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tv   America This Morning  ABC  January 14, 2022 4:00am-4:30am PST

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we will see you right now on "america this morning," breaking news. djokovic deported. after days of controversy over his covid vaccine status, the decision just in on the fate of the top ranked men's tennis player just hours before a major tournament gets under way in australia. sedition conspiracy. the most serious charge yet in connection with the attack on the u.s. capitol. what we're learning about the militia leader facing that charge in court today. plus, how the committee investigating the capitol attack is now taking aim at social media companies. debt free. why tens of thousands of former students are about to see their college debt erased. back hoe rampage.
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new video of a man on a wild mission to destroy anything in his path. a top prosecutor indicted. how she lied on a loan application nor a vacation home. and she's alive, six days after a landslide destroyed a house. from abc news in new york, this is "america this morning." >> good friday morning, everyone. >> we begin with breaking news. novak djokovic, the top ranked player in the world, losing his fight to stay in australia for the australia tournament. >> today's ruling they say is in the public's interest. the australian government canceling djokovic's visa for a second time over his covid vaccine status. the nine-final australian open champ faces deportation three days before the tournament is
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set to begin -- >> the case has ignited a public backlash across the country, where people have faced some of the most strict covid lockdowns in the world. >> it's really disappointing that tennis australia has allowed for this to happen. because the australian open is more than one tennis player. >> reporter: the saga began when australia canceled his visa because he's unvaccinated. his lawyered argue he was granted a medical exemption. >> that policy hasn't changed that. is the policy, and we are expecting authorities to be implementing the policy of the govern rorter: djoc himo scountry.
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but tnotiseft positive last month. and perhaps far more important in this case, he acknowledged not being truthful about his travel before arriving in australia, calling the error on his travel documents an administrative mistake. he is expected to appeal. if he loses that appeal, he could be banned from australia for three years. breaking right now, north korea has fired what appears to be its third missile in two weeks. south korean officials say today's launch included at least one possible ballistic missile. the latest launch comes after the u.s. imposed new sanctions in response to a test this week. back here at home, a candle light vigil was held for nurses who lost their lives due to covid. their fellow nurses are demanding the biden administration restore protection. in a blow to the president thursday, the supreme court
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blocked his covid mandate for large businesses but upheld the mandate for health care workers. the white house expected to launch a website to order free at-home covid tests. critics argue it's too little too late. vice president harris was asked about that. >> they've been oerded. i have to look at the current information, i think it's next week, but soon, and sit a matter of urgency for us. >> should we have done that sooner? >> we are doing it. >> should we have done it sooner? >> we are doing it. >> the white house says the test also be sent out later this month. >> >> joe biden says he will have an announcement about high quality masks being available to all americans. the cdc is updating mask guidance. we turn now to the most serious charges so far in
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connection with the attack on the u.s. capitol. the founder of a far right militia is charged seditious conspiracy. as stewart rhodes prepares to go to court, the congressional committee is targeting social media companies. faith, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, andrew. after making more than 700 arrests connected to the january 6 capitol attack, it appears investigators are moving up the food chain. this morning, federal authorities investigating the attack on the u.s. capitol are handing down the most serious charges yet. the justice department charging 11 people with seditious conspiracy, a rare charge used against people. all the defendants are members or associates of the oathkeepers. near dallas yesterday, the fbi removing evidence of the group's leaders, stewart rhodes.
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he sent these messages to his followers after the 2020 election. >> reporter: investigators say he spent $17,000 on weapons and tactical gear in the weeks before the attack when he said this -- >> we have men stationed outside of d.c. as a nuclear option in case they attempt to remove the president illegally, we will step in and stop it. >> reporter: then on january 6, several oathkeepers were seen here marching up the steps of the capitol. investigators say other members were armed and stationed nearby, in an effort to stop the certification of joe biden's election victory. but the alleged conspiracynot en day, an associate of rhodes messaged a group saying, after
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this, if nothing happens, it's war. civil war 2.0. rods is due in court today. he has repeatedly denied any wrong doing. if convict, he could face 20 years in prison. as for the house select committee investigating the attack, it's focusing on social media companies, sending subpoenas to facebook, google and twitter. >> faith, thank you. the family of robert f. kennedy says they are relieved that sirhan sirhan has been denied parole. the governor has reversed the decision, saying sirhan still poses a threat to public safety. major settlement involving a
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student loan service. it's agreeing to cancel $1.7 billion in student death. this is overallegations of abusive lending practices. 66,000 borrowers are not have to repay loans. >> so many people who are trapped in mounting, unaffordable student loan debt, because navient failed to counsel about how to manage these loans. >> the company will pay $140 million in penalties. teenagers with good driving records could find themselves behind the wheel of a big rig. the federal government is launching a test program that would lower the driving age from truckers traveling across state lines from 21 to 18. the goal so to help ease supply chain back logs. prince andrew has been stripped of his royal titles after a new york judge ruled a
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sexual abuse lawsuit against andrew can proceed. she claims andrew forced her to perform sex acts with him when she was 17. buckingham palace had no choice but to cut ties with him. a major winter storm is moving across the eastern half of the country delivering snow, ice and freezing rain to millions. let's take a look at your friday forecast. that major storm up to 10 inches of snow from the dakotas to missouri today. winds are expected to create whiteout conditions. tomorrow, snow and rain into the deep south, creating dangerous, icy conditions and sunday into monday it moves up the east coast, bringing heavy snow into the eastern great lakes and new england.
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mid 70s for the southwest today. coming up what scientists are revealing about a rock that handed here from mars. the backlash after a judge overturns a teenager's rape conviction. what he said about parents and what the victim is saying this morning. the town that requires you to remove your appendix if you to remove your appendix if you want to live there. huh. is that true? geico's been saving folks money for 85 years? yeah, that's right. wait — so if geico's 85, that makes you — are you asking if i'm 85 years old? i mean sea turtles live to 150, so...nn — i — i was not. do i look 85? what! no! you, you look young,, you look young for...however old you are. geico. saving people money for 85 years. ♪ got my hair ♪ for.. ♪ got my head ♪ are. ♪ got my brains ♪ ♪ got my ears ♪ ♪ got my heart ♪
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including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. when you help heal your skin from within you can change how your skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. this morning, there's growing backlash over a judge's decision to overturn a sexual assault conviction. at issue is what the judge said when he allowed the teenager convicted in the case to go free. he >> reporter: this morning, outrage over an illinois judge's decision to overturn a rape
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conviction. now the 16-year-old victim is speaking out. >> the judge made me feel like i was worth nothing. >> reporter: cameron says she was drunk and passed out at a party last may, then woke up to a pillow being pushed on her face and 18-year-old drew quinton sexually assaulted her. in october, the judge robert adrian found clinton guilty of criminal sexual assault. but at the sentencing hearing this month, the judge changed his decision to not guilty, and released clinton, who was facing four years behind bars. the judge then went on to blame parents for "having parties for teenagers where they allowed coeds and female people to swim in their underwear." and said the 148 days clinton had spent in jail is plenty of punishment. >> i thought it was outrageous. he blamed every person except for drew.
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he blamed my parents, he blamed myself. he made it seem like it was every other person's fault. >> it felt like cameron was making strides to get past it, and now it's like the scab has been reopened. >> the fact is, he was found not guilty, so five months is five months too much. >> reporter: cameron says after the judge's decision she's determined to empower other victims. >> i'm sure i can't even fight for a retrial or anything. that's why i'm speaking out about it, so other girls can come out with their stories and maybe fight for what they have. >> reporter: the judge is also under fire for removing a prosecutor from a separate case, angered that the prosecutor liked a social media post that
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criticized the judge. marilyn mosley is accused of lying, she said she made about $250,000 but claimed financial hardship due to covid and made false statements on mortgage applications for vacation homes. scientists say a meteorite from farce contains no life. researchers thought organic matter in the rock was left by living creatures. but the carbon came from water. coming up, the moment a dog was found alive, six days after a landslide destroyed his house. caught on camera, a man goes on a rampage with a backhoe.
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and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. emerge tremfyant® with tremfya®... ask you doctor about tremfya® today. evacuate now! move now. >> this is police body cam video, as officers ran in to evackauate a costco in colorado. officers are seen rushing to homes to evacuate heel and animals. the fire burned 1,000 homes over new year's weekend. video shows a man causing chaos on the treats of a new jersey neighborhood. he was in a back hoe, and the sun wasn't even up yet. the new video shows the moments a man went on a wild rampage in new jersey.
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police responding to a call around 5:00 a.m. for report of a mann acting erratically, while operating construction equipment. >> two police cars destroyed. >> reporter: 20-year-old joshua gonzalez was plowing into cars, including several police vehicles, flipping one parole car over and hitting an ambulance. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: theresa jefferies says she was behind the wheel of the car seen here, on her way to work, when gonzalez came crashing into her multiple times. >> are you all right? >> no, i'm in shock. i'm really traumatize. i cry every day and i get headaches. >> reporter: gonzalez also driving onto several properties in the area. screams could be heard as the backhoe backed into this house.
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>> they're screaming. >> reporter: police say they tried to stop gonzalez for about half an hour. before an officer opened fire. [ gunfire ] >> shots fired! >> reporter: medics rushing in, but gonzalez was pronounced dead at the scene. police have not revealed a possible motive. new video of a dog being rescued six days after its owner's house collapsed in a landslide. firefighters in seattle carried sammy from the damaged home. the dowas presumed dead after the landslide, but a neighbor called for help after hearing a dog. >> he called me and said that he heard whining. so i ran over here with some saws and extension chords and i heard her whine, as well. >> so the floor sammy was on just pancaked but he had just enough room to survive. >> what a hero. coming up, the video that
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it's time to check the pulse. we begin with new found freedom for french dressing. >> the fda lifted the rules governing the salad dressing since 1950. the makers were forced to produce it with 35% vegetable oil or lemon or lime juice. >> now they can use any ingredients they want. the fda relaxed the rules after a petition from a trade group. and next, an unusual requirement for people who want to move to one remote up to, all
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you have to do is have your appendix removed. >> people who want to move here in antarctica are required to remove their appendix, because the nearest hospital is 625 miles away. most residents are scientists. next, an apartment here in new york just sold for $190 million. >> it has four bedrooms and five bathrooms. he bought it for $95 million and he doubled his money. next, why do so many tv shows look so gray? >> some say it reflects the dark mood, but insiders say directors think moody darkness look higher quality. "baby shark" is celebrating a huge milestone. >> the first one to reach 10
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checking the top stories, tennis star novak djokovic faces deportation after an australian immigration official revoked his visa for a second time. the unvaccinated djokovic is expected to appeal in court. the australian open begins monday. president biden met with senators joe manchin and kyrsten sinema last night to discuss his push to change the filibuster to pass voting rights legislation. the white house described the meeting as candid, but the senators still appear to be firmly opposed to changing the senate rules. a setback for the medical community struggling to treat more than $10 million of personal protective equipment was left outside in the rain in the san francisco bay area. most of it is now damaged. county officials have accepted responsibility. today's weather, clear for much of the east before bitter cold settles in tonight. heavy snow from the dakotas to
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missouri. up to a foot in some places. sunny and dry across the west. and finally, we meet the so-called ice queen of tiktok. >> she spoke to our will ganss. >> that's good luck right there. >> reporter: janet stewart is the ice queen of tiktok. >> they've made fun of me for years because i like snow so much. so i guess it was inevitable at 40, i've become tiktok famous for freezing pants. >> reporter: frozen pants. >> hold on. >> reporter: frozen eggs. >> it's this old. >> reporter: and frozen spaghetti? the neighbors are probably like, looking through the blinds like are you seeing this? >> like what is she doing if you can't have fun and you can't laugh at it, i would just cry and be miserable, and my tears would freeze. >> reporter: janet is no stranger to the cold. born in south dakota, moving to michigan's upper peninsula, now living in minnesota with her
4:29 am
husband and daughters. >> as a kid, you love it, right? and then as you become an adult, people get so grumpy about the snow. and i'm like, you know what? no, we just need to spread some joy and positivity and love and i don't know. so i'm glad everyone else is getting a kick out of it. >> reporter: janet laying on the accent extra thick for tiktok. >> we don't scoop snow in the u.p. you move snow from point a to point b because it doesn't go anywhere. move the snow. you make the vowel like longer. so it's fargo. so the funny thing they have people say is the boat show at the fargo dome. it's like the boat show at the fargodome, hey. >> reporter: tiktok's ice >> reporter: tiktok's ice queen i love you, man. i love you too.
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right now on "america this morning," breaking news. djokovic deported. after days of controversy over his covid vaccine status, the decision just in on the fate of the top ranked men's tennis player just hours before a major tournament gets under way in australia. sedition conspiracy. the most serious charge yet in connection with the attack on the u.s. capitol. what we're learning about the militia leader facing that charge in court today. plus, how the committee investigating the capitol attack is now taking aim at social media companies. debt free. why tens of thousands of former students are about to see their college debt erased. back hoe


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