end to a troubling chapter. it handed over control of the last u.s. run prison camp to the iraqis. the scandal over abuse lingers in iraq. iraq is also accused of beating and abusing their prisoners. the washington postreports
12:12 am
the cia paid amari for intelligence on iran's nuclear program. in buenos aires, there were cheers today when word came through that same-sex marriage will be legal there now. it be become law in a matter of days. the catholic church had campaign strongly against it. argentina will be the first latin american nation to legalize gay marriage. fresh express is voluntarily recalling some of their salad products. the company is recalling packages of romaine lettuce. the packages have an s in the product code. the packages were distributed in 20 states including california. no other fresh express salads were include in the recall and
12:13 am
so far there's been no illnesses reported. you can go to ktv and click on web links. apple finally has something to say about problems with the new iphone 4. but is it a case of too little too late? and our chief meteorologist and our chief meteorologist bill martin [ female announcer swiffer sweepervac's electrostatic dry cloths attract so much fine dirt on hard floors you may never go back to your old vacuum. [ funny voice hey, vacuum, wanna attract more fine dirt? then try the static balloon! [ squeaking now who's attractive? [ female announcer sorry, vacuum. swiffer sweepervac has both a powerful vacuum and electrostatic dry cloths, to trap and lock fine dirt, dust, and hair better than a leading upright vacuum, or your money back. ♪ she blinded me with science
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officials at apple are doing something they rarely do. they have invited reporters to the cupertino campus tomorrow. numerous reports of reception problems have some saying that apple's rosy imagine is blemished. lloyd lacuesta is live now with this report. >> reporter: i'm at the apple store in palo alto just a short walk from the home of apple ceo
12:16 am
steve jobs. even tonight, despite the uproar over the reception problems, people were still buying. gill g era rdo just got his phone yesterday, he came back today to see if there's a fix to the problem. >> it's best if they come out and understand the fix to the problem. >> reporter: that's why a number of people are awaiting a news conference tomorrow at apple headquarters in cuperti no. >> i think it's important that they come out and acknowledge there's an issue. i think that's what consumers are looking for.
12:17 am
>> reporter: today >> reporter: the wall street journal and bloomburg are reporting that apple engineers were aware of antenna risks a year ago. but jobs liked the design so much that apple proceeded with development. however, the problem caused the consumer magazine to not recommend the product. >> tomorrow what they can do is provide a rubber bumper, some kind of fix for the antenna. >> is that enough? >> it would have been if they did it right at front. >>. we might end up throwing apple under the bus for this because people are sick and tired of large corporations taking advantage of them and down playing problems and covering things up. >> reporter: apple sold 1.7 million iphone 4s within five
12:18 am
days. as soon as the troubles started surfacing, apple stock has fallen 5%. santa cruz hotels and motels have started requiring identification when -- andy werth has been running the ski resort in colorado. he has been picked to replace cushing to run squaw valley. it's still warm inland, i
12:19 am
have some 80 degrees readings in the concord area. right now at the golden state bridge, a reading. wind west-southwest at 17 any more 17 -- at 17 miles per hour. tomorrow highs will eclipse some of these. most temperatures tomorrow will be either the same or just a degree or two warmer an it might be a tad -- just a tad warmer. right now outside, san rafael kind of cool with 60. napa 65. check out hayward at 63. concord at 81. livermore at 75. not sweltering but warmer than it has been. the weekend we continue with
12:20 am
the hot inland just not as hot. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week. temperatures trend down after that. then they drop out of significantly on sunday. still nice on sunday but just not upper 90s. the forecast will intensify a bit tomorrow. so those inland numbers close to 100 degrees. might get a 67, 66 down there at half-moon bay. the fog lingers at the coast. saturday very warm to hot today but not as warm as tomorrow. then sunday will be cooler still. classic summer weather pattern. look at the whites, those are hundreds in the central valley. that heat once it gets to the coast and the on shore flow that i showed you early, kind of pushed the moist air back to the valley. or the moist cool air back into the bay.
12:21 am
tomorrow will be a warm day. 93 in napa, 100 up in clear lake, antioch, livermore. if you are up in pittsburgh, i have 97. these temperatures are just a sampling of the area, easily out there in mountain view i have 88. you can easily get a 95-degree reader out in mountain view where all the concrete is. not horribly with the wind, just hot and dry. then cooler on sunday. but the next 48 hours very warm to hot inland. cool right at the coast. >> all right, thanks bill. >> thank you, bill. coming up on
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archaeologists today were at the world trade center site. excavation crews on tuesday found a row of sturdy up right wood timbers at ground zero. a 100-pound anchor was found near by, but archaeologists say they are not quite sure if that
12:25 am
belongs to the ship. >> very interesting. mark ibanez joins us now, a great night for the giants. and a good looking tom lincicum. >> yeah, looking great. a lot of little things must come together. one big thing, pablo sandoval has to get his about together. but lincicum the big story. looks like he has a mini me. here's panda, looking like last year's version. off the bricks out there at deep right center field in the second. buster posey who was two for four comes in to score. lincicum makes it stand up. but then we look at the pop up left fly. the mets will not threaten, in the eighth, load the bases, posey to third, the throw to the plate and rowan is safe and
12:26 am
2-0. lincicum had a little luck. complete game six hitter, and lincicum's record now a very tidy 10-4. you can never have enough pitching and the giants willing to take a shot. and perhaps recruiting a minor leaguer. and maybe the surprise of the day, the natalie attired daily. he was 6-under 66. but the story, the 21-year-old
12:27 am
roy mcroy. 21years old here at 18 setting himself up nicely for a birdie. that's the lowest first round ever at the british open. staying across the pond as they say, 11th stage of the tour de france, nothing to text home about. mark kavendish is today's winner. no wardrobe change. still worn by andy schleck. football training camps and you know fans just itching for some news around the nfl and we love it. plenty of first office business to be taken care of. the 49ers not able to work anything off out. we just want to see if he can
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