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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 23, 2018 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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♪ 24 karat magic in the air and keeping the dream alive. >> loyola-chicago moving on to the elite 8! >> the cinderella team with a thrilling win. a night of more upsets. can the ultimate lucky charm, sister jean, help them go all the way? we do say, good morning, america. happy friday. in the case of david muir, happy fri-yay! >> it's confirmed. it's confirmed. >> a long week but a great week for you. >> thank you. and a great game. loyola-chicago on to the elite 8. get this, this morning marks exactly 55 years to the day since the school won its first and only ncaa national title. >> wow. and they've won their three games in this tournament by a
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total of four points. >> it's crazy. four points. >> four points. >> do you think we can start praying with sister jean? we're going to work on that. we do have a lot to get to on a friday morning. breaking news from overnight, you're looking live this morning at a movie set in harlem, new york, where a five-alarm fire did erupt overnight, killing a firefighter on the scene. abc's gio benitez leads us off this morning. good morning. >> reporter: hey, david, good morning to you. we're told this fire started in the cellar of that building, and then moved up into the movie set where they were filming at that time. i want to step out of the way so you can see what we're looking at this morning. nothing is left in the building. the neighboring buildings had residents inside. they evacuated overnight. >> flames shooting out real intense and you could feel the heat real, real bad. >> reporter: a massive fire that sent flames leaping from a new york city apartment building where a star-filled movie was
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being shot has killed an fdny firefighter, wounding several others. >> conditions worsened after the hose lines were brought down to the cellar. firefighter davidson was the nozzle man of the first to arrive engine company, engine 69. >> reporter: 37-year-old michael davidson, a 15-year veteran, was separated from his unit and later found unconscious. eventually dying from his injuries. >> he sadly leaves behind his wife and four young children. our entire department, our entire city mourns this horrific loss of a very brave firefighter. >> reporter: the new york city building currently the site of the movie set for "motherless , crime story starring hollywood a-listers alec baldwin, bruce willis, and edward norton, who was also directing. norton, who was spotted at the scene of the fire, was filming
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as the fire broke out. saying in a statement, as soon as we noticed smoke coming up into our set, our crew immediately alerted the fire department and we evacuated our cast and crew. officials said two other firefighters suffered serious burns and are being treated at an area hospital's burn center. three other people suffered minor injuries. and back here h harlem, investigators are still here, trying to figure out exactly what caused this fire. again, we can tell you this firefighter leaves behind a wife and four young children. just a terrible tragedy, david. >> we're all thinking about that family this morning. gio, thanks to you. robin. >> we certainly are, david. >> now to those protests erupting in sacramento overnight over the deadly police shooting of an unarmed black man. demonstrators taking over the streets, blocking people from getting into the kings' game last night. take a look at the arena, nearly empty. abc's kayna whitworth is there and has the story for us this morning. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: robin, good morning. this comes after the release of body cam footage from the officers who shot and killed 22-year-old stephon clark. the community of sacramento outraged. not only because he died in a
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hail of gunfire but because of how long the officers waited to perform cpr and the silencing of police body cameras following the incident. shutting down the interstate at the height of rush hour and rallying in the streets of downtown sacramento. >> what do we want? >> all: justice! >> reporter: flooding into california's capitol calling for justice after the police shooting of an unarmed black man. overnight protesters blocking sacramento kings' fans from entering the arena. the team closing the building altogether before starting the game with a delay in front of nearly empty stands as protesters and police faced off outside. some hurling objects at officers. the tensions sparked by this disturbing video in which stephon clark was killed and it was captured on police body cameras. >> show me your hands! gun! >> reporter: police pursuing a burglary suspect after neighbors called 911, reporting a man
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breaking car windows and then hiding in a backyard. police going door to door looking for the suspect. when they approached clark in his grandmother's backyard -- >> shots fired. suspect down. show me your hands. >> reporter: police say the 22-year-old father of two advanced towards them, and they feared for their safety. >> did you fire? >> yes. >> reporter: after firing 20 rounds at clark, the officers turning off the microphone on their body cameras. >> hey, mute. >> reporter: police stand by for nearly six minutes waiting for backup before they perform cpr. >> we can't go over to get you help unless we know you don't have your weapon. >> reporter: police say clark never had a weapon, only a cell phone. so the police department is launching an investigation and the officers involved remain on administrative leave. department rules allow them to deactivate their cameras when discussing concerns with a supervisor. and it's important to note here that police do believe that clark was the one who was vandalizing cars in the neighborhood that morning.
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>> but that investigation will continue. all right, kayna, thanks very much. robin, we turn to the breaking news involving president trump and the white house. two big names now out, first the president's lead personal attorney on the russia investigation, john dowd, suddenly resigning. but then the major shakeup involving his national security adviser. general h.r. mcmaster, he's out announced in a tweet from the president replaced by the controversial john bolton and if you're keeping score, first it was national security general michael flynn who lasted 24 days pleading guilty. now cooperating with robert mueller. then general h.r. mcmaster. and we all remember the president at the time saying, he's man of tremendous talent, tremendous experience. that's what he said right there on the couch with him and now comes john bolton, former u.n. ambassador and currently a fox news contributor. so i want to bring in our chief white house correspondent, jon karl, this morning. you and i were on the air as this was going down. so was john bolton himself. he was on fox news and even he seemed surprised by the timing. take a listen. >> your reaction to your new job? >> well, i think i still am a
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fox news contributor. >> no, you're not apparently. >> i didn't -- well, i haven't started there yet. so that demonstrates, i think, the sort of limbo that i'm in. because i didn't really expect that announcement this afternoon. >> jon, you don't need me to tell you there are a lot of hot spots, north korea, this face to face coming with kim jong-un. the timing is not great here. what's going on? >> reporter: a lot of upheaval. as you point out, the third national security adviser in just 14 months, david. and this brings in a national security team that is very hard line. bolton himself has advocated getting out of the iran deal and on north korea, david, he has said that a preemptive military strike against north korea would be perfectly legitimate. >> you know, jon, the president obviously just fired his secretary of state rex tillerson as well, who gave his farewell just yesterday. so out with the secretary of state.
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out with the national security adviser. and as you point out, with iran and north korea, the list goes on. is there any concern inside the west wing about the message this is sending to the rest of the world? >> reporter: well, there's always concern in the west wing but i've got to tell you what this underscores is that president trump is taking control. he is really acting as his own top diplomat. he certainly did in going forward with plans on this north korea talks. he is also acting as his own national security adviser. he is the president. he is the national security adviser. he is the secretary of state. you could go on and on even his top lawyer. >> all right, jon, see you later tonight. one more note, overnight congress did pass that $1.3 trillion spending bill going late into the night. that bill now on president trump's desk averting a government shutdown. michael. >> thank you, david. now to fears of a trade war. morning and china announcing overnight that it may retaliate after president trump announced plans to hit china over trade. that announcement sent wall street tumbling. the dow closed down 724 points.
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rebecca jarvis is here with the latest. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning, michael. think about it like this. american consumers buy a lot of things from china. laptops, phones, toys, and the question about these tariffs how much might they impact what we pay in stores like walmart or amazon for those goods we purchase on a regular basis. in addition to that, there are modern appliances out there, most modern appliances include parts that have come from china and those electric parts will go up in price as the tariffs are imposed on them. that means prices on everything from a refrigerator to a washing machine to a laptop or a computer could go up. the second major question here is retaliation. that fear of the trade war aspect because china has already said they're going to counterpunch with their own tariffs on u.s. think things. and that would have an impact on u.s. companies. it could have a ripple effect on the economy and on jobs as well, michael. >> this could be a big wave of change. >> absolutely.
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>> and the facebook scandal, that's weighing heavily on wall street as well. >> it really is. we've heard from mark zuckerberg, the ceo and founder of facebook, who has sent an apology to all of the users of facebook. but still the fundamental question here remains. that is how facebook makes its money. their greatest, most valuable asset today, michael, is how much information they know about you. and the question now is, do regulators restrict that some way? if they do that will change how much money the business could make. >> all right, rebecca, thank you. a lot of stuff for you to keep your eyes on this morning. >> the market is down but it's still up for the year. >> up 13% since last year. we turn to breaking news reports of a hostage situation at a supermarket in southern france. let's go to terry moran. >> good morning, david. just now, a dramatic end to what french authorities have called an act of terror today. a gunman killed by police. he had stormed a supermarket in the town of trebe. the gunman apparently declared
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allegiance to isis. he was asking for the release of a man who attacked the ba the taclan theater in paris. reportedly bringing in the gunman's mother to negotiate. police stormed in, ending the the standoff. before it ended, police told reporters the gunman had killed two people and wounded at least a dozen others. some witnesses said they heard the suspect shout -- god is the greatest. the french counterterrorism police took charge of the case. french has struggled for years with radical islamic terrorism. security services have gained now powers and cracked down. authorities say there are thousands of radicalized young men. many of whom fought with groups in syria. french president macron said this morning the terror threat in france is very high. all this unfolding this morning in southern france shows how much there is to do.
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david? >> terry, thank you. new details on the takedown of a suspected serial bomber and the hit list found on his phone. matt gutman has much more this morning and you're learning paramedics mistakenly made contact with him before s.w.a.t. teams moved in? >> reporter: that's right, david. law enforcement officials tell me that as a small army built up to take out mark conditt, there was miscommunication. and a paramedics team was told there was a 911 emergency at his house, possibly giving him a heads up. abc news has learned that hours before that takedown which ended with austin's serial bomber detonating one last device on himself he had a knock on the door. >> medic 211 need you to stage at your fire station. do not make scene.
7:13 am
>> reporter: what you're hearing is a dispatcher desperately trying to call the paramedics back to their vehicle. but it was too late. law enforcement sources tell us the paramedics were mistakenly dispatched to his sleepy hometown address ahead of what was feared would be a violent final showdown with the suspected bomber. >> medic 211 to squad 211, did you get the stage on this call? >> no, we didn't. there's nothing here at this address. >> reporter: that's because conditt apparently told him he didn't have a 911 emergency. law enforcement officials tell us it likely spooked conditt who later fled his home in that red suv. >> there were indications he stated in the video he felt like we were getting close to him. >> reporter: in that 25-minute cell phone confessional recorded as investigators tighten the noose around him, conditt's final words were, i wish i were sorry but i'm not, according to abc affiliate kvue. we also learned conditt scoped out a hit list of potential targets. >> they went out to these residences and swept them to make sure there were no
7:14 am
explosive devices. all the residences were cleared. >> reporter: it comes as new images surface of conditt buying electronic parts days before the first deadly package bomb exploded. kxan tv obtaining surveillance from that store. it was one of hundreds of leads turned over to federal agencies. and law enforcement officials tell me they are chases down 150 additional leads to ensure that mark conditt didn't leave behind additional explosive devices and he didn't have accomplices. one thing that really concerns them is the 25-minute confess n confessional video tape. they are concerned it might be leaked and used to inspire future lone wolf bombers. >> they do not want that. all right, matt gutman reporting on this. thank you, matt. we'll switch gears now and turn to that march madness excitement overnight. one of our favorite underdogs, the loyola-chicago ramblers, and sister jean keeping the magic alive. a battle that went down to the
7:15 am
final buzzer. t.j. holmes, you were up all night. >> yeah, i was. this is exactly why i don't fill out brackets. i don't want to root for a bracket. you want to root for a beautiful story. this is one of the great stories we have seen in this tournament's history. loyola-chicago, 11 seed still kicking and has a chance now to go to the final four. another upset for them last night beating seventh seeded nevada, yes, a lower seed for them. they're used to taking out three seeds, but another close game. loyola-chicago has now won their three tournament games by a total of four points. these have been heart-stopping games. and you know, the biggest star of that team does not lace up sneakers, does not dribble a ball. it's a 98-year-old woman in a wheelchair, sister jean. there she is, and listen to her after the game. >> one of them said to me, clayton said, we broke your bracket, sister jean. i said, i don't care that you broke my bracket. i'm ready for the next one.
7:16 am
>> as we know she prays with the team before every game. she had them going out in her bracket in this game but they're still going. >> you said you didn't fill out a bracket? >> i don't fill out brackets. >> why were you so angry about with those texts i got about arkansas? >> that's a different story all together. we were doing so well, stra. we were doing well. we had another upset last night, kentucky which many thought would run through the region because they were the highest seed left, the five seed upset by kansas state. they controlled this game all night. you got an 11 seed, loyola and nine seed kansas state are going to be playing for a chance to go to the final four. >> you have a couple of 11 seeds in the women's tournament alive as well. >> you got that. buffalo, you have as well. who was the other, slipped my mind, central michigan. they have some two seeds i think both are taken this weekend. but it's fun to see these seeds and we have seen four double-digit seeds -- he's telling me to wrap. you watch the games this weekend. >> real quick, does syracuse play at 9:37 tonight? >> the orange. yes.
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>> t.j., as always, thank you. >> you got it. okay, now to the flooding out west forcing water rescues. rob, you're tracking it for us. >> that's right. after three days of rain, no major mudslides. but a rescue. this car stuck in a torrent. the man getting a rock to bust out the the window and rescue the driver. nobody hurt there. the rainfall off to the east. the next batch coming in the west. the next snowstorm. we have winter storm watches here.
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hi will, i'm "abc 7 news" meteorologist mike nicco. check out that sunshine out there. we have a chance of showers today and tomorrow and sunday. main le well up in the north bay. temperatures today, mid to upper 50s in the north bay and 60 for the rest of us. the shower chance tapers partly cloudy and mid to upper 30s in the north bay. and low to m m m m m m m m m m m all right, coming up the m m former "playboy" model going public. what she's saying to melania next. public. what she's saying to melania next. feel tired, and have difficulty concentrating. trintellix is a prescription medication for depression. it may help you take a step forward in improving your depression. tell your healthcare professional right away
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because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity and live claritin clear. real energy, harnessed from the earth. nature valley. good morning east bay, let's
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get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning, it is 7:23 i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. a rude awakeawakeawakeawakeawake tree fell. hit two cars and blocking the street. the family says they heard a loud crash around midnight. no one got hurt and the lines are okay. the family is going to need to buy new cars. pli public works will remove the tree. not a good way to wake up. >> southbound 101 in san rafael, the crash past 580 clears and have four to five miles of residual delay. highway 4 to the maze. in the yellow, 31 minutes and 18 across the bridge and southbound 101 to the airport, great in the between
7:23 am
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now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> take a look at the temperatures. up to 25 degrees cooler from mid 30s to 40s. dress accordingly. still a chance of showers. through evening and over night hours. a blip up there. sprinkles possible. the next six hours they increase across the north bay before heading south. the least amount of showers will be sunday and spring warmth next week. reggie. >> looking forward to next week. another update in about 30 minutes and always on the app and you can find the puppies today, give them about five minutes and they will be back acting crazy ag
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welcome back to "gma." those are brand-new images of prince harry and meghan markle. making a surprise visit to northern ireland this morning. meeting with kids for a peace-building initiative. they just sent out the royal wedding invitations. who is on the guest list? anybody from the station? >> checking my mailbox every day. >> keep checking. could becoming. we have details coming up. an investigation is under way into a five-alarm fire that erupted on a movie set overnight in new york city, killing one firefighter, injuring others. actor edward norton there on the scene. the producers of the film say the fdny are real life superheroes and have our boundless admiration and gratitude. and the march for our lives kicks off tomorrow. as many as half a million people expected in washington, d.c., to protest gun violence. and more arenound the country.
7:30 am
the students from parkland, florida, on the cover of "time" magazine. we have a lot of news to get to this morning. including the story of the former "playboy" model. who apologized overnight to the first lady, melania trump. abc's linsey davis is here with much more. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: she is saying she is sorry. a real tell all from karen mcdougal about what she said was a ten-month affair with donald trump from 2006 to 2007. trump told her many times he loved her she said and thought it may lead to marriage but she says she ultimately ended it out of guilt. >> when i look back where i was then, i know it's wrong. i'm really sorry for that. i know it's the wrong thing to do. >> reporter: an emotional karen mcdougal holding nothing back. >> were you in love with him? >> i was, yeah. uh-huh. >> and do you think he was in love with you? >> he was, yeah. >> reporter: in an interview with cnn's anderson cooper, the
7:31 am
former "playboy" model shared intimate details about what she say was a relationship with donald trump that began in 2006 and lasted ten months. >> i never brought up his wife. he did once. >> reporter: mcdougal reflected on how she felt about the now first lady. >> obviously there's a reason i don't bring her up because i feel guilty about it. >> reporter: she said one time trump brought her to tears after he allegedly offered her money after sex. >> what happened after you had been intimate? >> well, after we had been intimate, he tried to pay me. and i actually didn't know how to take that. >> did he actually try to hand you money? >> he did. he did, and i said -- i mean, i just had this look of, i don't know, just i don't even know how to describe it. the look on my face must have been so sad because i had never been offered money like that before, number one. and, number two, i thought, does he think that i'm in this for money? or why i'm here tonight? or is this a normal thing?
7:32 am
i didn't know, but i looked at him and i said, that's not me. i'm not that girl. and he said, oh, and he said, you're really special. >> reporter: mcdougal filed a lawsuit against the publisher of "the national enquirer," american media incorporated claiming they tricked her into signing an agreement to stay silent about an alleged affair with donald trump. ami tells abc news that's not true. saying the suggestion that ami silenced her is completely without merit. and at the same time, adult entertainment actress stormy daniels is refusing to back down. arguing in court that a nondisclosure agreement she signed about her alleged affair with the president in 2006 is not binding and void. >> you don't believe it's valid. >> i don't believe it was ever valid because mr. trump never signed it. >> reporter: just last month, an arbitrator filed a temporary restraining order to keep daniels from talking about the alleged affair. but that did not, however, stop her for sitting down for a "60 minutes" interview set to air this week. ami said they have no additional response. when asked what she would say directly to melania trump, mcdougal said i'm sorry. i'm sorry.
7:33 am
i wouldn't want it done to me. david? >> all right, linsey, thanks so much. i want to bring in sunny hostin and "the new yorker's" ronan farrow who wrote the most detailed account so far of karen mcdougall's alleged affair with donald trump. ronan, i wanted to begin with you. we heard a lot from karen mcdougal in your reporting in "the fonew yorker" already. but now, she's gone on tv and taken it a step further. are you surprised she's gone this far and does this signal that she no longer think she's bound by any agreement she signed? >> you know, i think that's the heart of the dispute right now, david. her representatives have said very clearly that they think this is an invalid agreement, a lot of the complaint that they filed after doing these interviews says, look, this is in the public interest that she reveal these truths. and i think that that is the heart of why we're talking about this. for me the issue here was never this consensual affair. it was what her complaint describes as her alleged
7:34 am
participation in a censorship of the marketplace of free ideas is a phrase that's used in those filings. you know, that this was an effort to distort an election. >> to distort an election. i'm curious, do you think she's put herself in any legal jeopardy in talking. >> i think it's unclear. when you look at the agreement it's really sweeping. i've never seen language like that. it says they have the rights of her story throughout the universe in perpetuity. that is really sweeping. but then the company comes out and says that she's been free to respond to legitimate press since 2016. so whether or not she'll be held to the agreement, i think, is unclear. >> you know, ronan, you point out she is suing ami, the publisher of "the national enquirer" and acknowledges she knew she was being paid for her story, that it would never be published, what's called catch and kill but you've done a lot on catch and kill. do you think this might show that women or anyone in particular might no longer have to abide by these catch and kill agreements? >> i think that was one of her
7:35 am
major aims here. look. she's an adult. and she's been up front about saying she took money knowing that this would be a story that might be buried by ami. but she now says that in light of the fact that we know a lot more about this being a pattern allegedly of behavior that the president engaged in and a pattern of efforts to silence accounts of that behavior and in light of the fact this is now the president and the leverage companies like ami have over him has potential national security issues. this is a story that she feels now matters. and she told me point blank that she wants to warn other women about the perils of silence. >> i'm curious, sunny, a few seconds left. do you think this will empower other women? and does it concern the white house and president at this point that perhaps these agreements won't hold and they'll talk? >> this could open up the floodgates. to ronan's point is this a matter of national security? you look at the this agreement, david. it looks like a form. how many other women may have signed this and what kind of leverage does this company have over the president. >> all right, sunny, i know you'll dive into this later on "the view."
7:36 am
>> absolutely. >> ronan, always great to have you on. thanks to you both. over to you, robin. coming up, an abc news exclusive with that couple in that so-called gone girl case that police first called a hoax. now the boyfriend is telling his story only on "gma" this morning. ected bathroom trips if your adventure keeps turning into unexpected bathroom trips you may have overactive bladder, or oab. ohhhh... enough already! we need to see a doctor. ask your doctor about myrbetriq® (mirabegron). it treats oab symptoms of urgency, frequency, and leakage.
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we're back now with that abc news exclusive and the so-called "gone girl" case. a couple involved in a bizarre kidnapping that police at one point called a hoax. well, that couple telling their story. amy, you sat down with them and this morning we're going to hear the boyfriend's side of the story. >> that's right. and this is a special day. it is three years to the day since denise huskins was abducted from her boyfriend's california home in the middle of the night. some in the media nicknamed her the "gone girl" after that story about a woman who stages her own kidnapping. but this cup's ordeal was very real. and they say the trauma from that night continues today. >> it's hard to believe we can actually speak and have a voice. >> we have moments of joy. but there's not a moment that we don't experience what happened.
7:41 am
>> reporter: it was just after 3:00 a.m. when denise huskins and aaron quinn say they were suddenly woken up by a kidnapper and forced to drink sedatives while they were bound, blindfolded, and separated. quinn believes they had been targeted for months. >> he knew all my bank account records. i was given multiple instructions by prerecorded messages, giving me instructions on what i was going to do and that i would have to accomplish some tasks to get the certain amount of money for why they take denise. >> two installments of $8500. >> yes, so he knew how much i could access. >> reporter: but the next day with his girlfriend gone, he made the difficult decision to call the vallejo police department and says it was a decision the assailant threatened would cost 29-year-old huskins her life. >> when i was dialing 911, before i hit that, i was thinking, i might be killing her. and right when the police came
7:42 am
they just kept on accusing me, of were you partying? i gave them permission to search through my house and access to all my e-mail accounts because they were e-mailing my phone and my dna. and they interrogated me for 18 hours. they called me a murderer. telling me if you continue telling us this crazy story we're going to paint you as a cold, calculated monster. >> reporter: two days later huskins was released by her kidnapper. but the vallejo police called the kidnapping a hoax. >> mr. quinn and miss huskins has plundered valuable resources away from our community. >> what's it like to not be believed? and to be accused? >> it's one thing to not be believed. it's another thing to be actually attacked. it's -- sorry. it shakes you to your core because we believe that police
7:43 am
are here to help. and they're not here to make things worse. >> reporter: 38-year-old matthew muller was arrested. three months later for huskins kidnapping. he pleaded guilty serving 40 years in prison. the police never publicly apologized to the couple and huskins says they made her feel worthless. >> they had every opportunity to go, you know what, we made a mistake. and we're going to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> huskins and quinn just settled a $2.5 million civil lawsuit with the vallejo police department last week. the vallejo police declined to speak to abc news until after that settlement has been signed. quinn and huskins say they're absolutely certain muller did not act alone and believe co-conspirators are still out there. which is something they say that absolutely tear fies them. >> so, are police still investigating? >> no, the fbi says the case is closed. authorities say they are not looking for any co-conspirators
7:44 am
in this. but they continue to say the thing that bothers them the most, not being believed at that moment they believe when he took the phone from aaron and he wasn't able to communicate with those kidnappers, he says if denise had died, he would be in prison for her murder. >> for the rest of his life. >> for the rest of his life. they both would have lost their lives. >> no public apology. they wrote one, but they never announced it publicly. >> they did not. i talked to the vallejo police department and said until that's signed they have no further comment. >> so much more to this story and you're going to have it tonight on "20/20." >> i certainly will. >> i like that show. >> me, too, david. >> i'll see you then. >> let's get over to michael. >> david, we all love that show, man. coming up, t.j. is here with the march madness good luck charm, sister jean. the incredible plane crash survivor, he's helping his team get past the sweet 16.
7:45 am
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i got to say we got to acknowledge all these athletic trainers that we have outside of our studio. they've been out there all morning. they're excited. these young kids studying to be trainers. and keeping all those athletes and everyone else that needs help healthy whenever they need it. and speaking of athletes and speaking of sports, march madness, t.j. good luck charms who aren't on the court is the thing you'll tell us about. >> you need to know this name. austin hatch. he is a student coach for the university of michigan. this young man survived a plane crash in 2003 that kilted his
7:49 am
mom, sister, and brother. in 2011, he survived another plane crash that killed his dad and stepmom. he was in a coma for eight weeks. he took years to learn how to walk again, talk again, eat again. but he was a ball player. he had committed to michigan just days before that accident. the team kept the scholarship commitment to him. he has stayed there at michigan. he's kind of a good luck charm for that team as they're making their run. but austin hatch. keep your eye on that team. that's what this is about. the stories off the court. >> i love that. >> austin hatch, sister jean, a lot who aren't on the court but are having a lot of impact on the court. >> thanks a lot, t.j. what is that, velvet? >> that's velvet. a "gma" health alert. what's the magic number of minutes of exercise this morning? a new study.
7:50 am
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flonase sensimist. big snow out west. mammoth snow. four feet. in 24 hours. they're buried there. shoveling the snow off the roof of the lodge. another storm coming into the northwest. it should dry out southern california thankfully. this segment brought to you by
7:54 am
"good morning america" is brought to you by flonase sensimist allergy relief. powerful relief in a gentle mist. powerful relief in a gentle mist. good morning south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> and good morning it's 7:56
7:55 am
friday, i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. let's see the forecast. >> we have scattered showers, reggie, hi everybody. the storm impact scale a one. the showers will increase and move from the north to south. for the most part dry and good as far at the commuting. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s and the storm impact scale is a one through sunday. sunday with the fewest amounts of showers. >> heavy traffic. southbound 101 through san rafael. check the drive time from in a v in novato into san francisco. walnut creek into dublin, one hour. santa rosa one hour and slight delays. >> another update in about 30 minutes and always on the news app and where we continue to stream our
7:56 am
7:57 am
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7:59 am
deadly five-alarm fire in new york city. the fdny battling the massive blaze erupting on a movie set overnight killing at least one firefighter wounding several others. actor edward norton right there on the scene. also the new health headline. could this be the secret to losing weight? what it means to freeze the hunger nerve. also the new research just out revealing the magic number of minutes to exercise.lly enough? christmas in march. how to score big as toys "r" us shuts its doors across the country. we've got a sneak peek at the ultimate closeout sale. when you should buy to get the best deals and the red flags to look out for while bargain hunting. ♪ i think i want to marry you mark your calendars. prince harry and meghan markle send out invitations for the big day. who is on the guest list? the story behind the invites plus brand-new photos of the royal couple this morning. right before the most
8:00 am
anticipated wedding of the year, as we say, good morning, america. ♪ it's all about the folks outside. they've been out there. they're here. they're certified athletic trainers from all around the country. and they're here to cheer on david muir because he's done "good morning america," "world news tonight" and "20/20" tonight so he needs -- he gets it. >> yeah. >> did you get an invitation to the wedding. >> let me check. let me check. >> you should know because wedding invites, they just went out. and we're getting clues about who may be on the list. could the obamas be going to the wedding or how about elton john? we have those details coming up or david muir. how are you going to pull it off. >> i think i'm doing "jeopardy"
8:01 am
too. anyway, to the news headlines we're following this friday morning. that deadly fire overnight on a movie set right here in new york. a firefighter losing his life battling that fire and gio benitez on the scene all morning long. good morning again, gio. >> reporter: hey, david, good morning again. listen, the good news is that the fire has been extinguished so that's good news here but just take a look at what's left behind. we're told the residents in the neighboring buildings were okay. they are doing okay this morning. now take a look at video from this overnight emergency. the movie crew was filming at the time of the fire. they got out in time. this is the movie set for a film called "motherless brooklyn" starring bruce willis, alec baldwin and edward norton. 37-year-old firefighter michael davidson went inside to fight the blaze just as he had done for the past 15 years but he somehow lost consciousness and died from his injuries leaving behind a wife and four young kids. no doubt about it, this investigation is just getting
8:02 am
started. we know it started in the cellar of this building. but really a tragedy here for one of new york's bravest, david. >> that is for sure. thank you. we are thinking about that firefighter. >> michael davidson and his family of firefighters. his father is retired. gio, as you said, a father of four. he was on the force for 15 years and they are by far the bravest. >> we salute them all. all over this country. but now to the march for our lives as many as half a million people are expected in washington, d.c. tomorrow and even more around the country to protest gun violence. those students from parkland, florida, who are behind this movement, they are featured on the new cover of "time" magazine with the word "enough." so let's go to abc's kenneth moton in washington with more details on that. good morning, kenneth. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this will be the epicenter of the parch for our live, the main stage stretching across pennsylvania avenue here with the capitol as the backdrop. hundreds of thousands of people will be lined up for at least
8:03 am
nine blocks reaching the white house. now, young people from across the country have been making their way into d.c. by bus and plane joined by parents, educators and others demanding action from lawmakers to make schools safer and pass tougher gun control laws. this rally organized by the vocal and determined students from parkland, florida, just five weeks after the deadly shooting rampage at their school and hundreds of other marches are also planned tomorrow across the country and the world, the big march happening in 24 hours but there are several events today including parkland students rallying at the capitol. some face-to-face with lawmakers demanding change. robin. >> all right. kenneth, again, that's tomorrow and a lot of people will be watching. now we're going to go to the latest at facebook. executive sheryl sandberg speaking out after big questions for lawmakers and users about the social networking's site control of user data and mark zuckerberg saying this week was the company's worst mistake and
8:04 am
now sandberg being more specific saying it's not a question of if regulation, it's a question of what type. and not -- that goes for more than just facebook, all these sites out there. >> wake-up call. thanks, michael. coming up, how to score big at those toys "r" us sales across the country and when you should buy to get the best deals. as we mentioned excite going for the royal wedding. i checked my e-mail. i didn't get an invite. >> oh. >> anyway, we'll have more on who did and the brand-new images of harry and meghan, their big day coming? >> if you didn't get an invite, i'll go to toys "r" us and buy you a toy to cheer you up. who is ready to work out? that new research about the magic number of minutes to hit the gym. plus, look at that. we've got an incredible workout and incredible audience upstairs so don't go anywhere. ♪ ♪
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(avo) get 0% apr financing on all-new 2018 subaru outback models. now through april 2nd. right back at you. happy friday, everybody. this wonderful audience helping us roll into the weekend. >> i heard you earlier, fri-yay. >> fri-yay for absentee ballots with us all week long with "pop news." >> you guys are so much fun. i have been so -- i have just been elated doing "pop news" with everybody this week. time now, you know, i like to have a big surprise party. i like to do birthdays big. i know somebody in the audience, it's their birthday. happy birthday to you at home. jennifer garner decided to do it up big wishing her pal reese
8:10 am
witherspoon a happy 42nd birthday. [ applause ] but look how she did it. it was pretty jazzy. take a look. [ playing "happy birthday" ] >> that is jennifer garner a self-proclaimed band geek and played the alto saxophone in high school. her best birthday message and "the big little lies" star shared a sweet pic saying cake for breakfast, anyone. a happy belated birthday to reese witherspoon. >> and jennifer garner. i like the whole outfit and everything. >> tenor sax. i played tenor sax. >> i always wondered. >> and the clarinet. hey, wow. >> similar reeds. >> i smell a concert coming up. a concert in the park. there we go. david and robin roberts. >> i sent her those videos like jennifer garner all the time. >> we're ready, though.
8:11 am
you need to get up on stage. we want to hear about your talent. >> not something to happen. everybody would come. it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. hi, neighbors. that's because your snail mail is about to get a whole lot friendlier. the lovely fred rogers postage stamp on sale with mister rogers in his signature cardigan alongside king friday xiii and the postal service will hold a ceremony at wqed fret rogers' studio where it was filmed for more than 30 years. [ applause ] won't you be my neighbor. perfect timing ahead of the documentary coming out about him. finally when you guys were little how far would you have gone to get a puppy from your parents? take notes. this business writer's 8-year-old daughter came up with a brilliant strategy. take a look scrawling her message on top of dad's favorite newspaper, the writer tweets having studied my habits my
8:12 am
daughter hacked my attention for her political agenda. that tweet went viral. can i please get a puppy? thousands of retweets even from j.k. rowling so did her plea work? the poster writed, okay, team puppy, you win. we're getting a puppy. also using this to promote donations to the aspca. >> always a great idea. >> a world of difference. >> don't shop, adopt. you've been great all week. i mean i'm just filling in and you've been great. >> and you've been great. >> greatness over there. >> i'm feeling all this love, okay. now to our "gma" cover story that we have. hundreds of toys "r" us stores start to close across the country and we're all mourning the loss and going when we were kids and taking your kids now. big savings on the way and becky worley has more on how we can score and when. >> i went to two toys "r" us
8:13 am
stores yesterday. i'm a toys "r" us kid too and one like most of the stores in the country is starting sales today. but at the other, sales have been raging for two weeks already and it gave me an insider's view on how to maximize the discounts on this unfortunate going out of business sale. toys "r" us, liquidating its 735 stores across the country and that means consumers will be hunting deals. we checked out this toys "r" us in emeryville, california, that's closing earlier. it's two to three week as head of the other stores nationwide. a lot of toy, up to 50% off. it's like a sneak peek to the expected coming discounts nationwide. shelves of popular toys with prices even slashed beyond that 50%. christmas items, action figures and lots of nontoys like strollers, pack and plays and car seats 30% off the prices we could find online. while toys "r" us isn't releasing many details we think
8:14 am
this is an exception. most stores are just getting started like this one i visited last night in dublin, california. hardly any discounts. these are the same scacars that saw at the other toys "r" us but at the original price. managers at this store saying they'll start the sales today. so what tactics can help you make the most of a liquidation sale? >> as you wait three, four weeks down the line, the prices are thoroughly slashed down to the bare bones. >> reporter: but be careful. >> there will be no customer service. no refund policy. nothing. >> two word, parents, birthday presents. will your kid as tend, one, two, 47 birthday parties this year. yeah, mine too so a little prior planning can get you significant savings on this staple of parent purchases, david. >> yeah, you probably have a couple of birthday parties this weekend. i got some items you found and the hot wheels in your piece, a favorite of mine growing up and the spinner.
8:15 am
talk us through some of what you found. >> yeah, we're going to start with the really popular hatchimals. he'll chirp at you. the kids love these. originally $10, 50% off at toys "r" us. hot wheels you mentioned. i found them for $4 online but again, 50% off at toys "r" us. fidget spinners, just under 3 bucks online. i got it for 60% off. the discounts are real. >> they are real. one thing that we showed that -- that you showed us, you found the discount in one store but not every store has that yet. there is a wait depending which location you're going to. >> if your store is just starting the sales now, well then the longer you wait, the bigger the discounts but the longer you wait, the more the inventory is defeated so to harken back to a day when inventory of toys was really limited i found a piece of my childhood on sale, this cabbage patch doll, 80% off but you got
8:16 am
to wait. >> i would have gotten you one if i knew. becky worley, we love you. we love you, becky. we love toys "r" us too. i'm a toys "r" us kid and we're all thinking about the 30,000 people who will lose their jobs. it's a bittersweet thing but celebrate by buying up some of these toys in the stores. right, becky. >> right, david. also, go, syracuse. >> go, 'cuse, over to you. now to two big health headlines. one, what may be the magic number of minutes to exercise? the other a procedure to freeze the so-called hunger nerve. that may help you lose weight. dr. jennifer ashton joins us in boston. going to tell us about these. the hunger freeze, that hunger nerve. you are board certified in obesity medicine. what's your take on this. >> this is about what's called the gut brain access. it's a very small study done at emory university and they froze a nerve called the vagus nerve,
8:17 am
part of it that feeds the esophagus and is implicated in sending hunger and fullness signals to the brain. again, super small study. they had ten usubjects but afte a three-month period all had a decrease in appetite and all lost weight. no complications. so definitely needs more research but not ready for prime time yet but interesting? >> yeah, we'll hole the phone on that one just with ten subjects. that other study about the amount of time we should be exercising a week. >> robin, this is great news for exercisers. this research which was done at duke flies in the face with that previous public health recommendation that you have to get 30 or 60 minutes continuously to see a benefit. it's all about testing bouts of exercise versus sporadic exercise and found when they looked at people that they all had a lower risk of death so bottom line whether you get ten minutes all in a row or ten o
8:18 am
one-minute blocks which would be going up a flight of stairs you're going to see benefits so that's great news. >> we got folks working it out here in the studio. we do. [ applause ] so and the reason why, the reason why we're doing that is that people want to know, does it matter the type of exercise. >> look, robin, here's the thing. you hear this exercise is the best. this exercise is the best. first of all, how much do you need? 150 minutes is the guideline for moderate intensity exercise per week, again, doesn't matter how you break it up. that's like fast walking or it's kind of difficult for you to speak or 75 minutes of vigorous exercise, but to be clear, you need all types of exercise which is why we have our great volunteers there. you stretch stretching. you need resistance, you need weights and cardio because they all serve a different purpose. so, you know, it's great that you like one but you do need to mix it up. >> okay, the guy that keeps
8:19 am
doing the jumping jacks. [ applause ] everyone. i think he wants me to wrap. a little rapid true or false. we have wonderful women up here too exercising. women should not lift heavy w t weights, true or false? >> women need to lift weights. i'm trying to improve my chicken wing and weights will not bulk you up. >> cardio isn't really working unless you are dripping with sweat and gasping for air. >> true. >> false. there's different types of cardio. high intensity that benefits your heart and brain. low intensity is good for weight loss and endurance so do it all. >> if we can't get 150 minutes in we can still do something, right? >> anything is better but more helps more. >> all right. thank you, jen. >> you bet, robin. >> thank you to all.
8:20 am
you get little sweat stains under your arm. over to rob. national puppy day. this is one of my favorite "gma" moments of all time. dogs have to exercise too. what better way than to drag your own sled up a hill in the snowstorm and ride it back down. i mean, come on, australian shepherd on national puppy day. that's what i'm talking abo hi will, i'm "abc 7 news" meteorologist mike nicco. check out that sunshine out there. we have a chance of showers today and tomorrow and sunday. main le well up in the north bay. temperatures today, mid to upper 50s in the north bay and 60 for the rest of us. the shower chance tapers partly cloudy and mid to upper 30s in the north bay. and low to m m m m m m m m m m m now the countdown to the
8:21 am
royal wedding as prince harry and meghan markle visit northern ireland this morning, excitement is growing and the official wedding invitations have just been revealed. 600 very lucky guests are about to get them in the mail. ♪ check your mailboxes, the gilded invitation to the most talked about wedding of the year is hot off the press and on its way. kensington palace revealing harry and meghan have chosen frogmoorhouse, the stunning location where they took their beautiful engagement photos for the intimate evening reception for just 200 of their nearest and dearest. >> i think it's very likely meghan will wear two dresses on her wedding day, the same way kate did. >> reporter: the invitations say uniforms or morning coats for men so expect harry to be dressed like william was at his wedding to kate in his finest military dress and it wouldn't be a royal party if the women weren't decked out in their best frocks and stylist hats. the invitations feature american
8:22 am
made ink on english card stock issued by prince charles following many years of royal tradition, kensington palace tweeted they feature the three-feathered badge of the prince of wales printed in gold ink. around 600 lucky guests have been invited to the nuptials and the luncheon hosted by the queen at st. george's hall following a romantic carriage ride around windsor when harry introduces his new american princess to the world. the couple carrying on their visit around the uk. meghan and harry charming the crowd in belfast, northern ireland. following visits over the last few months to wales, scotland and nottingham as meghan gets to know the people she will one day represent. >> meghan said she wants to get to know the whole country before she marries into the royal family and northern ireland is the final piece in that puzzle. >> so all five spice girls are expected to attend and then there's speculation the obamas are also invited along with elton john. how about you? >> star studded.
8:23 am
i'm not invited but what i really, really want, i want the rile family to go from that to movie royalty. mark hamill is opening up about "the last jedi" and the big plot twist and spoiler alert if you have not seen it you may want to hit put for a minute. he sat down with abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: it was the biggest "star wars" spoiler since finding out luke was smooching his sister. but now mark hamill can finally talk about "the last jedi." >> i will kill the last jedi. >> reporter: killing off his character luke skywalker. >> very controversial. there's people that are not happy. when they sent the script for "episode viii", i turned backwards and starting reading from the last page so i got to -- yeah, it says in the script, luke skywalker dies and i thought, i wasn't appalled, i just went hmm. it's one of those things once it's finished you have to let it go. >> reporter: what he's not over is the real loss of carrie
8:24 am
fisher. >> no one is ever really gone. >> reporter: when i see that scene it takes me out of the movie. i was saying a final good-bye but i didn't expect that to happen in real life. i wish she could be here now. she'd be behind you giving me the fingerary making funny faces. >> reporter: he made this prediction in '81. >> it won't go on and on like james bond, the next film will be the last one. >> we'll see. luke skywalker with a cane. >> training wheels on my landspeeder. >> reporter: but four decades later hamel is riding a second wave of "star wars" stardom. ♪ invited back to ireland its beautiful landscapes doubling for his island hideaway. >> it didn't look real. it did feel like a galley far away. >> reporter: the guest of honor at dublin's st. patrick's day parade and pin him down on the
8:25 am
burning question, will luke show up in the next "star wars" movie with a yes or no answer, can you tell me would you like to return as luke skywalker? >> hmm. if you can't have fun making a "star wars" movie you have some serious problems. >> fair to say if they asked you to come back, you would come back? >> i think that's probably fair to say. yes. but who knows. >> "the last jedi" ale variable for digital download. available on blu-ray on tuesday. we'll be right back. [ applause ] good morning north bay, let's get up and get going.
8:26 am
>> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning, i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. santa clara police on the scene of a fatal accident. a live look with sky map 7, between harrison and lafayette street. the driver died at the scene police say. you are asked to avoid the area if possible. this will remain closed for the next few hours and alexis smith here to help us navigate around the area. that looks bad. >> it does. you can stick to the interstates and stay on the 101 corridor. it does sound like that will be another hour or so before they get it back open. another crash, south bay. blocking the two right lanes and thing out at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering ligh
8:27 am
8:28 am
now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> not out of the woods with the storm impact scale, showing a one for today and tomorrow and sunday. scattered showers possible and across the north bay. this evening and over night, the rest of us getting a chance of showers. jessica. >> we'll have another u ♪
8:29 am
welcome back to "gma." we want to thank you guys for being with us on this friday morning. thank you guys. much appreciated and we'll kick things off with an extraordinary young woman who fills the need, the need for speed. so much so that she deferred going to harvard to get behind the wheel and her name is aurora straus. she's a 19-year-old professional race car driver and she eventually plans to study english and mechanical engineering at harvard but this morning she is joining us from austin where she has a race this weekend. good morning, aurora. [ applause ] >> hi. >> aurora, what is it about racing that made you put the brakes on going to harvard for now. >> well, race something a full time job. and, you know, kudos to all the racers that dedicate themselves to working out, looking for sponsorship, finding sponsor, delivering to them and then trying to win a race at the end of the day so i knew that i had
8:30 am
a chance in nye career to keep moving forward with it would pass by if i didn't take just one year off of school. >> how did it start? how did you get interested in racing. >> yeah, so when i was 13 i got behind the wheel for the first time in a mazda miata with steven, a family friend and i almost ran into his rental car but then i went out on track for the first time and going over 100 miles an hour is like the most remarkable feeling and once you do it, you fall down a rabbit hole. >> that's right. >> and do it for the rest of your life. >> once you go 100. >> once you go 100 you can't go back. aurora, bless your heart. we know it is a predominantly male dominated field. what has your experience been like? >> so, i will say the face of the sport has changed a lot in recent years and a lot of that is due to huge role models and danica patrick and pippa mann and for every crew member that treats me differently because
8:31 am
i'm a girl i've met 50 that genuinely care about me and think about me as a racer before a girl and they have sisters and daughters who they want to see succeed as well. >> wonderful. >> aurora, we know you are racing this weekend there in austin. we have a message from one of the racers that you just mentioned who you admire. take a look. >> hey, aurora, i'm danica patrick and i just wanted to wish you the best of luck. don't forget to dream really, really, really big. >> oh, my god. >> aurora, i just saw your eyes pop when you realized it was danica. >> that's crazy. she completely changed the face of motorsupports industry for me. danica like other role models out there were the reason i got involved in the sport and strong enough to keep pushing forward and my goal is 10 or 20 years from now i want to be that danica to a young girl that doesn't know if she can make it
8:32 am
in the industry. >> that's awesome. >> tell you what, aurora, you're already making an impact. we wish you the best in austin this weekend. good luck in your race. >> thank you very much. >> thank you for joining us and coming up, everybody, they play a divorced couple living together in a new comedy "splitting up together," but now they're just hanging out in our green room, ♪ seresto,jake...o, seresto ♪ seresto, seresto, seresto
8:33 am
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we are back now with hilary swank, the oscar winner took a break from the spotlight but now headed back to the small screen starring in a new tv drama and sat down to talk all about it. >> thanks for being here. >> great to be here. >> you're back. >> yes, i'm back. >> back in a big way. you've been gone for three years but for a very noble cause. you were taking care of your ill father and moved him in with you and i imagine that experience changed who you are. >> yeah, it did and so many ways. you know, going through something like that with a family member whose life is at risk is both wonderful and scary, you know, to be able to be there for someone through such a difficult and kind of dark time, but now he's great. and we worked through it together and we, you know, both really grew from it and i'm really thankful i could be there. i think a lot of people wouldn't have that luxury of being able to take time off work and i was
8:36 am
so, yeah. >> and devoted too so that's such a beautiful story and i'm sure he's proud to have you as his daughter. >> thank you. i'm proud to be his daughter. >> first time on tv since the 1990s. >> crazy. >> how did you get pulled in. >> danny boyle. he called me and said, you know, i'm doing this piece on the gettys, i would love for you to be a part of it. i said, okay, i don't need to read it. you're danny boyle, just tell me when and i'll be there. >> you play gail getty whose son has been kidnapped. >> what's going on. >> don't ask me. ask your son. >> is he here? where is he. >> how should i know? >> you're saying he's being kidnapped. >> i had to unplug the phone. they'll say anything to get a story. >> did you know much about this story before you took on the project. >> i didn't. i only knew -- i had heard about the kidnapping and didn't know much else and so learning about the kidnapping and just about the getty kind of dynasty was
8:37 am
fascinateing. >> you're back with donald sutherland. i don't know if you have scenes together but -- >> you have to watch and see. >> you all worked together on your first movie. >> we did, "buffy the vampire slayer." he's wonderfully intense. he's very professional and very obviously good at what he does and getting the opportunity to work with him at that first point in my career and now again was just excellent. >> incredible. from buffy to a two-time oscar winner, do you plan to add any more to the collection? >> i just feel honored to be working with people that i admire and who inspire me and to make me better, you know, to push me and give me that opportunity. >> you use the word inspire and i know you have a mantra that you have taken on. you say it to yourself every day. what is it. >> make a choice, make it happen. i feel like we have a choice every day to live our fullest potential. i feel like, you know, as far as we know we only have one life and it's up to us to make the
8:38 am
most of it and to not be afraid to really push into the sharp edges. >> i love that one of your goals is to dance more. >> yeah. it was one of my new year's resolution and i love to dance and i never make time to do it. just do it. >> i know that you also have something that you do when no one is watching. >> oh, tennis. oh, my tennis moves. i do. i'm always like doing my, you know, my moves, making sure i'm getting my spin, my topspin. >> from the dance floor to the tennis court. >> i don't know if you want to see my dance floors. >> and small screen and big screen hopefully again. thank you very much, hilary swank. always a pleasure. >> thanks, it's nice to see you. >> she was so great, wasn't she? "trust," by the way, premieres this sunday on fx. rob, sending it over to you. >> give it up to lucy liu, everybody, in the house. [ applause ] talented actress and now spokesperson for our sponsor lifewtr. arts were a big deal for you in school and now you think that
8:39 am
kids aren't getting enough. >> yeah, i heard this recent statistic that was shocking that 80% of arts programs are being cut in schools and for me i go not have a lot of art at home so for me art at school was so, so important. so lifewtr is teaming up with the arts programs to push that and they're going to be giving out -- they're sponsoring art kits for schools and want people to send out their stories and also they've made this film so that people can watch how important it is for art. art for kids is part of their creative growing and how they respond and communicate with other people and express themselves so it's vital. >> we've got iggy and amalia expressing themselves all morning long. >> how cute are they? >> 5 and 6, my daughter's age. she gravitates towards art. kids, some kids learn differently and need art and need some sort of spatial expression to kind of learn some other tools. >> and they have time for themselves to learn how to be on their own and have their own thoughts without actually having
8:40 am
their parents helicopter over them all the time so i think it's really important and i support it and i think that lifewtr is doing a great job by, you know, having -- you know, what we can do as a community is we can send in our stories and we can hashtag support art in the schools for that, i think it's really important for that. >> you do that with your zip code and lifewtr will send art supplies to potentially schools in your neighborhood. >> that's right. it will be great for kids because they get to explore and sort of, you know, express themselves through art which is something that we should promote in schools now, especially if that program is being cut. >> i agree. [ applause ] i'll drink to that. cheers. >> hi there, i'm "abc 7 news," meteorologist mike nicco. we're going to have sunshine and clouds and a few showers. the shower chance will increase. my accuweather seven-day forecast, the
8:41 am
[ applause ] we're getting silly over here on the water. robin, over to you. >> rob, thank you. i'm here with the most incredible woman. she has -- she writes, oh, seven books a year and sold 800 million copies. her latest is a heart-stopping thriller. it is called "accidental heroes." please give a warm welcome to the legendary danielle steel. [ applause ] wow. oh, you know how much i adore you. >> i feel totally that way about robin. it's always the biggest honor and the greatest joy to be here. >> you are so gracious. so the last time you were here you were closing this on 160 books wring. now i think you're at 170. >> yes, as of last saturday. >> who is counting? okay, going home, going home was the first one. >> yes. >> you were 19 years old. >> yes. >> do you still have that same excitement when a book is coming out like this.
8:42 am
>> 112. i do. i'm excited every time i finish one and i'm excited every time one comes out. that came out on tuesday. i am never blase. i'm shocked when i see people read my books and i want to say why are you reading that and when it hits a best-seller's list it's like the first time every time. >> that's nice. like the first time every time. >> always grateful and always excited. >> you're very humble. always a pages turner. tell us about this one. >> i'm excited about that book. it is very suspenseful. they're wonderful characters in it. it's about stress making event, a crisis and how everybody deals with it and obviously it involves a plane. and it's the people on the ground, the detectives, the cia, the people in the air. it stresses a couple of thing, one is that many people are nervous about flying and they
8:43 am
really don't realize how much safety is surround them. how much care is taken and so it's kind of reassuring in that sense. but also it brings out how we don't really know what we have in us and how you don't expect it and you become a hero by being in a situation. >> you always find something that you're reading and you understand it. there's some of that in all of us. and you have some uber super fans here of danielle steel. [ applause ] they want to ask questions. what's your question, erin. >> my mom and i always feel like we come away from your books learning something. how do you research so quickly writing seven books a year. how do you research it so quickly. >> i don't actually write seven a year. it takes about two, 2 1/2 years to do each one. but what i do which is totally crazy, i'm usually jugging about five at a time so that it's this
8:44 am
kind of eternal juggling act of when they come out and i do a lot of research and i have a wonderful researcher. we were in love with the same boy at 13. and we're still friends and he's now very unattractive. [ laughter ] and but she is a fabulous researcher and she gives me a lot of information. and i work through it. i learn a lot with each book because i research history and industries, but the minute i finish the book, it's like someone hits a button and it's gone. awful. >> you have a question. >> yeah, you've written about so many different things. do the ideas always come easy to you? >> sometimes easier than others. sometimes -- this one kind of hit me in the face and sometimes they do. other times people are always talking about, oh, when you have
8:45 am
inspiration. sometimes i sit there with a yellow pad and a pen and i just make myself sit there until i get some ideas. so it varies but i have no idea where the ideas come from and i'm grateful every time i have an idea. >> we are grateful that you have an idea. we're always grateful you are here. she's always so gracious. she gives gifts so we have a gift for you. >> oh. >> can you bring it out? okay. >> oh. >> she loves unicorns because you are so -- there's only one you, there's only one you and that's why we have a unicorn. >> so sweet. >> i told you i'm heading out on vacation, key west and i'm going to take this book. everybody in the audience is going home with a danielle steel book. everyone. [ applause ] >> i have three daughters who work in fashion. monitor everything i wear and always say you're not wearing that. i am wearing these today.
8:46 am
>> deal. we love you. coming up, "splitting up together" stars jenna fischer and oliver hudson are here live. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, michaela deprince could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while performing a grand jeté between two grand pianos. she could... in a commercial. in real life she uses it to pay her sister, from her couch, for that sweater she stained. what sweater? (phone buzzes) life, lived michaela's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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i'm here now with jenna fischer and oliver hudson. they star in abc's new comedy, "splitting up together." they're playing a separated couple that decides to raise their kids under the same roof and the way you guys are laughing, you really are like a couple. >> if you only knew what we were laughing about. >> yeah. >> oliver, i have to say you come from a hollywood -- big hollywood family. -mile-per-hour mom, goldie hawn, your sister kate hudson. dogs this have similarities to your real family. >> our family is extremely famous on the show, right? look, as far as our characters go, there is a lot of similarity, actually they casted this thing perfectly where i feel like i am my character as
8:49 am
she feels like she is hers. she feels like my real wife i mean and i feel like a real husband so there's a lot of stuff happening in this show. >> and everyone fell in love with you, jenna. pam from "the office." [ cheers and applause ] how is your character lena different from pam? >> well, she's very different. lena could never be michael scott's receptionist. lena is -- pam was very good at containing her reactions and lena is not. so, lena is a take action kind of gal. >> take action kind of gal. your parents have been married for over 30 year. >> 35. >> amazing. what could your characters learn from them? >> oh, yeah, well, you know, patience, communication. >> sense of humor. >> sense of humor. don't give up. relationships are weird, man. i mean, sometimes they work and then sometimes they don't and sometimes they're working and they don't and you get back together. we all do it differently and
8:50 am
it's just about accepting what happens and being in that moment. >> well, this show about doing it differently and you're doing it well. we have a clip. here we are, "splitting up together." >> we're pulling the plug. >> do not resuscitate. >> we had a good run but we're halting production. >> don't cry for me, argentina. >> we're shooting old yeller right between the eyes. he was a good dog but now, now he's rabid. you saw the film. [ laughter and applause ] >> that's a good -- awkward way to tell the family. since you guys have this great chemistry, i want to play a newlywed game. i got something for you. these signs and there you are on one. so -- i'm going to throw some things out there and show the face of who you think it applies to the most. so here we go. >> all right. >> which one of you is the last person to leave the party? >> oh, i knew that was coming.
8:51 am
>> i'm gifted in the party going ways. >> i don't even go to the party. i never got to the party. so -- >> you're out of it. >> i left it before it started. >> here we go. which one breaks in the middle of a scene? >> me? i was going to say you. >> i got a great game face. >> we break together. >> we break together. go like this. >> yeah, that's what you do, man. >> that's right. >> i have time for one final question. who curses the most? oh. >> big time. [ applause ] >> without a doubt. no whoopie questions. >> no whoopie questions. >> we ran out of time and being it's a morning show i don't think we can go that far. thank you, guys, for joining us, man. really appreciate it. can't wait to check out the show. the show is "splitting up together." it premieres tuesday night at 9:30 eastern right here on abc. make sure you check it out. [ applause ]
8:52 am
and we'll be right back. does this map show the peninsula trail? you won't find that on a map. i'll take you there. take this left. if you listen real hard you can hear the whales. oop. you hear that? (vo) our subaru outback lets us see the world. sometimes in ways we never imagined. (avo) get 0% apr financing on all-new 2018 subaru outback models. now through april 2nd.
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"good morning america" is brought to you by microsoft. empowering innovation. [ cheers and applause ] >> give a special thanks to tourism ireland for help with our interview. that was a lot of fun. >> it was. it was a great week. thank you, adrienne bankert for being here. thank you, david. david finally is getting a little bit of rest.
8:55 am
you'll see him tonight on "world news." have a great weekend.
8:56 am
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8:58 am
let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. and mike, we can finally give the umbrella a rest? >> i think so. we have a chance of scattered showers but they are scattered not all day and not heavy. in the north bay for most of the day. sprinkles up there right now. in the afternoon and evening hours sliding down across the rest of the neighborhoods. the chance of the showers will-less en-- >> traffic volumes there on westbound 92. no major incidents to report. drive time, albany to the maze, nine minutes and fre font to san jose at 22 and to cupertino. >> the drive is nice
8:59 am
>> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, film, television star taraji p. henson. and, from the new film "midnight sun," patrick schwarzenegger. and do-it-yourself baby food courtesy of daphne oz. plus, ryan's radio cohost sisanie is "live"'s cohost for the day. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are ryan seacrest and sisanie! >> ryan: hello! how are you? >> sisanie: hi, guys


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