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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  March 30, 2018 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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>> perfect. >> thank you for >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- tyler perry, from "supernatural" jensen ackles, judge james, and music from dua lipa. and now, hold on tight, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: that's very nice. welcome to the show. hi. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. [ cheers and applause ] oh, that's very nice. happy spring break for those of you who are springing and breaking. i had a very interesting -- i
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don't know if i'd call it an a-ha moment. but i was watching the ncaa tournament pretty much all weekend this weekend. did you know, this is interesting. the players on all the teams are college students. they're students at the schools. who then change into matching outfits to go play basketball. what a weekend. there are so many upsets. at this point if you knew anything at all about college basketball, you're totally eliminated from your office pool. we have 74 people in our office pool. guillermo is tied for second place. guillermo -- [ cheers and applause ] >> guillermo: yeah! second place, yeah. >> jimmy: and you don't know anything about -- >> guillermo: i have no idea. >> jimmy: nothing. >> guillermo: nothing, yeah. >> jimmy: who do you have to win it? >> guillermo: villanova. >> jimmy: he's got villanova to win it. i'm in tenth place. i could have been in sixth place, but i forgot to pick one of the games. i left a blank. now i'm being punished for that. one of the more exciting
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characters to emerge from this tournament so far is a coach, nevada coach eric musselman who took his shirt off after his team advanced to the sweet 16. on friday after they beat texas the cameras followed the coach into the locker room, and this is why cameras probably shouldn't follow the coach into the locker room. >> 83-87 is the final score. nevada wins its 28th game of the season. >> [ bleep ] good. what a [ bleep ] game, man! down the whole game. >> jimmy: i think that's the locker room talk we've been hearing so much about. nevada is headed to the sweet 16. and once again, no one, none of the tens of millions of people who entered a pool on any of these major sports websites has a perfect bracket this year. all the brackets are busted. and we still have 15 games to go. and this is adorable. two dogs, dogs named ella and petunia, picked all the games this week right. they had them bark once for the favorite and twice for the underdog on video and they went 16-0 which is amazing. so we reached out to their
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owners, leon and pat wellman, to see if the dogs could predict the games this week. and here they are live from eugene, oregon. the incredible prognosticating pugs ella and petunia. oh, there they are. [ applause ] excuse me. ella and petunia. [ laughter ] hey, guys? yeah. i wanted to get your picks for the -- for the sweet 16. yeah. okay. let's start with kansas state versus kentucky. who do you like in that one? oh, never mind. we'll let them have some alone time and maybe check back in. [ applause ] they're enjoying their victory. madness. this is how donald trump started his day today. and before i share these, i want to say, no two tweets have ever summed up a presidency quite like these two. okay? number one, "sean hannity on fox & friends now. great 8:18 a.m."
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and about an hour later, "a total witch hunt with massive conflicts of interest." is it possible that our president is a bot? because there's no rhyme or reason for any of this. if anyone you knew tweeted that, you'd text them and say hey, i think your account got hacked because that didn't -- [ laughter ] over the weekend trump for the first time mentioned special counsel robert mueller by name. he hadn't done that before. he wrote, "why does the mueller team have 13 hardened democrats, some big crooked hillary supporters, and zero republicans? another dem recently added. does anyone think this is fair? and yet there is no collusion." mueller's team has no republicans. except of course for robert mueller himself, who is a republican. although in fairness to donald trump it is true that six of the 17 members of mueller's team donated to hillary clinton's campaign. and one of the guys involved in this investigation donated to hillary clinton's campaign seven times. and you know who that major donor was? it was this guy. >> i think she's a wonderful woman. i think she's a little bit misunderstood. you know, hillary's a very smart
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woman, very tough woman. that's fine. she's also a very nice person. i think she's going to go down at a minimum as a great senator. and i think bill clinton was a great president. bill clinton was a great president. hillary clinton is a great woman and a good woman. >> jimmy: lock him up! lock him up! [ cheers and applause ] i don't know. this is -- sources close to donald trump says he feels newly emboldened to ignore the advice of those around him and just say what he really feels. does that mean up until now he was holding back? [ laughter ] because he was calling kim jong un little rocket man and bragging about the size of his nuclear button. was that the old and more judicious donald trump that we will miss one day? i hope not. meanwhile, congratulations to trump's bff vladimir putin, who was elected yesterday for his fourth term as president of russia. he won in a landslide. his opponents coincidentally died in a landslide. all of them.
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[ laughter ] most of the reports, they don't even mention who he was running against because it doesn't matter. he was winning this thing one way or the other. there are widespread reports of ballot box stuffing in russia, some of which was caught on surveillance cameras. this guy is shoving ballots in there like he's voting on "american idol" or something. here's another one. and nobody seems to like notice or care that -- this guy won the -- i think he won for style points because he just -- yeah. he was like the david blaine of voter fraud. he just kept pulling envelopes out of his pocket and dropping them in. so there you have it. vladimir putin won. and now he can focus on his next election. ours. [ cheers and applause ] as you may or may not be aware, in addition to my work as host of this show i'm also a tv judge. my beloved bailiff guillermo and i have been hearing cases for a long time now. these are real cases with real litigants in small claims court who inexplicably chose to let
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their cases be heard by none other than judge james. >> this is the plaintiff. sheryl lynn looney. she claims the defendant received eyelash extensions at her salon only to cancel the charge on her credit card. she's suing for $302.50. this is the defendant, jill johnson. she maintains the plaintiff unknowingly gave her a much more elaborate eyelash service and therefore disputes the charge. it's the case of "lash of the titans." >> guillermo: raise your right hand. >> what you are about to witness is real. participants are not actors. they're actual litigants with a case pending in civil court. both parties have agreed to drop their claims to have their case decided here by judge james. >> jimmy: hello. >> guillermo: how are you, judge? >> jimmy: good. thank you. how are you? >> guillermo: good. the litigants has been sworn, your honor. >> jimmy: thank you very much,
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bailiff guillermo. >> guillermo: oh, you can sit down. >> jimmy: you can sit down, yeah. >> guillermo: thank you, judge. >> jimmy: let's see here. sherrilyn looney. >> yes. >> jimmy: you are suing jill johnson for a total of $302.50 because miss johnson received eyelash extensions at your salon, paid for that service, and then later disputed the charge with your bank. >> correct, your honor. >> jimmy: miss johnson, you claim you were unknowingly given a much more expensive treatment than you expected and that's the reason why you disputed the charge. correct? >> correct. >> jimmy: okay. all right. ms. looney, let's start with you. >> your honor, on september 20th she made an appointment with me for a lash bar to get the most expensive lashes. >> jimmy: may i stop you for one second?
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>> sure. >> jimmy: are those dentures on your breasts? >> yes. or eyelashes. but dentures, yes. >> jimmy: okay. back to the story. >> so she made the most expensive appointment for the most expensive lashes. >> jimmy: what are those lashes called? >> they're called 3-d lashes. >> jimmy: 3-d lashes. okay. why are they called 3-d lashes? >> it's an advanced technique by master lash artists and it's where they take three light lashes and make a little fan and they put them on one lash. >> jimmy: master lash artists. >> yes. so a couple weeks later i get a letter in the mail from i believe it was like chase bank disputing the charge. i called her and she told me she was going to bring the money in the next monday. she never showed up. >> jimmy: is this story true, what we just heard? >> well, no. not entirely true. >> jimmy: which parts of it aren't true? >> okay. so i set up the appointment, showed up 35 minutes late, i believe, got in there, and the lady, the esthetician explained to me that because i was late they couldn't do the 3-d lashes but she could arrange the time to do the 2-d lashes. so i sat down on that bed for three hours. she worked on my lashes. i fell asleep. and by the time i woke up she showed me her work. she said oh, i was able to do
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3-d lashes on you. and at that minute i'm thinking, okay, so i know that's a different price, one -- >> that's a difference of $25. >> so i contacted my credit card company, and i went ahead and canceled my account. that's exactly what happened. >> jimmy: so you feel you should get that service for free? >> i'm not going to lie. i did feel horrible for canceling the transaction. and you know, i know they performed and they did their service. so i did want to go with the intentions of paying them. by just didn't go through with it. i just -- you know. but i was trying to be sympathetic. i know that the esthetician did great work. >> jimmy: so in your mind you felt like you wanted to do the right thing. but you didn't actually physically with your body do the right thing. [ laughter ] okay. i'm going to admit, i don't know a tremendous amount about eyelashes. but i did want to bring in an expert. my aunt chippy. who has been wearing false eyelashes since she was a baby probably. i understand you've done the 3-d
11:46 pm
eyelashes on aunt chippy? okay. release the beast. >> guillermo: do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? >> you bet your life. >> guillermo: okay. >> jimmy: aunt chippy, were you outside smoking? >> no. >> jimmy: have you quit smoking? >> almost. >> jimmy: remember you're under oath. >> i said almost! >> jimmy: you were a virgin when you got married? >> what the hell's wrong with you? >> jimmy: you're under oath. this is a courtroom. >> what are you going on with this [ bleep ]? i got one eye done. >> jimmy: did you ever take money out of my grandfather's checking account for the purposes of gambling, specifically video poker? >> are you crazy? >> jimmy: you are under oath! you are out of order! >> will judge james demand restitution for the esthetician or will he side with miss lash and dash? and will aunt chippy come clean about her degenerate past?
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>> i'm going to hit you with that thing. i swear to god i am. >> judge james' verdict when we return. >> jimmy: oh, wow. i hate to make you wait, but that's how you do it. when we come back, we'll find out which side prevails in "lash of the titans." so stick around. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: abc's "jimmy kimmel live," brought to you by subaru. you're paul! by sprint. intern. clever, right? i was just... ...looking at getting an amazing iphone 8? they have an all glass design, advanced cameras, a11 bionic chip. uh...i'm going to... yeah, now you're going to give your second phone to your new friend. wow, paul, oh my gosh that's amazing! (vo) and now, get one iphone 8 and give a second one on us. or, get the unrivaled iphone 10 now for just $20/mo. that's 50% off. switch to sprint today to get the best price for unlimited. for people with hearing loss visit
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>> jimmy: hi there. welcome back. tyler perry, jensen ackles and music from dua lipa is on the way. but first i mentioned a week ago we are right in the middle of march madness right now and one of the things i enjoy about this tournament is they've. using some of the crew from "inside the nba" for the college games, particularly charles barkley, what i enjoy. sir charles was on hand this weekend to dispense wisdom on a variety of subjects some of which had to do with basketball, some did not. >> tell the world who doesn't know, what do you do with your gum when you're done chewing it? >> i swallow my gum when i'm done with it, like every other person in the world does. nobody takes the time to go get a piece of paper and throw gum in the trash. you just swallow your gum. if everybody swallowed gum if it's bad for you, everybody in the world would be dead by now. so that's not true.
11:53 pm
>> jimmy: believe it or not, that is only the second most ridiculous thing charles barkley said this weekend. the most ridiculous thing was he said this on the controversial subject of toilet paper thickness. >> everyone trying to tell me there was i difference in toilet paper one time, which is the stupidest thing i've ever heard any life. he tried to say there's a difference between one ply and two ply. >> there is. >> there's no difference. >> anybody that's had that mistake knows. >> i'm telling you, there's no difference in toilet paper. >> oh, there is a difference. >> one-ply, two-ply, they're all the same. >> jimmy: hold on a second. i can tolerate a certain amount of fake news but even sarah huckabee sanders was like, that is bull crap. [ cheers and applause ] there is a huge difference between one-ply and two-ply. i don't even know watt word ply means and i know there's a difference. i just know one ply is fine for number one but for number two you have to double the ply. that's it. this is not debatable.
11:54 pm
[ applause ] the only possible conclusion i can draw from this is charles barkley has someone who wipes him. [ laughter ] because why else would he be using bus stop toilet paper? by the power vested in me as a tv judge i hereby sentence charles barkley to spend a week using one-ply followed by the rest of his life with two-ply and report back to me immediately. [ applause ] all right. let's get back to the courtroom and it's time for the gripping and legally binding conclusion to "the lash of the titans." >> this sassy salon owner says she was swindled. this credit card canceling conniver calls that crap. and this aggravated ant is getting agita. judge james is about to rule. let's listen. >> jimmy: are you the technician, the master lash expert who applied the lashes to this woman's face? >> i was next to the lady that -- >> jimmy: you were next to the lady. who has become of that woman? she is dead? >> no.
11:55 pm
she couldn't make it. >> jimmy: she couldn't make it. when i was a baby, aunt chippy, did you or did you not drop me on my head? >> i think i did because otherwise you would not be damaged as you are today. i swear to god. >> jimmy: okay. you know what? i have to say, usually i would go in the back and make a ruling but i don't really have to go to the back to make a ruling in this case. >> what kind of ruling are you making? >> jimmy: i am ruling in favor of the plaintiff in the amount of $302.50. i don't even understand -- i think you may have actually committed a crime of some kind pf guillermo, arrest everybody except for these two right here. including aunt chippy. i want her in chains. >> good. i won't have to deal with you then. >> jimmy: i'll leave it to you. don't hit me with it. >> let's go this way. >> guillermo: you're kicking me out? >> yeah.
11:56 pm
the case is finished. >> i can get out by myself. i don't need no help. >> judge james has rendered his verdict. let's bring the plaintiff in. let's bring everybody in. this is my aunt chippy who was neither the plaintiff nor the defendant. >> i don't know what i was. >> judge james had some very serious questions to ask you and i felt like you dodged a lot of them. >> he's a nincompoop. he really is. he's banging that hammer. ba-boom, ba-boom. >> who, judge james? >> yes, judge james. >> you should be a little more respectful. let me see the eyelash. which one was it? >> this one! you can't see the difference? >> relax. i only got one good eye! >> let me see. >> get out of here! what's the matter with you? >> all right. there you have it. aunt chippy. what a loudmouth. >> what a jerk. >> now we're done. now we're done. >> on the next "judge james" -- >> everything was okay. >> a camel for my daughter. >> a what? >> a camel. >> now she screamed at me. before i was screaming. >> guillermo: how old was the camel? >> jimmy: hey, who's the judge here? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: tonight on the show we
11:57 pm
have music from lipa. jensen ackles is here. we'll be right back with tyler perry. [ cheers and applause ] your snapping pics all day, all night thing. your getting the low-light, just right thing. ♪ introducing the samsung galaxy s9 with low light camera. now 50% off. more for your thing. that's our thing. ♪ protect your pet with the #1 name in flea and tick protection. frontline plus. trusted by vets for nearly 20 years. ♪ i'♪ watch me go. ker. ♪ ♪ i'm a big rule breaker. ♪ ♪ let it go.
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ackles is with us. and then this is her self-titled album. dua lipa from the mercedes-benz outdoor stage. [ cheers and applause ] tomorrow night katie couric will be here tomorrow. katie couric took me to get a colonoscopy. when you turn 50 you have to get a colonoscopy. there were two camera crews. one on the outside of my body. and then they had an intruder on the inside. and tomorrow night we'll show you the results of that. plus judd apatow will be here. we'll have music from the decemberists. join us for tomorrow night's show. our first guest tonight is an enormously successful actor, writer, producer, director, and tyler. starting on march 30th he invites you to spend easter weekend inside a very volatile marriage in his new movie "tyler perry's acrimony." please welcome tyler perry! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i forgot how tall you are. >> yeah.
12:03 am
right? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: how are you doing? >> i'm good, man. i'm good. >> jimmy: it's good to have you here. i feel like since the last time i saw you you've written like 25 movies. you've made like -- >> it's been a while. i haven't been here in a minute. so yeah. you give me two minutes i'll do a lot. >> jimmy: are you always working like at all times? >> yeah. >> jimmy: do you ever go on vacation or anything like that? >> well, when i'm on vacation, i'm writing. so writing is relaxing to me. so i have a place down in the bahamas. i've got a place in wyoming that i go and i write and relax there. >> jimmy: how do you decide whether you're going to go to the bahamas and write or wyoming to write? >> it depends on the story. if i f. i'm writing a story i feel is happy want to be in sun and light and open. if it's something that's sad then i want to be in the mountains and the cold. if i'm writing madea, i want to be with aunt chippy. it all works out. [ laughter ] she is madea. >> jimmy: she puts the mad in madea. that's for sure. that's fun -- is it fun? like do you relax?
12:04 am
do you go skiing or fishing or anything? >> i just tried to learn how to snowboard. it's something about black people and water. i know this is a stereotype. but down in the bahamas i'm learning how to swim. >> you don't know how to swim? >> i don't know how to swim. and when i'm in wyoming i'm trying to learn how to snowboard. it's something about water, liquid form or -- so yeah, man, when i'm out there on the snowboard it's so funny because i don't know how to get up from the front. so i have to get up from the back. and you put your feet down, kind of put your butt up in the air and come un. and then you kind of turn around and come down the mountain. that's the only way i know how to do it. every time i'd get up i'd turn around i see these white folks grabbing their kids and screaming, he's coming down! he's coming down! >> jimmy: there's a giant on the mountain. >> there's a giant on the mountain. and i couldn't find a black instructor. right? i could not find a black -- >> jimmy: is that right? >> snowboard instructor. no, not one. they need an inclusion rider. i could not find one. [ applause ] so i found this guy. okay, he's got a black shirt, this will be cool.
12:05 am
he's not black, he's got a black shirt. he's like dude, it's going to be real cool. just go down the mountain, don't get your back edge caught. if you get your back edge caught you'll hit your head but it will be cool. first thing i do i get up, back edge catches, it's like a concussion. he goes, dude, i told you not to hit your back edge. [ laughter ] i'm like, yeah. >> jimmy: i'm going to give a concussion. >> that's right. but i'm learning. >> jimmy: snowboarding is optional as far as a life goes. but swimming you're on the beach or whatever for a lot of time it's dangerous to not know how to swim. >> no, it's not. you're on the beach. >> jimmy: sow won't go in the water. >> i go in the water. but i have a pool in the place. so i go in the pool and i go in the deep end and i'm really - i've gotten really comfortable in the deep end. it's 6'6". i'm 6'6". so it works out well. but i want to be able to do it
12:06 am
with my son. he's 3 years old. he's going down the mountain. he's in the swimming pool. he's like look, pop. he's in the water. and i'm like i couldn't save him if i needed to. >> jimmy: that's something to think about. so do you take lessons or anything? >> i started taking lessons. >> jimmy: you could probably get michael phelps to come teach you to swim. >> i needed someone big and strong. so i hired a navy s.e.a.l. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> yeah. >> jimmy: and it didn't work? >> he kind of quit. >> jimmy: he quit? >> yeah. he's like you're never going to get it. he's like you're never going get it, dude. it was the same guy. >> jimmy: that's very interesting. how old is your son now? >> 3. and congratulations on yours. >> jimmy: thank you very much. i read a story. i have a 3-year-old daughter. i saw a story about something that happened this weekend. maybe it didn't happen. you by wanted to ask you about it. you were at a charity art auction. what was the charity? were you at a charity art auction? >> yeah. beyonce's mother tina knowles and richard lawson they have a great charity where they do all
12:07 am
this work with these kids. it's called waco. and i was really, really excited to be there. and there was this art that came out for auction. it's this beautiful painting of sidney poitier. i'm like i've got to have that. so i put up my paddle and then somebody on the other aisle over there is bidding too. it's blue ivy, their daughter. beyonce and jay's daughter. >> jimmy: like 6 years old. >> yeah. i'm like i'm going to teach you a lesson today. and she keeps going up and up and up with it. >> jimmy: how far did blue ivy go up? >> she went up to $19,000. she went to $19,000. >> jimmy: that's like three months of allowance for her. >> i don't know. but i'm going, okay. had she gone up one more i was going to have to let her have it. but for me i'm thinking okay, it's charity, it's a good cause, and i'm not letting this kid take this painting from me. >> jimmy: i don't blame you. >> i'm going to teach you now, little girl. you're not going to get everything you want. [ applause ] >> jimmy: tyler perry is here. his movie is called "tyler perry's acrimony." we'll be right back. jimmy's gotten used to his whole room smelling like sweaty odors.
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>> sorry i'm late. hi. i'm diana. i'm robert's fiance. >> that is "tyler perry's acrimony." a very uncomfortable moment. >> it's obviously a comedy. >> jimmy: yeah. "tyler perry's acrimony." has the word acrimony ever been in the title of a movie before? >> yeah, i think so. but for me i didn't know what it meant. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> no. i heard it on cnn once when they were describing the current administration. acrimony, what does that mean i? go to the definition. oh. oh, that's the name of my new movie. acrimony. but it fits. and taraji's amazing in it, man. >> jimmy: what is the idea behind the movie? >> you know what it's about. it's about all those people in life who hold on to things and can't let go and they only see it their way. they miss all the good that could have happened had they
12:15 am
moved on rather than staying focused in the past. this is about what happens when you can't let go. >> jimmy: do you know people like that? [ laughter ] >> no, jimmy. i don't know any. >> jimmy: because the story is of a guy who becomes very successful and his ex-wife is not that excited about it. >> that's pretty much it. do you know any like that? quite a few that i know, man. but yeah, no, she's not that excited about it. but what it is about for me is getting people to move on. don't spend so much time in your life looking back in the darkness. there's a future. there's light. >> jimmy: do you think people ever, though, are self-aware enough to see themselves in a character like that like taraji p. henson's character? i think they maybe look at it and go whoa, she's crazy. not realizing they're the same way. >> that's why i did it. sometimes film is a mirror for people where they go aim doing that? or you can take someone who's doing it and say let's go see this movie. anybody look familiar up there to you? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i know you're shooting at the studio you own in atlanta.
12:16 am
>> isn't that something? >> jimmy: and you rent it out to like "black panther" was shot there. >> yeah. >> jimmy: what else was shot there? >> "walking dead" was shot there. >> jimmy: that's unbelievable. >> yeah. universal's shooting there. b.e.t., own. it's really, really fascinating. >> jimmy: do they try to get you to come be in like "walking dead" or "black panther" or whatever since you're there and owning the studio? >> no. but who wouldn't want to be in "black panther," man? are you kidding me? wakanda forever! [ applause ] i'm so happy with what's happening right now. because for a long time i was the only person of color out there for like ten years trying to get things done and letting people know there are people like me who want to tell their stories who hadn't had an opportunity. so to see these moments and all these people getting their chance like donald glover and "black panther" and issa rae. i'm celebrating all of them. >> jimmy: yeah, i bet. it's got to be very rewarding. [ cheers and applause ]
12:17 am
>> it's very rewarding. >> jimmy: you're bringing madea back. maybe madea goes to wakanda would be a great -- [ laughter ] >> i can see me being murdered now. i'll tell you right now. madea wakanda. what kind of wakanda? wakanda forever. i got a wakanda ass-whooping for you. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: how many madea movies have you made? >> i don't know, man. eight or nine? >> jimmy: more than that. >> okay. >> jimmy: you made ten. >> ten. wow. >> jimmy: i was wondering if in 30 seconds' time. >> uh-oh. >> jimmy: put 30 seconds on the clock. how many of them you can name. are you ready? >> yes. diary of a mad black woman. >> jimmy: yes. >> madea's family reunion. >> jimmy: yes. >> i can do bad all by myself. madea goes to jail. madea's big happy family. >> jimmy: yes. >> madea family reunion. >> jimmy: yes. you said that one. >> okay. meet the browns. >> jimmy: yes. >> and -- that's, it right? come on. oh, boo 2. >> jimmy: boo, boo 2. there's three more.
12:18 am
>> boo, boo 2 and madea family funeral that hasn't come out yet. >> jimmy: yes. madea's witness protection. oh, my goodness. >> what didn't i win? i didn't win the role in wakanda? >> jimmy: we got you a snowboard. [ applause ] tyler perry. "tyler perry's acrimony" opens march 30th. we'll be right back with jensen ackles. [ cheers and applause ] you get another for your friend, that's two for one.s9, and with galaxy forever you can upgrade to the newest galaxy every year. it's like pre-ordering for the future. upgrades, every year? every year. upgrades, every year? every year. every year? every year. upgrades, every year? every year. upgrades, every year? yes, every year. how come no one's getting this? lease a samsung galaxy s9 and get a second on sprint. for people with hearing loss,
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>> jimmy: we're back. still to come, dua lipa. after 13 seasons and two different networks you would think our first -- our next guest would have busted every ghost, monster, and demon there is. but they just keep coming. you can see a special crossover episode of "supernatural" with scooby doo, for real, next thursday on the cw. please welcome jensen ackles. [ cheers and applause ]
12:24 am
wow. it's hard to believe that your show has been on 13 seasons now. >> how long have you been on? >> jimmy: 15 seasons >> jimmy: 15 seasons. >> see? you've got me beat. i'm just trying to keep up with you. >> jimmy: that's a lot of season >> it is. >> jimmy: you must like the people you work with. the part. >> i don't. i lost a bet. no, i do. >> jimmy: how old were you when you started doing the show? >> let's see. 27. because i just turned 40 last week. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: they're happy you're alive. >> someone just goes, wow. [ laughter ] i don't know if that was good or bad. >> jimmy: it can be taken either way. just judging by your face i'm going to say good. >> well, thank you. [ cheers ] >> jimmy: what did you do for your 40th birthday?
12:25 am
did you have a big celebration? >> i had four. >> jimmy: four of them >> well, my wife thought it was -- you've got to do a surprise party. so we had this great little surprise dinner. it was the day after my birthday. and i thought that was great, awesome, good times. then the next day there was another surprise. and it was another afternoon type of thing. and then -- so that was great. good, done. i should say the first one, the very first one was on my birthday, and it was my 4 1/2-year-old. that was the only one that i really cared about. >> jimmy: right. >> and she dressed me up. and there was candles. and i had glasses that had a 4 and a 0 on them. there's a picture somewhere. so that was great. and then the last and final one was a week later. we were up in vancouver where we shoot "supernatural," and i just thought we were going to dinner with a couple of the crew and a few castmates, and it ended up being about 460 people, all crew and past crew and cast of the past 13 years. it was all in one building, and
12:26 am
it was overwhelming to say the least. >> jimmy: i would think so. they must like you i guess. >> or it was the free booze. >> jimmy: you own, what, a bar or a brewery, some combination of those two things? >> speaking of free booze. yes. i -- we brew our own. my wife and i and my brother-in-law opened up a craft brewery in austin. >> jimmy: that explains it. >> a brother-in-law. that's how you wind up investing in things like a brewery. >> straight down. >> jimmy: how is it going? >> it's going really good. we opened -- we've been brewing now for quite a while. but we finally opened the tasting room the beginning of this year. and we thought, you know, we didn't want to make too big of a deal about, it we thought we'd just limb np and open it up. on a wednesday afternoon. the line was out to the parking lot. it was a two-hour line just to get into the building. >> jimmy: like your birthday party. wow. >> so we scrambled and luckily we had a couple stuart people there. one of them -- well, they're both veterans. and they said, listen, we can
12:27 am
put the veteran bat signal up and gets some vets here asap. it's like a social media thing. i said great, let's do it. >> jimmy: to maintain order. >> whatever we need. bar backing, washing dishes, changing kegs, whatever it might be. >> jimmy: got you. >> and two guys stood up in the brewery. they were like yeah, what do you need us to do? and they still work for us now. >> jimmy: so you allow them to drink on the job. >> no. these guys, they were patrons in the bar but now they work for us because they immediately like answered the call. which is, you know -- >> jimmy: that's beautiful. >> amazing u.s. veterans. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i guess so. i love this idea. you guys, for people who haven't seen the show, you guys go around and you encounter all sorts of supernatural obviously beings. you're looking for lucifer. you've got demons. there's all sorts of things going on. >> when you say it like that -- >> jimmy: but it is how it is. >> that's how it is. >> jimmy: so somebody came up with the idea that you guys would merge with scooby doo.
12:28 am
which is basically what they do, too, right? >> listen, jimmy, 13 years into it we've got to come up with some ideas that are outside the box. >> jimmy: did you not like this idea when you heard it? >> i flipped for it. i grew up watching scooby doo. they originally said listen, we're thinking about an animated episode. well, i immediately loved it because that meant time off. >> jimmy: it's easier for you. sure. >> then when i found out that it was actually going to be a scooby doo animation, then it was just -- >> jimmy: we have the clip of how it happens. take a look. >> let's give this bad boy a test run, huh? what the hell? what just -- >> you're a cartoon! >> i'm in a cartoon! >> jimmy: and then you run into the gang. [ applause ]
12:29 am
is it g-rated in the way scooby doo was, or are you still like tearing the guts out of people and -- >> it toes the line. i will say that my character dean ever trying to be the ladies' man that he's not, it was taken with daphne. obviously. >> jimmy: not a velma guy? >> i kind of feel like she was a little curvier in this particular episode of "supernatural." >> jimmy: is that right? they sexed it up? >> they sexed her up a bit. i mean, there's a moment where the animated dean looks at her. he's like, oh. and then they cut to her and it's like i don't remember her having that. primetime. >> jimmy: well, there you go. it's a special scooby doo-themed episode of "supernatural." thursday night 8:00 on the cw. jensen ackles, everybody. >> thank you. >> jimmy: thank you, jensen. we'll be right back with dua lipa. [ cheers and applause ]
12:30 am
>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
12:31 am
>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: i want to thank tyler perry, jensen ackles and apologize to matt damon, we ran out of time for him. "nightline" is next. but first, this is her self-titled album.
12:32 am
here with the song "i.d.g.a.f", dua lipa! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ you call me all friendly tellin' me how much you miss me ♪ ♪ that's funny i guess you've heard my songs ♪ ♪ well i'm too busy for your business go find a girl who wants to listen ♪ ♪ 'cause if you think i was born yesterday you have got me wrong ♪ ♪ so i cut you off i don't need your love 'cause i already cried enough ♪ ♪ i been done i've been movin' on since we said goodbye ♪ ♪ i cut you off i don't need your love so you can try all you want ♪ ♪ your time is up i'll tell you why ♪ ♪ you say you're sorry but it's too late now so save it get gone shut up ♪
12:33 am
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12:34 am
about you now well boy i don't give a ♪ ♪ i see you tryna get to me i see you begging on your knees ♪ ♪ boy i don't give a ♪ so stop tryna get to me get up off your knees 'cause boy i don't give a uh uh uh ♪ ♪ about you no i don't give a damn you keep reminiscin' on when you were my man ♪ ♪ but i'm over you now you're all in the past you talk all that sweet talk but i ain't comin' back ♪ ♪ cut you off i don't need your love so you can try all you want ♪ ♪ your time is up i'll tell you why i'll tell you why ♪ ♪ you say you're sorry but it's
12:35 am
too late now so save it get gone shut up ♪ ♪ 'cause if you think i care about you now well boy i don't give a ♪ ♪ boy i don't give a ♪ i see you tryna get to me i see you begging on your knees ♪ ♪ boy i don't give a ♪ so stop tryna get to me get up off your knees ♪ ♪ 'cause boy i don't give a uh uh uh ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ n my sleep at night making myself crazy ♪
12:36 am
♪ come on ♪ out of my mind out of my mind ♪ ♪ wrote it down and read it out hopin' it would save me ♪ ♪ too many times too many times ♪ ♪ my love he makes me feel like nobody else nobody else ♪ ♪ but my love he doesn't love me so i tell myself i tell myself ♪ ♪ one don't pick up the phone you know he's only calling cause he's drunk and alone ♪ ♪ two don't let him in you have to kick him out again ♪ ♪ three don't be his friend you know you're gonna wake up in his bed in the mornin' ♪ ♪ and if you're under him you ain't gettin' over him ♪ ♪ i got new rules i count 'em ♪ i got new rules i count 'em ♪ i got new rules i count 'em
12:37 am
♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, young recruits. three footed 4re67b-year-old already getting offers from major universities. intense daily workouts designed to take him from pre-teen to protocols. >> you might see a kid cry because he's hit so hard. >> how can college recruiting younger and younger but is it too much too soon. >> plus the monkey that drove the internet ban hip new sensation celebrating her birthday, team fiona


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