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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  September 19, 2020 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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she was preceded in death by her beloved husband, marty. she now leaves a vacancy just days before the term starts. >> here with more on the justice's legacy. >> reporter: she was just the second woman to serve on the u.s. supreme court but her true legacy may be as the legal architect of the equal rights movement. she graduated top of her class at columbia law school. her career began when sexual and racial discrimination was a fact of life. >> not a law firm in the entire city of new york bid for my employment as a lawyer. >> eventually she was hired by the american civil liberties union, challenging law that treated men and fferentl housing and government benefits. she was appointed to the high court by president clinton in 1993. >> in her pioneering work on behalf of the women in this country, she has compiled a
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truly historic record of achievement. >> reporter: as a supreme court justice, she was best known for the far-reach decision that struck down the military institute's men-only policy. >> they are now open. so, law firms, i remain optimistic. >> justice ginsburg worked throughout her treatment for cancer in 1999 and again 10 years later. in january 2019 her recovery from surgery to remove cancerous legions forced her to miss oral arguments. she became something of a pop culture icon. with an impression of her on saturday night lively. >> i'm going to step down now. you can't get rid of me. >> reporter: a documentary titled "rbg" after a nickname
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given to her by fans and a film focusing on her push for equal rights. she was a consistent liberal but she won the admiration of many conservatives for her grasp of the law and carefully considered opinion. abc news, waug. the >> as the. tributes pour in, a battle is already brewing for her replacement. >> reporter: hailing ginsburg's work as a champion of equality in a quarter century of life on the court. >> she was an amazing woman. whether you agree or not, she was an amazing woman who led an amazing life. >> she acted as the highest american ideals, equality and justice under law and ruth bader ginsburg stood for all of us. >> reporter: she became a pop
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culture icon and symbol of strength and determination as a four-time cancer survivor. chief justice john roberts calling her a jurises of historic stater and a resolute champion of justice. speaker nancy pelosi, first woman to lead the house, calling her death devastating, adding she embodied, justice and goodness. president clinton tweeted she was one of the most extraordinary justices ever. the american civil liberties union, where she directed the civil rights project in the 70 said, said she leaves the country changed because of her life's work. her death now triggers an epic political battle with the ideological balance of the court hanging in balance. trump says he will name a replacement with senate republicans promising conformation. mitch mcconnell saying president trump's nominee will receive a vote.
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>> flags in washington d.c. at the u.s. capitol, supreme court and white house were lowered to half staff to honor ginsburg. several hashtags about ginsburg were trending as tributes poured in. president obama wrote, in part, justice ruth bader ginsburg fought through the end, through her cancer with unwavering faith in our democracy and its ideals. that's how we remember her. jacky srksz peier wrote, we lost an american icon of untold p proportions and legal precision and a yearning for justice for all. governor newsom ", let us preserve her memory by honoring the ideals she held." and we can hawn rb her life by
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continuing to fight for a more just society. tonight hundreds gather in the castro district for a candle light vigil and march. many said she was a trail blazer for social justice and gender equality. and they're concerned her successor might have different values. >> reporter: on the eve of ra s rashana, they gathered to honor ruth bader ginsburg. many reflecting of the 27 years as a supreme court justice, describing it as. >> strategic. off the top of my head n fluential. >> hero. a true silver rights hero. >> reporter: hundreds reflecting on her direct impact to the lgbtq community. becoming the first justice to perform a same-sex marriage. >> really pioneered the whole
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idea of gender equality. and as we saw a few months ago, that idea of gender equality now covers lgbtq people in federal employment laws. >> reporter: senator scott wiener pointing to her legacy as unmatchable as talks of a successor begin. >> we need make sure her successor on the supreme court is also an amazing woman. >> have her memory be a blessing and miev forward to build a better country. >> reporter: in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> justice ginsburg made a big impression on the legal community and beyond. kate larsson joining us with reaction from people who met her here in the bay area. kate. >> reporter: i called people who knew and met justice ginsburg and everyone spoke enthusiastically about her incredible accomplishments but i was struck by the personal
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stories about how generous she was with her time; that she was a great listener and also sounds like she was a fun dinner date. >> you did have that feeling that she was always bounce back. so, very sad day. >> reporter: san francisco resident serves on the california court of appeal and ethics committee. justice ruth bader ginsburg made a big impression on miller from the beginning. >> so, when she was first appointed to the d.c. circuit, in 1979, she may not have been a house hold name, but to us, as law students t was a hugely snitch can significant appointment. she was riveting. >> calls her a role model. >> she was a woman attorney at a time when there weren't many and a real pioneer in bringing the court cases that established the
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whole pantheon of rights women have, gender equality. >> you see hastings professor spent a week with ginsburg in italy teaching law students. >> she was just lovely. >> reporter: one night in tuscany. >> the problem was she didn't like seatbelts. these back road two-lane italian roads and thinking the fate of the country is in my hands. >> reporter: they survive the drive, of course and ginsburg went onto effect nation-shaping decisions on the supreme court. >> in terms of moving civil rights in the 20th century, thurgood marshall for african-americans and ginsburg for women. >> reporter: she was so good at reaching out to the other ju justices in order to find common ground. >> kate, thank you. last october justice
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ginsburg appeared at uc berkeley, after undergoing treatment for cancer. the justice spoke for about 90 minutes and was her usual whity stuff, laughing and crying at the same time. she stayed clear of politics but did get in a little jab saying it helps every now and then to be a little deaf. that's advice i followed, not just in marriage but to this day in dealing with my colleagues. and she was a fellow at the study for advanced study in behavioral sciences at stanford. >> and san francisco chronicle insider says everyone can learn from her legacy. >> regardless how you feel politically, the passage of ruth bader ginsburg is a loss for the nation, for the world. it's one more voice that was reasonable, articulate, and that was able to make an argument both against you and still come
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back and face you the next day. and that's something we could sorely use more of these days. >> he points to ginsburg's long-time friendship with the late conservative justice, scalia, as one example of her civility. >> can't help but think about what justice ginsburg has done for little girls like mine and all over the country, who will have better pathways to prosperity in the workforce because she fought, shattered glass ceilings and for the laws she enabled. >> and voices opposition to senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell, pledging to vote on the new supreme court justice so close to the election. and another delayed the similar vote before the 2016 election. . >> they wouldn't give obama
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authority saying we have to wait for thelection. and now with a straight face, making this one in such a short period of time after justice ginsburg's death. these guys will do anything. to maintain power and to add power to judiciary. >> as news broke of ginsburg's death, we used the abc 7 news app to send out this push alert. the download the app so you will know the news as soon as it breaks. in the south bay. young voters are stepping up to work the polls since covid-19 is keeping older volunteers home. how election day is sure to be different. that story is up next. >> say goodbye to the blue skies. i'll let
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well, count them down, we're just 45 days away from the
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november election and tonight they're scrambling to find poll workers. many are now reluctant to work because of the pandemic. abc 7 news reporter explains why this year the face that greets you at the polls may be very different. >> there has been no shortage of youth-driven movement. for 20-year-old mckayla, her generation is taking on the general election. she's stepping up as a poll worker in santa clara county. >> everything going on, i think it really strikes a cord with me that right now is a time for change. >> reporter: in year's past, polling locations have been typically staffed by older volunteers. they found during the 2018 general election, 58% of u.s. poll workers were 61 and older. 27% were over 70. of course, this reflects a high-risk population during the pandemic. >> i think that mesnd
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healthy to sign up and volunteer their time in order to take that burden off of older folks, who are more vulnerable. >> reporter: the reg star of r vogters office will open october 21st. >> those not able to work, they called and said i'd love to help you, i help you so many years but i am -- >> a gap that civic-minded young voters can fill. >> i think it's important to protect our democracy and i think a lot of students have more time on their hands to do that. >> abc 7 news. now over at abc 7, we have all the election information you need know that includes important dates for voting by mail and a guide to all the state propositions. you can head to abc 7
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>> can't tell if you're going to like it. here's sandy. >> yeah. here we go again. now, i have good news for you. not expected to be a rerun of the orangey, dark sky we saw last week but we are expecting bad air quality this weekend. let's take a look at what's good now, which is it's still green. good air quality like it has been all day long. liver more in san jose, strong to moderate right now. and as we take a look at santa cruise, you're all good. hope you had a chance to enjoy the blue skies today. here's a look at what's going to happen.'lha girbay. it's geing it start to push that smoke down saturday night it gets worse in the north bay and the east bay. the rest of you beginning to see moderate air quality and by
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sunday, unfortunately, we're expecting a thick blanket of smoke across our region. here's good news. wind switches direction from the north to more of a northwest/westerly breeze and that's going to bring in fresher, cleaner air for our region. it's poor for the north bay and moderate for all parts of the bay area. and you will notice moderate air quality going to early next week. here's what brought about the good air quality. cold front came through and brought much-needed rain to the pacific northwest. it swept some of the haze out of here. live doppler 7 showing the fog along the coast. temperatures are really in the 50s and 60s as we take a look at a live view at the top of the transamerica pyramid. warmer weather, smokier this weekend. spare the air for tomorrow and autumn begins tuesday at 6:31 in the morning. first thing
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tomorrow morning, low 50s to the low 60s. fog will be confined to the beaches and bays. so, those temperatures coming opfew degrees. hazy skies as the smoke begins to increase. an active atlantic hurricane season, this is for the record. we have wilson, which is partly organized. teddy, just producing swells across the atlantic and beta. that's the one we're keeping an eye on in the gulf of mexico. staying well away from the u.s. but tropical storm beta is expected to bring flooding rain along the gulf coast region. remember, sally just hit the gulf coast region. that's the last thing they need. spare the air tomorrow, smokier skies and warmer weather this
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weekend. breezy, cleaner air early next week as autumn arrives on tuesday. >> all right. thanks. well, san francisco chefs may be able to serve indoors by the end of the month. an army family who is always at the ready. so when they got a little surprise... two!? ...they didn't panic. they got a bigger car for their soon-to-be-bigger family. after shopping around for insurance, they called usaa - who helped find the right coverage for them and even some much-needed savings. that was the easy part. usaa insurance is made the way liz and mike need it- easy.
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san francisco mayor says she's optimistic restaurants may be able to open for indoor dining by the end of the month. once it moves to the next tier,
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orange. capped at 25% capacity and they'll have the option of keeping outdoor dining open. the jewish high holidays began at sundown this evening. tonight is rashana. traditional traditionally they pray at thir synagogue but many services are online. yom kippur, the day of atonement begins next sunday. the holiest of all jewish holidays. tonight the chinese community celebrated the autumn moon festival. it was held virtually this year it was held virtually this year because of the pandemic.
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river rock casino. >> the giants and as opened in oakland tonight. as closing in and giants trying to stay tough for the wild card. absolutely annihilates this pitch. aloha in a flash. 3-1 jack. a's out to a 4-0 lead. chris bassett struck out seven. two. >> this team is extremely hungry for a lot bigger things than just the playoff. it's awesome but we basically acted like we won a game and that's it. i think there might be a celebration. besides that, just keep on winning. >> the 49ers will not have
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george kittle this sunday against the jets. in fact, he's not making a trip back east. heaid his knee in the season-opening loss to arizona. kittle could possibly fly out next week if his knee does respond to treatment. nba playoffs tonight, game one, jamal murray and the nuggets. murray, step-back three to beat the buzzer. he had 21. and denver was up two. and the game completely flipped. lebron twisted his ankle. it looked bad and he hammers down the dunk. l.a. starts on a 17-1 run. blowout alert. alex caruso lobbying for lebron. a. lakers cruise 126-114. game two is sunday. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino and we will be right back.
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and that's it for tonight everybody. >> what to you say we do this again tomorrow? you all right with that? >> oh, yes, maybe at 11:00?
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i think so. >> right now >> "localish: bay area" is sponsored by northern california honda dealers. hey, bay area, it's time to share some amazing stories and feel good. we could all use some inspiration right now, and you've come to the right place. this show is all about good food, good people, and good living. ♪ on today's show, the ultimate
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zoombomb. you'll actually want this guest to stay. >> we have been able to bring the same experiences to public educators and their students for free. >> then, stickers with heart. one little girl is making a difference through art. >> it just touched everybody's hearts here. we are just so thrilled and grateful that she's helping out in that way. >> plus, these seniors are not going unnoticed. >> all around san jose now, you're gonna see really nice displays honoring these great kids, these seniors that have lost so much. also, tech for all. one organization is making sure students are connected. >> our team is, you know, really equipped on the education and advocacy side of why internet is important. >> but first, we are sipping in place with cellars 33. >> of course we're still selling wine. we're allowed to do that through the internet. and we're so thankful that that's been happening.
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♪ >> shelter in place and covid-19 changed everyone's lives. we were most impacted by the derailment of the tasting room being able to move forward with construction and build-out in the way that we had anticipated. >> as soon as we found out what was going on with the pandemic, obviously we knew everything was gonna stop. and, frankly, we were more concerned about everybody -- family, friends, and neighbors -- first. 'cause everything was stopped, not just our tasting room. the tricky part is, we're paying rent, so we have to pivot. >> until we can be with people again in person in the way that we want to be, we do it through the computer and zoom and webinars and youtube. it's really opened up doors for us and other wineries. ♪ >> because wineries have been identified as essential businesses, even though we can't do the construction here on the tasting room, the winery itself a couple miles away, a mile and isti operational. in bayview, of course, we're still selling
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wine. we're allowed to do that through the internet. and that's been saving our bacon. and we're so thankful that that's been happening. lots of local support here. i'm shipping wine out several days a week. i'm delivering wine here locally. so, that has just been going great. >> so, we were living in baltimore and were married and were both practicing law, downtown baltimore. and you were brewing beer when we met. so, he always had sort of a love of making things with his hands and also had come out here a few times on vacations and toured, of course, like everyone does, wine country. and it just all started to come together. so, for a few years, before we moved from baltimore to san francisco, john spent a couple of long weeks, turning into months, up in sebastopol, working at a winery there during harvest. and after a while -- he likes to blame this on me -- i said, "wow, we kind of can't keep this up. you know, you're gone for, like, long periods of time, and maybe
1:41 am
we should think about making a move." and he was like, "oh, you think so? okay, that's a great idea." >> it was her idea. >> as if this has never occurred to him. >> i love the physical part of the job and the idea that you could actually create something that others enjoy and can share with their family and friends. it's just sort of like a light bulb went off for me. so, it's been a fun 10 years. >> we are family-run. and we do all of the winemaking in the city of san francisco. we buy grapes from vineyards and wonderful sites and vineyard managers throughout the state of california. but we do everything like you would see up in a winery in napa or sonoma. and enpen the s to the wine, etr dogpatch or bayview, you really arerpsetoeef attention and care that we're ging to making wines, even though it's in an urban setting. so, the winery itself is located in bayview, within walking distance of the old clam house.
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and the tasting room we're looking to open, which we will open, is in pier 70 in dogpatch. cellars 33 -- we came up with that name because, being from baltimore, we were huge sports fans. and as kids -- more john than me, but we went to different sporting events at memorial stadium, which was on 33rd street in baltimore. we came up with 33 because we wanted there to be some connection between what we're doing here and where we grew up. >> the focus of our program is mostly pinot noir 'cause that's mostly what we like to drink ourselves. so that's always been the focus of our program. and the style of the pinot is generally a little lighter, lower in alcohol, brighter acidity, fresher flavors and components. and then around the pinot noir program in any given year, i'm making all sorts of other things that she'll let me make. that'll include chardonnay. we also do grenache blancs and fun white wines like piquepoul. but this time of year, what's happening right now is our


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