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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  May 3, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. when did the president know? after telling the american people while on air force one that he did not know about any payment to stormy daniels, tonight, president trump now acknowledging he did reimburse his lawyer for that hush money. the questions now, how long has he known, and was that payment an effort to help him win the election? the president's new attorney, rudy giuliani, and what he said that surprised so many. >> oh, i didn't know he did. also breaking tonight, michael cohen, whose office, home and hotel room were raided. this evening, abc news has now learned the fbi was monitoring cohen's calls, even before the raid. who he was calling, who was calling him? also tonight, the police officer suspended, just hours after this video was made public. the suspect handcuffed and on the ground.
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the officer kicking him in the head. several states bracing for severe storms as we come on the air, from texas up to the northeast. rob standing by with the new track. the deadly mall shooting late today. images now coming in from the scene. several officers in the hospital tonight after responding to a call, the explosion while they were at the home. and the new alert coming in from twitter tonight, what they want all of their users to do right now. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. and we do begin with two major stories involving the president tonight, acknowledging for the first time that he did reimburse his lawyer, michael cohen, for that payment to stormy daniels, after the president said not long ago on air force one he knew of no such payment. this new revelation comes after the president's new lawyer, rudy giuliani, went on cable news last night and declared the president did, in fact, pay back cohen for the hush money.
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it left the white house scrambling today to explain this moment, when exactly the president knew about all of this, given what he told the american people onboard air force one. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl leading us off tonight. >> reporter: today, for the first time, president trump acknowledged he reimbursed his lawyer, michael cohen, for the $130,000 payoff to porn star stormy daniels. last month, the president flatly denied knowing anything about the hush money. >> did you know about the $130,000 payment to stormy daniels? >> no, no. what else? >> then why did michael cohen make it, if there was no truth to her allegations? >> you'd have to ask michael cohen. michael is my attorney, and you'll have to ask michael. >> do you know where he got that money to make that payment? >> no, i don't know, no. >> reporter: cohen claimed he paid daniels out of his own pocket. what we didn't know until now, president trump paid him back out of a personal account. the president's new lawyer, rudy
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giuliani, broke that news on fox, seeming to surprise even sean hannity, as he argued that the payment didn't violate campaign finance law. >> that money was not campaign money. sorry, i'm giving you a fact now that you don't know, it's not campaign money. no campaign finance violation. >> so they funneled it through the law firm? >> they funneled through a law firm and then the president repaid it. >> oh, i didn't know that he did. >> yep. >> reporter: stormy daniels signed the hush agreement just 11 days before the election, but giuliani insisted the payment had nothing to do with the campaign. >> it wasn't for the campaign. it was to save their marriage, not their marriage as much as their reputation. >> reporter: still, minutes later, he suggested the hush agreement was about the campaign after all. >> imagine if that came out on october 15th, 2016, in the middle of, you know, the last debate with hillary clinton. >> so, to make it go away, they made this payment. >> cohen didn't even ask. cohen made it go away. he did his job.
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>> reporter: now, the white house is facing a crisis of credibility. did you know that the president did not tell the truth when he said that he didn't know about the payment? >> again, mayor giuliani has spoken at length about this, both last night and this morning. >> reporter: the denials about the hush money are the latest in a long list of statements by the president that have turned out to be untrue. when the president and the white house show what appears to be a blatant disregard for the truth, how are the american people to trust or believe what is said here or what is said by the president? >> we give the very best information that we have at the time. >> reporter: the press secretary said when the president issued his denial on air force one, he did not yet have all the facts. >> as major giuliani stated, this wasn't something that was initially known, but later learned. >> reporter: he started paying back michael cohen back in february of last year. i mean, the reimbursement was happening long before the president was asked about this. >> is that a question or a statement?
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>> reporter: i'm saying, how could he not have known he was paying him back? >> again, i'm not going to get into those details. >> jon karl joins us now from the white house tonight. and jon, i want to go back to something you reported there, rudy giuliani saying that this had nothing to do with protecting trump, just days before the election, nothing to do with the campaign, but then as you also reported, giuliani also said, imagine if this stormy daniels story came out in the middle of that last debate with hillary clinton. so, how do you reconcile the two? >> reporter: well, it's not easy. what they're saying is that this was about protecting the president, or then the candidate, from personal embarrassment, not political damage. that's an important distinction, because if this was for political reasons, the payment could have violated campaign finance law. david? >> jon karl live at the white house, tracking this all for us. jon, thank you. in the meantime, there is also breaking news involved the president's one-time lawyer and friend, michael cohen. tonight, abc news learning that cohen's phone calls were become being tracked, who he called, who called him, even before his
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home, his office and his hotel room were raided. abc's kyra phillips tonight on that part of the story. >> reporter: tonight, sources tell abc news that in the days leading up to that raid of the home, office and hotel room of president trump's personal attorney, federal investigators were tracking michael cohen's phone calls. it's called "pen register." investigators could see who he was calling and who was calling him, all in real time. but they were not wiretapping -- not listening to any conversations. all part of a criminal investigation in part looking at possible secret deals made during the campaign to protect donald trump. >> mr. cohen, why do you think they raided your office and hotel room? >> reporter: it's unclear how long before the raids investigators started tracking cohen's phone calls, but sources tell abc news cohen and the president spoke just days after the raids, meaning, that phone call could be on investigators' radar. court filings already reveal
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prosecutors used warrants to search cohen's e-mails covertly, as part of their months-long investigation into possible criminal conduct. the president has railed against those raids. >> it's a disgraceful situation, it's a total witch hunt. >> reporter: declaring, "attorney/client privilege is dead." today, the white house wouldn't say if cohen is still the president's attorney. >> i'm not aware of specific places where he's representing the president. >> so let's get to kyra phillips, with us live, as well, tonight. and as you reported there, federal investigators have logs of cohen's phone calls. they've now gone through his e-mails. so, where does this criminal investigation into cohen stand tonight? >> reporter: david, clearly, there is mounting pressure on mikele cohen, his personal finance finances and relationship with the president are coming under intense scrutiny. and tonight, sources close to cohen vow that he will not flip on his most famous client. david? >> kyra phillips tonight. kyra, thank you. and from miami tonight, the police chief now suspending an officer just hours after a video
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was made public. and we warn you, it is difficult to watch. it shows a suspect handcuffed on the ground, when the officer runs up and kicks him in the head. tonight, the state attorney is now investigating. and abc's victor oquendo is in miami. >> reporter: it's what happened at the end of this arrest in miami that has many outraged and the city's police chief taking action. down and being handcuffed, watch this miami police officer come running into frame, kicking david suazo in the head. >> you didn't have to do all that, buddy. >> reporter: neighbors watching in shock while officers led him away. >> don't resist them, baby. >> because they already beat him. >> reporter: this woman, who wants to remain anonymous, filming it all. >> once he handcuffs him, then the other police just comes and runs right at him and hits him like a football. >> reporter: according to the arrest affidavit, suazo was spotted in a stolen car this morning. when police tried to pull him over, he led them on a chase, eventually crashing and taking off running. this video posted on facebook and within hours, miami pd
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taking swift action. the chief tweeting, "the video depicts a clear violation of policy. the officer has been relieved of duty." suspended, pending an investigation. david, the suspect is facing several charges tonight, including grand theft, while prosecutors launch their own investigation into the officer's actions. david? >> victor oquendo tonight. victor, thank you. we turn next here to the severe weather at this hour. 11 million americans at risk tonight from arkansas all the way up to massachusetts. 29 reported tornadoes in four states already. this one, right here in amber, oklahoma. and the kansas city area cleaning up from damaging storms already. and tonight, the threat is not over. meteorologist rob marciano, tracking it all, he's live along the west side highway here in new york tonight. hey, rob. >> reporter: hey, david. that same system bringing the severe weather has pumped up the heat on the east coast. record-breaking stuff here now, and actually, we've got some storms that are heading this way. you see it on the radar. some of these are strong, heading across northern jersey, stretching across the hudson and into connecticut. and a couple of tornado warnings west of des moines tonight. severe thunderstorm watches out in that vicinity. luckily, this is in a weakening
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phase after midnight. we will have some storms tomorrow, but not as severe as they have been the past couple of days. and another day of heat, temperatures near 90, might be three days in a row of some folks. that would officially be the first official heat wave. david? >> rob marciano with us again tonight. rob, thank you. and next here, new developments tonight about that deadly military plane crash in georgia. tonight, we know that the flight was supposed to be the plane's last one. and you'll remember this surveillance camera showing the national guard cargo plane spinning in a nosedive, then exploding into a fireball on the highway below. tonight, we're learning more about the nine national guardsmen who did not survive. abc's steve osunsami is on the scene tonight. >> reporter: military investigators are out working in the hot georgia sun, wearing full body protective suits, piecing together what happened to this crashed cargo plane outside savannah. >> it went up and to the right and then come down in a corkscrew in the middle of 21. >> reporter: people who saw the plane, seen here, falling
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nose-first into the ground, didn't expect survivors. nine members of the puerto rican national guard were killed, including their pilot, major jose roman rosado, who leaves behind two young boys and a wife who is pregnant with a baby girl. after today, more than 50 service members have died in these kind of noncombat-related air accidents in the last year. most of them stateside. far more than the number of service members killed in actual combat. the pentagon tonight says it doesn't have a crisis. >> this is not a crisis. but it is a crisis for each of these families. and we owe them a full investigation. >> reporter: the plane was built in 1965, and was headed here, to a military graveyard in arizona. >> steve osunsami with us again tonight. and steve, the pentagon, i know, as you pointed out today, the age of the plane and all these incidents, they addressed the incidents. what do they say? >> reporter: that's right, david. pentagon officials tonight say they're concerned about all of these crashes, but at this point, they don't plan any broad review. david? >> steve osunsami with us from
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the scene again tonight. thank you, steve. next this evening, on the eve of that possible summit between president trump and north korea's kim jong-un, the fate of three u.s. hostages are in the news tonight. president trump raising hopes that north korea will release them soon, tweeting, "stay tuned." but tonight here, no official word that they're about to come home. and here's abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz. >> reporter: anticipation that the three remaining american hostages would be released imminently, as president trump is preparing to meet with kim jong-un, fueled by the president's new lawyer just this morning. >> we got kim jong-un impressed enough to be releasing three prisoners today. >> reporter: and president trump tweeting, "the past administration has long been asking for three hostages to be released from a north korean labor camp, but to no avail. stay tuned." but only one of the detainees was taken under obama, the other two american citizens, who were
5:43 pm
both teaching in pyongyang, were arrested just last year. >> we try to focus on, maybe today he's going to be released. >> reporter: the state department would not confirm anything about the release of the prisoners, but a local activist is reporting that the men have been moved from a labor camp to a medical facility. it was just last year that a severely brain damaged otto warmbier died six days after he arrived home. his parents filing a wrongful death suit, accusing north korea of torturing their son. >> so, let's bring in martha raddatz with us tonight from washington. and martha, wait to get back to what rudy giuliani said about the hostages being released today. sarah sanders at the white house was asked today why the president's lawyer was talking about the release if he's involved in these negotiations. >> reporter: exactly, david. she said she's not aware of giuliani being involved in those efforts, and she wouldn't confirm any details of a release or when it might happen. but she said it would certainly be a sign of good will on the part of north korea, if those
5:44 pm
americans are freed. david? >> all right, martha, thank you. next tonight, to an emotional hearing in a florida court for the sentencing of gloria williams, who pleaded guilty to kidnapping a newborn baby girl 20 years ago, and raising her as her own. she was confronted today by the baby's birth mother, who shared the heartbreak of losing her daughter in that courtroom. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: tonight, the woman accused of kidnapping a baby and raising her as her own, coming face to face with that mother. >> when they brought her to the room, and i held my baby, she was so beautiful. >> reporter: gloria williams stole shanara mobley's baby from this florida hospital back in 1998 by posing as a nurse. >> i just want to know where my baby is at. i just want my baby back. >> reporter: that baby, raised for 18 years as alexis manigo, until tips led police to williams in south carolina, where she was arrested. alexis still calling williams
5:45 pm
mother. >> i will always love her. >> reporter: her biological mother today, emotional about all those lost years. >> that is my child. i am your mother, kamiyah. i am your mother. >> reporter: david, alexis is still trying to get to know her family. her biological mother asking the court to show no mercy. gloria williams is facing up to 22 years behind bars. david? >> eva, thank you. next tonight, new allegations of sexual harassment against former cbs journalist charlie rose. "the washington post" reporting now, 27 more women have stepped forward to accuse him. half of them employees of cbs news. "the post" reports managers were warned of his behavior three times. several of the accusers now planning a lawsuit. rose responding to "the post" tonight saying, quote, "your story is unfair and inaccurate." and from capitol hill tonight, word that the house chaplain will keep his job after all. the reverend patrick conroy first submitting his resignation
5:46 pm
at the request of speaker paul ryan, but after criticism from both sides of the aisle, speaker ryan tonight, we have learned, has now reinstated him. more to come on this. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the deadly shopping mall shooting. police rushing to the scene late today. the fight erupting into gunfire. at least one person is dead. the images coming in from the scene now. also, several officers in the hospital tonight after responding to a call, and then the explosion while they were at the home. and look at this. the parking deck collapse. at least eight cars crushed when the bottom simply fell out. the close call for so many drivers. a lot more news ahead. little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, ... with reduced redness, thickness, and scaliness of plaques.
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5:49 pm
suspicious explosion sparked this fire in connecticut. >> s.w.a.t. standoff. multiple officers down. something about an explosion. >> reporter: the officers had been responding to a domestic violence call from a woman who had recently filed for a divorce. when they arrived, her husband barricading himself inside the home for several hours. then, just as s.w.a.t. team members moved to enter the property -- >> explosion went off, the house shook, my wife fell down. >> reporter: -- a barn behind the house exploding. this drone footage showing the impact. police say the wife was able to escape before the blast, but the remains of one person were found inside that barn. and authorities are working to confirm if they belong to her husband. david, police are investigating if the blast was intentional. five of those officers are still in the hospital tonight. they're said to be in fair condition. david? >> all right, linzie, thank you. when we come back here tonight, the new alert from twitter tonight for everyone who uses twitter, what they want you to do right now, and why. also, more on that deadly mall shooting.
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where agents help keep you protected from mayhem... me. mayhem is everywhere. are you in good hands? to the index of other news. the deadly shopping mall shooting in nashville tonight. police say a fight involving several people then erupted into gunfire at the opry mills mall. one person was killed. shoppers running for cover. the alleged shooter is now under arrest tonight. the frightening scene in detroit today. the parking deck collapse. take a look. at least eight cars damaged or destroyed when the top level simply gave way. there were no drivers on or below that parking level. no one was injured. and the new warning from twitter tonight. the company now urging all 330 million users to change their passwords immediately. twitter says an internal bug revealed your passwords to some employees of twitter. but they do insist there's been no misuse reported. when we come back tonight, the mom and dad who waited 17 years to hear this tonight. and you're about to hear it, too.
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claritin-d relieves more. finally tonight here, america strong. one family's remarkable gift, and 17 years later, one incredible thank you. it was 17 years ago, kristin marks was a healthy college sophomore in wisconsin. she suddenly got sick, it was an enlarged heart. >> i was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. >> reporter: and as we reported here before, she would wait ten months for a new heart. >> i literally k0u lly couldn'tn feet without having to stop and rest. >> reporter: it was a month after her 21st birthday, and a match. kristin got that new heart. she finished college, got married and traveled. and then, she had an idea.
5:58 pm
she would run a half marathon. >> i felt like running a half marathon would be a great way to honor my donor. >> reporter: with that new heart, she would finish the race in three hours, one minute, thanks to those parents who donated their daughter's heart, 20-year-old mindy hooper. >> there's not a day that goes by that i don't think about my donor family. hi! >> reporter: tonight, we've learned that kristin has now met mindy's parents, pam and tim, for the first time. and look at this. that's pam, hearing her daughter's heart beat for the first time in 17 years. dad is next. mindy's father, wiping away a tear, and then a hug from her mother. and the next day, kristin was running with that heart again, and right there cheering her own, mindy's family. two families, one powerful bond. i hope to see you tomorrow night. good night. break being news. a suspect has been found dead in
5:59 pm
mill valley. a man considered armed and dangerous. two teenagers convicted of murder. a 2016 plop siroposition. they call it a loophole in the law. trans female to circumnavigate the globe. meet the sailors whose dreams sank along with their boat stuck offshore of pacifica. thieves make off with pricey camera gear and priceless photos. i'm jonathan bloom with a plea from a photographer and a newlywed couple. now from abc 7. live breaking news. two people are in the hospital and we've just learned the man suspected of shooting them has been found dead. >> miss are lifting the perimeter in mill valley where they told people to shelter. dorset lane, meadow drive, low immediate a drive. >> dion lim is live with the full story tonight.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: yeah. dan and ama, we got the new information moments ago in a press conference that yes, the suspect in the shooting is dead. right away, i want to look at the new video from sky 10. you can see in this video the s.w.a.t. team busting down the door to one apartment in this apartment complex. using flash bang device. we presume this is where the suspect was hiding out. that suspect described as an 80-year-old male. two people were shot this afternoon, a man and a woman. they have been taken to marin general. their conditions are not known at this time. i spoke to a mother whose 1 1/2-year-old son was inside a nearby daycare when the shooting took place. >> i wanted to get him and be sure he's safe. >> yeah. >> what was running through your mind? >> the worst. everything you see on the news. everywhere else. especially right now. it's terrifying. you know


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