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tv   2020  ABC  January 21, 2022 9:01pm-11:00pm PST

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she's somebody who was portrayed as the ideal mother, wife, sister, daughter. and then she essentially became someone unrecognizable. >> she said that she was turning into a translated being. like, i don't have to eat anymore. and if somebody shot me with a gun, the bullet wouldn't even go through me. >> for the first time, the family insider, lori's brother speaks out. >> i haven't done any interviews except for "20/20." >> she started talking about this group she was a part of. >> this religious group led by chad daybell. >> chad has written in his books about visits from evil spirits,
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demons. he talks about the end of the world. >> brother against brother, just fighting for food and trying to survive. >> is it fair to say that lori had a fascination with death? >> all most people knew at the time was that children were missing and their mother was refusing to help find them. >> chad, lori, can i ask you a couple of questions? >> why in the world wouldn't you say wheour kids are if something wasn't right. >> her husband, her two kids and her brother all end up dead. >> this was a perfect storm that that happened. the family confirmed in a statement that the remains are those of 7-year-old jj and his 17-year-old sister, tylee.
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>> thanks for listening to planet 105.1, and you are day 17 -- >> lori daybell remains behind bars. now this latest chapter in the investigation riveting america. >> welcome. it's us, lukas and larae in the morning. we're gonna give you a chance to win seven prizes today. >> my sister is lori vallow or lori daybell. my brother is alex cox. and knowing what i know about my family and what's happened, it's very difficult sometimes. if i could crawl up into a ball and never have to work again and hide somewhere, that thought has crossed my mind. but because i've been doing radio for such a long time and it's part of my life -- it's like being in acting. they say the show must go on. jane, what are you doing this morning? >> going to work. >> all right, have a great rest of your day. we will be back tomorrow my name is adam cox, and this is my story.
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>> adam, one thing that strikes me about this story is there's such a fascination with it around the country, around the world. but this is your family. this is your sister. this -- this is your life. >> our family is nothing the way it used to be. you don't know who to trust, who's saying what, what actually happened. some family members may believe one thing, and other family members believe another thing. >> do you know how lori's doing today? >> my mom has talked to her. >> okay. >> and it seems -- my mom is saying she's just the same as she's always been. my mom thinks being in jail hasn't had any effect on her at all, as far as coming to reality of what actually is happening. set for 2023.w has a trial date- the case has lingered, and the
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multiple police departments involved have had time to finish their reports and release explosive details about the investigation. and what they reveal is a brother/sister relationship that is very odd. >> i want to talk to you about her relationship with your brother, alex. first of all, describe what their relationship was like. >> alex is more of a loner kind of guy. he didn't have a lot of friends. i think when lori would invite him to come to the house to eat or to go do something, that he was always willing to go and be there for her. >> you mention he was a loner. talk about his personality. what was he like? >> well, alex, i think out of everybody in our family, had the most talent. if alex had any ambition, i really think that he could have been in vegas and making a million dollars a year being an impersonation guy. >> but i haven't got a
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flick-a-zine license. >> he loved to make people laugh, and he did make a lot of people laugh. he tried to do stand-up comedy. it didn't really work out 'cause he didn't really work on his craft. >> i found out jesus was not born in bethlehem. he was born in el salvador. >> alex is a really interesting figure in all of this. he's a bit hapless. >> he wasn't married, didn't have a family. didn't have, like, really a lot of friends to go do stuff with. >> what a miracle that the two of them had met and had fallen in love and could comfort each other through this trying time. my name is sarah treleaven, and i'm the producer and host of "the followers: madness of two," which is a podcast about lori vallow and chad daybell. there are a number of reasons that this story fascinates me. i can recall the first time i heard about it, and all i knew at the time, which was all most people knew at the time, was that children were missing and their mother was refusing to help find them. >> chad, lori, can you tell me where your kids are? would you tell me what happened to jj?
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can you tell me where tylee is? >> that just struck me as just so profoundly counter-normative that i really was both filled with a sense of doom and a very clear sense that there must be so much to this story. i've found the character of lori vallow, like so many people, extremely compelling. lori vallow is someone whose life took a dramatic turn. one on hand, she's somebody who was portrayed as the ideal mother, wife, sister, daughter. >> she's beautiful. she's sweet. she's kind. she's generous to a fault. >> she was all these things. and then she essentially became someone unrecognizable to those around her, and that transition is absolutely fascinating. >> i'd imagine she would be
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with, like, a quarterback of a football team that's gonna make it pro. like, one of those guys, and live that lifestyle. but she went the other way. and i'm not sure why. >> lori got married right out of high school. she seemed desperate to leave home. >> she graduated, and she told the family that she was going to get married. and so we were like, who are you marrying? >> lori met nelson in high school. he wasn't my favorite. and we didn't have a close relationship. >> my dad was like, you're not getting married. you don't know what you're doing. and so then she left and got married. >> alex himself also got married right out of high school. one thing that alex's ex-wife debbie describes in her conversations with police is that alex and lori seem to have an unusually close relationship, the kind of close relationship that maybe even makes other people uncomfortable.
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>> there was a lot of inappropriate sexual touching and things going on between him and his sister lori. like, they were simulating sex acts, which is not normal to me for a brother and a sister. for example, he would pick her up and wrap her legs around his waist, and he kind of bounce her up and down on himself. and they would moan and simulate sex acts. >> alex even went so far as to describe lori as hot, which is not typically a word that brothers use when describing their sisters. >> i just knew that i had made a big mistake, and so i got out. >> alex would remain single for years, but not lori. >> she seemed to have married the first guy who came along at 18, and then married again and again and again. >> there's a short second marriage that produces a son,
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colby. and a third marriage to a guy named joe ryan. they have a daughter, tylee. >> so, lori got married. she had kids. she was a devout woman. she continued to look good in a bathing suit. you know, smile, lori, smile. she tried to be mrs. texas. >> contestant number four, lori ryan! >> the marriage soon crumbles, and the divorce is pretty nasty. >> lori alleged joe ryan abused their two kids. her claim worse investigated but never proven. neverthele nevertheless, brother alex decides to get involved. >> what did he tell you about lori's previous husband, joseph ryan, tylee's dad? >> he had told me that there had been some allegations of abuse and that he kind of took it upon himself to protect tylee and colby and that he had attempted to take joe's life. >> this will become a recurring theme in the lives of lori and
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alex. sister needs help and brother comes to the rescue. >> i'm alex, and i'm going to be loon lo looney tunes. >> he works a series of jobs. he's cleaning porta-potties. he's a stand-up comedian. he's driving a truck. and he's just the kid that never fully launches. >> alex will eventually wind up serving time for aggravated assault against joe ryan. and lori? she's now free to move on to husband number four. >> lori is seen by a lot of people as fairly manipulative, somebody who's good at getting what she wants. and i think we see this play out in terms of her relationship with her brother, alex. >> planet 105.1. it's lucas and larae in the morning. i think it's one of those things we're trying to work through, but there's till more to the story, and it doesn't feel right yet.
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lori has been betting on the wrong men year after year. finally she gets married to husband number four, charles vallow. they get marry in the las vegas.
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>> charles vallow, to me, was the best of lori's husbands. they had been dating, and we all liked him. >> i felt like he was a great husband. i felt like he adored lori and that he would go out of his way to make her comfortable, to make her happy. >> after the wedding this couple bounces around for a little bit before finally settling in arizona. >> charles and lori came in and i thought, well, those are the beautiful people. >> lori's protective brother alex cox also likes charles. >> and charles and alex were very good friends. they laughed over everything together. charles loved alex, and alex loved charles. >> charles was doing okay for himself professionally. he was a managing partner in a financial investment firm. >> this is a family that blends lori's daughter, tylee, and their adopted son, jj, under one roof.
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>> tylee is the dearest, dearest little girl. >> you need someone to cuddle with, but you don't have a significant other? worry no more! >> she has a tough exterior, but she's got a marshmallow heart. >> how would you describe the relationship between tylee and lori? >> lori was who tylee really loved, and i think she looked up to her mom. >> people described lori vallow as an extremely loving mother, an extremely fun mother. she was somebody who made her kids the center of her universe. jj is the adopted son of lori and charles vallow. but it's a little more complicated than that, because jj is the biological grandson of charles' sister, kay. >> jj is my biological grandson via my son, and charles is my brother. >> we loved lori. i'll tell thyou that right now. >> lori did a great job of raising jj.
9:18 pm
jj's autistic, and he learned so many things. every time i went to go visit him, he would be smarter and smarter. >> she was a great mom with a special needs child -- >> yes, yes. >> -- who she took on as her own. >> yes. >> after they started seriously dating, she talked to him about our religion, the church of jesus christ of latter day saints, and she's been a member her whole life. and we all were. he ended up joining our church. >> what happens in this marriage is what happens in most marriages. there's good times and bad times. there's financial ups and downs. but for the better part of 14 years, the marriage really seemed to work until it began to unravel. >> she started talking about this new group that she was a part of. and i could see that she was becoming more involved with it, and it was kind of becoming more of the focal point in her life. >> adam says lori talked about
9:19 pm
some of these new believes and experiences with him. >> one thing she told me was that when she was in the temple, she said she saw jesus christ face-to-face and she talked to him. and i thought, that's a odd thing to say. then we were standing in her kitchen, and she said that she was turning into a translated being. and i was like, well, what do you mean you're turning into a translated being? and she said, i don't have eat anymore, and if somebody shot me with a gun, the bullet wouldn't even go through me. and i looked at her, and she looked at me. and i was like, lori, what you're saying is not true. this is nonsense. and she goes, you think i'm crazy, don't you? i was like, i don't know if you're crazy, but what you're telling me is not normal, and this is not happening to you. and from that point, she tried to cut everything off with me. >> did that surprise you? >> oh, yeah! i was surprised, for sure. but then i told my mom. i was like, look, lori is saying some crazy stuff.
9:20 pm
we got to do something. and my mom was like, well, she's never said that to me. i never heard her say that. >> "20/20" spoke to janice cox a month before jj and tylee's bodies were found. >> adam told us he was really worried about lori. he didn't specify, but he said to me -- he said, mom, don't you think lori has some crazy beliefs? and i said, no. i said, i talk to her all the time. she does not have crazy beliefs. she's taking care of jj. she's just living a normal life. >> for me to tell my family, look, we gotta do something to help lori, they pretty much shut me down. but then i started thinking about all these podcasts. and then all these books she's reading. she was talking about that she would talk to spirits from the other side. >> the question is, where are these beliefs coming from? did they have anything to do with the fact that lori's become enamored with this author named chad daybell? >> daybell, he's an author. he's a believer that the end of the world as we know it is
9:21 pm
coming soon. daybell has written dozens of these post apocalyptic, very dark books. >> chad has had two near-death experiences, and he believes that those experiences have lifted the veil between earthly and spiritual worlds so he can see things that other people can't see, including the impending second coming. >> lori had always been a fan of chad's books, and so that's how i first heard about chad from lori, was she would talk about this author that she was really interested in and really connected with his work. >> she just looked up to him. >> right. >> was inspired by him. >> kind of like a super fan. >> a super fan. >> i would describe her as a super fan. >> adam says lori also encouraged alex to become a fan."
9:22 pm
>> she was telling alex about these books. alex, being a truck driver, he had all this time. so he went on the overboard too. eight hours of nothing but listening to books or listening to these podcasts. so somehow lori got him to do that. >> chad's beliefs are pretty fringe, and he's not really any form of mainstream influencer. chad would sort of show up at these conferences where he and other attendees would discuss the impending end of the world. and he would sell his books at a book table. he had a very powerful influence among a very small number of people. and that group would include lori. >> this was the perfect storm that that happened. >> the question is, did this love affair spark a killing spree? .. you want to be successful? you gotta hustle. you gotta go the extra mile. make a name for yourself. have a firm grip. always dress for success. and you gotta show 'em who's boss. thanks for coming in. we'll get back to you.
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conference where they first met. >> if you've had this holy ghost experience testify to you, you're on the right path. >> in a series of text messages that chad would later send to lori and were recently released by the police, he talks about that fateful encounter. friday morning, october 26th, driving south on the freeway, a voice said, you will meet an extraordinary woman today who will change your life forever. >> he describes how he became infatuated with her, how the two of them were clearly destined to be together. and he writes it almost in the form of a romance novel using the names james and elena. when their hands touched, he felt a shock pass through him and his heart started beating fast. elena was gorgeous and vivacious, and james was a little intimidated, yet honored that she would talk to him. >> it appears to be
9:28 pm
autobiographical, so it does give us a lot of insight into those first days and weeks of the relationship between chad and lori. >> chad tells of them meeting at a conference, of them immediately feeling a spark of attraction, and then he proceeds to describe an almost to describe an almost sophomoric fumbling first experience ever with lust. "their spirits could not be restrained any longer, and a long awaited make-out session took place. this was manifest in the mortal world to james and elena through the scientific phenomenon known as line fire." >> when reading this it kind after reminds me of a "b" romance novel. >> it's so juvenile. like, this reads like something that should be hidden under a mattress, you know, by a 17-year-old. >> but lori's current husband charles vallow was not amused by her new interests. in fact, he was alarmed. >> i know she did tell me one
9:29 pm
time that charles was accusing her of having an affair. she said it like this. she said, he's accusing me of having an affair with chad daybell! [ laughs ] >> affair or not, lori is certainly embracing chad's teachings, as does lori's brother alex cox. they go on a recruiting trip to spread the word -- the word according to chad. >> how did she and alex describe this other thing they were becoming a part of? >> so, what they basically said is that we're here to gather the 144,000, and you are one of them. >> did she explain what the 144,000 was? >> i'm pretty familiar with revelations, and so i knew what she was referring to. these are the people that will be here at the second coming. it was just too far out there for me. it wasn't something that connected with me on any level. >> at any point, when she's talking about all of this, are
9:30 pm
you thinking in your head, i need to distance myself from lori? >> i did. i did feel that way. >> meanwhile, the vallows' marriage is deteriorating, and lori accuses charles of having an affair. >> so, apparently when she discovered the evidence of this alleged affair, she canceled his return flight. he'd been away on a business trip. she and another friend took his truck that was waiting at the airport from the airport and hid it and took all of his clothes and just threw them away. >> she told you she took revenge on charles? >> she did. >> charles vallow alleges his business bank account has been drained as well, and that's when cops get called in. >> why don't you come over here? police body cam shows charles telling police she's losing her mind. >> she thinks she's a resurrected being and a god.
9:31 pm
she took all her money out of our bank account today yesterday it was a threat to kill me. >> what did she say yesterday? >> she said, you're not charles. i don't know who you are or what you did with charles, but i could murder you now with my powers. >> so she's speaking as a spiritual being. >> she's psychologically -- she's gone. something's happened to her. >> is she on any medications? >> no. she won't do medications. >> has she been to the doctor? >> she won't go to the doctor because she's a translated being and they would find out she's translated. she cannot be killed. she cannot die. >> and that's what she thinks. >> yes. >> okay. >> lori tells you, i believe, that she is a translated being. did she actually use that phrase with you? >> she had told me that she was a being that had lived on several worlds. >> sounds like she's describing herself as a deity or godlike. >> exactly. it was very much like a self-deification, elevating herself above everybody else. >> one day charles called real early in the morning, and i
9:32 pm
answered the phone, and he said, janis, lori's crazy. she's gone crazy. >> charles gets a court order to have lori committed for a mandatory psych evaluation at a mental health facility. but a few hours later, she's discharged. charles vallow also reaches out >> in desperation, charles vallow also reaches out to adam with his concerns about lori. >> charles told me one time they were in the bathtub and they were talking, and lori was telling charles that she was married to nephi who was a prophet in the book of mormon. he was like, she was saying the weirdest things. i was like, she's losing her mind. and at that point, i literally got scared because i thought, this is going down a weird -- this could be bad. >> charles is desperately trying to get the cox family to see that something is not right with lori. when the situation doesn't improve, he takes his concern to
9:33 pm
an attorney. >> i've been a divorce attorney for 30 years, but i've never had anybody that came in that was this specific, that said, i'm afraid i'm going to be murdered, and this is who's going to do it, and here's why it's going to happen. >> charles makes that same claim in his divorce filing and also reports it to police. >> as of right now, there is no crime. >> he told me that lori told him that she was going to have him killed, that he was in the way and that she had an angel that would dispose of his body after that took place. and charles was very adamant with me that he wanted to make sure that i let everybody know that if he was killed -- >> sheriff's police department! >> that it was lori who did it. >> we've got one subject down. gunshot wound to the chest.
9:34 pm
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for a few months, tensions ease in the vallow marriage and charles doesn't move forward with his plans to divorce. but the peace is short lived, and by july of 2019, it's lori who's using the "d" word. >> lori wants a divorce, and she tells her family, don't talk to him. i don't want anyone communicating with charles anymore. >> he needs somebody to listen to him, and he needs somebody to help him take action with lori. so he looks for allies in lori', famil, and he doesn't find many, with the exception of lori's brother, adam. >> charles is texting you. he's telling you all these things that are going -- that's happening. and you agree to come out to arizona, right? >> charles had called me and he said, i'm at the end of my rope. i don't know what else to do. >> so charles and adam form this allyship, and they're trying to communicating constantly over text. they're troubleshooting the situation and trying to figure
9:39 pm
out how they can vaccine to help lori. >> i was like, well, what can i do to help? he goes, well, you're the closest one to her. you're the only one that could probably be able to talk to her. i said, "okay. well, i'm willing to try." so that was the plan at first. so i called alex that tuesday night. and i said, "hey, i'm coming to town. let me come and stay at your house." he said, "that'd be great." >> but the plans change after another family member tips off lori about the intervention. >> so when i was there, i call alex, and i text him. and i was like -- no -- didn't answer the phone. called him five or six times. didn't answer any of my texts. nothing. >> adam isn't the only one texting alex. lori is too. >> i'm going to need you to stay close to me the next couple days. thank you for standing by me. it's all coming to a head this week. >> according to police, it all goes into motion on a hot july morning. >> i get a text from charles 7:00 in the morning, and he's
9:40 pm
like, hey, i'm here to pick up jj, and alex's truck is at lori's. >> and i thought -- a light bulb went off in my head. i was like, alex is avoiding me. he didn't answer any of my texts. i didn't spend the night at his house last night, and he's spending the night at lori's. something doesn't feel right. >> adam's intuition is correct. and instead of the planned intervention, there are gunshots. >> what is the emergency? >> um, i -- i shot my brother-in-law. >> the reason charles vallow goes to the house that day, to his estranged wife's home, is to pick up his son jj to take him to school. now, alex cox was there supposedly to make sure this handoff went smoothly. it did not go smoothly. >> was he armed also, or just -- >> yeah, he came at me with a bat. >> anyone been drinking or doing drugs or anything today or no? >> i don't know but i've never seen him enraged before. >> okay, what part of his body is injured?
9:41 pm
>> in the chest. >> okay, is he awake and responsive or unconscious? >> unconscious. >> the 911 operator instructs alex cox how to do cpr. >> make sure you're still pressing down at least two inches into his chest and it comes up with each compression. one, two, three, four -- >> and you hear this heavy breathing on the phone. >> five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten -- >> can you have the subject on the phone step out of the residen residence? >> no weapons? >> no weapon on me. >> all right, come out this way. >> do you have some i.d. on you, sir? >> yeah. >> alex cox is supposedly performing cpr on a guy that has two bullet holes in his chest, and that is gonna be an incredibly messy and bloody business. but when the police get there, when you look at the footage, he doesn't appear to have any blood on his body at all. >> and alex had told the
9:42 pm
authorities that he did cpr on charles. did you believe that? >> no. no. did not believe that. >> he was just yelling at me. he came at me with a bat. >> okay. was he living here or visiting? >> let me see your head. you got a little laceration. you want me to call paramedics? >> no. i'd really like some water, though. >> i mean, look, in traumatic situations, everybody reacts differently, but here's this guy that just took a human life, who's sitting on the curb, and alex doesn't appear to be distraught at all. and he even starts talking about the weather and complaining about the heat to the police that respond to the scene. >> is this hotter for you? that's layers. >> the next oddity involves not who's in the house, but who isn't. > chandler police department! is anybody inside? let us know! >> i don't know. i think she's taking her son to school. >> alex says it's only been five minutes since the shooting, but he's already alone at the house, which means lori and
9:43 pm
daughter tylee -- the only two other witnesses to this -- have already left, which means they left almost immediately after the shooting. which is weird. >> so, wife who lives here, her daughter, her son -- they all leave. >> i was a little bit surprised that they had left and come back. >> the decsion to prioritize taking jj to school rather than wait for the police to come as your husband is dying on the floor, becomes even more bizarre when they stop at burger king to get jj food. >> chicken, fries and the sprite. because that's what he ate every morning. because that's the routine and that's what he likes, and she took him to school and then they came back. >> hi, who are -- are you -- >> my mom. >> stand over there for just a second, guys. >> mother and daughter are also very composed when they arrive back at the scene. >> do you have a driver's license with you i can just grab? >> there wasn't any huge outwardly signs of, like,
9:44 pm
emotional distress. there wasn't tears. there wasn't anything like that. they seemed pretty put together. >> hi, neighbor. sorry. >> lori and tylee are taken to the police station to give their statements. alex is driven separately to provide his. >> no handles on the inside? >> yeah, no, that's how those police cars are, you know? >> when detectives are finally able to sit all involved down at the police station, this trio outlines this story of self-defense. >> she was just so angry, like super scary. >> screaming and, like, his face was beat red. >> physically aggressive. going after tylee, going after lori, going after me. >> yet again lori is set up as the victim. she's the victim and alex steps in as her protector. >> that's their story, and the three of them are sticking to it. >> charles had never been violent with anybody, so you
9:45 pm
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9:48 pm
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9:49 pm
every home should be a haven. ikea. so after charles dies, the story gets a few lines in the local papers, but nothing major. long story short, charles got angry, alex got a gun, lori got rescued, and at this point the only person who can dispute that version of events is dead. >> this guy's last name is vallow. >> copy. several gunshot wounds. >> so detectives begin to look at the story piece by piece.
9:50 pm
>> that morning, charles came over and took jj out to the car, ready to go to school. >> according to lori, this squabble begins over a cell phone. charles gets outside and realizes that he's left his iphone inside the house, so he goes back in to retrieve it. charles' cell phone was on the kitchen counter. so she had retrieved the phone, and that's where the argument ensued. she describes him as being extremely angry, never seeing him like that. >> tylee came from the bedroom with a bat and basically circled around them and is standing next to mom. alex says that charles ripped the bat out of her hand. he said that he saw charles basically go forward towards lori and tylee, and that's when he grabbed him from behind and pulled him back, and they ended up on the ground. so after the altercation, he says he goes to his room where he gets his gun.
9:51 pm
he tells charles to drop the bat. charles basically says, what are you going to do? >> and he said charles just kept coming with the bat. >> alex said he shot him in self-defense. >> i didn't believe that at all. not one bit. >> you have some i.d. on you, sir? >> he told me, i didn't have any other choice. i said, how are you feeling? he said, mom, i feel terrible, but i'd do anything to protect lori and tylee. >> when charles died, the way my family said was that charles tried to hurt tylee, and alex protected tylee, that was the story that lori and alex told my family. so they considered alex a hero at one point because he protected tylee from charles, which turned out to be, in my mind, false. turns out all the things that charles told me were true. and it's unfortunate that everybody else shut him out. >> charles had never been violent with anybody. so you kind of start getting a
9:52 pm
bigger picture of, this just doesn't feel right. >> it doesn't feel right -- >> i'll have you sit over here. >> and after listening to interviews that were recently released by the police, it doesn't sound right either. >> what happened right after that? >> alex gave his time line of the events right after the shooting. >> i went to the kitchen and rinsed my hands off. because i had blood on the back of my head. then i went back into the room and put the gun down and grabbed my phone. then i went back into the kitchen and called 911. >> alex's contention he called 911 right after washing his hands -- >> what is the emergency? >> um, i -- i shot my brother-in-law. >> doesn't really line up with the facts. >> did you send them a response? >> you see investigators will learn that the shots were fired at about 7:49 a.m., and the 911 call was placed at 8:32 a.m., so
9:53 pm
unless he's washing his hands for about half an hour, alex has some explaining to do, right? he's caught in a lie. >> you fired a couple of times. >> yeah. >> there's more inconsistencies as alex expert witness where he was aiming when he shot charles. >> where w ain . t st shots center beden at e sce,veigators l concde that onewo shots into charles vallow was when he was already on the ground. >> he stood over him and shot him, so we know that alex did murder him. >> and, now, lori is your first name, right? >> yeah. >> l-o-r-i. >> and then what's your last name? >> vallow. v-a-l-l-o-w. >> the separate interviews of lori and alex continued to raise questions. the investigators asked them separately if they saw each
9:54 pm
other in the same room after the shots were fired. >> i didn't see the shot. i heard it, and then i came back around and saw that he was on the ground. and i was freaking out. >> did your brother say anything to you at all? do you remember? >> no, we were both just in shock. >> okay. >> like, it was just a -- >> where was your brother? did you see him where he was at? >> yeah, he was right in front of him. >> okay. >> like, it all happened very quickly. >> right. >> i mean, i was -- i feel like i was there 'cause i was right there, like, a second later. >> how many shots did you fire? >> a couple. >> okay. were tylee and your sister -- >> i didn't see them, so i don't know where they were. >> okay. he falls to the ground. you don't see lori or tylee anymore? >> correct. >> so brother and sister are in the same room right after the shots are fired. lori sees alex, but alex claims not to see lori, despite three extra large mirrors on the walls to see her reflection. >> police communicate with
9:55 pm
adam cox over the phone, and he gives them plenty to think about. >> why would alex be at lori's anyways? and why would he have a gun in the house? and alex is an expert shooter. he's got tons of guns, he goes shooting all the time. he knows how to kill somebody. and this is my brother and sister, and i love them with all my heart. but i'm telling you, there's something wrong about lori and alex and this -- this belief that they have. my theory is that lori and alex got together and that they shot him. i don't even think there was a fight or anything. >> dev detectives will not have much time to process this information. lori is packing up and heading to idaho to land husband number five.
9:56 pm
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10:00 pm
the whole country became obsessed with this case. where were jj and tylee. >> lori, tell us where your kids are. everybody wants to know. >> it's a simple question. just answer the question. this story couldn't get any stranger. it's lori who believes all sorts of weird things about demons and the world. >> that same woman has a husban who's just been shot to death. her brother alex seems to be following along with her, and now she's taken up with this doomsday prophet. >> chad and lori become infatuated with each other. >> lori and chad together just feed off of each other. >> they were actively preparing for the end that was inevitably coming very soon. >> chad and lori talk about dark spirits and zombies.
10:01 pm
>> investigators heard lori vallow refer to her children as zombies. >> lori's brother adam is a family outcast because he thinks something is wrong and headed towards disaster. >> we thought are we in trouble? are we in danger? >> you thought you might be killed. >> 911, where is your emergency? >> someone just shot my window. >> why is alex going on a killing spree? whatever plan they had, i really believe they thought they were going to get away with it. adam cox is the brother of lori vallow, and here's a guy who is a radio deejay. >> planet 105.1. it's lucas. >> he's a normal guy living a normal life. >> even if we did know what was going to happen, how do we stop it? what do you do? >> but when he starts asking questions, when he starts wondering what's going on with lori, that relationship ends. and then all he's doing is
10:02 pm
trying to seek the truth. >> i was in shock after charles died. it's one of those things where you just -- like, nothing is making sense. >> may i have the name of the insured? >> l. charles vallow. >> lori is calling the insurance company to ask about charles' life insurance policy. she wants that million dollars. >> and what was the cause of his passing? >> um -- well, he was shot. >> charles vallow told me that he had a million dollar life insurance policy. >> the wife just showed up. >> and when we have allegations here that lori was directly saying that she was going to murder charles, that's a problem. >> and i hate to ask, but is it -- you can just say yes or no. was it a homicide? >> no, it was an accident.
10:03 pm
>> maybe there was a fight with a bat. maybe that did happen. but in my mind, they had this planned out. >> why? >> i don't know the exact reason. i think there's a lot that plays into it. i think that chad and lori had already planned that they're going to kill their spouses and that they're going use that insurance money to be able to do their mission. >> lori didn't know that he had removed her from the policy. >> he told me that he had changed the beneficiary to kay woodcock, his sister, because he trusted her to give the money to jj. >> and days after charles' death, lori sent this text to chad. i just got the letter from the insurance company saying i am not the beneficiary. >> even though charles is dead, lori brazenly feels she's the one who's getting screwed here. >> if lori and alex would've been arrested right then and there for killing charles, i think some of these things could've been prevented.
10:04 pm
i think it all could have been stopped. >> when we were finished with the search warrant and we left, that's the last contact that we've ever had with them. >> lori's mindset was off. it was definitely off. my family cut me off. like, probably the most alone i've ever felt in my life. >> you're still in that moment. you still feel that. >> that feeling will never leave me. you know, when you have family that you used to have a great life with -- and you think that loved you and, you know, respected you, to have them cut you off, it's tough. >> lori packed up her children, tylee and jj, and left arizona on august 31st, 2019, arriving in rexburg, idaho, the next day. >> rexburg has always been a
10:05 pm
strong, faith-built community, very trusting, where neighbors love each other. >> chad daybell had moved his family from utah to rexburg in 2015 after what he said was a spiritual calling. >> he talked about this calling in a lecture he gave in boise, idaho. >> a voice told me, you are going to live here soon, and i -- i was shocked, actually. i had no idea i was going to move. >> he was gathering people to rexburg. >> and that's a lot about what this group is for is to begin the great gathering in this area. >> they were moving there because chad daybell said this is where you need to be. >> around the same time, lori, tylee, j.j., and alex all moved to the same apartment complex in rexburg. >> at first, everything in idaho seemed to be going smoothly for lori, tylee, and jj.
10:06 pm
jj, already making new friends, is seen playing outside on a neighbor's doorbell camera. >> they played every day almost, until he said that he was moving to his grandmother's. >> there was three facetimes after charles' murder, the last one being 35 seconds. he said a couple little things. and then you could see his eyes look up and -- >> he was looking at somebody? >> he's looking at something else and he goes >> not looking directly at the cam -- >> then i got to go. i got to go, bye. and then, boom, it was just that fast. was gone. that's the last time we saw him. >> or heard from him? >> or heard. >> you were in communication with police and investigators. >> oh, absolutely. >> because you wanted to find jj and tylee. >> yes. >> within seven days of lori moving to rexburg, she takes a trip to yellowstone park with tylee, jj, and her brother alex. authorities say no one ever saw
10:07 pm
tylee again after that point, after that very last photo with alex and j.j. >> jj would later be seen by houseguests of lori, but two weeks later, he too went missing. it appears that lori was looking for more than just a fresh start in rexburg. >> did she ever mention that her kids were among the 144,000? >> she never said one way or another about the kids. >> this is a family that's turning on itself. and will yet another family member be caught in the crosshairs? >> 911, what is your emergency? >> um, someone just shot my window. i'm a fancy exercise bike noobie. and i've gone from zero to obsessed in like... three days. instructor: come on milwaukee! i see you! after riding twelve miles to nowhere, i'm taking a detour. and if you don't have the right home insurance coverage, you could be working out a way to pay for this yourself.
10:08 pm
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10:11 pm
♪nothing is everything♪ talk to your dermatologist about skyrizi. learn how abbvie could help you save. >> this guy his last name is
10:12 pm
vallow. >> copy. several gunshot wounds. >> chad and lori seem convinced of their own immortality. they can do whatever they want. >> and they don't appear to be content with just changing their own lives. somehow in all this madness, authorities say they attempted to alter the life of lori's niece melanie. lori sending a text to chad asking him to rid melanie's house of bad spirits. >> i know melanie looked up to lori a lot and moved by her and did a lot of things with her. >> chad replies to that text that he's working on it, but first he has to clear the evil spirits created by brandon. now, brandon is melanie's soon to be ex husband. >> i was told, do not talk to brandon. melanie and brandon are getting a divorce. cut him off. and i was like, he's family. i know brandon. i love him. so i was the only one that talked to brandon. and because i talked to brandon, everybody got mad at me and was cutting me off.
10:13 pm
so when brandon told me, i just got shot at, i said, what? >> 911 where's your emergency? >> um, someone just shot my window. >> okay, someone shot at your vehicle? >> yeah, and it hit my window. it shattered my driver's side window. sorry, i'm a little out of breath. they just drove off. >> when police arrive, they find brandon at his new residence. he's only lived there about a week, and the only people who know the address are melanie and a few of his friends. >> so what's going on? >> somebody just shot my window out. >> okay, give me a little bit more than that. you have any enemies, anybody that you -- >> just went thru a divorce. there is some crazy stuff that happened with her aunt killed her husband, but i hope that has nothing to do with this. >> brandon told me that as he pulled up near his house toward the driveway, he recognized the jeep that was sitting in the
10:14 pm
street with the texas license plates, and he thought he recognized that to be a jeep that charles vallow had. >> charles vallow did indeed own a jeep wrangler that was registered down in texas, but dead men don't drive, so who was inside the jeep? >> as he approached, he saw somebody reach out the back of that jeep window where the tire had been removed and shot at his car. it struck the frame on the window on the driver's side, just over his head. as soon as that hit his car, he just accelerated and got past the jeep to try to get away from it. >> so who shot at brandon? in these cases, it's routine for police to start with the spouse. >> brandon believed that if there was a motive to kill him, it would have been for a $1 million life insurance policy that he had, which melanie would have been the beneficiary. >> it's just not true.
10:15 pm
it's just a fight of trying to make me look bad and accuse me of things i haven't done. >> there were other family members to consider, especially the one who says he's good with a gun. >> what's that bullet? >> that is a .50-caliber semiautomatic. >> nice shooting. >> that's a man's gun. >> i had that feeling inside. i was like, why is alex going on a killing spree of our family? and so i'm convinced alex was that person who took a shot at brandon. >> initially, the cops didn't have a lot to work with. there was no i.d. of the gunman. there were no security cameras on the block capturing it. >> but over time, the detectives gathered evidence and they put together a detailed timeline. here's what authorities say happened. >> a week before the shooting, alex is confirmed to be in possession of charles' jeep wrangler, and he takes it to get the windows tinted, front and back. >> the next day, cops say alex activates a burner phone.
10:16 pm
>> two days later, alex goes to a gun club and is confirmed to be shooting on the range. 37 hours before the shot is fired at brandon, cops say the jeep wrangler is seen traveling on interstate 15 southbound toward arizona. >> alex was a truck driver. he could drive 22 hours and be awake. he was fine with that. >> the day before the shot, the jeep is traveling on interstate 40 in arizona. according to police, alex and chad are communicating, both are on throwaway phones. >> meanwhile, lori rents a storage unit at self storage plus in idaho. >> about 13 hours before the shooting, alex uses his phone to search for brandon boudreaux's new rental address. >> on the day of the shooting, shortly after 7:00 a.m., the cops reveal that alex was parked outside of brandon's new address for nearly two hours, and authorities claim he is communicating via phone and text
10:17 pm
with both lori and chad. there's no mention in the report what they are discussing in those calls or texts. >> brandon returns home a little after 9:00 a.m. and he sees the jeep parked near his home. it does not have the trademark jeep spare tire hanging from the rear. he sees the back window of the jeep open up, and a gun is pointed at brandon and a shot is fired. the jeep then leaves. >> shortly after the attempted shooting, lori and chad are captured on surveillance camera moving a tire into a storage facility. >> the jeep heads towards utah. the investigation reveals alex and chad continue to communicate throughout the day by phone. and lori in rexburg allegedly searches the internet for "man shot in gilbert, arizona." >> then the next day, after alex has made his way back to idaho, lori and alex are captured removing the tire from the
10:18 pm
storage facility. >> alex's dna is found inside the jeep and gunshot residue is found near the back window. >> there is an overwhelming amount of circumstantial evidence that ties them all to this. >> recently, the gilbert p.d. took the findings of their two year investigation to county prosecutor's office. and she outlined how they believe lori, chad, and alex plotted to kill brandon. the case is under review. police did not recommend any charges against lori's niece, melanie. >> chad and laurie stayed behind in idaho. they didn't seem to want to get their hands dirty. alex was the one who went to get his hands dirty. >> and according to police, there's more dirty work that will be done. next stop, idaho. is going ultra! america's mosk with verizon 5g ultra wideband now in many more cities so you can do more. hey, it's mindy! downloading a movie up to 10 times faster than before. oh, is that the one where the mom becomes a... (mindy) yep!
10:19 pm
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10:20 pm
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10:22 pm
i always kept thinking if i could just go talk and maybe get them together we could have a great starting point. >> chad daybell was a soft spoken, doughy,
10:23 pm
ide hustle prophet, but there was just something about the two of them that they seemed to recognize in each other. >> i'm going to be a little emotional, because i see this as the beginning as a great group that's going to save thousands of lives. >> chad and lori become infatuated with each other. >> if lori had designs on chad, things are about to get real interesting when she moves to rexburg, because chad is married to someone else. >> chad's wife tammy was a school librarian. >> facebook photos show chad and tammy as a happy couple. >> we -- my wife and i, my family -- have known chad and tammy for a long, long time. what i remember of them is a perfect couple. good mom, good dad, good kids. >> tammy was a real spitfire, though. she had a mind of her own. and she was not one that was easily walked on. >> his books are all about the end of times and dying. his visions deal with dying. when chad lived in springville, utah, he was a grave digger. >> i was working for springville city as their cemetery sexton.
10:24 pm
you just don't get any closer to the ground than that. >> a few years ago, chad wrote his autobiography, and it gives you a glimpse of the way this guy thinks and what he believes. >> in his memoir, chad daybell writes, "my torn veil allows information to be downloaded into my brain from the other side. the scenes i am shown are real events that will happen." >> i've seen some horrible scenes, brother against brother even, just fighting for food and trying to survive. >> police documents show texts during this time between chad and lori where they talk about dark spirits and zombies and demonic entities, particularly related to tammy and jj. >> it sounds like what you're describing is a slow change. >> that is exactly what happened, and then i think when lori started seeing chad, i think then that's when the lying started.
10:25 pm
>> chad is still married to his wife, tammy. and chad sends lori this ominous text message -- every few weeks i get to escape and have amazing adventures with my goddess lover. but then i have to return to my place under the stairs feeling trapped. but i sense a permanent freedom is coming. >> chad's wife tammy died in her sleep in october 2019. now, originally, her death was not seen as suspicious, but an investigation into her death has since been opened by authorities. >> lori and chad together, they just feed off of each other. >> they were act tiively prepar for the end that was inevitably coming very soon. >> and what was she doing, according to her, to prepare for that? >> storing medical supplies, scoring food, water. all the things that you would need if you weren't able to access them for whatever reason. >> so, she planned on surviving the end of the world?
10:26 pm
>> yes. because she was one of the 144,000. >> their mission right now is to gather the 144,000 that will be left here on earth, after the doomsday, being july 2020. >> were you worried about the other people in lori's world? considering that you were thinking about the idea that she might have been involved in these deaths. >> after we found out charles was dead, we left phoenix. we were scared to death. and we thought, are we in trouble? are we in danger? so we looked the doors. we didn't know what to think. >> you thought you might be killed? >> yeah. we thought we would be killed. for the next two months, all we did was lock our doors. i slept with a gun by my thing, thinking my brother could possibly come shoot us and kill us. >> it's like you're living under siege at that point. >> yeah. >> everything was happening so fast. in july, charles vallow died. by september, jj and tylee were missing. in mid october, tammy daybell
10:27 pm
died. and in early november, lori and chad are off to hawaii to get married. ♪ >> the wedding between lori and chad daybell was in kauai. >> that's right. >> were you invited? >> no. i don't think anybody was there except for the two of them and whoever preformed the services. >> the photos are great. but the one thing you notice about them is it's only the bride and groom. >> lori's 7-year old son jj is not there. neither is 16-year-old daughter tylee. not at the wedding, not in hawaii, not staying with friends or family. >> rexburg police eventually catch up with lori at her townhouse. and when she's talking with them, she allegedly lies. telling them that jj is with her friend, melanie gibb. >> so, jj would be where? >> he's in arizona.
10:28 pm
>> in actuality, melanie gibb has no idea where jj is. >> i mean, everything seemed to fit together from what i was thinking was happening. the thing i think about it is i think they really believed that they were going to get away with whatever plan they had. >> between july and november 2019, these newlyweds have two dead spouses, two missing children, but there's one more wedding. >> alex. yo, alex. he's not breathing. >> and one more death before the year is over.
10:29 pm
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♪ in late november 2019, alex cox heads to las vegas to marry a woman he'd been seeing named zulema pastenes, a friend of lori's.
10:33 pm
now, lori and chad had allegedly encouraged them to marry. >> zulema is a spiritual woman and life coach who claims that her clients will learn that there's a divine power working magic in their lives. >> i booked the wedding of alex cox and zulema pastenes. zulema was the one that coordinated and paid for everything. >> alex was quiet and didn't want to add anything onto his package, like flowers for his bride or even have a picture taken of his wedding. >> it was an unusual beginning to an unusual maiaat woullaus >> what is the emergency? >> i have a older male here named alex.
10:34 pm
he's -- he's just passed out here on my bathroom. >> till death do us part came much earlier than expected. just two weeks after getting married, alex cox collapses in the upstairs bathroom of his new bride's home. zulema's 25-year-old son joseph calls 911. >> is he awake right now? >> can you hear me? i think he's passed out. >> and now the tables are turned. instead of alex dialing 911, a 911 phone call is actually being placed about him. >> yo, alex. alex! he's not -- he's not breathing. >> zulema's son is seemingly unaware that alex is now his stepfather. >> do you know him? >> no, it's my mother's boyfriend. >> phi five minutes into the call, zulema arrives home. >> ily come upstairs in the bathroom. >> paramedics arrived and rush alex to the hospital where he
10:35 pm
was pronounced dead. he is only 51 years old. >> had gotten a phone call from zulema, and she was just in shock. i just broke down. like, it felt like i'd lost my best friend. how could i ever trust somebody the way i trusted alex? she was he was like a vaulhe wa. >> and his secrets are locked in that vault. so you've got this guy who kills lori's husband, although he says it's in self-defense, and then he's being looked at in the disappearance of these two children, and now he's dead. >> there's been a lot of false claims that he's a hitman or the family killer and it couldn't be further from the truth. alex has and had a big heart, and he was a man of his word, a man of truth. >> and police are trying to find the truth about how he died. >> zulema told police that alex was suffering having shortness of breath. and the night before he died, she urged him to go to the doctor but said that alex refused. >> ultimately the medical
10:36 pm
examiner would determine that alex died by natural causes. >> alex is a mystery in life and in death. >> sadly, regarding alex and zulema, i didn't know they were married until after he died. we had him cremated, which were his wishes, and we had a service for him. and we didn't invite anyone to his service that believed that he was a murderer, so it was a very small, precious group of us who loved him. >> more than a year after alex's death, zulema met with the chandler police, and she had some really interesting things to say about alex's last days. >> one day or two days before he passed, he said to me, zulema, if anything happens to me, i want you to know that there is money in a bag in the closet, and it's for you.
10:37 pm
>> and how much was in there? >> i think that there must have been about -- probably between $5,000 and $7,000 or something like that. >> did you ask him, like, why would anything ever happen to you? was that an odd statement that he had made? >> i did. i said, why -- i said, don't say things like that, alex. why would you say something like that? and he said, just in case. >> it may just be a coincidence, but alex expressed concern something may happen to him on the very day that tammy's body was being exhumed >> the autopsy results were not made public, but chad and lori would later be indicted for conspiracy to commit first-degree murder in tammy's death. >> chad has pled not guilty. lori has not yet entered a plea. >> and also, alex cox is named in the indictment as a
10:38 pm
co-conspirator. >> i thought that if they had been doing something, if he had done anything, alex would probably tell me. so that's why i pressured him. like, did you have anything to do with this? like, if they exhume this body, are they going to find anything? did you have anything to do with this? and he said no. i pressed for another answer, and he tells me no, right. that's when he said, i think i'm being their fall guy. fall guy for what? what is it? tell me. what is it that they're trying to pin on you? what did they do? and he just wouldn't say anything else. and that's when he tells me either i am a man of god or i am not. >> so me it sounded like he was
10:39 pm
questioning whether this trail of killings behind him was done in the name of god or for evil purposes. >> in a story that has an awful lot of bizarre coincidences, i think alex's natural death is something that people struggle with in particular. it seems so improbable that this 51-year-old man suddenly dropped dead the day after he learned that a woman he has now been implicated in killing was going to be exhumed. >> while alex's body lies in the morgue, lori and chad are enjoying themselves in sunny hawaii. but the police will soon be on their tail, and the story of lori's missing children will captivate the country. >> lori, tell us where your kids are. [music: sung by craig robinson]
10:40 pm
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10:43 pm
on december 20th, 2019, rexburg police and the fbi issue a press release
10:44 pm
announcing that jj and tylee are missing endangered children, and that is when the story goes national. >> now to authorities intensifying their search for two missing children in idaho. >> first, two missing children and now their mother and her husband are both believed to be on the run. >> by january of 2020, jj has been missing for more than three months. >> give me another one, jj! mwam! >> larry and kay turn to the public for help. >> they hold a press conference and announce a $20,000 reward for any information that will lead to finding jj and tylee. >> if you have any information whatsoever, please call the authorities. >> we want lori to please start cooperating with the police. >> but she's not going to start cooperating, so the police are going to have to force her. >> new developments involving missing siblings from idaho.
10:45 pm
their mother, but not the children, has been found by authorities in hawaii. >> on january 25th chad and lori are located in hawaii by police. >> that moment was caught on police body camera. >> lori is served with a court order telling her she's got produce jj and tylee within five days. >> the deadline comes and goes without a peep from lori. >> they gave that mother until tonight to reveal her children's whereabouts. >> but lori fails to produce the kids, and the mystery continues. >> larry and kay were so concerned about the situation that they reached out to rick ross, the founder and executive director about the cult education institute. >> what i remember talking to the woodcocks is that they were very shocked. they didn't understand what
10:46 pm
happened to lori vallow. they regarded her as a responsible mother. they were surprised that she wasn't cooperating with authorities. it appeared to them she had radically changed. >> in rexburg, larry and kay visit jj's last known address. >> come on, kay. let's just walk down. i can see him running around here. i know how he is. that door would open and then he would holler paw paw, i think i'd die of a heart attack. >> meanwhile lori and chad go on with their lives. >> chad and lori. can you tell me where your kids are? >> our producer spotted them on their way to lds church services. >> would you tell me what happened to jj? you know the grandparents are very worried.
10:47 pm
>> there's intense media focus, and meanwhile, chad and lori have escaped all of this. they are on a beach in hawaii. they are getting tan. they are walking barefoot. they are living their best life, seemingly completely oblivious to the welfare of the kids. >> lori. tell us where your kids are. everybody wants to know. >> when you're seeing this play out in real time, what is that like for you as you're watching this? >> it was hard to watch on tv, to see how she was handling the whole thing. and why in the world wouldn't you say where your kids are if something wasn't right? i had the same gut feeling in my stomach, the same way i had the same gut feeling when charles was killed. and i thought, if she's not saying where the kids are, the kids are dead.
10:48 pm
>> it's been five months since jj was last seen, and now finally, lori is arrested. >> kaui police say they have arrested lori vallow on an idaho warrant. >> lori vallow was taken into custody without any incident by detectives of the kauai police department. >> lori is charged with two felony counts of desertion and nonsupport of dependent children. she is held on a $5 million bond. >> but both of those charges were later dropped. a few days later after lori's arrest -- >> my name is marcus moore and i'm with abc news. >> abc news correspondent marcus moore tracked chad down. >> is there anything you would like to say to people at all who are, number one, concerned about the kids or concerned about you and your wife? anything at all you want to say to them? >> just grateful for any support.
10:49 pm
we just have to wait for the legal process to work through. >> can you tell me, mr. daybell, are the -- >> i have to go -- >> are the kids okay? >> no comment. >> okay. >> lori leaves hawaii in handcuffs. she's extradited back to idaho, where she and chad reunite in a packed courtroom. >> all rise. >> chad has not yet been charged with any crime, but it is only a matter of time before he'll join his beloved behind bars. police will tell you that when alex cox died, a lot of secrets died with him, except one. >> it's been hiding all along on his phone. with relapsing forms of ms... there's a lot to deal with.
10:50 pm
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so, with lori behind bars, authorities are putting the pieces of this puzzle together we can see from the probable cause affidavit that the rexburg police start working with the fbi. >> the fbi's cellular analysis survey team has the ability to pinpoint a cell phone roughly within 20 feet of a location. >> tylee is last seen at yellowstone national park on september 8th. at some point, in the wee hours of the night, alex's phone pings inside lori's apartment, and then, a few hours later, his phone pings again on chad's property.
10:53 pm
>> now what's interesting about that is this gets repeated. when you go to september 22nd and you look at jj vallow, he is at his mother's apartment. she actually has a friend that's staying with her. >> lori allegedly tells houseguests that jj was acting up, so alex picked him up in the middle of the night, and then jj's never seen again. a few hours later, after jj is last seen, alex's cell phone pings in chad daybell's backyard. >> around the time jj disappeared, lori had allegedly told friends that she was concerned that jj had become a zombie. >> and investigators say that this isn't the only time she's mentioned zombies and her children. investigators say they have other witnesses who heard lori vallow refer to her children as zombies. >> after figuring all this out, placing alex behind chad's home on key dates and times, the authorities execute a search
10:54 pm
warrant on chad's property. >> the fbi gridded off areas, and then they started peeling away the layers. >> underneath the white rocks was some thin wood paneling. as soon as they removed the paneling i could smell the odor of a decomposing body. >> it was a -- what appeared to be a small body tightly wrapped in black plastic, covered in duct tape. >> one of the investigators recognizes the hair and thinks it may well be jj. >> so then you move onto another section of the property. >> there was a melted green bucket. it appeared the burnt flesh had been placed in. under the bucket was a partial human skull. >> those remains were later identified through dental records as matching tylee.
10:55 pm
>> police positively identifying the human remains as the missing siblings jj vallow and tylee ryan. this, the last known image of jj, was released by the chandler police dept. according to authorities, jj's body was found in red pajamas. >> when you find out that the kids are buried on chad's property in shallow graves, take me through what that day was like for you. >> i know i went into shock again, and thought, why in the world would they kill the kids and then bury them on chad's property? it's heart wrenching. it's emotional disaster. it's -- like, you know, when you think about it, you get a sick feeling in your stomach that that could even happen. >> the day after jj and tylee's bodies were found, the cox family released a statement. and it read, "the cox family is
10:56 pm
deeply saddened by the recent findings in the investigation into the whereabouts of jj and tylee. the family has maintained a strong hope and belief that they were alive and well. with that hope and belief apparently shattered, they struggle to find comfort and hope in this potential new reality. the family expresses their deep and abiding love for jj and tylee. >> nearly a year after the bodies of jj and tylee were found, lori and chad were charged with their murders. >> a grand jury has indicted lori and chad daybell in connection with the killing of lori's daughter and son. >> alex cox is named in the indictment as a co-conspirator. chad pled not guilty, but lori is deemed not competent to stand trial, so she hasn't yet entered a plea to these murder charges. >> do you believe that lori killed her kids? >> actually killing them? >> mm-hmm. >> no. i believe chad and alex killed them. >> why?
10:57 pm
>> alex and lori are in this mind set that they're doing this for god. and as lori tells alex something and then alex believes it, and so for alex to kill them, he had to have been in that frame of mind of, this is for the lord. this is god's work. which doesn't make any sense to anybody watching right now, but i'm sure in their minds that's the only way you could do it because i don't know how else anybody could do that. >> lori is also charged with conspiracy, plotting with alex to commit first-degree murder in the death of her husband, charles vallow, in arizona. she has not yet entered a plea. >> these photos of tylee and jj in happier times were released by authorities. >> do you think about them often? >> yeah. i wear, um -- i wear a bracelet, and i keep this on at all times.
10:58 pm
it's -- it's tylee and jj's name. >> to remember them. you keep that on so they're always with you, in a way. >> yeah. yep. i keep this on everywhere you go. >> how do you remember them now? >> all -- all my memories of them are good. laughing, running around, chasing jj around. playing games with tylee. all those memories the all good. i don't remember one bad memory or even about their deaths. i don't know if i blocked that completely out because i just -- i'm focusing on the good things that i remember. and i can tell you, from my interviews that lori's friends and her family are just baffled by what became of her. she remains in a mental health facility. >> i know you're going stay on this case. she and chad daybell are set to be tried as codefendants although for now she's been
10:59 pm
deemed not competent. that's all. thank you for watching. i'm david muir. >> i'm aro bach. from all of us here, good night. dan: a winter wildfire, fierce
11:00 pm
wind fanning the flames. and why two years after his death, the family of a ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪


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