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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 15, 2018 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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evolution paying off for this young elephant in the beginning of the video, from india. you can see absolutely exhausted, caught in this swampy, muddy water, and fortunately that trunk is out of the water and still able to breathe, but you can see physically exhausted. >> it looks impossible for this elephant to get up from there. >> it got into trouble overnight. they could hear its wails and cries. they waited until the sun came up so they could see what was going on, nearby a village. >> normally we see a herd of elephants surrounding. how did this one end up alone? >> the herd is off in the trees hanging around but you'll see why they're giving a bit of space because the indian forest officials are about to show up and blinging the big guns with them or in this case a big machine. it's sad to see, clearly clinging on to life, no energy left whatsoever. >> they're such big, strong animals. to see them like this is heartbreaking. >> they've dug away at the edge of the area and using the
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excavato excavator, just nudging the elephant. >> careful. >> hey, hey, hey, hey. >> lift it up booty first, the little one finds its feet. immediately goes for the rescuers. well, thank you very much! people start leaping off it, before they can get themselves into trouble. >> he's like, i said give me my time! >> he's like, i have this. >> i was fine. >> they all start screaming and eventually that's where the elephant heads off to rejoin the heard. for this social experiment, a group took over a cafe. they also put in a 5800 watt speaker, and seven cameras. they also hired some actors. the people who didn't know this was going on were real customers. >> you want that for here or to go? >> for here is fine. >> all right, are you ready? three, two --
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>> whoa. okay. did you hear that? >> hear what? >> how do you not jump? >> what is the weather likeo outside today? >> pretty damp. >> is it? yeah i'm not a big fan of the cold, that's why i live here. >> so they're told there are cameras all around, this is a social experiment by the accelerated resolution therapy group. a.r.t. >> did you notice no one else is reacting to the noise. how did that make you feel? >> alone. >> i just wanted somebody else on the same wavelength as me. i felt i was the outcast. >> what is it they're trying to get out? >> they're about to refeel their barrista is brian anderson and he served 14 years in the army as a green beree and he wasbered
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the bronze star. >> that's what 24 million u.s. citizens deal with on a daily basis. it's not mostly veterans. people go difficulty with post traumatic stress. >> it's jarring to hear the numbers and your story a little bit. it's always a sort of thing you don't really talk about it and that's not right, if we're going to heal. >> and the reason why accelerated resolution therapy did this experiment is because they wanted to show people what people who have ptsd go through on a daily basis. this group is a non-profit that offers training in 160 cities to community-based therapists, so they can learn ways of helping people reprogram their brain to deal with traumas that they've experienced. i'm going to venture to guess that most of us, including the viewers are amateurs here. this guy is dealing with a little bit more than the bunny
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slope. >> whoa! i thought the trees were the biggest problem. >> oh my gosh, his name is hugo, and he looks like he's about to die at every corner. i mean, this drop right here is hard to even tell how far the drop is. boom, but he lands safely. i guess if you're that good, no amount of obstacle is going to slow you down. this next guy in russia is out on his snowboard doing a little urban snowboarding, not nearly the amount of obstacles in this jukin video. looks like he's trying to take it easy, as he scrubs down some speed and just goes down this embankment. here we go. >> oh, don't do t don't do it. no. >> oh! >> thankfully he noticed that this was a giant cliff, about 50 feet, and again, nowhere near the amount of power he would
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need to survive such a fall. and he's just hanging on there. i don't know if that's a hunk of ice or a rock. >> i know! >> either way, he's found a little bit of grip there. tttcan't quite push himself bacp on the cliff with the snowboard on his feet. so he ejects that, so he can scrape his way back up. all right so now well you're walking, son. you're just walking because that's the only safe way down and be lucky that you are able to still walk and get your snowboard because if you'd gone off of that, you would have been in a hospital. there comes a time in a child's life when they're going to experience that feeling of being shocked! sometimes it's really good, like in this first video. 6-week-old aris is getting a hearing aid in her ear. as mom is holding her dad is taking the video. as soon as the doctor inserts it, he turns it on and just backs up, and they wait for a
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few seconds for it to activate. >> oh, my goodness, me. hello. >> what did you is say? >> you talking to me? >> she's like, this is weird. >> how cool is it, a baby at this age, the doctors were able to figure out what was going on, and then act on it. >> they figured it out as they were performing the routine newborn screening, and that's when they figured out she had severe hearing loss, so as you can see with today's technology, all you got to do is insert that little thing and we're back to normal. now someone who isn't so happy, little palmer here, she's 10 months old, and she is about to get the shock of her life. >> oh, dad's going to debeard. >> hey! >> you can see the shock in her face. >> that's traumatic for the little one. you can't be doing that to them. >> sounds like dad, smells like dad but don't look like dad. >> looks like him from here to
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here. >> oh, what's the matter? >> yeah, now he's got the job of making sure that she starts smiling and cracking up and gets over this trauma. it's driver versus cyclist. >> i can guarantee you, no one is taking the driver's side in this one. >> and you're about to find out why. >> oh, man. plus the daily struggle when you have children. ♪ what do we have to do to get you both up and out the door ♪ >> hear the hit parity from the greatest showman. ♪ with herbal essences bio:renew made with active antioxidants that work from the inside out... to help animate lifeless hair. let life in with herbal essences bio:renew.
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closed captioning provided by -- from all the fun this winter. cortizone-10 works fast to help soothe irritation and relieve itch for 10 full hours. cortizone-10. usually i have one of the videos with the driver and the
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cyclist it splits the table, the comments table. i can guarantee you no one is taking the driver's side in this one, from the uk, on a small country road but driving way too fast. you can hear the passenger in this car is like, no, okay, slow down, slow down. we're going to match the speed, and then they do this. >> oh, man. did they push him over? >> yeah, the passenger, in the car, when they get alongside, reaches out of the car, and shoves that cyclist into the hedge. you see the cyclist go tumbling down and they drive off to cackle. you're so funny. >> yeah, not funny at all, and they did it for sport, and made fun of him but they could have hurt him. >> could have killed him. you never know what is in the hedge row. >> no information what happened to the cyclist or the drivers but of course the video getting a lot of attention for just the
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behavior. i mean, come on. hopefully these guys get caught. another video from australia, in this case it's drivers and pedestrians. it always splits the table t will split the comments. on this side i guarantee it's not splitting anything. this last one from dash cam owners of australia, this car approach from the left-hand side, almost like it's driving through a car park and then flops down like it went over the edge of the pavement. okay, they've stopped the end. not the end. i'm pretty sure this driver thinks they're a pedestrian. they start making their way across the pedestrian crossing of this traffic light. >> oh, whoa. >> this is not the way this works. >> none of this works like this and eventually the silver car gets onto the road but keeps going at the speed of a pedestrian. what? this is a good day to be stacy. >> oh, is stacy a cow? >> a cow that was born paralyzed. it was rescued by freedom farm sanctuary in israel and has since been cared for by the
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people there. it's dpic they couldn't figure out how to let this car walk as it was starting to grow. >> looks like they took a cart from some other business, withal they do it for dogs. they do it for cats, why not? >> i can't imagine trying to get the cow into this rigging. i also wonder, is the cow having fun or is it trying to run away from this contraption that it's strapped into? >> we've seen videos of cows. when they're happy they jump around, they run, they hop up and down, so i really do believe that this cow is actually having a great time. look at stacy's markings. like lucha libre. >> she's' beautiful cow and they are asking for donations, if you're interested in helping stacy out. i don't have children. oli, you do, so i believe that you and all the other parents watching will be able to identify what this holderness
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family video -- ♪ ladies and jentgents this is moment you're waiting for ♪ ♪ what do we have to do to get you both up and out the door ♪ >> starts in the morning with getting the kid out of bed, they're hold on, don't want to let go. >> what drives me crazy monday through friday you can't get them awake. saturday morning 6:30, woo hoo, they're making noise. >> because they get to get up for something fun. who wants to get up just to go to school. >> this family is popular for parities. it's called "get in the car and go." ♪ ♪ and he's pointing to his watch, it's 7:52, where in the heck are you ♪ ♪ oh, get in the car and go >> that would drive me nuts. my 20-year-old stepdaughter is like, oh, now? yeah, now! >> okay, okay, well they're finally making it out the door. ♪ you need a jacket, too, it's
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7:52 ♪ ♪ whoa, get in the car and go ♪ the carpool is going and i'm gonna have to sign you in ♪ ♪ and i'm wearing flannel pants ♪ >> oh, don't worry, all the parents are dressed in pjs, a no judgment zone at school. >> the struggle is real. >> why don't you make your kids take a shower and get dressed for school at night. that way in the morning all they have to do is get up and walk out the door. ♪ just get in the car and go red bull athletes do it best. >> he can dance, can he skate. the kid can do pretty much everything but see if he can make it in time. the plus he's been gone 11 months. >> and he is just arriving home and as you'd expect, there is a lot of heavy breathing. >> see who's beyond happy to have him back home. >> whoa! i'm your phone, stuck down here between your seat and your console, playing a little hide-n-seek.
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arriving home and as you'd expect there is a lot of heavy breathing. >> hello, my babies. >> what did you think i meant, oli? hi. >> oh yeah, the dogs are breathing heavy, because they are so happy he's home. they jump on the couch, the smaller one, that's ozzie, he's 6. >> i think they're happy to see him. >> piper the bigger one is 1 and piper is really wild about jeffrey. >> hope he's already said hi to his wife. >> we did forget about her. >> the dogs like hey, hi, hey. she has to get her turn. >> it's only been 11 months for the missus. it's like seven years for the dogs. >> true, he did see her first. somebody had to pick her up. here he is getting signs from his buddies. welcome back to yukon, oklahoma, jeffrey, thank you four your service. these dogs are loyal. this next one maybe needs a
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little work. >> my wife and i are new dog owners. we're not used to being popular. now we have a new dog he'd love us when we came home and stuff and that's great. >> everybody loves that unconditional dog but when strangers come up to him. >> now he pretends like we don't exist. >> cc short for captain cloud is traitorous. he is awfully cute. these people want to touch this fluff paul that kz loo like a cumulus on the planet. >> you are an attention hog, you are. >> that is what having a dog is like, ladies and gentlemen. football a huge, huge deal in argentina. they live and die by it. damici got the location wrong, thought it was at this stadium, he realizes it's closed at the other stadium clear across town. well the fastest way between
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point ""and point "b" is a straight line. >> how? >> by running straight over everything he can find like the paddle boats, excuse me, sorry to interrupt, no problem, and with flair, of course, because he's a red bull athlete. >> will he make it in time? can he do that? >> that's the problem. >> he's obviously gone through training. >> and straight over the train as well, he checks his watch, to the top of the oblisk in the center of time. don't have time to get in the bus, climbs on top of it. >> that's now how it works. >> dang,'s he's in trouble. he can't miss the start of the game. >> transfers from one boat to the hydrofoil catamaran, through the market and by golly, across the rooftops, wouldn't you know. ♪
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this took months, go to and click on tv show or use our mobile app to see what went in to making this video. little james is showing off his muscles. >> i'm strong. >> no you're not. >> you look good, buddy. >> but mama is not giving him any credit. >> build that
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tv show or check it out on our mobile app. as we know, little james is a jack of all trades. he can cook. he likes to take care of his little sister. well, he might have been hitting the gym. >> i'm -- >> that's weak, that ain't no muscle. >> yes that is. >> look at the guns. >> that's a water pistol. >> his mom likes to tease him because she know this is kid is going to give her a reaction. >> you got to keep him grounded. >> james, it ain't nothing,
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nothing. >> stop saying nothing. >> that escalated quickly. >> you say i have no big guns? >> why, because you don't have no muscles. >> if he doesn't have muscle, she don't have a big brother. >> he's a medium brother. >> no you're not. >> when he's had it, he gets up and walks out. he's at the door and ready to go. >> why, because you mad you ain't got no muscle. >> i got some muscle. >> i didn't feel anything. >> come on now, she's tearing him down. >> he feels insulted. he knows he doesn't have to take it. >> you got to build this guy up. strong little lion man. >> build that kid up anymore, he's going to be insane. >> you are weak. >> no, you're weak. >> you're weak. you're weak, man, you're weak. >> he turns it around on her like an adult would. ♪ you have and i do
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>> you want to talk about little james' muscle, he'll talk about your money. ♪ i have a lot of money that's our show. we'll see you next time on "rtm." $10 million for school security, but no steps to tighten gun control laws. >> as students stage their protest, the man accused of gunning down 17 people appeared in court. he sat with his head down and said nothing. the judge enters a plea of not guilty on his behalf. he would plead guilty if they would not have the death penalty. if you drive a ford fusion or lincoln mkz, leave it in the garage for now. ford is recalling 1.4 million
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fusions and mkzs from 2014-2018, the model years. this is because of the steering wheel. it could actually fall off. ford blames bolts that could loosen over time. the company says it knows of two crashes and one injury caused by the problem. replacement parts aren't expected to be available, at least until may. police are searching for two men who went too far in trying to enjoy the joy of pepsi. >> so, this happened in oklahoma city. it all started innocently enough. a guy walks up to the machine. looks like he's going to get a drink, then walks away. a few minutes later, they came back with a pick-up truck. >> oh. they backed the truck up, shoved the whole machine into the back and you can guess what happens next. took them a while, but eventually, they drove away. police released this video with the following line.
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this is interesting. you can say so. they really wanted that soda. >> two fellas thirsty on this thursday. coming up, serious news related to the snuggie. >> if you ever bought one, you have to look at yourself in the mirror. but, you could get a refund. >> hey, there's no shame in cuddling up with your snuggie. >> we're not judging. >> i'm not judging, we're standing proud. miss columbia reunites with steve harvey after one of the worst blunders. you are watching "world news now."
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