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tv   America This Morning  ABC  May 23, 2022 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on "america this morning," an emergency declared over the shortage of baby formula as the first shipment from overseas arrives in the u.s. who's getting it, and new information about the timeline for restocking shelves as we learn about more infants being hospitalized. breaking right now. president biden overseas saying the u.s. is willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan from mainland china, a position that appears to deviate from longstanding u.s. policy. we're live with the president in tokyo. the new report on sexual abuse allegations and an alleged cover-up in the southern baptist convention. denomination.rotestant - what we're learning about a secret list of ministers and the allegations going back decades.
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one-on-one. former u.s. marine trevor reed recently freed from a russian prison describes his long ordeal. >> it was pretty terrible. you know, blood on the walls. >> what he was thinking during the prisoner swap that resulted in his freedom. caught on camera. the terrifying moment a bull jumps into the stands at this rodeo. and the asteroid bigger than the empire state building that nasa claims is potentially hazardous. good monday morning, i'm mona kosar abdi. >> i'm andrea fujii in for andrew. we begin with the critical shortage of baby formula, new york city now declaring an emergency. >> the first military flight from europe carrying nearly 80,000 pounds of formula has arrived in the u.s. the white house has announced two new moves to boost production here at home. >> abc's em nguyen has new details from washington. em, good morning.
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>> reporter: andrea, good morning. "operation fly formula" brought in 78,000 pounds of baby formula sunday. officials say it can feed 9,000 babies and 18,000 toddlers for a week. this morning, some relief for desperate parents. enough specialty baby formula for 500,000 8-ounce bottles, now in the u.s. after the administration used a c-17 military cargo plane to fly it in from germany. president biden tweeting these photos writing, our team is working around the clock to get safe formula to everyone who needs it. this formula heading to hospitals and medical providers to distribute to parents whose babies are allergic to cow milk proteins. this comes as abc news has learned at least four infants in south carolina were recently hospitalized due to complications. three of them admitted when their parents were forced to use alternatives to their normal formula and their babies couldn't tolerate the switch.
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>> our patients and families across the country are in urgent need of this formula. >> reporter: but still millions of parents remain stressed as data show the shortage nationwide is getting worse, 45% of baby formula out of stock. >> you can cut the desperation with a knife. nothing else matters. the world stops until you find that formula. >> reporter: in new york city, the mayor declaring a state of emergency to prevent price gouging. and in washington, president biden announcing the first two defense production act authorizations aimed at increasing domestic supply, including allowing key formula maker abbott nutrition to receive priority orders of raw materials. abbott, which "the new york times" says controls nearly half of the domestic formula supply, had to shut down a plant in february due to possible contamination. the white house also announcing another shipment of formula will arrive at dulles airport later this week. abbott's ceo expressed remorse
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in an op-ed and his company's role in the ongoing shortage, predicting they'd restart the facility in june but wouldn't have any product to offer families until july. mona. >> em, thank you. now to breaking news overseas. president biden in japan this morning said the u.s. would be willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan from mainland china if necessary. abc's britt clennett has the details from tokyo. she's traveling with the president. britt? >> reporter: mona, president biden here in japan on the second leg of his first trip to asia as president, and biden today appearing to deviate from longstanding policy with a rather strong message of support for taiwan. let's take a listen. >> you didn't want to get involved in the ukraine conflict militarily for obvious reasons. are you willing to get involved militarily to defend taiwan if it comes to that? >> yes. >> you are? >> that's the commitment we made. that's the commitment we made.
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>> reporter: words likely to anger beijing, which considers taiwan a breakaway province. now the u.s. also countering china's influence. that's been a big theme for biden this trip. he pledges to refocus, re-engage with this region economically. biden launching an indo-pacific economic plan involving 12 countries. the focus on trade and how to prevent those supply chain issues that we've seen. the message to this region is that the u.s. is dedicated to uniting friends and allies here. that message will be brought to quad nation leaders tomorrow. meanwhile, biden was asked today about the possibility of a recession in the u.s. the president giving an emphatic no, but acknowledging that the price of gas is a real problem for many families back home. >> britt clennett in tokyo, thank you.utewas o monkeypox are growing, with florida now the third state with a potential case.
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so far more than 190 confirmed or suspected cases have been reported in 16 countries. during his asian trip, president biden said monkeypox is something everyone should be concerned about, but a top medical adviser tried to calm nerves. >> i would not be surprised if we see a few more cases in the upcoming days. and i think the president's right, any time we have an infectious disease outbreak like this, we should all be paying attention. but i feel like this is a virus we understand. we have vaccines against it. we have treatments against it. and it's spread very differently than sars-cov-2. >> monkeypox symptoms include fever, swollen lymph nodes, and lesions which usually clear up within 21 days. now to a bombshell new report on sexual abuse allegations and an alleged cover-up by leaders of the southern baptist convention. the report details a list of hundreds of ministers accused of abuse, many of whom were allowed to keep positions of power. here's rhiannon ally. >> reporter: this morning, new
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revelations accusing the southern baptist convention of covering up sexual abuse for years. a 288-page independent report accuses the southern baptist convention, the largest protestant denomination, of stonewalling and denigrating survivors of clergy sexual abuse for nearly two decades. a charge also being made by this kentucky woman. >> my father, my abuser, would baptize me. and that baptism would also work as a type of waterboarding. >> reporter: hanna kay williams is suing her father, who is a former pastor, and the southern baptist convention, among others, for physical and sexual abuse she says began when she was 8 years old. >> we're dealing with evil that spans over years across our nation in these churches and in the denomination as a whole. >> reporter: allegations first surfaced in 2019 following a report by "the houston chronicle" and the san antonio express news documenting
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hundreds of alleged cases in southern baptist churches, including several in which the alleged abusers remained in ministry. >> abuse is one of the most underreported crimes. and so i think there's many more that we have yet to hear about. >> reporter: sbc president ed lytton said sunday, he is grieved to my core for the victims and said, i pray southern baptists will begin preparing today to take deliberate action to address these failures. that independent report was requested by the southern baptist convention itself. it includes information on how the sbc can move forward, such as restricting the use of nondisclosure agreements. mona, andrea? >> rhiannon, thank you. police in new york city have identified the man fatally shot on a subway train in what they say was an unprovoked random attack. 48-year-old daniel enriquez was shot in the chest at close range on a "q" train yesterday. the shooter is still at large, adding to safety concerns among
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mass transit riders. >> i just cross my fingers every morning, hope that doesn't happen. but -- yeah, i do feel unsafe. >> witnesses said the suspect had been pacing back and forth in the train car. the shooting comes one month after a man shot ten people on a subway in brooklyn. we're learning more about the human toll of the war in ukraine. president zelenskyy says 50 to 100 ukrainian soldiers are being killed every day. ukrainian officials released this video saying it shows a strike on a russian missile launcher in the eastern region where russia is stepping up its attacks. ukraine says it will not give up territory in any cease-fire deal. time now for a look at your monday weather. warmer temperatures expected today across colorado after a weekend storm dumped more than a foot of snow. the heavy snow was blamed for more than 120,000 power outages. on the radar today, severe
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storms are possible in parts of texas. rain with some heavier storms are possible across the plains and southeast. checking today's high temperatures, the northeast cools off after record heat this weekend. 60s from the great lakes to the northwest. and near 100 in the southwest. coming up, a major peanut butter recall. also ahead, the man accused of attacking comedian dave chappelle speaks out, explaining what triggered the violence on stage. and one-on-one with trevor reed, the american who spent years in russian custody. he describes his ordeal and the prisoner
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back now with new details about the attack on comedian dave chappelle.
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the suspect tells "the new york post" that he was triggered by chappelle's jokes about the lgbtq community. he reportedly insists he didn't mean any harm. more pain at the pump. the average price of gasoline jumped more than 33 cents. current average is $4.59. experts say there's no relief in sight as we heads toward summer travel season. consumers are being told to throw away jif peanut butter products due to possible salmonella. several varieties are being recalled. illnesses have been reported in a dozen states, we have more information on website. now to trevor reed, the american recently freed after years in russian custody. he spoke one-on-one with abc's patrick revell. about the prisoner swap that resulted in his freedom. >> reporter: after nearly 1,000 days in russian captivity, former u.s. marine
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trevor reed is now free, re-adjusting to life on american soil and telling his story to abc news. we saw you walking across the tarmac. >> you're thinking maybe this is not happening, maybe i'm still going to wake up in solitary confinement. >> reporter: reed was a presidential marine who once guarded president obama, but his nightmare began in summer 2019 while visiting his girlfriend in moscow. after a drunken party reed fell into the hands of russian police who charged him with attacking an officer. and in reality, he and u.s. officials say the case was fabricated by russia security services to take reed as a bargaining chip. >> i asked, you know, one of those officers, i said why are yu guys doing this, why did you write this false accusation against me? and he looked around at the door to make sure that there was no one there and he looked at the other police officer and he said we didn't want to write this. they told us to write this.
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>> reporter: reed describing his time in a russian prison camp and the brutal treatment he says was intended to break his will. i think they sent you to a psychiatric ward at one point. >> yeah, that was pretty terrible, blood on the walls. again, there's a hole in the floor there for the toilet. >> you were afraid that you would be kept indefinitely. >> yes. >> later on "good morning america" reed said what he thinks should do to free two americans. coming up, dramatic video as a bull jumps into the stands at a california rodeo. but first the yoga teacher but first the yoga teacher on the run. the more information i found, got me more curious. researching my family on ancestry has given me a purpose. we discovered that our family has been in new mexico for hundreds of years.
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over a fence and striking at least six people in the crowd. one person was hospitalized with injuries. the bull was captured after running off the rodeo grounds. we turn to a texas woman on the run accused of killing a world-renowned cyclist. the two were allegedly mixed up in a love triangle. this morning, the man at the center of an alleged love triangle that turned deadly has revealed to police what may have led to the murder of a professional cyclist. back on may 11th, mariah wilson was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds at a home in austin, texas. >> i think it's just -- kind of stunned, tragic. you just want to hug people you love. >> reporter: police say surveillance video shows an suv belonging to fellow cyclist kaitlin armstrong near the scene on the day of the murder. according to investigators, the vehicle arrived at the home where wilson was killed one minute after wilson had returned from being with armstrong's boyfriend, red bull athlete colin strickland.
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authorities say strickland told them he and wilson had a previous relationship and went n was killed. and according to police, strickland said he changed wilson's name in his phone and deleted text messages to prevent armstrong from finding them. >> these type of murders where people kill each other because of love triangles or jealousy actually are fairly common. >> reporter: police say an anonymous caller revealed that armstrong learned about a romantic relationship between strickland and wilson back in january, and armstrong was so furious she, quote, wanted to kill wilson. according to investigators, armstrong has not been seen since police questioned her on may 13th, two days after wilson's murder. >> they're going to look at credit card receipts, they're going to look at bank withdrawals. anything that creates a digital trail, the marshals will go looking for. along with friends, associates. so we'll see how good she is at hiding.
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>> reporter: strickland released a statement to clarify his most recent relationship with wilson, saying it was platonic and professional. golf fans are asking what's next for tiger woods after his withdrawal from the pga championship. woods struggled through one of the worst rounds of his career saturday. it was his second tournament since last year's car crash. >> he began playing when he was 3 or 4 years old. he's 46 years old now. you don't just sort of go cold turkey on that sort of competitive dna, that gene in your mind. so he's not just going to say, yeah, i'm done. he's going to think this through. >> woods' friend, justin thomas, won the tournament. the warriors are one game away from the nba finals. they beat the mavericks 109-100 and now lead the series 3-0 games. three nascar drivers are okay after this crash in texas. ross chastain nearly flipped over kyle busch's car while going 185 miles per hour.
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don't change or stop asthma medicines, including steroids, without talking to your doctor. are you ready to du more with less asthma? just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. ♪ time to check "the pulse." we're starting with something that will make your pulse race. we begin with a massive asteroid barrelling toward earth. >> the asteroid is four times the size of the empire state building, and it will pass so close to our planet that nasa has classified it as potentially hazardous. scientists say the asteroid is expected to miss us by 2.5 million miles unless its orbit changes. >> yikes, the close encounter is set for friday. the construction worker turned "american idol." >> noah thompson won the season finale of "american idol."
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until recently, the 19-year-old was a construction worker in kentucky. after receiving the most votes on "idol," he performed his first single. ♪ >> and in second place, country singer hunter wolkonowski. congrats to them. now to a tip to californians looking to conserve water during the drought. >> use your dishwasher. researchers show doing dishes by hand can take up more than 42 gallons of water, the dishwasher uses fewer than five gallons. >> you can save lots of water by not prewashing your dishes before loading them into the dishwasher. >> yeah, i'm not there yet. soccer drama that had nothing to do with kicking a ball. >> it happened after manchester city won another championship. look at the field. a ukrainian flag was covering the team's trophy to surprise a player from ukraine, who was overcome with emotion. he hugged the flag while he hugged the flag while surrounded by his teammates.
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covid vaccines for young kids closer to authorization. new data from pfizer. kumasi: masks back. the bay area district reinstating a mandate. reggie: the warriors one game away from the nba finals and the challenge ahead. drew: warmer weather today, potter tomorrow. -- hotter tomorrow. most of us in the 50's, rosa, antioch in the 60's. a we the weekend. -- a warmer morning compared to the weekend. we are expecting sunshine. we quickly warm into the 70's and 80's by lunchtime away from the coast.
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