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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  March 28, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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tamalpais. the air is very clean. 65 to 68 at noon. so very pleasant weather for lunch outside. mid-70s around the bay. 63 at the coast. a great evening to hang out outside at the coast, 58. upper 70s -- excuse me. upper 60s at 7:00. it's going to be warmer tomorrow. i'll show you those numbers coming up. alexis. overall, a really nice commute. here's a quick check of walnut creek, southbound 680. these folks towards 24. no issues to report. traffic moving along just fine. drive times, we have one in the red now. westbound 580 tracy to dublin. up to 55 minutes. that's likely due to a crash on the shoulder at the 205 interchange. antioch to concord, 23 minutes. san rafael to san francisco looking great in the green at 17 minutes. facebook has announced it's
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giving its privacy tools a makeover. this comes after a lot of criticism over the data practices and here is the change to the account settings page. the before is on the left for you. the new way that you'll now see it on the right. facebook is trying to make controls a little easier to find. when you finally go to the privacy settings, you will see this. to be clear, the changes won't affect facebook's privacy policies or the types of data it gathers about its years. they hope the 2.2 billion users will have an easier time navigating the confusing privacy and security settings. arrests on b.a.r.t. are up by 40%. that's actually the positive news for riders. >> however, more passengers are reporting thefts and violent crimes. >> amy hollyfield live at the dublin pleasanton station. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, natasha. b.a.r.t. says it has more officers aught the station. they're more visible and they
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think it's making a difference. let's look at the new numbers we just got in. people say -- they say 1,730 arrests were made last year. that is up 40% from the year before. but we've got bad news when it comes to your iphones, et cetera. people are stealing a lot of electronics. those crimes are up 52%. we asked b.a.r.t. riders about these numbers today. some don't want to think about crime. just trying to get to work. >> doesn't bother me. i just commute. i'm sleeping most of the time on b.a.r.t. i don't really notice none of that. >> violent crimes are still an issue on b.a.r.t. there was a 24% increase in violent crimes. but they saw a dip in bike and car thefts. those crimes are down. b.a.r.t. says it will be hiring more police officers to try and combat crime.
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they'll be using the new surveillance cameras they have on board their trains to try and catch the bad guys. reporting live from the dublin pleasanton station. pleasanton station. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. for the second time in a week, protesters blocked the front doors of the golden one center. this happened before the sacramento kings game. >> they're demanding justice for stephon clark shot to death by two police officers ten days ago. police say clark was suspected of breaking into cars and thought he had a gun. it turned out to be a cell phone. >> stephon clark. >> you can hear protesters gathering outside and inside of city hall including clark's brother. that's him on the right of the screen. the council ended the meeting early. the mayor tweeted that the council will not reconvene today. it's scheduled from 1:00 to 8:00
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p.m. attorney general javier becerra said they will join the investigation. a man accused of stabbing a man -- is expected to make a first court appearance today it happened sunday afternoon at the chinese christian church on chester avenue. still waiting for the victim's name to be released. we know she was 37 years old. it's not clear what her connection is to the suspect. he's now facing murder charges. this was initially reported as a domestic violence incident. >> 6:04 now. a surprise decision from alameda county supervisors about the urban shield exercise. after a long and contentious discussion, they approved it for this year. after that, no more. the debate centered around accepting $5 million for urban shield. it attracts police every september in a two-day exercise. they insist it's about learning to work together in unique
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circumstances. understand the concerns that they might have about the equipment that we use. but we use it in very responsible ways. >> i have a problem with police being trained as though they're in a war. the board finally voted 4 to 1 in favor. this will be the last year due to the criticism. joined uber in hitting the brakes on its road tests. abc 7 news was at the mchenry convention center yesterday for the invidia tech show. they make processors for self-driving cars. one of the processors was inside the uber car that killed a pedestrian last week. both uber and invidia suspended tests on self-driving cars. >> it's humbling to see that it's moving at the right pace and not cutting corners and going too fast. >> the ceo told reuters that we should give uber a chance to explain what happened. a big question uber has to
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happen. why it decided to cut back on safety sensors on autonomous cars. when uber switched to volvo, it scaled back on lie darcis temps. it detects road hazards. the ford fusion models were armed with seven of the units. the newer models only had one. experts say that created more blind spots in the self-driving cars for uber. violence at a soccer match at levi's stadium. now neighbors are demanding a change in the rules for fans. new details on the b.a.r.t. extension into san jose. there is a problem stall the project. never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. looking for rain? sorry, i don't have it. looking for record high temperatures, that i have in the seven-day forecast. see you in a minute with that. right now a live look at the bay bridge toll
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all right. how should you dress this morning? how about 44 in menlo park. 47 at foster city and redwood city. pacifica 48. half moon bay, 41. the rest of us, bell mobt, san bruno, daly city. san carlos, 50 to 53 degrees.
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50s from hayward, fremont. napa at 43 degrees. total sunshine and near record warmth. it looks like it's going to be pretty good whether you're doing yard work, exercise or headed to the beaches. 55 at 8:00. look at that. 64 at noon. nearing 70 from 2:00 to 4:00. back to 58 by 8:00. how about the north bay. even warmer. but you're starting off cooler. 47 at 8:00. 71 by noon. nearing 80 from 2g to 4:00. about 60 degrees at 8:00. we'll drop into the upper 40s to low 50s. hopefully the heater won't be costing you any money tonight. here's a lebs lexialexis. quiet forespring break. i think that's helping. westbound 205 to 580, at the merge, a two-car crash off on the shoulder. you are down to 8 miles an hour approaching that out of tracy. up to 15 or 20 past that and
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head towards altamont pass. look at the south by. you've been really quiet this morning. 101 looking at 880. it's a little stop and go south of here. if you're coming through the alum rock area. we'll enjoy it while it lasts. one minor issue with mass transit. speaking of mass transit, new details to extend b.a.r.t. to san jose. time is running out for them to agree how to build a tunnel that connects four new stations. bta has to make a decision by next week and b.a.r.t. has to approve it by april 26th. that's to get federal grants. bta wants to build a single tunnel underground. it would avoid disrupting downtown businesses during construction. b.a.r.t. prefers a twin tunnel design. it cites safety concerns. >> forget about mexico. president trump has a new plan to play for his controversial border wall. a checkout change a
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it's 6:14 now. as we wait to hear the fate of hundreds of patients who had their eggs and embryos compromised in san francisco, a fertility center in ohio says human error caused the failure. there was a liquid nitrogen failure at pacific fehr telt
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center and the ohio clinic. in ohio, an alarm that should have alerted staff was turned off the more than 4,000 eggs and embryos were lost. patients feel betrayed. >> like we left our kids, our most precious part of ourselves with somebody and they promised to watch over them. >> thousands of eggs and embryos were lost there. again, we have no update on pacific fertility center in san francisco. it also had a freezer malfunction. president trump is suggesting the military should foot the bill for the border wall. the president broached the idea with house speaker paul ryan. congress would need to sign off on this. yesterday, chuck schumer called the plan a blatant misuse of military funds. more trouble for facebook. cook county illinois is suing the companies for consumer fraud. the county claims that they used resident data from facebook profiles to manipulate voters
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and they failed to stop it. this may have influenced the 2016 presidential election. starbucks happy hour is coming back. only if you're invited. participating stores will offer discounts on drinks from frappuccinos to espressos starting tomorrow. it happens between 3:00 p.m. and closing. reward members can get their invite through e-mail and on the starbucks mobile app. another parity i'm knnot invite to. >> that makes two of us. that's a way to make us feel singled out. let get right to it. i haven't heard anything negative yet about the warm weather. everybody is enjoying the break from the rain. i know we need more. but we're getting to the time of the year where the door is closing quickly. beautiful picture from sutro tower. sunshine climbing highs today. my next accuweather highlight, still chilly. mild to warm high.
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this high pressure is taking over right now. look how far north it bumped the skbr jet stream. it's going to slide ashore. it's going to be so warm today. especially tomorrow and holding on for friday. the microclimates are back. gilroy at 81. everybody else 76 to 79 in the south bay with san jose at 78. 72 to 76 today on the peninsula. we'll be around 66 to 67 on the peninsula coast. low 70s on bay side from south san francisco and downtown. then 70 sausalito. then you get to san rafael and vallejo 75. 80s from santa rosa northward. we start fremont at 76. most of us around 73 to 74 degrees. check out the 80s had antioch, brentwood, pleasanton and fairfield. even warmer tomorrow. the best chance of setting record highs. the warmth lingers for friday. we take about 2 to 4 degrees off the highs this weekend due to the cloud cover and the fact
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that the winds will start blowing on shore. still looks great, though, alexis. >> not complaining in the traffic center either, that's for sure, mike. >> not much to complain about on the roads. i have one issue in the north bay. got reports of some stoplights out. all the signals out on the westbound 37 off ramp to sonoma boulevard. that is causing a bit of a backup. cal trans has been called to the scene. they may have to close lanes down to get that repaired. of course, the rest of westbound 37, if you're continuing on. we've got our typical delays through that stretch. just a minor mass transit issue. subway service by muni impacted by a system issue. trains are slow moving between west portal and castro. that's because trains are having to go in manual mode through that area. minor delays right now. but we'll keep an eye on that too. we'll check out the bay bridge commute at 6:30. california's new gas tax. one step closer to being on the ballot. backers dropped off thousands of
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voter signatures to get rid of the controversial 12 cent tax. they're close to gathering the 585,000 signatures they need to qualify for the ballot. campai campaign organizers say it was rushed through the legislature and passed without voter approval. opponents say it's needed to boost jobs and fix the crumbling roads. new environmentally friendly vans hit the streets of san francisco. >> vans are fully electric and zero emission delivery vans. designed to maximize car space. city hall will welcome the vans with a ride and drive event.% a meeting in santa clara over last friday's soccer match got heated. some people say the event was out of control. but the police department calls it a success. the santa clara police department says there were several fights in a short period of time in the game between mexico and iceland. that led to the decision known as a code 20 to call in extra officers. it was a first for an event at
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levi stadium. last night, some members of the stadium authority voiced serious concerns about that. >> it was chaotic. people were scared. they called this 20. it made a lot of people nervous. >> to bring in the extra resources to make it a safe event. that's my responsibility. >> the police chief says there were 24 arrests and 50 people ejected. moving forward, they're looking at limiting drinking in the parking lot before an event. 6:20 now. new at 6:00, a major league baseball player is revealing he has an eating disorder. he's hoping his story helps others ziefrnts a legal battle between two silicon valley titans and google could be forced to pay billions sfwliefrnlts first, here's rob marciano with a look at what's coming up at 7:00 a.m. good morning. coming up on gma. kim jong-un's secret meeting with the chinese president catching much of the world by surprise. the trip marking the north korean's first foreign visit since taking power.
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our martha raddatz joins us with more on that. all coming up on gma. see you soon.
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you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. we'll focus on how much warmer than average it is. 9 to 14 degrees as we'll stop short of record highs today. tomorrow, that's a different story. >> thanks, mike. walmart says it is pulling
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cosmopolitan magazine from the checkout line. they argue that families shouldn't be exposed to con at the present time that sexual eyeses women. instead, cosmo will be placed in the magazine aisle. new developments in a high-profile copyright case. a federal appeals court has reversed the lower court's ruling in a battle between google and oracle. using the java platform to create the android operating system was protected. a judge in san francisco will determine how much google now owes. oracle previously sought $9 billion in damages. a google spokesperson told cnbc that this will make on line services more expensive for users, as well as apps. new this morning, a major league baseball player is sharing his struggle with an eating disorder. seattle mariners catcher says he's dealt with anorexia and
6:25 am
bulimia over a decade. he's hoping to shed light o doc. >> going into my junior way, if i'm going to get a girlfriend, i got to get a six pack i thought. i thought if i didn't eat anything, i wouldn't get any fat and then if i worked out a ton, i would get big and muscular. >> he says this condition got so bad he was hospitalized in high school. he certainly is not alone. eating disorders affect 10 million men at some point in their lives. dr. jennifer ashton is going to have more about the symptoms and treatment options on "good morning america." happening today, one of two town halls give residents a chance to weigh in on the cannabis process. the city of sonoma is hosting the town hall. it will be at the community center from 6:30 to 9:00 p.m. it will give people the opportunity to ask questions about the city's cannabis policy as well as the use, distribution and sale of cannabis. next at 6:30, details
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sths abc 7 mornings. good morning. >> if you like sunshine, you'll like this forecast. never more than 7 minutes away from it. >> time to take a deep breath, relax and enjoy it while it's here. >> tons of sunshine and starts with clear conditions on live doppler 7 this morning. let's jump into my accuweather 12-hour planner. mid-40s to 50 at 7:00. 65 to 68 at noon. with a light breeze. it's going to be a nice day to be out and about. a lot of people walking around during the lunch, finding somewhere to eat. 4:00, mid-70s elsewhere. still the upper 60s away from the coast. be in the upper 50s. can you top that? >> nope. i'm going to come close. we really haven't had many issues on the road today, mike. it's been fairly smooth with
6:30 am
spring break already in session here for some schools. that's helping us out. the great weather is too. this is westbound 92 across san mateo bridge. nothing blocking. it loosens up once you make it to the mid span. our drive time is not bad either. westbound 80. highway 4 to the maze. up to 24 minutes. another 12 across the bay bridge into san francisco and southbound 101, san francisco to sfo, you're still looking great in the green at ten minutes. a deadly crash involving a tesla now has the bay area automaker pointing fingers. >> the crash on 101 is the worst damage the company has seen to a model x. it says a missing highway barrier may be to blame. matt keller live for us in mountain view with the details. good morning. matt. >> reporter: natasha, tesla is extending deepest sympathies to the family and friends to the victims in the crash. the man killed last friday. they're offering up their assistance to authorities in this investigation. tesla received a new blog post
6:31 am
offering new insights into this crash. they say one of the reasons the crash was so severe is the safety barrier known as a crash attenuator was not there when the crash happened. they say this image shows what the barrier on southbound 101 at the 85 carpool flyover in mountain view looked like when it was in proper condition and then this is what it looked like the day prior to the crash. they say these pictures come from witnesses of the crash that commute daily past this location. tesla believes it was removed or crushed in a prior crash without being replaced. tesla says they've never seen this level of damage to a model x in any other crash. the driver, 38-year-old, he was killed. ntsb investigators want to know if the autopilot system was activated at the time of the crash. in the blog post, tesla says the data shows car owners have driven the same stretch of highway with autopilot engaged roughly 85,000 times since 2015. we put a link to the blog post
6:32 am
on our website at abcabc7news.c. reporting live in mountain view, matt keller. students at cupertino high school will see more deputies on campus after someone called a threat to the school. this is the panic that ensued when students were told to evacuate. they determined there was no actual threat. they'll provide more security today to reassure parents, students and faculty. black lives matter plan to hold protests again in front of the va office as they demand criminal charges against two police officers who shot and killed an unarmed black man. >> stephon clark. >> stevante. >> tensions were high at last night's meeting after stephon clark's brother interrupted. the night was to be dedicated to the public and their response of the killing of the 22-year-old.
6:33 am
they believed he had a gun. he was instead holding a cell phone. police shot clark in his grandmother's backyard. >> don't need to training to make them accountable. that's the kind of training they need. >> for people and communities of color, the legal and political system is unjust. >> sacramento's mayor says the council will not meet today out of respect for clark's family. they will be holding the wake for stephon clark the lawyer filed a motion in federal court in l.a. according to the paperwork, the deposition would take no more than two hours. you will remember daniels is the adult film star who says she had an affair with president trump. the white house has repeatedly denied the pair's involvement. daniels' lawyers want to depose michael cohen. that's the president's long time personal attorney. cohen allegedly paid daniels to stay silent about the affair. in morning, a man who drove
6:34 am
his suv into several people at oakland international airport is facing felony reckless driving charges. the driver of a red mercedes hit the gas and skipped the curb at oakland airport. the suv hit three pedestrians on the sidewalk outside terminal 1 and flying luggage from the crash injured a fourth person. officials say the 54-year-old man drivingso quickly determine that it was an accident and not something sinister like a suspect trying to run people over intentionally. >> sky 7 was overhead as cars lined up on the road leading into the airport which was closed to traffic for more than an hour after the wreck while deputies processed the scene. the first trial following the north bay wildfires is set to begin on august 3rd. the lawsuit was filed by seniors who lived at the oakmont in villa capri. melanie woodrow broke the story last year. seen source say they were abandoned by the staff there as flames approached. attorneys say it resulted in the
6:35 am
subsequent death of to residents. the santa rosa press democrat reports the judge expedited the date of the lawsuit because of the advanced age of the plaintiff. california is a step closer this morning to resuming executions. a marin county judge has tentatively lifted an order blocking the state from carrying out executionm f jectn. ficials failed to follow proper procedures in using a combination of three drugs to execute inmates. california now plans to use a single dose of powerful barbiturates which the judge says addresses his concerns. the marin case is one of four in the courts holding up executions. nearly 750 inmates are on death row at san quentin prison. the execution in california was in 2006. now breaking news from the abc 7 live desk. that breaking news actor corey feldman is hospitalized right now after reportedly being aghst innd a pair oaree,ts when three men approached and
6:36 am
attacked him. he also said his security was distracted at the time. the actor did not specify where this all happened but los angeles police are now investigating. so far, no response from the lapd. our colleagues in the area have reached out to police. feldman has been in mega hits from the '830s including the goonies and gremlins. back to you. i'll take it over. you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. 45 in santa clara and cupertino. morgan hill, alum rock the cool spot. los gatos and los altos hills and milpitas, san jose at 50 degrees. same thing in newark. alameda and san pablo at 53. along with san francisco. 48 in san carlos and danville. brentwood, 54. 45 in sebastopol. it's quiet already. microclimates developing. here's a look at sfo. we'll need to worry about arrival delays there. it's going to hang around for
6:37 am
several days on the roads. still comfy mass transit. hopefully they're turning the air conditioners on for a couple of days. all sunshine can -- the south bay again. 51 at 8:00. already 69 at noon. look at the temperatures in the mid-70s from 1:00 through 7:00. 8:00, still 65 degrees under stars. east bay valleys, 50 this morning. 69 at noon. you're not finished there. look at that, 75 at 2:00 to upper 70s from 4:00 to 6:00 and still a comfy 68 at 8:00. it's going to be a great evening if the kids have outdoor activities. if you like to do a little yard work before going to bed like i do, calm you down a little bit, that's there. temperatures in the upper 50 -- upper 40s. excuse me this time tomorrow morning. got bus think time of the morning. how about today, same pattern? >> a few minor issues that have popped up. nothing major so far. since we've been on the air at
6:38 am
4:30. we are cross crossing our fingers and hopefully that lasts the rest of the morning. the 580 merge is improving if you're trying to leave the tracy area. we had a minor collision involving a semi and a smaller sedan. that was off on the shoulder after it happened. it has fully cleared now. but checking a few of the areas, down to 7 miles an hour approaching that on 205. up to 16 miles per hour. quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights on for over an hour. 5:20 in the morning. the carpool lane, you'll have a delay to get through the toll plaza and the metering lights there. one minor issue for mass transit this morning. subway service, we have a track system issue with muni. trains are moving slow in manual mode between west portal and the castro. you should expect minor delays. drive times coming up next. despite the deadly crash involving an autonomous uber, waymo still plans to launch a
6:39 am
self-driving taxi service in phoenix. the company announced today it will buy up to 20,000 electric cars from jaguar land rover. waymo's ceo says engineers have enbe fe the cars have traveled more than 5 million miles on public roads. happening today, transit board of directors is holding a pair of hearings changes. ac transit will begin double decker buses. the second meet will be held at ac transit general offices in oakland at 6:00 p.m. a new housing development could be coming to a south bay mall whether nearby residents like it or not. the controversial law the developer could use to bypass the city. a warning before you make your next return. it could lead to you being suspended from your favorite store. the policy raising questions this morning. 6:39. looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange. down 13 points.
6:40 am
23,8414. another live look coming up next. here's a live look outside at 6:40 in the morning. lake tahoe. weathe
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well, before it was even founded, a french teenager, bienville, scared away a british warship with just a story.
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diego 71 with sunshine. 77 l.a. sunshine. sunshine everywhere. eureka 65. upper 70s near 80 through the central valley. let's take a look at what's going to happen in tahoe. that was supposed to be tahoe. i don't know what happened there. here's a look at what's going on, though. over the next seven days. average high of 50. 60 degrees with no new snow. they have plenty to ski on. thanks, mike. arrests on b.a.r.t. are up by 40%. that's actually seen as positive news for riders. more passengers are reporting thefts and violent crime. amy hollyfield live at the dublin pleasanton station. good morning, amy. >> interestingly, we asked people who ride b.a.r.t. about these numbers. they keep bringing up something else that they are concerned about. let's take a look at some of the new numbers from b.a.r.t. here's a look at the arrests.
6:44 am
1,730 made by police last year. that's an increase from the year before. people are still stealing electronics at a high rate. electronic thefts jumped 52%. there were 417 cases reported last year. when we asked people about these issues, they just keep bringing up the issue of homelessness. >> sometimes i feel unsecure, especially at night. because sometimes there's a lot of homeless sleeping inside. it's so dirty. it's really -- right now i feel not secure. >> at issue was not mentioned. these crime stats. we have another spike they have to look at to deal with. a 24% increase in violent crimes. they had 347 of those incidents reported. b.a.r.t. did see one crime go down. there were fewer bikes and cars stolen last year than the year before. the chief says he thinks the fact that he's making officers
6:45 am
more visible at stations is helping. they say they plan to hire more officers to deal with their issues. they plan to use the new surveillance cameras on trains. take a look at those. try and spot the people who are committing these crimes. reporting live at the dublin pleasanton station, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. now a live desk update. confirmed overnight, kim jong-un was indeed in china. our president is tweeting about it. he said during our newscast, received message last night from jinping of china that his meeting went well with kim jong-un and kim looks forward to his meeting with me. in the meantime, unfortunately, maximum sanctions and pressure must be maintained at all costs. kim jong-un secretly met with president xi on sunday. chinese state media reports the north korean leader said, quote, denuclearization is possible. kim is expected to meet with the
6:46 am
south korean president next month and is still in discussions about talks with president trump possibly by may. jessica, it appears north korea is hope to talks but may not be giving up its nuclear program yet. "the new york times" released these images which show a new nuclear reactor in use. north korea says it produces electricity. the times reports it could be used to make plutonium a fuel used in nuclear arms. another bay area sheriff is apologizing for braechg sanctuary city policies. lori smith admits that i.c.e. agents interviewed inmates in violation of rules. smith said it happened and it was a mistake. the agents did not detain any of the inmates. smith says we value the trust and rapport we've earned with the immigrant community and we will not break that trust. a san francisco sheriff apologized for a similar breach of policy. >> homeowners will not be getting money back even though
6:47 am
they were charged excessively high rates. state farm will not have to retroactively have to pay california customers. they were accused of excessively profiting from homeowners and renter policy. they dpee manned they lower the rates and issue refunds to customers. they refuse to give refunds but lowered the rate. the money report. cupertino's mall could be the first property to use a controversial new state law to speed up housing developments. >> it allows them to bypass local regulations if they make half the units affordable. our media partner, the san jose mercury news reports that there was an application submitted yesterday. the proposed community would include 2400 residential rue knits plus office and retail space. lincoln motor company has unveiled a new suv that doesn't have a traditional key. instead, the new aviator uses your smartphone as a key to the
6:48 am
car to unlock the doors. it's also lincoln's first plug-in hybrid vehicles. they plan to introduce this to all vehicles by 2022. a live look at the stock exchange this morning. we're slightly up. 34 points as trading gets under way. 6:48 now. michael finney is taking your consumer questions. he will be at santana row on friday. bring your questions to. the team will have tax experts on site this friday at santana row in san jose. happening today, former first lady michelle obama will speak in oakland. the event is called an evening with michelle obama. it will be a moderated q and a session. it starts at 8:00 p.m. at oracle arena. by the way, tickets are on sale through ticketmaster starting at $93.50. mrs. obama last visited the area in november as the keynote speaker at dream force. no bones about it. we love our dogs.
6:49 am
the american kennel club is announcing the most popular dog breeds for 2018. >> this year the top dog trophy goes to the labrador retriever. they made the announcement on gma. the r years in a row. you can see why. easygoing, they get along great with people and other dogs. if you're wondering if your dog made the list -- >> here's the rest. the german shepherd came in number two followed by the golden retriever, the french bulldog and then the bulldog. rounding out the top five most popular dog breeds in america. when we say popular, we mean number of people who own them. not necessarily -- i don't know. >> the cutest. >> right. >> the beagle didn't make it. >> my maltese didn't make it. >> pushed to the side. >> mine is a beagle mix too. >> i knew i liked you. >> a lot of midwest to east coast bias there. we got a ton of chihuahuas out here. >> true.
6:50 am
>> hmm. left out again weren't we on the west coast. let's talk about not being left out of the sunshine and spring warmth. 6:50 this morning, here's a look from mt. tamalpais. a little hazier today. that's going to be the case the next two days as the high pressure stagnates our air and helps it warm up to near record levels, especially tomorrow. still above average through the weekend. look at this. this is where all the rain is. all this green from dallas and houston all the way up to cincinnati. flood watches, more than 12 million people possibly affected by this string of rain. look at it the last several hours. it's not moving at all. that's where the rain is. the sunshine and warmth is here. 76 in milpitas. 78 in san jose. the microclimates are back. 72 to 76 on the peninsula. how about 66 to 67 on the ocean side, i should say. low 70s for downtown. south san francisco. sausalito. look at the 80s from santa rosa northward.
6:51 am
everybody else in the mid to upper 70s. east bay shore, 73 to 76 degrees from oakland to fremont. and inland, we'll have temperatures from about 78 to 82 degrees. all right, here's my accuweather seven-day forecast. the records possible as we warm about another 2 to 3 degrees tomorrow with the offshore breeze that develops today. the warmth lingers friday. then we'll get back to low to mid-60s at the coast this weekend. upper 60s to low 70s around the bay. mid-70s inland. still a pretty nice weekend. here's alexis. the commute looking pretty nice. not feeling like it's too good to be true. there are a few minor issues. nothing major so far. 880 before winton avenue, a multicar crash that was briefly blocking a lane. they have that pushed off to the shoulder. you are heavy coming from san leandro into the hayward area. that continues past that crash too. walnut creek, southbound 680. it took a while. approaching highway 24. quite a few brake lights. nothing on that route either.
6:52 am
it's certainly stop and go. santa rosa to petaluma, look great at 15 minutes. castro valley to the maze no issues there. northbound 101, the only slow spot. you're in the yellow at 19 minutes. thanks, alexis. an urgent call to beach-goers to stay away from baby seals during pupping season. the marine mammal center in sausalito says they're responding to an increased number of abandoned pups on bay area beaches. staff from the center rescued 11 pups over the weekend. the pups need to be brought to the center to be raised after being abandoned by their moms. they saw 60 cases last year. it's usually curious humans and their pets that are to blame. >> it's normal for a harbor seal pup to be left on the beach while its mom is out foraging and looking for food. if that pup gets surrounded by people or has too many dogs around it, the mom won't come
6:53 am
back for its pup >> the best thing for people to do is stay far away and call the cent center's response hotline if they think there's a pup in distress. 6:53 now. stanford is looking for human volunteers to test a medical treatment for forms of cancer. it's part of a new wave of therapies using your own bod toy fight the disease without chemo. it uses two drugs to stimulate the immune system to attack tumors. it's cured in 97% of mice in initial tests. researchers emphasize, it's not effective for all forms of cancerment stanford is planning to run two trials with a total of 35 test patients. children with cancer can become movers, shakers and makers. abc 7 news was at the lucille packard children's hospital on the stanford campus for the unveiling. the therapy unit gives patients a chance to work with devices such as a 3d printer. several patients who worked with makers say it's engaging, they
6:54 am
often forget they're in a hospital. one of the inventions is a device where you push a lever for a snack like cheez-its. >> now that's all i want. thank you. best buy and other stores are keeping track of return history. thanks to a recent report, we're learning that return policies could be used against you. jake zacker has returned a few things at his local best buy and was banned from making any returns there for an entire year. he says he bought three iphone cases in the same store over several months. returned them all in the policy window. i have a valid receipt. the boxes were unopened. the clerk at the counter said hey, you've reached a limit. shouldn't have to walk out of there feeling i did something wrong. >> turns out best buy and other companies use a service called the retail equation to flag customers who allegedly show signs of possible return fraud. they're trying to minimize illegal returns for used or
6:55 am
stolen items or items purchased at a different store. best buy tells abc news that it apologizes to anyone inappropriately affected. coming up next, the seven things you need to know before you go. here's a live look outside. mt. tam looking down at the city this morning. we keep weather
6:56 am
6:57 am
at&t has a network with thousands of best-in-class security experts. which means... more of the eye balls you want watching the network... & less of the ones you don't. more experts preventing security issues... & less security threats impacting our customers. more of a highly secure network with more security products available for further protection... & less per month. switch to at&t internet for business. more & less - that's the power of &. 6:58 if you're just joining
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us or headed out the door. the seven things to know before you go. number one, facebook announced it is changing its privacy settings. the company hopes to make the settings easier to find. the change comes after intense criticism over the company's data collection methods. >> new overnight, stormy daniels' attorney asking for a two-hour deposition of president trump. he filed a motion in federal court here in california. >> number 3, tesla says a missing highway barrier played a role in the deadly crash in mountain view last week. the company says the barrier was either removed or crushed in a prior crash without being replaced. number 4, more protests planned by black lives matter in sacramento after more demonstrations. they're demanding charges be filed against police officers who shot and killed a man in his
6:59 am
grandmother's backyard. number 4, accuweather 12-hour planner. dress for 45 to 50 if you're leaving now. mid to upper 60s at noon. number 6, a fairly decent commute this morning. we have a couple of trouble areas. one new crash reported westbound 80 near pinole valley road. hercules getting to the maze is up to 30 minutes. number 7, how does $502 million sound? >> good. >> that's what's up for grabs in this friday's mega millions jackpot. no one matched all six numbers last night. so you're saying there's a chance? >> there's always a chance, jessica. >> i mean, it's not going to happen. but there's a chance. more sunshine on tap, mike. >> yeah. guaranteed. obviously the sunshine out there and tons of it. in fact, the sun is very strong this time of the year. wear the sunscreen. >> thanks for wafrpg us this morning. see you in 25 minutes with an
7:00 am
update. >> enjoy good morning, america. that high-stakes secret meeting. north korea's kim jong-un making a surprise trip to china. what president trump is saying this morning. also breaking right now, stormy daniels' attorney now trying to depose the president. will trump have to testify about his ties to the porn star? overnight, protesters at a city council meeting. [ chanting ] >> demanding justice. the brother of that unarmed man, stephon clark killed by police making a passionate plea in front of the mayor, and demonstrators block entry to the kings game. the big announcement from facebook coming this morning. what the social media giant is promising too


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