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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 11, 2022 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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for more than 98% of new cases. a week ago, a -- five weeks ago, it counted for less than 1%. larry: it is not clear how were admitted for other reasons and then coincidentally tested positive. kristen: san francisco is seeing an all-time high and covid cases. hospitalizations are increasing but officials say those numbers are lower than the surge last year because 81% of the cities residents are fully vaccinated. >> we are optimistic because of our cities high vaccination and boosted rate, we will get through without all of those intensive care ads. kristen: people were hospitalized. the demand for testing, the city is averaging more than 10,000 tests per day with a positive
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case average of more than 1300 people a day. the city has provided 1000 rapid tests to san francisco unified with more on the way. >> we have heard from the district they need help with rapid tests for educators trying to test after five days to get back into the classroom. that is a key piece of making sure our classrooms can stay open. kristen: the city has provided 500,000 surgical masks and 150,000 k n95 masks for staff. larry: hayward unified students and staff returned to virtual learning today despite guidance from the state and county. the district says they were without hundreds of teachers and students because of positive tests. dustin dorsey explains how long the closure may last and how families are responding. >> sounds of empty empty hallways, empty classrooms -- the reality for hayward
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unified school district campuses as students and staff returned to virtual learning until at least january 18. >> these 10 days allow for our staff to recover and have those important days so they can be ready to return to class next week. >> 117 staff members tested positive for covid last weekend there were 300 65 total absences. 81 classrooms did not have teachers available with 500 students testing positive in january, the board opted for this virtual learning plan against guidance from the state and county. >> we have offered whatever support we can to assist, but there board made a local decision to do something different. >> the district is offering a virtual learning contract or in person option at six learning hubs. for safety reasons, this family opted to go virtual. >> would you rather be in class? >> i would.
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those friends, you get to actually talk and not get muted by your teacher. >> it's difficult for me. i'm home with my two kids. >> then there is the financial impact. the district is at risk of losing funding -- 2.5 million dollars potentially lost each day campuses are closed. even so, this parent believes a temporary closure is best to solve the issues. >> we know the impact of losing money, but was it effective to stay open with so little kids on campus without a teacher? >> questions we may not get an answer to. the board will meet on friday to decide whether to extend the closure past the 18th. >> we are hoping we will be able to get to in person learning at our school sites on tuesday. larry: students are back in the class in pinole. in person learning resumed
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following a two day districtwide shut down due to covid cases. the district issued a reminder to staff, students and parents to anyone that does test positive should not come to school for up to 10 days, even if they are vaccinated and have no symptoms. kristen: governor newsom has signed an executive order to address school staffing. he says it will help with more with retired educators and substitutes. >> these are short-term challenges that require short-term and targeted solutions both on health care and education. we are moving to provide flexibility and support as needed, recognizing we still have more work to do. kristen: the governor made those remarks visiting a health clinic in kern county. he was highlighting his proposal to keep -- to expand medi-cal access to undocumented californians. larry: sonoma county wants residents to stay home to fight
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the current surge. sonoma state is following those recommendations. classes will be virtual for the time being. kristen: the count they also wants to suspend some gatherings. >> i think it is for the best. >> sonoma residents agreed that with covid on the rise, tighter restrictions make sense. >> it is good they are doing this. you've got to do what you got to do. >> the health department says cases are up in sonoma county 398% over the last two weeks. health officials say they issued the order to keep hospitals from becoming overwhelmed. >> during the winter surge a year ago, hospitalizations reached an average of 104 per day. the state is projecting sonoma county could see 400 daily hospitalizations. >> this is the only county to
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shut down entertainment events during the search. >> i think that's a good idea to discontinue that until this calms down and i'm surprised people are going about life as usual the way they have been. >> also in the health order, a recommendation that people shelter-in-place and only leave the house for work, school, groceries and health appointments. it is not a requirement and somehow there are doubts others will comply. >> they won't. i can because my lifestyle fits that, but people are too rebellious. >> people are frustrated because there's a new variant coming out every month. some people will but a lot won't. >> health order doesn't say that you can't come to the gym or nail salon and it is not closing those businesses, but it is recommending everyone shelter-in-place, not leave the house except for essential business for 30 days.
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larry: other parts of the of the area have not clamped down on gatherings yet. harry potter and the cursed child is opening tonight in san francisco. rtatnsreki e n a january 9 of them expected to unfold like it is. leslie brinkley dove into the challenges facing arts organizations and ticketholders. >> the show must go on, is the old adage. and it is at the current theater as the production of harry potter and the cursed child opens this week under strict covid protocols. berkeley repertory theater is staging to productions. >> we have people showing up and they are thanking us for keeping our doors open. at the same time, there are people who are looking at the news and going i'm not quite ready. what i would say is we have more or less the same number of people who are opting out and
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asking for a rain check as we have people showing up. >> this was a month many music venues and theater groups were counting on to make up lost time and lost income after going dark. >> we closed in march along with everyone else and this was to be our first time back. with freestyle of supreme. it's quite challenging to say the least. >> this show is still opening january 21 with rules for wearing a high-quality mask and being vaccinated. not even water bottles are allowed to keep everyone masked up. by february 1, boosters will be required. some health officials are urging caution. one doctor told us how his habits are changing. >> it is a blizzard of covid. it's a massive amount of covid. you have to assume any space you go into -- i will only wear and
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n95 when i'm going indoors with other people. >> know it was expecting to fall back into this emotional place. >> this urge is also affecting rehearsals for future shows. every company is scrutinizing their ability to stage productions and they are worried once again about their ability to survive. kristen: america's fight against covid-19 testified before a senate committee addressing both republican and democratic concerns about the federal response to omicron. the head of the fda promised delivery of more than 500 million free tests to american households while doctrine in the fount he testified about the impact the unvaccinated our having on the current surge. dr. fauci: if you look at vaccinated versus unvaccinated, there's a 10 times greater chance you will be infected if
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your unvaccinated, 17 times greater chance you will be hospitalized if you are unvaccinated, and about a 20 times likelihood that you will be dead if you are unvaccinated. kristen: and the cdc director clarified federal covid guidelines, saying vaccinated people exposed to the virus don't need to stay at home unless they develop symptoms. but they should wear a mask, get tested, and avoid travel until after day 10. we could soon get a new mask recommendation from the cdc. the washington post reports the federal agency may start suggesting people where n95 or kay n95 masks as opposed to other types like the common fabric mask. officials are expected to say of people cannot tolerate wearing the k n95 or n95 mask all day, they should. >> canada is back in the highest risk for travel, designated as a
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level for country. travel to countries not categories not recommended and there are more than 80 countries considered level for and that includes much of europe. if you want to stay up today on latest covid headlines and they seem to change every five minutes, we have more information on our website. kristen: blood shortage -- the plea for help and the need for blood. why supplies are so low right now. taking history -- a first of its kind surgical breakthrough. the unusual organ transplant. and honoring john madden -- congress pays tribute to a bay area legend. spencer: i'm going to take you out roller coaster ride of high temperatures. but there will be more
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larry: a stirring tribute today for john madden who passed away last month. >> it can be stated that few few any individuals have had a greater impact on football and popular culture in the last 50 years. larry: congressman aarons falwell hailed madden as devoted family man and fixture in the community. >> john madden was simultaneously a larger-than-life hall of fame coast -- coach and broadcaster but also someone you could hang
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out with and have a cold miller lite at the outback steakhouse in dublin after his football game, bump into at ace hardware on a sunday afternoon looking at power tools or join for ham and eggs after mass on a sunday morning at vicks all-star kitchen. larry: other lawmakers praised madden for the impact they have on his life -- their life. a public service is planned for february 15 in oakland. one thing that's interesting here is when you look at a person's life, john madden was a great coach. he was also an incredible broadcaster, and probably the leading seller of video games. all kids want to play. at the very peak in all three categories. unbelievable. kristen: are they still going to make those games? larry: absolutely.
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kristen: i never met him, but the stories he tells, he was afraid to fly, right? or he didn't like it. he felt so real and so nice. larry: a terrific man. kristen: now to a medical first -- this is interesting. a man with a terminal heart disease has received a heart from a genetically modified pig. he said to be doing well with no signs of rejection yet. morgan norwood has more on what experts believe could be a new era in surgery. >> we've never done this in a human. >> doctors and earl and celebrating a groundbreaking surgery after implementing a genetically modified pig's heart into a patient with late stage heart disease. >> the animal heart is functioning, by my eye at least, as normal as could have been expected. >> the nine hour operation was
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david bennett's last chance for survival after he was deemed ineligible for a traditional transplant. >> this is crisis mode. my dad was on his deathbed. >> doctors replaced his heart with one from a 240 pound pig modified to function like a human heart without immediate rejection by the body. >> this is a game changer. we've modified 10 genes in this pig's heart. four of the genes were knocked out, three of them responsible for producing antibodies that causes rejection. >> for now, the procedure is experimental and not ready for everyone who needs a transplant. and the long-term prognosis is still unknown. but the potential life-saving benefits are in norma's. -- r big. >> 10 people die every day on the organ transplantation list. whether it's 3d printing or growing organs in a lab setting or donation, we desperately need
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more organs. so this is a potential real reason for optimism. >> bennett says he looks forward to getting out of bed once he recovers. doctors will be monitoring him closely. larry: the temperature of the world's oceans continues to rise. the hertz ocean set a new record for a third straight year. researchers blame human activity and a warrant warmer oceans threatens sea life, make storms more severe and contribute to sea level rise. this rain and now it looks like a whole lot of sunshine. mike: we have definitely hit the brakes on the rain train. hopefully it will come back but it doesn't look like it will be in this forecast cycle.
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here are the high clouds we talked about -- temperatures for much surged to the same levels. 59 in half moon bay. low to mid view, san jose and as we look at other areas, isn't that gorgeous -- look how clean the air is. if we hadn't had all that rain, the air could be more polluted, but it is not. let's enjoy breathing the comfortable air. 59 in santa rosa, 60 in fairfield. here's a look at san jose -- we will use this as the backdrop for the highlights. milder tonight and maybe a few more high clouds. a little more fog in the inland and east bay. our afternoon highs will go on that roller coaster but stay close to average and no significant rain in the next seven days or so.
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the golden gate -- a beautiful shot. 58 and nearly calm as you can see by the flag there. we did have an offshore breeze but it is calm and you can have a nice night out with temperatures in the mid to upper 40's by the time we get to 11:00. a few upper 30's in places in santa rosa and petaluma. most of us in the low to mid 40's but just like this morning, the insula coast will be lowered thanks to the offshore breeze. i want to show you the fog forecast and santa rosa will have fog as normal. but look at the fog starting to roll through the delta. temperatures tomorrow as it slowly fades away by midnight or noon will be a little cooler in those areas. tomorrow anywhere from five degrees warmer than average in san francisco to about seven in oakland. 63 to nearly 70 as you h you h h
4:21 pm
gilroy. 63 to 65 on the peninsula. 60 two in san francisco. through the north bay valleys, we will have 61 to 63. on the east bayshore, 61 and east bay and berkeley. cooler temperatures because of the fog. antioch and brentwood at 60. low 60 two bid 60's in the east bay. a series of storms heading to the north, flooding happening in washington and going to continue next seven days. this high will block any chance of wet weather from coming our way. temperatures pretty mild during the morning hours because of high clouds. a little cooling trend as we had through friday and saturday, we bumped the temperatures up into the low to mid 60's and slowly cool down in to the 50's as we had through the holiday weekend. kristen: tickets went on sale
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today for bottlerock, which is back to memorial day weekend after last year's festival had to be moved to the fall. three-day general admission passes are available for $379 plus fees. even the platinum three-day passes are sold out. headliners include metallica, pink, 21 pilots and cou music star luke combs. larry: an iconic restaurant closing for good. the pandemic is only one part of the problem. >> a big move from bank of america could save you a small fortune.
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kristen: time now for consumer news. larry: michael finney has a look at the headlines -- we are talking about billions at stake. >> bank of america is the latest bank to overhaul its overdraft fees. the bank says it will reduce the fees from $35 to $10 starting in may. bank of america will cut nonsufficient fund fees entirely. those are the ones assessed when a customer's transaction is rejected or they bounce a check. it will stop customers from over drawing their accounts and illuminate the $12 fee from auto transferring from one account to another.
4:26 pm
that one always onerous. they collected $30 billion in these kinds of fees in 2020 loan. banks have been under pressure from elizabeth warren and other critics who point out the fees target people of color and those living paycheck-to-paycheck. if you want to get an uber, you will have to do it the old-fashioned way -- with your phone. have quietly stopped support for its apple watch app, meaning watch customers have to use traditional phone apps. apple watch users will see a warning that uber is no longer supporting the app. lift dropped its apple watch app in 2018. if you purchased your digital harry potter books from the pot moore website, now is the time to download them before they magically disappear. wizard and world has sent out an email to its members to inform them they must download and save their books before january 31. the platform will stop
4:27 pm
supporting electronic and audiobooks entirely. you can download the books and read them on just about any e reader, but what a hassle. do you know how many people deleted the email because it looked like junk? larry: they didn't realize it was real? >> they already bought it and read the book, but they did not know the site was going away. kristen: i still have m potter hardcover books. you are looking at the next generation of warehouse operations. the company that creates these robots held a grand opening in fremont. they gave a first look into their operations inside the robot demo center. there robots can help with supply chain issues, they say, by providing technology to improve fulfillment and manufacturing operations in warehouses. larry: these look like the good robots, not the ones that can run and jump and will ultimately capture us.
4:28 pm
kristen: it's not always on the surface -- not saying those robots are evil. larry: the need for covid testing is on the rise and many are taking the test at home. some are doing something the cdc does not recommend. we will tell you about that next. kristen:
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♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ announcer: building a better bay area -- moving forward in finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. kristen: with more and more people testing themselves for covid at home, some have taking -- have taken to swabbing their throats. however, you shouldn't. >> after a suspected covid-19 c9
4:31 pm
exposure, she tested herself at home, only this time, she swabbed her throat and nose. >> we found a youtube video that we watched before i did it the first time. >> the trend spreading online is not recommended by the fda. but one doctor says he has done it. he says after his son tested negative despite having symptoms, the next day he tested him by swabbing his throat and nose. >> that turned out to be positive. i don't think we know enough yet to say everybody should do that, but that is what i did based on my read of the current evidence. >> he's also a ucf professor and president of the zuckerberg bio hub. >> what we found is the test works just as well with omicron as it has with previous variants. >> he does not recommend using
4:32 pm
it in the mouth or throat. >> it can be dangerous swabbing your throat. it's important to do it the way it was designed to use -- to be used -- and your nose. >> it really depends on the test. do not take a test made and designed for a nasal swab and use it in your throat. >> it is a warning that she says she did not know before today. >> i have not heard that. >> as for whether she tests by throat again -- >> i guess not. >> they expect to have the data on that soon. larry: for more on this, we are joined by a member of our abc 7 news vaccine team. what is your opinion on throat swabbing? before you give us your opinion, can you explain why people think this is a good path to follow because of where omicron may
4:33 pm
live as opposed to the nasal passages? >> you almost alluded to it. there some thought and a couple of non-peer review studies showing omicron replicates well in saliva in your throat possibly before it will show up in your nose. if you take one of those tests and swab your throat and then swab your nose afterwards -- doing it the other way around is disgusting. you might be able to pick up that virus. but it is important to remember we don't know enough about it to say people should go out and do it. you want to see the fda evaluate the data. there are certain factors that may affect your collection method. estimate who has swabbed a lot of throats and hospital, it's not a lot -- it's not easy to swab your tonsils. larry: i will take your word for that. a lot of concern now about the effectiveness of certain masks. should we get rid of cloth masks
4:34 pm
and only where specialized n95 if you can find them? >> if you can find if you ca perfect phrase. in a perfect world, everyone would have access to these certified n95 masks. the reality is a lot of people don't. but you want to do is make sure your mask meets two criteria -- a good fit, it's airtight, and you have filtration. if you don't have one of those masks, then you can still get a surgical mask and that is what is important. we've been saying this since the beginning of the pandemic -- it is important that your mask fits well. especially for young kids or anyone with sensory issues. larry: in california, the department of public health is saying hospital workers who test positive can stay on the job as long as they don't have any symptoms. that's a big change from
4:35 pm
previous policy. as a doctor that works every day in the hospital, what is your thought? >> this is a tough one. i don't understand where this came from in terms of the actual evidence because you can absolutely be contagious and get your colleagues or patients sick if you are testing positive but have no symptoms. we know this and it seems like this is a way to put a band-aid on the health care shortage and there should have been a more drafted conversation. this is why we have professionals accusing the state of putting health care corporations above their own health. this is not being met by a lot of applause by my colleagues or people who represent the health care profession. we are inevitably going to see some pushback. already in the midst of a strained health care larry: system. this is supposed to be temporary, correct? >> it is temporary, but it is
4:36 pm
still not sitting well with a lot of people. do i think you need to get a negative test by 10 days? that's the safest method, but it's not realistic given how many people are getting sick. anyone who wants to help, wear a mask infect a front-line worker. kristen: along with the pandemic, we are also dealing with a blood crisis. according to the american red cross, the blood supply dangerously low. i spoke with a red cross spokesperson about the situation today. kristen: the american red cross is facing a crisis. there has been a 10% decline in donations since the pandemic began. there's been a 62% drop in drives at schools and colleges, so you can imagine the donor turnout has plummeted.
4:37 pm
we do have a staffing shortage just like everyone else during the pandemic. the red cross is looking to train phlebotomists and also looking for volunteers to help staff the blood donation drives and blood centers. kristen: anyone who donates in january will automatically be entered for a chance to win prizes, including a getaway to the super bowl in los angeles. how is that for incentive? larry: it's very expensive to go to the super bowl, so if you get that, you are a winner. maybe you will see the 49ers there. a disturbing new trend related to covid -- some people are actually
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larry: time now for the four at four. people are out there trying to catch the omicron variant just to get it over with. this is a growing trend among the boosted and vaccinated and says it's a bad idea for many reasons. including that it's not good to catch a disease on purpose. especially if you have an underlying condition you may not know about. at the disease -- there's no guarantee you are going to get omicron. you are going to get delta and then maybe get omicron later. your thoughts?
4:41 pm
>> it has never crossed my mind to intentionally get this, but one thing that has is that i'm hoping i already had it. there was a time in december 2019, my entire house got really sick and that was right before and i hope if i'm ever going to get it that was it, but we know you can get it again -- i don't know. it's a mess. i'm not hoping to get it again. larry: thanks for telling me. december of 2019. mike: as far as i know, i never had it but i was also sick in 2019. i'm also using the same precautions i've been using to keep from getting whatever variant it is because my sister has had it twice now and just because she had it once doesn't
4:42 pm
mean she didn't get it again. kristen: unless the world got it all at once, it's going to keep evolving. stay away from omicron parties. it's concerning for upcoming girl scout cookie sales, so the group has come up with an unusual solution -- a hybrid models -- hybrid model of selling online and in-person and they are turning to doordash for cookie delivery. they will be delivering thin mints to your door. just go to doordash and search girl scouts to see if delivery is available in your area. i think that's a great idea. i know a lot of girl scouts have been going to online sales. so that's another step. what do you think? mike: if it keeps the girl safe, yes, but are we putting other people at risk by doing it? i'm not sure why they can't drop it off themselves but safety is the number one protocol, so let's do it.
4:43 pm
does it mean we have to pay more? larry: doordash just drops just your door. you don't even have to interact with the person delivering it. but they have to adapt to whatever the conditions are. kristen: their parents always drop them off anyway. it's just more avenues. they are thinking big. they want larry: to go global. they should. they have a great product. what about oreos? the famous cookie is turning 110 and to celebrate, they are introducing a new flavor. it's called chocolate confetti cake. it features sprinkles and to lairs of filling and chocolate cake cream. it's the first time oreo is using sprinkles in and on top of the cookie. you can get them starting
4:44 pm
january 31. i recently received oreos that had sprinkles on top and these were custom oreos. you can get oreos with your face on them. i have a batch of oreos with my face on them and i -- it's a little frightening. kristen: we need to get those so we can dunk them hard. ama:ama:ama:ama:ama:ama:ama:ama: all the new flavors. i'm sure whatever that one is available -- i can never find all the flavors but i'm sure she will find them. the background. larry: if you want me to present you with a larry oreo, i can do that. there's one taker. my only friend. mike: and i will actually not dunk you.
4:45 pm
for a while. kristen: that is the next tasty thursday, but ostriches are some of the fastest birds on the planet. a flock of them put their speed and long legs to good use by making a run for freedom in south china. about 80 of the birds were spotted as they tried to get away from a local farm where an employee forgot to lock a gate. the farmer was able to round up all the feathered fugitive friends. larry: that is hilarious. kristen: larry: larry: they are huge. and they are moving. they can run. alpacas yesterday, ostriches today. kristen: what's tomorrow? larry: i'm afraid to ask. kristen: instead of the pig races at the county fair, this should be larry: larry: the next thing. have you ever been to virginia
4:46 pm
city in nevada? they have those, camel races, it's an old throwback. if you ever get the chance, it's quite a time warp and they have those kinds of races. ama: why do you know everything? mike: i have friends. larry:
4:47 pm
hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart for 35 years.
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i'm a mother of four-- always busy. i was starting to feel a little foggy. just didn't feel like things were as sharp as i knew they once were. i heard about prevagen and then i started taking it about two years now. started noticing things a little sharper, a little clearer. i feel like it's kept me on my game. i'm able to remember things. i'd say give it a try. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. kristen: glenn's -- oakland
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famed brown sugar kitchen has close. the pandemic is partly to claim and crime is a factor. they shut down the uptown restaurant just before christmas and plan to reopen this week. but she and her investor realized they were throwing good money after bad. the other restaurant in the oakland museum of california still open. larry: there is a new show called kings of napa debuting on hulu live in the oprah winfrey network. it features something really rare -- a napa winery that is black owned. our race and cultural reporter spoke to cast about how the show could open some doors and the local group pushing to diversify wine country. >> we could use the grenache grapes toward the back of the vineyard. >> get ready for a new trauma filled scripted series
4:50 pm
spoke to the stars ahead of the premier. >> this is a show about a very affluent african-american family in napa. we have a winery called the kings estate. >> my character is august k and she has a very strong vision for not only her families legacy but the >> company. a black family at the helm of a successful business -- it's a rarity on the screen and it napa valley. >> it's important to show a family like this in this position to open the door for everyone watching. >> the founder of longevity winds in livermore and the president of the association of african-american vintners makes it diversify -- makes it his mission through >> scholarships. how can we make those smaller?
4:51 pm
how can >> we increase diversity overall? he says it's arts with a mission and that life will reflect art. hopefully it will influence other marginalized groups to get into the wine industry. >> i think it is important we show that it does exist. >> beautiful and addictive. >> juicy and bold. >> just a hint of what it takes to make it in the wine country. juicy and bold. like mike nicco who is running to the weather center now. mike: i was in the wrong spot. i was over at the wall. kristen: the information is the same and wonderful. mike: hopefully that is my mulligan for this one. let's take a look at what is going on outside. the statewide averages
4:52 pm
snowpack. but look at the dichotomy between how green it is in california and how brown it is in nevada. there's a reason why nevada is one of the driest if not the driest state in -- states in the u.s. here's a look at what is going on in tahoe and as we look at the next seven days, pretty much nothing as far as snow. temperatures in the 20's in the morning and about 50 in the afternoon hours. the weekend still looking around the mid 50's around friday and upper 50's to mid 60's for saturday. then back into the upper 50's or maybe a degree or two cooler for sunday. a gorgeous sunset and this is just the beginning. during this warmer than average regime, we are going to have air quality that is healthy, but it is not looking as healthy as yesterday. all of us will be in the moderate category through sunday.
4:53 pm
larry: i like a man looking tng the weekend on a tuesday. steve harvey stepping away from family feud into the courtroom. we will tell you about everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. julie and bob are paying $700 less every month. dee now gets comprehensive coverage with no monthly premium. and the novarros are paying under $100 per month. check to see your new lower price. covered california. this way to health insurance. enrollment ends january 31st.
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kristen: coming up, starting at eight, it's judge steve harvey followed by abbot elementary and blackish. abc 7 news is at 11:00.
4:56 pm
steve harvey has been a standup comedian, author, motivational speaker and game show host. now he's adding other profession to his resume -- judge. sandy kenyon talk with the star about his new show. >> all rise for the honorable judge steve harvey. >> he doesn't wear judge's robes, doesn't have a law degree , but judge steve harvey still manages to play to his strengths. >> i'm here to make people laugh. i'm in the happy business. >> you can't plead the fifth after you told the story. >> the cases are real. >> but she is primarily here fop laughs. >> i'm not really interested in the verdict. i'm interested in the story, how we got here. >> how big a factor is the audience? there seems to be much more interaction with the spectators
4:57 pm
than previous shows. >> that was a requirement of mine. i needed an audience. for me to perform to my fullest and my best, i need an audience. >> his hold on the audience has long been obvious. 20 years have passed since he was one of the original kings of comedy in spike sleep -- in spike lee's document. it has been a decade since he lasted a standup routine. >> i miss it a little bit, but in this culture we are in today, i got out at the right time because political correctness is killing comedy. the freedom to say what you want to say is gone. >> he maintains to me people are too easily offended. but steve harvey still manages to find the funny. >> you are way more stupid than i thought you were. kristen: definitely not your typical judge. you can catch judge steve harvey tonight at 8:00 on abc 7.
4:58 pm
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>> moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> we are in the west of this omicron surge. >> as we navigate this surge, we know testing is a major issue. this is a problem not just here but all over the country. >> cities all across the bay area are trying to meet the demand for covid tests as one major testing site operator struggles with the computer issue. good evening, thank you for joining us. i am ama dates. >> of covid-19 cases and it comes the system outage continues to set that


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