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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 5, 2022 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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kumasi: enough is enough. reggie: see te good morning, america. for our viewers in the west, tornadoes tearing through the south overnight. the significant damage on this thursday morning. twister terror overnight. at least eight reported tornadoes ripping through oklahoma and texas. the widespread devastation. and this morning, the severe weather on the move and the major cities in the path. ginger is tracking it all. new political fallout. from that stunning supreme court leak. now president biden's warning. could this be the beginning of the rollback of certain rights? and as the investigation gets under way, what we know about the marshal of the court leading it. russia ramps up attacks targeting ukraine's supply lines and facilities storing weapons as a new report details how
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realtime battlefield intelligence from the u.s. is helping the ukrainians target russian forces. new covid concerns. both hospital admissions and deaths projected to rise for the first time in months. now, what an fda official is saying about annual booster shots. nationwide manhunt. new details about the special relationship between the inmate and corrections officer on the run for nearly a week. authorities now searching through their communication as one of her former co-workers speaks out. on stage attack. the moments surrounding dave chappelle being tackled at the hollywood bowl. video showing the attacker climbing on stage as he's expected to face a judge today. amber heard takes the stand for the first time in her bombshell defamation battle against ex-husband johnny depp, detailing their relationship and accusing the star of abusing her. gone in less than 60 seconds.
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the urgent new warning. why thieves are stealing this car part. the new report showing the most targeted vehicles this morning. how can you protect yours? ♪ level up, level up ♪ and the next level. can maverick and marvel level up the movies? how tom cruise topped himself at the new "top gun" premiere. plus, elizabeth olsen upping her game in “dr. strange.” she joins us live. and the “level up” queen herself. ♪ level up, level up ♪ >> ciara. >> good morning, america. ♪ now i'm going to have that earworm for "level up." level up to this thankful thursday. another busy morning ahead. >> we do. we begin with that severe weather outbreak overnight. tornadoes touched down in texas and oklahoma. >> take a look at this damage in hard-hit seminole, oklahoma, and that's where our mireya
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villarreal is starting us off this morning. good morning, mireya. >> reporter: it was eerie as we drove into seminole. here's why, because there is no electricity in the entire area. there are downed power lines everywhere. the only way you're able to see me, there are emergency generators that are set up for local law enforcement to continue to patrol here. if you look right behind me you can see the businesses took a huge hit. there is glass everywhere, debris scattered. those cars completely damaged. as of right now local leaders are telling us it will be a slow process to assess the damage later, and also to start the clean-up. this morning, widespread devastation in oklahoma and texas with eight reported tornadoes tearing apart the region. violent twisters sprawling across the states overnight. one ripping through the city of seminole and taking out much of its power. officials reporting significant
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damage to structures. objects barely identifiable inside these demolished trailers. this school torn to pieces. roofs pulled off homes. trees uprooted. debris stretching across the streets. these buildings reduced to rubble. >> there's a large path of damage. there are power lines down. there are reports of gas leaks, things like that so there's a lot of things that we have to look over and check for. >> reporter: another tornado in maude hitting a nearby farm. a similar scene in northeast texas, six tornadoes reported in the state. powerful winds pulling dirt and debris into this funnel cloud near crawwell. there's widespread flooding in parts of arkansas and oklahoma. later today there will be more assessment of the damage. there will be severe weather coming through. the only silver lining, as of right now, law enforcement is
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saying there are no reported deaths attributed to this latest set of storms. michael? >> all right, mireya, thank you so much. we'll bring in ginger to tell us where the storm threat is headed next. good morning, ginger. >> goo morning to you all. if it feels like we've had a busy season, we have. we have not done this in quite a while. this number through march, a record number of tornadoes then and we're going to have more today. so lockett, texas, one of the other perspectives from a storm chaser as they were getting out and away. now i want to show you this low pressure system. you have that cold front. that's what will produce storms. today the main threat is damaging winds. from little rock to say, austin, dallas and shreveport and tomorrow up to richmond, virginia, so a big area that will have to look for severe storms. george? >> okay, ginger. we'll get the latest from the bombshell leak at the draft supreme court opinion that will overturn roe v. wade. new security fencing went up around the court last night as the political debate intensifies and the court's top security
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official launches an investigation into the leak. senior national correspondent terry moran is tracking it all. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. take a look for a moment at this eight-foot security fence and going up all around the court. i've been coming here for decades. i've never seen the court locked down like this. just across the street here, same kind of fencing put up around the capitol after january 6th. it's a sign of how deep and sharp the divisions in this country are that have been deepened and sharpened by the leak of that supreme court opinion. president biden echoes legal scholars on the left is warning that the leaked supreme court draft opinion that would overturn roe versus wade could be just the beginning of the rollback of rights. >> what happens if you have states change the laws saying that children who are lgbtq can't be in classrooms with other children? is that legit under the way that the decision is written? >> reporter: biden says the followers of former president
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donald trump will push republicans to go further using some of the toughest political language of his presidency. >> because this maga crowd is really the most extreme political organization that's existed in american history, in recent american history. >> reporter: on capitol hill, senator lisa murkowski one of two republican senators who support abortion rights now says she's open to seeing changes the democrats might make to a bill that would protect abortion rights at the federal level. senate democrats plan to hold a vote next week on that legislation but that bill is a long shot, unlikely to gain enough republican votes to pass. [ crowd chanting ] all this as the investigation into the leak gets under way. who did it and why? chief justice john roberts has directed the marshal of the court to lead the probe. colonel curley is a senior attorney in the united states army and served in afghanistan and germany in that capacity.
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she manages about 200 people here, but she is not normally tasked with complex investigations. she has the option of calling in the fbi at the request of chief justice roberts. he hasn't done that. her most famous job, anyone who's ever visited the court, knows she is the one that opens every session with that famous cry oyez, oyez, oyez, and bangs the gavel. george? >> terry moran, thanks very much. robin? now we have the latest on the war in ukraine. russian forces stepping up attacks on that last stronghold in the besieged city of mariupol and on critical ukrainian infrastructure. senior foreign correspondent ian pannell is on the scene there for us in ukraine. good morning, ian. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, robin. no major land advances by the russians but ukrainian officials say they do expect russia to launch a major offensive from three directions in the coming days, but for now, as you say, it isn't the issue of what's going on on the land but it's those attacks from the air.
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this morning, russia escalating attacks on critical infrastructure throughout ukraine. images circulating online show a strike on a railway bridge in the city of dnipro in the east many of the attacks targeting supply lines and facilities used to store and transport u.s. and other nato weapons, as well as basic supplies. military aid now arriving in ukraine at an incredible pace according to the pentagon. and this morning, more details on u.s. intelligence assistance to ukraine. "the new york times" reporting on a classified biden administration effort to provide realtime battlefield intelligence, including anticipated russian troop movements, russia's secret battle plan for donbas and locations for russian mobile headquarters. according to "the times" ukrainian officials are using that information and other intelligence to launch targeted strikes that have killed multiple senior russian officers. but american officials stressing to abc news the u.s. isn't providing intelligence on russian generals specifically. in mariupol, massive explosions
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seen in this undated video released by pro-russian forces at the besieged steel plant. russian troops now breaking through ukrainian defenses and they're on the grounds of the plant. ukrainian fighters set to make a final stand as up to 200 civilians shelter there. and across the country ukrainian officials accuse russia of missile terrorism. at least 25 civilians were injured in a missile attack by russians in the east of the country today according to local officials and in the east officials releasing this video showing an explosion near a bus stop killing at least ten people. and new footage of a children's amusement park in kharkiv struck by a missile on tuesday. we filmed the aftermath. we're at the scene of one of the bombings inside kharkiv. this is gorky park. this was a children's playground. there was a beer garden, photo booth, even a child's
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playground. luckily there was no one playing here at the time. back reclaiming villages outside of kharkiv pushing russian troops back ever closer to their own border. russia says it's conducting more military exercises in belarus to the north. the president of that country is saying he's trying to bring about peace, although there's no evidence of that. i think it's fair to say we're firmly in the second phase of this conflict with ukraine braced for that russian attack. michael? now to new covid concerns this morning. for the first time in months two key indicators are projected to rise at the same time. trevor ault is live outside a hospital here in new york with more for us this morning. good morning, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, michael. yeah, it appears we're entering yet another worrying upswing for the first time in months, covid-19 hospital admissions and deaths are both expected to increase and, in fact, some of these numbers we're already seeing climbing. over the past two weeks e.r. visits have jumped 44% and even just in the past week infections are up 27% and we still think those numbers are being underreported. and now fda officials believe
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the new normal as we've been thinking could be the possibility is just going to be annual covid-19 booster shots every year just like we do for the flu. moderna officials are already expecting we're probably going to need another booster shot this fall out of fear for more omicron subvariants as the virus continues to spread, michael. >> definitely continues to spread. and, trevor, we're seeing more cruise ship outbreaks. >> reporter: yeah, we're back to those news and those kind of stories, michael. people aboard a carnival cruise ship in the pacific ocean say more than 100 people tested positive. a lot are in quarantine in seattle hotels, but we've got to note the difference here and that is that carnival cruise lines says that there were no serious health issues with this outbreak. they said a few people had symptoms, but people were asymptomatic and most of the numbers do appear to be calming but we're not out of this yet. michael? >> definitely a difference, thank you so much, trevor. george? now to that violent attack on comedian dave chappelle
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during a performance at the hollywood bowl. we're learning more about the attackers. new video shows him climbing the stage and kaylee hartung has the latest. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: hey, good morning, george. nearly as fast as the attacker rushed the stage at the hollywood bowl he was taken down by security. now, we don't know how he pulled this off or why he did it, but we could soon learn more as he's headed to court this morning. this morning, 23-year-old isaiah lee, identified as the man seen here tackling comedian dave chappelle in the middle of his tuesday night set at the hollywood bowl. >> suspect is armed with a gun and a knife. >> reporter: lee taken into custody and held for a felony assault with a deadly weapon.o his replica handgun containing a knife blade. >> ladies and gentlemen, make some noise for hip-hop history. >> reporter: video obtained by tmz capturing the moment the suspect climbed on stage. >> it was surreal. for a moment we didn't know if this was part of the show, if something was happening that was planned. we weren't sure if it was real. >> reporter: abc news producer stephanie wash was attending the
7:14 am
netflix is a joke festival with chappelle headlining. security running on stage. >> i am going to kill that [ bleep ]. >> reporter: chasing the suspect behind the big screen. >> he's back there getting stomped. >> reporter: chris rock who also performed joining chappelle on stage moments later. >> was that will smith? >> reporter: several celebrities including elon musk and jamie foxx who is seen in this tmz video witnessing the chaos. >> this man is an absolute genius. we got to make sure we protect him at all times, man. >> reporter: with security checks at the gates it's unclear how lee was able to sneak the weapon inside. >> i had to open up my purse. they looked into my purse to see what was in there. there were people bringing in food and drinks and coolers, it seemed. so those things were being checked as well, but security semed normal. >> reporter: chappelle's rep releasing a statement saying, as unfortunate and as unsettling as the incident was chappelle went on with the show. and we're already seeing the
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ripple effect of this scare. across entertainment venues in l.a., some adding metal detecters for the first time and putting plainclothes guards in the crowd to prevent anyone rushing the stage like this again. robin? >> we hope so. kaylee, thank you. now to the latest in that alabama jail break manhunt as the race to find the murder suspect and the corrections officer who helped him intensifies. we're learning new details about what authorities call the special relationship. eva pilgrim is there in florence, alabama, with more. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, robin. until last week, she was a model citizen, now she is accused of having a romantic relationship with an inmate she helped escape and authorities say that relationship has been going on for more than two years at multiple facilities. this morning, new details about te relationship between a jailhouse supervisor and a capital murder suspect, the couple now on the run for six days. >> a relationship did exist. to what extent and how long that relationship has gone on, i don't know that.
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but definitely they are working together. >> reporter: investigators discovering the two had a special relationship that started when he was an inmate at the facility in 2020. the sheriff confirming the corrections officer visited casey white in state custody over the course of two years. authorities now looking through the two's communications. a nearly week-long nationwide manhunt for the pair. friday vicki white walking casey white out of the facility and putting him in the backseat of her patrol car before driving away. authorities say this gas station surveillance video shows the pair in the patrol car eight minutes after leaving jail en route to their getaway car. this newly purchased 2007 ford edge. >> are you worried about what happens when police finally find them? >> we are concerned. he is a violent criminal. he does have weapons and so we're absolutely concerned for the safety of law enforcement, for the public.
7:17 am
>> reporter: the veteran officer recently selling her home and four plus acres of land for just over $95,000 at auction. well below value. overnight a fellow corrections officer in the community, sherry brown, telling abc news that she is shocked by the events, but believe vicky was a goodas persd under enormous pressure. >> for us women you know it's really hard for us correction officers to keep these people in control and in line. >> reporter: the sheriff announcing that vicki white is no longer employed by his office. her retirement paperwork was not completed when she disappeared. michael? >> all right, eva, thank you. going to turn to the rock & roll hall of fame class of 2022. pat benatar, the eurythmics, duran duran, carly simon, lionel richie, eminem and of course, the one and only dolly parton. dolly initially hesitated about getting a spot in the class but now writing on social media, quote, i'm honored and humbled. of course i will accept it gracefully. thanks to everyone who voted for
7:18 am
me and everyone at the rock & roll hall of fame. i will continue to work hard and try to live up to the honor, end quote. but she has more than lived up to the honor. >> no question. >> as an artist and human being. coming up, amber heard's emotional day on the stand. her allegations of abuse by johnny depp. and the new urgent warning about a crucial car part that thieves are stealing in less than a minute. the top vehicles that are being targeted. first, back to ginger. >> robin, even if you didn't get the tornadoes, you got flash flooding. there were flash flood emergencies here in fayetteville, back to chelsea, oklahoma, where these flash flood emergencies took over the streets. people had to leave their homes and unfortunately there is more rain coming with this slow moving pressure system. that's why you end up having right now the flash flood warnings in place in missouri, arkansas, oklahoma but it moves here to the northeast as we go into the weekend so friday pthrough saturday, two to four inches and that goes into trenton, back into parts of southeastern pennsylvania. your local weather now in 30 seconds.
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drew: i'm drew tuma with your accuweather forecast. a cooler afternoon, breezy this afternoon as well. warm response going into the 70's, but a below average day in terms of the numbers. overnight tonight, a mostly cloudy skies with temperatures in the 50's. as we head into the weekend, much brighter, but it is still windy and cool for mother's day. early next week, the chance of a
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: good morning. there is a new resource for some people who test positive for covid. best to treat sites are popping up. they administer tests and set you up with antiviral medication on the spot if you qualify. tested treat is a federal program. they have tests at cvs stores in jobina and foster city. jobina: this is going to be southbound 280 magdalena avenue, which is impacting traffic on 280, but not too bad. the bay bridge toll plaza, we have a stall westbound 84, so just a heads up that you will run into delays coming out of the maze.
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drew: we are looking at temperatures, we are waking up and numbers are generally in the 50's. the warming process today is a bit slower because we have a lot of cloud cover. you can see the low fog. once we get rid of the fog we have a canopy of cloud cover above. partly sunny skies. your day is shaping up, we will see the sunshine later on today. the wind will ramp up and we are seeing the wind gusting 25 miles an hour was that the combination of limited sunshine and breezy conditions will feel cooler with most of us settling in the 50's and 60's. be aware that we have a beach hazard statement until 11:00 across the coastline for the higher risk of recurrence and sneak waves due to a northwestern swell.
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whoo! ♪ ♪ that is what i call an entrance. give it up, folks. ♪ i went to the danger zone ♪ welcome back to "gma." that there, folks, is tom cruise arriving in style at last night's world premiere of "top gun: maverick." the star landed on the flight deck of the "uss midway" in san diego on a helicopter he piloted. that's some skills. cruise reprising his role 36 years after the original was released. the new "top gun" hits theaters later this month. we'll have much more on the mission to save the movies coming up on the show. >> he is genuinely passionate about aviation. >> yes. >> cannot wait for this movie. following the headlines this morning, including the fallout from at least eight tornadoes that touched down in oklahoma
7:31 am
and texas overnight. seminole, oklahoma, was hit very hard and this morning the severe weather is on the move with some major cities like dallas, shreveport, little rock and memphis all in the path. also, the united states has scheduled a u.n. security council meeting on ukraine for later today, the first security council meeting to be led by the u.s. since the war started. the u.s. assumed the council's rotating presence at the beginning of this month. and flights this summer expected to pass pre-pandemic levels. the faa will add more air traffic controllers immediately after thousands of cancellations have upended travel in florida this year. and we are told -- we told you about 9-year-old derek rodriguez that brought george and michael to tears. remember the fan gave him that home run ball. it was a blue jay fan that caught it. it was hit by yankee's superstar aaron judge. aaron heard about the boy and they met before wednesday's game. he signed the ball, gave him his batting gloves.
7:32 am
aaron said he'll never forget this special moment adding, i used to be in derek's position. you know, that little kid rooting on my favorite players and teams. derek brought the ball in to school the next day. >> i'm sure he did. what a moment that is and thank you for doing that, aaron judge. we got a lot more ahead including why thieves are targeting a critical car part swiping it in less than 60 seconds. our gio benitez has more on that coming up. but now we'll turn to the johnny depp defamation trial. amber heard breaking down on the stand as she testifies that her relationship with depp turned from a hollywood romance to violence and abuse. t.j. holmes joins with more. good morning, t.j. >> good morning to you, stray. so much has been made of just how ugly the details have been in this trial, but amber heard started her testimony yesterday using words like remarkable, beautiful, magic, chemistry in describing just how generous johnny depp was as they were falling in love, but the tone changed when she was asked this question. do you remember the first time he physically hit you?
7:33 am
her answer, and i quote, i will never forget it. it changed my life. >> i do. >> reporter: actress amber heard on the stand for the first time in her defamation battle against exhusband johnny depp. >> this is the most painful and difficult thing i've ever gone through. >> reporter: the "aquaman" actress accusing depp of physically and sexually abusing her, saying the relationship which started with passion turned to pain. >> he was also this other thing and that other thing was awful, awful thing that would come out and take over and it was -- you couldn't see the johnny i loved. >> reporter: alleging depp's mood fluctuated depending on his drink or drug of choice. >> johnny on speed is very different from johnny on opiates. johnny on opiates, very
7:34 am
different from adderall and cocaine johnny which is very different from quaaludes johnny. >> reporter: she claims the abuse started when she asked him about his infamous wino forever tattoo once, an ode to ex, winona ryder. heard saying depp struck her three times. >> i said what does it say? he said it says wino. i -- i didn't see -- i thought he was joking, because it didn't look like it said that at all and i laughed. it's that simple. i just laughed because i thought he was joking. he slapped me across the face. i just sat there thinking, how much time do i have till i figure out what i need to do because, god, did he just hit me? >> reporter: millions have followed every moment online and some are even making the trip to this virginia courthouse to watch the stars' legal clash
7:35 am
over a 2018 "washington post" op-ed in which heard labeled herself a public figure representing domestic abuse. depp was not named in that op-ed but he is suing for $50 million claiming his career suffered. heard countersued for $100 million claiming depp was abusive. allegations he denies. heard is going to be back on the stand today and people have been lining up outside the courthouse trying to get a seat inside. this involves two hollywood stars, but advocates for domestic abuse survivors are concerned about something like this playing out in front of millions and want to remind this is not for your entertainment. we are hearing very serious allegations of domestic violence, robin, and they're concerned about the impact it could have on domestic abuse survivors choosing to or not to come forward. >> thank you, t.j. holmes, for bringing that very important point up. we're going to bring in our chief legal analyst dan abrams. we heard her on the stand. how important is her testimony? >> it's critical. when you talk about domestic abuse, remember, he is saying he's a victim of domestic abuse.
7:36 am
up to this point in the case he has testified -- he has said he never hit a woman in his entire life. he says he was the victim here. now we hear from amber heard on the witness stand who says, not only was she a victim of domestic abuse, but she was a victim multiple times. remember, as a legal matter, if these jurors believe even one, one instance of domestic abuse, they don't have to believe all of them, then i don't see how he possibly wins the case. it's a critical moment. >> she spoke about his alleged drug and alcohol abuse and you say it's relevant. >> it's incredibly important. if the jurors believe that he was so drunk or so high on drugs that maybe he doesn't remember, tat that could provide an answer for why does he think he didn't do it. and yet her testimony may seem credible and the jurors could say, well, you know what, he was so drugged out, he was so drunk all the time, maybe that provides an explanation. it also sort of sullies him up, right?
7:37 am
there is a lot of testimony about really bad behavior by johnny depp and that's not going to help him either in the guilt phase or if in somehow he wins this case in terms of damages. so the drug and alcohol very relevant for both those reasons. >> set the bar pretty high. they only have to convince the jurors of one incident. can johnny depp win this case? >> it's a hard case to win. as a legal matter and she made this point on the witness stand, she's like, i'm being sued here. she's the defendant here. it's not two people -- i mean she is countersuing him but in te context of this lawsuit she's the defendant here. he has to prove it's not true. as t.j. pointed ouhe sn'id that makes it another thing that makes this very difficult case for johnny depp to win. >> okay, dan abrams, thanks very much. we'll turn now to an urgent warning. authorities say there's been a sharp increase of thieves
7:38 am
targeting a critical car part. so our transportation correspondent gio benitez is here with more on that. a very specific crime. good morning, gio. >> reporter: absolutely, robin. good morning. this is a crucial part of the muffler system and it has those precious metals that are worth some big money. now this morning here the latest shocking theft caught on camera. brazen thieves stealing catalytic converters as 20 surveillance cameras look on. watch as this man in pompano beach, florida, gets under a landscaping truck and steals a converter in less than a minute. the thieves are seen taking off with 16 of them friday night, worth about $32,000. the owner of the company showing the damage. >> cut through here and cut through here and the unit dropped and they took off with it. >> reporter: the problem is nationwide. more than 52,000 converters were reported stolen in 2021. that's a shocking increase of 1,215% since 2019. in thousand oaks, california,
7:39 am
back in march this newly released video shows a police chase over converter thefts turning into an officer involved shooting. >> stop! stop! >> reporter: converters are made with precious metals like rhodium, which is now worth about $16,000 per ounce. >> because of world events and supply chain issues, the price of those has skyrocketed in recent years. >> reporter: vehicle history report company carfax showing us how quickly they're stolen. the company finding that bigger cars tend to be targeted for ease. they're also best-selling cars so more on the road -- the ford f series pickup trucks, jeep patriot, chevy silverado, the honda accord and toyota camry, also the prius because it has more precious metals. all right, some tips for you, look for a converter anti-theft device. several companies now make these. if you can, if you can, park your car in a garage. but if you don't have one of those go ahead and look for one of those well-lit driveways and if you can, install one of those
7:40 am
motion sensor lights. it may not prevent a theft but at the very least thieves will start thinking twice about it. guys? >> okay, gio, thanks very much. coming up, the mission to save the summer blockbuster. tom cruise copters into his new "top gun" premiere overnight and will maverick tand new marvel movie get people back into the theater? give me one of your mcnuggets... si quieres un mcnugget, just ask for it. ay... did i say that or did i think it?
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7:44 am
cruise on a mission to save the movies. the "top gun" star piloted a helicopter to the premiere of the sequel, as "dr. strange in the multiverse of madness" has the best presales of the year. amy is here with how maverick and marvel are rescuing the summer blockbuster. hey, amy. >> good morning, george. whether you're feeling the need for speed or you're counting the minutes until marvel's newest megamovie toms like tom cruise are launching into the summer blockbuster season with a big bang. >> pete "maverick" mitchell. >> good morning, aviators. this is your captain speaking. >> reporter: tom cruise flying back into the danger zone. the 59-year-old superstar piloting his own helicopter landing on the "uss midway." >> that is what i call an entrance. give it up, folks. >> reporter: making a dramatic red carpet entrance at the premiere of "top gun: maverick." >> we had to work with them to set them up to win. i want to see them really win and when they're in the f-18
7:45 am
that they feel confident and comfortable and that they are their characters. >> reporter: the much anticipated sequel to the 1986 blockbuster barreling back into theaters may 27th expected to be the start of a record post-covid summer box office. cruise joining forces with air force newcomers, jon hamm, jennifer connelly, and miles teller. >> when you work with t.c., it's -- i don't believe it's done until we're here right now. >> reporter: cruise was one of the big screen's best boosters during covid, encouraging crowds back to the theaters posting this video of himself in 2020 watching "tenet" in a london theater. the worldwide box office for feature films fell from $42.3 billion to $21.3 billion in 2021. the film industry banking on big budget epics like "top gun: maverick" and marvel's "dr. strange" to put theatergoers back in the seats. >> i did what i had to do. >> reporter: and so far it's working. "dr. strange in the multiverse
7:46 am
of madness" out tomorrow has the highest presales of any film this year. >> what do you know about the multiverse? >> reporter: what to do if superheroes and supersonic jets aren't your cup of tea? >> i will say good night and leave you to discuss my mysterious past. >> reporter: while the dowager countess and her family are back, "downton abbey: a new era," the follow-up to the surprise box office hit based on the popular television show opens may 18th. >> the british are coming. >> so much nostalgia surrounding the new "top gun," of course, and val kilmer, aka iceman posted this on social media, excited for the "top gun 2: maverick" premiere. check out cher and i at the original "top gun" premiere in new york city over 35 years ago. my, how time flies. in our next hour, we have "dr. strange" star elizabeth olsen. i saw her upstairs. she'll be joining us live in times square. i think from now on i'm going to
7:47 am
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7:51 am
says she has no plans to go back up in the air. [ laughter ] the british-born sullivan was a nurse -- she was a nurse on the front lines of world war ii. happy birthday. 100 years, yes. [ applause ] >> well done. >> and she is not going back up, that's right. we are going to go upstairs in a bit. we have tory here with "deals & steals" with a little help from ciara. >> level up, level up. my head doesn't pound. and my stomach isn't nauseous. it's time for migraine prevention delivered differently, through an iv infusion. it's time for vyepti - a preventive treatment for migraine in adults. vyepti is designed to start infast, and to last with a 30-minute iv infusion, 4 times a year delivering 100% of the medication directly into your bloodstream. the power of a vyepti infusion
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7:55 am
all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe. recall chesa boudin now.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8 good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. twister terror overnight. at least eight tornadoes reported ripping through oklahoma and texas. the widespread devastation. and this morning, severe weather on the move and the major cities in the path. ginger tracking it all. battling breast cancer. our interview with "little women: l.a." and "dancing with the stars" alum terra jole speaking about her life-changing diagnosis. >> if you feel something, say something. and it can be a matter of life or death for you. >> how she's fighting back. ♪ i'm a sucker for all things ♪ baby number two. sophie turner showing off her bump and talking about her family with husband joe jonas. what she says is the best lesson
8:01 am
ever. ♪ yeah, you got that yummy ♪ "gma" exclusive. "consumer reports" reveals its top picks for meat alternatives. >> it's a plant. you don't like vegetables. >> becky is breaking down everything from nuggets to plant-based burgers. ♪ level up, level up, level up ♪ plus, look who is helping us level up our savings. >> are you ready for the most amazing "deals & steals"? >> it's ciara inspiring your next adventure. >> i dare you not to love these deals. ♪ i want you baby, my sugarboo i'm levitating ♪ and live in times square, colin firth on his new thriller and will there be a "mamma mia 3." plus, elizabeth olsen is bringing the magic as we count down to "dr. strange" and she's saying -- >> good morning, america. ♪ moonlight, starlight, i need you ♪ ♪ all night, come on dance with me ♪ >> you're enjoying all this
8:02 am
music. >> i was enjoying how you almost got busted there, michael strahan. >> you're enjoying the music and you distracted me. that's what it was. we got you. good morning, america. we have a big thursday morning. we are celebrating a big milestone here at the show, "gma" has just reached a million viewers on tiktok, yes. [ applause ] >> wow. >> we want to say thank you to our viewers who have enjoyed videos like this one here with finn. that was viewed more than 17 million times. what a cutie. scan the qr code on your screen to join the fun. >> we thank our viewers and we thank our amazing team who are our social media team, kudos. just ahead, we have the latest on the big money settlement from the company that owns turbo tax. we'll tell what you to do if you're eligible to receive money online. we begin with the severe weather outbreak overnight. tornadoes touched down in texas and oklahoma. let's go back to mireya villarreal in seminole,
8:03 am
oklahoma. good morning, mireya. >> reporter: hey, good morning. seminole took a huge hit. there is glass everywhere. downed power lines. there is debris scattered. take a look right here. this tree completely split in half. it's just one example of what first responders will be dealing with as they continue to assess the damage today. this morning, widespread devastation in oklahoma and texas with eight reported tornadoes tearing apart the region. violent twisters sprawling across the states overnight. one ripping through the city of seminole and taking out much of its power. officials reporting significant damage to structures. these buildings reduced to rubble. >> there's a lot of things that we have to look over and check for. >> reporter: another tornado in maud hitting a nearby farm. a similar scene in northeast texas, six tornadoes reported in the state.
8:04 am
powerful winds pulling dirt and debris into this funnel cloud near crowell. there is widespread flooding in parts of arkansas and oklahoma as well and severe weather is expected throughout the day but there is some good news. we have heard as of right now law enforcement saying there are no reported deaths from this latest set of storms. michael? >> that is great news, mireya. thank you. now let's go to ginger with where the threat is heading. hey, ginger. >> michael, good morning. instigator of those was something called a dry line, a stark difference of moisture and dry air but today from the cold front/warm front. what that means even with an occluded front the heavy rain is a big problem and then you also have the possibility of damaging winds as the primary threat anywhere from texas including lufkin up to little rock. tomorrow we move the cold front. you'll end up seeing richmond down to tallahassee, destin, all in the damaging wind threat. robin? >> all right, ginger.
8:05 am
thank you. now to turbo tax, behind the income tax service paying millions after being accused of luring in customers with deceiving promises of free tax preparation. chief business corespondent rebecca jarvis is here now with more on this for us. good morning, rebecca. >> good morning, robin. and the ads ran all through tax season, turbotax telling people they can file their income taxes for free. well, attorneys general from all 50 states say it was not true for everyone. intuit, the company that makes turbotax agreeing to pay $141 million to customers to settle the claims. in a statement intuit says it, quote, admitted no wrongdoing as part of the settlement. the lawsuit claiming turbotax would steer customers away from free products and towards paid offerings even though they might have qualified for free irs services. turbotax also offered. new york's attorney general saying it targeted low income customers in particular, robin. >> what should you do if you think you deserve compensation? >> the good news, you don't have to do anything. people who use the free edition
8:06 am
from 2016 to 2018 will automatically get checks sent to them for $30 for each year they were wrongly charged. >> they don't have to do anything. that's just going to come to you? >> it's going to you. >> thanks so much. coming up here on "gma," our "morning menu." terra jole from "little women: la" and "dancing with the stars" speaking about her breast cancer diagnosis. also, a "gma" exclusive. "consumer reports" on the top meat alternatives for taste and nutrition. becky worley breaks down the list from burgers to chicken nuggets. plus, elizabeth olsen is here live talking about the new "dr. strange" movie. and lara is upstairs. what's going on up there? >> michael, i'm with tory johnson. "deals & steals" for all of your summer adventures and we're getting a little help from ciara who designed these backpacks. they are so cute. so is all of this stuff. it's all coming up on "good morning america."
8:07 am
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8:11 am
[ laughter ] tomorrow we are surprising two moms with one of the best "gma" traditions. it always makes us feel great, breakfast in bed. >> we are looking forward to that. but right now we have our "gma" cover story. "little women: l.a." star and "dancing with the stars" alum terra jole is speaking about her breast cancer diagnosis and what's next in her health journey. kaylee hartung sat down with her and she's back with her story. good morning again, kaylee. >> reporter: good morning, again, robin. terra jole's first red flag came when breast-feeding. she knew something didn't feel right. a year later she is fighting determined to take control of her future. ♪ she's a warrior on the dance floor. ♪ and a shining star on "little women: l.a."
8:12 am
>> it just shows me my relationship has gone down the tubes. >> reporter: 4'2" terra jole sharing a personal health battle with her fans after finding a lump in her breast. >> hi. >> hi, mom. >> reporter: writing on instagram, i have breast cancer. hardest call i've ever made was this video telling my mom for the first time. >> next week i am having a double mastectomy because i have breast cancer. >> a double mastectomy. oh, my goodness. >> reporter: we sat down with the mom of three just eight days after her surgery. she says she opted for a double mastectomy hoping to avoid a recurrence of the cancer. >> i didn't want that for my children. i didn't want to go through this multiple times and so i want to take both now and not have to think about what if in the future. >> reporter: jole also dealing with a condition called skeletal dysplasia that causes her short stature.
8:13 am
>> your whole life you've fought to make your disability an ability. >> yes. >> how does that mentality carry through now? >> showing you're not alone through an experience like this whether you're little or average, this can happen to anyone. >> reporter: now jole is looking ahead. >> we're doing everything to catch everything. so i'm going to be able to see my kids when they walk down the aisle or have children of their own. it's been my main focus. how do i get back to being a mom full time? >> reporter: she calls her husband joe her backbone, but he says jole is his family's rock. >> i can't believe how she's handling this and never once have i heard like why me or she's just not like that. >> reporter: jole has a message for all women. >> if you feel something, say something and it can be a matter of life or death for you. >> reporter: so if you do feel something abnormal, make sure to talk to a doctor about the next right steps for you. double mastectomies are not appropriate for all women with breast cancer but terra and her doctors felt like it was the right move for her. guys? >> we hope she's doing well. >> we do. >> thank you, kai. now to a "gma" exclusive. "consumer reports" revealing its
8:14 am
top picks in meat alternatives, rating choices from beyond burgers to chicken nuggets on taste and health benefits. becky worley has a look at them. good morning, becky. >> reporter: george, good morning. this is not your hippie aunt's veggie burger. remember those black hockey pucks? oh, no, this is a highly flavorful plant-based burger and if you didn't know, you wouldn't realize it didn't come from something that once mooed but instead came from soy and pea protein. >> i like this meat better than regular meat. >> reporter: from kim kardashian to snoop dogg -- >> i didn't know i liked plant-based. >> reporter: it's truly is impossible. plant-based burger are mainstream and dare i say cool or if barbecued maybe they're lit. >> all the legendary flavor, none of the meat. >> reporter: and now in a "gma" exclusive "consumer reports" unveiling their picks. >> according to a nationally representative survey by "consumer reports," 53% of americans say they want to eat less meat and more vegetables.
8:15 am
>> reporter: analyzing 32 different meatless products, "consumer reports" ranked them based on taste and health profile. so we start with burgers. three top contenders from "consumer reports" are beyond, boca and impossible. >> meat substitutes tend to have lower saturated fat and more fiber but that's because they're made from plants and sometimes they have more added salt and you want to be mindful of that. >> reporter: for example, the ingredients of the impossible burger, soy, water and nutrients, then binders to make it stick together. then you add in this stuff, it's called heme. it's an irony substance that makes it look and taste like beef. the boca burgers are a little thinner than the impossible burger or the beyond burger. that's good. in fact, the smell is so beef-like -- it's a plant. fooled him. you don't like vegetables.
8:16 am
"consumer reports" also ranked chicken nuggets with corn and impossible nuggets including the animal shaped versions taking the top spots. flavor is good. it's got texture. kids would definitely eat these. you want it? if you're wondering, yeah, you do? you really want it? you like it? he likes it. and so did i showing meatless truly has gone mainstream. now, if you're wondering about price, the plant-based burger costs about $2 to $3 more than traditional hamburger at my local grocery store but we eat it a lot in our house and one of my favorites, tacos in honor of cinco de mayo, here is the plant-based taco, guys. happy cinco de mayo. >> thank you, becky. good report there. >> so hungry right now. thank you, becky. wow. how about some "pop news"? >> let's do it. good morning, everybody. we're going to begin with oscar winner ariana debose from the academy awards to her stunning
8:17 am
met gala debut. the actress is on a roll with this latest news. debose has just been named the host for the 2022 tony awards. she calls it a dream come true celebrate 75 years of excellence in theater. more importantly, every member of this community who poured themselves into making sure the lights of broadway had the opportunity to shining brightly once again. debose has been in six broadway shows. i saw her in "hamilton." she was in the donna summer musical. the 75th annual tony awards, you can watch her do her thing june 12th at radio city music hall. >> i am so happy for her. >> i am too. >> i just love her. >> i know. you told me about her a long time ago. this woman is a rock star. what would you say if i told you there might just be another austin powers movie? >> oh, yeah. >> yeah, baby. >> it might happen. mike myers was definitely not saying no on the jess cagle
8:18 am
podcast on sirius xm. here's the big question. >> is there an "austin powers 4" in the works? >> i would love to do one. i can neither confirm nor deny the existence or nonexistence of such a project should it exist or not exist. you know. >> definitely not a no. >> not. >> sounds like a definite maybe. going on to say, quote, it was a non-confirmed confirmation as we just heard. it's been 20 years since he last put on that groovy suit to save the world. there's the dance. over the years he has said many times he misses the characters and has a fully formed idea for another script. to that we say, shag-a-delic, groovy, baby. >> i may have to bring back magma. >> thank you, robin. i was trying to instigate you into doing it. >> magma. >> i thank you for that.
8:19 am
also in the news this morning, sophie turner confirming she is having another baby with this new cover. there she is, gracing the front of the new "elle" uk magazine. that's how she let the world know. the "game of thrones" star showing off the bump and she gets candid about life with hubby joe jonas and expecting baby two and tells "elle" it's what life is about for me, raising the next generation. turner was only 16 when she started on "game of thrones" as the queen of the north and now at 26 has play dates with fellow new parent kit harington. she is on to her next project starring in "the staircase" with colin firth, who by the way, we'll talk to this morning right here live on "gma." she moved her daughter and husband to atlanta for that nine-month shoot. says about her need for privacy, i'm very protective of the life we've built. every time joe and i do a red carpet together we make sure
8:20 am
it's for the right reasons and it makes sense for our careers. her new show "the staircase" premieres on hbo max and we'll talk to colin about that coming up on "gma". a little cutie right here. show it off. look at this. pretty kitty. making friends. this is in reston, virginia. the cheetah hanging with his new pal for quite a while. it goes on and on as she tries to talk to him, give him kisses. the patient pussycat only flinches once when the 19-month-old screamed with excitement. >> ooh, he's scary. [ screaming ] >> thank god for the glass. that's all. >> wow. >> it's a cool video. we liked it. >> very good video. now we go to ginger. hey, ginger. >> thanks, michael. i want to take you to new mexico where folks have been terrorized with the smoke and threat of this fire, that hermit's peak
8:21 am
and calf canyon fire now more than 160,000 acres burred so tough conditions especially saturday. they've been able to do air fighting but, watch, fire weather watches really pump up by then and we have a first major heat wave of the season happening. jackson, mississippi, had their first 90 of the season quite early. look what texas does, it will stress t drew: i'm drew tuma with your accuweather forecast. a cooler afternoon, breezy this afternoon as well. warm response going into the 70's, but a below average day in terms of the numbers. overnight tonight, a mostly cloudy skies with temperatures in the 50's. as we head into the weekend, much brighter, but it is still windy and cool for mother's day. early next week, the chance of a now we're kicking off the month with everything you need for an a-mayzing adventure. see what i did there.
8:22 am
>> i did. >> it's all courtesy of you, tory johnson, "deals & steals." all these products from small businesses. go right to the deals by pointing your cell phone camera at the qr code. what do we got today? i know this. >> you do. this is from ciara, her line dare to roam and i think we have a message from her about why everybody needs these. >> you can store your life in this bag. just everything you need, store your keys. there's some hidden pockets on the inside. this is the bag you must have. it's also fun. why not be fashionable at the same time while carrying the world on your back. >> i had dinner with her and russell at the super bowl and they talked about their line how everything is fashionable, functional and quality. >> that's right. that's what you get with these. this is water resistant nylon. it has their antimicrobial technology that is built into every single bit of it and you can feel good about carrying these. this is the prodigy bag she's
8:23 am
talking about. i think what's also genius, they make this great packable collection. it's this bright energizing orange that comes in three pieces. this opens up into a nice duffel bag. that little backpack folds so that if you're traveling and know you'll buy stuff you want to have these with you. i think one of the most genius things, this pouch, oprah named this one of her favorite things and this was one of the signature products because you can clip this on to any bag you already have or on to any of the pieces that you buy from them and it allows you to put phone, cords, keys, anything you want to keep right front handy. $11. all the prices today start at $11. >> very good product. >> very smart line. >> great job. next up, tucketts. if your adventure includes pilates, bar, boating, yoga, pedicures or walk around barefoot you get these socks.
8:24 am
the barefoot experience because they're toeless but you get to keep your feet warm and then what you're feeling there are the grippers. every pair has a gripper so you won't slip. pretty fabulous. very popular. i'm excited because we have a huge assortment and these start at $8. >> all right. >> smart. >> i love the color too. >> the color is fun. yeah. so dig it. i am obsessed with these. you ca weed pnend nenail. bght t is foa loeople tse iyou feel pillowtop protector built in in the top so it's not going to allow dirt to get in there and it won't break a fingernail. i don't know if that allows your hand to get in there. >> oh, yeah. >> it does. look at that. it fits. so a woman's extra large it fits. >> oh, wow. okay. >> i never have anything that fits your hand so that's amazing. >> well, you're stepping up the game. >> $12. so smart from dig it.
8:25 am
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8:26 am
here is a little "s" for super stray. initial colors, pouches as well as big totes. with this rope you are beach ready. 17 to $31. >> great deal. >> fun colors. >> yeah, then finally outdoor play. this is so much fun from joyin. everything from swings to pogo jumpers, all kinds of games to just help, kites behind us, to take kids outdoors and have the absolute best time. those tents are really, really fun. princess castle or the spaceship. i love everything from this company. they start at $7.50. >> get that energy out of those kids. give them some games to play. >> you got it. >> tory, thank you as always. we partnered with them on these great deals. get them on our website, coming up, elizabeth olsen is live in times square. you don't want to miss it so you better stay right there. better stay right there.
8:27 am
anchor: good morning, everyone. we are checking in now with jobina for what's going on on the roadways. >> thank you, hi everyone the we are starting with a live look at the san mateo bridge. slow traffic in the would you be direction -- west bound direction. a crash is clearing. just a minor delay in oakland. 880 at the coliseum camera for people traveling northbound a slight delay as you get closer towards the maze in that area. downtown oakland, highway 4 to the maze, 37 minutes. anchor: our m
8:28 am
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8:29 am
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8:30 am
anchor: another abc 7 news update in 30 minutes. find the ♪ take my breath away and make it last forever ♪ ♪ take my breath away and make it last forever ♪ we are counting down to "dr. strange in the multiverse of madness," the movie projected to have a big opening weekend. here with us one of the stars, wanda, the scarlet witch herself, elizabeth olsen. welcome. good to have you back here. >> thanks for having me. >> wanda rocketed to the top of the marvel universe. when did you first sense she would become such an iconic character? >> never. [ laughter ] never had the sense. i was -- i was excited to introduce her when we did eight years or seven years ago but it was really with "wandavision" that reaction, she kind of
8:31 am
took -- she created her own path, like i was not expecting any of the reaction that we got from that show. >> yeah, and now she's one of the most powerful members in the marvel cinematic universe. >> very strong. >> how involved were you in her development? >> i've been involved meaning there's a script that i am trying to continue to make the script make sense but also continue what i started and the thread between all these films vance the character in some at n way but with the script that i can't do too much with, but they're very collaborative, marvel. so if i had a suggestion, they can make it work. >> how nice is that? >> it's really great. >> i want to show everybody a clip of why we all love wanda so much. >> could use an avenger. >> there are other avengers. >> yeah, but given the choice between the archer with the mohawk and several bug themed
8:32 am
crime fighters or one of the most powerful magic wielders on the planet, it is an easy call. >> there you are with your co-star, benedict cumberbatch and he was here on "gma" yesterday, and he didn't even put up a fight. he said wanda would definitely take dr. strange down. >> she would, very strong. punch for punch she would absolutely take him down. >> speaking of that, was it weird to do it without paul bettany, also just here, by the way? >> i've been watching him do interviews because i miss doing interviews with him. yes, it was. but it's kind of perfect for where we find the character for her to feel as alone as i did without him. and so wanda is in this isolated place so it was fine but i do miss paul bettany and his humor and i miss his face. >> well, two questions, maybe you two can reunite when wanda gets her own movie. >> sure.
8:33 am
>> one, when will it be and, two, what would be your dream story line? >> there is no plan and i'm serious. i am not a good liar. i wish i had a plan. and i'm not sure. i really am excited for fans to see this film because it is something very different from what they've seen and i'm really curious to hear what they want after because i think it is a very surprising film. >> oh. but you're open to the idea? >> i'm open. as long as the story is good. >> your tease is good. >> is it? >> yeah. >> i think it's pretty shocking, the ending. so fans are usually the smartest ones for stories when it comes to these like deep comic book story lines that i'm not as familiar with so i'm curious what they would want. >> they dig. >> they do dig. >> how about katyn "wandavision" spin-off? do you think you'll be appearing in that? >> i would do anything with
8:34 am
hahn. no, i'm not appearing in it. again, not as far as i'm aware. >> now you are. [ laughter ] >> but i love that woman so much. >> she's so talented. >> and that character is -- >> so fun. that show, that entire show was filled with lots of joy, yeah, it was great. >> the longer you sit here, the more jobs we're getting you. >> yeah, i hope kevin is watching, kevin feige. >> thank you for coming in. "dr. strange in the multiverse of madness" is in theaters tomorrow. coming up, colin firth talks about the show that brought him back to tv. he's here live
8:35 am
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8:37 am
♪ welcome back, here now with colin firth and for the first time in 25 years the oscar winner is taking on the small screen in a series starring in the new murder mystery called "the staircase." it's already getting great reviews. welcome, colin. >> nice to be here. >> tell us about "the staircase." it is based on a true story. >> it is. despite the fact that we don't know the entire truth about it. yes, it is based on true events. >> a true event. you play michael peterson a man accused of murdering his wife. he says she fell down a flight of stairs. it obviously deeply impacts the. let's show everybody a look at the clip.
8:38 am
>> this toast is to all of us. now, i think there are not many families -- i know there are not many families out there like us. we're not perfect, got knows, but we stick together and we love each other and so to us. >> to us. >> to us. >> sophie turner is also in this. she says expect to see a colin firth like you've never seen before. what does she mean? >> well, i mean, i can't speak for her, but, no, i suppose i've been -- there's been a pattern in the roles i have a been offered and they've tended to be very british and, you know, there's been a sort of romantic slant to them and that's not the case. >> this is not the case at all. and as you said, we don't know the ending. >> we don't. i mean, the people have asked why do this. we've seen the documentary, read about it, we know the story.
8:39 am
i would question that. i said, do you know the story? and i think this is an exploration, i think, beyond just the facts, not just a whodunnit. >> it goes much, much deeper. how does it feel to be back on tv? >> it's strange. i've had an impulse to get back to the long form just because i've watched actors do work which, you know, you can get into the nuances and develop a character over a longer period of time and i've envied that but this is a new world. a little bit out of my depth at times where am i in this long eight-hour thing? so had to adjust to that. >> thing. and on the other side, on the movie side, tell me about "operation mincemeat." i love this name. world war ii. do you play a spy? >> i play a spy. this is also a true story and it's such an implausible notion that this was a ruse that was designed to full the nazis into thinking that the allies were going to invade one place when we were really going to invade
8:40 am
another place so the idea was to, you know, we needed to invade italy but we wanted to fool hitler into thinking it would be greece so they created a man, a dead body with false documents with the plans hoping it would wash up on the beach and fall into the hands of the germans and that they would believe it. >> almost hard to believe that this actually happened. >> hard to believe it happened. i think if they had done something more logical and straightforward it could have been decoded but because it was so creatively wild, you know, very hard to guess. >> nobody would ever make it up. >> quite. >> they did. >> that's coming out tomorrow, "the staircase" is also happening right now. you're a busy man but i'll throw another project at you. "mamma mia," baby. >> i can run but i can't hide. >> please. >> well, look, you know, if you can manage to make a second one, and i guess you can make a third and fourth and fifth because it was already a miracle, i think. >> that you came back. >> and is there enough material for a sequel? well, they did it and people want i had.
8:41 am
i would to see my friends again on some beautiful island. >> we got one of the stars booked for this. was it as joyful to make those movies as it was to watch them? >> improbable as it is, yes. because quite often, you know, when it looks fun it isn't. we're actually at work and it's hard work to make a thing look fun. >> doing that thing calmed acting. >> yes, not so much this time. >> oh. that's how it feels. >> yeah, i mean, it wasn't nighttime when it was supposed to be nighttime. we were there during normal hours but it was just the sheer joy of this group of people and i don't know, something about abba, whatever you think of them, whether you liked them back in the day or not old enough when they were in the charts, i pretended not to like them but i probably secretly did. >> how can you not? >> it links us all because everybody knows it. i think there is a magic to that really. >> just to clarify, there is a glimmer of hope for another "mamma mia."
8:42 am
>> if it's hope, yes, other people might think despair. but, no, i think -- >> going with the former. >> i think it could happen. >> i would love that and just wonderful to see you. >> thank you. >> not one but two projects, we're excited for them. kep up the great work. everybody, see the first three episodes of "the staircase." it drops today on hbo max. ginger. >> thank you, lara. i got to show you this image. that's pollen. oh, my goodness. i think we are all itching for some warmer weather getting ready to hit the beach but maybe not if the beach looks like that. covered in pollen. this segment sponsored by zyrtec and this was the scene in annapolis, maryland. we're going to see more images like this because may brings a one-two pollen punch thanks to both the trees and the grasses. you can see the high levels have made it up into south dakota. chicago starting to get into the moderate zone and nashville, you are deep in it. magenta all the way up to philadelphia. share your pollen videos and photos with me on twitter.
8:43 am
drew: i'm drew tuma with your accuweather forecast. today is breezy and a cooler afternoon compared to yesterday. most of us going into the 60's. for the next seven days, you will find cooler conditions through the wee so excited for this. coming up, amy brought her mommy to work in honor of mother's day. there they are and they're making one of their amazing recipes. you don't want to miss it coming up on "good morning america." "gma's" pollen report is sponsored by zyrtec. zyrtec, powerful 24-hour allergy relief that starts working hard at hour one.
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>> announcer: "gma" tomorrow, we're celebrating moms with the biggest live "gma" breakfast in bed extravaganza ever. this will be a mother of a mother's day surprise. get ready to feel good. tomorrow on abc's "good morning america. back now with momma's favorite dish as we count down
8:46 am
to mother's day on sunday. this morning, amy's mom joanie is here to show us a family favorite recipe. are you a little nervous? >> a little bit. you said you get nervous when your mom is on. she'll be great. by the way, we always have a great time together when we are in the kitchen together. all bets are off. ♪ when it comes to my mom and me, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. >> people who know me know i'm the last person on the dance floor, the last person to leave a party. well, i wonder who i got it from. this one when we're together is like, it's 3:00 a.m.? like we have to go to bed now? >> we played games last night and we couldn't stop laughing. it's just easy, comfortable, when amy was a little girl she was the one that i'd have to pull off the highest ledge of whatever was climbable and pull her down. she was never afraid. she was pretty much fearless. >> reporter: one thing i've always loved our relationship with food. i remember making chef boyardee pizzas with mom.
8:47 am
i'd roll the dough out. >> kraft macaroni and cheese is another big one. >> reporter: this morning we are making -- mom? >> amy's cheese-stuffed chicken bacon wraps. >> might not be easy to say but so good to make every year. that's what i would always ask you to make on my birthday. that's what we're making. >> oh, i love you. >> i love you. >> mwah. >> i love that love. let's not waste any more time and bring your mom out. joanie, come on out. [ applause ] >> welcome. >> welcome, welcome. welcome. >> hi. >> great to see you too. >> bring it in here, momma. bring it in. all right. you said it's not easy to say, but i'm excited about this dish because it sounds so good. cheese stuffed chicken bacon wraps. >> wow, quite impressive. >> and i know amy used to make this -- you used to make this for her birthday. did everybody in the house --
8:48 am
was it a big hit with everybody? >> it was. everybody loves this. there's nothing that -- it's like a normal kind of a food like with chicken and cheese. >> it's salty. it's delicious. it's savory. >> there's bacon. who doesn't love bacon? >> i dare someone not to lick this dish. >> you had me at bacon. so, okay, so i know we have to prep the chicken breast. >> yes. >> could you show us how to do that? >> meat mallet is great. these are five ounce but skinless bacon -- excuse me, skinless chicken. >> get all your aggression out. this is my favorite part. >> well, you don't have to -- >> don't have to pulverize it. just flatten it. don't destroy it. >> oh, i did get a little aggressive, okay, it's okay. >> it's fun, though. >> it's tv. >> just nice and light, you tap it. >> about a quarter of an inch thick so you got a way to go. >> once we have that, how do we stuff it with the cheese and the scallions and everything else?
8:49 am
>> amy, so in a bowl you put a half a cup of softened blue cheese and half cup of softened cream cheese and scallions, a half a cup. >> so good and salt and pepper, right. >> a little salt, a little pepper. >> all right. was that too much? >> i think so. >> well, i think -- the oh let you know. it's a little too much. >> here we go. >> you mix all that together. amy, how was it for you cooking with your mom growing up? >> i did a lot of eating and she did a lot of the cooking. when i got older, i was like, wait, mom, how do you make that? she made meals and dinner every night, family dinner, so i started calling her and she kind of schooled me over the phone, facetime a lot of times. i didn't do a lot of cooking, chef boyardee pizza was my specialty. >> now you do. >> now we do. we cook all the time now. we really do. >> she's a fabulous cook, by the way. >> i learned from the best. so once you get it mixed up you
8:50 am
have to freeze it, right? >> yes, then we have the chicken breast there. you have to freeze the chicken? >> freeze the -- >> take a quarter of the cheese and you put it in here and now you have to roll it. i will show you how to get started. wax paper and start rolling it. this is not a good surface to roll. >> then you freeze it and then it becomes condensedlike that so you can put it into chicken. how long do you freeze it for? >> about 10 or 15 minutes. just enough to keep it nice and together. >> then this is when the magic happens, put it all together. >> you also don't skip the freezing part because that prevents the cheese from melting too quickly. >> so how do we roll the chicken breast? >> all right. it's a very hands-on experience, so this goes -- that's a cold one. that's perfect. >> they left it in there 20, 25 minutes all good. >> so now you start, let's pretend this is not frozen and
8:51 am
you roll it like this. >> and roll it like that. >> i do have a frozen piece and use three pieces of bacon, michael, go around the width. >> this way. >> you want to cover it up. >> it keeps the cheese in when the oven starts cooking and it's -- >> i can only imagine how good this is. >> do it that way, yes. it smells so good. then to keep the bacon together you use -- >> i use four like one, two, three, four. >> okay. let me see here. >> it's like a little puzzle. put it all together. you did a good job. >> i'm going to go. keep on going. >> you put this in here. you put it in the oven for how long, mom? >> you put that in the oven at 450 and you bake it for 15 minutes. you flip it and another 6 to 8 minute, it's good to go. >> look how beautiful they look when they turn out. not only do they look beautiful, they taste a-may-zing. >> well then i say let's get into it.
8:52 am
let's try a little taste. i'll come over here. not only did you bring this but some key lime pie too. >> the key lime pie is amazing, yeah. >> it's all keto. it's -- you've made it so low carb, low sugar and tastes just as good. >> it tastes the same. >> low carb, low sugar, i go, i got to eat all of it. >> how good is that? >> oh, man, that's good. >> so good, right? >> you're right, the salty and the cheese. >> and savory and bacon, crispy, so good. >> momma, you have outdone yourself. >> all right. >> you can come cook with me any time you like, whenever your daughter makes you want to leave her, come over to me and cook. >> it never happens. >> well, you know what, i'll just come over to your house, how about that. >> that sounds great. >> scan the qr code on the screen or go to to get the recipes for both these dishes from joanie and amy. we're going to enjoy this. you guys, don't go anywhere, we'll be right back. >> with our mouths full. full.
8:53 am
8:54 am
under district attorney gascón, i prosecuted car break-ins. all repeat offenders, often in organized crime rings. but when chesa boudin took office, he dissolved the unit and stopped me from collaborating with the police on my cases. now home and car break-ins are on the rise because repeat offenders know they can get away with it. chesa boudin is failing to do his job. there's a better way to keep san francisco safe.
8:55 am
recall chesa boudin now. >> announcer: "gma" tomorrow, we're celebrating moms with the biggest live "gma" breakfast in bed extravaganza ever. this will be a mother of a mother's day surprise. get ready to feel good. tomorrow on abc's "good morning america." we are celebrating moms every day here. thanks for watching, everyone. >> i want that recipe. [ laughter ]
8:56 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward. finding solution, this is abc 7 news. anchor: good morning, everyone. jobina looks at traffic. >> thank you. good morning, everyone. we are going to start off here with a crash that we are following right now in san jose. this is going to be on southbound 880 before north first street. one lane is blocked and speeds down to around 12 miles per hour. sluggish ride on southbound 680 in walnut creek. drew? >> partly sunny skies this morning. temperatures right now we are just gradually climbing our way through the 50's if not low 60's. here's a live look from the tower. a lot of layer of clouds with the partly sunnyie skies. we'll find a mix of sun and clouds out there. turns praoezy-breezy this afternoon. temperatures in the 60's this
9:00 am
afternoon. anchor: time for live with kelly and ryan. we hope you'll join us then. have great day >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the new film, "senior year," rebel wilson. plus, gift baskets for your marvelous mother, courtesy of the crafty lumberjacks. and another edition of our special "i love mom" "inbox." all next on "live!" [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> ryan: deja vu, good morning. [cheers and applause] >> kelly: thank you. >> ryan: oh, yeah. hi, there. you guys, fans


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