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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 30, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." it's a stroller race at a festival. >> they're headed to the finish line. >> the moment the moms get a little too competitive. >> oh! >> are you kidding me? >>. when justin bieber ate a burrito wrong the world freaked out. >> but this was set up. >> now they reveal how they orchestrated the fake food faux pa. >> we didn't bite. >> a girlfriend is watching with her boyfriend and what she saw
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had her in tears. plus your chance to win a new ipad mini with today's buzz word. christiane, oli, and gayle break it down including using a door for a workout. how it takes a nosedive. >> oh, what the heck? >> it seems as though the bike festival in istanbul is quite the festival. we have got kids in strollers. and parents and they're headed to the finish line. >> oh! >> are you kidding me? >> like a car crash at the end of a race. >> i would say they have little seat belts but this one doesn't look very secure. >> was the mother so interested in winning the race she kind of sent the baby carriage ahead? >> reports say she got a little tired but when you run the video back, you see she let go. it was a little -- >> good look, mayor.
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he's there and he is qualified to help. so he hopped right into action. >> oh. >> kissing babies atop. the mayor happens to be a doctor so this is also part of his duty as a doctor. >> mom comes over and kind of drops. >> yeah. >> all jokes aside, the baby was very lucky. not badly injured. now over to ukraine. you won't believe your eyes on this one either. >> oh. >> he jumped? he jumped out of the way? >> yes, girl. >> whoa. man. >> this man is a tow truck driver, servicing this car. when suddenly another car comes into the frame. spinning out of control. he sees it and -- well, look at how he looks back. like whoa. >> did that just happen? >> he saw the mother in the previous video driving. >> he turns out okay. >> and then the mayor turns up to take a picture. [ laughter ]
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i don't know how you could have missed it but, last week, justin bieber ate a burrito wrong and the incident made the world lose its mind. >> this is how he eats a burrito. >> chowing down on it like it's a corncob. >> he's eating it like it's a corn on a cob. >> you don't eat raw chicken or a burrito like that. >> if you're not offended you're not american. >> agreed. >> you're from down under -- >> oh. >> oh, no. >> yes. >> this entire thing was set up by the team, for years they have been wanting to do a video. and they played the world for fos.>> goha >>'m watching that video, wow. i guess they teamed up with will smith. they teamed up with justin bieber. no, they didn't. >> well, we stumbled upon the
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instagram, the uncanny justin bieber look ali andhen the dots connected. >> i love these guys. >> they'll fly him in for a couple of days and they started to brain storm. >> what if he's caught doing weird stuff like eating a burrito sideways? >> the only thing to do to make it look like bieber, they sit him down, he eats the burrito sideways and he's done. they put it on reddit. >> [ bleep ]! >> this story really caught fire. we love it. we have been able to get some of the guys from the yes series team. they're live. we have zach and -- >> hey, guys. >> hi. you pranked the entire world. how do you feel about how itend we never thought it would get to where it is now. the way you describe it, like well, that did all happen.
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it was very fast. >> what did justin bieber say? has he reached out to say that wasn't me? >> he didn't say anything. he never denied it. >> was there any reaction from some of the media? you hooked them good. >> we spent friday and saturday watching all the stories covering it. i was waiting for you guys to cover it. like on "right this minute," you guys never did. >> you could have told us. >> i was a little proud that we didn't bite. >> yeah. you guys are hard to fool. >> i think the point of it was to show that they shouldn't believe they see. >> well, see to your point, why do you think they cared tofoness sakes. >> well, he can eat it any way he wants. >> guys, thank you so much for taking the time. keep up the great work.
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the best channel on youtube in my opinion. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> bye, guys. ♪ and if you have an easy for the next animal buddy movie, how about the seal and the dog. here we are in australia. chloe victoria, and she said that dog slowly makes the way over, trying to make friends with the seal. look what happens. >> oh, my gosh, you're much faster than me. >> the seal has probably never seen a dog in the water before. and going off to the seal buddies to say it's probably bigfoot, it's scary and weird. >> chloe was afraid that the seal might attack the dog. and that there might be injuries but she says the dog's owner had to go and get the dog out of the water because the other dogs at the beach are like we'll follow. so my disney idea might not work out after all, but here's a possible one.
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>> shark sighting. >> can barely breathe. here it is swimming. >> it is yoder the pug and he likes the little shark suit and swimming. i didn't know pugs were that buoyant to tell you the truth. >> he is now. >> time to give away another ipad mini. >> you need tuesday's buzz word, be at least 18 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. >> "rtm" buzz word is coming up. these two are on the bed. he wants her to see a cool video he found on the interweb for her. so he gets the phone and takes hers and then there's a little bit of a glitch on the video that she was seeing. ♪ >> hello, caitlyn of the future. today is august 26th.
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i went to top golf with your father and i asked him for your hand in marriage. >> oh. oh. >> that's kind of a big reveal, yeah. and then the video cuts to a bunch of different photos and videos during their courtship. >> montage. >> yes. as you can see they're huge fans of disney land. i like this couple. he did it the old fashioned way, asked dad. >> you can say they have traveled together. they have spent a lot of time sharing different experiences. meanwhile, she is motionless on the bed. >> must be the video. that's the thing. like she's not going, cat video, you know? >> i can tell you she is in tears. she's finally getting up and we see how emotional she is about this. then it's so adorable. they have been dating for a year and half but they have known each other since grade school. but they went to different high schools and it wasn't until
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later that she asked him out to lunch. and that was it. it was history. >> did she say yes? >> she eventually let go and as you can see she takes the ring, puts it on, of course she says yes. she loves her man. >> i love you so much. a skilled pilot sets off on an epic run and -- >> it is something absolutely magical. >> the stunning moment he soars above the clouds next. >> look at that. cool. and this clever mom's got -- >> the solution for your bickering children. >> oh, i wonder if this will work for you and i. >> you know what, it might. >> how a simple swap can solve it all. >> oh! brought to you by olive garden. the wait for the never ending pasta bowl is over. ations of pa, to
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man up! it's hard, sometimes to go into work. but i imagine it's quite easy when this is your job. >> isn't that cool? >> that video -- my jaw just dropped. if you see this hang glider -- we know him as wolfie. he takes off into the skies, above the clouds, with all these mountains peeking out of it. it is something absolutely magical. almost as magical as the video of his flight. because we have that too. the sunset speed rally that he did in switzerland. >> i wonder if he had aold him tf the cuds.>> he won't be in t because it's all about getting low and fast because wolfie likes to push it. he likes to cut the grass while
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flying. >> this is incredible. >> it's like it's so crazy low. it's only just the ople's backy. comes over -- what are we staring at? >> oh, whoa! >> what? >> at least he didn't get under it. >> this looks like some cows right here. as he goes past this tree line -- just opens up in front of him. u w t isbefore you know and enjoying himself all over switzerland. gallivanting around like a free bird he is. he brings himself in for another pretty epic landing. i never get tired of it. >> wind suiting is cool but this is even better. parents, listen up. kristina might have a solution for your bickering children. >> duct tape. >> do you have lovely sweet children who occasionally turn crazy and get into the silliest
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arguments? >> yeah. >> i tried this exercise with the older two kids when they were arguing and it helps. >> i wonder if this will help for you and i. >> you know what, it might. she had her kids come over and argue about the last one they were arguing about. >> you promised -- it was 102 degrees and i was done. >> so she is is being unreasonable. >> let's try a married couple as well. >> i want to make this side of the house into my little cigar center. >> and his wife is like, heck no. >> i don't want to walk into the garage and it's puff the magic dragon. >> so she's being unreasonable. >> i'll do it in another house with another wife. >> see, it escalates so quickly. here is her solution. >> i have them switch sides, so each of them has to argue the other person's point of view and not sarcastically. >> let's see if it works.
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>> maybe it's a good thing, wanting to be at peace and wanting to be in your own home and space and relax. >> go on. that's so exciting to hear coming from you too. >> you have been waiting all day, but you didn't get to go because of me. >> oh. >> i think it's a cool idea. i don't think a majority of human beings are big enough to be able to do this. >> in my opinion, this is a great way to practice empathy. >> a cute exercise. >> so did he get his cigar shed, lounge shack. >> you ain't getting no sugar, she said, end of discussion. it's that time of the year. we have halloween's best videos, next "right this minute." still to come, a dude's testing out a magnetic new beauty trend. >> it is supposed to be a detoxifying mask. >> but this is the big -- >> see if he can pull off a big sciency skin care regime. >>
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like all crazy ideas, this started scrolling through facebook. >> this is a video by the action lab. he has experiments, and frequently he gets requests to review video products and he says no. but when he saw this, he said wait a minute. >> if i put the magnetic mask on my face, and i get near the magnet it will rip it off my face. >> this is the big magnet. >> his face is going to go -- >> like he has to put a bag over the magnet because he says -- >> you'd never get it off. be stuck to the magnet forever. >> absolutely. he's got the bag there and he'll walk us through what it's like. >> oh, i want to see his head go -- >> oh, i feel it. >> the idea with the wand that they send you, supposed to pull out the dirt. >> yeah. >> so this is going to
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>> it's supposed to be a detoxifies mask. and he reveals whether it works or not. >> it's getting pulled off my face. >> cool. >> finally. >> the toys, just a little iron filings -- >> yeah. >> but what i love about the filings is they form towers, that's pretty cool. >> the magnetic forces. >> yeah. the magnetic forces. did it get it all off? well, most of it off. >> i can feel a tingling. so that means there are still iron particles on my face. >> interesting. >> yeah. >> maybe he should go wash it real quick. >> you said you wanted to see his face go -- >> oh, wow. >> how cool. >> look at that. >> looks like a good rainy day activity. >> you get a facial and a little
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science all in one. have you guys ever been in a neighborhood and they opened a new restaurant and everyone is waiting to try it out? >> yeah, the lines are long. >> kind of like this, actually. >> yeah. yeah. >> you've got all those people circling arounout it. i have to get in line and try it too. >> as long as you're toward the front you're good. >> the seafood must have been cracking at this restaurant in louisiana. a whole bunch of pelicans he estimates to be about a thousand strong, finding the best food at the perfect time. maybe a group hunt, who knows? it's kind of fascinating to see them all kind of flying in and swooping in. then if you watch the whole pack on the water, just watching them hit below the surface, pulling up big gullets of food. >> it's like the pelican buffet. hey, it's time to give away
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another ipad mini. >> you need to be a legal resident of the 18. >> then enter the buzz word through facebook, twitter or both. you can enter each every day. >> so let's reveal the buzz word. it's broomstick. >> click on the win ipad button and enter broomstick. b-r-o-o-m-s-t-i-c-k. >> good luck, everybody. a tough girl is killing it at the gym. >> she is pretty hard core. >> why that hard core going to come in handy next. >> oh!
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it. >> it's potentially achievable by most of us. >> well done. so i don't know this from personal experience but based on what you, oli and other friends have told me, this is parenthood in a nutshell. that's carrie, she walks up to door, boom. sticks that hand stand. >> [ bleep ]. >> oh! what the heck was she trying to do? >> who are you talking to? i thought you said this is what parenting is like in a nutshell. >> every time she goes -- >> [ bleep ]. >> that was crazy mom. >> no. carrie works out. she is an active woman. she finishes with calisthenics and she was doing fine, her 2-year-old opened the door in mid hand stand. >> mommy, done yet?
3:27 pm
you are now. she is pretty hd core. she knows what she's doing. these weights will bow down. >> nice. she has a pretty hard core. oh! hard core. >> good thing she'd a hard core because that was a real gut punch, man. >> she sticks it initially. then she drops the weights. >> oh, right down on those pads there. kicked it right out of her. >> i like how she said nobody saw it. >> well, we saw it because we recorded it. i do appreciate it. because the rest of her instagram page is pure perfection. all right, you know how it goes on vacation. they have the touristy things that you can do. oh. oesn't go ck. >> you know whyolo all have no with this. >> nope. >> he's ripped, he's got his little speedo, he's ready to go. the day is great. then this happens.
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thanks for watching. catch us next time on an all new "rtm."
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tonight, as we come on the air, the president's controversial visit. landing late today in pittsburgh, the president and the first lady, as the funerals are now under way for the 11 people lost in that synagogue. a sea of protesters, signs reading "words matter." some neighbors yelling from their front yards. >> let the families grieve! in is our neighborhood! >> the president deciding to visit, even as some local leaders said it was too soon. also breaking tonight, the notorious boston crime boss whitey bulger is killed in prison. after living in hiding for years, he was serving life in prison. was it a hit inside those walls? the deadly school bus horror today. a pickup truck hitting four children, three members of the same family are killed. there is breaking news
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