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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  March 21, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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stay together with the lantus $0 copay. ♪ let's stay together talk to your doctor or visit the bay area is soaked again on the second of five consecutive rainy days. this is a live look at walnut creek. traffic moving well right now, though there were lots of crashes this morning. and here is a live look at francisco bay . you can see a few joggers, may maybe they should take advantage of the dry periods because a stronger period is on the way. you will want the umbrella handy. we have live team coverage. our reporters are tracking the wet roads and delays at the airports, but let's begin with
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mike nicco tracking the storm at street level. >> thank you very much. hi, everybody. let's get right to it with an update on our storm impact scale. periods of showers today, downpours possible. definitely a nuisance trying to to get out. an sdome rains have been in the santa cruz mountains. and live doppler continuing to show that. and weadav hesan ramonhours, th day planr neshs t vtaering a n oeeavier rain and breezr eye weather and livrough android you can the our live team cover
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co ntinues there. take a look at how hard it was raining earlier this morning. this is video along highway 17 in the mountains. and matt keller is live braving the elements. >> reporter: hi, it was raining this morning, it was raining later this morning and raining right now. it is nonstop up here. obviously not helping on the roads especially for people trying to get to work this morning. and we stilt hal have a long wa go. the rain has been relentless in the santa cruz mountains. patchy dense fog made conditions even more difficult for highway 17. some people learning the hard way, you can't drive like it is dry. others just avoid 17 all together. >> i can by pass and go down plymouth drive. >> today a good day to by pass it, right? >> yes, it is.
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very damp, yes. >> reporter: my photographer was caught in a downpour while shooting video early this morning. in week they will measure the rain in inches in the santa cruz mountains. residents know anything can happen. >> a lot of our roads are flooded. we have a lot of very large oak branches that hang over and wonder how strong it is or if it is collapse my car and squish me like a bug. so a little scary. >> of course another side effect of the heavy rain. max has to figure out what do with his house bound son. >> he will chase the dog around and maybe some board games later. >> reporter: the commute home will be extra tough as well here in the santa cruz mountains. so take it slow. be have a careful and hopefully you won't be the one in need of a tow truck or even worse an ambulance. reporting live in santa cruz,
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matt keller, abc 7 news. appreciate that. the storm has caused a lot of delays and cancellations at san francisco international airport. adding to the problem, the nor'easter on the east coast. amy hollyfield is live at sfo with some of the hardships travelers are facing. >> reporter: yeah, not just sfo's fault this time although we are having weather issues of our own. it is raining here, no the just the rain, also the winded a a lot of factors coming together to impact 10 percent of the flights here today. 24 eighth graders where learning the art of killing time in the airport. they were supposed to catch a 6:00 a.m. flight out of sfo to washington, d.c. but their flight was canceled. >> i don't get it. when are we leaving? we leave when they tell us we can. >> reporter: 129 flights in and out were canceled today. a winter storm on the east coast
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can be blamed to about half of the cancellations. the other half is because of issues here at home. >> the remainder because of our own local weather. cancellations up and down the west coast because of our weather conditions. and it is not just rain here. the biggest driver for us is wind. >> reporter: the advice is to sign up for airline alerts on your smartphone. it saves locals a trip to the airport, but that doesn't always work for travelers who drive from afar like pat and her husband whose trip to costa rica was canceled. >> we drove 300 miles. we live in northern california. so you have to try to get your money back and the airline tickets are nonrefundable. so, you know, we'll go somehow. >> reporter: the chaperones of the eighth grade trip are doing what they can to get the kids to the nation's capital and avoid a drive back tonight. >> talking with the travel company to try to get a new
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flight so we might have to take two planes. so that will be an adventure. >> reporter: i checked in and they still haven't been able to rebook. they will have to go home tonight if they can. they can't spend the night in the airport with these kids. a spokesperson says the bulk of the cancellations he believes have already happened today. maybe a couple more this afternoon, but the worst is over. and with rain still in the forecast for tomorrow, you will want to keep checking in if you have a trip planned tomorrow. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. and if you want to stay on top of the changing storm, you can track live doppler 7 on the go with the abc 7 news app, it is free to download for apple and an sdrodroid devices. a sad update on the search for a missing richmond skier. tom mularkey was reported missing after a day of skiing in b bear valley. this morning his family says that the search for the 65-year-old has officially
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trance signatured from rescue to recovery mode. this means that the alpine county shaeriff office will no longer be searching actively. they are considering hiring private crews. and the suspected 150erial bo serial bomber in austin is dead. marc anthony conditt blew himself up this morning. and the threat to the public may not be over yet. marcus moore explains. >> reporter: the suspect in a string of bombings that terrorized austin is dead. >> the s.w.a.t. team approached the vehiclediehicle and the sus detonated a bomb. >> reporter: more than 500 police closed in on the man whose sources have identified as 24-year-old mark anthony conditt seen here on a photo on his mother's facebook page. investigators are were able to crack the case using witnesses and surveillance video from a
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fedex retail store where the suspect shipped at least one explosive device. he also shipped a second package from the same store, but this one doesn't explode. authorities and i thsay that se package provided investigators have significant clues. >> today is a great day for law enforcement. >> reporter: the manhunt over, but police fear there might be more bombs. >> we don't know where the suspect has spent his last 24 hours and therefore we still need to remain vigilant to ensure that no other packages or devices have been left through the community. >> reporter: police don't know if conditt kt aed roon in the five bombing and the motive is also unclear. con ditd oig is belieditt is be responsibility for putting three packages on porches and a ourthh de trigger the by a trip wire. and a fifth bomb exploded tuesday at a fedex distribution center about an hour south of austin and at a different
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center, authorities found the six th device in a they are at conditt's home looking for more evidence. marcus moore, abc news. new this morning, this video out of san jose. that means that you see there on the roof was the subject of an hours long standoff with police. he is the adult son of the people who live in that home located on berkshire drive. officials say the man violated a restraining order when police got there, he climbed on to the roof and stayed there for several hours. officers convinced him to come down. he was taken into custody. developing news on the controversy involving facebook. its stock is currently up after two days of straight losses. executives are set to testify before congress today to answer questions about cambridge analytica, the day is firm accused of taking the personal information of 50 million users by obtaining it from a researcher who had created a
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personality quiz app. facebook executives could also face questions about how the social network uses its data. >> how it benefits facebook while at the same time, trying to combat the abuses. >> ceo mark zuckerberg has been silent so far, influence are reports that he plans to speak publicly on the situation within the next 24 hours. the federal trade commission is also investigating. and the feds just announced another interest rate hike that new percentage and how it will impact those of you with credit card debt coming up. and tech firms targeted, the reason european countries are ba with a tax hike. and heavy rain in the north bay. let's look at san rafael, nearly an inch and a half since midnight. we've seen a rise from 50% to 66% of average rainfall . and we'll keep rising as more
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president trump is reportedly furious about a potential white house leak. remember yesterday we told you president trump called to congratulate vladimir putin on his re-election. we later learned he made the call against the clear guidance of his advisers. a source says president trump is furious because only a few people knew about the guidance. reinforcing the notion that some staffers are looking to
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undermine him. the federal reserve just announced it is boosting its benchmark interest rate by a quarter point. if you have credit card debt, that means that you will be paying more. according to, average credit card interest rates are nearly 17%. if you have a $10,000 balance for example, in a means this med add about $25 a month in interest. european union may soon smack tech giants with a tax boom she willl. the proposal is a 3% tax a revenues exceeding more than 8 aboutment $5 mil 8$.5 million a year. apparently they are frustrated seeing tech giants take business from local rifle rivals. eu leaders will discuss the proposal tomorrow. good news, and bad news, for bay area execute tcommuters. new details on the transit center and one of the business
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check out this video we took maybe an hour ago know at the truckee by pass. nothing everything is wet and snow level is super high. but that is about to change as the next storm will come in later on today and last through at least saturday. so if you are going to head up
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there now, take the chains anyway, but know everything will be wet. everything is green for the most part which is rain, only at the highest peaks do you see it turn to pink which is a wintry mess and then shades of gray which is snow. it's been this way throughout the morning hours. what you need to know is the heavy wet snow is coming at 5:00 today through 5:00 saturday morning. avalanche warning starts at the same time or watch through 7:00 friday morning. so there is the threat of that. 2 to 3 feet of heavy wet snow down to 7500 feet, possibly 4 to 5 feet at the crest. so powder lovers, it is coming. here is a look at three players. notice they are all coming toward us. the first one atmosphere rick river toward us. right now, just rainy and milder. tonight heavier rain, lightning possible and it will finally be dry sunday. highs today low to mid-60s along
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the coast. mid to upper 60s around the bay and inland. it will be mild tonight. look at these temperatures, mid to upper 50s with the warm air coming in. now, we'll bump up the storm impact scale. here is what to expect tonight through tomorrow morning. drenching rain. thunderstorms possible with small hail and winds that will start kicking up around 30 miles per hour at lower levels to 45 miles per hour along the bay shore also the coast and up in our higher elevations. here we are from noon until 4:00, and can see some of the steadier rain starts to taper just a litte bit. we'll still have it especially southwest facing mountains like marin county and along the santa cruz mountains. but then by 7:00, see what is creeping in from the north and the south, and look how it gets heavier as we head toward midnight. yellows start to show up and we'll have yellows throughout the overnight hours starting with the morning execute acommu. ad even during lunch, we'll still have showers around. but it will taper down to
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lighter. and then in the afternoon we may see a little bit of sunshine by the time the sunsets. now, as far as the rain, you can see not much as 7:00. and look how it all fills in during the overnight hours through tomorrow morning. we'll get possibly a third of an inch to another inch from the south bay to the north bay. and the storm, the one up in alaska will take over friday and saturday, it is a cold core system, has less moisture, but look at those temperatures back in the 50s for highs. still a chance of hail out of those storms. through saturday, yes, saturday is trending weather unfortunately. make sure up plan b if you have outdoor activities. sunday looking drier and then we'll finally get back to nice weather by tuesday at least night and sunshine. and temperatures in the 70s and you can go outside and not have to worry about getting wet. >> you're killing us. >> doubleheaders coming up, pitching will be a big problem. sorry. >> right. all right.
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i know you're just the messenger. thank you. new developments on san francisco's trans bay strans tr center. it probably won't open until august because of construction delays. construction is expected to be completed in june, but there is still finishing touches to be made and some bus drivers had to be trained to getting in and out of the new center. san francisco commuters won't have to wait long for the new line. transit authority voted to increase service last night. wait times will be reduced to every 4 minutes to accommodate more riders. the change will begin this summer. in pennsylvania, a good number of good samaritans came to the aid of a driver trapped under a burning car. this video is from a police car dash cam. you can see the car on its side on fire. it crashed into the parking lot of an elementary school after striking the median of a nearby road. faculty members jumped on the car with fire extinguishers,
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they helped push it right side up and dragged the male driver from the burning wreckage. he suffered moderate injuries. we have news that you just might like. coming up, find out what a new drink will be and when you can get your hands on it. the ten-minute new york photo challenge. >> don't mind me, just hanging out. >> see it next "right this minute."
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if you like those crazy starbucks drinks, get ready for another one. it is called the crystal ball. it is a peach flavored frap topped with whipped cream and bits of candy. it will be on the menu for four days only or until supplies run out. it will be available starting tomorrow, but why is it called the crystal ball? we'll have to wait and see. no official comment yet from starbucks. i know, this reminds me of that unicorn one. >> yeah, so sugary. >> and highly instragramable. that is the important part. and speaking of sweet, national puppy day just two days away. >> and we've been posting photos of our dogs all week. you can share your photos so we can share them on air. tune in at 4:30 friday morning, that is a reason to get up.
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we'll have pup bi guepy guests morning and our line puppy cam will be streaming. our goal is to help puppies find a forever home and we usually do about 100%. >> how many puppies do you think will come around? >> usually they bring about four or five. and they will vary in age. >> and there are many more waiting for homes. >> absolutely. good point. >> all right. but not a good day for a dog walk today. >> inside treadmill. >> okay. from all of us here, thanks for joining us. who wants to be a millionaire is next.
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