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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 25, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. abc news has learned president trump intends to pick amy coney barrett as his nominee to replace ruth bader ginsburg on the supreme court. what we've just learned tonight. the news comes on the same day this nation witnessed an historic farewell at the u.s. capitol. the casket of the late supreme court justice ruth bader ginsburg escorted into the rotunda by a military honor guard. becoming the first woman and the first jewish person to lie in state. joe biden and kamala harris among those attending. the bipartisan women lawmakers saluting her as she left. justice ginsburg's trainer doing pushups before her casket to honor her. and tonight, the breaking headline -- president trump
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moving to make his pick official. also tonight, the family of breonna taylor in front of the cameras today after a grand jury declined to charge louisville police officers in the shooting death of breonna taylor. the family now demanding a release of the grand jury transcripts. one officer charged with wanton endangerment. bullets going into the neighboring apartment. the family attorney asking, what about the bullets that hit breonna taylor? and tonight here, the video emerging showing police right after the raid on breonna taylor's home. president trump's chief of staff going after the director of the fbi today, who told the american people, we have not seen historically any kind of coordinated national voter fraud effort in a major election. and tonight here, a closer look at mail-in voting and absentee voting, and why the president is pushing voting by mail in some states and not others. and a state by state guide for you at home tonight. the coronavirus in this country, as the u.s. passes 7 million infections. florida's governor moving to pull back restrictions as that state hits a grim milestone -- more than 14,000 dead. and tonight, cases climbing in 32 states. the first criminal charges
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involving nursing homes and covid-19. two leaders at a state-run home for veterans where at least 76 veterans died. the attorney general calling it shocking. the frightening moment during a live stream. former congressman and presidential candidate ron paul appearing to suffer a medical emergency. what we've learned tonight. good evening. and it's great to have you with us as we near the end of another consequential week in this country. so much news, and tonight is no exception. the late justice ruth bader ginsburg breaking another barrier today, becoming the first woman, the first jewish person to lie in state. just before we came on the air tonight, news from the white house coming in. sources telling abc news that president trump intends to pick amy coney barrett to the supreme court. the president is expected to officially make the announcement tomorrow. the news comes just hours after
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the final public farewell to justice ginsburg, lying in state at the capitol. members of congress paying tribute. later, her coffin making the final journey. women members of congress from both parties watching, paying their respects as she was carried down those steps. tonight here, as a nation pays tribute, there is also late reporting on what comes next. just 39 days now until the election. president trump said he would name a replacement by week's end and it appears he's on track to do so. terry moran with late reporting tonight from the court. >> reporter: tonight, sources tell abc news president trump intends his third pick for the nation's highest court to be judge amy coney barrett from the u.s. court of appeals for the 7th circuit. barrett, a graduate and former law professor at the university of notre dame, is a mother of seven and devout catholic. she is a favorite of anti-abortion rights groups and was pressed by senators in her 2017 confirmation hearing. >> the conclusion one draws is that the dogma lives loudly within you.
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and that's of concern. >> reporter: barrett told senators her faith would not impact her decisions. >> it's never appropriate for a judge to impose that judge's personal convictions, whether they derive from faith or anywhere else, on the law. >> reporter: barrett would push the court farther to the right, as the capitol bade a final, majestic farewell to justice ruth bader ginsburg today. a military honor guard carrying her flag-draped casket across the plaza and up the stairs in perfect, solemn procession. >> ready, step. >> reporter: ginsburg becoming the first woman and the first jewish person to lie in state in the capitol, breaking two more final barriers. among the invited attendees, democratic presidential candidate joe biden and his wife jill. and seated next to them at the socially distant ceremony, elizabeth salas, ginsburg's longtime housekeeper. ♪
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>> reporter: rabbi lauren holtzblatt spoke briefly of justice ginsburg's long and unfinished struggle for equality for all in america. >> today we stand in sorrow, and tomorrow we, the people, must carry on justice ginsburg's legacy. >> reporter: opera star denyce graves, a favorite of ginsburg's, sang an anthem. ♪ america america i give my best to you ♪ >> reporter: and after, speaker pelosi led members of congress to pay respects, women first. a final salute from the capitol police, and then she was carried out. >> ready, step. >> reporter: women lawmakers from both political parties lining the steps, and as the hearse departed, a final wave for the notorious rbg. >> and so let's bring in terry moran at the supreme court again tonight for us. let's get back to the breaking headline. sources telling abc news at this hour that the president does intend to pick amy coney barrett
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as a supreme court pick. the president said he'd like a vote before the election. >> reporter: he sure would, david. he thinks it's a great political issue for him, and the gop senate leadership will again do his bidding. the judiciary committee headed by lindsey graham planning hearings for the second week in october with a vote possibly coming before election day or shortly thereafter. this despite the abc news poll that shows a strong majority -- 57% of the american public -- that's a lot of republicans too, think the next president, the president elected in november, should fill ruth ginsburg's seat. david? >> terry moran with the breaking developments tonight. thank you. we turn next to the family, the mother of breonna taylor coming before the cameras today after that grand jury brought no charges against the police in her daughter's death. taylor's mother demanding the release of the grand jury transcript now. the governor of kentucky said parts of the transcript should be released. protesters on the streets of louisville overnight and in other cities across the country.
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newly released body cam video tonight showing officers treating sergeant john mattingly, who was wounded by taylor's boyfriend when the officers barged into the apartment. one officer charged with wanton endangerment for the bullets going into a neighbor's apartment. taylor's family's attorney asks, what about the bullets that hit breonna taylor? alex perez from louisville. >> reporter: tonight, the family of breonna taylor speaking out, heartbroken, angry, and demanding answers after a grand jury decided not to indict the officers involved in the shooting that killed her. >> you didn't just rob me and my family, you robbed the world of a queen. the system as a whole has failed her. >> reporter: wearing taylor's work emt jacket, her aunt reading a letter written by the 26-year-old's mother tamika palmer, who was standing nearby, too emotional to speak. >> i am an angry black woman. angry because our black women keep dying at the hands of police officers. >> black men. >> and black men. >> reporter: the letter taking
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aim at kentucky attorney general daniel cameron. >> i never had faith in daniel cameron to begin with. >> reporter: the family's lawyer demanding cameron reverse his stance and release grand jury transcripts. >> if you want us to accept the results, then release the transcript. >> reporter: taylor killed in march after a botched raid at her apartment. an autopsy obtained by abc news confirmed she died of multiple gunshot wounds. a grand jury charging one of the three officers involved for allegedly endangering neighbors when he opened fire, but not with taylor's death. taylor's family wondering, what about the bullets that were fired into her apartment? breonna's name is not mentioned anywhere in the indictment. i know you talked about that, but how hurtful is that, how angering is that? >> the fact that kentucky attorney general daniel cameron did not mention her name once in the indictment was like a kick
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in the stomach to tamika palmer. >> reporter: today, louisville police confirming this newly released body cam video posted to social media by sergeant john mattingly's lawyer, showing him getting help outside taylor's apartment after he was shot. >> put him on the trunk. put him on the trunk. >> reporter: the attorney general maintains the officers announced themselves and says her boyfriend kenneth walker, who was in the home with her, shot mattingly when they barged into the apartment. but walker telling investigators he fired first because officers didn't identify themselves. police say there is no body cam footage of the raid. >> say her name! >> breonna taylor! >> reporter: in louisville, protesters violating curfew, taking their frustration to the streets for a second night. the city now bracing for a weekend of unrest after mostly peaceful protests overnight. but there were some violent clashes. >> everyone has a first amendment right to protest, but i want to stress that violence and destruction will not be
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tolerated. >> reporter: david, at this point, it does not appear the public will get the see those transcripts anytime soon. the attorney general says because they are related to the ongoing federal investigation, he won't be releasing them. david? >> alex perez on this again tonight. alex, thank you. now to president trump and his chief of staff going after the director of the fbi just 24 hours after the director told the american people we have not seen historically any kind of coordinated national voter fraud effort in a major election. tonight here, a closer look at mail-in voting and absentee voting, and why the president is pushing voting by mail in some states and not others. here's our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: president trump is campaigning like his presidency depends on it. four states in two days, trying to raise doubts about the legitimacy of the election along the way. >> we may end up in a dispute for a long time because that's the way they want it, but we are going to end up winning, that's for sure. >> reporter: the president continues to warn of widespread
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voter fraud, despite the fbi director's assessment that there has been no such thing. >> is voting by mail secure? >> we have not seen, historically, any kind of coordinated national voter fraud effort in a major election, whether it's by mail or otherwise. >> reporter: that prompted something rarely, if ever, seen. the white house chief of staff publicly slapping down the fbi director, chosen by the president himself. >> with all due respect to director wray, he has a hard time finding emails in his own fbi, let alone figuring out whether there's any kind of voter fraud. perhaps he needs to get involved on the ground, and he would change his testimony on capitol hill. >> reporter: but it's not just director wray. state election authorities across the country say there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. still, president trump talks about it again and again, highlighting states that mail ballots to all registered voters whether they ask for them or not. >> what's going on with
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balloting will prove to be one of the great catastrophes in the history of our country. it's a scam. it's a hoax. they're sending out tens of millions of ballots to everybody. >> reporter: the president makes it seem like this is happening in all of the highly contested states. but in fact, only nine states send ballots to all registered voters, and only one of those, nevada, is considered a battleground state in this election. and in all states with mail-in voting, there are safeguards to ensure nobody can vote twice. even as the president attacks mail-in voting, he's doing it himself. and his team is urging supporters to do the same. his son donald trump jr. taping this robocall. >> voting absentee is a safe and secure way to guarantee your voice is heard. that's why president trump wants you to join him in being an absentee voter this year. >> reporter: joe biden says trump is just trying to muddy the waters. >> i'm confident all the irresponsible, outrageous attacks on voting, we'll have an
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election in this country as we always have had, and he'll leave. >> let's get right to jon karl, back with us again. you have been reporting this all week long, president trump still refusing to say if there would be a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election, but tonight we took note that his son eric trump is weighing in on this? >> reporter: in an interview with the "las vegas review-journal" said his father is just trying to make sure that this is a fair election and that he would concede if joe biden won decisively. here's the exact quote. i think my father is saying listen, if he got blown out of the water, of course he'd concede. if he thought there was massive fraud, he'd try to address that. left unanswered is how his father would handle a close election where joe biden won. >> jon karl, thank you. with so many headlines as jon reported on mail-in voting and absentee voting, our partners at 538 have put
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together an easy to use state by state guide on voting both in person and by mail. you can go to again, we're going to turn now to the coronavirus here in the u.s. and another milestone tonight. cases topping the 7 million mark. and new cases of the virus now climbing in 32 states. more than 203,000 american lives have been lost, and tonight florida's governor now moving to pull back restrictions even as that state hits a grim milestone. 14,000 dead now. and news tonight, another governor and his wife have now tested positive. here's whit johnson. >> reporter: tonight, coronavirus numbers going in the wrong direction, as the u.s. hits 7 million cases, jumping by 1 million new infections in less than a month. still, in florida today, governor ron desantis lifting all restrictions on restaurants and other businesses, suspending fines for not wearing masks. >> some of the locals, they can do reasonable regulations, but you can't just say no.
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you can't say no after six months and just have people twisting in the wind. >> reporter: the governor even hoping for a full super bowl in february. but the state still reporting an average of over 100 deaths per day from the virus. >> being forced to get rid of all the safeguards that we have been using at this particular time is just not smart and incredibly dangerous. >> reporter: across the country, cases on the rise in 32 states, puerto rico and washington, d.c. today the governor of virginia confirming he and his wife have tested positive. governor ralph northam saying he's asymptomatic. the first lady has mild symptoms. this, after one of his staffers recently contracted the virus. it comes just days after the governor and first lady of missouri also tested positive. wisconsin hitting a new record in hospitalizations this week. >> there is no doubt that we are
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in a significant near crunch time in a number of regions in the state. >> reporter: the cdc reporting young adults are driving the recent spread. the city of boulder now banning all gatherings of 18 to 22-year-olds after linking nearly 80% of recent covid cases to the university of colorado-boulder. >> it's not fair. i think it's impossible to enforce. >> reporter: tonight, a new "lancet" study estimates that less than 10% of adults in the u.s. have covid-19 antibodies, meaning more than 90% of americans could still be vulnerable to the virus. david? >> that's a key number. whit, thank you. we're going to turn now to the criminal prosecution for the covid-related deaths of dozens of american veterans. the first charging involving nursing homes and covid-19. the former director and former medical director at the home in massachusetts have been charged with criminal neglect. prosecutors say among other things they put 42 veterans, some covid positive and others
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not showing symptoms, in a single unit. the attorney general says the veterans risked their lives in war and called their treatment shocking. at least 76 died at the home since the beginning of the pandemic. when we come back, the frightening moment playing out on livestream. former presidential candidate ron paul appearing to suffer a medical emergency. you'll see it, and what we've learned tonight. you'll see it, and what we've it's about the humans. these humans, those humans. groovin, and golden. it's about getting more than health insurance and a partner who listens and acts. humana calls it human care. it's talking to a doctor from your couch, or helping you find a cheaper prescription before you ask. it's helping you fix the rugs so you don't fall, and keeping you social, online or off. it's getting to know you, so you can be your healthiest. that's our superpower. that's human care. from humana. i do motivational speakingld. that's human care. in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people.
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...with persistent cardiovascular risk or who have had them in the past. tell your doctor if you experience an irregular heartbeat or other heart rhythm problems. possible side effects include muscle and joint pain. celebrate less risk. added cardio protection. talk to your doctor about adding protection with vascepa. there were some frightening moments during a livestream featuring former congressman and presidential candidate ron paul today, appearing to suffer a medical emergency. here's erielle reshef. >> reporter: tonight, the chilling moment ron paul suffered some sort of medical emergency, possibly a stroke, in the middle of a livestream. this video shared on social media shows the 85-year-old former texas congressman and three-time presidential candidate suddenly slurring his speech on his youtube channel today. paul rushed to the hospital, later tweeting out this picture, giving the thumbs up, writing, i am doing fine. thank you for your concern.
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and while it's unclear whether paul suffered a stroke, experts say they are common. nearly 800,000 people in the u.s. have a stroke each year. one person every 40 seconds. the most common symptoms include weakness or numbness on one side of the face or body, difficulty speaking, changes in vision, dizziness, and headaches. doctors say a victim's outcome depends on how fast they're treated. >> every second counts while having a stroke, so call 911 and get to the emergency room immediately. >> reporter: david, ron paul's eldest son says that he's up walking, talking, and in good spirits as he seeks medical attention tonight. >> that isgood news. erielle, thank you. when we come back, the pictures coming in. a tornado touching down on the east coast. your bank can be virtually any place. so, when you get a check... you can deposit it from here. and you can see your transactions and check your balance from here. you can detect suspicious activity
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to the "index" of other news. a confirmed tornado hitting myrtle beach, south carolina. the tornado tearing along the coast today, throwing debris into the air. the severe weather remnants of tropical storm beta.
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more heavy rain and possible tornadoes expected in the carolinas tonight. in the west, red-flag warnings from california to colorado with high heat and dry winds gusting up to 30 miles per hour, threatening to fuel new fires this weekend. we'll be on it. when we come back tonight, the moment, the pushups that moved so many today. moment, the pushups that moved so many today. the right plan f. like the "visit a doctor anywhere our rv takes us" plan. the "zero copays means more money for rumba lessons" plan. and the "visit my doctor while eating pancakes" plan. unitedhealthcare is the #1 medicare plan provider, so you're sure to find the right plan for you. including the only plans with the aarp name. get medicare with more. including the only plans with the aarp name. struggling to clean tough messes with wipes? try mr. clean magic eraser sheets. just wet, squeeze and erase icky messes in microwaves and on stovetops for an amazing clean, get the power of mr. clean magic eraser in disposable sheets.
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find a stock basedtech. on your interests ask your doctor about opdivo plus yervoy. or what's trending. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity. finally tonight here, justice ginsburg, certainly known for her work ethic and, late in life, for her workouts. at the u.s. capitol today justice ruth bader ginsburg, the first woman, the first jewish person to lie in state. there was one mourner who honored her his own way. her longtime personal trainer,
5:58 pm
bryant johnson, dropping down and doing push-ups to honor her. johnson, an army reservist, had trained justice ginsburg since 1999. her husband, marty ginsburg, encouraging her to gain strength after her first battle with cancer. >> what i want you to do is just grab them and just pull. >> just standing up straight? >> yup, just pull. >> reporter: the two would go on to train together twice a week for more than two decades. their sessions captured in the documentary "rbg." >> i am 84 years old, and everyone wants to take a picture with me. >> reporter: tonight, that trainer and a nation honors a trailblazer. some final pushups for a woman who broke barriers and fought to stay strong until the very end. i'm david muir.
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beat the heat but be careful. from a high surf warning to the risk of cyrus, there's a lot to watch out for this weekend. >> i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. tracking the surf, high fire danger, heat, and the air quality. i'll have the latest weekend forecast coming up. >> we would anticipate a lot more remote workers. >> if working from home has made you think about updating your place with new appliances, you may have to get in line. demand is radically outpacing supply. >> well, take your pick. whether you're headed to the north bay, living in the east bay, or spending time in the south bay, you are going to feel the heat this weekend. >> no doubt about it. temperatures will make a view like this, the beach at santa cruz, look a lot more inviting. where can you find relief from the heat in. >> good evening. thank you for joining us.
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