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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  March 23, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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a bad day for bay area sports fans turns into an even worse night. >> oh-oh! what happened here? >> oh, boy. with the playoffs just around the corner, there is last thing warriors fans want to see. good evening. >> it was just steph curry's first game back after hurting his ankle. >> let's get right to mindi bach. >> i can't believe it. >> it is unbelievable. the injuries will alter the post season and the regular season. steph curry suffered an mcl injury arrest his teammate ill have an mri tomorrow m. to derrell the grade
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sprain can take two to three months to heal. he had 29 points despite leaving the game. madison bumgarner will undergo surgery tomorrow to enter a pin in his fractured pinky. he sustained an injury when he was hit by a comebacker in the giants' final spring training game. he said he knew right away it was broken. the pin could come out in four to six weeks but he'll be out much longer. you will flare bumgarner as well as steve kerr coming up in sports. >> okay. thank you. abc7 news was outside at&t park as fans reacted to bumgarner's injury. >> it's terrible. the season is about to start. i wonder how this will impact the team. i home he gets better. >> the season is just beginning. and he's already out for the season? we don't know how long he'll be
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out. it is a real bummer. >> a real mad bummer. he was hurt on an offday in colorado that kept him out quite a bit of the season. his diagnose sis clear. less so for steph curry. be sure to downloa the app. we'll be sure to send out a push alert. >> we have new details on the fiery crash and explosion this week at travis air force base. the fbi revealed the identity of the bay area man who braexd security gates and ignited explosives in his vehicle but they don't know why he did it. >> the fbi says he is the man who ran the gates at travis. his suv exploding. he is originally from india. he's been a legal u.s. resident since 1993. he recently lived in marin county. the motive remains a mystery. >> the cell phone video captured the final moments after the black suv reached the main
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security gate wednesday and exploded. the driver was killed. >> now the question is why. why was he there? >> the fbi and sacramento now searching for a motive. the driver identified as 51-year-old, a civilian with no connection to the base. when investigators found inside his suv was chilling. >> five propane tanks. there was a gym bag with personal effects. three phones. three plastic one-gallon gas cans. and then several lighters. >> that kind of freaks me out. >> he lives in sausalito not far from where he recently lived. the fbi came knocking yesterday. >> he showed me a picture of some guy. i told him i've seen him. >> he said he was a limo driver. a neighbor told us off camera, he was an old friend who used his address to get a driver's license. he said he may have suffered with mental health issues but never talked about harming himself or others.
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>> the investigation that we're doing now is trying the piece together his life. trying piece together what led up to there event. >> the fbi says there was no known threat to the base or the fairfield community. abc7 news. developing news now with north korea. south korea says the invitation for high level talks has been accepted. the talks are set to take place next thursday in the demilitarized zone. they are viewed as a primer for an april summit between jong jon and south korea's president. president trump issued an order banning most transgender troops from serving in the military. last year he called for a total ban but it has been blocked by several legal challenges. the current order calls for them to serve under limited circumstances. worries about a tesla battery exploding kept a busy freeway crash in mountain view.
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a tesla model x bounced off the center divide and burst into flames. two other vehicles hit the tesla. the tesla's driver sadly died after being rushed to a trauma center. tesla engineers worked firefighters to make sure the battery had stopped burning before a tow truck could move the car. >> tensions just escalated a few minutes ago and protesters pounded on a police car. >> people had marched peacefully this evening to protest the fatal shooting by police of an unarmed black man. >> people chanted the name as they marched along the streets in sacramento. this marks the second night of protests after police released body cam video. one man call for changes in how police deal with citizens while marching toward the state
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capitol. >> former sacramento kings star demarcus cousins said he will pay for clark's funeral. >> we're getting a look inside east bay high school that won't lock down after a student brought a gun to campus. you can see them hiding down low. sky 7 flew over san lorenzo after the alameda county sheriff arrested a 15-year-old boy. deputies say he had a gun and they credit other students for alerting them what was going on. hundreds of thousands of people are expected for tomorrow's march for our lives. marches are planned across the country including the bay area. you can see there are several, san francisco, oakland and others. it is in response to the shooting in parkland, florida. among the people you might see
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is the warriors coach steve kerr. he was asked before the game if he would attend one of the marches. >> i think i'll stay right here in oakland. i haven't quite planned it out yet. i think my family and i will take part in the oakland. >> some of the students and parents from stoneman douglas high school flew to washington on the new england patriots plane. san francisco lyft riders looking for a ride may now have to move over a street. that's not a flaw. it is a feature. they announce ad new program to element with congestion and safety. starting today, some users will be automatically moved to a side street. no word from uber on whether it has similar plans. thousands of soccer fans packed levi statement for a match between mexico and iceland. >> did it get a little rowdy but overall it was a night of celebration for the thousands of
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mexican fans who turned out. >> tonight at levi stadium, everywhere you looked it was red, white and green. mexico represented by flags, masks, you name it. it is a big deal that the mexican national soccer team is playing at levi stadium. >> i wanted to see the mexican players play. i've only seen them on tv. >> the mexican team qualified for the world cup. they played against iceland, also an underdog. >> we have a solid team. i think this will be our year to win the world cup. >> we found mexico fans who traveled from oregon just to make it to the match and they felt right at home. socker is important but so is being around the culture. we looked long and hard for iceland fans. anyone wearing this blue jersey. we finally found someone.
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we couldn't get through the parking lot. everyone wanting to take pictures, they're really curious about our culture. i just had two little girls come up to me and ask me ball the country and what life is like. >> the stadium was electric. it was a preview of what they may see this summer in the world cup and getting a taste of it here in the bay area was sweet victory. mexico won 3-0. abc7 news. stay with us. the east bay musician you're about to hear is not on american idol. for his family, the stakes are even higher. ♪ the song that got this dad noticed in what can be a very complicated housing market. a cold system is coming through and it is already
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spreading showers across the north bay. i'll have a time line of when they will reach your area. >> thanks. and later, the out of at&t has a network with thousands of best-in-class security experts. which means...
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it was exactly three three ago she was kidnapped. melanie has covered this from the beginning is has details you'll see only on abc7 news. >> for three years, denise said she was the woman behind the blind fold. the woman police accused of making up her own abduction. in march of 2015, matthew broke into her now fiance's home.
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i remember thinking this is a really bad nightmare. >> she dragged them. then kidnapped her. >> he spoke to me a lot. he shared with me that he just had a difficult time in his life and so, and shared with him something that happened when i was younger. hoping maybe that, knowing that i've already been assaulted, that he won't want to add to it. but you know -- >> he didn't care. >> he is now facing new rape charges. the district attorney said the arrest warrant has been processed. it could take up to 60 days or longer for him to be extradited from prison where he is serving 40 years on federal kidnapping charges. he'll also be facing robbery, burglary and false imprisonment charges. the couple is adamant they don't believe he acted alone. >> it is a very frightening
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thought. >> abc 7 news. >> san francisco cloud discover drop box went public today. the symbol is dbx. it is the biggest ipo since snap chat in march of last year. the company's market valuation was a stunning $10 billion by the end of the day. new at 11:00. in the competitive bay area market, money talks. one family said singing set them apart. >> their bid was $20,000 below the highest bidder. and yet tonight they have a new home in berkeley. >> as he high school music teach here found himself outbid by $20,000 on a berkeley home. >> they want to you offer something interesting beyond the money. >> so he started recording with his phone.
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>> i thought i would tell you. choose me. >> from crosby stills and the soul wrenching -- >> i cried. >> no joke. three minutes later maya texted me back saying we won the house. >> apparently the family, the sellers were looking for. >> they wanted to make sure berkeley a little quirky. and i helped with that. >> write this letter with your heart. making your story a part of that house. ♪ our house ♪ is a very, very, very fine house ♪ >> the lesson, perhaps, don't underappreciate the sentimental value of a home. >> that's good. >> abc7 news. >> a great story.
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>> absolutely. >> let's talk about the weekend. the weather forecast. >> yeah. sandy? >> we're starting to see some wet roadways in the north bay. check out live doppler 7. don't worry. you don't have to worry about the entire weekend being a wash-up. let's start with the first wave. seeing some moderate pockets of rain. street level radar heading into napa. we look at green brae, lucas lus valley, you will notice around sxros kentfield. seeing some showers. from glen ellen to sonoma. it is wet out there. definitely seeing a mix of rain and snow. right around the lake county area. it's been raining steadily. and yes, that's going to be one of the places we get the highest rainfall totals. i want to show you a stunning sunset. today, most of today, other than a few showers in the north bay,
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it was just dry with sun and clouds. and they really added the caring to the sunset tonight. which was stunning to say the least. now, you will be seeing more sunsets like this over the next couple days. that's what you will see. a mix of sun, clouds and a few showers. temperature in the 40s and the 50s. here's a live look. it is a little breezy but not terribly windy. the showers will spread overnight. spotty cold showers through sunday morning and we are looking at singly, warm early days. this is a light level one system from tonight through sunday morning. the showers will be around. very spotty in nature. the snow level dropping down between 2500 and 3,000 feet. so snow over the highest peaks, certainly expected. thunderstorms are possible. here's your hour by hour forecast. while you're sleeping, the rain will be falling. this is the perfect way to get moisture.
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pretty light for most of you and then you see the break. other than a shower or two at 8:00 a.m., everyone is pretty much dry. it's crossing the central bay. the east bay, the south bay. we'll keep that going with the snow showers showing up over mt. hamilton. by noontime, it's done. you will see plenty of sun as well. so let me make that clear. in terms of rainfall totals frrgs about a tenth of an inch to .9 of an inch. in the lake county area, 2500 feet. they're expecting four to eight inches of snow. gusty winds in the sierra. the winter storm warning. 11:00 now until 9:00 a.m. sunday. tough to travel. march for our lives, if you're taking part. a few showers off and on on the
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hour by hour planner. jackets, definitely umbrellas and some shades will do you good. temperatures, low 40s to the 50s. for the afternoon, staying cool. most of you in the 50s. the accuweather forecast. level one systems. saturday, sunday. cold showers and then we dry out. next week it will be much warmer. thursday, friday, compared to this
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tonight seemed as good a time as any to test his ankle. atlanta has one of the worst records in the nba but nobody saw what was coming. he looked good. he had 15 points in the first half. and then look at that. and then nick young had a great game. first behind the back. then a quick give and go. with cook. drains with three.
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warriors have 8 at the half. the third quarter. curry from range. and he picks up the foul. the warriors take 1-point lead. but then this. javale mcgee falls into curry in his left leg. you can hear the entire crowd at oracle groan. he sustained an mcl strain. the warriors won and steve kerr remains optimistic. >> i don't have an ominous feeling. i feel disappointed for steph mostly. we'll see how long he has to be out. >> bruce bochy said losing madison bumgarner is horrible news for us. that sounds ominous. bumgarner will undergo surgery tomorrow to have a pin inserted into his fractured pinky. the giants ace broke the finger when he took a comebacker off his pitching hand. bumgarner said he knew right
11:30 pm
away it was broken. less than a week away, the giants are out in without two of the top three starters. they lost jeff samardzija wednesday. the pin could be removed in four to six weeks. bumgarner believes he can return before the break but he doesn't believe it is avoidable. >> it is harder to control your reactions. i wish i wouldn't have. most anywhere else. >> and this is exactly how we feel about the sweet 16 game between cardinals and the top seed louisville. this sum up the problem. eight consecutive misses on one possession. they could not put the ball in the bucket. williams was so strong all tournament. on three for 11 tonight. the cardinals, 5 of 16. look at sam swatting it away. and then the long pass.
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this game, stanford's season is over. sloofl on to the elite eight. and this painful abc 7 sports was brought to you by river rock
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>> that's our report. thanks for >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- andy samberg. from "ready player one", lena waithe. and music from buddy guy. and now, one more thing, here's jimmy kimmel. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: welcome. welcome. hi everyone, i'm jimmy,i'm the host. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. [ cheers and applause ] wow. there's something -- there's a little extra [ cheers and applause ] there's just something in the air tonight, don't know if you


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