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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  January 10, 2022 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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signed an executive order that will allow state agencies to crack down on covid test price gouging. abc 7 i team reporter to stephanie sierra is digging into how that is going to be enforced. hits an all-time high, so is the opportunity for ripoffs. >> it is outrageous. >> for sfpd deputy chief garrett tom cannot find a covid test anywhere in stores for his son. his search now limited to the internet. >> i feel like messaging these people and just like telling them, would you doing? how can you sit there and profit off these people when they are hurting? >> case in point, craigslist. a site where you normally go to score a deal but the cheapest one you will find is 80 to $100 for one covid antigen test. that is up to five times more than the average retail price
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sold in stores. >> price gouging of at-home test is illegal in california under the governor's emergency order. >> the executive order signed sunday per habits anyone selling at home covid tests from marking up the cost more than 10% and for those new to the market, selling for the first time to >> they can sell at normal more than 150% of their cost. >> attorney general rob montes says there will be consequences for anyone violating the terms of this order. >> this is a crime, a violation of this executive order is punishable by a fine of up to $1000 and up to six months in jail. >> he says his office will prosecute these crimes. he is currently investigating tips from the public. >> want to encourage anyone who has been the victim of price gouging to file a complaint with her office. >> you can do that diriatl >> some pandemic records today. california saw its highest ever
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test positivity rate. the increases are slowing down, which might mean we are reaching a plateau. nationwide, the number of coronavirus patients hospitalized hit a record of 141,000. and you health order and a sonoma county prohibits indoor events of more than 50 people and outdoor events of more than 100. if you are among people at high risk, the maximum is 12 unless it is a family gathering. the new rules take effect on wednesday and will last for more than a month. sonoma is seeing record high levels of hospital cases. the county health officer recommends leaving her home only for work and essential trips. thousands have been on the hunt for a covid test site. abc 7 news reporter was in multiple cities across the bay area to see firsthand what is causing the delays. >> thousands of people across the bay area started their week waiting in line to get tested.
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>> five and a half hours total. in the last 20 minutes, they let about 15 cars in. i was the very last car. >> in hayward, the line stretched for two miles. >> it is blocking the freeway. people have been waiting three or four hours. >> on many waited hoping to get tested, volunteers had to break the news to hundreds of people. the site had to close after an unexpected system failure. >> we are having to turn the public away. i am extremely sad for the community because right now, we need to get people tested. need the state to support. we need the feds to support and we need the help now. >> we drove to fremont where bay area community health volunteers were faced with the same setback. instead of closing their site but they began registering hundreds of people by hand. >> it can be tedious because we have two to 300, maybe 400 patients per day.
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>> we met aaron in line. for him, getting tested today was vital. >> my housemates tested positive. we just found out yesterday. little bit of a challenge to find testing. we have gone to a few places. we started looking for at home tests but we cannot find any anywhere. >> we left fremont and drove to san francisco where color health confirmed six sites had to close. they said in part our team is actively working to resolve the situation. we will restore service as soon as possible. for anyone whose appointments were postponed today, color will be in touch with alternative testing options. the 24th street site in san francisco is not connected. they stayed open with a line that covered multiple san francisco blocks. >> people start lining up at 6:00 a.m. we open up at 9:00 p.m. should the demand for testing is ridiculous.
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>> they had to close hours early to a process everybody. she and her atrial daughter were glad they made it to the front of the line. you have been waiting five hours. >> five hours. it is a long time. it is too much. >> you could not go to school. >> because i had to do the covid test. >> vaccine team. had to abc to submit your question. >> under the proposal for 2022, california has a record-breaking $286.4 billion budget. that includes a $45 billion surplus. abc 7 news anchor liz kreutz is in the newsroom with a look at how the governor plans to spend it. we are flushed with cash. >> governor newsom broke down his budget into five key areas, she calls california's greatest
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existential threats. those of the pandemic, climate change, homelessness, economic inequality and public safety. his benner proposal, a plan to create universal health care system for all californians regardless of immigration status. california is heading into 2022 with a 45 point $7 billion surplus and governor newsom outlined his proposal for how he wants to spend it. one major announcement, a plan to tackle hot california's high cost of living by creating universal health care coverage. the plan would provide health care to all low income californians regardless of age and immigration status. >> california is poised to be if this proposal is supported the first state in the country to achieve universal access to health coverage. >> governor's budget also includes 2.7 billion dollars to fight covid-19. 750 million dollars to tackle drought. $648 million to combat wildfires. climate change is top of the
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governor's agenda. he also announced proposals to create climate workforce including a plan to hire people to cap oil wells and a plan to replace all diesel school buses with electric ones. >> we are putting $1.5 billion in this year's budget in the space. to electrify the school fleet. >> as inflation hits, governors and proposed what he calls a modest holiday for the state gas tax. the state would delay the annual increase in the tax currently set for july 1. another area of focus, safety. his budget allowance 250 $5 million for local law enforcement and a new smash and grab enforcement unit. he is proposing a new statewide and buyback program and a plan to ensure district attorneys are effectively prosecuting criminals. >> we have to hold people accountable for breaking the law in these organized ways. >> the budget is nearly 400 pages. there is a lot shared money
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toward education, high-speed rail, homelessness and behavioral health p the governor says he wants to focus heavily this year on reforming conservatorships. this is only a budget proposal. much of this will have to be approved by the legislature and then we are going to get a revised budget in may. process. given the huge surplus, what did governor newsom save any money that could be coming to californians in terms of more stimulus money. >> the governor did not rule that out. he said that is an open-ended question. he did point out that right now, the state surplus is 2.6 billion dollars over what is known as the gam limit. if the surplus is over that limit, the law says half of the additional money goes toward education and the other half goes back to the taxpayer. the governor said if by the may revision the state is still over the limit, there could be some kind of monetary relief for taxpayers.
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>> thanks very much. for more information on the governor's budget proposal, head to our website. we have broken down each section of his plan with a look at where the money will be going. look for the story on the front page of should >> sanitary staff say vandals damaged a whole cori -- à la cause memorial in santa rosa. the stone fountain is the centerpiece of a memorial to holocaust survivors. it happened sometime after friday morning. police are looking into it. the senate -- the cemetery once it investigated as a hate crime. >> today, the phenyl service for a teenage girl who was killed by a officer stray bullet in burlington coat factory share the girl was in a dressing room when police responded to calls of an assault by an armed men at the store. police shot and killed the suspect but a stray bullet. stay dressing room wall and fatally struck the girl. she died in her mother's arms.
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>> when you think about her mother holding her 14-year-old child who had a world of possibilities, the only way you can define her laws is innocent blood spilled. we have to speak for her. >> the lapd said officers did not know anyone was in the dressing room. the suspect turned out to not have a gun but he had attacked and injured several people with a bicycle lock. >> the el cerrito police department is one of the loss of one of its own. officer jared bernstein was killed yesterday when his vehicle collided with a band. he was off duty. sky seven spud first responders standing at attention on overpasses as a hearse carried his body from the corners office . a long line of police and other vehicles joined the procession. the highway patrol is still investigating.
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officer bernstein was 26 years old. remembering a full and hero. davis police officer natalie corona was killed three years ago today what i gunman ambushed her as she responded to a report of the three-car cash could the suspect died by suicide a short time later. in november, caltrans held a ceremony that dedicated a five mile section. >> those who knew and worked with her bob saget remember him as a man with a big heart and a generous spirit the actor and comedian was found dead in his bed at the ritz-carlton yesterday in orlando. he is best known as america's dad for his role as danny tanner on full house, then host of america's funniest home videos. san francisco comedian joe classic open for him and shared his memories today. >> he was a unique star. he was very generous with his time. he never made you feel like you were less than. he had this boyish charm and he
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always seemed to move through the world like he knew he won the lottery and he was very generous with that. >> medical examiner's office says there is no evidence of drug use or foul play. bob saget was 65 years old. >> a tragedy in new york. a deadly apartment building fire is a lesson for all of us. the basic steps to prevent something like this from happening where you live. >> sunny and dry starch of the week. i will let you know if this what are you recommending for muscle pain? based on clinical data, i recommend salonpas. patients like these patches because they work for up to 12 hours, even on moderate pain. salonpas. it's good medicine
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>> investigators are focusing on a pair of others inside the
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bronx high-rise that caught fire yesterday killing 17 people. york city investigators discover the doors were left open. the airflow helped push heavy smoke through the building. >> help us. it was too much. >> the property owner claims these -- the building did have self-closing doors that is the unanswered question at the heart of the investigation, the fire marshal's investigation. if these doors were self-closing, then why was the door left open yucca >> in 2018, new york city passed a law mandating self-closing doors in all apartment buildings. investigators say a space heater cause the fire. as the investigation continues, local first responders are reacting to what happened. sac fuentes found they are urging all of us to be aware of devices that could become dangerous. >> our hearts are really with the people of the state of new york. the people of the city of new york and the responders that had
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to respond to that fire. going to a fire with a single fatality is very traumatic. going to a fire like this, i cannot imagine what those men and women are going through. >> captain justin stockman with the santa clara fire department says while it is still early to draw too many conclusions, it brings up a lot of important points. >> number two because of home fires as space heaters. the number two cause of fatalities is heating equipment. if you're using something like a space heater or any kind of heating element in a home, maintain at least three feet of clearance around it had three feet of nubile material but a three foot no kidzone. >> use the equipment the way it is meant to be used. >> don't use equipment designed for outdoor use indoors. that is another common cause of fatalities in the home. using heating equipment indoors that produces carbon monoxide. >> make sure you have working
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fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms that have been tested in the last month. >> it has replaceable batteries, the batteries have been replaced in the last year and the units themselves, the actual smoke alarm needs replaced every 10 years. >> tips and practices he says we have to prioritize. >> as we are mid-pandemic come as we deal with everything politically that is happening, we cannot take our eyes off the basics of ensuring our friends, our neighbors, our community stay safe from fire. >> such a tragedy. we have got to take those steps. >> good advice. it's turn now to a dry forecast. >> it is definitely going to be dry the rest of this week and into early next week. i went to show you satellite and radar. during where everything is going? we have a low heading toward the pacific northwest.
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high pressure is diverting the storm track. even though we have a system to our southwest, none of that is going to come into the bay area. doppler seven not showing any rain. emeryville camera showing a beautiful view of san francisco. the temperatures, comfortable. santa clara, 57 degrees. look at this view from her east bay hills camera. you can see all the way across the bay. temperatures in the low to mid 50's. 49 degrees in fairfield today's high temperatures, a little bit above average. stepping out tonight, 40's, 50's at 7:00. you might want to grab a light jacket. high clouds will pass through the region. we start out with upper 30's. i the afternoon, it warms up again despite the fact we have all those clouds around tomorrow. from our santa cruz camera, it is going to be mild enough to
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hit the beach tomorrow. above average highs most of the week. we have a mild pattern through the weekend. fog is not going to be an issue at least not through tomorrow morning. moderate to good air quality for the bay area the next four days. tomorrow morning, the biggest thing you're going to notice is extra high clouds. upper 30's to the mid-40's to start off the morning. cooler weather for the start of tomorrow morning. bundle up. 67 in morgan hill. 66, san jose. really mild for january. 64 in menlo park. low to mid 60's coast side. 62 degrees, filtered sunshine in the north bay. 61 in san rafael. 61 in vallejo pin having a midwinter dry spell in the middle of january is not that out of the ordinary. we see the spells from time to
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time so don't panic yet. i the east bay, 62. low 60's from concord to will and a creek. 62 degrees in livermore. here is a look at the computer animation taking you through the next seven days. that is the storm track to our north does not make it here because we have this blocking ridge through martin luther king jr. day. the accuweather seven-day forecast. mild the next couple of afternoons. above average on wednesday even though the temperatures will come down. fog is here thursday. it is cooler and still a dry pattern heading into the long holiday weekend. hopefully we can get the storms back. >> coming up, only only o pets on the loose. these are not dogs or cats.
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running through the street. dion lim shows the story of how a community came together to get the animals back home you will see only on seven. two i am going to put your harness on. >> as if trying to corral your pet alpacas was not challenging enough. imagine the much longer ordeal. tobias and his daughter went through.
6:24 pm
when this happened. 10-year-old bogey and his three-year-old son had decided to go on the ultimate adventure saturday morning should >> we left the gate unlocked from our backyard from a walk before. in the morning we are having our coffee and i saw them on the hillside. >> the dynamic duo proceeded to zigzag through nearby noland park dashing under an and into a neighborhood. >> i was concerned for their safety primarily and also motorist safety. >> aaliyah and her brother just happened to be driving on 100 9th avenue. and started recording. >> it came to me. >> the dead posted it to the store. >> i got 3000 100 some people. >> online users, some thinking they had escaped from the zoo came out in droves to assist.
6:25 pm
>> neighbors, friends, oakland animal control was helpful and kind. >> after traveling four miles from more than two hours, a neighbor corralled the unharmed duo with a rope. >> they are hard to catch. that was ridiculous. these guys had a great day. >> it was a good day for the east oakland community as well. >> our national narrative is about some of the challenges we face here but come together and people care about people here. they also carrabelle alpacas. -- they also care about alpacas. >> they are great. >> they are pretty cute. tobias says the gate will never go unlocked again. bogey is a single alpaca dead and looking for a female mate. -- alpaca dad and looking for a
6:26 pm
female mate. >> right perspective on the whole thing. when schools were shut down and classes went remote, a lot of kids suffered. now the push to keep schools open is not just emotional well-being. there is a financial component as well. >> a g>> a g save thousands of dollars deposited for a trip to mount kilimanjaro never made it to the travel agent. i michael
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a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. >> this is abc 7 news. >> the current omicron surgeon is pushing coronavirus cases to record-setting levels and several bay area restaurants are struggling to stay open. >> with staff testing positive, odors or having to make the difficult decision to close for a night, sometime even longer. >> melanie woodrow has the story. >> lord thomas is one of several having tech pencil -- having to cancel customer reservations tonight. >> i cannot tell you the level of stress personally and in our industry right now. >> san francisco restaurant
6:30 pm
arizona is closed for the evening after staff members tested positive. >> we had two folks out. one was my executive chef. >> thomas is the executive director of the golden gate restaurant association. >> definitely a restaurant by restaurant case-by-case situation. not only do you use -- do you lose the revenue but your having to make this asians on, can you pay staff who are not there? >> humberto is hoping to reopen tomorrow after covid forced him to close for 10 days. >> one my going to do? i have employees. i am sick. i want to make sure everybody is fine before they come back to work and allow enough time to get well. >> he says the only silver lining is the restaurants were closed on one of the slower weeks of the year. it definitely has the bottom line. >> financially, it is a big blow. >> he says when the restaurant
6:31 pm
to reopen, they will have fewer tables to keep employees and guests safe. an increased preference for outdoor dining and taycan orders again. >> even -- if you are there without a mask and other people are without a mask if there are more than five or 10 people there, undoubtedly someone has covid. >> as restaurants struggle to stay afloat, he says when he reopens tomorrow, he hope someone will come in. >> covid is shutting down and oakland school this week. oakland school of the arts said today it is closing for a week because of exposures. about 750 students six through 2 -- read six through 12 are enrolled should the school says it cannot find staff and is not permitted to offer distance learning due to changes in state law. teachers will be posting
6:32 pm
self-guided work online for students and as of now, oakland school of the arts plans to resume classes next tuesday. >> a standoff ended today between a south bay school district and santa clara's office of education winning kids in the classroom. the students were back in the class this morning. the school district reversed its plan for a ten-day districtwide quarantine. the office of education says school district and we'll -- no longer have the option to offer remote or virtual learning. last summer, the state stopped funding for virtual learning. at least one student was happy to be back in person. >> i believe learning online is not as effective as learning in class. >> parents concerned about student health and safety can opt into short-term or long-term independent study. from activity risks to finding tests, the pandemic has made a lot of things at least a little bit different. to help you find resources, we have put all of our stories in one place .
6:33 pm
>> a group of bay area women made a trek up mount kilimanjaro in tanzania to michael finney is here with a story. this trip would not have happened if not for the help of a good samaritan should >> they had been working on this trip for almost two years with the help of a bay area hiking group. they deposited nearly $2000 each for the trip only to be told by the tour operator he never got the money. >> we are about to start. >> we are a little out of breath but we will make it. >> that is marissa as she embarks on the strenuous climb up mount kilimanjaro. the highest mountain in africa is also the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. 19,340 feet. >> it is a challenge. i am in avid hiker. i've been hiking for 15 years and i love hiking.
6:34 pm
>> regina fox and the other is belonged to a local hiking club. the group says organizers began accepting installments 18 months in advance. they accuse miles of never paying the tour operator. >> a lot of people know him and hiked with them for many years so it was very disappointing and a big sense of betrayal. >> both regina and patricia are suing miles in small claims court should in the court filing, she says miles did not organize the trip, did not pay the tour operator and sent a message to group members saying he had spent the money and did not have the money to deliver the services promised. they say miles sent them this group message explaining what happened. i thought i could invest the money since it was just sitting there and make us happy and have it back before the end of the trip. a few bad investments later and here we are the text read. the message left her stunned.
6:35 pm
>> i am upset. i am confused. i trusted him. i thought he was a friend. >> he needs to know he has to pay us back. he cannot just walk on with his life and start another hiking group. >> alison edwards also filed a lawsuit saying the defendant used the funds he collected for his own purposes. 7 on your side reached out to miles who did not respond to our numerous messages. others in the group say they have been ignored as well. then came this community call for help, the brainchild of treece avery. >> having trained that hard and having their dreams dashed, i was like that is wrong. every little bit counts. in >> a matter of days, she raised $6,000. that was enough to defer a third of the cost of the trip should the traveler still had to pay another 1200. each one of the 11 women who made the trip reached the summit. the generosity of those who helped them get their warm their hearts.
6:36 pm
>> you find when people are hurting or someone is stressed or something, you find people come together. >> unfortunately, seven of the 18 who originally paid for the trip were unable to go due to the additional cost. as for miles, the women say he sent them a direct message saying he will pay everyone back but he has not said when or how. i would not hold my breath. >> what a lifetime memory. >> unbelievable. >> american banks have a new quarter in stock and while the face value is
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darker stocks ended only slightly lower after reversing an early slide down several hundred points at the opening. technology stocks bounced back after leading the market down. the dow dropped by 163 points to end the day. the s&p 500 fell almost seven. the nasdaq was the only index with a positive trading day. the nasdaq is 8% below its recent high. the dow and s&p are 3% below records.
6:40 pm
>> americans will soon see my angelo on new quarters. the u.s. mint started shipping the coins today. they will be available in banks starting late january. she was san francisco's first black street car operator. she was the first of five american women to be featured on coins this year. the coins will honor women with a wide range of accomplishments. coming up next. i will tell you about a side effect of all the rain we have had. strong storms can push pollution into the bay and there is a solution to that. >> to come on this day is amazing. >> champions at the warriors game should klay thompson returns to the court and a record-setting local jeopardy contest and is in the stands. jeopardy airs every week night at
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>> when it comes to our bay area climate, the recent storms are welcome new spear they are also putting a focus on a dangerous source of pollution that surges into the san francisco bay along with the storm water. he researches warning to potential solutions that might
6:44 pm
limit the danger and the threat. >> walk along damon slough in oakland and you will likely see trash heading toward san francisco bay. david lewis and the -- of the group save the bay, says much of it comes from the freeway and local storm drains. >> any time it rains, anything on the streets goes into the storm drains and into the bay unfiltered. we see this on all of the freeways and our urban roads. >> experts say the pollution you can actually see is only part of the threat flooding right alongside, often invisible to the naked eye are micro plastics. tiny particles that could come from clothing, cigarette notes and even the rubber from car tires. >> the way it wears off is when the tire hits the road, it wears off these tiny bits of tires. they are practically microscopic. >> their effects could be devastating to fish like salmon and other marine life kelly moran and her colleagues at the sam cisco estuary institute set
6:45 pm
out to document the likely sources. and also confirmed storm water is a main culprit. >> our study for the first time revealed that micro plastics were mostly coming from outdoor rain. and washing across outdoor surfaces and they were carrying micro plastics into san francisco bay. >> the other downpours -- the downpours that swept through the bay this winter. crating one off the poles micro plastics with it. that with a better understanding of where micro plastics come from and how they are transported, researchers are hoping they will be able to come up with innovative solutions. everything from introducing new technologies to changing old behaviors. remember the rubber particles? several companies including the tire collective are engineering on board devices designed to capture the rubber before it is left on the road and potentially recycle it. researchers say limiting the tiny clothing fibers pushed out
6:46 pm
is another opportunity. if >> >> you pull out a rack or throw some hangers on your shower rack, and try some of your clothes that way, it is cool because it will reduce the amount of micro plastics getting into the bay because they won't be going out your dryer. >> david lewis points to new efforts by the city and the state to cut down on plastic use. >> the more we can eliminate single use plastics and packaging and other materials, the less there is to get into the environment and landfills. >> limiting the pollution and micro plastics that can be washed into creeks, streams and ultimately san francisco bay. in -- an initiative on the state ballot would go a step further creating new regulations on single-use plastic. >> we are getting informed on the weather. >> a dry forecast. i know we >> need the rain but it is really drive through the week and into next week to show you a few from our east bay
6:47 pm
hills camera. we are going to pan around and show you the view as we look toward san francisco. sutro tower is it a full tonight. we don't have any rain here. not expecting it anytime soon. temperatures tomorrow will be above average. highs will range from the low tell percy's for most of you. 66 in the san jose area. 64 in san jose. climate prediction center says it is going to be dry next week sunday through wednesday. a 30 to 50 percent chance of below average precipitation. we are in a weak lending you. ack, couldnd uerage t hold and dismal rainy season. let's keep our fingers crossed things change. martin luther king jr. day is also dry.
6:48 pm
>> an oakland woman re an oaklan historic milestone during her run on jeopardy. more than a million dollars in winnings. the weekend, she was recognized during the warriors game sh rillettes -- where's game should >> chairs erected at the warriors game sunday. not only for klay thompson but for a special guest happens to be a warriors fan. abc 7 news sports anchor chris alvarez caught up with jeopardy super champ and oakland resident amy schneider who was invited to her first game in san francisco. >> it is unbelievable. i had not made it to chase center yet with the pandemic and everything. just to come on this day is amazing. coco clyde in her current jersey, schneider is the first woman to
6:49 pm
she says as n befo team waany good i mov oba 29. i did not have an nba team. >> while schneider could not elaborate if passes the consecutive wins, she is proud of how as a transgender woman the jeopardy platform has helped change public perceptions. > it has been incredible. not just hearing from other trans people but hearing from parents and grandparents of trans people. for me to be doing such a normal thing as being on jeopardy i think it really changed a lot of people's minds. >> schneider left us with this advice. >> keep being yourself. don't let any part of you limit any other part of you. you can be everything at once. you don't have to pick and choose. two and a prediction for her favorite teams odds of making the finals. >> the warriors. we can be a championship. >> i have had so much fun
6:50 pm
watching her on jeopardy. just wonderful. >> a great will model. >> onto sports. >> here we are. coming up in sports, 49ers and cowboys in the playoffs. plus, he is back. klay thompson -- klay thompson klay thompson -- klay thompson co we've been cooking up this kitchen design for a while... it's going to be perfect. ok, that pattern works. wow, this whole look works. and at a price that really works. i think our work here is done. at floor and decor, our helpful associates and free in-store design services add to your experience, not your expenses. and with an unmatched selection of high-quality products all at everyday low prices, creating the kitchen to match your taste has never been easier. discover floor and decor today!
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>> it is a victory monday.
6:53 pm
a thrilling overtime win over the rims yesterday. the 49ers play dallas sunday afternoon. the fortnite's overcame a 17 point deficit yesterday. this tied things with 30 with 30 left in regulation. ambry thomas, the interception of matthew stafford sealed the 27-20 four overtime win. the guys talked about motivation after halftime and jimmy g. had to speak over a fire lampshade >> he said hey, 30 minutes to empty the tank. there are no guarantees next week. we have to win this game or we are going home. >> i stepped up in big moments. defense gave us a shot -- a shot. holding them in crucial situations. sorry. that is tough. at the end with the big interception. that was awesome. >> that was funny. andrew luck was
6:54 pm
two time heisman trophy winner up should three straight bowl games. he is the school leader and a passing touchdowns and second in passing yards. he becomes the 19th cardinal player inducted. how beloved is klayhoyesterday,e out in pregame warm-ups in different clay jerseys. the splash brothers. they are back. 941 days. klay thompson returning after rehabbing two devastating injuries to play his first game ever at chase. putting the cavs on a poster. what injuries? finished with 17 points and the warriors win. here is clay describing the moment being introduced in the starting lineup. >> i can't believe this is here that is all i could think. to hear the roar of the crowd.
6:55 pm
gave a yell. that is all was going through my head. i love our warrior fans. i know they were heard from me the last few years. i tried to visualize this moment. for years really. it was worth every second. >> that was cool. to see this today, the 40th than they were syria one of the most iconic place in 49ers history. simply known as the catch. finding the late great. set the niners to their first super bowl, which they won. kicked off the dynasty becoming the team of the 1980's. there was a running joke. montana would joke that jewett got all the credit. he would say they don't call it the throw. it is the catch. some of my first memories were the niners and cowboys games in the 1990's. can we just get to kickoff?
6:56 pm
maybe jimmy g. to george kittle for a catch in dallas. that would be sweet. derivate is a lot of fun cute i cannot believe it has been 40 years. that is crazy. they don't call it the throw. that is funny. >> coming up tonight on abc 7, at 8:00, it is the bachelor. then followed by judge steve harvey at 10:00. stay with us at 11:00. rtvrtvrtvrtvrtv tv, amazon tv and roku. that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. we thank you so much for joining us. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time. hope you have a nice evening and we see you again at 11:00.
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