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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  March 17, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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fell so quick it covered this dryway. but all of this will soon be behind us. drew tuma has more. >> eric and dion, we're getting reports of hail in pots like hayward and livermore. the storm isn't out of here yet. live doppler 7 showing showers out there. i want to get you in discloser to the east bay where we have one of the stronger cells moving through right now to the south ever pleasanton. it moved through hayward and dropped hail. not out of the question it continues. light rain from palo alto to sunnyvale. light sprinkles from santa clara to willow glen and light showers, light from san francisco over into oakland north to berkeley. the storm impact scale, the next couple of hours will track the scattered showers pl still isolated hail possible. a one on the impact scale. but in the next couple hours as the sun sets the showers diminish and the activity will quiet down about 9:00. tomorrow tracking a different forecast to finish off the weekend.
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detailing that in the full forecast in a few minutes. sounds good. and we want to remind everyone you can keep track of changing weather conditions where you live with the app. you'll get updates from the weather team and you can access doppler on the go. the news now, more volunteers joined the search for a richmond man following a day of skiing at bear mountain valley resort. 65-year-old thomas mularkey's wife reported him missing when he failed to return pap bad weather and avalanche dangerous hampered the search. they will will be looking for his last known location. >> law enforcement across the state ramped up patrols to keep the streets save in st. per capita's day np one checkpoint is a little personal for officers. the operation is set up in honor of chp officer andrew camilleri. killed by a drunk drive on skrmts eve in my our reporter is
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live in hayward tonight. >> reporter: dion, the checkpoint here on mission boulevard is perhaps fittingly situated with chapel of the chimes funeral home behind us. as we know duis kill people. that was the case on christmas eve when chp officer andrew camilleri were pulled over on interstate 80. that's when a 22-year-old man lambed into the back of the patrol vehicle, killing camilleri and injured his partner. ali had a blood alcohol camilleri left behind a wife and three children he just graduated from the academy earlier that year. the union city police department is organizing the checkpoint in honor of cam ilery. several of the department officers knew him.
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stephen mends says the effort is not just about arresting dui drivers but preventing people from getting behind the wheel in the first place. >> whenever you have the dui checkpoints there is a 20% drop in duis in the area usually. >> there will be a around 20 officers participating in the knifepoint tonight. coming from chp and both the union city and hayward police department. the checkpoint starts here at 6:30 and goes until 2:30 in the morning. and officers would like to remind people you don't have to get behind the wheel at all. they suggest taking a ride share like lyft or uber if you participate in any >> thank you katie. >> avoid the .posey tube in alameda there will be significant delays while crews repair a sinkhole. one community touched by tragedy is raefrpg out to victims killed at the veterans
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home in. they are helping by raising a lot of pony. our reporter is in yountville with the story. >> there was music and lots of wine being poured for taste of yountville, an annual food and wine event attracting thousands of people. but many here remember three women who lost lives march 9th working at the pathway home, a treatment facility for vets dealing with ptsd. >> we are celebrating the life and the beautiful lives of the three women. >> these women were doing their job. i do a similar job oud of ttsid fortunate winery. i don't know their families but i could be them. >> army vet albert wong killed the three women. treatment program weeks before the shooting. taste of yountville is helping by asking patrons to use this credit card reader to donate money for a victim's fund. >> everyone i know wants to
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help. our hearts are broken. we're sad for the program and these families. >> local wineries donated the best bottles for a silent auction to benefit the three brave women fund. >> everything goes to the victim families and we still continue our support of pathway home and it's a matter to figure out the future for them. >> this wine country community doing its part in the wake of a terrible tragedy. >> as a local resident here of napa everyone comes out and everyone feels heart broken. >> so many wineries donated bottles to this event, organizers will hold an auction and ee bay next week to raise money for the victim families. in yountville coronell barnard. abc 7 news. >> a public memorial for the three victims take place monday at 6:00 p.m. at the napa valley performing center at linkening theater and we will carry it live on our channel zbliefrmgts a body has been found inside an adult book store at a store on sixth street near mission. it's unclear how the fire
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started. there was more smoke than flames. >> police are looking for a shooter after responding a shot spotter alert. they found a man with a gunshot wound after 2:30 this morning. he is being treated. >> two people are in the hospital after being shot in santa rosa, outside an apartment building and koshy avenue at 6:00 this morning we someone opened fire. both were shot in the leg and should survive. and immigration enforcement sweep in southern capture captured 115 people. is it are the started mosley in san diego county this is video of a previous enforcement. i.c.e. says most people were in the country illegally. 43% had criminal convictions others had returned to the u.s. after being deported. some collateral arrests meaning they happened to be at a an arrest happening. this was the first publicized i.c.e. sweep since donald trump took office. happening right now crews
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are working to remove the last four -- at least four more cars trapped under a pedestrian bridge that collapsed in miami thursday. so far they found four people dead and two more are believed to be buried in the rubble but the number could rise. lind aif lopez has more. >> reporter: crews succeeded in removes cars saturday morning from the deadly bridge collapse at florida international university in miami. >> we discovered three bodies within the two weeks. >> crews working around the clock to free more cars trapped under tons of debris. >> our primary goal was to remove all of the cars and all of the victims from this accident in a dignified and respectful manner. >> damaged cars taken to the medical examiner office where the bodies are removed and identified. >> officials now investigating a stunning voice mail released by the florida department of transportation left two days before the collapse. by the lead engineer from one of the companies responsible for building the bridge reporting cracks on the north end
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fortunate span. >> from a safety perspective we don't see there is any issue there we're not concerned about it from that perspective. >> the florida department of transportation says the employee didn't hear the voice mail until friday but a new statement from florida international university said o says it met with d.o.t. and discussed the cracks petition they concluded there were no safety concerns and the crack didn't compromise the integrity of the bridge. and the ntsb now confirming that construction workers were tightening the cables on the bridge at the time of the collapse. >> linda lopez, abc news, new york. an east bay community is tired of trash piling up. >> inches it's unhealthy. >> so they're on the march to other neighborhoods to highlight gaps in garbage collection. >> and they ran in terror from a thief smashing a window. but there is good
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a group of east oakland residents fed up with illegal dumping and unsanitary conditions in neighborhoods took part in the trash tour. >> the east oakland congress ever neighborhoods said they wanted to highlight the differences in street conditions
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and garbage in the city's flatland districts compared to the affluent districts in the hills. >> some feel the hills not have the garbage or illegal dumping and the flatlands has everything not only illegal dumping but other issues aching our lives. >> all of us our taxpayers and we deserve a service from the city of oakland to have a clean, safe city. >> the group said it planned to stop outside mayor libby schaff's home to make it clear they expect her to take action appear remedy the dumping and pot holes playing the treats enchts new developments in the cat cafe break in store we brought you. two cats that ran away returned. you're looking at new video from at that timetown in oakland. >> police still looking for this man seen on surveillance video. he use add rock to smash through the window. however, he found out the door to get inside the cafe was locked. so he couldn't get in. a st. patrick's day means food and musics and drinks for a lot of people.
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>> and green. >> and green. >> but other banishing hair,s in the good cause of improve the lives of sick children. and looking outside, the sun comes back, at least for a few days. meteorologist drew tomba up next with the accuweather forecast. >> march madness not st. patty days in the sunset. hello i'm mike shumann the stanford women begin the run to the final four.
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or a classic bonus jack combo for $5! it's like i tell jack jr., it's all about big values, jr. prices. ♪ well, thousands marched and many more lined the sidewalks of san francisco to witness the city's 167th annual st. patrick's day parade. parade organizers tell us it's the largest celebration of ieshish culture west of the mississippi. >> others spent the rts patrick's day raising green to fight child cancer. >> the annual st. balance derick's fund raise are. many hadhood heads shaved while others watched. a doctor led the event. >> the shaving is symbolic. it's a way of showing ol dart
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for kids with cancer. >> organizers set out to raise $200,000 and they are counting up the donations to see if they met the goal. >> abc 7 news was in berkeley to witness a craft passed on for century processes they created a elaborate tap evidentiary inside a shop. the women bringing the the crafts to light learned from generations of artists before them. it combines bright colors and ee rabright math and creative minds bringing it to live. the accuweather forecast with drew truma. tracking a couple of showers moving to the south. once the showers move out locally dense fog moves in dwroercht overnight tonight. live doppler 7 has been tracking the action from rain to hail to lightning strikes. the action calmed down in oochlt spots. but pressing in closer on live doppler 7 you can see the stronger cell moved through
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sonole. it's more of greens on the screen, indicating light rain at this hour. all moving to the south. once the sun guess down in in about an hour a lot of the activity is going to diminish. still have snow in the sierra. right here doppler 7 tracking flakes flying. and any saw feet of fresh powder the past 24 hours. still back here we keep the light system impact scale painly through 8:00. once the one guess down, the showers lose the fuel. the heating of the day and they are just falling apart. scattered showers on the menu through 8:00. perhaps isolated hail. and isolated peaks could have flakes. a live look from lake tahoe. showing a winter wonderland. and the past 24 hours they have seen significant snowfall. from squaw valley to homewood more than three feet of snow the past 24 hours. sierra kirkwood, north star over two feet. heavenly seeing 17 inches the past 24 hours. back in the bay area it's a
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chilly day. you needed the umbrella but you also needed the heavier jacket because temperatures were stuck in the low 50s. 51 in oakland. 52 in san francisco. only 49 and 54 in san jose. the showers diminished high pressure process. then the fog moves in overnight. future tracker showing you 6:00 sunday morning, likely the fog is dense in spots in the east bay. over to san ramon south to hayward and fremont each patchy fog in san francisco. be aware of that early tomorrow morning. that's what we have to contend with. overnight it's a chilly night especially in the north bay. the the showers moves out and the fog moves in 30s and low 40s around the shoreline. oklahoma, san jose and san francisco. tomorrow afternoon we'll see a fair amount of sunshine early on. but the clouds bubble up in the afternoon. it's a dry day to finish off the weekend. but we'll call it partly sunny and cool. 56 in san francisco. 57 in oakland. 60 in san jose and high of 57 in
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napa. but warmer weather moves in here on monday. look at this. future tracker temperatures, the sunshine returns, the temperatures respond. it's mild, 60s if not low 70s to start off the new work and school week. here the accuweather seven-day forecast. it's a dry day morning fog partly cloudy in the afternoon. it's freezing to start monsieur but dry. it's sunny and mild by around. next storm arrives on tuesday. and will intensify on tuesday to a two. and a moderate storm on the impact scale. >> abc 7 sports with mike schum zbloon the stanford coach is under rated they have been been to 30 ncaa tournaments under her and 13 final fours not a bad resume as they start a run against gonza. zags came in with better record at 27 and 5. carrington, the three. stanford had 11 in the game. brittany mcphee had 11 nice up and under move. stanford up 11 at the half.
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third quarter abalaina smith catch and shoot three. 0. then a three again leading the team with 21. showing off the strength. smith, rips it away. and mcphee lays it in and one. stanford wins 82-668. place florida gulf coast in the second right now on monday. >> my teammates have so much confidence in me. it's hard to like think about what i'm doing. i just play my game our seniors and upper classman telling me to stay aggressive just cope praying my game that's what i do. >> we have to be more aggressive than the other team we play. so having someone like dijanay every time she plays she gives 110%. she is leader the aggressive krub we like to call her. >> number one overall seed yukon taking on st. frans's. huskies dom named from start to
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finish. small isn't had 18 ponts. but yukon led 59 to 19. after one quarter. kia nurses bucking in the final seconds of the game. gave them a 91-34 advantage. after two quarters winning 140 to 52. st. frances shot 57 threes to no avail. zbliefrmgts taking and alabama. throwing down the alley-oop wildcats up 14. bridges has range 2 five offal from beyond the arc. bottom you had just one point in the first half. 22 the rest of the way. villanova advance sees to the sweet 16 with 81-58 victory. duke taking on ri-ri. grace and allen the senior had 10 points most on this play. hits the three plus the foul. duke had ten threes in the game. why not, blue devils up 17 at the half and coasted to victory. marvin bagry throwing it down 22
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duke on to the sweet 16 with 87-62 final. let's tee up at the late arnold palmer even at bay hill quite a crowd tiger woods with 6 birds on the day with a three hundred 69. five back at 7 under. birdied two of the last two holes including 18. up a bird y he had it going. 10 under two back fortunate leader. second round leader bryson couldn't get it going. even par. one become and your lierd henrik stinson. atop the leader board second time in four years heading in the final round. contact us league action johnson a of an both wearing green on st. patties day. jake smoel ski stores two-nothing a's. four run first with a two-run
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blast. the fourth of the year. and the a's lead in the seventh 8-3. we'll have the highlights later tonight. former 49ers defensive end and florida state sem nol hang care dean signed with the raiders staying in the bay area. tonight warrior sun sharks and ka nuclears at 11:00 hope to see you then if we don't win the lottery then we will be here. >> at least someone wore green. >> i thought i had green on. i'm color blind. >> you think making a paper airplane is hard. how about what makes the
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ton and abc news at 9:00 over on coffey tv 20, the trump administration fires a top fbi official. others are firing back. the latest developments from washington. >> on abc 7 tracking new developments for the missing bay area skier. numerous people are up in the seer atrying to find tom mularkey. >> making a flet of paper airplanes could mean paper cuts. but apparently not for inventive students in switzerland. >> check out this project one student made for school, a paper plane making machine. folds perfect lines keeping the
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paper moving along the assembly line. he admits it isn't perfected yet. he used springs to pull it through. >> he is fine tuning the draftwork and plans to have a machine that runs on its own. useful? homo. >> how do you build the jet engines. >> so many questions so little time. show uses green, boys. >> we can't wear green so i had green. look at this. >> very
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