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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 12, 2019 7:00am-8:58am PDT

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right now. have a great morning. >> look at the golden gate bridge. >> stunning as always. >> not a lot of sun on that, because, you know, daylight savings. good morning, america. calls growing right now to ground the boeing 737 max in the u.s. after that second deadly crash. more than 20 airlines around the world now grounding that plane, but the u.s. still taking no action, as american investigators arrive on the scene searching for clues. what brought down that boeing 737 with 157 people on board? now new eyewitness accounts, smoke spotted before the jet hit the ground. we're live on the scene. winter storm warning. a massive new storm heading east, set to slam the center of the country with snow and possible tornadoes. as this new video emerges showing the terrifying moment tos send a lightol soccer field. breaking news.
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the u.s. now pulling all american diplomats from venezuela as the crisis grows. the major announcement overnight. state department's new alert. as millions of kids start spring break after a deadly incident, a teen falls from a balcony at one of the most popular destinations. basket-brawl. >> exchanging blows! >> chaos erupting on one nba court overnight. two players exchanging blows. and the fight on another court, as russell westbrook comes under fire for threatening a fan and his wife. ♪ baby don't go breaking my heart breaking my heart ♪ and flipping the script. "the bachelor's" colton breaking all the rules. >> all of this is over. i started this with 31. and now there aren't any more people that i'm dating. >> sending both finalists home after the woman he wants rejects him. now, what do you do on a show that's just eliminated all its contestants? and good morning, america. great to be here with cecilia
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an we want to get right to the latest on that deadly plane crash in ethiopia that killed 157 people, including 8 americans. just moments ago, australia and singapore joined the growing list of countries grounding that boeing jet. >> more than 20 airlines around the world grounding those planes and take a look at the flight radar. those are the boeing 737 max 8s in the air right now. >> that plane model, the max 8, has been involved in two deadly crashes in just the last couple of months. and now, some leaders here in the u.s. are also calling for airlines to ground the plane while the investigation is under way. >> american investigators are on the scene now in ethiopia. so is our chief national correspondent matt gutman. he starts us off. good morning, matt. >> reporter: authorities are in possession of those flight ehin, ittheir jofula. you can see how small some of them are. check them out here. just all over this field, shredded. they're putting them into piles for an investigation that is going to last many weeks here.
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this morning, crews cutting into the soil with excavators in the grim task of unearthing the remains of that doomed ethiopian airlines jet. first responders delicately picking through what's left of the personal belongings of the 157 people who died on board. american investigators now among those on the ground trying to determine what brought flight 302 down just six minutes after takeoff. witnesses describe seeing smoke coming from the rear of the plane before it crashed. it hit the earth with such force most of what's left is in this crater. investigators hope the black boxes will reveal what happened inside the cockpit both before and after the plane disappeared from radar. that plane never topping 1200 feet off the ground. >> absolutely critical that the black boxes that were recovered get read immediately so we can figure out whether this was a problem with the airplane that affects the fleet worldwide. >> reporter: this is now the second crash for a boeing max 8
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in less than six months. last october, a lion air jet ge the java sea after the pilots failed to disengage the autopilot killing everyone on board. as investigators race to find answers, families around the world are in mourning. the victims from 35 different countries, 22 staffers from the u.n., and there were eight americans. among them, antoine lewis of madison, illinois. his family says he was a proud father and a captain in the army. >> he went doing the things he loved, that he had a passion for, and his passion was just to make a better world. >> reporter: and from redding, california, melvin and bennett riffel, two brothers on we, she's in ma pile right here. and a lot of the work in this field is technical. but these workers are also dealing with the remains of humans on this flight and that
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is obviously something that is much more difficult for them to deal with. guys? >> yeah, that is just heartbreaking. >> such a tough scene. here at home the fallout is growing. boeing's stock taking a big hit slipping more than 22 points making for a $12.7 billion loss. and it is not just investors who are nervous this morning. we saw that growing list of international airlines grounding the boeing 737 max 8. our senior transportation correspondent david kerley joins us now. and david, we're hearing loud calls now from american carriers to do the same. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. at this hour, a third of the 370 max 8s delivered around the world are grounded. airlines and countries taking that action because there's so many questions. but not in the u.s. the faa says it's not taking action at this point. this morning, the british, the latest to ground 737 maxs and not allow them into their air
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space. a couple of weeks, thereere 8500 flights a week by 737 maxs. while here, the faa is not ordering a grounding. there are similarities between the crashes. trouble after takeoff. pitch control, the nose going up and down. boeing says it's working on a software change for that problem that came up in the first crash. the faa says it will mandate that software change. what we don't know is whether that's related to the second crash in ethiopia. >> david, passengers this morning here in this country are going to be boarding those planes and airlines are already hearing some people who are concerned about getting on one of these boeing 737 max 8s. can they switch flights without being pen issed in. >> it depends on the airline.
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the airlines tell us they're trying to accommodate passengers who might be worried, in fact, for refundable tickets you can usually get a move to another flight and get off that aircraft. southwest haven't seen a dramatic increase in can collations because of it. the union for american airline flight attendants reminded their members if they have a problem with the max 8, they don't have to fly it. this all coming down to the black boxes and the ethiopians and whether they ask for help to read them out. is there an inherent problem with the best-selling jet ever? cecilia. >> david kerley on this story from the beginning, thank you. >> boeing continues to stand by the max 8. we want to move now to st a oury expecteto bng
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. ro wh th late track.inoyou. rob, can you tell us the of this storm? >> it's a slow mover. down in the deep southwest, a cold core system, these are the mountains east of los angeles and pasadena. just over the mountains of mt. baldy. four to eight inches overnight with more snow coming today and this will bring some severe weather but it is again a slow mover, strong wind, large hail, a few tornadoes. this comes later on tonight. mostly west texas, and mostly straight-line winds, which can be dangerous. we want to take back to saturday, look at this video out of clarksville, arkansas, boom, that is a light pole that comes down at this high school soccer game. that stadium, that player getting hurt and that referee suffering a broken leg. but it is a small miracle that nobody was killed in this event. just to give you an idea of how dangerous straight-line winds can be at just 60 miles an hour. and we could have winds gusting over 70 miles an hour with this system over the next 36 hours. wind alerts up from oklahoma
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city, up through wichita, back through albuquerque, las vegas, as well and you mentioned blizzard warnings going on for the next day or two you just to the east of denver. we have it all with storm and we'll keep you updated. we're going to go to washington now where house speaker nancy pelosi is stoking debate with her strongest statement against moving to impeach president trump. mary bruce covering the story on capitol hill. mary, based on current facts, the speaker may not be for impeachment but she's not holding back on president trump. >> reporter: george, house speaker pelosi says president trump is just not worth it. now, she is not closing the door completely on impeachment. but she says, unless there is something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, it's not worth it because it would simply divide the country. the problem here is that not everyone in her own party agrees. potentially setting up a showdown with some of her more progressive members already openly calling for impeachment. this may be a political calculus by speaker pelosi as we head into the 2020 political
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election. democrats may feel it is more politically advantageous to be up against a president heavily scrutinized by democrats on the hill rather than one who is at the center of ongoing impeachment proceedings. >> but as you say there are a lot of democrats who want her to be more forthright about it. >> reporter: we've already talked with many democrats who are downplaying the speaker's remarks and say, look, we are at the beginning of this process not at the end. while there is a widespread belief among democrats that any impeachment proceedings would need to have wide bipartisan support, they also want to see what the investigations here discover. they want to see what the special counsel robert mueller finds before they make any decisions on impeachment. >> overnight, another new investigation here in new york. >> reporter: this is a new line of inquiry related to the president's finances that stem directly from what michael cohen testified to here on the hill. he told lawmakers that the president inflated his assets to try to secure a loan to buy the buffalo bills. now, overnight, the new york attorney general subpoenaed
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deutsche bank and investors bank for documents related to that failed nfl bid and several major trump properties including hotels in chicago, in florida and right here in d.c. >> that's a civil investigation and could lead to criminal referrals. what else are you keeping your eye on today? >> reporter: well, george, the vice president, the former vice president, joe biden, will be speaking here in washington, d.c. speaking for a key labor group, the firefighters' association. it's a group that has said they could reportedly get behind him and endorse him if he were to jump in the race. joe biden said he's in the final stages of making that decision so we will keep a close eye for any clues. >> they have been some of the strongest allies. could see some clues today. mary bruce, thanks very much. we turn to that breaking news overnight, secretary of state mike pompeo pulling all the remaining u.s. diplomats out of venezuela as the crisis there grows. pompeo calling it a deteriorating situation, a power outage paralyzing much of that country. our tom llamas. >> reporter: cecilia, thefo, wa
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electricity all but have disappeared as violence and desperation grows in the country. overnight, with venezuela in chaos, secretary of state pompeo pulling all remaining diplomatic personnel out of the country. citing the deteriorating situation in venezuela, six-day in a nationwide blackout. hospitals crippled and darkened streets filled with protesters. families so desperate for water, they're gathering at a drainage pipe at this nearby river. venezuela's economic growing even worse. president maduro, addressing, accusing the united states without evidence with sabotage. juan guaido currently recognized
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as the country's president by 50 nations including the united states declaring a emergency to allow foreign aid to come into venezuela. the maduro government still in power is still refusing any assistance from the united states, this as the political struggle is ongoing. maduro refusing to step down and juan guaido saying he's the new leader of venezuela. we want to move now to new developments in the battle against isis. heavy fighting is under way right now as american-backed troops attack the terror group's last remaining stronghold in syria. isis now holding on to less than a square mile of territory. our foreign correspondent james longman is on the ground in eastern syria for us. james, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, paula. we're watching smoke rising over baghouz this morning after a night of intense bombardment. we can still hear intermittent gunfire. and during this lull in the fight, we can see isis fighters on their bikes and putting up flags.
7:14 am
this morning, we even heard their battle cries. this fight is not over yet. u.s. jets and coalition artillery lit up the sky until the small hours. the final push against isis is under way. this is as close as anyone gets to the front line in baghouz. we can't have too much light to avoid being targeted ourselves. you can see artillery fire coming from all sides on that tiny town. this is hopefully finally the end of the so-called islamic state in syria. huge balls of fire rising into the sky. the crash of mortars honing in from all sides. 1500 jihadis remain inside, it is thought. coalition forces report dozens of isis fighters dead. despite at least four attempted suicide attacks. u.s.-backed troops are pushing forward into the town but it'sn. booby-trapped buildings, the hallmark of the isis retreat and a network of tunnels stretching for miles. no one knows who or what may be down there.
7:15 am
like i said, during this lull, we can see isis fighters freely walking around. it seems that they're able to to down into the tunnels during the bombardments and then come back up again. i think the tunnels will be a real obstacle for this coalition going forward, and even when this town is cleared, beating their ideology will be far harder to erase. paula. >> all right, james longman reporting from syria. james, thank you. cecilia? okay, paula, let's turn to the chaos on the court. fights erupting at multiple nba games overnight. one of those brawls ending in some players getting ejected. abc's diane macedo has all the details. >> reporter: suffice it to say, tempers were flaring in the nba last night. first, two players got ejected for getting into a fight with each other and then another ended up in an altercation with a fan. >> exchanging blows. >> reporter: it was an ugly wi bwlnb >> grabbed him by the throat. >> reporter: and an altercation with fans in utah.
7:16 am
>> going to -- >> reporter: the first incident happened during the cavs/raptors matchup, toronto's serge and marquese chriss. >> a choke hold around the neck. punches thrown. >> reporter: it led to ibaka's eighth ejection in ten years and the third for chriss in as many seasons. in utah, thunder star russell westbrook was caught threatening fans after westbrook says the fans hurled insults at him. >> i'll [ bleep ] them up. >> reporter: the five-time nba all-star is expressing no regrets. >> a man and his wife in the stands told me to get down on my knees like i used to. that is completely disrespectful to me. i think it's racial. >> he's got to be a professional. >> reporter: speaking after the game, the fan claims he never cursed at westbrook and never said anything inappropriate.
7:17 am
>> i said sit down and ice your knees, bro. >>orr: it's his comments toward his girlfriend. >> she's five feet tall and 110 pounds, man. i mean, never said a word to him. her first nba game ever. welcome to the nba. >> reporter: well, that fan and a few others were issued warning cards. a remainder to all fans out there verbal abuse actually violates the nba's fan code of conduct. not allowed to do it. >> not a good look for the fans. not a good look for russell westbrook. >> and just not a nice thing to do. >> no, not at all. >> you don't even need a warning card. just don't do it. >> people say it's a part of the game. it shouldn't be. we want to take a look at this. a live look at the first live broadcast from deep below the ocean surface. how beautiful is this? these british scientists on a groundbreaking expedition beneath the indian ocean. one of the world's least explored areas so for seven weeks they're going to dive 200
7:18 am
feet in two-person submarines. but they're going to have to battle fierce currents, monsoons, all while gathering data in order to protect ocean life. if you have a couple of hours to kill, tune in to the live broadcast. >> there's a beautiful new world down there. >> yeah, pretty. there is a spring break alert as millions of americans are going on vacation for spring break. we're going to tell you where the state department is issuing advisories as questions grow about a deadly incident. this teen fell to his death at one of the most popular destinations. and take a look at this. that is the moment right there that has "bachelor" fans on the edge of their seats. the reality show shocker ahead but first over to rob. >> we mentioned that storm that will be a windstorm and also a snow and rainstorm. 2 to 4 inches on top of snowpack and flooding across the central u.s. with this. time for your tuesday trivia.
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good morning. i'm abc7 metrologist mike nicco. a dry cold front will kick up a few clouds this afternoon. breezy and sun tomorrow and calmer and warmer for the weekend ahead. today upper 50s, 60, 63 for the rest of us. my accuweather seven-day forecast, look at the warming trend begin friday a a a a a a a we have a lot more coming a up. we'll be right back. ♪ oh no. are you okay, mike? yeah, had a pretty big fender bender here. don't worry, state farm's got you covered. [helium voice] ahhh, that's great to hear...robyn? what's going on? are you sure you're okay?
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all news. >> good morning. i'm jessica castro. san jose police are expected to release more details about a man accused of killing a mother of two. they released this, it's the suspect's mugshot earlier this morning. h he's 24 years old. she was found last month when a co-worker became concerned that he didn't show up for work. >> i have three sig alerts. eastbound 80. we got a rollover crash. a serious situation there. no change getting out of tracy
7:24 am
this morning, westbound at 580, still have the two left lanes blocked. massive delays through the central valley and eastbound state route 4, still cleaning up after a
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> good morning. when you step outside, it's a little bit milder, 37 at santa rosa, to 51 at san mateo. here's a look at the bay bridge, all going to be affected more in the afternoon hours by the breezes that will be kicked up by a dry cold front. we'll a northwest wind, up to 35 miles per hour. so those east-west bridges going to be difficult this morning. temperatures about the same today. a little lesson breezy thursday and look at that warming trend friday through the weekend. >> coming up on "gma," a man
7:27 am
hunt underway for the suspect who through a rock from a highway overpass killing
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the most common side effect is nausea. talk to your doctor about chantix. you really don't know who i am. genie, wishes, lamp, none of that ringing a bell. >> we want to welcome you back to "gma" on this tuesday morning. that is will smith as the genie in the teaser trailer for the live-action version of "aladdin." there's so much excitement for this movie which is out the end of may, but you don't have to wait to watch the exclusive look at the full trailer. it's coming up only on "gma." >> he looks pretty incredible. >> he's brilliant. >> yeah. >> that's coming up. a lot of headlines we're following right now as well. calls growing to ground the boeing 737 max 8 on the heels of those two deadly crashes in just months. more than 20 airlines around the world have grounded the jet while an investigation is under way. still flying in the united states.
7:31 am
also right now, massive storm on the move heading east expected to slam the center of the country with snow and possible tornadoes today. and take a look at this near miss. see that man walking right there, seconds later. >> oh, my gosh. >> that happened in the uk on sunday. winds hit 65 miles an hour. close call for that man right there. >> wow, talk about lucky. a new warning about spring break. a teenager from michigan falling to his death from a hotel balcony in cancun. now, some of the most popular destinations are cracking down trying to keep students safe. abc's gio benitez is here with more on this. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning. the massive influx is already tough to police so authorities at popular destinations are already hiring more officers and the state department is now warning travelers. this morning, spring break turned deadly. 19-year-old ahmed altali on a
7:32 am
mexican getaway with his girlfriend plummeting to his death from the seventh floor balcony after a long day of partying. mexican authorities say his girlfriend told them he had been drinking all day and consuming toxic substances before falling to his death around 9:00 p.m. friday. other guests remember seeing him earlier in the day. >> we opened our hotel door to see what the noise was and saw him, you know, angrily pacing the hallway and her trying to grab him to get him to sit down. >> reporter: his friends now mourning. >> i'm just still in shock. >> you don't expect death like to come at you like this especially when someone is having so much fun out vacationing in such a beautiful place. >> reporter: according to one recent study, about 50% of college students plan spring break vacations and with many heading to warm locales authorities are cracking down to prevent tragedies. in corpus christi police boosting security across beaches and roads to avoid drunk driving. even adding heavy fines for overserving alcohol and in florida's miami beach where last year they had at least 10,000
7:33 am
spring breakers in town in just one night, police taking a harder line when it comes to partying. the city giving them an additional $700,000 this year so more officers can be on patrol mostly for spring break. the authorities even reaching out to colleges ahead of time to tell them they mean business. >> i sent letters to somewhere around 300 or 400 college presidents across the united states and in addition to the presidents of every greek fraternity and sorority. we're cracking down on quality of life offenses like drinking in public, smoking weed. >> reporter: and the state department has issued travel advisories for parts of jamaica, the bahamas and all of mexico's 31 states, make sure you register with the travel department, the state department's travel website, the smart traveler program. make sure you let the embassy and consulate know you are going to be there. >> these warnings are so important. you've also been reporting on this.
7:34 am
another warning that's out there to college students going on spring break about tainted alcohol. >> absolutely and we've heard about that tainted alcohol in mexico. so make sure you're going for beer and wine. you know, people are going to drink anyway. just stay away from hard liquor because that's where you'll get that contaminated alcohol. >> so many problems with that. gio, thanks very much. we're going to move to a manhunt in texas after someone threw a rock from a highway overpass that killed a young mother riding in a car below with her children and boyfriend. marcus moore is at that overpass. you spoke to her boyfriend who was driving the car. >> reporter: george, that's right. he told me they were in the far right lane of the interstate just behind me together as a family when all of a sudden he heard a loud and horrible sound. >> they advise, she was hit by a brick. looks like someone threw a brick off the overpass. >> reporter: police in texas are hunting for the person who killed keila flores, she was riding in a car with her boyfriend when police say
7:35 am
someone through a large rock from an overpass. >> it was a loud impact. almost like an explosion that went off in the car. i didn't know what it was. >> reporter: her family watching in horror as she sat badly injured from that startling and lethal blow. it happened around 8:40 saturday night along this stretch of interstate 35 in central texas as the family drove home from an evening out. with few clues investigators are now urging the public for help. >> we're asking people if they have any information, any surveillance videos to contact the temple police department. >> reporter: these kinds of incidents happening with terrifying frequency. last november, a tennessee man was driving to work when a slab of concrete crashed through his windshield killing him. that case is still unsolved. also, last year -- >> i just went underneath the bridge and something hit my car. >> reporter: a six-pound stone took a young father's life. now this morning here in texas, the family of keila flores mourns her senseless death and hopes for justice. >> she didn't deserve that and no one deserves that, an innocent person, good mother, good sister, to do that,
7:36 am
senseless. >> reporter: and none of it makes any sense. rodriguez performed cpr on his own girlfriend to try to save her life but it was not enough. a good samaritan also tried to help and he's thankful for this morning. and this morning, he's hoping for a break in this case. guys. >> such a horrible story. >> the family said it best. what a senseless death. the reality show shocker. what is next after that unforgettable bachelor finale which broke all the rules of reality tv. who is on the other side of the door? >> i have no idea, but we'll find out. i have no idea. moderate-to-s or atopic dermatitis... feel like you're itching all the time. and you never know how your skin will look. because deep within your skin... overly sensitive immune system... ...could be the cause.
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we are back now with that bachelor bombshell. part 1 of the explosive finale breaking all of the reality show rules last night. colton was left alone sending both remaining women home without a proposal because he only had eyes for the one who left him and that would be cassie. we have all the drama this morning. abc's deborah roberts is here. >> i have to bring it. i have to bring it. what can i say? >> turning the show on its head. >> on its head. paula, for the die-hard "the bachelor" fans sitting with their bowls of popcorn and red wine, it was a dramatic and unconventional finale. as you said a bachelor who broke all the rues in what appears to be a rare moment of reality on camera. 23 seasons of "the bachelor" and the script has flipped on reality tv.
7:41 am
>> he just jumped the [ bleep ] fence. >> reporter: colton underwood leaping over the fence threatening to walk off the show. >> dude, i'm done with this. >> you want to be done with the whole thing. >> yes. >> done-done? >> yeah. >> reporter: heartbroken after being left by the one woman he wanted to be with, the 27-year-old bachelor walking away from the other two finalists leaving chris harrison to say this overnight during the live finale show. >> right now, there are no more women in colton's life. that's the first time in bachelor history that that has happened. >> reporter: even the woman colton was breaking off with breaking the usual rules of the franchise asking to talk away from the cameras. >> can we talk without all these cameras? >> yeah. >> reporter: it doesn't usually go that way. this is how it usually happens. you join "the bachelor," eliminate contestants competing for your attention until you narrow it down to the final two.
7:42 am
then you pop the question to one of them and send the others home. rarely does someone walk off the show. though, this season saw several women eliminate themselves. and never before has the bachelor himself walked away from everyone who's left sending them all packing. >> it's over. all of this is over. i mean, i started this with 30 women and now there aren't any more people that i'm dating. >> even past bachelor jason mesnick who also threw out some of the rules in a final twist years ago breaking up with the woman he was engaged to and running after the runner-up tweeting last night, colton, i hope you handle it better than i did. colton's answer, i didn't. and so many viewers left with this scene, a sobbing bachelor pouring his heart out in an unexpectedly real moment. >> i just want to be loved back the way i love somebody.
7:43 am
i don't know if that's possible. >> reporter: and the mother of all bachelor cliffhangers. knocking on this door, the big question for fans, is colton really going after the woman who walked off the show and broke his heart in the first place? >> what if the bottom line is she's just not that into you? >> wow. that was a little cold. well, the big question, you guys have to admit that, is reality tv actually having a real and honest moment? well, fans of "the bachelor" are going to have to decide tonight. i can see, paula, you were just waiting with bated breath. >> he went 0 for 3 willingly. but i loved what he said, you can't love three people at the same time. >> unless you're on reality tv. >> there you go. >> it is interesting he is actually -- he seems to be following his own heart in terms of what he's doing.
7:44 am
maybe he goes home with nobody. >> tonight we find out who is on the other side of the door. >> it has to be cassie. >> and whether he's going it alone. >> you can come over for popcorn and red wine. we do have an exclusive peek at tonight's finale coming up in the 8:00 hour. colton will be here live tomorrow. will anyone be joining him? >> cecilia? >> hmm. >> knock, knock, who is on the other side of the door. coming up, that heart-pounding rescue caught on camera. police pulling a man from his car just seconds before it explodes. >> crawl over here to us. too, g [indistinct conversation] [friend] i've never seen that before. ♪ ♪ i have...
7:45 am
♪ [ "werk it" by mama haze ] ♪ werk it now ♪ woo, werk it now, woo, werk it now ♪ ♪ baby watch me werk it like ♪ ♪ werk it now, woo. werk it now ♪ ♪ baby, baby, baby ♪ baby watch me werk it now
7:46 am
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we are back now with that incredible rescue caught on body camera. officers saving a man from a burning car dragging him out just moments before that car exploded. janai norman is here. and janai, those officers are speaking out. >> didn't seem like the driver realized his car was on fire. when they tried pulling him over that body camera shows the terrifying moments just before the car exploded. watch as the desperate race against the clock unfolds. an eagle-eyed police officer spots flames under the car he's trying to stop and leaps into action. >> smoke and so dark, we didn't know if there was one person, two persons. >> reporter: he grabs the fire extinguisher from his car,
7:49 am
battling back plumes of thick black smoke. >> get out of the car. >> reporter: the flames only grow by the second and the driver remains trapped inside. >> i hear him talking. come on, get out. >> reporter: another officer arrives on the scene to help and the two manage to fend off the fire for just enough time. >> crawl over here to us. >> reporter: officer palmer pulls the man to safety. >> give me your other hand, bud. >> reporter: with mere seconds to spare, that car bursts into a fireball. the driver who was charged with a dui walked away unscathed. this morning, those two officers are being hailed as heroes, each receiving the life-saving medal award for springing into action. >> we go out and do our job and whatever it is, that's why we signed up for this job to help the community and save lives. >> anybody else in the car? >> reporter: and that driver is facing a few different charges stemming from that incident but that didn't stop him from praising those officers. he is a military veteran who says he appreciates their selfless service and he thanked
7:50 am
the officers and the fire department for saving his life that night. >> what great work they did. >> absolute hero. >> thank you. a marine's medical miracle. how he and his wife overcame tha you're going to love this story. also, the new images the duchess' show of solidarity after all that speculation of a royal rift. we're right back. rift. we're right back. moving? that's harder now because of psoriatic arthritis. but you're still moved by moments like this. don't let psoriatic arthritis take them away. taltz reduces joint pain and stiffness and helps stop the progression of joint damage. for people with moderate to severe psoriasis, 90% saw significant improvement. taltz even gives you a chance at completely clear skin. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection, symptoms, or received a vaccine or plan to. inflammatory bowel disease can happen with taltz, including worsening of symptoms.
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and find the surprises in you. just $59 through march 18th. get your kit today. welcome back to "gma." let's show you a "gma" moment. mentioned the hail in san jose. showed you how the cars were stuck. well, this guy decided to get the board out and shred the gnar down the hill. check him out, even had to weave around some traffic. several inches of hail falling. had to get the plow to did that. want the real thing go to big bear lake where they had several inches, good tubing weather and fresh snow for the skiers as well. also, taos seeing some fresh snow. what an incredible year it's been for the western ski resorts. this segment is sponsored by audible. coming up, after that explosive "bachelor" episode, a sneak peek at tonight's finale. the royal reunion. and the incredible story of a marine's medical miracle.
7:54 am
7:55 am
"good morning america" is "good morning america" is sponsored by ancestry dna. sponsored by ancestry dna.
7:56 am
good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." good morning. i'm jessica castro from "abc7 mornings." and metrologist mike nicco has our forecast. >> here's a look at our activity planner today. it really goes around the winds that are going to pick up this afternoon once the dry cold front comes through during lunch. temperatures about the same as yesterday but it won't feel quite as nice because of those winds. my accuweather seven-day forecast, 35 mile per hour winds today. not breezy thursday and much warmer this weekend. alexis? >> we've got a lot of issues to get to this morning. we had police activity locking all lanes at westbound 24 at 13. now we have a crash in the backup. no change, westbound 580, still a sig alert, still massive delays. quick check of drive times, hour
7:57 am
and a half out of tracy and dublin. >> thank you, alexis. coming up an exclusive with an iraq veteran who was paralyzed by a sniper. we'll
7:58 am
7:59 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. big questions right now about whether boeing jets should be grounded in the u.s. after a second deadly crash of a boeing 737 overseas. investigators searching for what brought it down with 157 people on board. smoke spotted before the jet hit the ground. more countries now grounding the se same model of the plane. the latest at this hour. massive winter storm, the huge new system tracking east right now. following the center of the country with blizzard conditions, flooding and possible tornadoes. 18 states right now from california to wisconsin under high wind, flood, and blizzard alerts. ♪ i'm on my way picture perfect. kate and meghan with a public show of solidarity side by side on a big day for the royals greeting one another with a kiss on the cheek.
8:01 am
all speculation over that royal rift is now over. ♪ go go go go it's the viral musical sensation that catapulted this production from out of town to taking over broad way. it's been called "mean girls" meets "the matrix." ginger goes behind the scenes of the musical that's breaking big after hundreds of millions of people streamed the songs. get ready to "be more chill." ♪ don't tell my heart is this about to be one of the most bonkers "bachelor" finales of all time? >> you don't deserve to be anybody's backup plan. >> colton risks it all for the woman he loves and she's the one who eliminated herself from the show leaving him heartbroken. >> i don't know if i'm giving up a for-sure thing for something that's impossible. >> this morning, what
8:02 am
past "bachelor" contestants are telling us about this finale that flipped the reality show script and startling sneak peek from "the bachelor's" own parent. as we say good morning, america. good morning, america. hope you're doing well this tuesday morning. a lot coming up. >> it's a busy day here. and we've got a really moving story we want to tell you about. a medical miracle. it's coming up ahead. the marine and his wife who started a family after he was left paralyzed. well, their new baby was just born. we'll hear from them. >> it's a fantastic story. >> really is. and it's a whole new world this morning. we've got the exclusive world premiere of the brand-new trailer for "aladdin" right here on "gma." we can't wait to show you. lots of news to get to as well this morning. we'll start with the latest on that deadly plane crash in ethiopia. more than 20 airlines around the world have now grounded the boeing model after those 157 people were killed. second deadly crash for that plane. and now some leaders here in the u.s. calling for action, as well. our senior transportation correspondent david kerley with the latest from reagan airport.
8:03 am
david, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. some of the most important clues this this case are in the hands of the ethiopians but as of 12 hours ago, they had not decided whether they will read out the data from those two black boxes or ask for assistance from the europeans, the ntsb, or someone else. and so without answers to some of these questions, airlines and countries are grounding these aircraft around the world. already a third of the fleet of this brand-new jetliner has been grounded. or banned from airspace. singapore and australia saying you can't flight it in here. but not in the u.s. the faa is issuing a notification yesterday that it has no evidence at this time that would warrant grounding. boeing is work on a software fix based on the first accident which the faa says it will mandate be up stalled next month. here in the u.s. the 72 planes flown by southwest, american and united are still flying at this hour. the big question in those black boxes are these two crashes connected?
8:04 am
or are these two separate one-off situations? do we have an inherent problem with this best-selling plane ever? that is the question that everyone wants answered as soon as possible, george. >> it is such a big one. okay, david, thanks very much. cecilia? let's turn to that massive new storm heading east. 18 states from california to wisconsin under high wind, flood and blizzard alerts. rob marciano is here tracking it all including that heavy snow out west. >> yeah, it's a deep cold, cecilia. deep into the heart of california bringing snow just east of los angeles, pasadena, wrightwood there, several inches falling overnight and still coming down. this is teaming up with the northwest wave and the two will combine over the rockies and really explode this storm out. we could see it become an inland bomb. which is a pretty rare event. wind alerts up from west texas to oklahoma city back through albuquerque, even las vegas, blizzard warnings as well. this thing winds up and severe weather threat that happens after dark unfortunately for west texas. mostly strong winds and large hail. and that is going to be a huge
8:05 am
windmaker. denver, you will see significant snows tomorrow morning and then heavy rains getting over some hefty snowpack and frozen ground inches of this. and a big warmup that gets ahead of it. it gets to the east coast but not till friday. >> thanks very much. it's "bachelor" time. giving you a sneak peek of tonight's finale. what was going on behind that door for colton. >> lifestyle fashion expert melissa garcia is here with the hottest trends for 2019. wail till you see what's making a comeback. and lara is upstairs. hey, lara. >> hi, you guys. we loved him on "girls." and love him in everything he does. now broadway. andrew rannells writing an amazing book. the man can write. he can sing, he can dance. we have such a good audience. they can't wait to hear from him. we can't wait to have him back on "good morning america." don't go anywhere. that's a great question. if you'd stop in a monsoon to help someone change a tire, save a whale that had beached itself... you're gonna be ok big guy. push!
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8:10 am
[ cheers and applause ] ♪ welcome back to "gma." welcome to our great audience here this tuesday morning. where is tom? tom, come out here. over here. i want tom. [ cheers and applause ] no, i want you to show everybody how you warmed up the audience ten secs ago. show everybody how you warmed up the audience ten seconds ago. >> who lives in a pineapple under the sea? >> spongebob squarepants. >> skoob -- scooby dooby-d ork o. >> where are you? >> how you doin'?
8:11 am
tomorrow ben stiller will be here. time for "pop news." >> george, good morning to you guys. and good morning to you. we begin with "bohemian rhapsody." the movie earning four oscars and now shocker, talk of a sequel is heating up. i mean, it was such a delight to watch this movie. this is according to rudy dolezal, who was the director of dozens of the queen videos. he tells "the new york post" is being discussed in the queen family and the lead guitarist brian may has weighed in saying that he was instrumental in the first movie opening at live aid, because it would be the perfect place for the follow-up film to pick up. is this just real life or is this just fantasy? we shall see. probably doesn't hurt that "bohemian rhapsody" has already made, oh, $870 million worldwide. make it happen. somebody is going to want to make that happen. we shall see. in the headlines this morning, the jonas brother, their comeback was barely just
8:12 am
announced. i feel like i was telling you about it yesterday. and now their new single "sucker" has already rocketed straight to number one. [ applause ] it is the brothers' first number one single ever on the billboard song chart. it comes 11 years after their last big hit "burning up" made it to number five. that was 2008. that's a long time coming for the brothers who posted this video after hearing the good news. >> i cannot believe it. >> are you kidding me? >> billboard hot 100 debut, number one, baby. >> number one! >> we're number one. i can't believe it. this is crazy. >> it's crazy. [ applause ] the news, the song, proving jo bros.l still suckers for the la as yo. bencd y-z once again
8:13 am
showing that everything is love. that's the name of a song. the superstar couple honored with this year's vanguard award at the 30th annual glaad media awards. the vanguard is presented to artists who have made a significant difference in promoting acceptance of lgbtq people. you may recall at last year's event, there she is, our girl robin roberts. [ cheers and applause ] yes. presenting jay z as mom, gloria carter, with a special recognition for her son's song, smul. the awards on march 28th. and finally, a very special birthday that has changed our world. today is the 30th anniversary of as yeah. >> 30? 30 years? >> there's more to it. that's where the www comes on a website in case you forgot.
8:14 am
google marking the web's birthday with a special doodle today. to be clear the internet, paula, i think this is what you're getting at. the internet is a few decades older. it's just the web, that allows the display of documents, pictures, that started march 12, 1989. [ applause ] so our big day that changed all parents' lives, especially tim burner lee, the swiss scientist who invented the web. he said it's time for the web to grow up. too many are using it for wrongdoing. he says in an article posted today, the web is for everyone. we do have the power to change it for good. it's a great article. [ applause ] that's all i have for. >> thank you. >> i'm very ladylike. thanks, la and prope we want to move now to our "gma" cover story. those new images we've been seeing that may put rumors of a royal rift to bed. duchesses kate and meghan spent
8:15 am
time together at a high-profile ceremony with the queen herself. and abc's adrienne bankert is here with all the details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to all of you. lara is not the only one thinking ladylike. kate and meghan can be in that category, too. they seemed very loving with each other after reports that the two were constantly at odds. even rumors that queen elizabeth had to squash their spats. but they truly look like sisters on their most recent royal out lg. this morning, kate and meghan put an end to any rumor of a feud greeting each other with a kiss. >> fab four. together again. to sign of any disagreements. they look very happy to see each other, particularly kate and meghan greeting each other with a kiss on the cheek. big smiles, the idea that there was any disagreements, you know, there was just no evidence of that. >> reporter: the display of friendship seen at the royal family's celebration of commonwealth day commemorating 70 years of unity. >> first of many royal
8:16 am
both stunning. meghan in a cream-color dress with a matching coat and hat. kate also color coordinated in a bold red coat dress and hat. they left afterwards with the queen and they were presented with flowers and kate drops to a knee to speak to a little girl. and meghan stops to talk with this young boy eager to greet her. >> so good to see you. >> reporter: earlier in the day, meghan and her prince took part in festivities at canada house in london. >> very nice to meet you. >> reporter: the duke and duchess enjoyed the canadian spring tradition of making maple taffy sharing the sweets with the children. >> earlier in the day meghan and harry went to canada house to meet young canadians. that's very interesting because i think it shows that we're going the see this couple do a lot with young people within the commonwealth. and there was obviously that perm link for meghan because sh. for ho champion young people from candy i think was really important to her. >> reporter: the new parents are
8:17 am
given gifts like these tiny leather moccasins. you better believe everybody is going to watch what the baby is wearing, kate middleton, the new duchess. all of that excitement, cross continental, guys, everything is peachy. >> that's good news. >> we like to hear good news. >> thank you, adrienne. >> you're very welcome. have a great day. are you guys ready for some "bachelor" drama? >> always. >> we have an exclusive sneak peek of tonight's finale after that bombshell. colton all alone sending both remaining women home and going after the one who left him. abc's erielle reshef is it here with all of this and more. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you, cecilia. there were more tears, mostly from colton, twists and heartbreak than "bachelor" nation could have expected. colton sending two women who loved him home determined to win cassie back. fans left with the ultimat started off with a manhunt. >> we've got a dark figure down the road. >> reporter: the dramatic
8:18 am
camera. >> dude, i'm -- i'm done with this [ bleep ]. i've been through enough of knowing i'm not enough for a long time. >> reporter: chris harrison exclusively walking us through the next steps for the show. and for the bachelor himself. >> we went to his room the next morning and sat down and had that heart to heart and it was brutal. we sat there for a couple of hours. just trying to figure out what we were going to do. >> reporter: colton first parting ways with tayshia. >> in my heart, i know i can't love two people. my heart is with somebody else. i love cassie. >> can we talk without all these cameras? >> tayshia had her overnight date. and she definitely thought she was the one. so that breakup, as you saw, was extremely emotional. >> no, i don't want to -- i don't want to go through this. i don't want to. [ sobbing ] >> reporter: one woman saying
8:19 am
good-bye while hannah g. had high hopes it was just the beginning. >> this week is the perfect chance to tell colton that i love him. >> the hannah g. one was really different because she never had her overnight. so she actually thought that colton might be coming to say it's over, you're the one. >> i really thought honestly for sure it would be us. i don't know how to take this right now. >> reporter: with the heartbreak and tears behind him, colton now ready to fight for what he came for. >> i want to be with cassie. i love her enough to risk everything. i want to not only tell her but show her. >> reporter: former bachelor contestant ashley, who found love on "bachelor in paradise, "rooting for colton, no matter what decision he makes. >> because i think he's been such a fantastic bachelor. such a sympathetic character and i hope he goes after cassie and i hope it works out for him. >> reporter: still willing to put his heart on the line.
8:20 am
>> love is not simple. love is messy. and know what the future holds for me. >> reporter: and all his fears aside. >> i've said it a thousand times. i just want to be loved back the way that i love somebody. i don't know if that's possible. >> reporter: for the chance of finding love with one woman. >> i don't know if i'm fighting for something that's not possible. but i'm willing to do anything and everything because that's how much i love cassie. >> reporter: former "bachelorette" ali cheering him on. >> colton, good for you. follow your heart. like that's what life and love and relationships and "the bachelor" is all about. you' go get your girl. >> reporter: "gma" getting this exclusive sneak peek of tonight's finale, colton's parents voicing their concern. >> i'm always concerned for you
8:21 am
in you hurt after that bad. >> the guy's got a fighting chance. he has love in his heart. he's pure. he's honest. and he's going back in to talk to cassie. >> reporter: his love story will play out. but who does that leave for the next "bachelorette "? >> so here's who i would choose from. >> okay. >> heading into tonight. kailyn, i would have hannah b., i would have hannah g. i would have tayshia, and i would have demi in the mix. >> whoo! >> "the bachelorette" will be one of those five. >> reporter: quite a tease there. overnight colton getting some support from previous "bachelor" arie who changed his mind at the end of the season, saying i truly believe life rewards you when you follow your own path not paved by others but paved by your belief in what's right for you. as for the next "bachelorette," you heard chris harrison talking about it there and giving a
8:22 am
teaser about the last five. this franchise is famous for having a twist. it could be a "bachelorette" from a previous season. we'll see it go down for colton tonight:00, 7:00 central. guess who will be here tomorrow for "gma"? >> you. >> i might have to. thanks a lot. i might have to come but colton will be here tomorrow. the question is -- will he be alone or will he have found love? >> so what our viewers don't know, erielle was basically narrating under her breath. she doesn't love him back. >> i wouldn't track this piece until i actually saw the show. they had to wait until 10:30 till i watched it. >> rob, take it away. >> security, good morning, guys. security is going to be on, erielle. if your tv is broken and you can't be watching "the bachelor" or if it's not age appropriate and your young daughter wants to see what is going on outside. this is what happened in fargo, north dakota, yesterday. it snowed a lot there, guys. this little girl wanted to see what was beyond that and go
8:23 am
outside to play in the snow. couldn't get the door opened. dad helped out. my goodness, there is a complete imprint of the snowbank on that door. she starts kicking it and her good morning. i'm abc7 metrologist mike nicco. a dry cold front will kick up a few clouds this afternoon. breezy and sun tomorrow and calmer and warmer for the weekend ahead. today upper 50s, 60, 63 for the rest of us. my accuweather seven-day forecast, look at the warming trend begin friday we have a great "gma" exclusive right now with a marine paralyzed by sniper fire in iraq who d pe cfrom aocunderstood his fami.
8:24 am
zachary kiesch here with their story. hey, zachary. >> hey, good morning, everyone. their story gave me goose bumps. an incredible lesson about the ups and downs of life, and about never losing hope. an incredible ride for this couple. they are resilient, courageous and now they are family. u.s. marine visnu gonzalez always knew in his heart this moment would come true. his newborn daughter resting in his arms by all accounts a miracle baby. born against incredible odds. >> mama, mama. >> reporter: corporal gonzalez became a quadriplegic when he was shot by a sniper back in 2004 while serving a second tour in the iraq war. >> i kept telling them, if i can't move my arms, just let me go. and i kept fading away and i pazed out, until i woke up in washington, in bethesda. >> reporter: the ups and downs of visnu's life read like a movie scriptar on september 11th. and then meeting his wife in the dominican republic in 2010. >> so i guess she fell in love and then i had to follow suit.
8:25 am
>> we want to have a baby even before we marry. >> reporter: the two married three years later and dreamed from the beginning about starting a family. but with both facing fertility issues, parenthood seemed impossible. paralyzed from the neck down with limited arm strength, the only way to have a baby would be through in vitro or artificial insemination. and of all the possible doctors they found dr. tomer singer of lenox hill hospital in new york city. dr. singer himself was conceived through artificial insemination. his own father was shot in the 1960s while in the israeli military. >> visnu's injury was similar to my father's injury. i remember that day that we met. and day came to my office. and it was a very emotional day, both for the coupled a for myself. >> reporter: despite his paralysis visnu still fights pain that's almost unbearable.n
8:26 am
>> every ivf failed. he always say, we can do that. we just have to try it again. >> reporter: dr. singer vividly recalls delivering that good news after almost three years of treatments. >> i remember her dropping the phone and crying. >> i am never going to forget the words. he told me mazel tov, you're pregnant. >> reporter: now this young couple have a dream come true. this bundle of love, lia valentina. visnu still lives his life in constant pain, but he says holding his baby girl is the purest joy he has every known. such a powerful story. i literally sat with goose bumps feeling their experience and what they've been through. >> destiny. >> thank you, zackary. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning. it's 8:27. i'm reggie aqui. los angeles police are expected to release more information today about the failed robbery attempt near usc. his mother is a council woman. she will speak at a news conference. you can watch it live streaming on let's take a look at traffic. >> no change here. still brutal, trying to get out of tracy. two left lanes are blocked. that's due to a pavement issue. and we've got massive delays both on 205 and 580. eastbound 80, rollover crashed is cleared. westbound 24 improving.
8:28 am
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8:29 am
now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> one lone hold out in the 30s. the breezes are starting to pick up as the cold front is nearing and it's going to be breezing that will plague you on the bridges. small craft advisory from 11:00 this morning until 9:00 this evening. here's a look at our --
8:30 am
>> sorry. jumped out a little early on you mike. ♪ike. all right, welcome back to "gma." it is now time for our fashion series "who, what, wear" for spring. this morning we have the hottest trends for 2019 and we have a bonus, everyone can shop all these looks on our website, lifestyle fashion expert melissa garcia is here to break it all down. good morning. >> thank you. thank you. >> you've been poring over all the fashions. just in, any big surprises. >> we always see spring florals and they're taking a bit of a backseat. they're never fully going out but taking a little bit of a backseat. we have a new print that's taking over and i think you guys are going to be surprised when you see what it is. >> i can or can't buy the floral dress that's in the basket online i was w to purchase. >> you can buy it. if you want to update it we'll
8:31 am
tell you what print you need? ready to see some looks? i'll do the big vanna white moment. reveal. tie-dye. >> it is the print taking over the season. >> very intrigued. >> because most of us think it's like very childish or day camp but designers were really smart and here we have lola in this gorgeous outfit. this is from zara. i love this. two-piece set. they incorporated it in a sophisticated way. stick too muted palettes like this one here which is an easy what to do it and two-piece set is great because you can get double wear and break it up and wear the top with jeans and a sweater with a chunky smith sweater until it gets warmer. we're seeing tons of it this spring. >> i have to say i was a little apprehensive but you sold me on this one. ready to see another one? >> boiler suit. >> this is sort of the sister to
8:32 am
the jumpsuit, let's say and they were originally built for hard labor but now they're really sort of taking a stand on the fashion map. i love this. so cute. >> '70s vibe. >> and i love a jumpsuit or boiler suit because it's one and done. just picking out your shoes. it's virtually impossible to mess it up. here we gave her a heel to elevate the look. with a flat t. this is from asos. >> do you have to be a certain body type. >> no, everyone can wear a jumpsuit or boiler suit. it works for every shape and size. >> you look fantastic. [ applause ] loose denim. >> phyllis is in this great loose denim from top shop. i love this. what i love about this, we're so used to seeing skinny jeans and now, again, we're getting into loose denim and another great thing about this outfit is like when you think of loose denim you think it's casual but i love you can elevate it.
8:33 am
this is a great casual work office outfit. we paired it with a blazer and heels elevate the look and when you're going to buy a pair of loose fit jeans, make sure you go either one or two sizes above your normal size. a boyfriend style fit but go above your normal size to get that loose fit. >> people might be concerned it doesn't look polished. this looks fantastic. you are really rocking the look. >> love that. >> are you guys ready for more? i'll commute down here. crochet. >> crochet is the last trend we're seeing. you have a little bit of it going on. here we have jen in this gorgeous dress. this is from this hand made feel. a little too much, test it out. with an accessory like this bag
8:34 am
from lulu's. this is the perfect spring look. >> i love it. >> so fun? you can take that foo summer. it's really great. >> easily take into summer as great. >> you guys like? [ applause ] >> thank you. >> shop all these looks on and coming up, "girls" star andrew rannells is here live with a new memoir and more. ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto. jake... seresto, seresto, seresto. whatever your dog brings home to you, it shouldn't be fleas and ticks. seresto gives your dog 8 continuous months of flea and tick protection in an easy-to-use, non-greasy collar. seresto, seresto, seresto. ohh no, jake. seresto. 8-month. seresto, seresto, seresto.
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so happy to be with our next guest. we've seen andrew rannells sing and dance on broadway and been in "girls" and movies like "intern" and now adding write weather a must read. this new memoir is so good. it's called "too much is not enough." i want more personally. i was saying to our producer, brad, this is a great showbiz read. this is like a peek behind the curtain of how hard it is and with great stories along the way. you've lived a lot of life. >> i've lived a lot of life and moved here in '97 and about my first seven years that lived in new york before i got my first broadway show which was rs [ applause ] oh. >> another gait story i book. >> but it was -- i think that's often the period of time that kind of gets skipped over like before you sort of get your first big break,
8:38 am
really like starts with the first day you say you want to do it and then there's a lot of time that happens. >> you knew as a very young boy this is what you want to do. i want to brag about you a little bit. this is when your "girls" co-star lena dunham. this new book is so funny. she says it is remarkable. she says it straddles the line between brutally honest and wildly humorous. it's painful, pure and true. how does that feel? >> i mean, she's -- >> prolific writer herself. >> she's my friend so -- >> you're not supposed to tell everybody that. >> no, very generous of her and gotten a lot of support from all those folks which has been wonderful. >> yeah, it is great. all right, so the book takes us back to your childhood. you were a teen model. >> eh. now let me clarify. i was -- i did some print wk in nebraska so iee model -- well, that was my -- that's -- i
8:39 am
don't know if warrants a whoo. it's a silk shirt, lara. anyone who grew up in the '90s. >> understands. i fully understand. >> blue silk shirt. my first head shirt. very showersty. >> you wanted it badly. do you feel that prepped you in some way for things to come. >> yeah, i feel like i had a very clear focus from a young age that's what i wanted to do so -- >> if you could say something to that guy, what would you say to him about life? >> don't get highlights. don't do it. >> that's great advice. >> it's going to seem like a fun idea but don't do it. >> it looks like you weren't listening at that point. >> this was for an ad for a hospital. a children's hospital. so high '90s ill with i mean, structure.
8:40 am
>> very "growing pains." a popular prom date. many, many proms under your belt. >> i went to an all boys catholic school and three all girl schools so when it came time for prom they went to the all boy school and we would go to all of them. i liked to dance and i never tried to touch anybody so it was -- that was a solid date. a good choice. talk about thirsty. that's tricky. i really thought i was being sexy there. like sexy prom time. >> but you know your dad introduced you to the love of musicals. >> yes. >> to your first tonys which you watched on tv in 1993. as you can see i love your book. you knew you needed to get to new york. on your way to the big stage you got your big break in the live action "pokemon." >> yeah, yeah, yeah. i did some time at radio city doing a show called "pokemon
8:41 am
live." oh, geez. there's a clip of it. >> this is your -- >> this is what is tricky. there's no way there's any footage of this thing. >> we got it. >> we have the best producing team in the world. >> wowza. that was a high/low point in my career. it was lovely to be working but i had to put on that wig every day but it was tricky. >> all of these experiences add up to -- >> they all sort of keep you on the right path and kept me motivated. if i had, you know, you have to be patient, right? you've got to pay your dues in that sense so i paid a lot of dues. >> and you are so impatient when you are a coming up. >> absolutely. >> and looking always ahead at what you want but not necessarily being in the moment. >> no, and having to go through those things and do the work. even after i was on broadway, i did "hairspray" for a year and a half and that money didn't go quite as far as i imagined so i had to get a temp job. know what i was doing there pnei
8:42 am
gott l - ust pick it up and hang it up. like if it got too much, if it was like too much stimulus i would just like hang it up or i would go and hide in a break room. >> it goes to show you when you've made it you're still on the journey and your chapter about your "hairspray" experience you finally get the call you're going to broadway. you're in the ensemble. you want the big part. >> well, yes, that happens, you know, slowly as well that you like you think all i said was i just want to be on broadway so i got on broadway and then very quickly i was like, i think i want a bigger part. and you just keep sort of, you know, you keep trading dreams, you know, as we've all learned from oprah. you dream a bigger dream, right? >> that's beautiful. >> that is she says by way of maya angelou. you sort of keep moving the
8:43 am
line. >> it's very inspirational and very honest. >> thank you for reading. >> you can see andrew in so many things. showtime's "black monday." really good. you can read all about his life in "too much is not enough." it is out today. thank you for bringing it to us. >> thank you for this. >> over to you. >> how would you like to see a little bit of warm sunshine? how does that sound right now? teletransport you to hollywood, florida. between ft. lauderdale and miami, 70 degrees and sunshine on the boardwalk. get the bicycle out, get the unicycle out. 84 degrees. a little bit of that coming to the northeast into the 50s and 60s before the rain gets here friday so there is hope, my good morning. i'm abc7 news metrologist mike nicco. a little milder this morning. not quite as warm this afternoon but a whole lot of sunshine and breezes this afternoon.
8:44 am
march always gives us some hope. this weathercast sponsored by united health care. >> we have been waiting to show you this all morning. it is time now for a "gma" exclusive. the world debut of the first full trailer of "aladdin." taking us inside the live action remake starring -- ooh, everybody is excited starring willie nelson smith as the genie. the movie hits theaters may 24th. are you ready? [ cheers ] take a look. >> thief. get back here. grab that boy. >> he is on the roof. >> aaagh! ♪
8:45 am
>> you summoned the opportunity. i can make you rich, rich enough to impress the princess. >> what would i have to do? >> there's a cave of wonders. bring me the lamp. >> oh, great one who summons me, i stand by my oath loyalty to wishes three. i'm kidding. watch out. ♪ you down wow me up you ain't never had a friend like me ♪ >> hey, can you make me a prince? >> there is a lot of gray area in make me cod just make you a prince. >> oh, no. >> you see my powers. >> you look like a prince on the
8:46 am
outside. but i didn't change anything on the inside. showtime. >> now i'm in charge. okay. i say when it's time. really. i thought a princess could go anywhere. >> not this princess. >> do you trust ♪ a whole new world don't you dare close your eyes ♪ ♪ a hundred thousand things to see ♪ ♪ i'm like a shooting star ♪ let me share this perfect world with you ♪
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we are back with a brand-new broadway show building up steam being called "mean
8:49 am
"dear evan hanson" and "little shop of horrors." ginger got a sneak peek of "be more chill." >> reporter: there is very little chill surrounding the new broadway musical "be more chill." starting with the shrieking fans waiting outside every night to the exuberant energy on stage. ♪ >> reporter: and then there's the viral way that the musical made it to broadway. the cast album of its original short new jersey run in 2015 streamed more than 250 million times. this youtube video of one of its most popular songs. ♪ in the bathroom by himself >> reporter: getting more than 3 million views alone so far, which led to the show's current rebirth on broadway. >> the trajectory of "be more chill" is unlike anything we could have possibly imagined. the internet blew up. >> huge. >> the way it blew up is distinctly 21st sentry because
8:50 am
it happened on tumbler and instagram but it's very old school. it is a show that became popular through word of mouth. >> reporter: as for the story, the show takes mace in the teenage battleground of high school. will roland plays jeremy, a junior desperate to be more popular. >> he learns about this supercomputer he can take which is a pill and struck him how to be more chill. >> reporter: got that? stefanie su plays his crush. stefanie or christine. >> that's me. >> reporter: a theater loving free spirit, the character of christine fit me to a tee. >> we're going to trance atlanta christine into you right now and you'll say there's also a part of me that wants to do this, okay. ando whatever you want. >> there's also a part of me that wants to do this. >> oh, yes. >> and i've been recast. >> reporter: as for that supercomputer it's called a squip played by jason tip.
8:51 am
>> reporter: superquantum intel processor. >> that doesn't make it easier. >> it doesn't. >> i play the visual representation of this supercomputer that coaches jeremy on how to >> reporter: as the character gets a little darker the costumes get darker too but they're really fun to wear. >> and then i show up wearing this kind of white matrixy coat. that looks great on you. >> reporter: feeling like a member of the cast at this point i sit in with the band. ♪ >> oh, i would have way too much fun with this. >> reporter: try to learn some of the choreography. >> at the end of the "be more chill" song. hands and they capitol hill as they move forward. yeah, good. you're such a natural. >> reporter: we go over it again. >> create -- >> that is so hard. >> reporter: and again and again. until finally. >> oh, my gosh. >> you're such a pro. >> i think i've got it and get to make my big entrance. >> one, two. helping over.
8:52 am
wiggle, wiggle chill. flip and make a pill. window, look through the window, close a ok. and, yeah. >> not too bad for a beginner but if you want to see how it's really done, you have to come see it yourself. ♪ be more chill >> i think we're going to have to get ginger a guest performance on "be more chill." the cast will be here for a special live performance. special live performance. we'll be right's $4.99 fish sandwich combo. it's a deal so good, it will make everyone a fish lover. you get 100%, wild-caught alaska pollock breaded with panko bread crumbs and topped with tartar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink. for just $4.99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo. wait, xfinity lets crazy fast internet speeds, and pick the types of channels i want? yep, now you can get a package that's just right for you.
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it's a deal so good, it will make everyone a fish lover. you get 100%, wild-caught alaska pollock breaded with panko bread crumbs and topped with tartar sauce. plus, hot and salty fries and a drink.
8:55 am
for just $4.99! the $4.99 fish sandwich combo. >> announcer: what will happ tomorrow when colton comes live to "gma"? the morning after the epic bachelor finale. hole on, people. then thursday, it's the first exclusive interview with the new bachelorette. who will she be? only on "gma." "good morning america" is sponsored by samsung. meet the next generation galaxy s10. >> okay, so we know all the bachelor fans will be tuning in tomorrow. colton will be here. >> you guys ready. >> we're all ready. [ applause ]
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8:59 am
good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc7 mornings." >> good morning. it's 8:59. i'm reggie aqui. mike nicco has your forecast. >> a lot of sunshine, a little bit of cloud cover out there. you can see it picking up the breezes already and that will be the pig thing you have to -- when you're outside. it won't feel quite as nice, upper 50s to mid-60s. >> taking a look at the roads. no change, still have our sig alert getting out of tracy. two lanes blocked due to that pavement issue. no estimate when they'll get those lanes open. but the crews are there. >> alexis, thank you.
9:00 am
time now for "live with kelly and ryan." you can find us on our >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, film, television, and broadway actress christine baranski. and from the series "billions," maggie siff. plus, your comments and questions on another edition of the inbox. all next on "live!" and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ryan: what's happening? how are you, brother? good morning.


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