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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  January 9, 2022 6:00am-7:00am PST

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how your skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. a lot of people are happy to have somebody that speaks spanish. long lines at covid testing sites prompting the state to step in and help the california national guard now a locations including the bay area amid the surge of the omicron variant their job to translate and make sure people are pre-registered to improve wait times. good morning everybody. it's january 9. sunday january 9th, and you're watching abc 7 news at 6 am live here on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream. thanks for joining us. i'm liz kreutz and we are going to have much more on that story in just a moment. but first, let's start with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen lisa at chili start to the morning. yeah, very cold and it's getting
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foggy and our inland valleys around lafayette pleasant hill and walnut creek. so the temperatures dropping into the 30s, you're gonna have to wait a little while to head on out. there's a look at live doppler 7 highlighting that big ridge of high pressure overhead and the cool dry air beneath allowing for the peninsula to see temperatures in the mid and upper 30s 37 santa rosa 35, san ramon. livermore is at 36 and san jose is 11 degrees colder this morning compared to yesterday. so a little bit milder and i shouldn't say milder but not as cold in the north bay three-quarter mile visibility in santa rosa, but look at concord in the last hour way down to just over a mile. so be careful out there. san francisco is lear and by nine o'clock. we're in the 40s with some of that fog by the afternoon. it's partly cloudy with mid and upper 50s returning that sun sets at 508 increasing clouds tonight and to start the work week. we've got a cloudy start. we'll detail that for you coming up liz. all right. thank you. lisa scenes like these are
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becoming all too common in the bay area right now long lines as people wait to get covid tests or pick up at-home tests. now the state is stepping in to help hundreds of national. guard troops are deployed across the state to provide help at testing centers abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard has the story from the east bay. worst case scenario if you're still having trouble by the time you get up there. i know they can put it kwame goodman didn't expect to see california national guard members helping folks navigate this busy covid testing site outside the antioch community center. the long line was daunting. yeah, they're helpful because when i got here, i didn't know what i had to do. they explained it to you and how log on and then from that phone you can screwed out to get started 200 national guard members were sent by the governor to 50 testing sites across the state including eight in the bay area to help expedite the testing process during a surge of new covid cases. a lot of people are happy to have somebody that speaks
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spanish sergeant victor del rial says the guard is helping with translation and pre-registration at the moment right now. what we're doing is we are walking through the line making sure everybody signed up or signing up and if they need any help signing up, then that's our main priority at the moment. well, i've been online since yesterday looking for places and everybody was booked out till the end of the month. we're excited to have the national guard show up and and provide a support antioch. mayor lamar thorpe says the need for testing has never been greater in eastern contra costa county. we have some of the highest rates of covid infection. i'm excited that working collaboratively to solve this. pandemic before christmas this site was averaging about 300 tests per day. now. it's 800 and healthcare workers. say the national guard may actually help them do even more tests this line right now. they probably will wait about an hour to be seen but the national guards here here. it's helping speed it up. so maybe half the time that may
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allow this site and others to add more testing appointments. the national guard's deployment could last through mid-february in ant cornell bernard abc 7 news members of the governor's administration detailed california's covid spending plan. it includes 2.7 billion dollars in pandemic funds the bulk of the money would go to testing another priority is funding vaccine clinics the proposal includes funds to support hospital workers by continuing to pay for contract staff. it also includes money for efforts to combat misinformation. the administration also wants to renew a supplemental paid sick leave policy. employees in the state governor newsom is scheduled to present his spending plan tomorrow. and governor newsome also signed an executive order to protect residents against price gouging of at-home covid tests. this new order will prohibit sellers from increasing kit prices by no more than 10 percent officials say they will take action against price gougers.
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milpitas unified schools will remain open for both in-person and distance learning this week district officials had proposed a quarantine, but in a letter sent to parents yesterday officials said they couldn't actually offer the district-wide quarantine. only county health officials can declare a quarantine according to the district's letter for families without wi-fi or child supervision students can come to campus and there is growing concern that more schools could return to remote learning as omicron cases rise. abc 7 news reporter luz pena spoke to california state assembly vice chair of the education committee about what could be ahead. more than 700 teachers and aids called in sick in san francisco last week in oakland 12 schools were forced to close friday due to staffing shortages and on monday contra. costa county is planning to close 54 schools for a cruise to deep clean classrooms. the bigger issues here is whether or not staff are going
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to be well enough to be at school. this is an ongoing issue. our educators are and our students are right now san francisco's teachers union president. he's asking for an increase in protection to keep schools open high quality masks and 95k95 and or 94 for all students and staff weekly testing and pick up at every single school site accessible and an extension to covid sick leave for 10 days for any employee that has to quarantine. stanford's infectious disease doctor hector bonita says vaccines and testing will keep schools safe if you have a vaccinated and you got this infection, you got a very mild symptoms and we are looking to live with that as several bay area school districts are considering remote learning we california's state assembly vice chair of the education committee but the state can do to increase
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protection in schools like more testing the governor could do that right away. he has the ability to make that happen right now from the top down. another factor is schools getting less funding as attendance declines. you believe the funding law regarding schools will need to be modified. it will need to be modified. we are going to have to have some really deep thoughtful discussions on how we fund our schools in the future. what do you think that's going to look like? i think that there's gonna have to be a hybrid assembly member dally wants to make sure students remain in the classroom new data from the state's department of education points to a decline in high school graduation rates and test scores during the pandemic. i'm concerned that we're a decade behind not just in learning loss, but i'm hearing from teachers and administrators that we're having to to teach six year olds again. just be kind to each other. now as teachers are getting sick throughout the state, california is also facing a substitute
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teacher shortage assembly member dally confirmed. the state is offering stuff to teachers 100 to a hundred and fifty dollars an hour in some districts in the newsroom news peña abc 7 news and the omicron variant is putting a strain on both first responders and hospital staff city leaders are urging san francisco residents to only call 911 or go to the hospital. if covid cases are severe abc 7 news reporter, ryan curry has the urgent request. the fire department is fueling the impact of the omicron variant. they have been seeing a large increase in 911 calls. we've been having about over 400 ems calls a day in the city for the past several days. the fire department says they have been receiving calls from people experiencing minor covid-19 symptoms. they are also experiencing a staffing shortage and those calls limit their ability to treat people with life-threatening emergencies. what we're also seeing is many of our members off with covid so
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there is a supply and a demand issue. it's not just the fire department. san francisco. general says they too are seeing more people come to the hospital. they say many of them are coming with minor covid symptoms or just wanting a covid test. we are an extremely busy emergency department as well as a trauma center seeing as many as 200 or more people a day dr. susan elric says more people are coming to the emergency room. alvin during previous surges just like the fire department. she says her emergency department are also shorthanded with staff members out with covid many of our staff are out either sick with covid themselves or because they are quarantining because they've had a high-risk encounter. both are asking residents to only call 911 or go to the hospital if it's an emergency. we really want to keep our ambulances available to people having a heart attack attack or a stroke so that we can get to the hospital we must keep our
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hospitals open and clear for people who require that kind of service in san francisco ryan curry abc 7 news analysis of state data shows only 38% of vaccinated californians have gotten a booster shot according to calmatters the bay area has the highest rate at 55% only three counties have more than half of the vaccinated population boosted san francisco, marin county and san mateo county today's is the tech interactive center is teaming up with the santa clara county of public health to offer a free walk-up covid vaccination clinic if you get vaccinated there, you'll get free admission to exhibits for today. only minors under 18 must have consent from a parent or legal guardian children 5 to 11 must be accompanied by a caregiver vaccinations are free and insurance is not required the clinic runs from 10 to 4 and to stay up to date on the latest covid headlines, or if you have questions about the vac. mean had to abc 7 slash coronavirus and click on the box
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and read up there. all right lisa. let's go to check out side. okay looks nice and clear behind you liz. that's san francisco and as we look out towards emeryville good visibility, but boy, it is a lot colder from the peninsula to the south bay and those 30s returning to our inland valley. the north bay and east bay so not as much fog though, and we'll look at some high clouds invading our skies today. i'll detail that for you for the week ahead and we'll take a sneak peek at the martin luther king holiday, which is not too far away. that's next. alright lisa. thanks. also i had severe weather from coast to coast a look at the snowstorm in the east the flooding in the north and the threats millions are now facing and a thriving fruit tree the city that could be home to the nation's largest. cotto tree
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cemetery staff says vandals damaged a holocaust memorial in santa rosa. this is the second time in two years that the tenant, santa rosa memorial park has been damaged cemetery workers. say the concrete fountain was sturdy and it likely did not fall on its own. it happened sometime after friday morning police are looking into it. the cemetery wants to investigated as a hate crime. former senate leader. harry reid was honored at a memorial service in las vegas. he was remembered by top democrats who spoke of his legacy including president biden. the story was unmistakably american. is remarkable journey has been told so many by so many. because it has been traveled b so few.
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former president obama also was there and praised read as someone who could get things done read served in congress for three decades and will be remembered for his central role in healthcare and wall street reform. he passed away late last month from complications with pancreatic cancer. reed was 82 years old. okay now to the severe weather taking hold of both coasts as people along the northeast continue to dig out from that major snowstorm others in the northwest are dealing with devastating flooding abc news reporter ikea jaci has more on the threat residents are facing. another day of freezing temperatures across the northeast as people continue to dig out following the areas first major snowstorm of the year. more than two feet of snow reported from michigan to maine six to eight inches in the new york city area the arctic bl. creating hazardous road conditions with black ice in kentucky that ice causing vehicles and tractor trailers to go off the side of the road some landing in ditches in wyoming a car losing control on the
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highway narrowly missing a state trooper causing him to dive out of the way out west up to seven inches of rain and across washington the threat of landslides looming drone video over the city of chehalis south of seattle showing the extent of the damage flood waters surrounding homes fields. ways this dramatic video capturing officials using a boat to rescue two stranded motorists. i've lived here for 18 years. and this is the worst. i've seen main street heavy flooding also causing an hour's long shutdown along this roadway friday the state department of transportation halting traffic along a 20-mile stretch up the road in centralia residents forced to wade through knee-deep water people filling up sandbags the national guard lending a hand in seattle a man rescued by firefighters after being wrapped inside his basement his home sliding up to 20 feet off of its foundation folks, right, you know see on the boulevard. i don't know them personally, but i'm very glad to hear that. they're all right, i could
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yachty abc news, washington some sad news now search teams found the body of skeer rory and gallata who went missing on christmas day. his body was found in an area north of the north skarsky resort north star ski resort. that's where he worked on december 30th cruz called off the search after spending six days in extreme conditions searching for him crusade. engulada was found quite a distance from north star in an area considered too far to be included in search efforts. more than 2 crews are working to restore power to thousands of residents in the sierra many have been left without running water and electricity for ■two weeks. now the holiday winter storm brought heavy snow. it knocked down trees and damaged equipment electricity has been restored for a majority san francisco kobe home to theit nation's largest avocado tree. it's certainly not the ideal climate for the trees that
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typically grow best and warm humid weather but a huge very fruitful tree is thriving in a yard behind a hardware store in pacific heights. the avocado tree is nearly 50 feet tall with fruit the size of softballs amar swollen bought the hardware store a few weeks ago and discovered the tree and with it a lot of avocados. offered the avocados for free online and says he quickly gave away 60 to 70 of them swollen met a neighbor who says she has ties to the tree. it's the granddaughter of the person who replanted the tree in 1908. he opened the hardware store in the same time for and he planted the chief for a good luck. and she said this she gave us so much luck. in our barista scheduled to look at the tree this week to determine whether it's the biggest avocado tree in the country. what a great record to hold if truly said the biggest avocado tree in the country. i think is california's can be proud of that. yeah. that's very cool considering it
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gets pretty cold. i know. yeah, but you can never have too many avocados. yeah, that's true. all right. we're always hungry. sorry. good morning. everyone looking at a pretty cold start out there not only in the typical. spots, but that chill has slid down the peninsula and into the south bay. so live doppler 7 showing you that we are nowhere near any storms. in fact much of the west is going to be quieting down and getting into an extended dry spell while activity picks up in the east already that snow as we really saw conditions settle down out this way 36 in mountain view. that's pretty cold. how about that 34 around? deferred and santa clara as well as campbell and down by cambrian park 37 morgan hill typically a cool spot at 37, but as we look into the east bay, we've got fog on top of those chili numbers in the mid-30s out there with temperatures into the 40s in the
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north bay, and we just had extra cloud cover here, but overall, it's pretty cold out there. it is much colder from the peninsula to the south bay 7 to 11 degrees colder as well as livermore, so you've got that dog, it sticks around throughout the morning hours and then by late morning, it's going to brighten up, but it'll take some time to warm up our east bay valley's lagging behind in terms of high temperatures today more like a mid-50s there. well, we'll get milder around the bay so half mile visibility around lafayette and walnut creek over into concord and up in the north bay. it's a three-quarter mile visibility for santa rosa elsewhere pretty good out there and as we look live outside, you'll notice that it's clear here in the city. so have got the chili starred with the clear sky and then partly cloudy today the clouds increase overnight tonight, but unfortunately, no rain coming from those clouds and we'll break out into more sun throughout the afternoon on monday. and then this dry pattern not only lasting through this week,
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but then we can look out another seven days. so let's start out with today and you'll notice that fog pulls back. it's in the afternoon the first half of the day sunny for some of you the second half of the the high clouds move in this is stopped at 4 o'clock tomorrow morning starting out with the cloudy skies a sunny afternoon. this was supposed to be one of our systems. that could have brought us some preset but falling apart obviously and then into tuesday, we're partly cloudy. let's take it all the way into next weekend. the next monday is a holiday for many folks as we get into the weekend and into mlk day there on monday. we're dry and that's about 14 days of some dry weather today. in the mid 50s inland 60 in fremont 62 in san jose look for about 57 downtown half moon bay 58 the accuweather 7-day forecast. so we've got temperatures getting a little milder monday and tuesday and then as we get into the middle of the week, we'll have a mix of clouds and
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sun still dry though with very little change into next weekend, liz. thank you lisa sounds good just ahead a huge day for warriors fans donation i'm back. it's official klay thompson is making his return to the warriors today how much resale tickets are going for for tonight's matchup coming up? living with metastatic breast cancer means being relentless. because every day matters. and having more of them is possible with verzenio.
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new york to tell us what's coming up at 7:00 on good morning america. good morning coming up here on gma covid cases mounting across the country the us now averaging more than 614,000 cases per day as dozens of hospitals in new york are stopping. active surgeries again and one governor asking president biden to direct the cdc and fda to
6:25 am
allow a fourth vaccine dose to certain at-risk residents will break down the latest details plus a major court battle hours away for the world's top-ranked tennis player novak djokovic after the australian government canceled his visa for failing to meet its vaccination entry requirements the grand slam champion confined to an immigration detention hotel what the serbian minister is now saying about those conditions also this morning the 10 billion dollar james webb telescope nasa's largest and most powerful space science telescope ever launched into space completes its final phase inside the dramatic and complicated mission. it's all ahead here on gma. okay happening today warriors superstar klay thompson is set to return to the warriors starting lineup for the first time in 941 days after rehabbing two major injuries the splash brother made his official announcement on social media with a simple message. donation i'm back.
6:26 am
yes clay took part in a light scrimmage with the team yesterday before announcing his return the five-time nba all-star has not played since tearing his left acl on june 13th 2019 at game 6 of the nba finals against the toronto raptors. he then tore his ride achilles in november of 2020. here's head coach steve kerr on the expected emotion of tonight's return when clay walks on to the floor for the first i will never forget that game that that particular game it'll stand out as one of the highlights of of my entire basketball existence just because of who clay is and how much he has meant to to our franchise to the bay area to me personally. he's you know, kind of everybody's favorite guy and and we've all seen him suffer for two and a half years. it'll be very emotional. the warriors play the cleveland cavaliers tonight at chase
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center at 5:30 resale tickets on the warriors website started about 170 dollars chris alvarez will have much more later on in sports. okay, so to come on abc 7 mornings basic services and functions across the country breaking down now is covid infection sore agencies and hospitals now stretch thin and worried they can't keep up plus. we are 1,000% going to comply with all that. alec baldwin taking to social media to talk about that deadly movie shooting what investigators are looking for in his phone after issuing a search warrant.
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♪ [coughs] ♪ [inhales] [exhales] ♪ [camera click] [inhales] halls breathe it in moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. everyone. thanks for joining us here on abc 7 news live on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream we're going to start this half hour with another look at the weather. so let's get back over to lisa and lisa pretty calm today. it is pretty calm liz and this is going to take us into a
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pattern that we were hoping wouldn't happen a dry pattern, but as we look outside nice view this morning, golden gate bridge, of course with about 55 minutes till we officially see the sun come up 47 san francisco 44 in oakland 35 in mountain view 40, san jose 39 morgan hill half. moon bay is at 43 and from sutro good visibility here, but that's not the case for our inland valleys some fog in santa rosa. it's 37 there as well as the delta, but just 36 in livermore concord is foggy at 43 and upper 30s from novato to napa. so it's the peninsula in the south bay that really east bay are colder this morning. you can see that mile visibility in concord a quarter mile santa rosa 10 o'clock. we're still pretty much in the 40s and we've got that thule fog hanging on into the east bay then we'll see a lot of sunshine through the noon one o'clock hour. that's when the temperatures respond into the upper 50s second half of the day increasing high clouds and with those increasing clouds tonight, we'll be milder and we'll talk
6:31 am
about our extended outlook in detail coming up list. all right, lisa. thank you the current. lotion of omicron fueled covid infections is causing a breakdown in basic functions and services first responders hospitals schools and government agencies have employed in all hands-on-deck approach to keep the public safe, but they are worried how much longer they can keep it up abc news reporter corina mitchell has more as the omicron variant continues to spread hospitals are overwhelmed in new york state elective surgeries at more than three. dozen hospitals are temporarily on hold because of low bed capacity the state recorded more than 90,000 cases on friday alone. the real issue right now is volume as the amount of patients that are coming in associated with the covid-19 and it's omicron variant are simply depleting hospital resources staff and bringing the hospital to a capacity. that is not sustainable. hampshire hospitals are also feeling the effects this surge that we're experiencing now is
6:32 am
the largest volume of patients that have been the sickest and it's been going on the longest of all the waves that we've had. so in many ways this has been the worst. a time where we really thought we weren't going to have to deal with this again earlier in the week. the state's governor deploying members of the national guard to provide support to hospitals and long-term care facilities. also sending in the national guard, california, governor gavin newsome activating more than 200 members to help with staffing and crowd control at testing sites and in new york city state officials are adding four new covid testing sites at subway stations. governor says testing is a big part of the state's strategy to fight. but meantime classes resume in los angeles starting this week students and staff will have to be tested before returning to the classroom parents lined up to pick up test kits last week. i don't testing is just one thing of the toolbox, but we want to focus is making sure that our students are vaccinated that our teachers are vaccinated. they have their booster shots that they have masks on and proper p to ensure that schools
6:33 am
open safely on tuesday carina mitchell abc news, new york and coming up on this week is the omicron variant pushes the us healthcare system to the brink dr. ashish ja will discuss the strategy of adjusting to this new normal of life with covid and the impact on young children. you can watch the full interview on this week with george stephanopoulos at 8:00 this morning right here on abc 7. okay, omicron continues to break through previous daily highs for case rates in california due to its high likelihood of transmission. but why is that abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey spoke with a doctor who says it's where the variant lives in your body that makes all the re all too familiar with the term spreading like wildfire normally used for flames now used for omicron because of where the variant lives in your body. there's a lot more in the big aio the nose and mouth and there's a ton there you like just expelling it a lot more and due to it
6:34 am
lingering longer in the air ucss dr. peter chinhong says there are more places that can be risky or in county surveyed students who tested positive in the county after the holidays many said, they traveled out of state participated in indoor sports and attended indoor gatherings anywhere not just indoors, but you're spending a long time in like, you know more than an hour more than 30 minutes an hour, then you really have to up your covid precaution game dr. chin hong says you can be contagious for around two days before symptoms and roughly three days after and he says the symptoms you show are often very mild since the infection is not in the meat of your lungs. we're not seeing so much inside infection like fever that causes whole body to be sick because the lung isn't as inflamed and we're seeing more outside infection runny. congestion air aches because it's all congested up here that last symptom is starting to be recognized as more common than
6:35 am
once thought ear pain stanford doctor constantina stankovich and her team recreated an inner ear and exposed it to covid as a test. they learned that the virus can lead to inner ear covid symptoms that people must take note of if you notice hearing loss or disney have heavy tested formally and in some of our patients we've seen that hearing loss was the only sign of covid infection dr. stonkovich says the ears were likely infected through the nose highlighting the importance of proper mask use dustin dorsey abc 7 news. serbia's prime minister says the country is fighting to help tennis star novak djokovic get into australia. djokovic has been confined to a hotel in melbourne since thursday after his visa was canceled the tennis superstar from serbia initially received a vaccination exemption by the australian open to compete in the tournament after he tested positive for covid in note
6:36 am
december australia requires all non-citizens to enter the country be fully vaccinated djokovic's family held a rally in i'd say the tennis pro's detention was a political decision. and these past few weeks have been really tough for broadway some shows had to cancel performances due to positive covid tests within their companies. now that performances have resumed for aladdin and the lion king those involved held a special curtain call reporter sandy canyon from our sister station in new york has a look at the special performance. at the lion kin was loud and clear so too at aladdin where michael james scott who plays the genie asked the audience, too. get them out t media hashtag broadway is open. it was really for us to really make sure that the word about
6:37 am
way still being open was loud and clear. scott is one of the most upbeat performers on broadway. but his patience was tested when his musical had to shut down after a few in the company tested positive for covid. we went down for a second. we got right back up and that's what we do on broadway. so he said it felt especially great leading the aladdin cast in song before saying good. told y city. we are back. we are here and we ain't going nowhere.
6:38 am
call. i love that resiliency. and that was cindy keny. hoarding disney theatrical producer of aladdin and the lion king is owned by the same parent company as abc 7. okay this morning. we are hearing from actor alec baldwin. he says he is complying with a search warrant for his cell phone. this is part of the investigation into the deadly shooting on the set of his movie rust back in october baldwin took to social media to say that he is cooperating. they're going to go through the state process that takes time they have to specify what exactly they want. of course. we thousand percent are going to comply with all that were. you know. perfectly fine with that investigators want to look at text messages photos videos gps data and more baldwin says he thought he was handling a gun without ammunition when it apparently went off and a live bullet hit and killed cinematographer. helena hutchins director joel souza was injured.
6:39 am
and still ahead on abc 7 mornings robot delivery at your service how they are filling staffing shortages at hotels. yes robots, and here's a live look outside this morning sun just starting to come up. so pretty there. we'll check in with lisa when we get back. get back. 'm 53, but in my mind i'm still 35. that's why i take oste bi-flex to keep me moving the way i was made to, it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex, plus vitamin d for immune support. new year, new start. os and now comcast business d is making it easy to get going with the ready. set. save. sale. get started with fast and reliable internet and voice for $64.99 a month with a 2-year price guarantee. it's easy... with flexible installation and backing from an expert team, 24/7. and for even more value, ask how to get up to a $500 prepaid card. get a great deal for your business with the ready. set. save. sale today.
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comcast business. powering possibilities.
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age before beauty? why not both? visibly diminish wrinkled skin in... crepe corrector lotion... only from gold bond. for nasa the james webb space telescope unfolded its giant gold mirror the mirrors 18 gold coated segments had to unfold and lock together in perfect sequence. between the fact that we had large and deterministic deployments like the sun shield and we had large precision deployments like in the ote like in the telescope. this has been a you know, arguably the most challenging deployment program ever done by nasa. the spacecraft will spend the next two weeks traveling about a million miles from earth a million miles scientists are hoping for images of space like we've never seen it before.
6:42 am
want to make sure that the first images that the world sees that the humanity sees from this telescope are due justice to this 10 billion dollar telescope and are not those you know, hey look a star. the telescope will investigate planets outside of our solar system. we could see some of the first images this summer. wow. all right, if you aren't ready to say goodbye to the holidays yet. you do have one more day to check out a few holiday events. today is the last day of blinkies illuminated holiday at lake cunningham park. it's part of the annual christmas in the park in san jose the mile long drive-thru experience features light display synchronized to music. it runs from 5 to 11 tonight and tickets cost 30 is a car and today is also the last day of pier 39's performing christmas tree every half hour from 5pm to 10 pm. the 60-foot tree comes to life with a display of lights ornaments and famous holiday songs, the lighting musical moments have been center stage
6:43 am
all season long and lisa should be a nice dry day to go out and do some of these activities right and take down the tree and oh, yeah. so yeah. unfortunately that time has come as we look at santa cruz 43 degrees right now gorgeous day on the a near 60 degrees. so we're looking at the seasonal afternoon for the rest of us more like mid and upper 50s closer to home, but we'll talk about the sun the clouds and the prospect for rain next. thanks lisa. also next it's clay day in the bay clay thompson will make his long anticipated return what steph curry and draymond green set after the news became official coming up in sports.
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6:46 am
the bay clay thompson is set to make his long anticipated return tonight against the cavaliers tip-off is at 5:30 at chase center. here's abc 7 sports anchor chris alvarez with more in this morning. good morning. it is the moment. all warriors fans have been waiting for after two and a half grueling years of rehab from two devastating injuries. clay thompson will be back in a warriors uniform tonight. the nation i'm back. it is hard to believe but this will actually be the first time klay thompson plays the game at chase center. it's been 941 days since clay last played in a game the warriors win the nba finals at oral karina back in june of 2019 a lot has happened in two and a half years, but this much is still certain clay. he can still shoot. here's steve kerr wanted anderson on the future hall of famer returning to the lineup. is quite playing tomorrow, i forgot to ask him. we just had a practice today and i was so locked in i didn't even ask him the question. i'll ask him after we're done.
6:47 am
he's clay thompson. he's a hall of famer. so, you know, the question is really about how long it'll take to to find his rhythm to you know to really gain his confidence and timing and all that the game needs clay. means one of the best shooters to ever play this game is just a beautiful thing and like always say the game is art to me. so i just appreciate it. his phone watching him play. i mean ways use the boss a beautiful thing. stephen curry his splash brother posts in a photo to twitter thinking about the memories with number 11, draymond green clay day loading dre is excited and andre iguodala posting a photo of a nice speech clay game when andre returned as a member of the heat, it'll be great to have clay back ahead of saturday night's game in philadelphia the sharks releasing forward evander king with intent of terminating his contract for violation of covid protocols and the tough tenure for kane who's had multiple off. the ice issues flyers mascot gritty not taking on the young goalie right there. he scores scoreless through two
6:48 am
periods. sharks were down two nothing in the third, but the next three go to the sharks tomash hurtle from timo myers seven months later hurdle beats former. teammate martin jones. we're all tied up and into overtime hurdle the natural hat trick three straight goals. he has 20 on the season sharks win 3-2 in overtime 49ers take on the rams later today in la playoff berth is on the line win an advanced the postseason you could lose but you still saints lost to find your way in the playoffs. kyle shanahan won't reveal his starting quarterback until kickoff today. so whether it's jimmy garoppolo or rookie treylance earning his second straight start both. they'll be ready. you know, i'm trying to be out there whatever degree that is but yeah, i'm trying to get to a hundred percent. there's just so many variables that go into these decisions and i want everything in my body to be out there. but you know, you gotta be smart at the same time. it's my jobs my role to prepare and be as ready as i possibly can every single week. so for me mentally and from preparation standpoint, it really hasn't changed.
6:49 am
what a sunday we have in store for you. i'll be at chase center later. today is a clay day in the 49ers looking to make the playoffs. send it back to you. big day here lisa. i always get nervous like there's so much pressure for klay thompson of just such a long time not playing coming back today totally and we have our niner colors on. so yeah, we have a lot to look forward to for sure unfortunately in the weather department, we're taking a break putting the brakes on the precip while the east coast and mid-south got pretty active the past few days looks like that's going to continue in the northeast and we are going to see the jet stream far far away. this is that river of fast moving air that brings weather systems and unfortunately, we are lacking in that santa cruz right now in the low 40s beautiful views 725 the official sunrise. it's sets at 508 and it is 47 downtown 44 in oakland 35 mountain view, san jose up to 40 now with 39 morgan hill and half moon bay at 41 gorgeous view from our roof camera here where
6:50 am
the skies are clear fog not an issue right over the bay, but we have it in our inland valleys and it may stick around for bit 36 santa rosa. it's 41 in nevada with those mid 30s and fairfield livermore 43 in concords is gonna take a while to warm up and with that thule fog it gets awfully cold. is that low cloud deck sits in place there so nine to eleven degrees colder from concord walnut creek lafayette even orinda down through palo alto stanford, san jose and around belmont, san carlos a cold start there redwood city up in the north bay. not as cold as be and the visibility in miles just one mile conquered three-quarters of a mile in santa rosa. nice view here. this is san jose where the skies are clear. so clear and chilly in our inland valleys partly cloudy today and monday, we're going to kind of switch things up having the clear start the high clouds in the afternoon today. those will increase to a mostly cloudy sky tonight and then we'll pull away to partly cloudy
6:51 am
skies on monday the dry and milder pattern for us throughout the middle of the week. and as we look at our percentages of normal bulb, we're still doing quite well, but each dry day we have and certainly as we get into january we're losing ground for the next six months. we would have to have an entire rainy season to make up for our drought. now. remember we've had two and a half years of a deficit. so that is almost 20 to 30 inches of rain behind for many of these cities, even though right now we're 159% of average for santa rosa san francisco 178% of average. oakland looking at over 16 inches of rain and san jose over six inches of rain with 137% of average, so it'll be a nice sunday with the high clouds throughout the afternoon and then on monday will break away and to partly cloudy skies into tuesday, very little change. the temperatures get a little milder today. we're looking at a 58 san mateo looking at 62 in san jose mid
6:52 am
50s in richmond as well as concord antioch about 54 the accuweather 7-day forecast mid and upper 50. a day partly cloudy those clouds will insulate us a little bit so we'll be slightly milder tomorrow into tuesday and then a mix of clouds and sun as we get through wednesday thursday. we're not going to see any rain into friday and that's going to keep our weather pattern fairly quiet liz for the weekend. all right, sounds good lisa. appreciate it difficulty in filling many service jobs has less left hotels scrambling to provide room service robots are now doing the work to the surprise and the delight. of guests abc 7 news reporter david louie shows us the robots in action. this is how hotels are dealing with staffing shortages a guests would like a soft drink delivered to the room. this robot will handle the task designed by silicon valley savvyoke. the relay robot is ready to deliver. they're in this kind of crunch mode where the the higher paid staff are filling in for things that frankly robots can do the
6:53 am
robot needs to be trained only once to navigate the lobby and hallways it even has been adapted to call for an elevator once inside it can press button for the designated. or hotel corridors can be tricky to navigate even for humans with housekeeping cars and other guests. so what happens when this robot comes and i happen to be in the way. it's trying to work around me. and if i step in this path again? well, we could do sort of a dance here. couldn't we? look at that? it's that playful characteristic that makes the robot almost human but it really is good at getting around people. look at how it handles a crowded lobby. once it gets to the room it calls the guests to announce its arrival. door and there's the soft drink the guest requested. you don't have to tip it. you just know there's no
6:54 am
obligation. there's no handout and and you don't even have to get dressed for it. the robot has reduced room service from 30 down to five minutes in many cases. it also reduces covid anxiety. there's guests that like that. fact that they can have items deliver and not have that contact with the human being and again, it's more of a enhanced experience than it is replacing. someone the robots on call 24/7. it doesn't have days off or take vacations in sunnyvale david louie abc 7 news all right, very interesting. it's like we're living in the future stick with us.
6:55 am
everyone remembers the moment they heard... “you have cancer.” how their world stopped and when they found a way to face it. for some, this is where their keytruda story begins. keytruda - a breakthrough immunotherapy that may treat certain cancers. one of those cancers is advanced nonsquamous, non-small cell lung cancer where keytruda is approved to be used with certain chemotherapies as your first treatment if you do not have an abnormal “egfr” or “alk” gene. keytruda helps your immune system fight cancer but can also cause your immune system to attack healthy parts of your body. this can happen during or after treatment and may be severe and lead to death. see your doctor right away if you have cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, diarrhea, severe stomach pain or tenderness, severe nausea or vomiting, headache, light sensitivity, eye problems, irregular heartbeat, extreme tiredness, constipation, dizziness or fainting, changes in appetite, thirst, or urine, confusion or memory problems, muscle pain or weakness,
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fever, rash, itching, or flushing. these are not all the possible side effects. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions, including immune system problems, or if you've had an organ transplant, had or plan to have a stem cell transplant, or have had radiation to your chest area or a nervous system condition. today, keytruda is fda-approved to treat 16 types of advanced cancer. and is being studied in hundreds of clinical trials exploring ways to treat even more types of cancer. it's tru. keytruda from merck. see the different types of cancer keytruda is approved to treat at, and ask your doctor if keytruda can be part of your story. race. it's the annual hot chocolate run in san francisco. runners will take part in either a 5k or a 15k and can drink hot cocoa along the route the race starts in golden gate park. it continues on the great highway and it finishes back into the park participants can stop by any of the sweet
6:57 am
stations throughout the course and grab a cup proceeds from the race benefit saint jude children's research hospital the 5k. is at 7:20 this morning the 15k an hour later. sure, sounds like a nice way run and then get your nice hot chocolate. i kind of like that ideally lisa and it's a nice morning to have hot chocolate. yeah for sure certainly cold out there with temperatures in the 30s and many of our inland valleys with a little fog. but otherwise, we're clear beautiful view here from our exploratorium camera partly cloudy later on today, and we're getting set for a dry and mild extended pattern 60 in fremont 55, san rafael the accuweather 7-day forecast. a string of sunny to partly cloudy days with chilly mornings and some fog, but you notice the lack of rain liz. all right, lisa. sounds good. we'll hope we get some rain soon. thank you all for joining us here on abc 7 mornings. i'm liz kreutz along with lisa argen abc 7 news continues at 9. am gma is next to have a great day.
6:58 am
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good good morning, america. near the breaking point. hospitals slammed with covid cases, patients taking up more than 80% of the beds as cases explode across the country. 40 new york state hospitals ordered to stop elective surgeries and l.a. county breaking a new record. fight to play. tennis star novak djokovic ready to find out today whether he'll be granted a visa to defend his australian open title as he sits in a detention center. how his attorneys will be handling the case. espn tennis analyst patrick mcenroe joins us live. crackdown in kazakhstan. authorities backed by russian-led forces apparently back in control. how the country's turmoil could affect tense talks this week between the u.s. and moscow. arctic blast.


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