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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 20, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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this was the view for drivers in highway 24 in orinda >> this is our lake tahoe view. >> let's bring in abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian. >> as you can see, right now things are relatively quiet compared to earlier today. there's a lot of moisture around. we're not getting heavy downpours at the moment. notice the guiding force moving the rain in our direction, being assisted by the counterclockwise circulation of the low pressure system. the rain is aimed directly at southern and central coastal areas of california. the current storm ranks 1 on the storm impact scale, producing light to moderate rain, wind gusting 15 to 30 miles per hour. there's a chance of an isolated thunderstorm or two. taking us into the nighttime hours, we'll see temperatures in the low to mid-50s as rain
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surges in in the late night hours, mainly up in the north bay, continuing. and that pattern into the morning hours. morning commuters will be greeted by rain mainly combined to the north bay and the coast as well. it will expand later in the day. and into thursday, we have a stronger thunderstorm coming our way. i'll give you a closer look at all the rain coming our way in just a few minutes. >> thank you, spencer. as spencer mentioned, southern california is about to get pounded. mandatory evacuation orders have been issued. 30,000 people have been ordered to leave areas around montecito, where mudslides killed people and destroyed and damaged homes in february. ventura county was also devastated by the thomas fire in december. residents there got up early today to get sandbags at the ventura public works department. the ventura didn't suffer the same mudslide damage as montecito, but people here being
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taking any chances, considering how bare the hills are from the fires. crews are clearing debris from storm drains. access live doppler 7, view live web cams or check the seven-day forecast all from your phone. the abc 7 news app is free to download. we have versions for your apple and android devices. now to new developments. a teenager has been arrested for a shooting on 580 in san rafael, just one of three incidents in recent days. another shooting happened on 580 in oakland around 8:30 monday night. there was a shooting on interstate 80 in hercules on saturday. while the chp says these incidents don't appear connected, they do seem to have a similar motive -- road rage. abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman has the latest. >> reporter: what is it about road rage today? chp in marin, as you said, say they don't see a connection between what happened last night
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and what's going on today in the bay area. they do say, however, this was the first incident the road rage in marin county this year, and also, as you noted, the suspect extremely young. this is cristian torrez-perez, the 18-year-old road rage suspect now facing charges after allegedly shooting a pellet gun at a car last night. according to highway patrol's andrew his horn after being cut off. the suspect fired at him once, hitting the car. he's faced with a charge of brandishing a weapon, a misdemeanor. >> if somebody brandishes an object that appears to be a pistol, that's done with the intent to create fear in another person. a normal person driving down the road won't take the time to look at that weapon and try to discern if it's a pistol, a
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pellet gun or a fake gun, even. >> reporter: in this case the driver copied down his attacker's license plate, called 911, and that led to a manhunt. fewer than four hours later, police arrested torrez-perez in this gas station in terra linda. the pistol was on the front seat of the car. one more example of road rage in an angry world. >> it's escalated to the point of firing a weapon from a vehicle over something like a horn honk. that's absolutely dangerous, unacceptable, and it's just completely careless. >> reporter: if convicted, 18-year-old cris advertisemetia torrez-perez could serve a year in county jail. wayne freedman, abc 7 news. supervisor aaron peskin criticized the fire department's response. we received a letter the chief
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sent to peskin. she said, quote, please refrain from engaging with the san francisco fire department members until such time as the incident has been deemed satch and under control. peskin apologized, saying it was inappropriate to raise questions on the scene. a high school student is dead, two others shot after a 17-year-old opened fire inside his school. a school resource officer exchanged gunfire with that teenager. it's unclear if he died from that shot or from his own gun. the officer, who doubles as an s.w.a.t. team member, was not hurt. it happened just before classes start at the school in great mills, maryland, about 60 miles from washington. students were placed on lockdown, then moved to anothe school. >> i was in class when it happened. we've been on lockdown for 30 minutes or so. >> we got a call from our 15-year-old son, he said mom, come and get me, somebody just got shot.
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>> a 14-year-old victim is expected to survive. a 16-year-old girl suffered critical injuries. investigators say the gunman, austin wyatt rollins, had a prior relationship with the girl. school shootings are among the reasons why thousands will participate in the march for our lives protest on saturday in washington, d.c. making the trip are some oakland high school students. abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez spoke with them today. >> reporter: raheem hand oakland remembers watching students running away from the stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. that day, 14 students and three staff were killed by a former student. >> i can at least start, you know, trying to start something going, you know. i can be a change. >> reporter: these students gathered here at the east oakland youth development center. they've been affected by gun violence in their own neighborhoods. >> i recently lost my big brother to gun violence. and it took a big toll on my family. we're still like really affected
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by it. >> reporter: on friday morning, the group will fly to washington, d.c. to participate in the youth-led march which is expected to bring in thousands of students from all over the country. >> what i really hope is for them to receive hope. that is really what this is about, that they have the power to mobilize, that they feel empowered to come together and really push for the change that they want to see for their future. >> reporter: the march has a mission statement. part of it reads, we cannot allow one more family to wait for a call or text that never comes. our schools are unsafe. our children and teachers are dying. we must make it our top priority to save these lives. >> we can't allow people to feel comfortable shooting a gun at anyone for any reason. >> reporter: the main march will begin at 10:00 a.m. on saturday in the nation's capital. there will be sister marches in other cities including one in san francisco. in oakland, lyanne melendez, abc
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7 news. a group of students who survived the massacre at stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida last month is taking their antigun violence message to harvard tonight. the students are taking part in a panel discussion called never again, to talk about their quest to toughen up gun control in the united states. the group will head to washington to take part in saturday's march for our lives protest. >> we can get these people out of office. there's 435 house elections. we can change the laws in this country. but we need to become an activated democracy. >> we're trying to show people this isn't an issue of democrats and republicans. t's an issue of life and death. >> florida's governor today announced he will send armed highway patrol troopers to the campus of stoneman douglas high school to help keep students safe there. fierce headwinds on wall street for the second day in a row. in washington, multiple investigations over user today
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ending up in the hands of the 2016 trump campaign. abc 7 news reporter david louie has more. >> reporter: it was a day of explaining for facebook. at headquarters in menlo park, employees were briefed on the cambridge analytica situation during a routine gathering to discuss a range of issues. on capitol hill, lawmakers met with facebook's legal and policy staff where there was a call for investigations in the house and senate. the company did not share any details. >> facebook should have had a way of verifying everything. and not being sloppy about it. and apparently they didn't do that. so we'll have to find out why. >> reporter: the issue of data privacy was the subject of a federal trade commission agreement with facebook in 2011. it required users' constaent fo users data to be released. the question is if facebook
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violated that agreement. >> as consumers get savvy and legislators get more interested, i think both the regulatory market and the consumer market will reign them in. >> reporter: investors have been hammering facebook's stock. the company has lost $50 billion in value in two days. the hashtag "delete facebook" has been trending as users express their concerns. daphne keller at the center for internet and society says facebook could face an investigation by european authorities. cambridge analytica suspended its ceo as it undertakes its own investigation. facebook's ceo, mark zuckerberg, and coo sheryl sandberg, have been silent. david louie, abc 7 news. some breaking news in just the last hour. another explosion in texas at a goodwill store in austin.
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we're hearing one man is seriously injured. his injuries are not expected to be life-threatening. you're looking live at the scene from austin. austin police tweeted minutes ago that this was not a package explosion in this case. they are describing it as an incendiary device and say they don't believe it is linked to the recent string of package bombs. so it may be completely unrelated. one package exploded this morning at a fedex facility an hour outside of austin. tonight at 6:30, we'll have the latest on the serial bombings that the fbi says are connected. next, meet walmart's newest employee, a bay area invention being tested to see if it's up to the task. plugs ts the '60s are back berkeley. and national puppy day is three days away. we'll live stream our puppy came on friday.
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sky 7 over downtown san jose after a fire broke out at a vacate warehouse behind the s.a.p. center. employees at s.a.p. called it in. we want to thank patrick for sharing this video of the fire with us. he posted this video to
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instagram. fire officials say when they arrived on the scene, the smoke was a concern. >> we were worried the smoke may be drifting towards the residential communities. then the wind cooperated and it shifted directions, and it's not a concern anymore. >> no injuries were reported. the cause of that fire is under investigation. an update on a story we first brought you at 4:00. play boy magazine is now changing its report that 49ers legend joe montana used cannabis to ease his pain. now they say montana never said he used the drug but he supports nfl players who want to use it for pain relief and healing. he's an investor in a marijuana content website, according to the bay area newsgroup. walmart is testing the use of robots in its stores to help with a job that right now was done by humans. >> but they're not going to replace the greeters. but they will lend a hand for a
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more mundane task. >> abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen has a look at the automation in action. >> reporter: coming down the aisle it's certainly hard to miss. for shoppers at the mccarthy ranch walmart in milpitas, the reaction says it all. >> it's scanning the aisles. >> reporter: robots have been deployed to scan items for out of stock items and incorrect prices at nearly 50 walmart stores across the country. the real time data is passed along to employees who then go and stock the shelves. >> this data is arming our associates so they have the information to do their jobs better. >> reporter: the robots are being produced by bossa robotics. >> six years later, we're successful. >> reporter: out of stock items are an issue for retailers since they miss out on sales.
6:17 pm
but some customers expressed concern about the role of automation and the possibility of jobs eventually being he actually. >> and everything's automated service. so i don't know, it's starting to be a little bit scary. are machines taking over? >> reporter: walmart officials insist it will not affect employee head count and many customers believe this will help ensure a smoother shopping experience. >> how many they have, how many they don't have. instead of having to come and check every so often, or just bringing more than they need. >> reporter: the robots are being tested at three stores in the bay area. >> very nice. a lot to see. it's like a big toy. >> reporter: the shelf scanning technology setting the stage for more advancements to come. in milpitas, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> we're glad to tell you we have a human giving you your weather forecast. >> as far as we know. >> as far as we know. you never really know. >> he doesn't seem to age, so --
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>> makeup helps. but i'm not using any. here is a look at live doppler 7. and right now, we've got threatening conditions throughout the bay area. at the moment there are not many locations reporting any significant rainfall. we had some earlier today. we'll get some more later tonight, perhaps. this is the view from the south beach camera here in downtown san francisco, looking back at clouds over the skyline. it's 54 in san francisco, mid-50s at oakland, mountain view, san josé. 50 degrees at gilroy. 57 at half moon bay. cloudy in emeryville, damp, no evidence of downpuours at the moment. one more live view, the raindrops on the lens of the camera at mt. tam. you can see what conditions are like up there. these are our forecast features. we'll have light to moderate rainfall overnight. it will be wet and windy tomorrow and thursday with a chance of isolated thunderstorms tomorrow. and we'll see scattered showers on friday as all of the
6:19 pm
storminess sort of winds down. tonight, look for rain moving into the north bay mainly during the overnight hours. and the rest of the bay area may have a few showers. overnight lows will generally be in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees. our storm now ranks 1 on the storm impact scale, light to moderate rain, wind gusting 15 to 20 miles per hour, and a chance of an isolated thunderstorm or two tomorrow. later tonight we'll see a surge of rain, mainly in the north bay. by 8:00 tomorrow morning we'll see rain reaching all parts of the bay area. it looks like there may be heavy downpours in that surge in the early morning hours as well. a little bit of a break, late tomorrow night we get more rain coming in ahead of a second storm that's going to be even stronger. rainfall estimates of the current s s s s s s night will be in the north bay, the heaviest in the region.
6:20 pm
1.75 inches of rain in sacramento, 4 hininches in fres 3 inches in santa barbara. highs tomorrow under cloudy skies with scattered showers. we'll see mainly mid-60s, mid- to upper 60s around the bay and inland. low 60s on the coast. in the sierra, a winter storm watch is in effect until thursday afternoon. a winter storm warning from 5:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. friday. we expect a pretty good accumulation in some locations. the accuweather seven-day forecast in the bay area, a stronger thunderstorm on thursday may produce thunderstorms as well. that may rank 2 on the storm impact scale, producing heavy rain conditions. sun, monday, and tuesday, we get
6:21 pm
a taste of spring like weather which we had hoped would arrive today with spring, but it didn't. >> thanks, spencer. going broke and breaking the silence. >> next, major developments with the weinstein compa ♪ ♪ with the chase mobile app, michaela deprince could pay practically anyone, at any bank, all while performing a grand jeté between two grand pianos. she could... in a commercial. in real life she uses it to pay her sister, from her couch, for that sweater she stained. what sweater? (phone buzzes) life, lived michaela's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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google has closed the deal to buy an old nabisco factory. the building currently houses
6:24 pm
the chelsea market and is directly opposite google's headquarters in manhattan's chelsea neighborhood. the food market will continue to operate. google has about 7,000 workers in new york, the most in any location outside silicon valley. the building deal is worth almost $2.5 billion. the weinstein company is officially filing for bankruptcy. the movie studio has been crippled by the sexual harassment and assault allegations leveled against co-founder harvey weinstein. the company also declared all nondisclosure agreements are terminated. it's been alleged weinstein used those agreements to keep his accusers silent. the company now says, quote, no one should be afraid to speak out or coerced to stay quiet. ashley judd broke the silence on weinstein's pattern of harassment. now she and adama iwu will part in the pbwc conference,
6:25 pm
part of the a panel discussion on the "me too" movement moderated by congresswoman jackie speier. former treasurer of the united states rosie rios will be there as well. the event is on april 24th in san francisco. all tickets are sold out. abc 7 will have coverage of the conference. coming up, a look at who is still waiting to have their lights come back on in puerto rico and what the government hasn't done to help out. and we continue to monitor today's local storm which ranks 1 on the abc 7 news storm impact scale. a former major league baseball player wins millions after suing the man who broke
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terror in texas.
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as we've learned in just the last hour about another suspicious package injuring a person in austin. police say they do not believe this latest one is related to the several package bombs that have been found in the city over the past three weeks. >> police called tonight's incident at a goodwill store an incendiary device. one person was hurt. this comes just hours after a package exploded this morning at a fedex facility in the city of schertz an hour away from austin. >> that bomb was the sixth device found over the last three weeks. five of them have exploded. and the fbi just confirmed today that all of those devices are connected to the same serial bomber. >> there is now a $100,000 reward being offered for information. reporter kristen holmes has more. >> reporter: an explosion at a fedex facility rattling an area already shaken by multiple bombings. >> the package had been traveling along the automated conveyor when it had exploded. >> reporter: within the last month, four packages dead on
6:30 pm
atiate i -- detonating in the austin area. two people killed. >> the public safety is our number one priority. we're following all leads that we receive. >> reporter: nearby, sunset valley police confirming the packages were sent using a private delivery service. >> we're looking. it's not easy to find. but these are sick people. and we have to find them as soon as possible. >> reporter: as investigators work to determine who is behind the bombs, police say everyone in the area should be on high alert. >> if you didn't order something, if you are not expecting a package, if it's something that doesn't have an official label on it, or really not just a package, if there's anything out of the ordinary, we're asking the community to please call 911. >> that was kristen holmes reporting. someone on the website reddit has claimed responsibility for the bombings, saying in posts that he won't stop until he becomes as prolific as the zodiac killer. zodiac is a still unknown serial
6:31 pm
kill killer, as you may remember, who murdered five people and injured two others in the bay area in the 1960s. five people were critically hurt in a three-car crash that was partially caught on surveillance video this morning. a car crashed into a light pole around bush and golf at 5:30 this morning. firefighters had to use the jaws of life to get one of the passengers out. >> i was just starting through the intersection. and the black car came flying through the intersection. he clipped the front of me and pushed the silver car into the pole. >> the intersection was closed for nearly three hours. police are investigating what led up to this crash. it's been six months since hurricane maria hit puerto rico. the u.s. territory is still struggling to recover. e-mails and text messages made public today show the frantic efforts made by public officials and walmart to get fuel to keep their generators going after the storm. officials say fema never
6:32 pm
responded. two congressional democrats sent a letter today to the house oversight chairman requesting he subpoena homeland security to produce documents related to the hurricane response. fema says nearly half of the 1,800 generators given out are still in use today. >> the bad news is it was tragic, okay? the good news is we had a chance to build it back the right way. >> how long will you guys be here? >> as long as it takes. five to ten years is not outside the realm of the possible. >> more than 100,000 people on the island are still without power. santa clara county judge aaron persky is taking another step to try to stop the recall effort against him. lawyers for persky appealed before the -- appealered, rathe bfore the appeals court in santa fe. they argue that since persky is a state officer, the secretary of state's office, not the santa clara registrar's office, should hve jurisdiction.
6:33 pm
recall organizers say persky is just stalling. >> we feel that judge persky's intention is to confuse the voters and cost the county and the state money that taxpayers should not have to pay for his effort to avoid facing the voters. >> the recall movement started after persky sentenced former stanford swimmer brock turner, there he is, to six months in jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman in january of 2015. persky's attorney issued a statement saying she's hopeful the judges will block the recall, adding the recall's appearance on the ballot will negatively impact independence. judges may be inclined to rule in a manner that prevents public backlash rather than relying on their sound legal judgment. a former pro baseball player whose pitching hand was broken in an assault won a verdict on the peninsula. abc 7 news reporter vic lee explains why it may not be enough. >> reporter: greg reynolds was
6:34 pm
29, living his dream as a major league baseball pitcher. but an attack by a drugged-out 19-year-old cut short a promising career. >> not a doubt in my mind, i would still be playing if this hasn't happened. >> reporter: january 2015. dominic pentarelli had a bad lsd trip at a party at his friend's home in ocean colony. >> he was taking off his clothes. he was screaming, you know, profanities. >> reporter: neal mccarthy is reynol reynolds' lawyer. >> he tackled the mailbox before greg encountered him. >> reporter: when reynolds came out to help him, pentarelli tacked him. reynolds tried to stop the intruder. >> i hit him one time. i knew after a hit him, my finger was pointing in a
6:35 pm
terrible direction. >> he broke his hand, effectively ending his baseball career. >> reporter: reynolds sued pentarelli and the host of the party. he went back to stanford and got his degree and is now in finance. >> i wanted to thank everyone on the jury. >> reporter: yesterday the jury awarded him $2.3 million, a substantial amount. but perhaps too little for the price reynolds paid. vic lee, abc 7 news. the upcoming royal wedding is going to a little california flavor. >> tonight, learn the local ties to the baker chosen to make the royal wedding cake which for the first time won't be fruitcake. and next -- >> the big show is tomorrow but the game developers conference is sizzling hot in
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the blockbuster "black panther" is officially the most tweeted-about movie ever. twitter announced it beat out two "star wars" movies to take the top spot. it's won the box office for five straight weekends, the first movie in almost a decade to accomplish that.
6:39 pm
disney is the parent company of marvel and abc 7. game develope erer erer eres san francisco today. >> as abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom found out today, it's all about the little guys. >> reporter: 26,000 people all here because they make games. music production, graphic design, artistry. >> reporter: there are events for unveiling games. this one is about building them. >> you're seeing a lot of really beautiful games, really creative game pray. >> reporter: winning is no longer the point. this game is about a relaxing. sky is what's called an i understand -- an indie game. these companies can afford to take risks like a tofu tale. >> it's about a man who is turned into a cube of tofu by a
6:40 pm
deceptive fox. >> this new mix of games being developed by interesting, diverse people. the storylines are becoming more interesting and diverse. >> reporter: with so many people from so many backgrounds being able to create games, something else has happened. games are appealing to a much broader audience. >> there's so much more out there than shooting at something. >> reporter: including virtual reality. >> putting people in places they can't be in real life. >> reporter: but it's been slow to take hold. >> it's not a good experience right now, the headsets are bulky, there's a lot of wires. >> reporter: imagine trying to build a game in vr. >> i'm taking off the glasses, putting it on my face, putting the glasses back on. >> reporter: still on the horizon, augmented reality. >> projecting interesting, sophisticated graphics onto the world around you. >> reporter: pokemon go was just the beginning. it showed us a new way to play -- with friends. >> technology separates people, you're looking at your phone,
6:41 pm
looking at your phone. but i think games can really bring people together. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> that tofu one was interesting. let's update the weather forecast. >> the strongest storm of the week is yet to come. we'll have the full forecast next.
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the upcoming royal wedding of prince harry and meghan markle is generating a lot of excitement in a quiet marin county town. >> today kensington palace announced an will bake the wedding creek. >> meet claire ptak. she will bake the cake for the royal wedding. this is ptak's instagram post. she said this about prince harry and meghan markle. they both share so many of the same values regarding food provenance, sustainability,
6:45 pm
seasonality, and of course flavor. she owns violet cakes in london, where she's been winning over fans. she grew up in inverness, learning to bake for her mom. she went on to work for the legendary alice waters as pastry chef for chez panisse in berkeley. >> she's always been more adventurous with her cake-making than i have. that's stood her in good stead. >> kensington palace says the cake will be covered with buttercream and fresh flowers. maybe it will look something like this. it will serve 1,200 guests. the wedding is on may 19th. kristen sze, abc 7 news. drum roll, please. ringo starr is now sir
6:46 pm
starr. the former beatles drummer was knighted today. a dispensary will open next month next to amoeba abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley has more. >> reporter: the berkeley mothership is now ready to dispense more music at a new store called high fidelity. >> nothing goes better with a great bag of weed than a great record. >> reporter: a music store next to a cannabis dispensary seemed like a great idea. the idea is to infuse the successful business model of
6:47 pm
amoeba music into a cannabis dispensary featuring local growers. >> considering the environment f berkeley, we want to have, you know, a lot of high quality edibles, vegan, gluten-free, clean, green cannabis. that's an important part of what makes california cannabis special, the heirloom genetics and small time farmers. >> it's going to add another dimension of what people are using in terms of entertainment, et cetera, now that cannabis is legal in california. >> there are a lot of people coming back to cannabis, many who haven't smoked cannabis in 20, 30 -- 40 years, and want to get away from pharmaceuticals, opioids. you can buy yourself some joints and come next door and buy some louie armstrong. >> considering our opening date is close to 4/20, the black friday of cannabis, we're expecting quite a big turnout. >> this area alone has been known for cannabis as far as walking down the street and being able to smell it in the
6:48 pm
air, whatever. now we're just giving you a legitimate avenue to go down. >> reporter: in berkeley, leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. one last time, we want to update the forecast. more rain is coming. >> quite a bit more is on the way. right now we have just some spotty showers around the bay area. up in the north bay, a little bit wetter than other regions. this current storm which continues into tomorrow ranks 1 on the storm impact scale. wind gusting 15 to 30 miles per hour. here is the 12-hour planner, showing scattered showers in the morning, isolated showers around noon. cloud lingering at 4:00 p.m. the sun breaks through a little bit and showers will begin tomorrow evening as a stronger storm comes in, ranking 2 on the impact scale, coming in thursday morning, producing areas of heavy rain, ponding on roadways, and wind gusting 30 to 45 miles per hour. after that number 2 storm on thursday, we'll have showers on friday and saturday.
6:49 pm
storm activity on those two days ranking only 1 on the storm impact scale. we start drying out on sunday. monday and tuesday, spring warmth coming in, about a week late, or a week later than spring actually began because it began this morning. >> looks nice, thank you, spencer. big news for football and basketball local games. >> good news for once. good news for the niners and warriors today. we have an update on steph curry's return. and the niners introduce their new quarterback, richard sherman. a lot of good news, next.
6:50 pm
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good news from the warriors camp. steph curry has been medically cleared to resume full practice starting tomorrow. he was reevaluated today and if all goes well he could be back for friday with the hawks or sunday with utah. he's missed six games. he also missed 11 games in december with the same sprained right ankle. meanwhile klay thompson is scheduled to be reexamined thursday as he works back from that fractured right thumb. draymond green took a knee to the pelvis last night from danny green in san antonio. he left the game, had x-rays at the arena that were negative and didn't return. i've never heard of this type of
6:53 pm
injury but it has to affect your lower body movement and reach. draymond is one of the toughest athletes i've ever been around. he told the media he's not concerned. >> it never really settled down. usually the pelvis settles down over the course of a couple of minutes. so i'll be all right. i still don't think it's anything serious. >> let's hope not. corner back richard loves to talk crash but backs it up. the super bowl champion is coming off achilles tendon surgery. that will be the only question mark of his signing. he's had more interceptions than
6:54 pm
anyone in the league. general manager john lynch broke the ice. >> we would first like to apologize, our tailor worked long and hard but we'll be donning our red suits later. we're proud and honored to announce richard sherman as a 49er. >> i'm a pro's pro. like i said at the end of the day the team that wanted me was the team that won the day, it's a business. the seahawks went and made their business decision, made the decision they needed to make. and the san francisco 49ers made the decision they needed to make and i look forward to helping them win ball games. at the end of the day, the rivalry is what it is, it will be renewed and i'll be at the center of this guy. >> i love this guy. the raiders are hosting the big defensive tackle cut by the miami dolphins last week has already had meetings with the
6:55 pm
saints, tennessee titans and the l.a. rams. this may be the longest free agency tour in the history of the game. a couple of reasons, he wanted to get the most money he can. he tends to take plays off. he's also battling a reputation of being a dirty player. stay tuned. the raiders traded wally to the cowboys which included a swap of draft picks. dallas sent a sixth round pick from the raiders. to baseball. the oakland a's have named their opening day starter. the 27-year-old pitcher received the honor last year. this will be his fourth season in the green and gold. he's already their longest tenured starting pitcher. meanwhile, the a's signed brett anderson to a minor league deal. now with the recent addition of trevor cahill, who made his major league debut with the a's in 2009.
6:56 pm
anderson was with the cubs and blue jays last season. with curry and hopefully draymond, with klay you've got fractured thumb and fractured ribs, that's going to take a little bit longer. it will be interesting to see when they come back. >> they are kind of beat up. >> exactly. we've got to get them ready for the playoff. >> richard sherman is phenomenal and he's a blast with the media. >> i love him. covered him at stanford. it's great to see him back in the bay area. join us tonight at 9:00. what makes this the most livable city on earth and why bay area cities didn't even come close. >> on abc 7 news at 11:00, a meteorologist in training. one of the brilliant young minds showing off their high tech and high minded science projects in the south bay tonight. tonight on abc 7 news, at 8:00, the middle. 8:30, fresh off the boat.
6:57 pm
9:00, blash-ish. for the people at 10:00. then abc 7 news at 11:00. >> at 11:35, it's jimmy kimmel. tonight's guests are katie couric and producer judd apatow. >> that is this edition of abc 7 news ne news. we appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. for spencer and everybody here, thank you for joining us. thank you for joining us. >> see you at 11 ♪ ♪ my husband is probably going to think i'm crazy. he thinks i'm going to see my sister! ♪ ♪ sometimes the confidence to be spontaneous starts with financial stability. once i heard it i was shocked. i just thought, i have to go get it! ♪ ♪ it's our tree! ♪ ♪ see how a personalized financial strategy and access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours.
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