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behavior. but this much is clear, fans are going bananas for this summer blockbuster. and that's "nightline." you can watch all our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here same time tomorrow. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding
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solutions, this is abc 7 news. dan: tonight, friends and family are morning three best friends from oakland. they drowned while saving an eight year old in the sacramento river. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. after days of searching byes of the three men recovered yesterday in the california delta near rio vista. j.r. stone spoke with a close family friend. >> when grandpa grabbed the keys, he cannot swim anymore. he was tired. he threw the key. reporter: is describing the moment his longtime friend edwin rivas saved his grandson from driving with the help of two friends. sadly, the three lost their lives during the rescue last sunday on the sacramento san joaquin river delta. >> they are our heroes. they don't think about nothing
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else. reporter: emergency crews from multiple counties, including san francisco recovered the three men seco bodies tuesday. they said rivas had gone fishing with two of his grandsons and his friends. as the three adults were fishing, one of the grandsons jumped in the water than began drowning. that was when the three jumped in. the boy survived, along with two others who helped with the rescue. rivas, recip and so lozano -- didn't make it. they were lifelong friends from guatemala who loved soccer. rivas coached soccer in west oakland. >> real sad. i know these guys. they always try to help the community. tried to keep the kids out of trouble. reporter: while the current may
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not look rough in this area is of the delta aves where multiple waterways come together, which can make for strong currents in certain spots. figueroa is urging caution. >> be real careful. he's lifejackets. reporter: he tells me the boy and two other survivors are having trouble sleeping at night. he also says rivas is family is trying to raise money to send the bodies to guatemala. there's a soccer fundraiser set for this sunday in west oakland at noon. larry: now to developing news. the highland park parade shooting. the suspect made his first court appearance. all victims have been identified. these are the faces of the seven people who did not survive. catherine goldstein, arena and kevin mccarthy, jacqueline ron kind -- and eduardo.
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approximately 40 wounded survivors are still recovering. police say the suspect confessed to the shooting during the fourth of july parade. he was on the verge of a second attack. reporter: the rampage could have continued. the 21-year-old who opened fire on july 4 parade goers in highland park, illinois contemplated another attack on that same day. >> it appears when he drove to madison, he did see a medicine -- a celebration occurring. he seriously contemplated using the firearm he had in his vehicle to commit another shooting. approximately 60 rounds. reporter: instead of carrying out the top -- the attack, robert crimo the third drove back to chicago. >>'s motivation isn't necessarily clear. he had some type of affinity towards the number four and
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seven. reporter: he is charged with seven counts of first-degree murder. more charges are likely. authorities face questions about how he was able to buy guns legally, a series of red flags over the years. one in 2019 after police say he attempted suicide and after he threatened to kill his family. authorities confiscated a stash of more than a dozen nags -- knives, a dagger and despair. -- dagger and sword. >> i can't speak to what was going through the minds of this particular person when they made that decision. it will be up to the courts. it will be up to this process to decide what was appropriate and what was not. reporter: all seven victims killed in the attack now identified. the latest, 69-year-old eduardo,
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two days before his 70th birthday. the suspected gunman do back in court next month. larry: to fund continuous coverage of the shooting, look for the abc 7 bay area app. we are streaming 24/7. crews have made significant progress against the electric fire. now 40% contained. up from 10% this afternoon. it has earned 41 hundred acres. some evacuation orders still in effect. fire officials say the humidity this morning helps limit fire activity. at 1200 buildings are still threatened. the fire started monday afternoon. because under investigation. testing capacity for monkeypox in the u.s. is about to double. labcorp is the first company to offer a test for monkeypox. the company said it will conduct all testing at its main north
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carolina lab and will have the capacity to expand nationwide. the cdc is working to expand monkeypox testing across the country. labcorp expects to process up to 10,000 tests a week. in the south bay, testing shows covid subvariants are to blame for prolonging the case search there. carry hoping to say peek in the current surge by the end of june. that has not happened. the county still sing about 1000 new cases daily according to the seven day average. the public health department deputy director says he can't give an estimate on when a peak might happen. >> the main reason why it is we have these additional subvariants that continue to circulate. and unlike the omicron surge, we are continuing to see high level of transmission in the community. larry: county health officials say we need to see a prolonged and steady drop in cases in
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wastewater before they can say where exiting the surge. busy weekend ahead for san jose's japan town is the popular festival returns in person. it is a japanese buddhist tradition dedicated to honoring the dead. amanda shows us the preparation underway. reporter: signs signal the return of one of san jose's longest-running cultural events. it is back to this festival for the buddhist church in japan town. they are bringing back the festival this weekend. >> a important time to remember their lives. also important for us to reflect upon lives at this moment. reporter: it will be an all new experience for this reverend from japan. >> i was assigned to this temple
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in 2019. right after the festival. reporter: only months before the pandemic. covid-19 forced virtual festivals over the last two years. lingering impact involve limited food options, scaling back on two sheets of noodle dishes and highly sought after strawberry shortcake. the headmistress as it only makes sense as the general population of the temple is 65 plus. >> there were not enough comfortable to be in close proximity preparing the food. we don't want to risk the health of our members. reporter: he assures the weekend cycle menu will still have many favorites. he says several thousand were drawn to the weekend celebration. after this week's deadly shooting in illinois, they say security is a real concern. >> there is no way to harden our boundaries. we wouldn't want to have to do that.
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we would still want people to come, to feel welcome, to feel this is something that they have a part in. reporter: that sense of community and support for the festival, which happens to be the buddhist churches biggest fundraiser, part of the fabric of japan town. >> everybody knows everybody. the people are really kind. with the small community, you get to know. larry: coming up, a terrifying drive in the east bay. a local couple find fulsome cells in the middle of the middle of a freeway shootout. on the books are off the books, why there is an effort to change california's constitution. a legendary penguin has died at the san francisco zoo. how he helped shape the zoo's legacy. sandhya: getting rid of the humidity and burden on the heat. i will show you when this will
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>> hey, are you ok? >> [indiscernible] >> they just shot through her window. larry: what a scary drive for bay area couple, caught in the
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crossfire during a gun battle on -- on 588 as the couple entered the freeway off grand avenue. thankfully they were not injured. as you can imagine, that was a terrifying experience. leslie brinkley spoke with the couple today. reporter: 5:00 june 14, >> they just shot through her window. are you ok? >> [inaudible] >> leaving for work, garrett mason and tina do found themselves in the middle of a shootout as a vehicle cut them off as another tell them. >> may be within 15 seconds of being on the freeway, the first vehicle shot backwards at the second vehicle, which we happened to be lined up with. >> he heard a few rounds. when it hit the front windshield
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, i thought it was a rock. i did not know it was a bullet. i was feeling my body, making sure nothing else was hurt. for us, we have minor scratches. reporter: police told them freeway shootings were not uncommon. more than 80 freeway shootings in the bay area in the last four years. >> the only rare part of the scenario was the fact that the bullet went past. reporter: they processed what happened for two weeks, then posted on instagram. they were covered their insurance deductible through gofundme and then took it down. >> i grew up in the south bay. my family is all here. and you read the story about the two-year-old boy, now it's personally hit me. i don't want to affect anyone else. it's really disappointing it is happening in our hometown. >> unfortunately, we were in the wrong place at the wrong time.
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people have commented, if we were a second faster or slower, how could that have changed where the bullet is? can't think too much about the what if's. it's just where we are at. >> we literally dodged a bullet. larry: you heard tina mentioned the little boy who was shot and killed. remember jesper wu, he died last november, weeks before his second birthday. on a saturday afternoon, he was in his car seat in the back of his mother's car when a stray bullet struck him. it happened on southbound 880. the case remains unsolved, as do dozens of other freeway shootings. ri team has dug into how frequently the shootings happened and what is being done to try to protect drivers. you will find that on our website, there are fears that same-sex marriage may be banned once again in california, following
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the supreme court's decision to overturn roe v. wade. it is all because of proposition eight, which was approved by voters in 2008. despite being struck down by a judge, it remains in the state constitution and can only be removed with voter approval. many are worried that prop 8 could become the law of the land again. >> the very fact that the supreme court of the united states is looking at this again means that that 2010 decision could be revisited. larry: to combat this issue, members of the state's lb gt q caucus are pushing for a ballot measure to remove prop 8 from the constitution. carlos internet is recuperating after collapsing at a michigan concert last night. he was 30 minutes into his show when he passed out on the stage. the 74-year-old was diagnosed
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with heat exhaustion and dehydration. today he posted on facebook, thinking fans for their well wishes. one of the oldest penguins living in captivity has died at the san francisco zoo. that the magellanic pin got -- penguin captain eo. he is the last survivor of the founding penguin community. he lost his eyesight and his hearing. animal care staff would protect him so he could eat in a crowd of hungry penguins. his legacy lives on with his 26 offspring, 31 grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. the results are in, people in marin county were ready to have fun at the fair after a two-year hiatus. revenues for this year's fair were up more than 25% over 2019. the fair rent thursday through
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monday, generating nearly $1.9 million. this year's theme was so happy together. it wasn't back to normal, conversation -- competitions normally held in the exhibit hall were held remotely. hopefully soon everything will be back outside subnormal again. sandhya patel here with the weather. a couple days of humidity, now we have to brace for heat. sandhya: it's coming. we have a couple of days to prepare for it. enjoy this comfortable weather while it lasts. minus the humidity. let me show you what's going on. july 12-16, this is the temperature outlook from the climate prediction center. below average for the midwest, near-normal for the carolinas, of above average for the south and western united states. next week 50% to 60% chance of above average temperatures. get ready for the heat return. the reason we are annexing the
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heat is this area of low pressure, constant flow off the ocean at the southwest preventing the upwelling from happening. normally you getting up -- a westerly wind. not this time around. ocean temperatures in the upper 50's from san francisco to monterey bay to point arena. which is why it has been sticky. dew points are coming down a little, 59 right now ins half moon bay. 50 to 59 is still in the muggy range. tomorrow morning we start out in the 50's. as we had to friday, he started to drop into the comfortable range, mid to upper 40's for parts of the bay. we will lose some of that humidity, live doppler 7 showing you the clouds already advancing across parts of the east bay. as you look at those temperatures, it is mild tonight. upper 50's to mid 60's. winds nice onshore breeze, 29 miles an hour. san francisco, rio vista.
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our quality will be good next to that onshore breeze the next couple days. is the weekend approaches, heat starts to build moderate air quality. here's the view of san francisco for mark south beach camera. -- south bay camera. former with decreasing humidity the next two days. that summer heat return sunday monday. tomorrow, watch out for slippery roadways. in the afternoon and evening, we will still have low clouds lingering and then pushing back in across parts of the bay. your morning temperatures will be in the 50's. there will be some drizzle around for the afternoon. you are looking at a warmer date, and month highs in the low to mid 80's. along the coast, in the 60's. breezy conditions expected. for morning drizzle clouds to warmer and less humid weather for friday. minor dip saturday. that would bring on that with mid to upper 90's and then sunday monday, mid 60's coast
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side. if you are not in the, cooler weather tuesday and wednesday. i will gladly trade that humidity for the heat. wouldn't you say? larry:
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>> is good. does the mathematician participating antioch's fourth of july play -- parade. better known to his students at deer park high school. he was asked to be part of the parade after word spread about his unique math wrap. he said that all started as a joke. he created math rap to entertain his students at the end of the year, they helped their teacher make a music video. that may go viral.
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you have to see the giants highlights, they look like they were
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>> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. chris: during the giants record-breaking 107 winds last citizens of the longest losing streak was for. now looking to snap a six-game slide. top five giants down for, joey bart backup from aaa. it is out of here, or out -- or is it? it ends up being a ground rule double. 4-2. top of the eighth, tied it for, smash to right field, the giants for three in the inning, the bottom of the ninth, a 7-5 game. heirs and the basis. we finally strike out jordan lebeau.
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giants win 7-5. they snap that six-game losing streak. they is looking this with the blue jays. bottom of the fifth, so the blast left center. this you can catch. 1-0 a's. the former eight, his second homerun in his may days. that ties the game at one. it is close late at the coliseum. boba shut breaking the tie. the blue jays going to win 2-1. steph curry coming off his fourth nba title and final, hp -- finals m.v.p.. he took the course for a practice run this morning with his brother and dad. on how the swing is feeling had first-round play. >> the good thing about today, as it is wednesday. it doesn't start till friday. had some fun.
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trying to keep it low-key and laid-back. chris: the warriors in las vegas ahead of their summer schedule. the seven footer trending in the right direction. >> james has had amazing progress. he script for a yesterday, it went well. is on a good schedule here. the next few games, the next feud, we will be seeing him. chris: walnut creek showing everyone while -- sabrina not history with the first 30 point triple-double in wnba history. 10 assists, liberty be
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right now jimmy
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we're back with evidence that the drought in the west is only getting worse. these images are of great salt lake in utah, which hit a new historic low. millions of migratory birds are at risk, and the region's economy is even threatened. scientists also warn that as more of the lake bed becomes exposed, its high levels of arsenic could threaten the local population. it should become easier to obtain pfizer's covid pill now that the fda is allowing pharmacists to prescribe paxlovid. previously only doctors, nurses and physician assistants were allowed to prescribe the medication. patients seeking a prescription for paxlovid should bring their medical records to the pharmacy for review. they will be referred to other


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