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tv   Nightline  ABC  March 22, 2018 12:37am-1:07am PDT

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♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, secrets of a serial bomber, the new cellphone confession of the suspect in texas, corners by the cops, killed by one of his own devices, the 23-year-old seen here in disguise in a security video using an ominous fake name, how police tracked him down, where he left more bomb building parts and did he act alone. plus return of "roseanswne" after 20 years off the air the connor family was back. >> stepping in was spooky. >> now taking on device in today's political election. >> the jokes are writing them
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what we're learning about this 23-year-old man from his audio confession and a surveillance video showing him mailing explosives while wearing a wig. matt gutman is on the ground. >> had is the culmination of three very long weeks for our community. >> one of the first night in 19 days residents of austin will rest a little easier. the man believed to be responsible for terrorizing their city is now dead. investigators say they were able to zero in on the suspect, 23-year-old mark anthony before dawn today. >> we ultimately located the vehicle that this suspect was known to be driving and in fact we found that at a hotel right up the road here in round rock. >> as they quickly set up a perimeter and set up a squad team, mark conditt exited the hotel got in the vehicle and drove away. quietly the police began to pursue the vehicle.
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>> the vehicle stopped in the ditch on the side of the road behind us. as members of the austin police department swat team approached the vehicle the suspect detonated a bomb in the vehicle knocking one of our squad officers back and one of our squad officers fired at the suspect as well. >> a massive explosion knocks them backwards, blows out all of the windows of the car car car r conditt. >> you heard he was dead what were your feelings. >> i was glad it was over. glad we did our job the best way we could. >> tonight the new details are emerging. >> we have at this point located a recording that the suspect in this incident made. >> which shed light on conditt's motive. >> it was a confession, it is the outcry of a very challenged young man talking about challenges in his personal life that led him to this point.
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>> authorities say on the recording conditt described in detail the six bombs he constructed and seventh device he detonated on himself this morning. the bombings which killed two and wounded at least five began on march 2nd at 6:55 a.m. 39-year-old anthony house was killed after picking up a packth a that was dropped at his front door. ten days later few miles away from that first bombing. >> we have two people down. >> another deadly blast from a planted package 17-year-old draylon mason killed and neighbors horrified. >> i saw ambulance with my neighbor on the structure it was very terrifying for me. >> five and half miles away hours later another bomb critically injuring a 75-year-old woman.
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herrera. >> heard the explosion. felt the ground. >> police evacuate atded the neighborhood putting small children on busses and alerted everyone not to touch any suspicious packages. >> we have a pattern occurring in this community in the past ten days we believe are related. >> six days later a mile away a fourth bo manying and possibly new tactic, a bomb rigged to a trip wire two unsuspected bicyclists and yesterday the fifth bomb in fedex facility. five bombs exploded but the sixth, unexploded device reco r recovered from fedex turned into a key piece of evidence. police zeroing in on conditt after capturing trying to mail a package. seen wearing an apparent disguise wearing gloves, thez
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images were matched to his receipt where's police say he kudrowed sued anymore kelly killmore. and nails he bought at home depots and the battery used in those devices which he bought online. >> like any bombing investigation we try to identify all of the component and then we break that down to where those components are sold and who would have bought those, if they bought multiple components. >> all this led to a pre-dawn encounter with police. following that investigators moved to conditt's home search forge a possible motive and any other active threats. >> when you go to a bomb-maker's location it gives you a real flavor how good they really are, what equipment did he have, was he getting better at this. you want to get in his bomb making head at this point. >> meanwhile police going door to door advising residents to evacuate their homes and
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businesses immediately. >> i will ask the area residents to two to their library or reck re aition center which is open until 9:00 tonight if you don't have another place to go to. >> authorities do find bomb making materials inside his house. >> there's components in there that makes us believe, with a high degree of certainty, that it is the same components we've found in all of the other devices. >> conditt's family releasing this statement -- >> is it your understanding he built these bombs before the bombing spree happened or was he doing it sort of based on your investigation to stay one step
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ahead? >> so it's a little hard. we know when he bought some of the components, not every one of the components, so it's hard to say, it's hard to say whether he was building along the way, or built them and had them on the shelf. >> investigators say despite the difference in how the bombs were made each one provided detailed includes. >> to the public they may have looked different but when atf bomb technicians were able to put those devices back together the components used were very similar. >> you had atf technicians piece together physically these bombs after they exploded. >> yes after the second one knew exactly what the first two looked like. >> three, two, one. >> last year my colleague pierre thomas got a rare look at how fbi bomb technicians train police and federal agents what to look for after a bombing. in this training exercise authorities set off a series of
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car bombs, if you hunt for the blown apart pieces at the detonation epicenter you can find the pieces and put it back together. in the vehicle may be finger prints or dna to be collected. even the screws used to shrapnel are lead to store on surveillance camera. that was evident in the austin case. >> one thing consistent in these devices there was nails and screws in each of them. >> and tonight questions swirl being that 23-year-old bomb maker. how a troubled man could turn so violent. for "nightline" i'm matt gutman in austin, texas. next we switch gears talking about the cast, the couch and that signature. [ laughter ] laugh it's all coming back for the new season of "roseanne." we're going to take you behind the candies. first the "nightline" cue.
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♪ the tv show "roseanne" was always willing and able to go where other shows would not, from gay marriage to inter racial relationships now the show prepares to go back on the air first time since 1997 it is poised to go there yet again, taking on the great trump divide in so many american families. ♪
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>> on tuesday night, a family reunion for the ages. >> you look great. >> oh, baloney. >> the connor family together again for the first time in 20 years. >> that same house. that same couch. that iconic show open. right down to that unmistakable laugh. >> everybody remembers the couch and afghan. >> who knew it would become iconic. this is the show. >> time warp to 2018. >> when he stepped on the set it was spooky just spooky, like i never left. >> back in the 80s "roseanne" was the number one show on television. a huge hit well into the 90s an ordinary family facing the issues of the day with humor. >> we're paying more taxes than the rich people because they got all of the lawyers to figure out
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the loopholes. i want to find loopholes. >> in my culture was a strong mother based home with loving husband and some problems and loud mouthed kids so i wanted that. >> he started it. >> nothing was off limits at a time rest of america only whispered about such things "roseanne" dealt openly about birth control. >> you mean about the pill. >> domestic violence. >> he beat the crap out of her. >> i don't want anyone to know about it. >> masterbags. >> this is something everybody does. >> really? >> yeah. >> do you do it? >> i do. >> same sex marriage. >> i now pronounce you man and -- i now pronounce you men. >> you name it "roseanne" took the culture wars the head on. >> of course they faced money issues. >> our school trip is having field trip for poor people.
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>> tell them to bring some of that food over here. >> a show where the lights were being turned out because we weren't able to pay the bills. or the games "roseanne" would pay to shuffle. >> first send the phone bill and we forget to sign the check. >> there you go. >> and then we send the water bill to the electric company and electric bill to the water company. >> it was sarah gilbert's idea to reboot "roseanne." she played the connor's daughter darlene. >> don't worry this finger is clean i had it in my nose all day. >> back now as actor and producer. becky and dj are all grown up as well. >> i think things are going to be really happy with how we have all grown and changed but we are all still very familiar. >> honey, get off the couch. >> shhh. >> "roseanne" was the first i saw on tv rejecting the social construct of what femme initty
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is supposed to be. >> now she and the whole cast back for nine episodes. new issues to deal with. >> it's going to be huge. hope we do it proud. >> can't help but wonder if they're trump voters. >> might be one or two in the mix. >> in fact in the new show dan and roseanne are both trump voters. election of 2016 a dividing line for the connor family. >> the last election the jokes were just writing themselves. we wanted to show an accurate depiction of america, very divided. >> technology has also changed a lot since the 90s. >> thank you. >> the connor's old kitchen phone the one with the 40-foot cord. >> he's dead. >> akronism in an area of text and tweets. >> dead! he's fine, he sends his love. bye. >> yeah the kids they speak this
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whole new language. >> that cookie teen lingo. >> they can go pss when they are four and i'm still. eh. >> black people are just like us, every bit as good as us. >> the social issues the show tackled in the 90s are far from settled some with new layers of complexity. >> one of my favorite episodes is when dj wouldn't kiss the black girl. >> i don't want to kiss gina. >> tough you're doing it. >> i hate you. >> fine you don't have to kiss me. >> currently in the season he married her and they have a child on the show. >> look you connect the dots it makes a giant bean. >> you couldn't tell that without connecting the dots? >> one of the biggest changes in 20 years has to do with the landscape of tv itself. back in the day a single episode of "roseanne" reached an audience of nearly 36 million people. today the original "real how's
12:58 am
wives" is competing against real housewives the. >> i don't need to be stressed out. >> the connors have to keep up with the kardashians. >> we're competing with armenian sisters what not. >> yeah i need to get a butt lift. that might help. >> yes, dear. >> where all these characters ended up, how they're doing now is a big part of the fun. >> they kept everything exactly the same as when you were kids. >> it's a decorating choice called poverty. >> in the new show the grown up darlene moves back in due to money troubles. >> i don't know, mom can i have some money. >> i don't know can i have some money. >> it's paycheck to paycheck pretty much. >> do you get point onz the credit card. >> we get threats is that the same thing? >> we're still all in the same city. >> one good thing about the "roseanne" show i was really proud of besides everything else was that we weren't afraid to
12:59 am
bring a tear either. >> some of those tearful moments create an awkward challenge for the reboot. >> still the first thing i think about when i wake up and last thing i think about before i go to sleep. >> most notably the season nine finale where john goodman's character dan seems to die of a heart attack. >> i lost dan last year when he had his heart attack. >> the teasers for the reboot turn that into a joke. >> dan! i thought you were dead. >> i'm sleeping. why's everybody always think i'm dead. >> in the new show dan and roseanne are both confronting morality because they're getting older. >> did you get the pain pills for my bad knee. >> wouldn't be the candy man without the sunshine babe. >> after all these years go by and we all experience life more i feel like we've gone to another level of that. >> i just wanted to do my best work. we do push ourselves and each other to, have you know, be
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funnier, be boulder. the work is what's fun. >> "roseanne" returns starting next tuesday right here on abc. [ laughter ] i'm david wright for "nightline" in new york. >> next, won't you be my neighbor, the new documentary taking a look at america's ch d childhood friend. >> announcer: abc news "nightline" brought to by -- brought to by -- ♪ next chapter ♪
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♪ finally tonight grad your cardigan there's a new mr. rogers documentary called "won't you be my neighbor". >> love is at the root of everything all learning, all relationships, love or the lack of it. children have very deep feelings, just the way everybody does. there must be times when you do feel blue. i'm not feeling blue right now though. >> me neither. >> the greatest thing we can do
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is to help somebody know that their loved and capable of loving. >> and the movie comes to your neighborhood this summer. thank you for watching "nightline" tonight as always we're online 24/7 on our "nightline" facebook page. thank you again for watching and good night. ross has the must-have styles and brands get ready for spring-at the ross spring shoe event. for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. step one: get to ross. step two: walk out with top brands at big savings... the ross spring shoe event.
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